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Chairman & CEO Report THE YEAR PAST: As always, this year at Brightwater has been a hive of activity. Care and support services continue at all our 23 facilities, and in people’s own homes, across Perth and Mandurah. Every day, we contribute assistance in many forms, and at many levels, to many hundreds of older people. Every day, we work with at least two hundred and thirty younger people, enabling them to overcome challenges, and regain control of their lives. They cope with conditions and events which would have most of us tempted to despair. Their fortitude and resilience, their good humour and idiosyncrasies, keep us going, and leave us full of admiration. There is of course, much work in the underpinning systems support, and the inevitable multitude of accountability processes. The labour of assessing and introducing new IT software, the work to incorporate changes resulting from government reforms, and new rules, and the ever increasing expectations of our regulators, assessors, and

funders, are now simply part of the world we live in. What used to be extra-ordinary, is now ordinary, and has to be absorbed. Linen and Catering services have been busier than ever before, with a wide diversity of customers, and an increasing reputation for quality and service, in a very competitive market place. Kingsway Court continues to thrive, and has an amazing resource of creative energy, for a community that began only 8 years ago.

NEW VENTURES: In addition to all the everyday activity, there have also been a number of major projects on foot.

at home services: One is the major expansion of At Home Services: this year we have added 152 care packages to our already extensive community services, and we have been able to extend HACC services to the Southwest metropolitan region.

Chairman & CEO Report We were also successful in participating in the new HACC Regional Assessment Service arrangements, and we have established our Assessment service for the East metropolitan region, based at Dianella.


This growth, with additional funding of approximately $6 million, has brought substantial staff recruitment challenges, especially in the current workforce availability environment. Some very focussed action has enabled us to ensure all the new services are on the ground in short order.

Oats street: The second major project is the rebuilding of Oats Street, the home of our flag-ship rehabilitation service for young people with acquired brain injury. The long and detailed planning period is now over, and thanks to marvellous support from the Town of Victoria Park, Lotterywest, the Department of Health, generous friends, and much work and effort within Brightwater, we have now begun construction. The redevelopment will double the capacity of the program, and will accommodate not only those undertaking the program and the

staff who make it all happen, but also students and research activities. It is an exciting time, even though the building will be going on at the same time as all the program activity. We are looking forward very much to the outcome – a purpose built, very special little village, where 43 people can start that long journey back home. This year we commissioned a cost benefit analysis report on the Oats Street outcomes. It concluded that the program delivers a fourfold community benefit return on investment. This is a remarkable achievement from small, unsupported beginnings, now evolved over 20 years to be an unequivocal success, enabling nearly 300 people to return to a life worth living, rather than facing a dysfunctional existence without hope.

strategic learning & growth: During the year we stepped up our small but very energetic and effective training and development department, and launched it as Strategic Learning and Growth.

Dr Penny Flett Chief Executive Officer

It has been very good leadership at many levels, that has achieved real team work, real cooperation and collaboration, and well deserved celebration.

interprofessional education: We have built on this already well established investment to work with the University of Western Australia and Curtin University, on ‘Inter-professional Education’ of undergraduate students in medicine, allied health, nursing and pharmacy. This is a relatively new teaching and learning concept to Australia, and we feel strongly that it will contribute to a more effective health workforce in the future. The growing needs of people with chronic disease and complex problems, coupled with undersupply of expert health professionals, demands more innovation in education, and we have been pleased to help pioneer the idea.

BRIGHTWATER PEOPLE: All the people who work at Brightwater deserve special mention. They number nearly two thousand, and come from more than sixty different cultural backgrounds. The youngest is 17 years old, and the oldest is 75. To this wonderfully rich diversity is added a great range of skills and talents, from nursing care to cooking, from therapy to teaching, from public relations to project management, from strategy to supervising.

We have experts in building maintenance, information technology, accounting, and rostering. We know how to run a world class laundry, and cook hundreds of meals at once. We are adept at quality improvement, business systems, achieving targets, and much else besides. However, when all is said and done, one thing binds us all, and ensures we all work together for the same reason. We are all at Brightwater, to enable the wellbeing of all the people who entrust us with meeting their needs. And we know very well, that our collective effort is not quite enough. We rely on the support of all our families and carers, all the people who so generously volunteer their own time and talents, and the good relationships we have with our funders, suppliers, and all our friends who support and help in so many ways. We thank them all, most sincerely, on behalf of everyone for whom Brightwater really exists.

Steven Cole Chairman


Board Members Steven Cole Chairman

DR Ann zubrick Deputy Chair

Martin Langridge Honorary Treasurer

robert de la motte BOARD MEMBER


narelle finch Board Member

Paul Sadleir Board Member



The strong commitment to community service which motivated the organisation’s founders continues to underpin all activities.


Governance Brightwater Care Group was established as the Home of Peace for the Dying and Incurable in 1898, following the initiative and leadership of Lady Madeleine Onslow and Dr Athelstan Saw.

The organisation has a strategic plan which is reviewed and evolved annually. This is then translated into operations throughout the whole organisation by the annual business planning cycle.

The original Committee of Management and General Committee included senior clergy of several denominations, and prominent politicians and citizens of the day. A grant of land in Subiaco from the Western Australian Government, together with funds raised to build the Home, achieved the first admission of a resident in 1903.

Board Members are elected from Subscribers who are individual members of the Association, with constitutional objects, powers, rules and procedures.

In 1997, The Homes of Peace (Inc) changed its name to Brightwater Care Group (Inc). An incorporated body under The Associations Incorporations Act 1987 and a non profit organisation, Brightwater receives funding from, and is accountable to, three government entities: The Department of Health and Ageing, under the Aged Care Act (1997); The Department of Health, WA under the Hospitals and Health Services Act (1927); The Western Australian Disability Services Commission, under the Disability Services Act (1993).

The Board is responsible for governance and major directional policies, and employs a Chief Executive Officer to carry out its policies. The Board acts in a voluntary capacity. There are four committees being the Governance and Performance, Care, Audit and Risk Management and Business committees. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible to the Board for general management, risk management, the financial, administrative and service provision and other businesses of the organisation. An annual report is published in October each year, with narrative and the audited financial report for the preceding financial year. This is presented to Subscribers, general members and guests at the Annual General Meeting.

Brightwater is also subject to a number of Commonwealth and State Acts and Regulations. The strong commitment to community service which motivated the organisation’s founders continues to underpin all activities. Brightwater, while non-denominational, maintains a strong values based culture and promotes partnership and teamwork as fundamental working models.

The organisation has a strategic plan which is reviewed and evolved annually.


Treasurer’s Report Highlights of the Year’s Operating Activities I am pleased to announce that Brightwater has recorded a net surplus of $2.9m for the year ended 30 June 2011. This result is supported by an operating surplus of $4.2m, which highlights the underlying strength of the operations of the organisation. This is a particularly pleasing result given the challenges faced by Brightwater in managing significant increases in utilities, wages and other costs. All business segments have recorded an uplift in revenues due to expanded services and an increase in funding levels. Without any addition to the number of bed licenses Residential Aged Care income has increased over the year by 14%. This has been, in part, the result of an exhaustive ACFI funding review process across all sites to ensure funding levels align with Ageing in Place practices. At Home Services continues to be a growth area for Brightwater, which is reflective of the increasing desire of many elderly Australians to remain in their own homes for as long as possible. Recently our At Home Services area successfully applied for and received an additional 152 care packages with an associated revenue stream of $6.1m per annum. The Services for Younger People area was also the beneficiary of increased funding from the Disability Services Commission and Health Department of Western Australia.

to intangible assets, being bed licences and packages. In 2011 a similar accounting write down of $3.1m has been made in respect of expected future income streams from the Kingsway Court retirement village following the adoption of more sophisticated forecasting techniques.

Balance Sheet Movements Brightwater’s Balance Sheet has been further enhanced with Total Equity increasing from $82.5m to $85.5m over the year. Underpinning this has been an increase of $7.4m in Total Assets to $214.7m and an increase in Total Liabilities of $4.5m to $129.3m. The increase in assets is comprised of an increase of $4m in the net book value of physical assets and an increase of $6.2m in current assets. The increase in current assets is the result of Brightwater’s trading operations and also the receipt of $4.2m in Oats Street redevelopment capital grant funding. These increases were however, offset by a $2m writedown in the value of the Kingsway Court property. The increase in liabilities was almost entirely due to the $4.2m capital grant funding from the Health Department of Western Australia for the Oats Street redevelopment project. These funds are classified as a liability until such time conditions of the grant agreement have been satisfied.

Looking Forward

Brightwater Linen and Catering have benefited from investments in new technologies and equipment. The installation of a new Continuous Batch Washer at Linen has increased overall capacity and provided a risk mitigant in the event of equipment failure while Catering’s new automated cooking pots have improved overall efficiencies and further enhanced food quality. We expect to see continuing benefits from these investments over the coming years.

Brightwater has many exciting projects planned for the coming year. These include the redevelopment of the Oats Street rehabilitation facility, the establishment of the Brightwater Centre, the refurbishment of Brightwater House and the ongoing expansion of all service areas. Brightwater is well positioned to deliver on these projects and ensure its ongoing success due to its sound financial position and well developed business practices.

In 2010 the previous Treasurer reported an accounting write down of $3.6m in relation

Martin Langridge Honorary Treasurer

07 64%





■ Trade Creditors & Accruals ■ Interest Bearing Liabilities ■ Lease for Life Contract Liabilities ■ Accommodation Bonds ■ Deferred Income 8% ■ Provisions

What we Owe ($’000)


Trade Creditors & Accruals Accommodation Bonds Interest Bearing Liabilities Deferred Income Lease for Life Contract Liabilities Provisions Total Liabilities Total Net Assets



6,234 4,465 21,610 22,441 3,585 3,889 4,239 - 83,060 85,030 10,531 8,995 129,259 124,820 85,471 82,517

5,059 20,142 4,746 77,600 7,677 115,224 79,227





WHAT WE SPENT ($’000) Employee & Agency Expenses Resident Support Expenses Equipment & Repairs Administrative & Other Expenses Depreciation & Amortisation Expenses Operating Expenses Operating Surplus





0% 2%

WHAT WE OWN ($’000)

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Cash Assets Other Financial Assets Fees Receivable Property Plant & Equipment Debtors etc Investment Property Intangibles


Cash Assets Debtors etc. Other Financial Assets Investment Property Fees Receivable Intangibles Property, Plant & Equipment Total Assets

33,687 5,517 210 77,960 5,160 931 91,265 214,730



25,511 14,235 4,395 4,894 232 3,425 79,930 72,500 8,263 6,016 1,211 4,723 87,795 88,658 207,337 194,451

47% ■ Employee & Agency Expenses ■ Equipment & Repairs ■ Depreciation & Amortisation Expenses ■ Resident Support Expenses ■ Administrative & Other Expenses






74,914 67,421 60,133 8,747 7,907 7,022 5,666 5,296 4,004 8,055 10,684 5,892 5,357 5,090 4,781 102,739 96,398 81,832 4,219 2,006 4,869





WHAT WE EARNED ($’000) State Government Subsidies Commonwealth Government Subsidies Resident Fees Commercial Revenue Other Revenue Operating Income

OVERVIEW ($’000)

Brightwater is well positioned to deliver on these projects and ensure its ongoing success due to its sound financial position and well developed business practices.

State Government Subsidies Resident Fees Other Revenue Commonwealth Government Subsidies ■ Commercial Revenue ■ ■ ■ ■




27,070 49,986 15,619 11,627 2,656 106,958

25,292 44,307 14,568 12,244 1,993 98,404

22,208 38,759 13,353 10,141 2,240 86,701




Financial Performance Earned 106,958 98,404 Spent 102,739 96,397 Operating Surplus 4,219 2,007 Net Investment Income Valuation Adjustments Market movement - investments Net Surplus

1,842 (3,376) 273 2,958

1,790 141 (213) 3,725

86,701 81,832 4,869 188 463 (553) 4,967

Financial Position Own 214,730 207,337 194,451 Owe 129,259 124,820 115,224 Net Assets 85,471 82,517 79,227

Brightwater Locations CACP, EACH & HACC



At Home Services - White


09 Services for Older People Brightwater Birralee, Innaloo Residential & transitional care 60 Beds Brightwater Edgewater Residential care 33 Beds Brightwater Huntingdale Residential care 30 Beds Brightwater Joondalup Residential care 20 Beds Brightwater Kingsley Residential and transition care 66 Beds Brightwater Madeley Residential care 110 Beds Brightwater Onslow Gardens, Subiaco Residential care 62 Beds

Brightwater Oxford Gardens, Joondalup Residential care 61 Beds Brightwater Redcliffe Residential care 50 Beds Brightwater South Lake Residential care 30 Beds Brightwater The Cove, Mandurah Residential care 131 Beds Brightwater The Oaks, Waikiki Residential care 61 Beds Brightwater The Village, Inglewood Residential care 65 Beds

Services for Younger People Brightwater Balcatta Residential community house 12 Beds

Brightwater Manning Residential community house 9 Beds

Brightwater Kailis House, Belmont Residential community house for people living with Huntington’s Disease 6 Beds

Brightwater Marangaroo Discovery Way Transition Care 12 Beds Endeavour House Rehabilitation community house 18 Beds

Brightwater Bentley Residential community house 11 Beds Brightwater Cannington Residential community house 6 Beds Brightwater Ellison House, Carlisle Special care facility for people living with Huntington’s Disease 12 Beds

Brightwater Maylands Residential community house 6 Beds Brightwater Oats Street, East Vic Park Rehabilitation services 39 Places Brightwater Warnbro Residential community house 12 Beds

Brightwater House Central Support Office Osborne Park Phone 9202 2800 Brightwater Linen Malaga Phone 9209 6800 Brightwater Catering Malaga Phone 9248 0300 Kingsway Court 168 independent homes for people over 55 Madeley Phone 9302 3655 Brightwater Seatec Seating and Equipment Clinic Inglewood Phone 9473 5300 Brightwater At Home Brightwater At Home offers a variety of care and support services that enable people of all ages to remain living in their own home Phone 9489 5000

For more information on Brightwater locations, visit

Corporate & Community Support Oats Street Redevelopment Project Successful fundraising is as much about ‘friend’raising as it is about fundraising. Brightwater has received an overwhelmingly positive response to the capital fundraising program for the Oats Street Redevelopment Project, which gives us reason to be extremely confident that we will achieve not only our financial goal but also increase the community’s awareness and affinity with Brightwater as a result of the fundraising program. Brightwater gratefully acknowledges all donors and volunteers for their ‘talent, treasury and time’ and for bringing this fundraising endeavour to the attention of the Western Australian corporate and wider community.

2011 Long Tail Luncheon Energised by a delicious feast prepared by Chef Dale Sniffen, and inspired by presentations from Dr Penny Flett (Brightwater CEO) , Mr Steven Cole (Chair of Brightwater) and Professor Lyn Beazley (Chief Scientist of WA), guests learnt about the wonderful redevelopment plans for the Brightwater Oats St facility that provides much needed post-acute rehabilitation for people who have experienced an acquired brain injury.

Patrons & Treasurer 1. Prof. Lyn Beazley, AO, Chief Scientist of WA 2. Prof. Bryant Stokes, AM 3. The Hon. Fred Chaney, AO 4. Tony Iannello, Chairman HBF (Treasurer) Fundraising committee 1. Steven Cole, Group Chairman, Cole Corporate 2. Ivan Hoffman, Chairman & CEO, Fortron Group of Companies 3. Alan Cransberg, Managing Director, Alcoa of Australia Limited 4. Tony Packer, Managing Director, Terrace Properties 5. Charles Fear, Managing Director, Argonaut Securities 6. Dario Amara, Managing Director, Emerson Stewart 7. Graham Dowland, Finance Director, Aurora Oil & Gas Limited 8. Mark Boyne, Perth Thundersticks Major public & private supporters 1. Ausdrill Limited 2. Harry L Howden Bequest Trust 3. Lotterywest 4. The McCusker Charitable Foundation 5. The Stan Perron Charitable Trust 6. The Bunning & Hovel Families 7. The Packer Families 8. The Alfred T Bellord Charitable Trust 9. The McLarty Estate 10. Western Australian Department of Health

Alan Cransberg Managing Director Alcoa of Australia Limited with Prof Lyn Beazley AO, WA Chief Scientists and Dr Penny Flett, CEO Brightwater Care Group (Inc).


Thank You Throughout the past financial year Brightwater Care Group (Inc) has continued to benefit from the generous support of the Western Australian community.

1. Brinkhaus Jewellers

A generous donation of $10,000 by Brightwater Resident Michael Pavone has been used to establish a training bursary and set up a Sensory Room for the benefit of residents at Brightwater Marangaroo.

4. Burswood Entertainment Complex

Brightwater would like to acknowledge and extend sincere thanks to every supporter, donor and sponsor that has assisted us over the past year. Brightwater also acknowledges the following business that have supported a series of community awareness raising events throughout 2010/11 including the Perth Heat Charity Day, 2010 City to Surf Fun Run, Oats Street Long Tail Luncheon and The ACIL Tasman Report Launch.

2. Brownes Dairy 3. Brooker Furniture 5. Bunnings Balcatta 6. Bunnings Belmont 7. Bunnings Cannington 8. Bunnings Port Kennedy 9. Bunnings Warnbro 10. Brightwater Linen 11. Chef Dale Sniffen 12. Coles Warnbro 13. Commonwealth Bank: Corporate Financial Services 14. Crush. 15. Clarkson Holden 16. Dardanup Butchering Company 17. Ferngrove Wine Group

Celebrating a milestone birthday this year? Why not consider asking your friends to make a donation to Brightwater in lieu of receiving presents. To find out more go to

18. GA Zimbulis & Sons 19. KPMG Perth Offices 20. Perth Heat Baseball Club 21. Print Solutions Group 22. Retravision (Joondalup) 23. RICOH 24. Ryan’s Quality Meats 25. Sealanes 26. Spud Shed Baldivis 27. Town of Victoria Park 28. Upper Crust Cooking Classes 29. Woolworths Warnbro

Long Serving Staff Thank You Name

Start Date

Bridget Mary LEWIS Patricia Ann LOBO Jean WITON

03/01/1972 18/01/1972 18/02/1974

Marjorie Lorraine Hermoine WIJEYESINGHE 18/07/1975 Rose Marie D’ROZARIO 10/01/1977 Joan HENDERSON 28/02/1977 Margaretta LEWIS 04/07/1977 Clotilda COLKERS 03/01/1978 Colleen Rita PASTINA 18/01/1978 Peter HOLDER 01/05/1978 Audrey Margaret COLKERS 11/12/1978 June Helen Ann LE CERF 15/01/1979 Gillian Emma Mildred GINGER 13/03/1979 Rosemary Anne EMERY 05/09/1979 Marlene Joan GINGER 26/11/1979 Bernadette RAYE 31/12/1979 Raymond Edward FRANCIS 11/02/1980 Doris SAMUELS 22/09/1980 Sylvia Mary NATHAN 29/10/1981 Maria MOCZULSKA 15/03/1982 June Marjorie ARLAND 18/05/1982 Jacqueline GIBB 13/08/1982 Milagros PABLO 28/04/1983 Kerry Anne PALMER 02/05/1983 Lynette Jean TIPPETT 22/08/1983 Malgorzata SOSIN 29/08/1983 Yvonne Geraldine EELSING 15/12/1983 Joan Vivian PRIOR 31/07/1984 Diane Elizabeth OSWALD 11/02/1985 Barbara Maria URBANEK 06/05/1985 Patricia Ann D’ROZARIO 17/05/1985 Gwyneth June WALSHE 12/07/1985 Anne Roslyn SANDON 15/08/1985 Lesle-Ann HARPER 21/10/1985 Roslyn Monica SMITH 24/10/1985 Susan Elizabeth SAMUELS 02/05/1986 Marie Ann JORGENSEN 22/05/1986 Jacqueline MILES 29/05/1986 Lorraine JONES 21/07/1986 Kevin Gerald MCCARTHY 21/07/1986 Penelope Ruth FLETT 23/07/1986 Mary Hill Jack ARMIT 02/10/1986 Lesley Margaret FLYNN 12/01/1987

Helen SKROZA Linda Rosemary MAITLAND Sarasvathy NAIR Roberta May HOTHAM Selva Rany RETNE Felicity Linda FIELDHOUSE Kevin Andrew DEVENEY Kerry Michele SPENCE Joan FrancesDOWNEY Faye LydiaDUCAS Florence Hong Chew HWANG Moreen Ann CATTO Lynda Mary MASSEY Mary Teresa MORRIS Shirley Patricia CORRIGAN Leslie Andrew NORTHCOTT Joy Evelyn WILLIAMS Jasuit KAUR Norma Joan ELKINGTON Sara Jane HOPKINS Virginia Margaret MOORE Judith Anne NOACK Rita Dawn TREASURE Ana SEVASTOS Sabrina Ann WELTI Janet Anne WAGLAND Tina BARKER Cynthia BACALTOS Chai Loon Sharon KOW

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Claire Elizabeth QUARTERMAINE 04/02/1991 Estelita SAVIC 04/02/1991 Gary James BREEZE 11/03/1991 Wendy Josephine FOOTE 11/03/1991 Kathleen Margaret D’SILVA 15/03/1991 Andrea Jane BENNINGTON 29/04/1991 Kayleen Glenis KIELY 29/04/1991 Wayne Williams KYAW 07/05/1991 Phillis Margaret CAMERON 02/12/1991 Lynette Evelyn JORDAN 13/01/1992 Sarah Theresa WALSH 13/01/1992 Bradley Douglas THORNTON 16/11/1992 Yvonne Doone BURNETT 06/01/1993 Teresa Mary CAIN 06/01/1993

Yasna JANSEN Blanca Rosa ROSANO Nicholas SCHOBER Isobel Catherine FRANCIS Pasqualina MORFEA Irene Jacinta ARCHER Alexandra BEARDWOOD Julie May TURNER Shirley Faye WILLIAMS Maureen Lillian DIXON Angela Jeanette LOWE Janene Margaret MARRIOTT Janet GUY Hilary HALL Helen Mary HALIBURTON Anne Marie Claire CLARK Christine Joan D’ROZARIO Raymond Thomas OULD Pamela Anne SMITH Erin Sylvia FERNANDO Lau Heng CHOO Lynn Patricia MORTON Martine Solange COLE Karen GALL Julie Padumavatti WISMEN

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Jacqueline Brenda SYCAMORE-HOLLICK 26/09/1994 Sandra Mary CONWAY 28/09/1994 Frances Jane PARKINS 06/10/1994 Linda Marion GODFREY 14/11/1994 Rhonda Dawn GREEN 28/11/1994 Charlotte O’LEARY 30/01/1995 Jane Elizabeth ETHERINGTON 06/02/1995 Ingrid Ann ALEXANDER 07/02/1995 Pay Yuen GOMES 07/02/1995 Faye Patricia REBEIRO 07/02/1995 Ann SHERIFF 27/02/1995 Jolanta DZIENIS 01/05/1995 Beata JAKUBOWSKI 01/05/1995 Maria Annita REDMAN 01/05/1995 Joan Lesley EVANS 08/06/1995 Sukri YUSSUFOW 10/07/1995 Ruth Elizabeth Ann BEEGAN 07/08/1995 Barbara Mary LAWRIE 21/08/1995

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Beverley Anne MARTIN Sara TOMASSETTI Julie Martine EDWARDS Christina D’ROZARIO Richard Gordon AYRES Samantha NEYLON Yu Sun CHEN Joyce NISBET Joy Christine COATS Doris Emmelina HEW Ah Lek TONG Carol Emma THORNTON Kim Marie ANDERSON Regina Marie Teresa JOSEPH Christine SALFINGER Comfort OSEI-TUTU Jeanette Ruth RIBARICH Edith Umpad WYLDE Michael D’ROZARIO Anna LOW Eileen Joan JOLLY Raymond Reginald KENNEDY Rosslyn Anne PAUL Andrew Peter GOLDSWAIN Vu Duc NGUYEN Anthony Allan TAYLOR Michelle Faye BENTLEY Cindy COLLIS

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Lynnette Ann Marie SYDENHAM 12/08/1997 Josie Annette GAY 01/09/1997 Ajitha Chandani PERERA 17/11/1997 Wietske Paulina PARRICK 08/12/1997 Sau Fong ALVISSE 22/12/1997 Mary Ann MAGNUM 05/01/1998 Isabella Mary FULLER 03/03/1998 Nicholas John GRIFFITHS 09/03/1998 Simon Charles HOOPER 21/04/1998 Sabina BENDLIN 09/06/1998 Roderick Fergus MACKIE 11/06/1998 Pauline MULEY 15/06/1998 Agnes BOROK 22/06/1998 Glenice Christina KERR 06/07/1998 Peta Anne HUNNISETT 07/07/1998

James KERR Monica Manel JAYATILLAKE Jill Catherine VALENTINE Maureen Elizabeth SHEEDY Debra Ann ELLIOTT Hayati WESTWOOD Sarah Joan DE COSTER Helena RYDEL Anne Maree PETERSON Linda Rebecca BARTON Rosalyn Anne FLETCHER Damian SWALLOW Bernadette Anne DOBSON Michael Raymond ASHE Cornelia DIXON Fe PASOVSKY Catriona Pauline RAWLINS Marie KAWKA Lorice Karen WARD Sarasvathy AUGUSTIN Lih LEE-COOKE Jane HAMILTON Zeone Anne MARSH Anita Joan FERNANDEZ Annette Lee CRANE

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Elizabeth Anne Stewart GRAHAM 30/08/1999 Carolyn Enessa LE FLOHIC 31/08/1999 Sharon Natasha BRENNAN 06/09/1999 Dianne Patricia QUINN 08/09/1999 Hyacinth Mary FREDERICKS 04/10/1999 Rosario KENT-JONES 04/10/1999 Julie Elizabeth REELY 11/10/1999 Peggy Anne CHRISTIE 09/12/1999 Michelle Annette DEAMER 12/12/1999 Kim Cheris O’BREE 03/01/2000 Aaron Sein OO 07/01/2000 Marcia Irene MENNELL 17/02/2000 Susan Therese LEGG 19/02/2000 Susan Anne MORRIS 26/02/2000 Stanislawa BLASZKIEWICZ 27/03/2000 Jacqueline Mary SEYMOUR 27/03/2000 Janet Magdalene OO 09/05/2000 Gwenda Joy PHILLIPSON 24/05/2000

013 George Lawrence BURNS Mei Lin LU Susan Janet SHIRRA Elia Gorete SMITH Lorraine Vera STEVENS Christine Helen WALKER Judee Gerardine LA PUMA Raymond David COLLINS Judith Mary STYAN Peter Arthur YATES Deidre Blanche BREWERTON Michael John HOGAN Marie Margaret GOMES Tonia Lynda ZEEMAN Frances Sai Ying LUK Lesley Audrey WILSON Lynda June DONALDSON Therese Frances DE LUCE Liza Maree TEALE Martina Jane HADLER Denise Elizabeth COOMBE Kylie Louise HULL Jennifer DEGLANVILLE Vicki Lauraine SMITH Mary Anne CAUDWELL Maria Zofia MISAN Judith Rose-Ann PARADISE Vicki Dianne PANTON Margaret PEARSE-PRYOR Carol Anne EDWARDS Paula Denise MILLER William John SHAND Darren Vincent WOOLCOTT Karen WHITEHEAD Carolyn Ruth SMITH Sandra Joyce TAYLOR Karen Veronica KEAN Wendy Lyn RITZROW Tania Vee HARRIS Shirley Ann CUMINE John Vincent JONAS Jeanette Violet LYSTER Christine Anne MATTHEWS Blagojce SIMONOSKI

06/06/2000 19/06/2000 03/07/2000 03/07/2000 03/07/2000 03/07/2000 04/07/2000 17/07/2000 08/08/2000 02/10/2000 12/10/2000 01/11/2000 06/11/2000 14/11/2000 22/11/2000 06/12/2000 18/12/2000 08/01/2001 10/01/2001 02/02/2001 20/02/2001 20/02/2001 26/02/2001 26/02/2001 28/02/2001 01/03/2001 06/03/2001 01/04/2001 12/04/2001 23/04/2001 23/04/2001 23/04/2001 14/05/2001 06/06/2001 25/06/2001 25/07/2001 30/07/2001 30/07/2001 08/08/2001 20/08/2001 20/08/2001 20/08/2001 20/08/2001 20/08/2001

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Long Serving Staff Start Date

Nada TOLJ 20/08/2001 Judith Anne POTTER 03/09/2001 Laura Anne NDUATI 05/09/2001 Janet Laura SPROWSON 05/09/2001 Toni Pauline CAMPAGNOLI 24/09/2001 Beverley Joy MCDOUGALL 26/09/2001 Daphne SAMURA 10/10/2001 John Eric Victor LA PUMA 07/11/2001 Cheryl Joy HAHN 12/11/2001 Katarzyna STEPNIEWICZ 26/11/2001 Anita BIGGIN 10/12/2001 Sonia Ann CHAPLYN 10/12/2001 Wendy Michelle EMANUEL-SMITH 10/12/2001 Lorraine Frances SKELTON 12/12/2001 Maria Pia SWARBROOKE 17/12/2001 Bronwen Gaye MARTIN 07/01/2002 Laura Marie SHARPE 08/01/2002 Sara Margaret HARRAY 14/01/2002 Lynda Mary HARTWELL 15/01/2002 Satwant Kaur BAL 16/01/2002 Lenka RIZOVSKA 29/01/2002 Colleen Leanne BILLING 08/02/2002 Maricel GARDYNE 18/02/2002 Jane Elisabeth JARVIS 18/02/2002 Jeffrey NEWTON 25/02/2002 Ilda KIRK 27/02/2002 Susan DAWSON 07/03/2002 Leanne Gaye FOLEY 08/03/2002 Andrea Lyn FATHY 11/03/2002 Jennifer Khon Thai LIEW 18/03/2002 Cathryn Denise SHEERIN 09/04/2002 Glenn Ronald BENTHIEN 22/04/2002 Sharon Marian POKUCINSKI 14/05/2002 Franklin Alfred WILLIAMS 16/05/2002 Azra FILIPOVIC 01/07/2002 Travis George BARNES 22/07/2002 Natalie GIANNONI 23/07/2002 Denise Joyce BAIN 25/07/2002 Sheryl Lynne BALDREY 19/08/2002 Sylvia Justina Maria GEILES 09/09/2002 Anne ARNOLD 22/09/2002 Mabel Daphne ADAMS 23/09/2002 Victoria Lois GODDARD 23/09/2002 Nita Ann MITCHELL 03/10/2002 Debra Ann HOWE 23/10/2002 Royal PAEHUA 11/11/2002 Michelle Peta BALL 18/11/2002

Anna GALWAY Nichola Jane PETCH Susan Elisabeth REILLY Barbara Joy EDWARDS Sara Louise FILLERY Lisa Ann BRADLEY Veronica Clare MONTGOMERY Susan Chadwick SAUR Martin Iruku GACHIE John William GARBUTT Filipina Judith ALMARIO Lesley Frances DAU Wayne Jeffery FIELDING Maurita Ann CATTLIN Helen CUNAI Donna Maree PETERSEN Jodee Anne DOUGLASS Sandeep KAUR Bronwyn Erica DE VRIES Agness Marcia HARMER D’SOUZA Karen Anne DONALDSON Christine Anne NEEDHAM Jennifer LAWRENCE Sharon Louise HARRIS Genevieve Lee FRENCH Christine Linda DOWNEY Kerrie Lynette PSZKIT Malvina Regina ABREU Carol FARGIE Sylvia Hazvinei MAKONI Nannette Lena WILLIAMS Joseph Antonio BATTAGLIA Kerry Anne BEST Anne-Marie BUTTERWORTH Sylvia HEAVENS

18/11/2002 30/11/2002 12/12/2002 30/12/2002 08/01/2003 13/01/2003 16/01/2003 03/02/2003 04/02/2003 05/02/2003 17/02/2003 17/02/2003 17/02/2003 24/02/2003 24/02/2003 10/03/2003 17/03/2003 24/03/2003 07/04/2003 23/04/2003 28/04/2003 06/05/2003 12/05/2003 14/05/2003 26/05/2003 03/06/2003 04/06/2003 23/06/2003 23/06/2003 23/06/2003 30/06/2003 07/07/2003 14/07/2003 23/07/2003 31/07/2003

Melody Caroline Anne BATHURST 04/08/2003 Maryati GIPSON 04/08/2003 Lucinda Judith SOUTHWELL 04/08/2003 Marion FREE-ROBERTS 13/10/2003 Alison Frances MAYWOOD 13/10/2003 Debra Elizabeth DE FREITAS 13/10/2003 Victoria Jayne BURGESS 22/10/2003 Lim Hing HENG 27/10/2003 Eugene Foke Koon LOO 29/10/2003 Bronwyn Christine NORMAN 24/11/2003 Eileen Ching Ping OOI 24/11/2003

Deborah HARTLEY 25/11/2003 Jenene Leslie BEERKENS 26/11/2003 Ann Lorraine LEA 01/12/2003 James Joseph KERR 11/12/2003 Alice HUTCHINGS 19/01/2004 Kate Marie TEAPE 19/01/2004 Annita SANTALUCIA 04/02/2004 Yamileth CHAN-NASH 09/02/2004 Denise Joan WILSON 10/02/2004 Susan LOWE 19/02/2004 Debbie Therese CAWOOD 31/03/2004 Richard William JENKINS 05/05/2004 Carol Anne COHEN 01/06/2004 Pamela Christine KEALLEY 01/06/2004 Erica Margaret THOMPSON 01/06/2004 Patricia LEE 02/06/2004 Susan Irene SPRATT 02/06/2004 Sharlene Deanna SLADEN 08/06/2004 Toni-Anne Michelle ANDERSON 14/06/2004 Blanca Rosa ROSANO 21/06/2004 Lynda Rose STAVELEY 22/06/2004 Terry PLATTS 25/06/2004 Dawn Maria CASTLE 01/07/2004 Darren John HOLGATE 01/07/2004 Beatrice Cynthia SAMUELL 05/07/2004 Sharon Dawn CRAIG 07/07/2004 Geraldine Rose METCALF 19/07/2004 Vicki Ellen SUTTON 03/08/2004 Grazyna GRODZKA 10/08/2004 Veisy Siska RONDONUWU 24/08/2004 Lesley Eileen SHARMAN 24/08/2004 Tia Margaret TREMILLS 01/09/2004 Helen Rose REID 06/09/2004 Maria Malfe CLARKE 08/09/2004 Anna ALEKSOVSKI 16/09/2004 Kay BRADFORD 16/09/2004 Jennifer Dorothea DUNCAN 16/09/2004 Diane MAYBURY 16/09/2004 Kathleen Patricia CAVANAGH 16/09/2004 Karina MACDONALD 21/09/2004 David William BURKE 22/09/2004 Sue Christine ALLANSON 26/09/2004 Glenis Joy WARD 11/10/2004 Lesmeri Heather DODGE 19/10/2004 Alison Peta PENNINGTON 19/10/2004 Inonge MUNDIA 22/10/2004 Angela Maria HAYWOOD 25/10/2004


Thank You Name

Start Date

Margaretha Jacqueline BLEKKENHORST 08/11/2004 Rosalina PEARS Edith Ann QUINN Claire Louise CRANE Marjorie Irene HARPER Frances Elizabeth FENNELL Judy Anne NAUTA Ian ANTHONY Nicole Elizabeth MORGAN Harry David ASHFIELD Trevor GREEN Janet Irene CORBETT Michael Damian PFORR

15/11/2004 15/11/2004 26/11/2004 06/12/2004 10/12/2004 16/12/2004 20/12/2004 20/12/2004 17/01/2005 17/01/2005 23/01/2005 01/02/2005

Heather Elizabeth Christine MCKENZIE 07/02/2005 Catherine Jane MACFARLANE Jody Kay RIEFF Maria EMBER Shahi Nashima SAFUDIN Denise Barbara HILLS Anna Marie WARD Christine Ann BARNARD Kathryn Patricia BOYLE

21/02/2005 24/02/2005 28/02/2005 28/02/2005 09/03/2005 14/03/2005 21/03/2005 24/03/2005

Wendy Morene DELAHOY-BIANCHI 01/04/2005 Jevon Douglas TWYNHAM 12/04/2005 Lauren Reibel MILORDIS 18/04/2005 Kathleen Mary STEYGER 18/04/2005 Klaas Andrew SMITH 25/04/2005 Rafaela BOWLES 26/04/2005 Daniel John BYRON 28/04/2005 Roger WILLOUGHBY 09/05/2005 Renata MARACH 23/05/2005 Anja CORNISH 30/05/2005 Amelia Marie FAULDS 30/05/2005 Marilyn Perez GARCIA 01/06/2005 Gloria DAVIS 16/06/2005 Jane Marie HARRUP-GREGORY 20/06/2005 Dorothy Clare WATT 06/07/2005 Christine Diane ERHARDT 18/07/2005 Rosa ZIRINO 19/07/2005 Susan Rosemary CLIFF 24/07/2005 Helen Charlotte LILLY 25/07/2005 Ann-Marie MARSHALL 25/07/2005 Sonia Lois MCMORRAN 25/07/2005 Raymond BREEN 01/08/2005 Jacqueline Louise UNDERHILL 01/08/2005

Tracy Nola GAFF Kylie Ann ADAMS Susan Margaret ADAMS Beverley June BAILYE Cheryl Christine BYRDE Fiona Alison DUNLOP Julie Anne HALSE Dorothy Joy KENNEDY Dianne Marie KING Robyn Gaye MALISCH Christine Anne MLADENOVIC Susan Frances SHANKLAND Margaret Rose VAN DER MERWE Marisa WHITTING Catherine POTTER Kellie Grace COLE Wanda Grazyna MACIOLEK Donna Lee WEST Fayezeh HASSAN-RAIYAT Haleh SAMADIAN Janine Lesley THOMPSON Wendy Diane GLISENTI Yolanda Jennifer CLARK-BELL Ming Hong CHEUNG Joyce Ann MARSHALL Jill Louise CARLAND Gordon Joseph THOMAS Ayuol Malith RUAL Tammy TAYLOR Elizabeth Ann BUNGERT Tania Bernadette WALPOLE Michelle Claire HEFFORD Jill Sproule KEENAN Jeannette May TILLEY Mambwe CHIPOTA Karen Fay SNOOK Ellen CLOSSICK Anne Christina FLETCHER Hugh Rolfe BEST Mandy Jane HAMPTON Merike JAKOBSON TAYLOR Paula Anne HUTTON Victor Allan POWELL Sonya Gaynor CAMPBELL Aroha BURTON Kelly Donelle GREGG Violeta SIMONOSKA

03/08/2005 15/08/2005 15/08/2005 15/08/2005 15/08/2005 15/08/2005 15/08/2005 15/08/2005 15/08/2005 15/08/2005 15/08/2005 15/08/2005 15/08/2005 15/08/2005 15/08/2005 20/08/2005 06/09/2005 07/09/2005 08/09/2005 12/09/2005 12/09/2005 12/09/2005 19/09/2005 29/09/2005 14/10/2005 17/10/2005 17/10/2005 20/10/2005 24/10/2005 31/10/2005 08/11/2005 11/11/2005 14/11/2005 21/11/2005 05/12/2005 13/12/2005 03/01/2006 23/01/2006 30/01/2006 30/01/2006 30/01/2006 31/01/2006 07/02/2006 08/02/2006 10/02/2006 13/02/2006 13/02/2006

Linda Helena HOWELL 16/02/2006 Julie MCRORIE 20/02/2006 Natalie Margaret RICHARDSON 27/02/2006 Sandra STONEHOUSE 06/03/2006 Margaret Anne CRAVEN 07/03/2006 Louise BENTLEY 13/03/2006 Yoon Kee TANG 20/03/2006 Teryle Anne BIRCH 21/03/2006 Lois Letitia ROPIHA 21/03/2006 Robert James ALLEN 27/03/2006 Pamela ASH 04/04/2006 San Mey LEONG 06/04/2006 Timothy Stephen BICKFORD 10/04/2006 Karen GERAGHTY 21/04/2006 Adeline TJAHJO 24/04/2006 Alice Margret O’NEIL 01/05/2006 Melain BLATCHLEY 02/05/2006 Lynette Christine MCGREGOR 02/05/2006 Patricia Helene ANTHONY 03/05/2006 Lisa Margaret GINBEY 08/05/2006 Sindang Theresia MAXWELL 08/05/2006 Flora MUNRO 10/05/2006 Damien Geoffrey LOCKYER 11/05/2006 Rachel Lee BAKER 15/05/2006 Julie Lorraine RADIS 22/05/2006 Julie-Anne Marie SABBADINI 22/05/2006 Helen Kate BOARDMAN 25/05/2006 Margaret Joy STEWART 29/05/2006 Tracy Jane SMALL 01/06/2006 Helen May DAWSON 02/06/2006 Charles William BARRON 05/06/2006 Malcolm Frederick GALWAY 05/06/2006 Vien Hue PHAN 06/06/2006 Kuganesan THANAPAL 07/06/2006 Carmen SAFFER 08/06/2006 Peta Joy FINCH 12/06/2006 Deborah Jayne WAGHORN 13/06/2006 Champo NGWESHE 21/06/2006 Elaine Louise KELLEHER 22/06/2006

We would like to acknowledge and extend heartfelt thanks to all of our Volunteers.


Volunteers Volunteering plays a major role in assisting Brightwater to achieve its purpose of “Enabling Wellbeing”. Our Brightwater Volunteers are recruited to fulfil a number of vital tasks within our aged care facilities, community houses and rehabilitation facilities for younger people. From companion visitors, playing board games, helping with outings and activities, to providing entertainment or working in the facility coffee shop, our Volunteers bring a great deal of joy and comfort to our clients and residents. We would like to acknowledge and extend heartfelt thanks to all of our Volunteers for their contribution so generously given to Brightwater and for the ongoing dedication they show to our clients through their regular visits and outings. Listed are our Volunteers who have given over two year’s service to Brightwater and its clients (as at 30th June 2011). Name Registered

Ann Powell John Quilty Erica Peet Margaret Townsend Clem Astruc Lesley Beaman Ian Murray Anthea Loton Brian Harling Judy Aiberti Joan Teraci Gwen Barham Julie Pearce Lincoln Hellwig Robert Armstrong Enrico Tutolo William Nocholls Michael Stonely Bernice Turnball Maureen Howard Beryl Gaynor Joseph Happ Trevor Hanly Margaret Pelendrides Betty Sewell Janet Reboul Trudi Coburn Roma Hanrahan Eileen Lane

16/11/98 28/02/00 29/08/00 21/02/01 30/03/01 21/10/02 10/12/02 26/03/03 03/12/03 20/02/04 05/03/04 06/05/04 26/05/04 21/07/04 10/09/04 27/10/04 10/11/04 12/01/05 12/01/05 01/02/05 24/02/05 22/03/05 25/05/05 18/07/05 27/07/05 16/08/05 24/02/06 09/03/06 16/04/06

Jacqueline Knox Evelyn Williams Bruce Anthony Charles Coffman Evelyn Dow Patricia Braybrooks Edmond Khoury Lorna O’Toole Peter Sharry Norma Herbert Patricia Green Graeme McLennan Jeanette McLennan Audrey Heasman Derek Vanderwal Michelle Twigger Mary Walters Margaret Chapman Trupti Shah Greta Cleghorn Alan Williams Tao Michalak Alan Bosveld Sharon Bosveld Elsja Evans Raymond Evans Jan Veurink Linda Brown John Pendlebury

16/05/06 06/07/06 05/08/06 10/08/06 12/09/06 26/09/06 16/10/06 15/11/06 17/11/06 23/11/06 24/01/07 30/01/07 30/01/07 02/02/07 22/03/07 16/04/07 02/05/07 08/05/07 31/05/07 13/06/07 18/06/07 21/06/07 12/08/07 12/08/07 13/08/07 13/08/07 13/08/07 15/08/07 21/08/07

Margaret Pendlebury Larry Nelson Doris Taylor Chrissie Hillcoat Lisa Shawcross Jane Dodd Jean Bodecott Michael Fanning Claire Jones Gweneth Gard Joy Barrett-Lennard Keith Hancock Maureen Lambert John Stewart George Waklin Gweneth Bailey Joseph Ruggiero Susan Semple Sandra Urich Peter Ryan Coral Miller Ken Miller Rose Kent-Jones Joanne Yew Anita Rapley Betty Wright Gweneth Bailey Petrina Lawrence Susan Burns

21/08/07 28/08/07 06/09/07 14/09/07 09/11/07 27/11/07 28/11/07 13/02/08 14/02/08 18/02/08 26/02/08 28/02/08 04/03/08 05/03/08 05/03/08 06/03/08 11/03/08 10/04/08 18/04/08 22/04/08 22/04/08 22/04/08 06/05/08 29/05/08 09/10/08 09/10/08 06/03/08 11/03/08 10/04/08

John Currie Eleanor Budgen Flemming Beicher Mary Wallace Maureen Gould Elisabeth Fisher Rosemary Froeschle Susanne Motherwell Derek Cook Petina Beckman Angela Tame Rosemary Healy Valerie Sell Amy Grubelich Dawn Chow Fiona Smith Anthony Ruehland Joslyne Antoine Melissa Canicais Wendy Jackson Richard Lambert Hilton Hearns Helen Apps Sharron Britton Christine Watts Jenny Hine Kenneth Christiansen

16/04/08 07/08/08 02/09/08 03/09/08 05/09/08 08/09/08 08/10/08 14/10/08 24/11/08 25/11/08 25/11/08 27/11/08 15/12/08 19/02/09 20/03/09 24/03/09 01/04/09 02/04/09 03/04/09 03/04/09 13/05/09 25/05/09 28/05/09 29/05/09 15/06/09 17/06/09 25/06/09

Our Volunteers bring a great deal of joy and comfort to our clients and residents.

Brightwater Care Group (Inc) PO Box 762 Osborne Park WA 6916 Telephone (08) 9202 2800 Facsimile (08) 9202 2801 Email Brightwater Care Group (Inc) is a registered charity and all donations are tax deductible.

Brightwater Annual Report 2010/11  

Brightwater 2010/11 Annual Report

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