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WeSC activists Lady Tigra, Love Eneroth, Danijel Todorovic, Ricky Sandström, Mika Edin, Jonas Wiehager and Chris Pastras contributing to ”We are the Superlative Conspiracy” Pick up a copy at your nearest WeSC retailer. For more information visit

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36–38 interview

feature Crisis – Get moving! Does the crisis really affect us in the way media wants us to believe? Silke Bücker did research for Bright.

Their homepage is one of the most important platforms for sneakers. In our interview the Crooked Tongues explain how it all started and why as a whole they are more than just the sum of its parts.






retailer shoot

German retail vibe please! We visited and interviewed ten important retailers.

40–44 My Bright Uniform Once again Bright asked some of the most important sales reps to line up –show us your clothes, show us your shoes!!


news & brands

46–49 features

Cons, The Zonders, Chinos

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50–53 report Smells like Scene Spirit Let‘s get down to brass tacks – how important are blogs really? Editors of Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, Selectism and Highsnobette in the question-andanswer game.

74–79 art Something scrolling, something printed, something Flach, something rolling and something sticking – everything at Art at Bright!

86–92 media The news ticker – our media partners talk about their exciting life in the fancy world of journalism.


Bright Brigade

54–63 shoot

The Brightest Beyond summer found!


program Skate who rolls where during Bright.

84/85 64–72

consumer good

products, products, products – what we will spend our money on in the next months.

Brandfeature Life after skate – WESC turns ten!


city guide Crankfurt, bankfurt or for a change the nice facettes of the metropolis on the river Main – Bright presents the approved hotspots of Frankfurt.


Sales Rap the most outrageous sales lines!

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Is Berlin the new capital of fashion and fairs?

Maybe so. Berlin is big on the international scene, creates a lot of news for the press, and boasts the Berlinale, the Popkomm, a thousand cool shops, bars and hot new restaurants each week. And now with Bread & Butter, the German capital has also reclaimed the biggest fashion fair in Europe. The hype around the city can’t be hushed. Everybody wants to go to Berlin, be a part of it, get a piece of the pie. But we’re slowly coming to the conclusion that the pie is too small and what’s on offer aren’t pieces, but just little morsels of crust. Indeed, the crust is a part of the whole, but who wants to eat just the crust, or worse, be considered a bit of crust yourself? In any case, we’re in the mood for Frankfurter Kranz (sweet bun) or Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black forest gateau) and still believe, that anything done well deserves respect and will receive it eventually. It’s all about staying true to yourself and being reliable in your business environment. Regardless of the hype, to each his own! We declare: stay true to yourself, no matter what the future holds. Right now we’re thrilled about the ninth Bright in Frankfurt and about this beautiful magazine. Happy reading! Marco Aslim & Thomas Martini

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Publisher Bright GmbH & Co KG Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 11 60327 Frankfurt +49 (0)69 66962158 creative direction Thomas Martini, Marco Aslim, Eric Conyers

photography Lars Borges, Rufus Exton, Sabrina Weniger

editor in chief / production Romy Uebel

styling Solveig Viola

production assistant Nada Carls

illustration CatK, Kenneth Chung, Leonard Kahlcke

art direction Tobias Friedberg, Paale Lüdcke

cover illustration The Zonders editing Florian Biedermann translation Nikolaj Belzer, Jo Caird, Paula Hedley

text Carsten Bauer, Nikolaj Belzer, Hans-Christian Bussert, Silke Bücker, Nada Carls, Eric Conyers, Clara Grimm, Andreas Grüter, Stephen Monaghan, Romy Uebel, Anne Waak

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print F&W Mediencenter GmbH Holzhauser Feld 2 83361 Kienberg

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Stephen Monaghan

Stephen lives in the smoke and loves – apart from his charming wife – old things: such as antique magazines and books, vintage clothing, records, markets or forgotten words. And really rare things such as talent, grace, good coffee, nice bikes, humility, real friends and his two Bengal cats that “ruin things”. In spite of – or maybe because of – his life motto ‚talking with quiet confidence will always beat screaming with obvious insecurity‘ he runs his PR and consulting agency Sanecommunications in London. His clients include Atelier LaDurance, GoodHood, Crooked Tongues and Oi polloi. And last but not least, Stephen is a passionate writer and blogger.

Nada Carls

In Croatia, the word Nada means “hope” and this is exactly what our tough and always on-the-ball production assistant Nada spread even in the most stressful of deadline days. The trained cultural manager and exbartender likes Melody Punk and her herb garden in Berlin Kreuzkölln. She calls herself a typist mouse and PR and conception lady, who likes to blog and write about streetwear, sneakers, lifestyle and urban art. We warmly recommend her to anyone who wants a job done efficiently and pronto. Our mission statement while working with the busy blonde: Qué pasa? Nada!

Rufus Exton

Rufus Exton is a London-based photographer who likes to travel, especially to conventions that involve bodybuilding, wrestling and tattoos. To date he has shot all the lookbooks for the English brand Second Son (which by the way, he is a partner in), and has also worked for a myriad of clients including Nike, Carhartt, Sneaker Freaker and our very own Bright. Highlights of 2009 have included organising a fashion shoot at the G20 riots, watching AC/DC with 60,000 German rockers and adopting a fat Jack Russell pup called Jack. Rufus yearns for the quiet life and hopes to own a small house by the sea one day.

Contributors 12 – Bright Magazine

Kenneth Chung


Looking at Kenneth Chung’s portfolio it’s hard to believe that this talented young man graduated from his Master’s degree in graphic design and illustration only a year ago. Since then he has been doing jobs for clients such as Nike, Jay Z and Artful Dodger, Nooka watches and ILOVEDUST, which

CATK is an interdisciplinary Berlin design-studio, which was founded by Elisabeth Schulze, Sebastian Gerbert and Maik Bluhm in 2008.

Lars Borges

have taken him as far as Hong Kong and New York. Currently Ken is working on a 50 feet tall piece of street art for the ïMA Design Village in Berlin and is also be coordinating 20 artists to redesign further spaces there in the near future! We are glad he found some time amongst his busy schedule to illustrate the “Smells like scene spirit” story for us!

13 – Bright Magazine

Lars Borges actually considers himself as a portrait photographer, which is why he rarely shoots fashion. Maybe this is the reason he didn’t want any make-up or cliché-poses for our photo shoot. The models weren’t very amused at first but relaxed during two wonderful sunny days that we spent close to the Polish border and soon got into the swing of the game on the borderline of authenticity and staging. At the end everybody was happy, especially Lars who is now thinking about shooting more fashion. Apart from that he likes to take pictures while travelling or regularly works for Zeit-Magazin, Spex, Another Magazine, eb Magazine and Stern from his chosen home Berlin.

After studying together at the Bauhaus University in Weimar they went their separate ways: Elisabeth worked at Eike König’s whilst Sebastian, the old Berlin veteran, was taken on by the Gestalten Verlag. Maik drank plenty of “fizz” in Italy where he enjoyed a stint at the Benetton Research Center “Fabrica“. After some freelance projects, CATK reunited and is now realising their big vision: brightly different, always appropriate, preferably cultural, but most importantly BIG! For Bright CATK illustrated the crisis – colourfully, of course!

News WoodWood Danish–Denim

text: Anne Waak

Forvert The 10 Year Itch

text: Andreas Grüter photo: Alex Basile rider: Hannes Aurand Hailing from Cologne, the bustling folk at Forvert have been at it for 10 years now. Founded under the direction of Martin Hautzel and Sabine Rochholz in an inconspicious backyard of ’Belgisches Viertel’ (the Belgian district in Cologne), they started with a few shirtdesigns, a massive sticker-bombing campaign and plenty of idealistic front wheel drive. Since then, helped along by Hans Burmeister, they’ve come to be a constant on the international street-circuit. For their anniversary they not only managed to infiltrate Japan’s legendary shop-empire Nano-Universe, but also upped the ante in cultural terms by running parties, concerts, exhibitions, and making a first teamrider skate video; not to mention adding an extensive shirt collaboration series to their roster. In it to win it are jacks of all trades Herr Schulze, Koeters, Bela Jansen, Mbras and the Tanzprojekt (dance project) München. Smells like one hell of a party. 14 – Bright Magazine

WoodWood was founded in 2002 by three students of the Royal Design School of Denmark. Since then the company has evolved from a t-shirt label to a full body outfitter. Besides shirts, pants, skirts, dresses and jackets the brand periodically launches collaborations with other labels. By now three WoodWood stores - in Berlin, Stockholm and Copenhagen - are part of the ‘Northern universe’. Now, WoodWood, known for unpretentious Scandinavian yet avantgarde design, extends its product range with its own jeans line: Double Denim. Manufactured with Japanese selvage denim, the jeans feature subtle branding, high quality processing and stitching as well as pretty details. The first collection comprises four models, one of which is unisex with a straight, tight leg and a high-waisted pencil skirt. All styles are available in various materials and washes.


frontlineshop Pop–Up Store

Manhattan Portage

In the name of the lord

frontlineshop at your fingertips

NYC in a bag

text: Clara Grimm

text: Clara Grimm

The creative minds behind the label Amos are James Jarvis, Sofia Prantera and Russell Waterman. In conjunction with Bounty Hunter, James is among the pioneers of vinyl toy design. Collectors particularly appreciate his ‘Martin’ character, which he created for the British label ‘Silas and Maria’ back in 1998. Besides the toys, James, Sofia and Russell also merchandise books and comics as well as the work of other

In 1983 the New Yorker John Peters founded Manhattan Portage with the aim of creating bags for the inhabitants of the mega City. No matter if it be a bike courier, DJ or broker, his bags were supposed to be wearable by anyone on any occasion. A red, squareish patch showing the stylised silhouette of the Manhattan skyline adorns the simple and timeless handbags, shoulder-bags, recordbags, rucksacks and trolleys to this day. Already available worldwide, the bags represent a piece of true Big Apple spirit. Small shoulder bags sell for just 29 Euro and for a 100 Euro’s you can get hold of a big volume bag or models with a waxed canvas. Small luggage as well as a line of laptop bags are also part of the assortment, the full brand stock available in the label’s own shops in the East Village and Soho. After a break Säck und Nolde are starting with the spring/summer season 2010, to be once again the distributor for the German and Austrian market.

text: Nada Carls

artists. By now James has designed more than 100 characters, the ape King Ken, ranking among the most popular toys. Last year, the licence for the production of Amos textiles and accessories was granted to the Säck & Nolde GmbH & Co., KG. The Bochum-based distribution team is taking care of worldwide supply (except Japan) of the collection. Manufactured in Portugal, it includes t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies and was enlarged with numerous new colour and motif models. For the summer season 2010 they are also offering caps, belts, bags, towels and pillows, as well as other little accessories such as keyrings.

The formula for happy shopaholics is: a frontlineshop pop-up store! Germany’s biggest online mail order company is putting an end to its existence as a solely digital medium and inviting its customers to shop around the clock in Hamburg. In the frontlineshop pop-up store streetwear enthusiasts and avid fashionistas will be able to enjoy exclusive shopping, day and night, for two weeks from the beginning of September, as well as making the most of a wide spectrum of art and entertainment. In the 240m² loft you can click through the online collection at laptop stations, make use of the charming advice from shopping guides and send your order directly via Smartphone or online. On request, the goods will be sent to the customer free of charge within 24 hours! From the actual online range of 12,000 garments, around 500 sample items are available to try on directly and that’s not all on offer: there are sounds from local DJs, an ArtExpo and lots more. A continuation of the frontlineshop pop-up store is in the pipeline for spring 2010. More customer contact? Great idea – we like! frontline Pop-Up Store 05.– 19.9.2009, aplanat Studio 4, Lippmannstr. 59, 22769 Hamburg

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The product makes the brand

Against the pretentious

text: Clara Grimm Over ten years ago, qualified carpenter Per-Ivan Hagberg quite literally hung up his hammer for good to dedicate himself to the production of workwear. What remained was the uncompromising perfection of a craftsman, which is applied to every individual garment that bears his label. “Honest, classic designs are timeless and products should fulfil a high degree of craftsmanship and innovation, without forgetting tailoring and style. Respect the past, but don’t rely on it,” is how

text: Clara Grimm

he explains his almost dogmatic philosophy. And in summer 2010 there will also be the popular evergreens from Dunderdon like the P13 Chino with classic piped pockets or top sellers like P42 in Triple Yarn Twill. Not to mention the S18 Zip Hoodie in new variations, including brushed canvas or extremely fine nylon fabrics. After Gothenburg, Copenhagen and New York the fourth store of the Swedes recently opened on the Rochstraße in Berlin, diagonally opposite WoodWood.

“But the eyes are blind. One must look with the heart”. This quotation, taken from the story The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, reflects precisely Alexandre Guarneri’s philosophy. The founder of the label Homecore deliberately turns against the fast moving, superficial society that is largely fixated on profit maximisation. Instead he puts honesty, friendship and love above everything else. Having worked in the textile industry for more than 15 years now, Alexandre’s number one goal is to find himself and to live in harmony with his environment. His clothes are an extension of this attitude towards life: he wants people to be comfortable wearing his trousers, blazers, shirts and jackets. His designs stand out for their functionality and originality, his cuts easily outlasting a season’s half-life. For summer 2010 the trousers line will be expanded even further.

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Puma Archive Kollektion Remix of the Classics

text: Carsten Bauer With the Puma Archive Collection, the company from Herzogenaurach has been successfully crossing the fine line between tradition and innovation for a long time now. In memory of the decisive moments of Puma history, they are revisiting the most legendary styles and cult models, and reinterpreting them in the sophisticated zeitgeist of the 21st century. The worlds of sport and lifestyle crossed paths for the first time at the beginning of the 1970s: back then basketball legend Walt “Clyde” Frazier didn’t only drive his opponents under the basket to desperation whilst wearing his signature model, but in combination with hat and mink coat, he also introduced a completely new look on the streets of “his” Knickerbockers, New York City. Clyde not only became an MVP, but also a style icon of his time. Clyde is a fitting marker for the beginning of Puma’s transformation into a sport lifestyle brand. This became particularly evident from the end of the nineties, when the Mostro became a worldwide style object thanks to Madonna wearing the former surf sneaker whilst dancing on stage. At the same time, due to a design cooperation with Jil Sander, the football classic King advanced onto the catwalk and later onto the streets. An even bigger coup came later with the Speedcat, which had originally been designed as a fire-resistant shoe for Formula One racing drivers and has been regarded as a must-have on the lifestyle and fashion scene since 2002. Countless other remixed classics complement the highly interesting Archive Collection, which is laden with history and stories.

When you hear the name Puma, you automatically think of a Franconian family saga and the ultimate question of who invented screw-in studs. On the basis of this wonderful myth alone, it would be grossly negligent not to weave the story into the company philosophy – and there is a lot more to it than studs in the ground

But Suede, which was launched in 1968, remains unparalleled for the casual and streetwear fan, and will be especially in focus this coming autumn with its new delivery. This model is enjoying a continuing great importance in the world of hiphop and skateboard culture; both the Clyde and Suede were re-mastered in 2005 and are regarded as heroes amongst the classics of the Archive Collection! And by the way: the first screw-in studs really were made by Puma…

17 – Bright Magazine

Element Completely in their Element

text: Anne Waak

Skateboarding, of course, stands for rebellion, nonconformism, freedom... in 1992 Johnny Schillereff pooled all of these associations of his favourite sport and established Element. Uninfluenced by any kind of “green” trend, even back then he applied honest ethical standards for his label. Elements like water, fire, earth and air, a zest for life, awareness of social and ecological issues, the will to develop further, and applying one’s heart and mind in equal measures, form the cornerstones of the company. The concept took off and now, almost two decades later, Element is one of the most successful independent brands in the segment. With the “Make it Count” project the US skate brand is taking stock and celebrating its authenticity and history with a book and a DVD. “Make it Count” converts the mantra, from which Element has been guided since the very beginning, into pictures, which documents their continuous efforts to make the world a better place.

18 – Bright Magazine

And with this, the project seamlessly connects to the long-standing initiative “Conscious by Nature”, for social and environmental awareness. This includes the fact that the wood for all manufactured Element skateboards is cultivated responsibly and the majority of materials used in production are recycled. And in the production of T-shirts and shoes for the Conscious by Nature collection for example, Element uses cotton from special cooperatives, environmentally-safe dyes and water-based glue. For spring 2010, this means: ‘Survival of the Outfitted’. The wilderness of the great outdoors meets the concrete jungle of urban existence. The Element designers took their inspiration from both eco-terrorism and propaganda art, as well as the era of Dogtown and Z-Boys. And some more good news: Levi Brown is joining the Element Pro-Rider-Team – which means that the good cause is welcoming another new credible fellow campaigner!

Red Bull


Burton x Mark Ward

Mack Kills Your Spot

15 years of Irie...on a Daily basis!

An Englishman for New York

photo: Adam Sello / Red Bull Photofiles In order to find new rails, you either have to have a good nose for them or a little luck with a coincidental drive-by. For his “Mack Kills Your Spot” project, Mack McKelton didn’t rely on anything of the sort: “Longer, harder, steeper,” was the clear invitation of the Berliner to skateboarders in Germany. From the end of March until mid-May, more than 40 like-minded skaters sent in their toughest rail suggestions. He chose the most appealing and challenged the locals to crack the rails in a joint session. In May and June, the MKYS sessions toured from Berlin to Stuttgart, via Weimar and Gera to Bremen and Lingen. And despite caretakers dressed as private sheriffs, the boys in blue, injury woes and bad weather – Mack defied all the odds! On

text: Nada Carls

text: Carsten Bauer

Oh how time flies: for going on 15 years now the ladies and gentlemen from Iriedaily have been convincing us of their streetwear skills. And it wouldn’t be over the top to say that the likeable non-conformists from Kreuzberg, under the chilled-out leadership of Jaybo Monk, have spawned one of the most creative German labels in the street and skatewear sector. To mark this birthday, a colourfresh anniversary collection has been created by Jaybo, which will even help you survive the lousiest days and has been in stores since April. Iriedaily never supports the mainstream, preferring instead to flirt with the underground and loves to be ahead of the current trend: Beatsteaks, SEEED, PowPow Movement, T.Raumschmiere and the Ohrbooten were wearing their Irie stuff before they were playing in front of huge crowds. And even actors like Jürgen Vogel, Moritz Bleibtreu and Wotan Wilke Möhring have known for years where their loyalties lie: valiant underground fighters with the battle cry “No sell-out, please!”, who even after 15 years never lose the cheeky grin from their faces. Congratulations!

According to the principle ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ Burton is extending its collaboration with Mark Ward. This time the London-based graphic artist will design parts of the Vermont snowboard brand’s summer collection. The fact that he had to translate the theme of New York City visually must have been a savoury as well as interesting challenge for the Brit. Regarding the products the apparel line focuses on t-shirts, fleeces and headwear, accompanied by bags and accessories. The designs allude and you will find all images of the initiative, as well as the collection of top rails. Plus, in the online spot guide you can still view, enter, comment on and discuss all rails, curbs and step sets. And anyone who is new in town, and looking for the best spots or wanting to have a go at the rails cracked by Mack, is more than welcome!

19 – Bright Magazine

to the idea of ‘city life’, in particular to the mother of all cities, that located between the East and Hudson Rivers. Inspired by traditional workwear, the pieces mirror the unrivalled dynamics of New York by juxtaposing street art and architecture, history and presence, tradition and trend. The numerous stylistic and technical details as well as prints on top of classic cuts also play with the city’s colours. In this way the design approach gives the collaboration that fancy charisma which has always fascinated locals and visitors alike.



Rowley X Sex Pistols

Nomen est Omen

text: Anne Waak

When the legendary Sex Pistols album ‘Never mind the Bollocks’ was released in 1977 it had an unequalled influence on the music world. It also happens to be the first album that Geoff Rowley ever bought. The Pistols became the embodiment of Punk and Geoff became a skateboarding legend. Now the two merge in an inimitable way: for the 13th signature shoe that Geoff has created for Vans, he has used the legendary cover design of ‘Never mind the Bollocks’. The result is ‘Rowley X Sex Pistols’. Geoff, who was born in Liverpool and has been skateboarding for almost twenty years, is considered to be one of the best in the world. He has been dreaming about this collaboration for years. The shoe, which has been tested and brought to perfection by Rowley himself, is released in two colour schemes, lime and yellow; and in strengthened suede as well as canvas. The padded profile and the latex foam insole offering improved grip with an extremely light and flexible foot support. Together with Vans’ secret formula and more than 40 years of experience, these features turn the limited edition into a real gem and a collectable. The collaboration is completed by two t-shirt designs.

text: Anne Waak REEL is Latin for the term solid, which exactly represents the Europe-wide label REELL: clean and unadorned at reasonable prices. Since 1997 REEL DNM has delivered a wide range of hoodies, shirts and jackets; the main focuses however are jeans, chinos, cargos and shorts in all possible silhouettes. In 2007 REELL GRL was added to the roster and since then it has supplied stylish girls with basic shirts, tops and dresses with coloured graphic prints. In addition the sub-brand offers a wide range of denims – ranging from sexy slim fit to boyfriend-cuts. The fact that solid also means reliable is underlined by the Never-Out-Of-Stock system, an approach with which REELL could win over many retailers. In addition to the current collections the most popular items are always available and can be reordered all season. The next step will lead REELL directly to Broadway: from September the whole collection will be available at a store in the heart of New York, supplying North America with a full load of ‘reellness’.

20 – Bright Magazine

Nike SB Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez III – Try to fit in these...

text: Carsten Bauer Seven years after Paul Rodriguez shone in TransWorld’s “In Bloom”, the son of the Hollywood comedian of the same name is part of the skateboard biz feudal circle. Meanwhile, his third Pro model is being released by Nike SB – the soles of which are the only quiet thing about his everyday life. Just last year the pro from the elite circle of Plan B Skateboards won the AST Dew Tour and the 100,000 US dollar prize of the Maloof Money Cup. And on the side he has followed in his father’s footsteps, playing the leading role in “Vicious Circle”, a highly regarded film at last year’s Latino Film Festival of New York. And P-Rod plays himself in the skateboard drama “Street Dreams”, which has recently been launched in the USA. The 24-year-old has also recently opened his own street boutique “Primitive” in Encino, north of L.A. – where alongside choice urban fashion he will soon also be selling his third Pro model by Nike SB. “Unlike its predecessor we have revised many aspects of the Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez III,” says shoe designer Michael Hernandez. “So for example the forefoot flex has been improved and the inner shoe improved, in order to guarantee even more room for movement and optimum stability of the foot inside the shoe.” The side walls have also been tweaked and the soles completely revised for an improved board feel. Overall, the P-Rod III, which will be available from August, looks somewhat narrower, both on the tongue, as well as in its overall form. Colour ways are classic Black/Black and Black/ White. Just as characteristic as symbolic for the P-Pod III is the monarch print as a progression of the well-known elephant print. To match the Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez III there is a corresponding apparel line featuring a T-shirt, 5 panel cap, polo shirt and a jacket. We’re curious to find out which figure Paul will be appearing as in the Plan B-video “Superfuture”, which is planned for this year. If we take his new Nike SB signature goods as a basis, we’re sure he won’t disappoint.

21 – Bright Magazine

Crisis? Get moving! 22 – Bright Magazine

Crisis? Get moving!

Those who follow the news coming out of the textile industry are with increasing regularity confronted with bad tidings these days. Be it the insolvency of the Italian Ittiere-Group – which includes such prestigious brands as Just Cavalli, Costume National and Galliano – the massive redundancies at Chanel during the end of last year or the demise of the medium-sized label Carlo Colucci, which worked mainly in Eastern Europe, what is certain is that the credit crunch is biting hard across the whole industry. For the moment it’s impossible to predict how it will all turn out and nobody knows who will ultimately be affected. Which leads us to pose the question: how is the streetwear industry doing? A sector that operates relatively self-sufficiently in comparison with the high-end or commercial markets, in which smaller labels often have the biggest chance of survival and certain brands are worshipped like pop stars. Are they still true, the clichés of the casual laissezfaire mentality, where business is likely to be done with a beer in your hand? Or does even the thus far seemingly ageless streetwear industry, growing out of particular scenes and devoted fans, have to face a new kind of sobriety? For the moment, anyone searching for bad news will do so in vain – at least in Germany. In some places in fact the very opposite is the case. According to Malin Elmlid, sales manager at WoodWood, order volume is about to double for the upcoming winter season. Peter Wagener, who is responsible for the german sales of DC Shoes, reports the same thing. Important shops and online-sellers within the scene have no cause for complaint either. But people are alert: in many places, areas of business such as budgetary policy, logistics and order strategies are being studiously reassessed; customer service have become important keywords and naturally some cost reductions have followed. We can observe a change in buying behaviour but there has been no alarming decline in consumption in general. Well thought-out investments have superseded impulsive purchases; at this point the challenge for the shops is to react and stay flexible with regard to their portfolios in order not to fall behind. “Right now we can see clearly that customers are paying attention to quality, must-have character and priceperformance ratio”, confirms Marc Lohhausen, fashion buyer at Frontlineshop. Correspondingly, brands and articles are scrutinised more critically regarding their relevance and material, as well as their commercial potential. “With this strategy we can give an unambiguous recommendation. Our message is simple: ‘We’ve got the in thing and you need it right now.’ A well-balanced assortment accompanied by intelligent marketing measures and a top-class service save us from having to make uncontrolled/unpredicted cuts.” Alexandre Briatore, proprietor of Hamburg-based shop Yeahboy Studio also regards the heightened awareness on the part of the shopping public as a sound development. 23 – Bright Magazine

Before going independent he worked for a couple of years for Thomas i Punkt in the same city. There he witnessed how the pioneers of the new economy squandered their easily-earned cash after work in a rather rollicking way. “This purchasing behaviour hardly exists anymore. We only recently opened our store in the middle of last year and have basically grown up with the crisis. This is exactly what helps us to be able to realistically evaluate the turnover that we can achieve. For our winter order we have primarily focused on high-quality, ageless products at reasonable prices or very special, rare pieces. At this point established shops have to pay attention and see the writing on the wall, adapting their assortment to the current or prospective situation. In addition I regard a considerate attitude towards customers as very important. Ignorant traders who leave prospective customers to their own devices are no longer the flavour of the month. It is exactly this potential to create a more personal connection which is the advantage that we have in comparison with the big shops. We have to play to our strength.” Briatore acknowledges that at the moment there are particular problems with regards to payment terms: “You can tell that the level of tolerance is decreasing in this area. Money is called in faster and under more severe conditions than it was not very long ago. But maybe that’s a necessity in this difficult time. Not for nothing that there are labels going down the tubes, particularly small ones that care more for content than meeting the demands of accounting or logistics.” Sabine Rochholz, responsible for marketing of Cologne based brand Forvert explains: “Up until now the biggest change we’ve noticed is in the uncertainty of the financial assets of all our business partners. As a consequence we are increasingly seeking to engage in dialogue with our customers, offering flexible delivery dates, decent pre-order conditions and expanding our distribution channels further. Internally we are reviewing all measures – from production to sales to marketing – very carefully.” The company is therefore wellpositioned for the future and despite a slight decline in order volume the folks at Forvert look ahead optimistically: “Stagnation and resignation are not appropriate here. Change finds its way and this makes room for new ideas.” Absolute professionalism and reliability are two terms currently being touted by both small brands and big players. Whoever does his homework has a good chance of coming through these critical times and striding out of the situation revitalized and ready to face the future. More than ever the motto should be: Work together and try to think about the needs of others. The Dutch e-tailer Freshcotton, for example, focuses on brands that offer realistic and attractive conditions for business and know how to deal with the situation with precision and foresight. “If we get offered good business conditions at the moment, we are definitely willing to increase our budget”, confirms Jesse Smit, one of the executive directors. Malin Elmlid considers honest communication about the sensitive issue of money very important at the moment. This is also a challenge for the dealers: “There are still shops who take these aspects too lightly. Both parties have to be aware of their responsibilities. The ones who are paying on schedule or address temporary liquidity problems openly and are willing

to work on compromise solutions should benefit.” She appreciates this new outspokenness with regard to the less beautiful parts of the business as a positive development: “People are playing straighter. Whereas in the past there was a lot of hypocrisy and empty promises made, today people are talking frankly. Behaving in this way they find it easier to treat business partners appropriately and help those who have real problems.” That might include, for example, supporting weakening shops with goods on consignment or offering the possibility of reordering stock over the course of a season. Which is exactly the policy employed by Marc Lohhausen: “At the moment we rely increasingly on suppliers that are open to solutions on a partnership basis and do not pass on the entire risk to us – the ultimate goal is to for us to grow collectively.” He regards it as positive that this strategy inevitably goes hand in hand with market adjustment: “At the moment it is easy to recognize which vendors are well placed with regards to their contents as well as their general company management. These are the ones that will survive in the end.“ “Today, much more commitment is in demand”, resumes Peter Wagener, “a very different situation from in the past. There always used to be a little idling after orders were completed but now you’ve got to keep moving, to be constantly exploring possibilities and in particular to keep in continous contact with your business partners. In this way it’s possible to get a fruitful result out of the current situation.” In Britain, for example, the state of affairs is more critical. The situation is most notable in London where a range of streetwear shops have closed down, among them Stüssy and shop legends like Bond International, dmphi and Glorias. This turn of events is due to a large extent to the strikingly high rents. Whereas in the past it was the job of two or three full- or part-time employees to attend to the customers, very often these days it is the shopkeepers who are doing the frontline-selling. However, this is a situation, which had been on the cards for a long time before the credit crunch. Again, the reasons for this are manifold and stretch from a complete saturation of the market to negligence in the handling of customers. As drastic as this situation might seem when looked at from the outside, if there are problems there must also be solution. In this regard the British seem to be utterly productive: a few vendors elude the problem of structure by abandoning physical locations altogether and transacting their business quite effectively via the internet. Rufus Exton, freelance journalist and owner of the Second Son label, has committed himself to this course: “Naturally a lot of trading sites shut down due to these shop closures, which is why we expect a lot from our new e-shop. But it is also imperative to adapt to the modified needs and wants of the customers, who shop more knowingly and focus increasingly on longevity. In spite of everything we are confident and do not let ourselves get upset by the scaremongering in the media. What is happening right now is surely no disaster from a historical viewpoint, even if one or two will fall by the wayside.” 24 – Bright Magazine

However, the crisis in Britain has also resulted in price dumping by numerous online shops. This could have a negative effect on the German market as Marcus Hecht, store manager at Titus Zoopreme in Berlin, explains: “In spite of the difficult situation at the moment the Americans and the British have to remain competitive. We observe that over there products are sold via online shops at prices which are below our wholesale price. This is unacceptable. Naturally this also has to do with the weak dollar and pound. However, such disequilibrium must be regularized in times of globalization – everything else is unfair and will harm the whole industry in the end.” Despite the potential for worldwide networking it is necessary first and foremost to strengthen the domestic location at home and arrive at new structures, an approach which is already being tried in London, albeit tentatively. The “Resetlondon” initiative is a good example of this new policy: British indie brands like Trapstar, All Caps, Ugly Kids Club, PC Williams or Second Son have all been consolidated under one umbrella. In May they launched a new showcasing platform in the British capital. Its goal was to keep old, new and rare stuff for sale in order to underline their difficult conditions symbolically in a charming and touching manner. To be serious means to assume responsibility and that means growing-up – in the best sense. And maybe that isn’t the worst development in an industry in which, far more than in other segments, important positions have long been filled by professional juveniles – likeable juveniles, but juveniles nonetheless. Maybe that’s going to change in the future. There will still be drinks, but now after work, not during.

Text: Silke Bücker Illustration: Colors and the Kids

25 – Bright Magazine

Retailer photos: Sabrina Weniger

Firmament / Schröderstraße 8, 10115 Berlin

Jörg Haas shirt: WTAPS, pants: Head Porter Plus, shoes: Visvim

Generally we work towards finding the leading vendor for each sector: Acronym for jackets; Original Fake regarding tees and collectables; Visvim shoes; Head Porter bags; and Sophnet for shirts. According to the quality of the clothing, the prices vary from high to very high. I think that there will always be people that can afford apparel of high quality, perhaps they’ll just buy fewer items in the future.

At the moment we predominantly feature classic American sportswear: College-jackets; chinos; Oxford and plaid shirts; Varsity jackets; blazers. This will stay the same for the winter season. We feature a mainly ‘young’ product line, offering brands like Original Fake, Supreme and Nike NSW. Personally I like Acronym, Visvim, Nike Loopwheeler and, looking at young German brands, Living Mutants from Berlin.

26 – Bright Magazine

Kaputage Arthur-Hoffmann-Straße 69 04275 Leipzig

Susan „Sanni“ Weber (left) jumpsuit: Nikita Selekzion, skirt: Insight, dress: Nikita, shoes: no name Franziska “Frenze“ Weigel tube–top: Nikita, jacket: Insight, short: Insight, jeans: Nikita, shoes: Hummel

We have taken up the challenge of defying the big discounters and creating an awareness for politically correct consumption. We sell small labels like Deviate, Schwarzwaldkirsch, D/cide oder Fishing for Compliments – clothing with ideals which has been manufactured not by children’s hands, but with a heart. Cleptomanixc is definitely a long runner, but we try to stay away from the ‘seagull-basics’. Nikita’s ladyjeans-

27 – Bright Magazine

collection is big at the moment and Insight has unrivalled styles. Here in east Germany our customers prefer to buy fewer items, but those they do buy tend to be expensive, exclusive, limited pieces. We will continue to be on the look-out for regional products as well as practical and functional accessories.

Fuck You Too Skateboardshop / cottonBox Karl-Liebknecht Straße 88 04275 Leipzig / Kochstraße 10 04275 Leipzig

Kay-Uwe Lork t–shirt: Spitfire, pants: KR3W 07, watch: Nike, socks: KR3W, shoes: Supra Footwear

At Fuck You Too, which has been in business since 1996, we sell only real Skatewear and accessories. However cottonBox, which opened last May, specialises in collaborations from streetartists with brands like RAZK, Sixpack, Ontour, Addict, Rockwell, Jeepney, The Hundreds, Pharmacy Industry, nailsdid and Proof7. We do also have girls products, which should eventually assert itself. The ongoing trend is drainpipes with XL-tees accompanied by hi-top sneakers. We’re seeing loud colours in different variations of tees, jackets and jeans. Also, products are becoming more exclusive – I myself am looking for innovative labels, ones that are still small and happy to team up with somebody. I believe that eventually partnerships between the wholesale and the retail sector will be of greater importance. My favourite label at the moment is definitely RAZK!

28 – Bright Magazine

Overkill Shop Köpenicker Straße 195a 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Robert Schultz t–shirt: Suburban Base (ebay fake), belt: Carhartt, pants: Bundeswehr used, shoes: Nike Air Max Light JD exclusive (released 2008)

Thomas Peiser t–shirt: Rhythm of the Line (selfmade for the eponymous film festival) Fruit of the Loom, jeans: Levi’s 501, boxershorts: Perry Ellis (from the NY Outlet), shoes: Nike Presto (released 2003), belt: Carhartt

Looking at shoes, 2009 will continue what started in 2008: A basic style with a maximum of two well-matched colours without unnecessary embellishment or experiments with the materials. In the streetwear section people often ask for Carhartt; new brands are Alife, Obey and for girls Married to the Mob from New York, who are not that known yet but are on their way! Recently, we have become aware that customers, particularly our

international online customers, are buying noticeably fewer sneakers than last year. In our street store people are trying to bargain much more than they used to or they are specifically waiting for the sale. Our appeal to the brands: Release more classic retro-pieces with original colour combinations!

29 – Bright Magazine

Depot 2 Oranienstraße 9 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

(from left to right) Sophia Bauer t–shirt: Nike, pants: Carhartt Kimberly, watch: Nixon, shoes: No Name Ines Berthel t–shirt: No Name, top: Stüssy, pants: iriedaily, shoes: Nike Blazer Eric Woskowiak: t-shirt: Ghetto Metal, jeans: Pelle Pelle, shoes: Nike Air Max 1 Remo Scheidler cap: Stüssy, t-shirt: Carhartt, jeans: Levi’s, watch: Breitling, shoes: Nike Vandals,

30 – Bright Magazine

We are dealing more and more with small labels like Keregan, Armed Angels or Ontour. We believe that people are seriously starting to appreciate the importance of materials and the provenance of the articles they buy. Furthermore, it has always been our aspiration to support and exhibit small labels. Our top-seller is still our ‘in-house brand’ iriedaily, followed by Carhartt and Vans. Supreme Being and Gio-Goi are new in stock and both are doing comparatively well. Also, people really

embrace our gimmick section, with stuff like the G-Shock watches or the Urban Art books. Instead of the usual HipHopstyle with bold logo prints, casual seems to be more the order of the day. Crisis? Nope. Folks are still shopping. At least until now!

Zartbitter Kastanienallee 1 10435 Berlin

Lydia Risch top: H&M, dress: Yumi, tights: Falke, shoes: Sisley, scarf: G-sus

The philosophy of our shop is less to push certain labels or follow a hype and more about letting our customers create the trends. We try to get inspired by the people on Berlin’s streets when we order new apparel. This is why our collection is so diverse. We

31 – Bright Magazine

sell Dr. Denim jeans for around 50 Euros as well as Meltin’ Pot jeans for 100 Euros. This way the customer is able to compare price and quality by her or himself. Baretta Retro-shirts with motives from films or music have been quite popular for a while now– at the moment the little dresses by

Yumi sell especially well – one of my personal favourites as well! So far we haven’t been affected by the crisis, but we expect some knock-on effects in the second half year.

RockOn Düsseldorf Carlsplatz 21 40213 Düsseldorf

Julia Grundner t-shirt: iriedaily RPM, hoodie: RockOn Magic Garden, pants: Reell Razor, belt: Vans Bolt Belt, shoes: Gravis Thasa, watch: Nixon The Player

At our shop boarding-brands like Billabong, Burton and Volcom are standing their ground, yet small streetwear brands like Cleptomanicx and Forvert are also gaining in importance. Trend-wise we notice that neon has been superseded by signal and pastel colours. Colourblocking, big prints and plaids are still strong.

Experience has shown us that Billabong and Volcom always manage to release one tee which sells like crazy, but the Reality Pant from Nikita is still an absolute top seller in the denim section. What about next year? We love to get inspired by the Bright show, also to incorporate new trends and styles into our ‘order-strategy’.

32 – Bright Magazine

Stue Düsselstraße 24 40219 Düsseldorf

Puitthero Döderlein de Win cap: The Hundreds, t-shirt: Afew, cardigan: Carhartt, pants: Carhartt, belt: Carhartt, shoes: Nike, watch: Nixon

Our main customer base is parents with kids, since our product mix exclusively offers street and footwear for kids between the ages of six and twelve. Since the shop opened in October 2008 we’ve received very good feedback and our level of awareness is rising continuously, which naturally makes us very happy. Fortunately the crisis is not yet affecting us. Our definite bestsellers

33 – Bright Magazine

within the product range are tees by Paul Frank, Element and Volcom. In the shoe section Chucks by Converse and Vans work best. Generally it is fair to say that the kids like the same styles as the big boys and girls. My own favourite labels are Carhartt, The Hundreds and Nike.

Gold Antwerpener Straße 13 50672 Köln

Silke Bücker jumper: Christian Wijnants, blazer: Acne, jeans: Acne, shoes: Surface to Air

Our absolute bestseller is Reality Studio from Berlin, their overalls, dresses, accessories – pretty much everything! Our customers are in the 30-plus age bracket and they look for neat highend basics: items by APC for example; or certain special pieces in particular. Henrik Vibskov was difficult to sell in the beginning, but now we have fans here who also buy the rather edgy cardigans. Christian Wijnants is slowly increasing in popularity, Surface to Air and Vanessa Bruno sell consistently. At the moment we sell a lot of Acne Jeans for girls in plain Boyfriend or Carrot-cut – but that’s a seasonal trend. Regarding jeans, the extremely-used style does not sell at all; the styled with moderate washings do better. We’ve been here since 2007, so far with increasing success, even if customers today tend to opt for one special piece instead of making four or five impulsive purchases for fun.

34 – Bright Magazine

Bob 10.5.10 Brüsseler Platz 6 50672 Köln

Hon-Tai Fhiau shirt: Unconditional, jeans: René Gurskov, shoes: Jim Rickey

Naturally one can’t work entirely independently of trends, but I try to choose other focuses in my shop: small labels, sustainability and hand-made pieces in limited editions – eventually they are all supposed to be showpieces! It’s a concept that has worked for me privately for years and it proves to be successful in

35 – Bright Magazine

business as well. Since I usually only order a small number of pieces, it is hard to develop bestsellers as such. Working well though are the sequined trianglescarfs by René Gurskov or sneakers by Jim Rickey. Due to my rather recent opening in October 2008 I don’t feel the crisis, yet I am very aware of the fact that this is not the end of the story yet. I am still looking for sophisticated casual basics, but also really cool streetstyles

– in the end it’s all about the mix! As a trained graphic designer I like Petar Petrov with his graphical motifs as well as Jim Rickey for his classic sneaker design.

Crooked Tongues – talking collective

Interview + Text: Romy Uebel Photos: Rufus Exton

36 – Bright Magazine

Crooked Tongues – talking collective

Clocking up around 60,000 page views per month as well as the same number of registered forum members, belongs to the club of most frequented and important online platforms for sneakers. The site was launched in 2000 by a bunch of guys who liked to write about and sell sneakers in their free time. Today CT operates in many different fields, functioning as a consulting or design agency, throwing regular community events and proudly presenting the newest sneakers, often before anybody else. Furthermore they sell directly to consumer through their ecommerce platform. At the moment the CT team includes around 17 members who operate for the most part out of a studio in Soho in the centre of London. Here cardboard boxes of Adidas, Nike, Vans and co. are piled up in between shelves full of magazines, books and toys. Top secret prototypes are handed around over the little desks and the ‘free shit corner’ fills up with constant new arrivals of free tees or jeans. Talking to the crew it becomes clear why fans worship Crooked Tongues. Long queues of autographhunters in Japan and the fact that head hunters regularly drag single crewmembers into the design studios of big brands, are testament to their fame. These guys and gals simply know every little detail about kicks, their manufacturing, their wearers, their design, their past, present and eventually also their future. Here is a little excerpt from our interview:

37 – Bright Magazine

BM: You guys have a rather idiosyncratic policy and don’t like to be portrayed as individuals – why is that? CT: Names and faces are irrelevant, nobody here should take her or himself too seriously, as this undermines the importance of the collective. There have been a number of different constellations since the foundation and it is this diversity of individuals and their associated contacts that constitutes our strength. One of us used to be a teacher, another a postie and a third worked in trade – everybody has his own expertise as well as area of responsibility, yet we all pull together.

Do you have a collective taste? How do you agree upon which models you purchase or what design approach is chosen? Quite the contrary, we actually discuss a lot and like very different things. At the end we know what will sell and what the customers are expecting from us. Apropos sale, how many of your orders stay in the UK and how many are placed from abroad? And has the (financial) crisis been noticeable? Around 50% of the turnover is generated here, the rest is evenly

distributed between the USA, Japan and Europe. Out of these sales 80% are ‘normal’ products and 20% our own creations, which are already limited items. Naturally we have the advantage of having been the first; occupying a niche for a very particular style that you can’t get a hold of just anywhere. How do you see the chances for new labels like Pointer or Clae? Are the real innovations coming out of the small labels nowadays? You have a good chance to assert yourself permanently on the market if the background is right. For example

with Gareth from Pointer, who, as a longtime skater himself, we appreciate very much. Of course the new brands don’t have that history and can often only recreate what already exists or try to be fashionable. But the customers are definitely interested and much better informed these days. How do you see the future of hybrids and what is the general direction of styles? The hybrid thing is finished, petered out. Right now – for style as well as financial reasons – there is a tendency towards simple canvas-models, the way Vans does them, more understated. In the future things will definitely become more technical. The customers are not stupid, they’ve understood by now that enough is enough with the re-issues, limiteds and packages that they’ve seen every week recently. Even if the brands shun the expense of new product development, we do need innovations! As it is, you guys work closely with a lot of brands. So far, what has been your most exciting collabo? Definitely our very first one. At that time we wanted to work with New Balance by any means possible and it took ages until we managed to convince the Japanese. Generally the collabos are most exciting when they are about translating our experiences into the actual product design, rather than just releasing a new colour scheme. For example, we’ve just designed a pushbutton for an Adidas hightop model to fix a Velcro strap that used to chafe at the ankle.

How many pairs of shoes does the team personally own altogether? There are certainly a lot, everybody owns between 100 and 500 pieces. However very few of us are your typical collector geeks, i.e. we actually wear the shoes instead of just keeping them in the box and cataloguing them. But sometimes it takes a few years until you pick a certain model from the shelf and finally wear it. There are also a few ladies in the team; what tendencies do you observe in the ladies’ section?

We really don’t understand why so many brands just stop at size 40/41 and don’t open up certain style for ladies too. Experience has shown that female customers don’t want a slimmer, pink-coloured, embroidered imitation of male styles; they prefer them equally massive. The way we see it, the brands are too hesitant. Reebok for example really slept on this. In the eighties they had the Freestyle, a great shoe, which they just brought back to light a few years ago, way too late. We flip through the collections and in the end there is always something missing. It’s really bad not to be able to offer our female customers what they are looking for. Are your customers interested in ecologically-sound sneakers? The problem is that most of these shoes look ugly. Even if Adidas and Nike make green shoes, they mostly have that certain eco-look. If you are into this issue you should buy New Balance. There you know that at least they are manufactured in the UK. But where their rubber soles are ultimately coming from is hard to imagine. To be perfectly honest: green and sneakers? It’s not gonna happen in the near future!

Thanks a lot for the interview.

38 – Bright Magazine

39 – Bright Magazine

My Bright Uniform Again, for the Bright-Summer 2009, there is a little squad of the Sales ’n’ Distribution-Armada at hand in their „My Bright Uniform“, fearlessly entering the battle arena. Who has earned a medal for exceptional accomplishments? We don’t care. What matters is being motivated and well dressed as we head towards the crisis.

40 – Bright Magazine

Les Ettes... is F‘Oréal! Honesty is the best policy. Claudia Almendros, Silvi Schlereth, Carmela Fleury Les Ettes

Markus Hoch, Christian Fischer MC-Agentur Brands: Aveal, Asics Sports Style, Clae, DVS, Lakai, Matix, Nike SB, Nike 6.0, Onitsuka Tiger Uniform Christian: shirt – Aveal Morten, jeans – Aveal Candid, shoes – Lakai Belmont, boxer short – Aveal Uniform Markus: jacket – Aveal F.Thomsen, pants – Nike 6.0 Cord, shoes – Clae Parker, cap – Nike SB, boxer short – Aveal

Everyone needs to start the change from within – less quantity, more quality. Totti Nyberg Makia Brand: Makia Uniform: jeans – Makia Unwashed Regular Fit, shirt – Makia Collar Shirt, cardigan – Fenchurch, shoes – Emerica (which you can‘t see in the picture, haha), business card – Makia (take it!) Credit: Kimmo Syvari

41 – Bright Magazine

Brand: Les Ettes Uniform: Claudia is wearing Love-ette, Silvi is wearing Sol-ette, Carmela is wearing Flore-ette

Bang, Bang, Bang – Let it crack! Frances Groebler, Markus Lange Imperial Distribution Brands: Dropdead, Pyknic, Paint The Stars, Beyond, Rockett Uniform Frances: vest – edc, shirt – Dropdead, skirt – Hurley, shoes – Converse, accessory – Paul Frank, H&M Uniform Markus: zipper – American Apparel, shirt – Beyond, pants – Cheap Monday, shoes – Macbeth

Smile. Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway. Samuli Heino Fenchurch Brands: Fenchurch Uniform: cap – Nixon, scarf – Vila, leather jacket – Fenchurch, hoody – Independent, tee – Fenchurch “Fresh Dressed Like a Million Bucks”, pants – Makia, shoes – Vans/ Loreak Mendian Collaboration DZIRE for life Thorsten Dzierma Shake Hands – a friendly products agency Brands: Nike SB, Nike 6.0, Stussy, The Zonders, Jeepers Peepers, Amos, Double Goose, Ugly Dolls Uniform: tee – The Zonder, scarf – Nike 6.0, pants – Stüssy, shoes – Nike SB Foto: Nils Müller please check: Grafics: Falk Klemm

42 – Bright Magazine

One step at a time. Daniel Bixel Apartment Sales

Face everybody with candour.

Brands: Cheap Monday, April 77 Uniform: cap – New Era, tanktop – Cheap Monday, cardigan – Dior, pants – Daniel Bixel, shoes – Chanel

Nina v. Holzapfel Agentur Holzapfel Brands: Analog, Gravis, Iv Skate, Anon, Zkht Uniform: glasses – Anon, shirt from Moritz‘ wardrobe, cardigan – Analog, jeans – Vintage, shoes – Gravis, Milki‘s bandana – ZKHT Photo: DennisF. Photography

Always bring your A-Game! Ibi Diarra, Adrian Bejan, Aylin Diarra A-Game Distribution Brands: Sixpack France, The Hundreds, Undrcrwn, Rocksmith, Kilo Goods, Red Collar Project, Rules by Mary, Shoes-Up Magazine Uniform Ibi: hoody – The Hundreds, pants – The Hundreds, shoes – The Hundreds Johnson low Uniform Aylin: t-shirt – tens, pants – Mavi, shoes – adidas zx7020 woman sleek Uniform Adrian: pants – Red Collar, shoes – Bobby Burns, t-shirt – Sixpack

43 – Bright Magazine

A few scratches don’t matter, they just showed you tried. You don‘t wear the stuff, it wears you!!!

Alexander Bonk DC Europe Brand: DC Europe Uniform: longsleeve – DC Wishbone Henley, pants – DC Danny Way Denim, shoes – DC True S Mid

Allegra Aslim KPP

The East lives! Kai Weiss Work in Progress Brands: Carhartt Uniform: shoes – Nike Air Max 90, pants – Carhartt Western Pant, jacket – Carhartt Active Leather Jkt, cap – Pantera (for life)

44 – Bright Magazine

Brands: Gio-Goi, Bobbie Burns Uniform: t-shirt – Nil and Mon, pants – Diesel Black Gold, jacket – Gio-Goi, shoes – Converse

45 – Bright Magazine

Cons – skateboard footwear with a gold star The kicks with the star have already enjoyed cult status within the skate scene. Back in the 1980s it was the almighty Chuck that relabeled board brats into a new breed of hardcore skaters – fearless and rebellious, with a knack for challenging the status quo. Thirty years later and Converse is at it again. The brand has

46 – Bright Magazine

recruited its new ambassadors from this exact species: rockhard shredders with real street cred. Armed with a killer team and a tight product line, Converse is ready to shine. text: Carsten Bauer

Ride On

In 2008 Converse launched a dedicated skate division. The brand didn’t bend over backwards to appeal to the worldwide skate mob; on the contrary, the designers from Massachusetts proudly introduced classic Converse silhouettes of former decades – in particular, that of the legendary Chuck Taylor – into the new skate collection. The result is a discreet look, which stays true to its roots while maintaining the most up-to-date technical know-how. The CONs collection is broad in range, boasting highs, mids, and lows. The material palette stays true to skate, drawing from traditional skate footwear materials like suede and new buck leather. The colouring of these subtle sneakers ranges from reinterpretations of the original Chuck Taylor palette, to the classical Converse DNA (from red, white, and blue to grey) with the occasional pop colour where needed. The range pays homage to the roots of skateboarding, yet the technical and functional aspects are advanced, rising up to the sophisticated requirements of modern skateboarding.

Pappalardo – all for a good cause The first skate shoe of its kind, the Pappalardo is a shoe that shines beyond the pavement. The Pappalardo represents a visual and functional paradigm for the CONS-line as the first signature model of the collection, and also for being the first shoe named after the eponymous Chocolate Skateboards pro, Anthony Pappalardo. It is exemplary in a broader sense too: as part of the ‘Product Red’ initiative, 40% of the profits raised by the Pappalardo go into

47 – Bright Magazine

projects dedicated to the fight against AIDS in Africa. Initiatives of this kind also reveal that CONS considers Anthony Pappalardo, Ethan Fowler, Sammy Baca, Rune Glifberg, Raymond Molinar and Nick Trapasso not just as members of their riding team, but also as true ambassadors for the brand.

In the name of the Star – The Converse Ambassadors

The Converse Ambassadors comprise a collective driven by the same core principles. Each Ambassador contributes a very personal piece of his life, whether its from art, music or other creative endeavours, making this 6-person team a tight-knitted family bound together by a mutual love for skateboarding and self-expression. Ethan Fowler and Rune Glifberg merit the title of ‘All Stars’ in the true sense of the word, both long-time members of the skateboarding hall of fame. And while Raymond Moliar

and Sammy Baca look to be shaping skateboarding’s tomorrow, east coast ripper Anthony Pappalardo is among the groundbreaking style icons of the international skateboard scene at present. ‘Pops’, as his friends call him, skates unlikely spots with skill; spots that others wouldn’t normally consider. Anthony chooses to surround himself with close friends, and isn’t as concerned as most of his peers about being in the spotlight. Only those near him know that Anthony actually designs and crafts exclusive pieces of furniture in his underground studio in Brooklyn. His low-key nature is a blessing in the often loud, aggressive world of skateboarding – true talent that doesn’t need boasting. Nick Trapasso,

the 20-year-old is not only one of the most laid-back guys within the young guns, but also a vital team rider for Ed Templeton’s cult brand Toy Machine. In their current video, “Suffer the Joy”, Nick’s closing takes skateboarding to the next level, proving what it takes to inspire upcoming generations in terms of style, methods and merciless hardness. The new CONS-team is already a valuable source of inspiration via its ambassadors; the skateboarding world may not be fully prepared for what is to come from the crew that rides under the banner of the Star.

Chinos? Coming soon! Text: Hans-Christian Bussert Photo: Dickies

For a long time merely empty words used by sales representatives or the expression of wishful thinking by specialist magazines, this summer, this saying seems to be finally coming true. Whether slim like drainpipes or classic wide-cut, turned up a hand’s width or straightcut as shorts, trendsetters can no longer afford to ignore these cotton trousers. Chinos have carved out a miserable existence in the shadow of their older brother, jeans, which have enchanted the fashion world with their aura of authenticity. Yet, in reality anything jeans can do chinos have been capable of doing for a long time. Contrary to jeans, which have always been known solely as work clothing, and were never really good for the office, chinos began their career as army-trousers. Their twill fabric was first used for uniform trousers in the mid-19thcentury. Since 1938 chinos have been part of the dress uniform of American GIs, making them acceptable therefore for both social and office contexts. Thanks to these trousers a million pencil pushers can enjoy a bit of nonchalance on “casual Fridays”, and it’s interesting to note that they also superseded jeans as the number one choice for work trousers. Whole generations of plumbers and locksmiths wear chinos, which are produced for this market by brands like Dickies, Carhartt and Dockers. The Dickies classic, model, “874”, has been manufactured by the company since 1936, its cut remaining unmodified all this time. Only the material has changed: the trousers are now manufactured out of poly-cotton textile, which is created via the so-called “reverse-weaving” process. Already treated against stains with Scotchguard, chinos are virtually indestructible. No wonder that skaters in particular have dug Dickies since the late 70’s, especially given that they’re available for only 20 bucks in every Wal-Mart. In addition, the wearers have always adapted the trousers to fit their needs. Near the end of the 1970s, hipster-kids from California developed a treatment with which to tighten their Dickies. They turned the trousers inside out and dripped liquid plastic – say, from a toothbrush, which they heated with a lighter – into the seam, pressing them together to gather the material and tighten the whole appearance of the chinos. Today we don’t need that level of DIY approach: almost every label offers a pair of chinos within its product range, each with a substantial variety of cuts. What remains unaffected are the endless ways of wearing chinos: whether in East Coast-preppy style in pastel-colours combined with a polo shirt, espadrilles or boating shoes; as a sporty or casual solution with sneakers and t-shirt; or classic in khaki, which has always been a perfect match with tanktop and boots. 48 – Bright Magazine

The Zonders

“We dictate our own trends!” proclaim The Zonders, by which they mean the complete denial of all unsatisfactory compromises. Beware: the following story is about why – even in the year 2009 – the notion of service orientation cannot replace a firm attitude.

The sweet smell of autonomy

Text: Andreas Grüter If one is to believe Falk Klemm and Alexander Burkart, aka Dieter Dunkel (German for “Dieter Dark”) and Wolfgang3000, a pair known collectively as The Zonders, then it’s far easier than anyone thought to make the transition from prog-metalband (called Zonderstein,) to artists’ collective. What started in Leipzig before the Fall of the Wall with loud guitar music, and grew into extensive happenings that included live-painting, installations, dance and electronic music in alternative galleries or squats, has by now become an internationally respected unit of creatives without any fixed genre. Today their portfolio includes the design of several record covers (for Shwayze and Keenhouse amongst others), magazines, 49 – Bright Magazine

fanzines and comics, as well as the curation of exhibitions and events. Yet what this duo, who are based in Frankfurt and Paris, are mainly concerned with, is intense involvement and maximum creative freedom unexpected creative tangent-taking included. ‘We don’t care about meaningless commissioned work. Instead we pursue projects with soul and real lifeblood’, explains Alexander. In this way it can easily happen that The Zonders kill off a successful party series just because they feel it has become too commercial. Or they’ll spontaneously travel to Mexico or Los Angeles in order to go on tour with a small indie band, subsequently supplying them with the best artwork possible. For these boys idealism and trust are the best inspiration as well as motivation: their style stays concise and distinctive, no matter how diverse the task. Def Leppard meets Italo-Disco and Captain Future blended with a soupçon of escapism and some sutble gloom. Since 2008 their graphics have been available for domestic use on tees – literally, slip on attitude. By the way: the name “Zonders” derives from a play on the German words “sonderbar” (odd) and “zünden” (to ignite) – explosive autonomy!

Blogging – Smells like Scene Spirit We are living in a time right now that was previously defined by the great social commentator Marshall McLuhan as “the global village” a coming together and homogenization of the world due to a link between previously disparate cultures, provided by the internet. There seems to be no greater way of illustrating the fact that McCluhan was right in his vision than commenting on the current zeitgeist that is the “blog” and the “hype site”.

Aside from magazine culture throughout the 80’s and 90’s where the birth of The Face i-D, Dazed et al defined ‘style mag’ as a title applied to credible youth focused subcultural editorial. Global tribes would lick their lips at the insight they were being given into emergences and the flux of trends occurring across the world, it was an early indication of an obsession with hype that would pave the way for today’s blog phenomenon. The internet and digital forums / blog sites have usurped the ‘physical’ attributes of the magazine, growing up in any generation preceding the late nineties, if one was an obsessive of music, fashion or say a mass underground subcultural group like skateboarding you would wait with baited breath for the magazine or fanzine of choice to arrive on the newsstand. Nowadays existing and emerging subcultures are linked at the click of a mouse, thus 50 – Bright Magazine

developing into one greater sub-cultural group, fed with one hand and kept wanting more by the other. Distanced by geography yet almost touchable through digital networks, there is no doubt that the online world of blogs are a prominent indication of consumer and societal behavior. Like a child, we want and are given to, we are spoiled for information and entertainment, ‘now’ is what we want, now is when we get it. editorial turnover rates can see whole sections of product, features and interviews change overnight, constantly providing the information that the readers crave and the industry rely on to be put out there to a massive audience. To give an example of the popularity and prowess of the blog we only have to look at the likes of Hype Beast, Selectism, Highsnobiety and Slamxhype. as ‘the’ hegemonic global hype feed online magazine currently citing uniques at around 1 million per month and 12-15 million hits per month or a chat forum like that have 66 thousand registered and serious talking members that convene online on a monthly basis to pass comment on sneakers and surrounding cultures be it detrimental or complimentary. The fact is that people are online and communities are growing making the aforementioned Blogs et al a dominant force that is now recognized by the media groups, another example of unprecedented success for a blog is Thesartorialist., what began as a site set up by a fashion obsessed man to feed

his own interest in men’s and women’s sartorial uniform, is now on Time Magazines list of the worlds top 100 most influential websites. A simple template and a good idea with commitment can change your life. Nethertheless blogs can be painfully boring with individuals using their blog to talk nonsense and upload what can only be referred to as ‘utter crap’ yet on the flipside, based on the facts and figures above, they are also the window to the souls of a lot of fascinating people, and they are a instant insight into style, culture, art and music. Magazine sites are fed relentlessly by PR companies, brands and stores hoping to get a review or a link back to their product or store to encourage ‘quick consumerism’. Online editors and their teams have to sift through an enormous amount of product images on a daily basis to choose what they will feature on their site, as with magazines, advertising / investing in the site can gain you editorial but that has always been the way of the publishing machine, reciprocation, ads for ed. Then you can click on a url and you are shopping, could it be any easier, no cues and no travel costs, the only problem you are likely to run into is “sorry sold out” being stated next to your item such is the speed at which this machine works. Bright decided that insight into the phenomenon is required, expert opinion requested. We made a wish list of interviewees within blog and hype site culture and put some pertinent propositions to these prominent protagonists.

HighSnobette Samia Grand Pierre and Lois Sakany, NYC

HighSnobette was started about 4 years ago as a column on called chicks with kicks. It then became its own site by the end of 2007.

BM: Would you agree that ‘street-wear’, for want of a better definition, is one of the most homogenous subcultures? If so, why? Lois: Not really; streetwear to me just means ‘inspired by the streets’. Sure, anyone who has the time and money can follow the blogs and wear all the currently hot streetwear labels, but people who are naturally stylish can put together snappy looks with very little effort or money. Samia: Well, to say that streetwear is homogenous when it popped up for all different reasons is a little intense, although I do agree that ‘subculture’, if we can call it that, was started by people who were around the same age group and have the same references, the same ways to communicate. So in a way if you look closely there is a common thread in streetwear. Has blogging created a platform for companies to increase their influence over the consumer? Lois: Oh definitely. Nike very smartly made itself integral to the whole boutique streetwear culture when it first emerged years ago and it did the same with the blogs. On the one hand you can admire their design and marketing acumen, on the other hand, it’s a ruthless corporation that has a wellestablished reputation for thieving from 51 – Bright Magazine

the very community it pretends to be best friends with. Samia: Most definitely, if the companies know how to use it and realize that you cannot wait for a publication which has a three-month turnaround to feature your label or product. When bloggers are at tradeshows, have great contacts, or they are friends with the designers, they feature the labels or

products at the same time they launch or even before. Not to brag but, for example, by the time Vogue, Elle or Bazaar features Fall 09 in their big September issues Highsnobette would have featured the best we’ve seen for the season by the time summer rolls around. Do you feel that, as a journalist, you have some feeling of responsibility about what you hype? Lois: Yes and no. We go easier on the smaller, up-and-coming brands because it’s hard out there for the indie brands, but in general we don’t write about shiz unless we actually care about it. We see some bloggers obviously trading editorial for ad space and we don’t do that. And the proof is in our site’s lack of ads! Samia: That is something that Lois and I always discuss. We really are snobs in that respect and we do pick and choose what we think is special, different, newsworthy or just incredibly well made. Can you give me three iconic brands you looked to when growing up and which developings do you see for the future? Samia: Growing up, I always loved Levi’s, Benetton and their amazing ads and in the 90s Helmut Lang, when he was designing.

Selectism, Jeff Carvalho, Boston

Selectism is about transitional brands for street fashion savy men looking for styles that will grow up with them. Very popular are the columns; Selectism gets more than half a million hits a month.

Has blogging united many who otherwise would never have met? Are we seeing the emergence of Marshall McCluhan’s prophetic vision of the Global Village? I live in Boston. It’s a Puritan city. If it were not for the access of blogs and the Internet, I would never have found like-minded individuals who appreciate the products and goods that I appreciate. Blogs and forums introduced me to many people with the same interests. Has blogging created a platform for companies to increase their influence over the consumer? Blogging as a platform has made it easier for individuals to selfpublish what they want to self-publish. For this reason, it would seem that companies have a different type of opportunity to promote their wares. Some take the route of distributing information to blogs which carry high traffic and visitor rankings in order to get eyeballs. The influence still remains in the hands of the blog or blogger. What is your subcultural background? I am 100% rooted in the music from then and now. I for one did not

dress in the fashion of the punk rock kids because my parents would not allow it, but I never felt alienated at any gig for not wearing the uniform. I think there is a misunderstanding with many kids listening to music today. They tend to look at the threads of a scene, attach themselves to the look and then appreciate the music whereas it really should be in the other direction. Music really does not give a shit about your trainers or coloured sunglasses.

Hypebeast, Eugene Khan, Hong Kong

Hypebeast began in Vancouver, Canada back in January 2005, under the direction of Kevin Ma. The site was basically a hobby site which brought together many of Kevin’s interests relating to the world of streetwear and sneakers. It received 12 to 15 million hits a month.

My aesthetic towards fashion has absolutely changed in comparison to when I was younger. I can find more of what I prefer to wear now that I live in a city rather than a small town in Connecticut and though I prefer a buttondown to a t-shirt for most events, I still get excited when I find an interesting pair of trainers. Do you feel that, as a journalist, you have some feeling of responsibility for what you hype? I think so. For instance, I tend to not write about products which I do not like or appreciate. I think writing a negative story is much more difficult for me. Writing about things I appreciate comes easy because I can verbalize what it is about a product that makes me want to cover it. Our readers get a look into what we consider to be worthwhile. Why do you think the emergence of online magazines and hype-sites has become so prevalent? It’s cheap and basically free to self-publish and get your thoughts out there. Platforms to blog are so easy to setup that you can be up and running and promoting your blog in literally minutes. I would highly recommend sites like as a starting point for anyone looking to get into posting their thoughts and photos. Blogspots just open the doors to get anyone to start writing and thinking - for better or worse.

Has blogging united many who otherwise would never have met? Are we actually seeing the emergence of Marshall McCluhan’s prophetic vision of the Global Village? Wow, firstly imagine my surprise at finding out that Marshall McCluhan is from my hometown of Edmonton back in Canada!! So the internet, just like the multi-national companies connecting the world many times around, is doing the same thing, connecting. I don‘t necessarily see the Global Village definition as a bad thing either. Quality information should be harnessed and utilized. But at the end of the day, the Internet still has limitations - which I‘m always happy to see. We‘re closer to the Global Village phenomenon than we‘ve ever been but much like say, communism, its true ideological form won‘t ever be fully achieved.

I just remind everyone to make sure and source your posts, giving credit to the sites where you have found your content. Re-posting and linkthru should be expected and respected. No stealing!

What is your subcultural background? When I was a kid, I was big into sports. With it came a certain level of geekiness where I’d always want to know the technological workings of the

52 – Bright Magazine

products I saw on high-level athletes. I was interested in all sports but I’d say basketball, cross-training and running were my first loves. A love of footwear and sneakers alongside clothing got blurred into an intense focus on learning. I’ve always been super down with educating myself. As it stands now, no way I’ll ever become disconnected from footwear. I can 100% confidently say it will be a life-long passion, but some of the other aspects associated with “growing up” obviously change your participation in sneaker culture. Can you explain how blogs and bloggers can become so lauded and BIG, as it were? How does the machine really work to supply these statuses? I’ve always broken blogs into two types, news/objective-based and opinion/subjective-based blogs. Depending on a blog’s stance they both have the ability to succeed. Typically I find news/ objective blogs require a few things to succeed: exclusive info; being the first to the party; solid, consistent updates and maybe some random crazy-ass marketing scheme. It all seems pretty clear-cut. People will return to your site for a combination of those factors. If you are on the other side of the fence as an opinion/subjective blog, you’re selling a personality essentially. If people deem that you are interesting, funny, provocative etc., it’s easy to become big. Perez Hilton seems to fit that billing quite nicely. Can you give me three iconic brands you looked to when growing up and which are the brands for the future? Three brands I looked upon... Nike, Adidas and a really weird one, Uhlsport as they had the most expensive goal-keeping gloves in the shop so I assumed they were good ;). For the future an easy inclusion is Visvim. I believe that few brands have had the ability to really put the consumer onto quality like they have. If I had to give an answer - and staying within the streetwear realm - I think that HUF has very much the makings of a Supreme-esque brand. Similar backgrounds, good, clean aesthetics and mostly quality-backed products are all the makings of the right recipe.

Highsnobiety Nick Schonberger, Philadelphia

HighSnobiety was established in 2005 by David Fischer as an outlet to broadcast the latest in products and goods. It offers streetwear orchestrated with lifestyle; design and art included. Titelmedia, the group HighSnobiety belongs to, is headquartered in Switzerland and gets 1.3 million visitors a month.

Would you agree that ‘streetwear’, for want of a better definition, is one of the most homogenous subcultures? If so, why? At the moment, yes. But, then I also feel that ‘streetwear’ today is not as tied to, for lack of better term, the tribal nature of its past. It is less a case of sub-groupings that the market has dictated and developed to be more of an amalgam of styles, than a set of organic ones that grow from a specific cultural leaning. And still, within those sub-genres there is always a degree of homogeneity. When it comes down to it jeans and t-shirts are really streetwear and the majority of people out there couldn’t tell the difference and would just assume all kids wear the same thing. Has blogging created a platform for companies to increase their influence over the consumer? Of course it has. Just as in anything if you (the blogger) wants to make money you have to work with 53 – Bright Magazine

the names that people know. It is a really difficult issue though, blogs are not radically different from magazines. The bigger the blog, just as the bigger the magazine, the wider the appeal it has to strike to continue growing. Is it increasing its influence? Perhaps. Is it continuing to promote the established? Yes. What is your subcultural background? Do you still have roots in it or have you separated yourself both socially and aesthetically as you’ve grown older? I grew up tied to hip-hop and I’ve grown in that both socially and aesthetically. I am the Arts & Culture Editor of Words.Beats.Life which is the only peer-reviewed hip-hop studies journal out. I work, when possible, with youth in Washington D.C. on hip-hop related programming. Aesthetically, I’m still in jeans and tees and sneakers, but the fit is a little closer to the body than it was in ‘95. Do you feel that, as a journalist, you have some feeling of responsibility about what you recommend? Am I a journalist? I don’t really think I am. We catalogue goods that are for sale. We do edit, there is a lot more crap out there than we have time to pop on a site. I think people have a responsibility to understand the nature of the media outlets they choose to use. We aren’t all tastemakers. We aren’t all pushing to make you LOOK like us, or share stories of the stuff we got for free. Now, in writing features, I try and pick brands whose stories resonate with me and produce goods that fit a level of quality I look for in things I buy myself. Can you explain how blog can become so lauded and BIG, as it were? How does the machine really work to supply these statuses? If we are talking about an individual’s blog...often it is a case of, well, they actually do something cool. Some individuals simply take a platform given to them, in the case of blog rolls on the hype sites, and work really hard at being active and remaining in view. On one level, it’s really all about diligence. The ‘hype’ blogs that are successful are seven-days-a-week jobs. This does require good relationships

with brands and PR firms, etc. For sure, it’s a quick burst daily and there can be more typos and misspellings, but at the end of the day, I think it’s just a cheaper model of doing the same thing [as magazines do]. Three iconic brands of the past and three for the future? Growing up I was really into Triple5Soul, whose garments, when good, were really good. Also Polo and Patagonia. Today I’m still into Patagonia. I wear a lot of Garbstore too.

Text & Interviews: Steve Monaghan Illustration: Kenneth Chung

photographer: Lars Borges styling: Solveig Viola styling assistant: Cosima Viola propstyling: David Dörrast models: Anne@M4, Helena@Vivamodels, Huinan@M4, Judith@Vivamodels, Max@Izaio, Thomas@Deebeephunky and Alex Padrutt production: Romy Uebel production assistant: Nada Carls Many thanks to Karin, Ralf, Beck’s Bier and BOB

this page Huinan: top – Kimchi&Blue, shorts – Vans, sandals – Vagabond / Alex: shirt – The Hundreds opposite page Anne: cap – Stüssy, sweater – ADD, pants – Tiger of Sweden, sneakers – Jim Rickey

54 – Bright Magazine

The Brightest Beyond

55 – Bright Magazine

this page Helena: cardigan – April 77, jeans – REELL Jeans / Alex: shirt – Stüssy, pants – Etnies, belt – Fenchurch, sneakers – Converse, Nike opposite page Max: leather jacket – stylist´s own, shirt – Vans, pants – Stüssy, sneakers – Vans / Alex: sweater – Mazine, shirt – Fenchurch, pants – Krew, sneakers – Etnies

56 – Bright Magazine

57 – Bright Magazine

this page Alex: boxer-shorts – Cleptomanicx opposite page (small image / top left) Huinan: top – Urban Outfitters, slip – Hanro of Switzerland / (small image) Anne: sweater – ADD / Thomas: glasses – Etnies, shirt – Mazine, t-shirt: Amos / (big image) Judith: blouse – Stüssy, jeans – REELL Jeans / Anne: bikini – Sessun, cardigan – A.P.C., skirt – Sessun / Huinan: top – American Apparel, pants – Diesel, necklace – Reality Studio

58 – Bright Magazine

59 – Bright Magazine

this page Huinan: top – Rules by Mary, shorts – Sessun, necklace – Stylist´s own opposite page (small image / curtain) Max: shirt – Fenchurch / (big image / bed) Helena: cardigan – April77, top – Hanro of Switzerland, jeans – REELL Jeans / Huinan: stola – April 77, pants – WoodWood, shirt – A.P.C. / (small image / bottom) Judith: dress – Sessun, cape – Reality Studio / (still) Glasses – Jeepers Peeper next page (small image) Alex: cap – Stüssy, sweater – ADD, jacket – Puma, pants – The Hundreds / (big image / from left to right) Thomas: cardigan – Tiger of Sweden, pants – The Hundreds, shoes – Clarks / Anne: hat – Stylist´s own, dresssweater – Sessun, pants – Acne / Huinan: stola – April 77, pants – WoodWood, sneakers – Converse / Helena: cardigan – Boessert& Schorn, jeans – Tribeca, shoes – Tom’s / Alex: cap – Stüssy, sweater – ADD, jacket – Puma, pants – The Hundreds, sneakers – Vans / Judith: dress – Sessun, cape – Reality Studio, sneakers: Puma

60 – Bright Magazine

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63 – Bright Magazine

Girls just wanna have … 01 – Stüssy Stud in store: September 2009

06 – Anntian X Arielle de Pinto in store: August 2009

11 – Matix For Like Ever Dress in store: September 2009

16 – F-Troupe GF58 in store: August 2009

02 – Lookylooky welookylookyatyou in store: August 2009

07 – Casio G-Shock DW 6900CS-4er in store: now

12 – Les Ettes Parfüm in store: now

17 – Oakley Jupiter Crystal in store: now

03 – Zooyork Crimson in store: September 2009

08 – Obey Twilight in store: September 2009

13 – potipoti Alaska in store: September 2009

18 – Shisha Layer in store: August 2009

04 – Cleptomancix Cate in store: August 2009

09 – Roxy Earphones in store: July 2009

14 – Nike Sportswear Dunk Hi Skinny in store: August 2009

19 – potipoti Red Disorder in store: September 2009

05 – Burton Lipstick Belt in store: March 2010

10 – Lin Art Project Neverland in store: July 2009

15 – REELL Pencil Sweater in store: Aug/Sept 2009






07 01









18 15 13


64 – Bright Magazine

Come and see us at Bread & Butter, Berlin July 1st – 3rd, 2009 Bright Tradeshow, Frankfurt July 11th – 12th, 2009 Agenda, Huntington Beach, CA July 22nd – 23rd, 2009 For further information vist or send an email to

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03 02







Sneaker 09


01 – Jim Rickey Baseline in store: spring 2010 02 – Emerica HSU in store: September 2009


03 – Keep Ram in store: October / November 2009 12

04 – Keep Eli in store: October / November 2009 05 – New Balance 420 DDC Lab in store: July 2009 06 – Onitsuka Tiger Carrack in store: February 2010 07 – Adidas Busenitz in store: January 2010 08 – Supra TK Society in store: June 2009 09 – Etnies Malto in store: January / February 2010


10 – Fallen Rival SL in store: October 2009


11 – Converse CONS ERX 300 in store: September 2009 12 – Lakai Carroll Select Recycle in store: September 2009 13 – Puma Sky III in store: July / August 2009 14 – Bobby Burns Andy in store: July 2009 15 – Nike Sportswear Cortez Fly Motion in store: July / August 2009


16 – éS Garcia2 in store: September 2009 17 – Asics Sportstyle Saikorunner in store: December 2009


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67 – Bright Magazine

Meet Lozza. Room 154.

Casual Shoes

Gravis Chuck in store: September 2009

Sperry Topsiders Chukka Houndstooth in store: August 2009

Gourmet Cinque in store: August 2009

Visvim FBT Lattice in store: Summer 2009

68 – Bright Magazine

Generic Surplus Warf in store: July 2009

Clae Kahn in store: July 2009

F-Troupe Tartan in store: August 2009

Pointer Caz in store: July 2009

Clarks Desert Boot 50s in store: August 2009

Shofolk Alaric in store: July 2009

Jim Rickey Sailor in store: spring 2010

Pointer Saha in store: July 2009

GSM EUROPE: PH: +33 (0)5 58 700 700

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Tee Shirts

Sixpack Burgent in store: September 2009

Ucon Colorblind Mint in store: September 2009

Dreamteam Bad Luck in store: January 2010

Prism Waterfalls in store: April 2010

Prism Noeud Plat in store: April 2010

Carhartt R.B.L.S in store: February 2010

Razk Blue Chick in store: now

Airbag Craftworks James DINA4 in store: now

667 PurpleHaze Äscher in store: now

April 77 Records Band Tee Invasionen in store: now

Irie Daily Good Times in store: February 2010

Ontour Flatliner in store: September 2009

Mazine Ballfly in store: now

Stüssy X Reas in store: now

Puma Originals Graphic Tee in store: July 2009

Ambigious Woo Woodphones in store: July 2009

Ucon Architecture Peach in store: now

Ontour Happy Hamster in store: September 2009

Mazine Trek in store: now

70 – Bright Magazine

Cleptomanicx Zitrone in store: now

Makia Mermaid in store: February 2010

Ezekiel Mija Slim Vanilla in store: January 2010

Ezekiel Face Melter Vanilla in store: July 2009

Lousy Livin’ Company There is nothing wrong with Love in store: October 2009

Lousy Livin’ Company Burger Egypts in store: October 2009

Second Son Insignia in store: October 2009

CTRL Soweto in store: now

April 77 Band Tee Pets in store: now

Wemoto Simple Black in store: August 2009

Wemoto Biz Black in store: August 2009

101 Music is the Message in store: July 2009

Altru Thrasher series in store: July 2009

Iriedaily Badaping in store: August 2009

Cleptomanicx Flydye in store: August 2009

Makia Dashing-Bash-Collab Zürich 2 in store: February 2010

Etnies Scribbler Slim in store: July 2009

Etnies Forbidden in store: July 2009

Atticus Checkers Tee in store: July 2009

Ucon Wardrobe Black in store: September 2009

71 – Bright Magazine

01 09






05 08





dig this!


01 – Volcom Beaumount Brimmed in store: August 2009

06 – Cleptomanicx Mr.Pipe in store: now

11 – Lifetime Collective Never Nude Short in store: February 2010

02 – Dakine Network Pack in store: January 2010

07 – Carhartt Surplus Cap in store: January 2010

12 – Cleptomanicx Zitrone in store: Juni 2009

03 – Ontour See No Evil in store: August / September 2009

08 – Nixon Timeteller P in store: now

13 – Han Kjobenhavn Wolfgang in store: now

04 – Stüssy keychain in store: September 2009

09 – Element Bombing bp2050 in store: January 2010

14 – Airbag Craftworks Offenbach 010 in store: now

05 – Etnies Rudystud in store: September 2009

10 – Happy Socks in store: now

15 – Manhattan Portage City Lights in store: now

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73 – Bright Magazine

Art at Bright Alexis Zavialoff Art Print Europe

Magazines á go-go

Text: Nada Carls

ArtPrint X MGNT feat. Paul Rowland

Text: Nada Carls They created a niche for themselves within the skateboarding industry and immediately branded themselves in a creative way. The pioneers of their craft, ArtPrint, who hail from Bordeaux, have been printing photos on skaters’ prize possessions for eight years now. In the process they have turned skateboard decks into little pieces of art. In fact, the guys attach the most importance of all to the printing quality. They don’t pick their clients based on the quantity of prints they order, they will hone single pieces and very small print runs and will also print on surfboards, shirts and stickers. In this way entirely unique portrait or motif-decks are created. They also make smaller prints, which range like puzzles over several skate decks. This summer at Bright they’ll be sexing things up and show black and white photo print decks from a collaborative production with the Mgnt model agency, photographed by Paul Rowland. Eye-catching in the truest sense of the word! 74 – Bright Magazine

Many people think of Alexis Zavialoff as a photographer who shoots skaters for various magazines. Yet Alexis isn’t likely to let himself be nailed down to one job, one genre or one city. Born in Colmar, he lived in Barcelona and Prague for some time, after which he spent many years commuting between Lausanne and Zurich. With the founding of his company Motto distribution in Switzerland he started distributing magazines and over the years discovered the charms of different forms of publications. He is currently temporarily “stationed” in Berlin where he opened his bookstore Motto in an interior courtyard in the district of Kreuzberg in early 2009. In a cozy atmosphere lovers of books, magazines and fanzines can pick from a carefully selected range of contemporary reading culture regarding art, photography, design, architecture, fashion and various subgenres, as well as rare artists’ editions. Whether it is the current Lodown, the ELK Zine Cabinet, Bidoun, Piktogram or out of print Nieves books such as “Chronicles”, the very first issue by Sonic Youth’s female lead Kim Kordon, it’s worthwhile to delve among the books at Motto and let yourself be inspired. At Bright, Alexis will be opening a kiosk with a selection of his treasures.

Expo Bicycletta

Alex Flach Get it fixed

Text: Nada Carls

The Berlin connection

Text: Nada Carls Alex Flach makes no secret of his provenance and his love for the German capital. He likes to emphasise where he is from, referring to himself as “a kid from Berlin”. The 35-year old, a native of Berlin’s Charlottenburg district, considers himself much less a skateboard photographer than an observer of the scene and the milieu, he himself shaped by skateboarding. In his first volume of photographs, entitled Berlin Calling!, Alex shows that he has that gift of catching authentic motifs and the “click!” for those crucial moments. For the last 11 years he has snapped for Berlin’s flagship subculture magazine, Lodown, and has already shot hip-hop heroes Method Man & Redman and the avant-garde indy-rockers, TV on the Radio, as well as countless skateboarding legends. At this summer’s Bright he will display a selection of his most current works. 75 – Bright Magazine

Fixed gear bikes or fixies” are smart light-weight bikes which appeared for the first time in the US in the late 1970’s. Bike couriers were the first to get rid of all the parts that needed to be regularly tuned or could be stolen. With their new racers they speeded down the urban canyons without gears or brakes, coming to a halt through footwork or risky skidding manoeuvres alone. The unique functionality of these bikes owe its origins to cycling in the velodrome: when you pedal backwards the bike is actually pushing backwards, hence the term “fixed gear”. The film “Mash” by Gabe Morford and Mike Martin is considered the instructional film documenting the fixies scene in the fixed gear capital of San Francisco. At the moment the urban and trendy addiction to speed is unstoppable; neither brakes nor traffic lights stand a chance. A growing band of followers is using city centres around the world as fixies playgrounds: London, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, Seoul, Frankfurt, Montreal, Hong Kong, San Francisco and Philadelphia are all centres for the hip biking sport. This summer Bright is presenting the cities as well as the respective crews. It becomes apparent that this is about a big community with a common idea but very different perceptions. The exhibition focuses on Frankfurt’s fixie racers and their bikes in order to introduce the local scene and its style. The London fixed crew will also be there, showcasing a few UK hipster bikes. The “Expo Bicycletta” at Bright will exhibit images and statements from various crews and will give an insight into the fixies sphere. Following Bright, the exhibition will tour all participating cities, by doing so “fix-ing” the idea of this community of speed freaks, stunt riders and couriers.

Sergej Vutuc – Basementizid

Nerds into the Bright-light

Text: Nada Carls Sergej Vutuc, a native of Croatia, is a jack of all trades when it comes to art, engagement and activism. After 10 years in Zagreb he moved to his current base in Heilbronn where, since the 1990s, he has been putting time in as a dedicated punk, founding the label “Get Off” and playing guitar in the band “Five Minutes to Steve”. Having abandoned the guitar he has now set his artistic focus on photography as well as the production of fanzines, theatre productions and sound effects. In his gallery “Basementizid”, which he founded 2005, he is implementing his philosophy of “think global, act local”, promoting artistic cultural exchange with regional, national and international artists. For this summer’s Bright Sergej has rounded up an exciting group of artists, who are bringing along exhibits from such varying fields as film, photography, punkrock and skateboarding. Ale Formenti (I), Stephanie Solinas (F), Jocko Weyland/Elkzine (US), Via Grafik (D), Marcel Veldman (NL) and Ricky and Buddy/NCP (US) are all part of the team. We are looking forward to meeting a wild bunch of creatives with a shameless punk’n’skate attitude! In addition to the exhibition a documentary about past Basementizid exhibitions will be shown at the fair. But that’s not all: last but not least people can also rummage through an accompanying fanzine! 76 – Bright Magazine

77 – Bright Magazine


Stick to it

Text: Anne Waak Hatch is the realisation of an idea, that makes you automatically think: Why only now? In April 2008 Oliver Baudach opened the world’s first sticker museum in Berlin. He had been a collector for 25 years and realised at some stage that stickers were a culture without a permanent platform. Having seen them come to increasing prominence within the street scene as well as in photography collections, he had the idea of a permanent home for stickers. These small adhesives are not only a creative status symbol, successful communication medium and an effective marketing tool, but have long been considered objets d’art in themselves. Now used in the worlds of skateboarding, art and music, countless stickers that boast a more creative side now have an institutional home for the first time. “In the beginning I just exhibited big parts of the stock, but now I receive packages of ‘sticker donations’ by artists almost every week, allowing me increasingly to make choices for the collection with aesthetics in mind.” The sticker museum 78 – Bright Magazine

also serves as a temporary exhibition space for indvidual artists or collectives. The shows focus primarily but not exclusively on the scope between sticker art and gluing culture. Visitors can leave their personal signature, tags or feedback on the wall of fame at the museum’s entrance area – self-adhesive. The constantly changing exhibition is complemented by the Internet platform as well as a mailorder service for stickers that includes a sensational assortment of more than 600 stickers by around 110 brands and institutions. For the Romania Charity he shows his project “Oversized & Underprized” in FrankfurtWith this aim several streetart artists have designed oversized (A3) individual versions of the classic red and white sticker HELLO MY NAME IS. As part of Art@ Bright these pieces are on sale and in the case of some of these already established artists are definitely underpriced.

Titus Skate-Aid

Street Alphabet More than just letters

Text: Nada Carls P1 and punk rock? Seemingly insurmountable galaxies lie between the snobby party hotspot in Munich and the music movement with global aspirations to change the world. Unless you give the finger to superficial group membership dogmas and differentiating culture niches, like Sebastian Pohl. The 25-year-old graphic designer is a graffiti artist with a penchant for chromatics and has another mainstay in sociocritical painting. He loves Anti-Flag, for whom he designed a cover for the latest album “The People or the Gun”, but has also completed a big job with his agency “Doing Graph Sportz” for P1. Scandal is guaranteed and taken into account with this niche-conquering attitude. With the current “Street Alphabet” exhibition, Pohl a.k.a. Colorkid Skore183 together with Sweet Uno, is showing a form of typographic study of graffiti – in their diversity the letters of the street are put to the creative test. The exhibition tour will kick off at the beginning of June in Hanover, and will then stop off for a visit at Bright. 79 – Bright Magazine

Skateboards for all!

Text: Nada Carls Always at the cutting edge, we expect nothing less from Titus. And the man and the brand have also been active in charity matters for quite some time, under the guise of “Skate-Aid”, obviously determined to move not mountains, but masses of equipment, donations and skateboard know-how: from Münster to the rest of the world. As well as the Afghan skateboard school project “Skateistan” initiated by Oliver Perkovich, Titus supports the “Sentinel Boardriders” in Cape Town as well as the local Münster “Promotion of Youth Culture Association”. At regular schools in Afghanistan he wants to ensure that skateboarding is also offered as an extracurricular activity with his “Grünhelmen” (German peace corps) in the province of Herat. All projects will be presented at the Bright and provide an insight into the work.

Skate Agenda Saturday 13:00 Element Wallride Contest Qualifiers Element launches what is due to be the infamous Wallride Contest. €3000.00 is up for grabs.

14:00 Converse x Red Bull Bright Bowl Contest Qualifiers Converse, Red Bull and Limited Magazine once again bring you the Bright Bowl!

14.30 Habitat European Tour Demo Habitat kicks off their European tour at Bright. Riders on hand to shred the streetcourse are Silas Baxter Neal, Kerry Getz, Marius Syvanen, Guru Khalsa and Manuel Margreiter.

15.30 VOX Demo David Gravette, Emannuel Guzman and Jt Aultz show us their skills on the Bright Streetcourse.

16.30 – 18.30 The Mental Weirdo Race Carhartt X Yama Carhartt and Yama skateboards rip up the Bright streetcourse for the last demo of their “Mental Weirdo Tour” European Tour. In addition check out the Carhartt & Yama Mental Weirdo Asylum series of four boards that have been exclusively design by Elzo. At the collectively initiated boardercross race in Frankfurt three riders compete against each other, pros only!

All events take place in the atrium and will be moderated by Jochen Bauer from Playboard. 80 – Bright Magazine


81 – Bright Magazine

Skate Agenda Sunday 14:00 Element Wallride Contest Final Who will be crowned champion of the first Element Wall Ride contest and take home the cash prize.

12:00 Converse Shopriders Jam Final Converse challenges 15 international retailers to the Shop Riders Jam. Each selected shop nominates a rider as an ambassador, who will battle for Best Trick and Best Line. The perfectly produced granite blocs that will be used in the contest part of the prize and will be delivered to the home spot of the winner!! Be on the look out for, Nick Trapasso, Ethan Fowler, Raymond Molinar, Sammy Baca, Rune Glifberg from the Converse US-team.

82 – Bright Magazine

15:00 Converse x Red Bull Bright Bowl Final Come check out who will be King of the Bowl this Summer!!

15.30 éS Game of Skate German Final Bright will be host to the German éS Game of Skate final 2009. Since may the 18 finalists have been competing for the German title. Today we will find out just who the German GoS champion will be. The winner will fly to Paris in the in September to compete against the rivalries from all over Europe. The European Champion will win a trip to California to compete in the éS GoS world championships.



The preparations are in progress – in 2009 WeSC celebrates a successful first decade in the industry. The secret of the Swedes? Clothes that serve the zeitgeist, smart marketing and a unique company philosophy. A good time to relax with a beer and look back.

WeSC 10 years of life after skate! They consider themselves ‘intellectual slackers’ and indeed, this notion of self-celebrated dudeness contains within it all we need to understand the story of WeSC and its success. At the end of the Nineties in Stockholm six friends struck upon the idea that although being responsible for the distribution of American skate brands was a good thing, having their own label, which could represent their lifestyle, would rock even more. All the original members were thoroughbred skateboarders and had already passed the zenith of their midtwenties. They were looking for a way to escape the horrible vision of grinding rails as forty-year-old professional juveniles, men who have a lot of fun but don’t manage to get much else done. Eventually, they got down to business and founded WeSC, with roots in skateboarding and a punk rock mentality as cornerstones of the new company. Instead of mutating into yuppie businessmen, from the very beginning they ran the company like a family business and pledged to always

remain skaters-at-heart. Eventually, the whole thing materialised into cool casual collections. Talking to Mattias Hallencreutz, who is one of the co-founders, it immediately becomes clear, that learning by doing has always been a fundamental part of the concept and that WeSC actively embrace people’s low opinion of them as skateboarders-turned-businessmen. 84 – Bright Magazine

“We don’t care if people think that we’re slackers. Our network of WeSC Activists proves that we have enough peers who are of exactly the same breed.” The WeSC Activists are a group of around 30 ambassadors who although are not necessarily the most famous at what they do are certainly always original in the way that they do it. In the end of course it doesn’t really matter - as long as it’s punkrock! Skateboard legends like Chris Pastras, Jason Lee, Ray Barbee or Steve Berra count among them as well as Stash, grandmaster of graphics and graffiti, who recently designed a small range for the 2009 summer collection. Sometimes the WeSCAmbassadors make appearances as models or photographers; at the very beginning of the firm’s history they even turned up in the guise as financial backers. At the Stockholm headquarters, which has more a look of Swedish minimalism than slacker-style, you can still sense the spirit of the starting years. Here 30 staff members develop and fine-tune the collections including accessories and headphones, which by now encompasses more than 300 pieces for men and women, as well as the signature WeSC Spirit, which Mattias associates with ‘family, fun and friends’.‘Our speciality is to always be unpredictable’, continues the 36-year old. By this he means not the regular collections, which are inherently

consistent and follow trends only to a limited extent and have levelled off somewhere between casual basic and fashionable streetwear. but with the corporate and communications policies, what counts here is a continuous flow of distinct and original ideas and a great love for the details of creative marketing. ‘Streethorsing, for example, was one of the most ingenious stories that we ever did; I will probably still remember it as an old man’, recounts Mattias. With good reason: the 2006 campaign raised the status of this extreme sport to that of a cult. A lavishly illustrated book with photos of horses mastering stunts was created; blogs and forums about the same issue perfected the viral disarray. Quite a few customers - but also journalists - fell for the gag and the scene’s non-reflective attitude as well as its propensity for hype were demonstrated in brilliant form. ‘Fashion Flight 2005’ featured a fashion show and a rocking WeSCcrowd aboard an aircraft to the Bread&Butter fair in Barcelona: it is among the most dazzling of the brand’s memories. In the product division WeSC started the very first fashion mobile phone colab with Nokia including a downloadable fashion travel guide. Furthermore the Swedes have revolutionised the headphone market along the way. Their diversified range of smart headphones remains desired items, not least through regular collaborations, for example with the ‘Ed Banger Records.: 500,000 pairs of headphones have already been sold. Naturally this is also a good reason to plan this year’s birthday party in Stockholm a little more generously. In any case the Scandinavian gentlemen don’t lack ideas and vision, and after all they are still far away from their retirement. text: Nada Carls photos: Portraits: Vincent Skoglund Streethorsing: Jens Andersson 85 – Bright Magazine

the news ticker Press people? Sure, it’s these incredibly cool, Seen-itDone-it-types that are always ahead of the game when it’s about the newest new. We’ve asked our colleagues and media partners about what rotates around in their world.

production: Romy Uebel and Nada Carls

Clive Ripley, Source, Torreguadiaro What‘s on your desk that really bothers you? Anything nice, too? I look at the papers on my desk and hope its not a representation of how my brain is organised. The nice thing is the view from the desk, the sun sea and beach, just a hop skip and a jump away. What are the three internet pages you visit the most? Like clockwork every morning to prepare me

What’s playing in your office these days? No music in the office too much going round the brain already. But in the car I am going through a Led Zeppelin phase for the twentieth time. Must be the old hippy style.

ISSUE 37 • FALL 2008





R E T A I L E R H E L P Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

B I G W I G I N T E R V I E W WeSC’s Greger Hagelin

S K A T E H A R D G O O D S The Strong Survive

S N O W B O A R D M A R K E T R E P O R T 2 0 0 7 / 0 8 Facts and Figures for Fun and Profit


Issue37_15.indd 1

for the day our own www. to see what’s going on in the European action sports business. Sounds biased but all my journalist team are spread all over Europe and it’s the simplest way to get an overview without having to ring them all up. Then for a laugh I go to Youtube, a funny video a day helps you work rest and play. Finally at the moment it’s www. to see what the masters of the universe are going to try to crush us with next.


22-09-08 13:45:15

86 – Bright Magazine

What‘s your favourite style / piece of clothing these days? Most of my clothes fall apart from overuse but the one that lasts is my bright pink wedding suite. Yes it comes out at every opportunity – me and Elvis would have made a great team in Vegas. So a man in pink, don’t those Barbie dolls love it. What happening in your job life moved you lately, in a negative or positive way? What makes me mad at the moment is knowing what a struggle it is for all the businesses out there because the banks have cut credit. Good businesses are laying off good people because the banks won’t do the job that all businesses have come to expect from them. The banks got rescued and now they are doing the best to destroy business. That’s my beef.

What’s you all time favourite cover and what‘s the story behind it? All our covers star people who work in the action sports business doing

their thing out of the office. So we like them all, it shows we are not an industry that talks the talk but walks the walk. Hoping to run a pic on the cover this winter of the naked shaper doing a backside air at the ‘Billabong Air and Style’. Now that’s dedication or naked ambition.

Helge Zirkl, Playboard, Regenstauf

Matthias Straub Kinki Magazine, Zürich

What on your desk is really annoying you at the moment? And is there anything nice there? Annoying: bills, todo list and lots of bits and pieces, which are just slowing you down but unfortunately have to be done. And nice: a booking for the next surfing trip. Which three webpages do you visit the most? Job-related:, king-of-skate. com.

are still awesome and are therefore worn frequently. Let’s see how long they’ll last. Which experience in your recent working life has seriously affected you, in either negatively or positively? At the moment, I am definitely being negatively affected by the saddening financial crisis. Because of it we’ve been forced to push back a couple of really great projects. But

and on the bottom my FTroupe or Vans kicks. Style? Business grunge meets Alnatura chic meets discount vintage...

What on your desk is really annoying you at the moment? And is there anything nice there? Just now there is a brown banana peel left by our music editor lying on my table. Hello Flo, clean up! Nice are our readers’ photo submissions for the ‘The Virgins’ competition as well as this questionnaire. Which three webpages do you visit the most? Myspace,, of course

Private: wetteronline. de,, all the Transworld pages...ah and Which tunes are playing in your office? Internetradio and at the moment a lot of MGMT. At the moment, which clothes are you wearing to death? I’ve got two pairs of old Volcom jeans, which are definitely six-years-old or even more than that. They

87 – Bright Magazine

postponed is not abandoned, right? Which is you favourite cover and what is the story behind it? Hm, that’s a really difficult one. By now there are lots of them. In terms of skateboarding I would almost favour the current cover of our April issue. Just for the fun of it we told Burny that a nice cover would come in very handy at the moment, not least because the issue had to be done in a couple of weeks. Apparently he took that very seriously and shot a really nice picture I think.

Which tunes are playing in your office? Anything from folk, disco and soul to garagepunk. Really great: The Golden Silvers, Yesayer, The Marmaduke Duke, Bon Iver, everything from Tirk, Wrong, April 77 Records and Norman Palm. Wow, there is so much good music out there... At the moment, which clothes are you wearing to death? On the top all Scandinavian stuff - from Acne to Vibskov to Gram – my David Bowie t-shirt (Tin Machine)

Which experience in your recent working life has seriously affected you, in either negatively or positively? We attended Colophon 2009 in Luxemburg, an international symposium for independent magazines. There we saw that all movers and shakers in the magazine business are in the same situation: nobody is earning money but everybody loves his job. At the moment there are more magazines at the newsstands than ever before. Many of them are very well done. And you don’t need money in order to make something beautiful. The driving force is passion. Which is you favourite cover and what is the story behind it? My favourite cover was photographed by the Dutch artist Anne de Vries.

Anne is a cool guy and he combined in this cover everything kinki magazine stands for: fashion, politics, music, design and a hint of self-mockery.

Martin Magielka, Streetwear Today, Bochum

Oliver Tielsch, Monster Skateboard Magazine, Köln

and hiphop and from time to time then comes back again to classics from Ska, soul or rare groove. At the moment, which clothes are you wearing to death? 88 – Bright Magazine

At the moment, which clothes are you wearing to death? Simple jeans or chinos with blank tees, Zig Zags or a pair of Skate Chucks, that are really comfortable. And soon hopefully sunglasses! Which experience in your recent working life has seriously affected you, in either negatively or positively? In our current issue we have interviews with Evan Hecox and Keith Hufnagel who both have big influence on the skate world. I’m in New York right now working on a New York issue with a lot of interesting people.

# 264

Deutschland € 3,40 • Österreich € 3,40 Schweiz sfr 6,60 • sonstiges Ausland € 4,50

Knock-out NÄCHST



{ das Dardan Sabovi

c Interview

+++ +++ AUSGABE 08/2008 C10018

Which experience in your recent working life has seriously affected you, in either negatively or positively? Recently the meeting and interview with Hiroki Nakamura for our cover story in issue no. 28 really impressed me. His affection for products, details, his cosmopolitanism, basically the experience as a whole really affected me. Realizing this during the course of the meeting was like a light dawned on me, or how do you say that? Which is you favourite cover and what is the story behind it? The corresponding cover with Hiroki Nakamura thrills me again and again. The look that irresistibly leaps to the eye.

Which tunes are playing in your office? Röyksopp, Phoenix, the new albums, a lot of Hip Hop, Jdilla, the old Crooklyn Cuts DJ Premier Tapes.

KEVIN WENZ KE { Padless EIN TAG IM im Portrait WALD { mit Willow, Horrw DIE FASZIN arth & Kupfer ATION DES LICHTS { Brian Gaberman Portfol io OPEN MIKE { Mo Capaldi

Which tunes are playing in your office? The BPM changes with the time of the day. Usually we start relaxed with a few reggae tunes, which than fades into funky jazz

Which three webpages do you visit the most?,,

Which is you favourite cover and what is the story behind? The cover with Kevin Wenzke (MSM #264) is one of my favourites. One thing I like is the outstanding abstract spot another the gaudy red colour. There is this empty full pipe Hendrik Herzmann discovered by accident, Kevin Wenzke does a Lien to Tail in a window. The pipe has a line of small wholes and 08/2008

Which three webpages do you visit the most? Hmmm, the one of our bank, google and leo. org, or are you referring to stuff like hypebeast, honeyee or hypequest?

Naturally, the Levi’s E 501 XX in various styles are a must and it turns out that I also have a few of them in the closet. When it comes to t-shirts i’ve got everything ranging from an aged Stüssy shirt to ones from an artist’s limited edition. The underlying principle is to hide my sweat marks. In addition a zip-hoodie or a checked shirt are all right. Shoes yes: oh God, Clarks, Vans, Nike, Adidas, Gravis, Timberland, Visvim, you name it. Since I am mostly on foot, my shoe choice has to comply with weather and occasion. But my favourite jacket is by Acronym.

What on your desk is really annoying you at the moment? And is there anything nice there? The audacious cat that is trying to steal my bagel, is a bit annoying. The pack of Polaroids that I took yesterday makes me happy and a Spike Jonze interview that I’m reading right now.


What on your desk is really annoying you at the moment? And is there anything nice there? Oh yes, we get sent a lot of crap. All that stuff is placed in an appropriately huge box under my desk and is only annoying for a short time. The interesting things, those which have made it into our issue 29, are lying on my table, which stands right next to me since I have to work on a high desk.

light shines through, another small whole displays the horizon. The line management is great and everything is really outstanding. Furthermore it was the first transition cover since I’m with the magazine.

Ralf Bernert, Verve-Magazine, Hamburg

Pascal Prehn, Richard Strauss, Andreas Grüter, Sneakers Magazine, Köln

What on your desk is really annoying you at the moment? And is there anything nice there? I just recently sent my tax return to the revenue so for the next eleven month there is hopefully nothing on my desk bothering me. The nice things are in my MacBook except from the first printed issue of VERVEMAGAZINE, that hopefully will come from the printer soon.

At the moment, which clothes are you wearing to death? April77, RVLT, Insight and Won Hundred. Which experience in your recent working life has seriously affected you, in either negatively or positively? The possibility to meet Jonathan Meese and take a photo with him was probably one of the most positive

Which three webpages do you visit the most? Tough one as I’m online 24/7. Statistically over the last year it’s probably been, and Which tunes are playing in your office? Mainly guitar stuff, everything from Punk to Indie: AFI, The Unseen, Minor Threat, Rise Against, Gallows, experiences lately – a great honour.

mixed with Maximo Park, Kings of Leon, Bloc Party, Metric, The Sounds, but also Trouble Andrew and Santogold.

Which is you favourite cover and what is the story behind? It’s definitely the cover of the first printed issue of VERVE. The magazine was originally draft as a online magazine and the fact that now I’m holding VERVE-MAGAZINE, a largesized art publication in my hands, is really „next-levelshit“. A big thanks goes out to Axel Peemöller who is responsible for the design of the Magazine.

What on your desk is really annoying you at the moment? And is there anything nice there? Pascal: My tax return is really annoying me, while the plane tickets for my first holiday in three years are definitely nice. Richard: Really bad is the collection of parking tickets, nice the design drafts for the new issue. Andreas: Unfortunately my desk is no longer recognisable as a desk, which is why I look forward to a proper tidying up session. Which three webpages do you visit the most? Pascal:,,,,, Andreas:,, Which tunes are playing in your office? Pascal: High Contrast ‘Tough Guys don’t dance’ Richard: ‘Vice City’ soundtrack Andreas: Die Türen ‘Popo’ (in anticipation of the new record) At the moment, which clothes are you wearing to death? Pascal: Undenk shirt, Carhartt jeans, American

89 – Bright Magazine

Apparel hoodie, Nike Air Jordan 1 ‘old love new love’ sneakers. Richard: Burton x Carhartt snowboarding jacket, Ezekiel cap, LookyLooky ‘Sido edition’ shirt, Nike AF1 Hi-sneakers. Andreas: Nudie ‘Regular Alf’ jeans, LookyLooky ‘crew love is true love’ shirt, Vans Chukka boots, Forvert field jacket. Which experience in your recent working life has seriously affected you, in either negatively or positively? Pascal: I was seriously affected when I held the first edition of ‘Sneakers’ in my hands. A dream definitely came true at that moment. A great experience. Richard: The photo shoot with Alex Basile was great – very intense with a lot of light bulb moments, good vibes and quite a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Andreas: Definitely an interview with the Texan artist, musician, skater and jack of all trades Tim Kerr among others which dragged on over about half a day. A great idealist, a true soul brother and an incredible source of inspiration. Which is you favourite cover and what is the story behind it? Pascal: No. 2 , Richard: No. 1, Andreas: No. 2 Well, 2 : 1 in favour of No. 2 

Juan José Moya Staf Magazine, Malaga

Thomas Gentsch, Limited Mag, Wiesbaden

What‘s on your desk that really bothers you? Anything nice, too? Nothing bothers me on my desk, its nice! What are the three internet pages you visit the most? the best place in the Basque country, located in San Sebastian mayor street. Its a gallery, presentations, shows, hairdresser? It’s a material world! Lovely! great flamenco artists and everything about this culture and life cause it needs changes constantly. As we say... We go “poquito a poco” doing the web. What’s playing in your office these days? Seun Kuti, Enrique Morente. Isis, Q-tip, Kiko

90 – Bright Magazine

Veneno (always hehe!), The Roots, Coleoptero. Pearl Jam... What‘s your favourite style / piece of clothing these days? Clean shirt by RVCA with jeans or shorts and Vans shoes.

What happening in your job life moved you lately, in a negative or positive way? The government of this city makes me sad, its politic of culture, but politic society in general, especially in the last years. Seeing my friends, doing my own thing, and my family effects me positively. What’s you all time favourite cover and what‘s the story behind it? I have chosen the Matt Gordon cover. I don’t know why it’s the best but I love it! It was great to collaborate with him!

What on your desk is really annoying you at the moment? And is there anything nice there? First of all, the dust that screws up my slides. Also unedited medium format films, which are supposed to be archived one day. Joyfully, the desk is actually rather tidy at the moment apart from the photos. Which three webpages do you visit the most? Are there even three worth mentioning?, flipskateboards. com....there aren’t any more I can think of, I hate the Internet! Which tunes are playing in your office? Usually it is deadly silent in our office but if we are listening to music it’s mostly that old Wu-tang stuff! At the moment, which clothes are you wearing to death? As soon as the weather allows it preferably shorts, my favourite are camouflage and from Flip. I only own one pair of trousers, which is a pair of black Fourstar ‘Ramone’ jeans that are about to fall apart. T-shirt & zip-up cardigan by Flip or Cleptomanics, leather jacket from Turkey, sun-glasses by Zipper ‘Fernstein’!

Which experience in your recent working life has seriously affected you, in either negatively or positively? I was in Cologne recently waiting for Alex Mizurov in order to shoot photos of him. I was sitting in my car in a no-waiting zone and two female traffic wardens approached me and started talking to me: asking me to drive away but also telling me that my MOT certificate had expired – had been expired since February in fact. THAT affected me deeply and surprised me a lot.....

you see my job is rather boring. Which is you favourite cover and what is the story behind it? In some way all covers are favourites, otherwise they wouldn’t have made it into covers. Maybe Stefan Lehnert in Mallorca on the front of issue 57: I found the spot on vacation with my ex-girlfriend, swore to do a picture there one day. Five years later I lay on the ground at the very same place in Port d’Andratx and shoot the pivot to fakie trick, which had just been introduced then. Ideas that become reality after years of first thinking about them are always nice.

Stephan Huber, x-ray, Salzburg

Sebastian Saavedra Castro, Uno magazine, Barcelona

What on your desk is really annoying you at the moment? And is there anything nice there? On my desk there is always to much as I’m not a talent in throwing away things and that’s indeed annoying. One look at the image of my son Jakob makes me relax immediately even at the biggest anger. Which three web pages do you visit the most? I’m not a digital native and not active in any of these so called social networks. But Google in our field is almost inherent to the system. Beyond that I use news sites. First of all as I’m Austrian… Which tunes are playing in your office? At the office very few as I’m on the phone most of the time. In my car I’m listening To Deutschlandfunk (as it makes you very smart). Or, if than really loud, The Walkabouts, Neil Young or Steve Wynn. And I’ll never 01.

At the moment, which clothes are you wearing to death? I was never really brand focussed. My style is pretty basic. Jeans and shirt and I’m perfectly dressed. As long as it’s the right jeans and the right shirt. And I like to integrate authentic garbs into my look. Act local… Which experience in your recent working life has seriously affected you, in either negatively or positively? As I would need to mention names this question is a bit to personal. Which is you favourite cover and what is the story behind? The most important one is probably still the first x-ray-cover from 1996. The feeling that for the first time you are holding a magazine with a self-produced cover in your hands,... that was stunning. As every first time... My current favorite cover is the one designed by Henrik Vibskov, which stated x-rays visual relaunch in January 2009.

What‘s on your desk that really bothers you? Anything nice, too? What bothers me on my desk is my partner, we work in the same office, facing each other and he doesn’t let me work in peace. Ha ha ha ha Anything nice? My partner! We are friends for many years, we know each other very well and we laugh a lot too. He also makes me win money! What are the three internet pages you visit the most?,, What’s playing at your office these days? Depeche Mode, Joy Division, Maps, Portishead,

Denim prices after the boom The middle is alive and kicking Online shopping is now commonplace Friend or foe? Sustainability in real life Green & the City Carvers vs. Boards The return of the skier

01.2009 E 6,90

Radiohead, Leonard Cohen, Antonia Font, Benjamin Biolay, The Breeders, The Smiths…


henrkoikV Vibs on the

__Cover_xray_D+E.indd 2


23.12.2008 14:26:49 Uhr

get away from the Stones between 1968 and 1982. And actually I don’t want to.

91 – Bright Magazine

What‘s your favourite style / piece of clothing these days? The style the makes me feel good is t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans ... but what I really love are my sneakers, I have many and they no longer fit in my closet!!! Piece of clothing for

today: my news Vans Super Corsa and my fixed bike! What happening in your job life moved you lately, in a negative or positive way? A few days ago I had to give a talk about design to students from a graphic design school. We talked till midnight! I was a little bit tired but at the same time very pleased and happy to share my experiences. Besides, I must say that one of the things that makes me feel sad is not be able to surf and watch the waves from the shore. I have a bad shoulders and this makes me really angry! What’s you all time favourite cover and what‘s the story behind it? My favourite cover is the UNO#6 edition. The cover is an illustration of a skater who fell, broke the table and come his head full of a lot of blood. Seems he is dead, but in reality is not, because you can see with his right hand makes the sign of victory. In his t-shirt you can read: Skate or die. The magazine had much impact and was exposed for several days at the Fnac (store music and books mall).

Holger von Krosigk Place, Köln

Cathy Boom Style & the Family Tunes, Berlin

At the moment, which clothes are you wearing to death? Carhartt chinos, Carhartt chinos and for a change sometimes Carhartt chinos. Along with that yachting shoes, tank-top and you’ve got geek rebel look.

What on your desk is really annoying you at the moment? And is there anything nice there? I like my table clean. There is basically nothing lying around, so I don’t get upset. In a figurative sense, there are things here which are more unfinished than the deadline would suggest. Which three webpages do you visit the most?,, Which tunes are playing in your office? At the moment you can hear the sound of ringing phones and the rain on the window panes. Apart from that the news on WDR2 radio. And, of course, the remix.

92 – Bright Magazine

Which experience in your recent working life has seriously affected you, in either negatively or positively? Every trick that moves skateboarding a little step forward affects me. I am negatively affected when the accents aigu grave are incorrectly used as apostrophes. Also, media products that are manufactured without any love. Which is you favourite cover and what is the story behind? The cover of issue 14. It expresses a lot of what I love about skateboarding. The simplicity, the aesthetics, the minimalism, the roughness, the creative energy.

What on your desk is really annoying you at the moment? And is there anything nice there? Excel spreadsheets are always annoying, basically. Nice is the new issue of Style & the Family Tunes. Which three webpages do you visit the most?, Which tunes are playing in your office? At the moment Peaches, Phoenix, Woolfie, Rye Rye, Dizee Rascal and Sweet Soulmusic.

At the moment, which clothes are you wearing to death? Leather jacket, leather trousers, wife-beater shirts, hightops or just leggings and strappy sandals plus leather jacket and wifebeater. Which experience in your recent working life has seriously affected you, in either negatively or positively? The interview with Christopher Bailey was definitely a highlight! Which is you favourite cover and what is the story behind it? At the moment my favourite is the cover of Style & the Family Tune’s May issue with the exclusive artwork of Kill Pixie. The portrait of the Asian albino girl with the white hair always makes me smile, too!

93 – Bright Magazine

KPP Agentur +49 69 74 22 1822

I’m a member of the Bright Brigade

“I’m a member of the Bright Brigade” is the Claim for the Bright community. It’s about business, friendships, sharing of experiences, ideas, sport, art, music, fashion, marketing, street culture and media. All these are parts of our life and should be the link between the members of the Bright Brigade. Join us at room 340

94 – Bright Magazine

Photos: Thomas Wolfzettel

95 – Bright Magazine

Love your Ciddy and support your locals: Besides the blooming Crackscene and the these days most popular biz in the world, the banking, Frankfurt also offers, even though it’s hard to believe, one or two worth to be seen highlights. Here are some tips, how, where and why Frankfurt. Follow one of the two colour codes and discover the different facettes of the “Ciddy we love”.

Fashion Stores

Azita Münzgasse 10, 60311 Frankfurt Mon – Fri 13.00 – 20.00, Sat 11.00 – 20.00 069 21979644 Henrik Vibskov, A.P.C., Raf Simons, WoodWood, Acronym Fiftyeight‘s Kronbergerstraße 19, 60954 Frankfurt Mon – Wed 10.00 – 18.30, Thu – Fri 11.00 – 20.00, Sat 11.00 – 16.00 069 72 55 35 Martin Margiela, Etro, Comme de Garcons, Freud Brückenstraße 42, 60594 Frankfurt Mon – Fri 11.00 – 20.00, Sat 11.00 – 19.00 069 13377553 Goyagoya Frida Bleidenstraße 9, 60311 Frankfurt Mon – Wed 11.00 – 19.00, Thu 11.00 – 20.00, Sat 11.00 – 19.00 069 20978989 PIU‘ & PIU‘, Transit, Vivienne Westwood, True Religion

96 – Bright Magazine

B74 Selected Goods Berlinerstraße 74,
60311 Frankfurt Mon – Sat 10.30 – 19.00 069 293329 Nudie Jeans, Filson, Levi’s Red, Redwing Hayashi Börsenplatz 13-15, 60313 Frankfurt Mon – Fri 11.00 – 19.00, Sat 11.00 – 18.00 069 21997255 Acne, Angelika Paschbeck, Bless, By Malene Birger, Lin Ingmar & Co Laubestraße 26, 60594 Frankfurt Fri 12.00 – 19.00, Sat 10.00 – 16.00 069 92020990 Airbag A2, Atypyk, Matewithhate, Paul Snowden Uebervart Kleiner Hirschgraben 14, 60311 Frankfurt Mon – Fri 10.30 – 18.30, Sat 11.00 – 18.00 069 84848008 Acne, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Paul Smith, Puma – only menswear Heyhey Bergerstraße 54, 60316 Frankfurt 069 40564906 Mon – Fri 11.00 – 19.00, Sat 11.00 – 18.00 Kawasaki, Revolution, Keds, Minimum

Skate/Snowboard, Streetwear Stores

2four7 Weissfrauenstaße 2 - 8, 60311 Frankfurt Mon – Fri 11.00 – 19.00, Sat 11.00 – 18.00 069 21939955 BMX Hard- and Softgoods Carhartt Store Am Salzhaus 4, 60311 Frankfurt Mon – Fri 10.30 – 19.30, Sat 11 – 19 Uhr 069 21996682 Fixiestube Taunusstraße 37, 60329 Frankfurt Mon, Wed, Thu 15.00 – 19.00, Sat 12.00 – 19.00 069 48008848 Nitto, KMC, Sugino

Freiraum Brückenstrasse 36, 60594 Frankfurt Mon – Sat 11:00 – 19:00 069 40768099 Adidas, Reebok, Clae, Sixpack, The Hundreds Montimare Bergerstraße 28, 60316 Frankfurt Mon – Fri 10.00 – 19.00, Sat 10.00 – 16.00 069 447066 Palmer, Light, Burton, North Face Railslide Roßmarkt 10, 60311 Frankfurt Mon – Fri 11:00 – 20:00, Sat 10:00 – 19:00 069 20405 Volcom, DVS, Reell, Lakai, Kr3w, Supra, Fenchurch Topsport Kleiner Hirschgraben 3-7 60311 Frankfurt Mon – Sat 10.00 – 20.00 069 590737 Dunderdon, Hurley, Wesc, Gravis, Fenchurch

Shoe Stores

Biohauspiraten Holzgraben 11a, 60313 Frankfurt Mon – Sat 11.00 – 20.00 069 153 49 343 Clae, Adidas, Asics, etc. Escape Futura Sandgasse 4, 60311 Frankfurt Mon – Thu 10.30 – 19.30, Fri 10.00 – 19.30, Sat 10.00 – 18.30 069 13377107 Onitsuka Tiger, Vans, New Balance, Clarks, Spring Court

Sneaker King Weissfrauenstrasse 2 - 8, 60311 Frankfurt Mon – Sat 10.00 – 20.00 069 1310585 Clae, Jim Rickey, Asics, Adidas www. Vanilla Börsenstr. 2 - 4, 60313 Frankfurt Mon – Fri 10.00 – 19.00, Sat 10.00 – 18.00 069 20112 Fendi, Prada, Sergio Rossi, Marc Jacobs – only shoes Conmoto Wallstr. 22, 60594 Frankfurt Mon – Thu 11.00 – 0.00, Fri – Sat 11.00 – 2.00 069 66962010 Onitsuka, Vans, Puma, New Balance café, bar and shoe shop Red Wings Store Kornmarkt 6, 60311 Frankfurt Mon – Sat 10.00 – 19.00 069 287773

Record and Book Stores

Azita Press / Deo Records Bethmannstraße 15, 60311 Frankfurt Mon – Sat 13:00 – 20:00 069 21979644 Freebase Records Peterstraße 2, Ecke Bleichstraße 60313 Frankfurt Mon – Fri 11.00 – 20.00, Sat 11.00 – 18.00 069 13376255 OCS Japan Book Store Große Gallusstraße 1 - 7, 60311 Frankfurt Mon – Sat 10.00 – 18.00 069 294047 japanese books and magazines Provinyl Alte Gasse 38, 60313 Frankfurt Mon – Fri 12.00 – 20.00, Sat 12.00 – 18.00 069 1310952 Readerscorner Stiftstrasse 36, 60313 Frankfurt Mon – Sat 9.00 – 21.00 069 36605934 international publications

Buchhandlung Walther König Domstraße 6, 60311 Frankfurt Mon – Wed 10.00 – 18.30, Thu – Fri 10.00 – 19.00, Sat 10.00 – 16.00 069 29 65 88 art books and magazines


Design ffm / tandem int. Hohenstaufenstraße 13 - 27 60327 Frankfurt Fri 14.00 – 20.00, Sat 10.00 – 18.00 069 60504884


Akmal Elbestraße 22, 60329 Frankfurt Mon – Fri 11.00 – 18.45, Sat 11.00 – 17.45 069 233180 oriental fast food and Sweets Best Worscht in Town Grüneburgweg 37, 60322 Frankfurt Mon – Thu 9.00 – 17.45, Fri 9.00 – 7.00, Sat 12.00 – 16.00 069 721129 german Currywurst in all different variations Iroha Sushi Bethmannstraße 33, 60311 Frankfurt Mon – Sat 12.00 – 15.00, 18.30 – 22.30 069 21994930 at Frankfurter Hof Kleinmarkthalle Hasengasse 5, 60311 Frankfurt 069 21233696 Mon – Fri 10.00 – 18.00, Sat 10.00 – 16.00 fancy foods from all over the world Seven Swans Mainkai 4, 60311 Frankfurt 069 49086510 exclusive restaurant, reservation only, max 20 people, bookable including 2 apartments

Nykke & Kokki im Kunstverein, Markt 44, 60311 Frankfurt 069 21999693 Tue - Fri 11.00 – 19.00, Sat – Sun 10.00 – 19.00 Freitagsküche Hohenstaufenstraße 13 - 27 60327 Frankfurt Fri 20.00 – 0.00 every friday one menu by changing cooks Club Michel Holzgraben 11b, 60313 Frankfurt 069 21028881 reservation only, can be rented Hessischer Hof Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 40 60325 Frankfurt 069 75 40 0 daily 12.00 – 14.00, 18.30 – 22.00 menu incl. wine 37 Euro, odd ambiance Jasper`s Schifferstraße 8, 60594 Frankfurt Mon – Sat 18.00 – 01.00 069-614117

Schwedler See Schwedlerweg, Osthafen Frankfurt 069 37304907 Tue – Sun 12.00 – 0.00, Sat 16.00 – 0.00 restaurant in 50s bath house on a lake Lobster‘s Wallstraße 21, 60594 Frankfurt 069 612920 Mon – Sat 18.00 – 1.00 french wine bistro

Cafes / Bars

Cafe Karin Grosser Hirschgraben 28 60311 Frankfurt 069 29 52 17 Mon – Sat 9.00 – 0.00, Sun 10.00 – 19.00 Ima Multibar Kleine Bockenheimer Straße 14 60313 Frankfurt 069 90 02 56 65 Mon – Wed 11.00 – 22.30, Thu – Sat 11.00 – 0.30 small bar behind Goethestraße

Thai Imbiss Pattaya Taunusstraße 17a, 60329 Frankfurt 069 234356 Mon – Fri 11.00 – 21.00, Sun 14.00 – 21.00 best Thai diner in town, delivery too

Imori Patisserie Braubachstraße 24, 60311 Frankfurt 069 97768247 Mon – Fri 9.00 – 19.00, Sat – Sun 10.00 – 19.00 japanese cafe in european tradition

Amir Sandwich Paradiesgasse 46, 60594 Frankfurt 069 623333 daily 11.00 – 2.00 best Lebanese in town

Maingold Zeil 1, 60313 Frankfurt 069 283327 Sun – Thu 12.00 – 1.00, Fri – Sat 12.00 – 2.00 cafe/restaurant witch daily menu

Heimat Berliner Str. 70, 60311 Frankfurt 069 29725994 Mon – Sat from 17.00 small spot – very personal, sophisticated kitchen in reduced ambiance

Maincafe Schaumainkai 50, 60596 Frankfurt 069 66169713 daily 10.00 – 0.00 (nice weather only) directly by Main river

Blumen Rotlintstraße 60, 60316 Frankfurt 069 49086510 Wed – Sat from 19.00 tiny, charming restaurant 98 – Bright Magazine

Moloko Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 1 60311 Frankfurt 069 13886932 daily 10.00 – 1.00, Fri – Sat 10.00 – 2.00 café-bar in 60s style with outside area

Riz Bar Berliner Straße 72, 60311 Frankfurt 069 282439 Mon – Fri from 10.00, Sat – Sun from 9.00 small Bar in the city centre Zur guten Stute Kölner Straße 42, 60327 Frankfurt 069 7306814 daily 15.00 – 1.00 individual bar, 5 min from Bright


Robert Johnson Nordring 131, 63067 Offenbach THE club when it comes to electronic music Unity Hanauer Landstraße 2, 60314 Frankfurt the name defines the program Yacht Club Deutschherrnufer, Alte Brücke 60594 Frankfurt don`t stress..... stay a while O25 Ostparkstraße 25 -29, 60385 Frankfurt 2 dancefloors, often live music Ostbahnhof Im Ostbahnhof Frankfurt Top secret, only mouth to mouth


Hotel Nizza Elbestraße 10, 60329 Frankfurt 069 2425380 price: double room 135,00 Euro

Frankfurt Hostel Kaiserstraße 74, 60329 Frankfurt 069 2475130 price: double room 55,00 Euro Fleming‘s Hotel Frankfurt-Messe Mainzer Landstraße 87 - 89 60329 Frankfurt 069 8080800 price: double room 80,00 Euro


Galerie Eva Winkeler Bethmanstraße 13, 60311 Frankfurt 069 90029336 L.A.Galerie Lothar Albrecht Domstraße 6, 60311 Frankfurt 069 288687

Pure Niddastraße 86, 60329 Frankfurt 069 7104570 price: double room 140,00 Euro

Frankfurter Kunstverein Steinernes Haus am Römerberg Markt 44, 60311 Frankfurt 069 2193140

Bristol Ludwigstraße 15, 60327 Frankfurt 069 242390 price: double room 95,00 Euro

MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Domstraße 10, 60311 Frankfurt 069 21230447

Cristall Frankfurt Ottostraße 3, 60329 Frankfurt 069 230351 price: double room 60,00 Euro

Portikus Alte Brücke 2, Maininsel 60594 Frankfurt 069 962 44540

25hours Hotel Franfurt tailored by Levi‘s Niddastraße 58, 60329 Frankfurt 069 2566770 price: double room 90,00 Euro

Schirn Kunsthalle Römerberg, 60311 Frankfurt 069 2998820 Atelier Frankfurt e.V. Hohenstaufenstraße 13- 25 60327 Frankfurt 069 74303771

Titelclaim: Charlotte Kuhn Selektion: M. T. Graphik & Layout: Leonard Kahlke

Sales Rap Sales people are made from quite an eclectic mix, you must be born to sell – rhetoric skills are king and a sense of humour definitely helps. Here are some of the most outrages sales lines:

Best collection ever!

I’ll only show you the best-of-collection.

This is my absolute favourite piece.

This is the hot shit!

It’s the new black!

It’s extremely successful in the States!

This is a limited edition.

No, no it’s just the sample, it will be totally different at delivery.

I had clients that sold it fresh out of the box.

The fat lady hasn’t sung on this one.

Discount? What’s that, a town in Morocco?

This is the unlimited edition. This one will get you laid. This is the Rolls Royce of denim. It’s the best thing since sliced bread! This is our top seller! The chicks dig em. This is a no-brainer! These bad boys are selling like hot cakes.

100 – Bright Magazine

Of course you will get it exclusively for your city … Shirts are THE next big thing!

Preview at: Bread & Butter Berlin 01.-03.07.09 •Hanger 1 - SPR 01.1 Bright Tradeshow Frankfurt/Main 11.07.-12.07.09 •Room 273 Let's Celebrate 15th Anniversary of IRIEDAILY@Watergate Berlin 02.07.09 / 23 h. Location: Watergate Club, Falckensteinstr.49, 10997 Berlin Line Up: SKREAM, THE SUBS, SCUBA, FORTSCH, KING ROC

101 – Bright Magazine • • IRIEDAILY is a trademark of W.A.R.D. GmbH. Styled in Berlin

Exhibitor Contacts 667 667 Brückmann Kühne Schulte GbR 0049 211 69990755

Amos Säck & Nolde GmbH & Co KG 0049 234 893980

101 apparel philippe nowotny dstribution 0049 171 4741334

Amphetamine Havoc-Distribution GmbH 0049 30 306454700

2SickBastards 667 Brückmann Kühne Schulte GbR 0049 211 69990755

Analog Clothing Burton Sportartikel GmbH 0043 676 6777 891

4Star Urban Supplies OHG 0049 611 9287811

Angst Havoc-Distribution GmbH 0049 30 306454700

Addict R.O.U.G.H Sportartikel & Marketing GmbH 0049 7471 96200

Anti Hero Jefferson OHG 0049 611 9287811

Adidas Originals & Adidas Skateboarding adidas AG 0049 9132 840

Antiz Skateboards EFFIX DISTRIBUTION 0049 931 45254106

Adio ADIO Footwear & Planet Earth 0044 8856 901 185 Aeme R.O.U.G.H Sportartikel & Marketing GmbH 0049 7471 96200 Airbagcraftwork airbag craftworks 0049 6078 72336 Airwalk Royer Deutshland GmbH 0049 2336 444740 Alien Workshop Burton Sportartikel GmbH 0043 512 230 620 Almost Urban Supplies OHG 0049 611 9287811 Alphanumeric PanSport Distribution GmbH 0049 931 4041178 Altamont R.O.U.G.H Sportartikel & Marketing GmbH 0049 7471 96200 Altru philippe nowotny dstribution 0049 171 4741334 Ambiguous Made In Corporation GmbH 0049 221 5005570

Blackbrand Black brand clothing company Blackriver blackriver 0049 9284 801590 Blind Urban Supplies OHG 0049 611 9287811 Blueprint Skateboards EFFIX DISTRIBUTION 0049 931 45254106 Bobbie Burns KPP Agentur 0049 69 7421822 Bones Bearings & Bones Bearings 24/7 Distribution 0049 251 91989247

Anzeige Berlin 0049 30 28884683

Boxfresh Brandconnection GmbH 0049 221 58980629

Armourdillo Skateboard Company Läsha Distribution 0081 313 133222

Brixton R.O.U.G.H Sportartikel & Marketing GmbH 0049 7471 96200

Asics Sportstyle ASICS Deutschland GmbH r.preusser@asics.d 0049 21 31 38 020

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Atm R.O.U.G.H Sportartikel & Marketing GmbH 0049 7471 96200

Burton Burton Sportartikel GmbH 0043 512 230 614

Aveal Aveal Europe 0049 711 933 895 40

Carhartt Work in Progress Textilhandels GmbH 0049 7621 966 515

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Bellows Skateboards Swedish Skate Distibution AB 0046 701 096 151

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102 – Bright Magazine

Clae KPP Agentur 0049 69 7421822

Destructo Urban Supplies OHG 0049 611 9287811

Cleptomanix cleptomanicx gmbh & 0049 40 43254300

Dickies Williamson-Dickie Europe GmbH INFO@DICKIES.EU 0049 40 20 000 60

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Dissizit Broken Home Ltd. 0049 30 43720894

Cobian Liquid 0049 4349 915763

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103 – Bright Magazine

Jim Rickey KPP Agentur 0049 69 7421822 Keds StrideRite Deutschland Vertriebs GmbH 0049 2821 719840 Kingpin Kingpin 0044 207 332 9724 Kingtide Havoc-Distribution GmbH 0049 30 306454700 KR3W Rubicon 0049 641 97 19 08 04 Krux Jefferson OHG 0049 611 9287811 Lakai Podium Europe 01149 3107158300 Landscape Skateboards EFFIX DISTRIBUTION 0049 931 45254106 Les Ettes 0043 650 9228895 Lifetime Collective FLUX FACTORY 0049 69 26494726 Limited Urban Supplies OHG 0049 611 9287811 Long Island Pivot Distribution GbR 0049 221 4740812 Lousy Livin cleptomanicx gmbh & 0049 40 43254300 Lovem 667 Brückmann Kühne Schulte GbR 0049 211 69990755

Makia Clothing MAKIA CLOTHING 0035 8 40 56 48 169 Manhatten Portage Säck & Nolde GmbH & Co KG 0049 234 893980 Matix Podium Europe 01149 3107158300 Mazine mazine who are you gmbh 0049 208 305678-0 Melodica Skateboards EFFIX DISTRIBUTION 0049 931 45254106 Momentum R.O.U.G.H Sportartikel & Marketing GmbH 0049 7471 96200

Ogio N@t Media GmbH 0049 40 570 02 67-0 Onitsuka Tiger ASICS Deutschland GmbH r.preusser@asics.d 0049 21 31 38 020 www.onitsuka Ontour 667 Brückmann Kühne Schulte GbR 0049 211 69990755 Osiris 24/7 Distribution 0049 251 91989247 Oxbow Lafuma Group GmbH 0049 7023 95 11-20 Paint the Stars IMPERIAL CLOTHING OHG 0049 341.218 290 20

Monster 0049 221 9140020

Payknic IMPERIAL CLOTHING OHG 0049 341.218 290 20

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Pig 24/7 Distribution 0049 251 91989247

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