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SpringSCHOOL 2022 YEAR 2021 - 2022

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Ages0-3 SOME BUGS - Angela Diterlizzi Some bugs hop. Some bugs glide. Some bugs swim. And some bugs hide! The goofy bugs portrayed in this busy backyard will have little naturalists running outside with their magnifying glasses. (Natural World) $7.99 Board Book

GO VOTE, BABY! - Nancy Lambert Sliding doors let children vote for their favorites ? from vanilla vs. chocolate to slides vs. swings ? in this colorful introduction to choice. You may just find your family voting on a lot more decisions in the future! (Confidence, Independence, Our World) $9.99 Board Book

RED HOUSE, TREE HOUSE, LITTLE BITTY BROWN MOUSE - Jane Godwin Follow the little bitty brown mouse (and try to find her on each page!) as she travels through bouncing rhymes that emphasize colors, counting, opposites, and many more beginning preschool concepts. (Observation) $17.99 Hardcover

COOKIES!: AN INTERACTIVE RECIPE BOOK Lotta Nieminen This first cookbook doesn't even require ingredients! With flaps, pull tabs, and moving parts, young bakers can follow the steps to bake delicious pretend ? or real! ? chocolate chip cookies. (Practical Life) $19.95 Board Book


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movers & shakers GO, BOATS, GO! GO, BIKES, GO! GO, PLANES, GO! GO, TRUCKS, GO! Addie Boswell Exciting text full of action highlights all different kinds of boats (and planes! and trucks! and bikes!) so children can examine their roles, features, and impact. (Observation, Differentiation) $9.99 Board Book, each

CAUTION! ROAD SIGNS AHEAD! Toni Buzzeo How much time do your little ones spend looking out the car window? Help them make sense of the signs and symbols they see with this hefty, colorful resource featuring cutout signs of all shapes and sizes. An easy way to begin teaching children about symbols. (Observation, Our World) $17.99 Large Board Book with Die-cut Signs

LET'S PLAY / VAMOS A JUGAR - Leo Lionni The new bilingual version of Lionni's classic " what should we do today?" story helps little listeners make connections between English and Spanish words while exploring all kinds of activities. You may just figure out what YOU should do today! (Language, Activity) $7.99 Board Book



With quiet, melodic rhymes and soft illustrations, You Belong Here is the perfect bedtime treasure to lull sleepy eyes closed. Using nature to explain that everything has a special place, we dare parents to try to keep a dry eye every time the poetic text repeats " I will always belong right here with you, and you'll always belong with me." (Family, Natural World) $18.95 Hardcover





Mandy Archer

Jill McDonald

Help kids learn basic concepts of protecting our planet by watching other children make good choices, like biking instead of driving or swapping toys rather than throw them away. (Environment)

From seed to sapling, flower to fruit, explore how apples grow, including anatomy diagrams and basic scientific terms just right for older toddlers. (Life Cycle, STEM)

$9.99 Board Book with Flaps

$7.99 Board Book



Jorey Hurley

Randi Sonenshine

Simple verbs paired with focused illustrations elegantly describe the complete cycle of the honeybee. With extra back matter for learning much more about these remarkable insects. (Life Cycle)

Lilting rhymes, in the tradition of The House That Jack Built, follow two wrens as they carefully construct their nest with found materials and await their hatchlings. (Natural World)

$17.99 Hardcover

$16.99 Hardcover


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art for littles

A PICNIC WITH MONET, A MAGICAL DAY WITH MATISSE, IN THE GARDEN WITH VAN GOGH, & DANCING WITH DEGAS A first introduction to the great Impressionists, these gentle board books position toddler-friendly text full of sounds, colors, and textures alongside famous works. (Art, The Senses) $6.99 Board Book, each $19.99 Boxed Set of 4

DON'T HUG DOUG - Carrie Finison Hugs just aren't Doug's jam. Begin to teach kids about consent and respecting others' boundaries with Doug's light and funny approach that helps them understand that different people just like different things ? and that's perfectly ok. (Consent) $16.99 Hardcover

COMPARROTIVES - Janik Coat Explore comparative adjectives in this substantial, oversize board book through the actions of a droll parrot who goes from silly to sillier (and brave to braver, and cold to colder...). With a sweet ending that finds him " happier" . (Language) $15.99 Board Book





Anne Wynter With glorious sound effects to read aloud, watch as everybody in the red brick building is awakened in the night...and then, one by one, soothed back to sleep. (Community)

Lu journeys through the week, finding patterns everywhere she goes. Seeking patterns themselves strengthens kids' abilities to make predictions and use reasoning skills. (Logic)

$17.99 Hardcover

$17.99 Hardcover



Little Hugo is intent on making it past the Impossible Thing, even though all his friends say he can't. A clear telling of the classic lesson: you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. (Determination)

Magic and whimsy join hands when animals take over a fair for themselves in the dark hours of the night. An enchanting wordless journey that encourages readers to interpret their own version of the story over and over. (Imagination)

$17.99 Hardcover


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Joyce Hesselberth

Gideon Sterer

$16.99 Hardcover

laugh-out-loud read alouds DU IZ TAK - Carson Ellis TOP Parents, bring your enthusiasm on this one! PICK! Kids will be in hysterics as you muddle your way through the gibberish (but totally sensical) language as a whole ecosystem of creative bugs wonders " Du iz tak?" (Imagination) $17.99 Hardcover

A VISITOR FOR BEAR - Bonny Becker Bear has a No Visitors policy, but that darn mouse just won't listen. Repetition, droll word choice, and exaggerated physical humor make this E.B. White Read Aloud award winner easy to read again and again. (Friendship) $7.99 Paperback

MEL FELL - Corey R. Tabor From the beloved author of Fox the Tiger, this 2022 Caldecott Honor book follows the first flight of a baby Kingfisher. Featuring a unique flipped layout and hilarious commentary from animal onlookers. (Confidence, Natural World) $17.99 Hardcover

OUR SKIN: A FIRST CONVERSATION ABOUT RACE Megan Madison, Jessica Ralli & Isabel Roxas A straightforward approach to teaching kids about race, this board book begins with skin color and grows with readers to address more complex topics like racism. Thorough back matter gives parents helpful language to talk to kids about identity, stereotypes, race, and activism. (Race & Racial Justice) $8.99 Board Book



Ages3-6 LISTEN - Gabi Snyder Simple observations encourage small ears to focus on intentionally taking in the sounds around them. Stephanie Graegin's illustrations burst with charming details and rich back matter helps explain the importance of listening for both ourselves and those we care about. (Mindfulness) $17.99 Hardcover

FRESH-PICKED POETRY: A DAY AT THE FARMERS' MARKET - Michelle Schaub Sunny poems filled with bright descriptions of the sights, smells, and tastes of farm-fresh goods will leave readers young and old dreaming of fresh honey and piles of produce and wishing it was market day. (Poetry, Environment) $7.99 Paperback

IN MY MOSQUE - M.O. Yuksel Learn about many of the common customs that take place inside a mosque from a child's enthusiastic and devoted perspective. With back matter that includes a glossary of terms and a list of some of the most famous and historic mosques around the world. (Cultural Heritage, Inclusivity) $17.99 Hardcover

WHAT'S IN YOUR POCKET? Heather L. Montgomery Many of the world's most famous scientists used to collect things in nature that they were curious about. Jane Goodall used to hide worms under her pillow! What do you collect? (Natural World) $17.99 Hardcover

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early readers


IF YOU COME TO EARTH Sophie Blackall If you had to explain our planet and people to someone from outer space, where would you start? A high level view of all the things that are universal ? and different ? about our human existence. (Natural World, Humanity)



David LaRochelle

David LaRochelle

$8.99 Hardcover

$18.99 Hardcover

The funniest early reader to come along in years. Don't miss it! $8.99 Hardcover

A PIG, A FOX, AND STINKY SOCKS Jonathan Fenske Root for Pig as sly Fox's tricks backfire again and again. $4.99 Paperback

LITTLE BEAR, LITTLE BEAR'S VISIT & FATHER BEAR COMES HOME Else Minarik & Maurice Sendak Rediscover the classic Little Bear stories in these three delightfully old fashioned installments with illustrations by Maurice Sendak. $4.95 each, Paperback $14.95 Boxed Set of Three





Nandini Ahuja

Christopher Danielson

Motivate little activists with a step-by-step, how-to example of advocating for a cause, like a community garden. Includes sample petitions, letters to politicians, and signs to help them find their voice. (Activism)

Put that math brain to the test with this totally captivating exploration of shapes. Simple on its face, but surprisingly sophisticated, it teaches that having a " why" is the most important part of answering a question. (Logic)

$16.99 Hardcover

$7.99 Paperback


GIRL ON A MOTORCYCLE - Amy Novesky The dazzling tale of the first woman to ride around the world on a motorcycle. A gorgeous lesson on the beauty of our world, the people in it, and the power of resilience. (Independence, Cultural Diversity) $17.99 Hardcover

"She listens to the road. And the road says, Vas. Go." 12 Shop online at

learn cool stuff HORSE POWER - Jennifer Thermes Trace the impact of horses on humans and our society from hunting on the North American plains and carrying mail in the Roman Empire to street sweeping and pulling fire engines. With colorful illustrations, maps, and fact-filled sidebars. (Natural World) $18.99 Hardcover

WHAT'S INSIDE A FLOWER? Rachel Ignotofsky A beautifully diagrammed exploration of the anatomy and science of flowers, with a modern vintage that gives readers plenty of visual details to pore over. (Natural World) $17.99 Hardcover

CURIOUS ABOUT CROCODILES Owen Davey The latest installment of Davey's " About Animals" series covers all the juicy details of crocodile behavior and biology (did you know they can live to be more than 100 years old?) and features his bright, minimalist illustrations. (Natural World) $19.99 Hardcover



A truly mind-blowing study in progressive comparisons ? a giraffe vs. the tallest skyscraper vs. the highest peak vs. the deepest space ? Jason Chin's visual descriptions of relative size will forever change your perspective on the vastness of our world, our galaxy, and beyond. (Natural World) $18.99 Hardcover

HELLO EARTH!: POEMS TO OUR PLANET - Joyce Sidman With short, accessible poems on subjects like volcanoes, the movement of continents, and giants of the sea, this collection leads readers through feelings of awe and responsibility for our great planet. Includes extensive back matter. (Natural World) $18.99 Hardcover



Ages6-9 great series to get hooked on THE YEAR OF BILLY MILLER & BILLY MILLER MAKES A WISH Kevin Henkes Billy Miller is finally back in this Newbery Honor series about a sweet 2nd-grade boy navigating all the worries and conundrums that come with elementary school. (Confidence, Family) $7.99 Paperback/$16.99 Hardcover

PETER & ERNESTO Graham Annable Peter and Ernesto are friends, but they couldn't be more different. Can Ernesto enjoy adventuring in the world alone ? and can Peter stop worrying about him from the safety of their tree? An early introduction to graphic novels for graduates of Elephant & Piggie. (Friendship, Individuality, Confidence) $18.99 or $17.99 each, Hardcover

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ELLIE, ENGINEER - Jackson Pearce Ellie's toolbelt is never far away and she loves using her math skills to engineer pranks on the boys next door. Every year she designs a spectacular birthday present for her best friend Kit ? but will this year's project turn out as planned when she enlists others to help? (STEM) $7.99 each, Paperback

SHE PERSISTED - Various Authors A chapter book series positively exploding with new titles on famous, courageous women and the adversity they overcame through hard work and persistence. With eight more installments expected in 2022, young readers will be riveted by the determination of pioneers and visionaries like Sally Ride, Sonia Sotomayor, Maria Tallchief, Coretta Scott King, and Malala Yousafzai. (Resilience, Confidence) $5.99 each, Paperback

WAYS TO MAKE SUNSHINE & WAYS TO GROW LOVE Renee Watson Even when life throws curveballs, Ryan Hart is determined to make the best of it. Chapter after chapter, she tackles setbacks head on with an attitude that shines. (Resilience, Positivity) $7.99 Paperback, $16.99 Hardcover



Ages9-12 THE HATMAKERS - Tamzin Merchant Five feuding Maker families, a royal conspiracy, and a master Hatmaker lost at sea set up a wildly fun and adventure-filled fantasy. (Imagination, Friendship) $18.95 Hardcover

THE LION OF MARS - Jennifer L. Holm 11-year-old Bell has lived his whole life on Mars, but when all of the adults fall ill, will he finally learn why his colony is so isolated ? and be brave enough to save it? (Loyalty, Independence) $16.99 Hardcover

A WHALE OF THE WILD - Rosanne Parry Young orca Vega is destined to become the matriarch of her pod, but when she and her brother are separated from their family, she must find the courage to lead against the dangers of the ocean. (Leadership, Natural World) $7.99 Paperback

TAKE BACK THE BLOCK Chrystal D. Giles When a real estate developer makes an offer for Wes Anderson's neighborhood, no one can agree on the right thing to do. Can Wes find his voice to save The Oaks? (Racial Justice, Activism)

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$16.99 Hardcover

amazing ecosystems




Jude Isabella

Katherine Applegate

When all the wolves in Yellowstone were hunted, the elk population exploded, the trees and plants died, and winding streams became deep and straight. How could one species have such an enormous impact on an ecosystem? (Natural World)

Willodeen has never quite fit in, but when the Hummingbears begin to disappear from her village, she'll need to rely on new friends and stand up to adults to protect the animals she's come to love and respect. (Environment)

$18.99 Hardcover Picture Book

$16.99 Hardcover



Kate Albus

When William, Edmund, and Anna are evacuated to the countryside during the war, they find their new hosts not very welcoming (and full of nasty tricks!), but their plucky attitudes, senses of humor, and discovery of the wonderful town library offer comfort and escape. The most charming release of 2021! (Resilience, Empathy, Family) $17.99 Hardcover

DA VINCI'S CAT - Catherine Gilbert Murdock When Bee discovers a time-traveling wardrobe in her neighbor's house, she heads back to the Renaissance ? and befriends young duke Federico and master artist Raphael ? to solve the mystery of who painted her portrait more than 500 years ago. (Art, History) $17.99 Hardcover



Ages9-12 MY CORNER OF THE RING - Jesselyn Silva Jesselyn Silva (aka " Jesszilla" in the ring!) started boxing when she was just seven and is determined to make it to the Olympics in 2024. Full of guts and determination, Jess battles it out in a male-dominated sport to prove she belongs and chase her biggest dreams. (Perseverance) $17.99 Hardcover

SPACEMAN - Mike Massimino The inspiring story of Mike Massimino, who always wanted to be an astronaut and worked tirelessly to reach his dream ? even after being turned down three times by NASA! Cheer him on as he finally lands a spot on two missions to repair the Hubble Telescope and becomes the first astronaut to tweet from space. (Perseverance, Science) $7.99 Paperback


A WISH IN THE DARK - Christina Soontornvat After Pong escapes from the Thai (inspired) prison where he was born, he goes on the run in the nearby mountains, but the warden's young daughter, Nok, will stop at nothing to bring him to justice. When Pong discovers that life outside the walls isn't what he expected, can he change Nok's mind about what justice means? Magical realism at its most brilliant. (Social Justice) $8.99 Paperback

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BORN BEHIND BARS - Padma Venkatraman Kabir has only ever known life in prison. After he's released, will he be able to survive on the streets of Chennai? And can he track down his long-lost grandparents and find a way to free his mother from being imprisoned for a crime she didn't commit? (Social Justice, Family) $17.99 Hardcover


AAPI perspectives COUNT ME IN - Varsha Bajaj Karina would never consider being friends with her neighbor Chris; he hangs out with the most obnoxious group of guys. But after her grandfather is attacked by a stranger for being Indian-American, Chris ? whom Papa has been tutoring ? helps her mastermind a social media strategy to bring her community together and celebrate what it means to be an American. (Inclusivity) $7.99 Paperback

PRAIRIE LOTUS - Linda Sue Park When half-Chinese Hanna and her white father travel to Dakota Territory for a new start, she dreams of following her heart, getting an education, and becoming a dressmaker. But the prejudice she faces from the new townspeople might just steal her dreams out from under her ? and thwart any hope she has of making friends. (Racial Justice, History) $16.99 Hardcover

BROTHER'S KEEPER - Julie Lee With war unfolding in 1950, 12-year-old Sora's family begins a long and dangerous escape on foot from North to South Korea. But when a bombing separates them from their parents, will Sora be able to protect her 8-year-old brother and help him journey hundreds of miles alone? (Resilience, History) $17.99 Hardcover



Ages12-14 TOP PICK!

ECHO MOUNTAIN - Lauren Wolk Ellie's family has left town behind to start over on Echo Mountain. With her father in a coma from an accident felling trees, Ellie seeks out the help of the feared woman who lives alone at the top of the mountain ? and learns that she isn't quite who she seems. (Friendship, Independence, Persistence) $8.99 Paperback

PAX & PAX, JOURNEY HOME Sara Pennypacker Pax the red fox and his boy Peter return in a sequel to the NY Times bestselling Pax. After being separated for more than a year, the two friends' paths cross again as they each strike out on a journey of healing: Peter to save the war-torn land and Pax to save his kit. (Friendship, Hope) $8.99 Paperback, $17.99 Hardcover

STARFISH - Lisa Fipps A well-deserved 2022 Printz Award Honoree! Ellie has always been bullied about her weight, even by her mom. She's gotten along by following her own Fat Girl Rules that limit her exposure to ridicule and criticism ? but they also force her to hide the things that make her special. Her new neighbor Catalina sees those special things. Can she help everyone else see them, too? (Body Image, Bullying) $17.99 Hardcover

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FLIGHT OF THE PUFFIN - Ann Braden Four middle schoolers in Seattle and Vermont are dealing with tough stuff: bullies, families that don't accept them, homelessness, and misguided efforts to maintain a hurtful status quo. Can one's small gestures of kindness bring them all to a new understanding of what it means to walk in another's shoes? (Empathy, Inclusivity) $17.99 Hardcover

stunning novels in verse AMBER & CLAY - Laura Amy Schlitz This truly unique blending of history, mythology, and fantasy brings slave Rhaskos and high-born Melisto together in a captivating quest to set the former free. This dramatic tale is unlike anything you've ever read before. A good stretch for the muscles of the mind! (Friendship, Mythology, Philosophy) $22.99 Hardcover

OTHER WORDS FOR HOME - Jasmine Warga When Jude moves to Cincinnati with her mother to escape the Syrian regime, she throws herself into the American culture she's always admired. But despite the welcoming arms of her extended family, Jude learns that building a new home and figuring out her place in it will take more courage than she expected. (Inclusivity, Cultural Diversity) $7.99 Paperback

WHITE ROSE - Kip Wilson


A fictionalized recounting of the real White Rose resistance movement, created by German student Sophie Scholl and her brother to undermine Hitler and the Nazis. Filled with harrowing missions, intense secrecy, and the ultimate consequences. (Courage, Justice) $9.99 Paperback



Ages12-14 ALL THIRTEEN - Christina Soontornvat In 2018, 12 young soccer players and their coach became trapped in a Thai cave by rising floodwaters. Seventeen days later, with thousands of rescuers on hand, every single one was dived to safety. This 2021 Newbery honor title recounts the daring tactical efforts, military interventions, and sheer courage that kept the boys alive and brought them home. (Resilience, Hope)


$24.99 Oversize hardcover

WOLFPACK - Abby Wambach The soccer great's famous commencement speech ? now adapted for young readers ? shares critical lessons on leadership, gratitude, ambition, and creating your own path from her wildly successful, decades-long career. $16.99 Hardcover

"Their victory is your victory. Celebrate with them. Your victory is their victory. Point to them."

22 Shop online at

THRILL SEEKERS: 15 REMARKABLE WOMEN IN EXTREME SPORTS Ann McCallum Staats Prepare to be blown away when you learn about some of the wild thrill-seeking these women are pursuing. Flying over an active volcano in a wingsuit?! Scuba diving into an iceberg?! Running 250 miles in 60 hours?! Go get 'em, ladies! (Perseverance, Courage) $16.99 Hardcover

WARRIOR DOG - Joe Leyden & Will Chesney The true story of the deep partnership and rigorous training of military dog Cairo and his tough Navy SEAL handler, Will Chesney, leading up to the ultimate secret assignment: helping take down Osama Bin Laden. (History, Military) $19.99 Hardcover

FALLOUT - Steve Sheinkin A master of fascinating nonfiction, Sheinkin traces the furious Cold War race between the United States and the Soviet Union to build the biggest superbombs, plant the most spies, conquer the space frontier, and become the world's dominant power. A 2022 Sibert Award Honoree. (History) $19.99 Hardcover

MURDER ON THE BALTIMORE EXPRESS Suzanne Jurmain A real-life thriller tracking the first assassination plot against Lincoln by the Knights of the Golden Circle. Find out how Detective Allan Pinkerton discovered their nefarious plan and thwarted it to save our 16th president. (History) $17.99 Hardcover



Family must-own award winners CHARLOTTE'S WEB - E.B. White No library ? or childhood ? is complete without a visit to Zuckerman's barnyard. Watch the friendship between Wilbur the pig and Charlotte the barn spider blossom as she hatches a plan to spare him from his expected fate. (Friendship, Natural World, Ages 7 and up) $8.99 Paperback

MRS. FRISBY & THE RATS OF NIMH Robert C. O'Brien Mrs. Frisby is desperate to move her mouse family's home out of danger, but her youngest son is terribly sick in bed and simply can't be moved. Enter the Rats of NIMH? a highly evolved colony of former lab subjects? and a dangerous plan that might just save them all. (Family, Loyalty, Courage, Ages 9-12) $8.99 Paperback

NUMBER THE STARS - Lois Lowry When 10-year-old Annemarie's family takes in her best friend, Ellen Rosen, she realizes her parents' role in the Danish resistance against Nazi Germany. When the plan to smuggle Ellen's family out of the country runs into trouble, Annemarie is called to be braver than she's ever been in the face of terrific danger. (History, Ages 10-12) $8.99 Paperback

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Kobi Yamada

Jason Bittel

A beautifully simple lesson about the power and necessity of failure and the rewards of perseverance. As good at encouraging new grads and adults as it is kids. (Resilience)

Did you know that bees dance to tell each other where to find the best flowers? Or that caterpillars throw up on attackers to scare them away? An endlessly fascinating treasury of facts about more than 100 animals and how they communicate. (Natural World)

$16.95 Hardcover Picture Book

$24.99 Hardcover




Kate Siber

Will Gater

Siber is back with a bucket list for kids, featuring one awesome activity (and tons of cool trivia) for each state, like snorkeling a rainbow reef in Florida or sledding down giant sand dunes in New Mexico.

Sunspots, star clusters, and nebula, oh my! DK takes us deep into the universe with this encyclopedic look at all the wonders on the other end of our telescopes and space missions. (Natural World)

$30.00 Hardcover

$19.99 Hardcover



Activity CONSTELLATIONS FOR KIDS Kelsey Johnson This introduction to 23 constellations and the best time to see them ? alongside facts, myths, and easy tricks for finding your way ? is an essential companion for young stargazers. (Ages 7-10) $9.99 Paperback

THE ULTIMATE TRAVEL JOURNAL FOR KIDS Rob Taylor Put even more fun in your next trip with this journal to record four separate trips, filled with unique prompts to capture favorite experiences, preparation activities like a packing list word scramble, and open pages for scrapbooking or free writing. (Ages 7-9) $8.99 Paperback

IF YOU GO DOWN TO THE WOODS TODAY - Rachel Piercey Adorable critters abound in this delightful seek-and-find set deep in Bear's magical woodland home. With backmatter suggesting small outdoor activities for all ages. (Ages 4-7) $19.99 Hardcover

26 Shop online at

MILK BAR: KIDS ONLY - Christina Tosi Tosi is famous for her wild creativity in the kitchen and now she turns her attention to teaching the littlest chefs that breaking the rules in the kitchen can have spectacular results. Featuring out-there recipes like Popcorn Shakes and Corn Dog Waffles ? with pictures that will make kids' eyes pop out of their heads ? alongside more mainstream delights like Banana Crunch Bread and Strawberries & Cream Cupcakes. (Ages 8 and up) $22.99 Paperback

EASY PEASY GARDENING FOR KIDS Kirsten Bradley A beautiful and thorough primer that will have any budding green thumb off to the races, no matter the climate. From terrariums to indoor veggie gardens and beyond, this excellent read includes critical steps like how to save seeds, attract pollinators, and even evaluate soil. (Ages 6-11) $19.95 Hardcover

NEW! INVITATION TO DRAW: 99 DRAWING PROMPTS TO INSPIRE KIDS' CREATIVITY Jean Van't Hul With tear-out pages and open-ended prompts (think: a blank cake for decorating or a challenge to design the coolest robot), you'll be amazed how simple questions can inspire hours of creativity. (Ages 6-9) $19.95 Paperback

LEARN TO LETTER WITH LUNA THE LLAMA Chalkfulloflove From sidewalk chalk drawings to posterboard school projects, fun lettering is a great way to make things beautiful and express your creativity. Learn new alphabets and styles and use the practice pages to improve your strokes. (Ages 9 and up) $18.99 Paperback



Parents NO FILTER: THE INSIDE STORY OF INSTAGRAM Sarah Frier The meticulously documented tale of the meteoric rise of a little photo-sharing app from a tiny startup to a billion-dollar Facebook acquisition with a target on its back. With exclusive details from founders, employees, and insiders. $18.00 Paperback

THE BODY: A GUIDE FOR OCCUPANTS Bill Bryson Allow yourself to be guided on a weird and fascinating tour through the miracle that is your body as no one but Bill Bryson can. Filled with mind-blowing facts, you'll be reminded just how lucky we are to spend our days in this marvelously designed shell. $17.00 Paperback

EMPIRE OF PAIN - Patrick Radden Keefe From its first successful venture in Valium to the marketing of 35-billion-dollar painkiller OxyContin, the Sackler family has built their legacy on the back of a public health crisis. Revealing details of a lavish life filled with grand estates, art collections, and an unscrupulous approach to the law, Radden Keefe uncovers the lengths to which one of the richest families in the world will go to protect their dynasty. $32.50 Hardcover

28 Shop online at

buzzy fiction TOP PICK!




Maggie Shipstead

Anthony Doerr

Colson Whitehead

The epic life story of a daring, disappeared female pilot and the contemporary actress slated to portray her on screen a century later.

1400s Constantinople, 20th- century Idaho, and 2146 space exploration connect in Doerr's adventurous, hopeful novel.

A botched 1960s Harlem heist draws an upstanding furniture dealer into a moral struggle against his family's criminal roots.

$28.95 Hardcover

$30.00 Hardcover

$28.95 Hardcover




Peter Heller

Andy Weir

A wild thrill ride deep in the Colorado wilderness, where a luxury fly fishing resort delivers a far more disturbing experience than its 5-star promises.

A lone spaceman, a critical mission, and an existential threat to humankind. This is desperation in space as only Weir can write it.

$27.00 Hardcover

$28.99 Hardcover

Amor Towles Two brothers ride the rails cross country in pursuit of a fresh start ? and their stolen car ? in this portrait of '50s America. $30.00 Hardcover

Shop t he ent ire New York Times best seller list online at bright st nyt !

Parents TOP PICK!



Michelle Zauner

Ann Patchett

Korean-American indie rocker Zauner (of Japanese Breakfast) draws a wrenching portrait of loss, heritage, and the power of food to bring us together following the death of her Korean mother.

Patchett is at her absolute best in her latest set of essays. At once straightforward and yet extraordinarily moving, her reflections build a rich picture of the moments that truly make a life worth living.

$26.95 Hardcover

$26.99 Hardcover

THE BIGGEST BLUFF Maria Konnikova This is not a book about poker strategy. It IS a book ? and a riverting one at that ? about the fine line between chance and skill in our fortunes and whether human nature might just trump math and statistics after all. $17.00 Paperback

30 Shop online at

NOBODY WILL TELL YOU THIS BUT ME Bess Kalb Comedy writer Kalb (Jimmy Kimmel) shares the loving, acerbic, long distance relationship she shared with her firecracker grandmother through laugh-and-cry voicemails and family interviews in this new-style memoir. $16.00 Paperback

HOW TO RAISE AN ADULT Julie Lythcott-Haims Helicopter parents take note: Lythcott-Haims reveals the pitfalls of overparenting (and shares empathy for the desires that drive it) and offers smart alternatives to help children make mistakes, develop resilience, and build lives filled with competence and fulfillment. $17.99 Paperback

GMORNING, GNIGHT: LITTLE PEP TALKS FOR YOU AND ME - Lin-Manuel Miranda The cheeriest little book of encouragements and pick-me-ups from the master of words himself. Drawn from his pre-Hamilton twitter musings, it's the perfect nightstand companion or gift for anyone who needs a reminder of their own awesomeness. $22.00 Hardcover


BIOGRAPHY Laurie Woolever A lovingly crafted, candid portrait of beloved ? and tortured ? chef and travel guru Anthony Bourdain, compiled by longtime collaborator Laurie Woolever from interviews with nearly 100 of his closest friends and colleagues in the kitchen. $29.99 Hardcover

ONCE UPON A CHEF: WEEKNIGHT/WEEKEND Jennifer Segal Get to know professionally trained chef Jenn through 70 all-new, can't-miss recipes, plus 30 fan favorites from her popular blog for both easy-to-execute weeknight dishes and sumptuous weekend feasts. Filled with such mouthwatering photos, it'll be difficult to decide what to try first. $32.50 Hardcover



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