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GASOLINE out  on  10th  September  on  all  digital  platforms     ‘ANTHEM’  the  debut  album  out  on  Monday  24th  September   ‘Lead  single  Tell  Her  You  Love  Her,  is  a  big  powerful  blast  of  pop  rock,  up  there  with  anything  coming  out  of  the  States.    It’s  a  truly  global  edgy  sound  they  have  created.            Jim  Gellatly  –  The  Scottish  Sun    

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GUY LLOYD’S.. BOOKING A CELEB ..BLOG ABOUT STUFF AND NONSENSE He came. He saw. He read out the bingo numbers and cleaned out the green room of all alcoholic beverages. But we loved him. Keith otherwise known as the actor Ewen MacIntosh (but I called him Keith all night) - was our star turn at Celebrity Bingo this year and he did a great job. Difficult following in the footsteps of Dot Cotton from last year but everybody’s favourite accountant pulled it off; everyone had a great time and we raised lots of money for charity. That was all I wanted.

the key is getting someone quirky but on the cheap (no offence Keith). We were offered celebs but I wasn’t prepared to pay £1,000 for someone from TOWIE. I don’t even know what that stands for. We had quite a hit list: Brian Blessed, Chris Biggins, Barbara Windsor, Tom Baker all featured but as I was turned down by each and every one of them, for various different reasons ranging from the money to ‘they’re away at the moment’, we started to edge towards the dreaded D-list. Now I’ve got nothing against the D-list. It kind of works for this night but when they start turning you down, you know you’re in trouble. Getting the knock back from Pat Sharpe and Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards was a particularly bad day. In the end though, we got Keith and I was delighted. We befriended each other on Facebook a while ago and all he wanted was travel expenses and an overnight hotel… plus lots of beer. He was a delight and very easy to work with and that made my life much easier and the night a huge success. I’m pleased to say, I’ve already confirmed next year’s celebrity bingo caller and no, it’s not Pat Sharpe. We’re not speaking anymore.. (Call me Pat, if you’re reading this!)

‘66...Clickety Click.’ You wouldn’t believe how hard it is booking a celebrity for this kind of thing. Bearing in mind we were charging a fiver on the door and wanted to raise as much money for charity as possible, 4

Catch Guy’s blog at: Twitter:

PAPERFACES Paperfaces, our first feature cover band has certainly been up to a lot since the first issue of Brighton Unsigned. Since then, their bassist Chris Baigent has left the band and Paul (drummer) and Marie (front woman) jetted off to Thailand again to work on new material and gig around the country. Now, with finding new band members, Paperfaces are invited back again to give the heads up. How was it to spend that break in Thailand away from Britain? It was amazing and just what we needed; we travelled all over the country, met up with lots of my old musician friends, my old Thai bass player called Sunny Jakkapan who joined our line up in the North of Thailand. And in Bangkok we joined forces with my former lead guitarist and co-song writer Joe Cummings. (left to right – Nicolai, Paul, Marie, Joe Cumming) We played gigs across the country and met so many people and fellow musicians who stood in for us while we played a set of PaperFaces songs mixed with The Tonic Rays songs (my former band in Thailand) and a few covers to get the party going. It was also great not to have to go to our day jobs for two months, partying every night and laying in every morning. The pace is so much slower in Thailand and you never feel bad for ‘taking it easy’.

what we were looking for. Over the past few months he has been learning all of our original bass parts and also adding in some of his own riffs. He has even started writing some bass parts for our new songs. His first full band gig with us will be on 15th August at the Brunswick in Hove. So losing Chris did set us back a little but we are back on track again. So how has the line-up of Paperfaces changed in the aftermath? Right now we have three permanent members: Paul Moseley (drums) James Storer (bass) and me, Marie Dance, on lead vocals and rhythm guitar. We sometimes perform nice acoustic sets, as a three-piece, of our stripped back sound but when we want to play full band gigs we use session musicians who have been learning our songs over the past few years and always stand in for us when we need them. We are now looking for a permanent lead guitarist/harmony singer and a saxophone player. Until we find the right people we will carry on writing songs as a three-piece and playing gigs with our session players. Anything coming up for the remainder of 2012?

How has it helped you musically?

We have a couple of gigs coming up:

It helped Paul and I to really focus. It was great playing with so many different people in Thailand but we are also both big perfectionists and we couldn’t wait to get our band reformed and start working on our songs again. We came back with a fresh determination to get tighter and ready to start gigging again with a new solid line-up.

- 15th August at the Brunswick in Hove - 21st August at Arundel Festival at 4pm on the main stage

Unfortunately the bassist (Chris) left the bed shortly before departing, how did this affect the band? We were very sad to see Chris go; it was the end of an era but a fresh start for Paul and I to strip things back to basics and really work on our sound again. As soon as we returned from Thailand we started advertising for a bass player. We held a few auditions and not before long we met James Storer whose personality and playing style was just

We are spending lots of time rehearsing with our new bass player and writing lots of new songs. We have also joined a fund-raising website called Sellaband where fans can buy our debut album before we have even recorded it. You need to go to and become a believer in Marie Dance. We hope to raise enough money to be able to start recording our first ever album by the summer of 2013. To audition for PaperFaces please contact Marie on 5




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Marcus Irving






As the lights came up at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar for the main act, our 4-piece started with readings and a musical background from an early Rollins Band influence. Melancholy Refused kicks in with hints of Pitchshifter as the first tracks further progressed.

Their cover of ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ drilled home what this band are about… bringing the 80’s firmly into the modern world. After all, it’s an era that everyone should have the privilege of fully enjoying, especially live.

For a band that show buckets of passion and fun in their live performance, it’s a shame that few were there to help excel the party atmosphere they were creating. But for those that were there, ‘You to Lose’ was Dollface’s answer to ‘She Sells Sanctuary’. Played live with punch and a mighty vocal, the trio had an easy but dominant stage presence.

As read as a poem or a story with its structure, a breakdown of further meaning carried as the accelerated rhythm brings the conflict of the literature, giving us hints of mid to late nineties hardcore metal with synth darkness and bare snare drum to match the dance vibe that has the audience moving. Throughout the performance there is an emphasis to promote the language used in what seems to be this developing story, with stop-starts of musical intensity as a pause in-between chapters as each track ends and a new one commences. Some of the pauses in songs come across as Interpol as they change tone in earlier days with fast rocky sound of Far referencing the change in mood maybe as an aid to get parts of the stories point of view across. As the band exit for their outro we are left with a truly literal end to keep the audience on a knife edge of what approach will take place on the next gig...

Dollface. Not an all-female quartet as first expected, but an all-male trio hailing from Brighton, which, believe me, is an offbeat surprise when you’ve psyched yourself for something along the lines of the Spice Girls (a pre-gig research fail on my part!). Instead, this trio took the audience back to the 80’s with their addiction-laced power pop. Think The Cult. Think The Buggles. And voila: you’ve got Brighton’s Dollface, a band as vibrant as fluorescent yellow leg warmers.

Samsara is a Brighton born reggae band made up of six guys who cannot help but exude an ultra cool vibe, of which dreadlocks and Trilby hats are part and parcel. The group consists partly of vocalist and acoustic guitar player J. Levitsky, Andy Aruldoss on electric guitar/keys and vocals, James Lambeth on bass/vocals and Stan Stanley on drums. But it’s the brass section with saxophonist Alex Crane and Crusoe Weston on the trumpet, however, who manage to give each song that extra depth and – quite frankly – cool factor. This band has certainly been getting around, supporting The Wailers, Pama International, Bedouin Soundclash, Zion Train and The Dub Pistols, as well as performing at various UK festivals, including Glastonbury. Their E.P., ‘The Great Unravelling’, is an enchanting eight-track album that was released in November 2009. The lyrics are courtesy of the band’s very own J. Levitsky. Although Samsara has its own unique sound, each song still manages to offer something different. ‘No Man’s an Island’ from their E.P. ‘The Great Unravelling’, with its classical intro that soon gives way to reggae beats, offers a feel very distinct to ‘Thief in the Night’ from their first E.P. ‘Full Circle’, with its sexy saxophone solo part way through. The group toy with listeners, ensuring that they won’t know what’s coming next, a highly charged energetic song such as ‘Mescalito’ or the enigmatic sounds of ‘Row Row’.Listeners could find themselves dancing like mad one moment and in a dreamlike state the next. Some of my personal favourites… No Man’s An Island


Thief in the Night

This tune begins with classical music and a distorted voice, as if from an old radio. The saxophone, followed by the electric guitar that echoes its catchy riff, soon breaks into these curious sounds. Throughout this lively song, the ‘radio’ cuts back in and out creating an almost eerie effect.

This track opens with a sambaesque drumbeat, followed by the addition of brass instruments that resemble a far off horn and vocals similar to a war-like call. The likeness to a tribal ceremony comes across in this opening and results in anticipation for what is to follow. As the tune unfolds, Samsara do not disappoint; whilst the build-up creates that all important expectation of great things to come, the song maintains high energy throughout and is a great one for crazy dancing. The lyrics “tonight we’ll dance with chaos” almost act as a prediction for any audience’s night to come.

With its bassy beginning, this track from their first E.P. immediately signifies an easy-going vibe that the listener can really get into.The brass is particularly prominent in this extremely chilled tune, but it has to be said that the sax solos are what make this song so soulful.

Check out their very latest EP ‘Good Omens’ @ By Sasha Flatau



recently spent £5k on a new PA kit and a further £2k on lighting system and accessories. That is my commitment to the bands, to give them the best experience possible.” “So why the name ‘Zooberon’?” we asked Mark. “I get asked that a lot,” he grins. “It’s a lyric from a Toyah Willcox song called ‘Ieya’. Far from just being the 80’s pop star that the media pigeon-holed her into; her singing career is still going strong, constantly touring, with over 20 individual studio albums to her name. When Toyah sings ‘Ieya’ the audience erupts into a dancing frenzy. Her passion, energy and connection with her audience

Mark Stack, the creator of Zooberon, is one of the latest promoters of real music in Brighton, providing talents from the local area as well as other bands and artists from other cities. Providing venues with free entry in large pubs, to maximise the regulars and helping new people to check out the new sounds. audience if they don’t feel relaxed, wanted and buzzing Mark Stack is probably best known as the city’s most to play,” he says. “I’ve tried to create a night free of the popular quizmaster with his maverick take on what usual constraints that other venues put on a band. Not a pub quiz should be, turning it into an audio-visual that I’m knocking them, I just do it differently with my spectacle with the emphasis concentrated on being usual unusual twist. I don’t want bands only playing to fantastic fun. With several quizzes dotted around the the fans of that night’s acts. I want to introduce them to city, his flagship quiz at The Station pub, Hove is the a new audience to convert into fans… and a large pub city’s biggest weekly pub quiz, with typically over 100 full of them at that. That’s why there is no door charge people playing (table reservation recommended - call at Zooberon - let the general public see them.” 01273 733660). Last year the next phase of Mark’s long term ambitions came to fruition With a limited budget Mark has promoting live music. “How can you expect a band to give their all for your audience if looked at other ways of making his nights attractive to musicians. The Mark started The Live Music they don’t feel relaxed, wanted nights are filmed in high definition, Zooberon in July 2011 at the and buzzing to play,” with a free copy given to each act. Seven Stars pub on Ship Street. Info about the bands is displayed on the pub’s television He’d spent the previous 18 months asking bands what screens. For Mark the night is about promoting talent they wanted from a promoter and venue and he was and being a stepping stone to help bands develop to shocked that the most common response was, “We bigger things. don’t want to be treated like shit!” and that was the key he was looking for. Mark is adamant that treating Sound is high on his priorities too. “I’m not a soundman bands with respect is fundamental for the success he’s had with Zooberon. nor pretend to be…” Mark admits, “… so I have respected professional soundmen to mix the sound. I’ve “How can you expect a band to give their all for your


is electrifying and using Zooberon to name my nights is both a tribute to her and a declaration that the nights I put on, are going to be exciting, uplifting and fun. I love the feedback synergy that can exist between a live band and its audience.. it’s such a buzz. Toyah is playing the last date of her current UK tour at the Concorde2 on 3rd November - if you want to understand what I’m trying to achieve with Zooberon go and see her there.” We at Brighton Unsigned might just do that. Catch Zooberon at the Sevens Stars pub, Ship Street - 1st and 3rd Fri every month!

How did you get about to putting together Simonne and the Dark Stars?

For a slightly unusual genre on the Brighton scene, where do your influences come from? Simonne: Maybe my work is more indefinable because of a cross pollination of influences that makes for an interesting outcome. One of my literary heroes, William S. Burroughs popularised the cut up in which text is cut up and rearranged to create a new text. My songwriting heroes David Bowie, Kurt Cobain & Thom Yorke used cut ups to write lyrics. I adopt a similar practice by taking out lines from my writings which have been influenced by Film Noir, literature such as works of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Anais Nin & Edgar Alan Poe plus poetry such as Lorca. Together with The Dark Stars we can bring this lyrical poetry to life with driving rhythm, which is likened to the Beat poets and my performance heroines Patti Smith and P.J. Harvey. Mark, of course also plays for Dead Whisky, which is a very different genre... does any influences from that enter your music? Mark: Obviously the lapslide bass is quite a unique thing so there are similarities but I try and play a very different style. With Simonne I can really pull back, hold the groove and accent the rhythm, whereas with Dead Whisky I’m

After only eight months, Simonne and the Dark Stars has already made their place in the Brighton music scene. Getting well known with their slightly unusual music genre, their name has turned into something of a local household name. Their identity of music involves dramatic and lyrical songs based on fictional storylines as well as personal experiences. It is no surprise of their quick popularity and of course, were invited to be part with Brighton Unsigned for this September issue. © Vanessa Lawrence

Simonne: I am fortunate to work with a number of talented musicians in Brighton, some of which are Dark Star guests: Gregg McKella on clarinet is frontman for Paradise 9, Andy Small on guitar, Nik Nimbus drummer for Here & Now and Jules Lawrence on saw and sax from Fat 45 & Sandy Dillon. I saw Mark Robbins play Dead Whisky supporting Steve Conti (New York Doll’s guitarist) at The Hope late 2011. I invited him to join me to form Simonne and The Dark Stars in February this year with the current line-up being Mark on bass, Billy Poole on drums, me on keys/vocals and then of course our guesting musicians.

family. Watch this space! Mark: I love playing in Brighton... there are so many good bands on the circuit (along with a lot of crap ones) that you get to discover some amazing acts like my current favourite Rotait who we’ve been lucky enough to play with on a few occasions. Billy: We have a very unique form of music and the great thing about Brighton is that you can play anything and be accepted, so being complemented by strangers who watch our gigs in Brighton is personally my favourite thing.

Simonne: Keep going! Never stop, imagining the impossibilities becoming possibilities! Mark: Get gigging, learn from the audiences, and never stop writing! Be open to comments and criticism but at the end of the day it’s your music so do what you want. Billy: Always practise whenever you can because no matter how good you think a song sounds, it can always be improved; also complimenting and helping sound technicians before a gig will always pay off big time What have you got coming up in the near future? (from September 1st onwards) 28th Sep @ Latest, Brighton Unsigned 13th Oct @ The Spice of Life, Soho London 16th Nov @ Seven Stars, Zooberon

right up the front driving the song. I find playing different genres and different styles pushes me and makes me a better musician. How does the Brighton scene treat Simonne and the Dark Stars? Simonne: For a band that has been on the scene for 8 months we have received a warm response from both Brighton audiences and promoters. Mark: Other bands, promoters, the radio and this magazine have all taken to us so quickly. There is a very friendly scene and people are generally happy to help each other out. Billy: The Brighton scene is great... you can find any genre of music so we fit in perfectly since we have our own unique sound which always gets shouting and cheers from every audience we play for. What are the stories behind the poetic and somewhat dramatic lyrics? Simonne: Loosely inspired by the Graham Greene novel, I wrote the song ‘Brighton Rock’ from Rose’s perspective. “You could have had it all” is her mantra as “Bullets rang out in the dark and ripped through the night sky in Brighton!” I feel the band provides the perfect blend of suspense and


Any advice for anyone who is just getting started in the music scene?

drama with the syncopated drumming and piano raising a glass to the dark cabaret of The Dresden Dolls. As a band, what are your best/favourite moments (anywhere that you’ve performed)? Simonne: Being photographed by Vanessa Lawrence from Ace Stories ( ushered in the band’s image. Vanessa’s work portrays the essence of our particular sound. In such a short space of time we have launched the band website created by our very own Mark! Mark: I’m generally more excited about the next gig rather than previous ones but one favourite is playing the Zooberon where Simonne was forced to stand whilst playing... it really changed the feel of the music. Billy: Best moments would always be the gigs... no matter how good we sound during practices playing in front of other people is always a great experience.

Thanks to the Lansdowne Place Hotel & Spa in Hove for providing a great location for the shoot without charge and to Vanessa Lawrence for providing such fantastic photogrpahy. Contact Vanessa at contactacestories@gmail. com for more information on her services.

What is your upmost favourite thing about playing in Brighton? Simonne: Sense of community with other performers.We are currently waiting for a guitarist to join the The Dark Star 11

VIDEO REVIEWS Dr Scardo – Leave Us Alone Produced by Major Minor Media, the video immediately shows of dire times. The introduction shows us the frontman of Dr Scardo and then a queue of people in a cemented location with Jobseekers Allowance application forms. This may as well be representing the worries and tough times of people today under the Tory government. So no one can deny that it is relating to real life today. The video also shows a familiar face, Tom Staniford (last month’s cover feature artist), as an actor pouring some rather murky tap water. The song itself is catchy and something to sing along to, a good representation to give you the idea of what they can do ‘live’. Of course this is a hint, get yourselves to go and see them soon! - JT Jacko Hooper – Too Far To Sea This is another example that a music video does not always need a creative plot or the like to make a good video. Clearly within the comfort of his own space, Jacko sings and play a song of somewhat loneliness and desire. The lyrics speak of only having yourself as company and missing out that person you desire. It’s only right that there is only Jacko in the video and no one else. The camera shots tend to focus on his body parts, highlighting moments of the lyrics such as “I’m left cradled in my imaginary arms”. It’s impressive and could leave you feeling emotional yourself. - JT Scribe–Tribe – Need Me A rather fun video, the video only has two scenes, one being of three girls and the other of the three guys of the band.This is perfect for the songs as the two sexes sing completely different parts of the songs but melds together in a catchy rhythm. The video would also give great insight into how the band would perform live on the stage, making it mightily tempting to turn up at one of their gigs. Keep a look out for this group, especially if you love this genre. - JT

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Jessica O’Loughlin





Flashing LED

genre: Alternative / Indie / Rock Alternative Indie Rock band The Consoles have been slowly gaining credibility and recognition on the local music scene since their first gig back in 2008 winning numerous competitions and playing local festivals. They have recently added to their list of accomplishments with a live slot on Juice FM along with an airing of their new E.P. Flashing LED.This three track recording is well deserving of radio play as it offers three uniquely different tracks that tie together nicely giving you a well-rounded sense of who this band really are. The four-piece have crafted such a distinctive sound that it becomes difficult to box them into a category. It could define the band down as follows: synth/keyboards like early Modest Mouse or Minus the Bear; rhythm and guitar like Vampire Weekend or Little Comets and base like Bombay Bicycle Club. Still the soft, melodic vocals and varied drumming patterns mixed with the creative use of the keyboards/decks set this band apart from their contemporaries. Easy-breezy summer fun vibes are audible on Feeling Alright; a tune that encapsulates the laid back beach-life of the South East with lyrics that praise ‘the sun in the sky’ and ‘friends by my side’. The intricate drumming patterns of Horizon provide an energetic, heavy base for the more rocky and attitude-driven vocals on this track. However, this song really brings together all the elements of the band - Flashing LED - from the harmonic slide guitar hooks to the dulcet keyboard and synth melodies. Driven by powerful drumming which utilises unique tempo changes, a trick that seems to characterise the band. This E.P. puts a stamp on the Consoles finely tuned style and reflects the years of experience they’ve earned.

theconsoles 14

Off On The Road

genre: Indie / Funk-Rap / Hop / Blues Half Crown’s new EP offering ‘Off On The Road’ opens with bundles of attitude as emcee Louie Syred raps a capella in a style reminiscent of old school 80’s rap pioneers, Afrika Bambaataa or Public Enemy. As the instruments kick-in, the song slips nicely into an upbeat ska melody, complete with brass instruments and a beat that’s impossible not to move to. The recitative style vocals are quintessentially British in both their accent and Artic Monkeys style delivery. The undeniably catchy chorus, with its woah-ohoh-ing and its memorable lyrics, mean you can’t help but smile as you listen to ‘Broken Man’. The E.P. continues in this up-beat manner with the slightly more laid back ‘Brighton to Barcelona’. The mixing of acoustic guitar with an RnB vibe, is audible on this track. However, the song cranks it up a gear towards the end with a ferocious rap and an explosion of instruments that the tame Sheeran would never pull off. ‘Off on the Road’ sees the band return to their more rock-driven roots, with distorted guitar hooks and vocals reminding one of the raspy yet harmonic tones of Chris Cornell. The E.P. comes full circle with the final track ‘Keep Up or Keep Out’ revisiting the ska vibes of the first track, this time coupled with a slightly reggae feel.The vocals are clean and strong with quirky lyrics you just can’t help memorizing. What ‘Off On The Road’ demonstrates is that Half Crown has grown a lot since I saw them live almost a year ago. They have refined their style, keeping their originality but at the same time becoming accessible to all and easily identifiable.


Dissonance genre: Indie

When I first begin to listen to Rough Citizen I am surprised that this one guy can do so much. His mellow dazy, melancholy tracks have hints of Slow Club and Bon Iver. The tracks ‘Wire Release Me’ and ‘Agent’ remind me of a more experimental hypnotic Jimmy Eat World during their album Bleed American. This guy has clearly been busy because his SoundCloud is full to the brim with chilled out tracks that would accompany any warm chilled-out summer evening. I like his experimentation with techno beats and old-school synthy vibrations; he’s like a one man M83. Moreover, his vocals accompany all these different noises so perfectly, his lyrics are a little cliché but his creative music compensates for this. ‘10,000 miles’ is full of eighties nostalgia and hypnotic Depeche Mode beats. It’s a shame, his sounds give me a Logic sample vibe, and I’d love to hear him experiment with existent instruments more as well as artificial beats. Rough Citizen’s work is an interesting melting pot of many different musical sounds with many different inspirations and vibes. He’s clearly a talented original, dedicated musician and artist. This guy deserves a good listening to.


genre: Heavy / Scuzzy / Surf Punk Rock This band has become pretty personal to me with their music reminding me of my youth…not in a patronising way, in a positive nostalgic reminiscent way. It makes me want to get messy, forget that I have stuff to do and errands to run. It makes me want to jump around. Recordings like this are meant to make the listener feel like they are there with the band, enjoying an intimate show. There is no doubt that this E.P. has this effect. The track ‘Mind Bottling’ has an energy that the majority of bands fail to depict, there’s definitely some Kyuss stoner rock influences in there. ’New Tricks’ has a filthy punky guitar and fuzzy enjoyable sounds. ‘’Habit’ is slow and hypnotising at the beginning but goes into an angry energetic climax and ‘Fat Collapse’ is more metal and heavy. They’ve got so much in this 4-track E.P. Furthermore, the music reeks of young aggression (in a respectable non-emo way) and the band members seem to have a kind of unison and tightness that a lot of bands don’t have. This E.P. is louder and more vigorous than the first. I’m listening to their tracks and wondering why the hell have I not seen this band live yet?

Ragweedrock 15 15

EP/ALBUM REVIEWS The Voyage Andromeda

Cindy Cheng

the move-ons!



Trip to Dover



Mark Chadwick, lead singer fr Brighton’s ‘The Levellers’, gives ad and insight from coming from unsig to signed...





They Thought The World Was Round genre: Alt Rock / Melodic The link to their E.P. online is open on my laptop screen and I like the artwork of ‘They Thought The World Was Round’. There’s an illustrated wooden boat against a deep blue background with a patchwork parachute soaring through the sky or gently floating with the waves – whichever your imagination fancies. The Cure meets You Me At Six at the beginning of ‘Don’t Drown Yourself’ with the inclusion of the former’s ‘Close To Me’-esque claps but harder and rockier. Despite belonging to the alternative field, ‘Don’t Drown Yourself’ is the perfect example of how The Voyage Andromeda’s tunes still manage to be upbeat and melodic, working alongside the crashing symbols and rapid guitar playing. ‘Years & Years’ is understated and quiet (mostly, until the emotive finish), and is beautiful. Keeping with the aerial/ nautical theme, it bears clever, honest lines and the heartfelt: “my second in command has always been you”. ‘I Will Never Sleep’ is an adrenaline rush with heavy instruments and urgent vocals and is one to jump around to as the blood rushes through your veins. ‘If My Heart Stops Beating’ is slightly on the theatrical side but adds something different to the bag, as does the sweet, acoustic ‘Heart To Follow, Shore To Find’ with its nod to Brighton’s coast. The Voyage Andromeda promise of musical adventure with their name, and with them you are given the opportunity to explore their takes of different forms of rock from folksy to alternative, from synthy to dramatic.



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genre: Rock

Throw both hands in the air, my feet onto the table and my back against the chair – this band can play. On ‘Stronger and a Winner’ there’s a mesmeric jingle from the percussions, melodic, powerful six-string work and enchanting harmonies perfectly nailed. It’s for the movers and shakers - and even if you’ve stayed sitting, simply taking in the rich, wonderful musicality and hints of the blues - your foot at least would certainly be tapping in time. Damo Best’s raspy “it’s not real” on ‘Cheap Thrills’ expresses the anger at the seeking for all things cheap and pleasurable. It bears a fuzzy breakdown at 1:39 – 1:45 minutes that lasts no longer than 6 seconds but it injects the song with a cool, unique and dynamic riff. The underwater guitar sound represents music that hasn’t been over-polished or laden with mechanical effects. Instead it ignites a hard, gritty feeling to pay homage to straight-to-tape-recording, rocking out to live bands in a smoky, sweaty venue and the passing out of rough demos rather than online downloads. Good old rock n roll. ‘Love Like Wine’ is the slowest of the three songs, with its delicate acoustics showcasing The Move-on’s diversity. But do not be fooled by the quirky, folkesque tones as the song consists of blunt lyrics such as “you don’t have to worry about whose cork you’re screwing” within moments of the opening chords… a play on words where wine exists as a euphemism. This band should be selling out venues big and small, shabby and grand. Make sure you take your place in the crowd, ensuring all gaps are filled.

Vegas and Berlin genre: Rock / Alternative / Electronics Having toured Europe and the USA, Trip to Dover is one of Brighton’s most ambitious 4-piece bands to emerge from the underground shadows in recent times, daringly mixing a combination of electronica, emo, grunge and rock. Their influences include Foo Fighters, Switchfoot, Chemical Brothers, Muse, Republica. The E.P. has 5 tracks with anthemic courses, bouncing melodies and passages of dark electronica and sorrowful emotion. ‘Bitter or Better’ opens with saddening acoustic guitar tones before the song’s topic is revealed through a vocal that sounds distrait and reflective as it pours out profound lyrics: “She’s all alone, since her daddy died when he was far too young to go, not yet thirteen she is too young to survive on her own”. This is a real contrast to the E.P.’s upbeat opening, ‘Where Was I’ – a pop synth track, the vocals scream Hayley Williams during the soaring choruses and the additive synth never lets up. ‘Be Juliet’ has an air of mystery, its synth resurrecting the moody 80s and industrial darkness This is a truly alternative rock record from a band that is renowned for a great live performance - keep an eye on those gig listings!




It’s been a year now and we bloody well made it! The bands you know and the bands you don’t, everyone is coming back to this special edition. Read their catch up and get to the Birthday gig in October featuring our cover bands. Celebrate it, with us, Brighton-style. Check out our new website with more details to follow:


extra cowbells to their hypnotic electronic haze as they take on one of the greatest bands of the last decade, disco-punk post-modernists, LCD Soundsystem. Quite how “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House” will sound after being circuit-bent, looped and generally melted remains to be seen, but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt this year it’s that Speak Galactic know what they’re doing.


Negative Pegasus at Bizarro World 6th October



Oh! My Head


It’s Stars In Their Eyes time again at Mrs Fizherberts as Bizarro World brings us a night like no other; four great Brighton bands playing in disguise as their musical heroes. The last Bizzaro World was a packed-out, sweaty success as we saw Soccer 96 reinvented as an electro-Led Zep and Negative Pegasus as a relentlessly brutal Creedence Clearwater Revival. October’s instalment looks set to continue the momentum, as another excellent batch of bands step up to pay homage to some of the greats. Kicking the night off this time, Cousin will be bringing a math-rock twist to the music of 90’s lo-fi slacker gods, Pavement. This instrumental three piece excel in extended wonky guitar workouts, not a million miles away from a Wowee Zowee interlude, and should take to the songs of Malkmus and co with ease.

Quite Great!

Tonight Matthew, Black Black Hills will become the babydangling, shape-shifting dead “King” of “Pop”, Michael Jackson. Although their swathes of clattering percussion and louche, Nick Cave-esque swagger may not immediately lend itself to the work of MJ, a darkly threatening electronic blues take on “Rockin’ Robin” is something that the world probably needs. Finally, we get Negative Pegasus tackling the rather extensive oeuvre of everyone’s favourite gravel-gargling avant-blues sexagenarian, Tom Waits. If their Credeence set at the last Bizarro World was anything to go by then you’ll have you work cut out playing spot-the-song beneath their pounding Neolithic drums and mountains of guitar noise. Blurring the boundaries between band and audience Negative Pegasus are never less than thrilling live, so elbow your way to the front for one of the most unique nights Brighton has to offer.for download through their Bandcamp site.


Next up, Speak Galactic will be adding

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Brighton Unsigned Magazine - September - Issue 11  

Brighton Unsigned covers all unsigned bands and artists around Brighton and beyond delivering the best of music talent you possibly never kn...

Brighton Unsigned Magazine - September - Issue 11  

Brighton Unsigned covers all unsigned bands and artists around Brighton and beyond delivering the best of music talent you possibly never kn...