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• B U Y O N L I N E N O W ! W W W. D B P E V E N T S . C O M • R a i s i n g F u n d s f o r B r i g h t o n S t u d e n t s ’ U n i o n , a r e g i s t e r e d n o t f o r p r o f i t c h a r i t y. N o 1 1 3 7 5 6 6 .







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4000 students 20 acts 14 nights 1 WRISTBAND






Welcome to Brighton Students’ Union (SU)

ABOUT US 03 Make the most of your membership 04 Welcome from your SU President 05 Your elected officer team 2013-14 07 SU officer contacts 08 Democracy

EVENTS & ACTIVITIES 17 Welcome to SU activities 18 Clubs and Societies 20 Volunteering 21 Sports 24 Raise & Give (RaG) 26 Media


27 29 30 32 34


35 36 38 39 39 40 41


Students’ Union support service Make it Happen Excellence Awards Course Reps Contraception & Sexual Health (CaSH)





Welcome to Eastbourne student life Eastbourne campus NUS Extra card Café-Bars on campus Online shop Student jobs on campus Campus life




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Freshtival 2013


the union 10







USEFUL INFORMATION Calendar of events Keep in touch Top tips Useful contacts




Welcome to Brighton SU We’re a community that develops, supports and works with our members to offer inspiring experiences

Find out more about us, visit: 2


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Welcome to Brighton Students’ Union








We’re always looking for opportunities to make student life exciting, easier, safer and more affordable for our members. This guide tells you more about the exclusive student benefits and services we create to help you make the most of your student life in Eastbourne.

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When you become a student at the University of Brighton you automatically become a member of Brighton SU and as a member you have access to a range of exclusive student benefits.




Societies: over 100 student societies covering a broad range of activities Sports Clubs: a range of sports clubs competing at all levels Fortnightly ebulletin: direct to your student inbox with all the latest student news, events and promotions Weekly nightclub events: at special student prices Student Social Space: campus spaces run by you and for you Free meeting rooms: for student societies/groups on all campuses

Parklife: recreational sport and exercise for fun and fitness Healthy student priced food options: at all SU Café Bars on campus Sexual health clinics and campaigns on all campuses Information: about responsible tobacco, alcohol and drug use Health services: accessible health services in Eastbourne

Academic advice: free, independent and confidential advice and support on any issue affecting your study ‘Training for Success’: Free workshops to enhance your study skills and sharpen your employability After hours: SU Café-Bars with extended opening hours to support library study Course Representatives: support, information, training and guidance for all Course Reps

Cost of Living Unicard: used in all SU outlets on campus NUS Extra card: discounts and benefits for just £12 per year Box office and online shop: promotions and discounts Halls, housing and tenancies: free independent advice on housing issues

Employability Enterprise and employability projects: with free student participation Student media: diverse student roles in radio, press and TV channels on campus Hands on experience: SU opportunities to gain experience in media, research and the voluntary sector ‘Make it Happen’: funding opportunities for students to develop community building, enterprise and learning projects Student campus jobs: across a range of services including shops, offices, café bars and much more


MakE the most of your membership

Leadership Student representation: opportunities to engage your peers Ethical & environmental campaigns: turning words into action National conference: represent Brighton SU at national conference SU awards & prizes: scheduled programmes throughout the year Annual networking conference: meet peers, experts and staff


Brighton SU President Candice Armah

Find out more about us, visit:






I’m Candice, your SU President for the upcoming year, and I’ve been elected to work as your full-time representative in order to ensure you get the most out of your time here at Brighton. Effective from now, you’re my boss. I, along with your four Vice Presidents, will be answering to you. The Students’ Union is a registered student charity set up to connect both you and the University – we work to make sure that your views and voice are heard. If you want to directly shape your experience, the best way to do this is to get involved.

Sign up to a sports team or a society, or even better, we’ll help you to start your own. Run for a course representative position and make a change on your course, start volunteering, or come to Union Council and get us to campaign on things you care about. These are just a few ways to make your time here really count. We’ll be working on loads of projects throughout the year (Wellbeing Week, accessible sports on campus, and the Summer Ball all come to mind) and campus representation is another one of our high priorities, so keep your eyes peeled and look out for us! Don’t forget, we’re working for you so make the most of us and keep in touch. Good luck with the year ahead and see you soon.

Maggie Garabedyan

VP Academic Affairs E @bsuacademic Hello everyone, I am the new Vice President Academic Affairs. I have just graduated from the University of Brighton and my degree is in Business Management with Marketing. I was elected by students as a full time officer and I am going to be working for students to ensure you all get a valuable University experience, receiving good enough support from University and staff. I will be aiming to solve some of the major academic issues that both undergraduate and postgraduate students face throughout their studies. The University should be an exciting experience, which enhances personal development, provides value for money and equal opportunities for all students, home or international, to perform.


SU officer team 2013/14

Paul Cooke

VP Campus & Communications @bsucampuscomms E Hello, my name is Paul Cooke and it is my role to oversee everything campus & communications related throughout our University, from our campuses in Brighton to Eastbourne, Hastings and our partner colleges throughout Sussex. My main aim this year is to increase the network of the University to create a wider community, for each student to thrive and have a fantastic, unique University experience. The work of a Students’ Union can have a very positive impact on a student’s University experience. I want to ensure that all students are aware of the role the SU has and encourage each student to have high levels of interaction with us. I am always keen to know students views and ideas so don’t hesitate to get in contact. Any issues let me know!

Fliss Newton

VP Wellbeing E @BSUVPWellbeing Hello everyone! My name is Fliss and I am your Vice President Wellbeing. This year my main aim is to ensure that all your wellbeing needs are being successfully met and that all relevant services and information, provided across all campuses, is accessible to all students. I plan to introduce information stalls, events and campaigns aimed at raising awareness and promoting positive change in a wide variety of areas, ranging from sustainability and housing to alcohol and drug use, as well as physical and mental health. I will also be working hard to ensure that the University celebrates diversity and encourages equality, in order to promote a safe and inclusive working environment for everyone. I would love for you to get involved and look forward to hearing any ideas you may have for campaigns or events, so feel free to come and find me for a chat! 5

Find out more about us, visit:



Holly Kavanagh VP Activities & Events


@BSUActivities E Hi, my name’s Holly Kavanagh and I’ve been re-elected as the VP Activities and Events for the coming year! There are some massive changes happening during Freshtival 2013 and throughout the following terms; we have huge acts, great venues and we’re shaking up our traditional events like the Holly Ball and Grad dinner. My remit covers sports, societies, volunteering, RaG and events; there’s so much to look forward to this year. We’re rebranding varsity, funding student led events, investing in accessibility sport, expanding our volunteer sector, funding and ratifying new societies and smashing our targets for RaG 2013/14. Our Freshtival programme is unique to each campus with a huge array of events, so get involved, memories from Freshers’ stick with you until you graduate! One piece of advice, get to know your campus by trying a society, sports team or volunteer opportunity, it’s the extra curricular activities which make your Uni experience! Please don’t hesitate to contact me or stop by the office! The Student Leadership Team is based at the Cockcroft Building, Moulsecoomb Campus. Brighton. Candice, Fliss, Paul, Maggie and Holly make regular visits to all campuses, check our website, facebook and twitter accounts for up to date information. Contact by email or phone 01273 643196 or just pop by the office for a chat!

Ever thought about working for your Students’ Union? We are recruiting enthusiastic students to work in our Cafe-Bars and Shops in Brighton and Eastbourne. You must be able to attend our recruitment centres on 19th September (Eastbourne) and 20th September (Brighton).

Union President

Candice Armah

VP Academic Affairs

Maggie Garabedyan

VP Activities & Events

Holly Kavanagh

VP Campus & Communications

Paul Cooke

VP Wellbeing

Fliss Newton

Mature Students’ Rep

Alex Cameron

International Students’ Rep

Priya Shah

Chair of Union Council

Tai Ray-Jones

Arts, Media & Design School Rep

Alexander Mills

Business School Rep

Zac Hill

Environment & Technology School Rep

Liam Hardy

Pharmacy & Biomolecular Sciences

Giauri Patel

Disability Campaigns Officer

Dervis Gurol

LGBT Campaigns Officer

Geo Leonard

Welfare (Health & Housing) Campaigns Officer

Chloe Chatton

Women’s Campaigns Officer

Alice Power

Brighton Entertainment Officer

Alec Crane

Eastbourne Entertainment Officer

Nathan Bedford

Hastings Entertainment Officer

Hannah Hastings

Grand Parade Campus Rep

George O’Keefe


Moulsecoomb Campus Rep

Robert Nobrega

Hastings Campus Rep

Kate Glover


SU officer contacts...


Guide to

Democracy get involved! @subrighton

University life offers so much more than just a degree. Getting involved with Brighton SU can help you gain valuable leadership experience. We’re a democratic organisation, run for students and by students. Students are at the heart of everything we do. Students at the University of Brighton can become representatives; there are many positions offering different challenges, both paid and unpaid.

Find out more about us, visit:


Student Officer Team


Five full time paid representatives, usually students who have just graduated or who have chosen to take a year out of their course. The officer team is elected each year to lead the SU and make a positive difference to student life. The team is made up of the Union President and four Vice Presidents covering Academic Affairs, Campus & Communications, Activities & Events and Wellbeing. Find out more about this year’s team on pages 4-6.

Zone Committees (Academic, Wellbeing, Activities & Events, Campus & Community)

Full and part time officers meet to make sure Union policies and campaigns really make a difference for students. Any student can attend the committees and get involved in any of the work that matters most to them.

Sports, Societies & Media Federations

Part Time Officer Team

The Federations are made up of Officers and reps who develop the sports clubs, societies and our three media channels: BURST Radio, The Verse (newspaper) and Brighton TV. They make sure the social and recreational offer of the Union is the best it can be.

Campus Development Teams

This is where decisions are made on the policy direction of the Union. Made up of full and part time officers, three members from each zone committee plus leaders of sports, societies and media federations; it is the principal forum for open conversation. All students are welcome to attend council.

Students elected to voluntary positions to represent students groups or key issues. There are over 20 positions including Chair of Council and those representing International Students, Mature Students, Disability Campaigns, LGBT Campaigns plus Entertainment, Campuses and Schools. Local campus groups bring together students to develop projects that benefit their campus. This can range from entertainment programmes to refurbishments, improving resources to developing a new bar. Joining is easy, just contact your local campus office.

Union Council


Students often take positive action to enable change, Brighton SU believes that students can achieve more by working together. Campaigns address any issue that matters to students:

Every year Brighton SU invites all students to an annual meeting to find out more about its activities, celebrate success, network and debate what makes student life better. This discussion informs the student officer team about what students need and goes back to Union Council for action.

Petitions and Referenda

Any student can start a petition on any subject and get it submitted directly to Union Council. Sometimes a question is so important that it is best to ask all the students. In this case a referendum can take place at any point in the year following a petition of 500 students or, if Union Council decides to call one. A referendum is a simple yes/no question that then becomes Union policy.



Annual Student Meeting

liberty, the environment, social justice or improvements on campus. Whether looking at the quality of housing, climate change, racial equality or lobbying the University for change, campaigns led by students will always be at the heart of what we do.

Elections take place annually to elect the new Student Officer and Part Time Officer teams, as well as campus and school reps. Any student can stand for election as a paid full time student officer or a voluntary part time officer. Every student has the opportunity to vote online for the students they believe will best represent their interests and all are encouraged to be active in these debates.

Union COUNCIL every 6 weeks 30 + Elected Officers and Part Time Representatives

Annual Student Meeting Student networking and feedback event

Activities & Events Zone

Academic Zone

School Forums All welcome to attend

Campus & Community Zone

ďżź Sports, Societies & Media Federations members welcome to attend every 6 - 8 weeks

Wellbeing Zone

Student Campus Teams All students welcome to attend every 6 - 8 wks

You! 22,000 students at Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings


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p r e s e n t s




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£ 9 9




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P A S11 44S nn ii gg2hh tt 0ss 1 3 • 4000 students • 20 acts • 14 nights • 1 WRISTBAND


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R a i s i n g F u n d s f o r B r i g h t o n S t u d e n t s ’ U n i o n , a r e g i s t e r e d n o t f o r p r o f i t c h a r i t y. N o 1 1 3 7 5 6 6 . R a i s i n g F u n d s f o r B r i g h t o n S t u d e n t s ’ U n i o n , a r e g i s t e r e d n o t f o r p r o f i t c h a r i t y. N o 1 1 3 7 5 6 6 .

mon 3 0TH sep



SU N 29 TH Sep




e a s t b o u r ne o f f i c i a l s t u d e nt ni g h t

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R a i s i n g F u n d s f o r B r i g h t o n S t u d e n t s ’ U n i o n , a r e g i s t e r e d n o t f o r p r o f i t c h a r i t y. N o 1 1 3 7 5 6 6 .


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F R E S H E RS T- S H I R T BA R CR AWL 1500 students 10 v enues 1 big night ou t weds 9th OCT

MO N 7th oct



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SU N 13th OCT


AUDIO THIEF vdj set d i sco

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£20 £20



vip hosted by

/ kieran cox


Joey Essex MEET and have photos with joey & LOVEABLE ROGuES


buy your aaa pass now from: P A S11 44S nn ii gg2hh tt 0ss 1 3

r r p

£ 9 9


R a i s i n g F u n d s f o r B r i g h t o n S t u d e n t s ’ U n i o n , a r e g i s t e r e d n o t f o r p r o f i t c h a r i t y. N o 1 1 3 7 5 6 6 .

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T UE S DAY 8TH OCT O BER 1500 students 10 venues 1 big night out Free entRy wi t h a a a pa s s R a i s i n g F u n d s f o r B r i g h t o n S t u d e n t s ’ U n i o n , a r e g i s t e r e d n o t f o r p r o f i t c h a r i t y. N o 1 1 3 7 5 6 6 .


P A S11 44S nn ii gg2hh tt 0ss 1 3



Audio Thief vdj set LIVE




vip hosted by

Joey Essex / kieran cox D I S C O

MEET and have photos with joey & LOVEABLE ROGuES



free entRy with aaa pass!

R a i s i n g F u n d s f o r B r i g h t o n S t u d e n t s ’ U n i o n , a r e g i s t e r e d n o t f o r p r o f i t c h a r i t y. N o 1 1 3 7 5 6 6 .

Obviously your time ahead is going to be focused on your academic course but once you have your qualification, will a degree be enough to help you on the next stage of your journey? What will make you stand out from the crowd? Make the most of all the great opportunities the SU offers:  uild experience in the voluntary B sector through a growing range of enterprise and employability programmes. l Join one of nearly 100 student led societies – get the chance to meet new people, try something new or share your passion with others. l Nearly every course has an academic society – this provides a great way to meet other students on your course. l Support, training and funding is provided to set up a new student group or society if the group you want doesn’t already exist. l




Grad Dinner



Activities Congratulations, you have made it to the University of Brighton!



INCLUDES: ink, Welcome Dr met Meal, 3-cour se Gour Wine Half Bottle of OM: AVAILABLE FR SU Offices Grand Parade, Cockcroft, Falmer,



Eastbour ne

TS: EVENING STAR dr inks 6.30 Welcome ser ved 7.30 Dinner TWITTER: FACEBOOK & Gradua tion Br ighton SU Dinner









Welcome to SU


Brighton SU & drinkinbrig


 ou can join any of 70 student Y sports clubs - located in Eastbourne and Brighton l Get involved in Parklife - an extensive programme of recreation for fun with programmes of activity near your campus. l Student media roles on all campuses with BURST student radio, the Verse student newspaper and Brighton student TV. l Help raise money for local, national and international charities by getting involved in RaG. l Access to student social spaces to develop your activities. l Weekly nightclub events with special themes and student prices. l Signature events each year from Freshers fortnight to Graduation and much more. l

Give it a go!

All these student activities are organised by over 600 student leaders who volunteer to make these fantastic things happen.  eing a student leader gives you a B great range of skills highly valued by employers. l Student leaders are provided with high quality training and supported by a team of 40 professional staff. l Free advice and toolkits are provided on how to make things happen in your society, sports club and student co-operative. l Being a student leader will give you the chance to put your own great ideas into practice. l

Make it happen!


Clubs and Societies

For informati more on on so cieti check ou t the web es www.bri site ghtonsu .com and visit you r lo administr cal campus ator, o bsusocie r email tie brighton s@

Find out more about us, visit:



Societies are groups of students who come together around a shared interest – last year we had around 100 societies and new ones start up throughout the year so if you think there’s something missing, it’s really easy to start your own!


Societies reflect the diversity of students at the University of Brighton, covering many different interests and hobbies including faith groups, community engagement, fundraising, informal sport and games, art and performance, campaigning and politics. We also have a range of academic societies, which create a community around their course or school and through their society offer social opportunities, career development, academic support and fundraising for end-of-year degree shows.



Different societies do different things and run in different ways – some organise activities for lots of students whilst others organise events, nights out or trips for their members. All societies are open to anyone and you can join them anytime of the year, so take a look at what is on offer – new ones start up quite regularly so keep an eye on the society list on our website A few of our well established societies include Drama, whose shows last year included their ever-popular annual pantomime at Christmas and a production of Terry Pratchett’s Mort; LGBrighTon, our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered student group; The Food Co-op, which has grown phenomenally since it was started less than 24 months ago and offers weekly veg boxes at all three Brighton campuses (volunteers are always needed every week if you fancy getting involved!); Live Music Society who organise Alt Freshers – a programme of live music events during October; and Waves Cheerleaders and Brighton Dance who are both competition winners and invite you to try-out for their squads at the start of term.






African Caribbean Asian Nepalese


Socialist Conservative Liberal Democrat

Arts and Culture Music Drama Photography

International Brighton Eastbourne


Christian Union Jewish Muslim International Fellowship of Christian Students Baha’i

Course Based Pharmacy Law Architecture Hospitality Geography

Interest Groups Historical Fashion First Aid Gaming

Volunteer Groups

UNICEF on campus Active Pharmacy

Sport and fitness

Waves Cheerleaders Pole Fitness Dance Squad

We have many campusspecific societies in Eastbourne and Hastings, but society membership is open to all students, no matter where they are based.




Be part of the SU

Find out more about us, visit:



“A volunteer is someone who gives a commitment of time and energy for the benefit of the community, which is undertaken freely without financial gain.” ( Did you know that Brighton Students’ Union has over 1000 student volunteers, including society presidents, course reps, part-time officers and Freshtival Crew to name just a few. One thing they all have in common is the drive to make the University of Brighton a great place to be and study. Volunteering can prepare you for life after University, with valuable work experience and networking contacts, and of course a bunch of transferrable skills to help you clinch that dream job come graduation time. Most importantly, though, it’s a fantastic way to meet new friends and spend your time!! We offer a great volunteer package including comprehensive induction training as well as additional training opportunities, leadership programmes, certificates and references, socials and award ceremonies. If you would you like to get involved in volunteering with Brighton Students’ Union then just visit our website or even better, come along to your Freshers Fair. Look out for us in the Students’ Union lounge!

FRESHERS FAIRS 2013 Eastbourne Freshers’ Fair Tuesday 1st October, 11 – 2pm at Eastbourne Sports Hall Brighton Freshers’ Fair Wednesday 2nd October 10.30 – 5pm at the Amex Community Stadium, Falmer. Hastings Freshers’ Fair Thursday 3rd October 11 -2pm Priory Square. Hastings

“I would never have thought how much fun I could have, how many people I could meet, how many things I could learn, and most importantly how many wonderful friends I’d make in just 2 weeks. Being part of the Freshtival Crew was an unforgettable experience, I would do it again anytime!” Freshtival crew member


Sport Brighton is the University of Brighton’s sports service, run by the university in conjunction with the Students’ Union. Services range from facilities on campus (Hillbrow Building) to a number of sports programmes. A great way to meet new people and to get the most from University is to get involved in sports activities.


SporTS There are two main sports programmes at the University, Sports Federation Clubs and Parklife. The Sports Federation Clubs are run by students for students. Parklife activities offer a recreational sports programme including turn up and play sessions, lessons in new sports and internal sports leagues. Sport Brighton and representatives from the Sports Federation Clubs will be at the SU Freshers’ Fair on Tuesday 1st October to answer all your sporting questions. If you can’t find what you are after then please contact the Sport Brighton Freshers’ Fair stall or Sport Brighton site receptions for more info. Join our facebook page or visit our website for more information.

info e r o m r o F


sports fixture schedule

Find out more about us, visit:









Tue 8th Oct

Sports Park



Thu 3rd Oct

UoBSC Sports Hall


Basketball (Men)

Wed 2nd Oct

UoBSC Sports Hall


Basketball (Women)

Wed 2nd Oct

UoBSC Sports Hall



Wed 2nd Oct

UoBSC Gaudick Gym



Mon 7th Oct

UoBSC College Gym


Cricket (Men)

Sun 6th Oct

UoBSC Sports Hall


Cricket (Women)

Starts in semester 2, sign up at the Freshers’ Fair

Football Men

Wed 2nd Oct

UoBSC Artificial Pitch


Football Women

Wed 2nd Oct

UoBSC Artificial Pitch


Futsal Women

Sat 12th Oct

UoBSC Sports Hall


Futsal Men

Sun 6th Oct

UoBSC Gaudick Gym



Tue 8th Oct

UoBSC Gaudick Gym



Fri 11th Oct

UoBSC Sports Hall


Hockey Men

Mon 7th Oct

Saffrons Hockey pitch


Hockey Women

Wed 2nd Oct

Eastbourne College Pitch 4pm-6pm







Tue 8th Oct

UoBSC Swimming Pool 5pm-7pm


Wed 2nd Oct

UoBSC Artificial Pitch


Netball (EB)

Wed 2nd Oct

UoBSC Sports Hall



Sign up at the Freshers’ Fair

Rugby Men (EB)

Wed 2nd Oct

Eastbourne RFC


Rugby Women

Tue 8th Oct

UoBSC Artificial Pitch



Thu 3rd Oct

UoBSC Swimming Pool 5pm-6pm

Table Tennis

Thu 10th Oct

UoBSC College Gym


Speak to a representative at the Freshers’ Fair


Mon 7th Oct

UoBSC Sports Hall


Ultimate Frisbee

Thu 10th Oct

UoBSC Artificial Pitch




To be confirmed

Coming soon – Introductory courses in a range of activities: Golf Tennis Climbing Street Dance Fencing Sailing

Archery Badminton Squash Beach Volleyball Ski and Snowboard Gliding

These activities are subject to change. Full details will be available on the Sport Brighton website. Like us on Facebook for further updates.

UoBSC = University of Brighton Sports Centre, Hillbrow, Denton Road. See for maps and full venue information.


RaG RaG is in its infancy, but we’re growing quickly, having been awarded the Best Newcomer Award 2012 by Childreach International.

Find out more about us, visit:



Brighton Raise and Give (RaG) is made up of groups of students who raise money for various charities alongside their studies at the University of Brighton.


Anyone can get involved in RaG. With Students’ Union support, we organise small events and collections and also run big challenge events, which involve fundraising throughout the academic year then taking part in an unforgettable event in the summer.

The events for summer 2014 are: Run Brighton Marathon 2014 for Breast Cancer Campaign We have very limited spaces for Brighton Marathon 2014. Each runner will receive a fitness assessment, personal training session and 2 months free gym membership courtesy of Sport Brighton.

Climbing Kilimanjaro for Childreach International

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to climb to the top of the highest free standing mountain in the world. It will push you to your absolute limits but will be something you never forget!

Your opportunity to go to Morocco for two weeks and work on a construction project. The types of projects include schools, vocational training centres or water harvesting systems. This is a chance to make a difference to children’s lives first hand.

Bratislava or Bust for Dementia UK For this challenge you need to get a group of mates together and drive to Bratislava in a car worth less than £500. It’s the road trip of a life time!

Get involved If you want to get involved with RaG, either by taking part in one of our challenges; by helping out with, or running, a charity event; or by taking part with a charity collection then please email


Big Build in Morocco for Childreach International

We’re all about getting new people involved and are an inclusive group who love to have fun while raising lots of money for charity. For up to date information search ‘Brighton RaG’ on facebook or visit

Look out for us at Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings Freshers’ Fairs

Experience counts. Ask our alumni. 25

Brighton Student Media Our student run media channels are full of information, entertainment and opportunities. We have student media roles on all campuses for:

Find out more about us, visit:





the student radio station. BURST is broadcast online during term time from studios in Hastings and Brighton.

The Verse

The student newspaper and online news blog. With student journalists out and about on campus juicing fruity stories and topical news, many exciting roles are available.

Brighton TV

Producing great films, reports and lively interviews.

Visit for news about the media channels and find out how you can get involved, or visit your local campus office for further details.


Union support Union Support helps you through defending student rights, extending student engagement and providing strategies to succeed at University. We encourage you to make the most of the range of free services available:

Student Union Support Service (SUSS)

Make it Happen

We provide you with free independent and confidential advice on any issue affecting your study. You can come to us on any matter relating to your University experiences. Through campaigning to raise awareness of the issues students face we are here to challenge University policy and convention.

Our new ‘Make it Happen’ Fund gives students the chance to apply for small pots of funding to run activities promoting employability, developing communities and improving learning on their course.

Course Representative Network Brighton Students’ Union delivers the support, knowledge, training and guidance for all course representatives. Through the course rep system we ensure that students are represented in decision making at all levels so students can shape how the University works. Reps also have the chance to represent Brighton Students’ Union at national conferences, all expenses paid!

Excellence Awards Finally, in May each year, all of the amazing work by course reps, University Support Staff and Academic staff is celebrated during our Excellence Awards.

Becoming a course rep may be the first step for students getting involved with the Union. Many may go on, with the support of Students’ Union staff and current Officers, to run for a wide range of elected posts.

Training for Success Programme ‘Training for Success’ offers opportunities on all campuses to attend additional courses on study skills and employability. 27

Brighton Students’ Union Support Service

Find out more about us, visit:



We hope your time here will be enjoyable, however we know from experience that things don’t always go smoothly. Perhaps you think you will pass everything with flying colours but even the most dedicated of students can fall ill, encounter personal issues that impact on studies and may have negative experiences with other staff and/or students on your course.


You may get in trouble with the law, experience harassment, fall behind on paying your fees, make a mistake that jeopardises your place on your course or be accused of academic misconduct rightly or wrongly and need representation. We are here to help you. We provide a free advice service independent of the University. We are a friendly and supportive service, open all year round for you to speak to freely, honestly and confidentially, without judgement or repercussion. Our role is to inform you of all the options open to you and provide you with any relevant information you need to make informed choices to resolve your issues. We are here to support and ensure you have the knowledge to take responsibility for your issues and move forward. We can provide advice on any issues that impact on your study and progression at Brighton University. This can include but is not limited to: · Academic Appeals and Mitigating Circumstances · Fitness to Practice Hearings · Academic Misconduct Allegations · Issues surrounding assessment and feedback

· Complaints against the University and/or staff · Issues with student fees · Bullying and harassment · Disciplinary hearings · Many other issues that may cause you distress or uncertainty in your time here If you have any other issues not listed please feel free to contact us. We work closely with other services and where we are unable to help directly we will be able to signpost you to the relevant department or support you in contacting external organisations. The best way to get help and advice is to arrange an appointment with one of our advisors.


Our main office is based on Moulsecoomb Campus but we also run drop-in services on Falmer Campus and can arrange visits to other campuses to meet students Email: We also have an office number you can contact us on. You can leave us a message but please be aware the answering machine is in the Union office and is non-confidential so please leave contact details only. Telephone: 01273 642 876


Your Students’ Union is here to help you expand your learning outside of the classroom and into the rest of the world. We can help you and your course mates come together, hing a t e get to learn some new things off campus m o s to do inary? and from outside speakers, and improve Want t of the ord ply at u ap n e your chances at getting a job. We can provide p il ttle o more and p keitha ut a o m d / advice on setting up events, access to n i m F o onsu.c t h services from printing and room booking g i r b through to coach booking, and up to £500 grants for your event. Your Students’ Union can help you to Make it Happen...


Find out more about us, visit:



Brighton SU Excellence Awards


Brighton Students’ Union Excellence Awards is a University-wide celebration of all the things our members think show Excellence in Education across the University of Brighton! The awards celebrate and recognise excellence in teaching practice by support staff as well as lecturers. They also celebrate and acknowledge excellence in students who contribute to the quality of their course as course representatives. The awards, organised and managed by Brighton Students’ Union offer a real opportunity for all our students to talk about what went right in their learning. The awards process begins during Engagement Week when we start collecting nominations for students and staff who have made a difference; in 2013 we had over one thousand individual nominations! Then, a panel made up of students, and elected student officers including your Vice President Academic Affairs and the University Deputy Vice-Chancellor, decide who to commend and who to award. Nominations for Brighton SU Excellence en Awards 2014 op 14 20 ry ua Febr

Award categories for staff are broad and diverse, ranging from 21st Century Teaching Award for staff who have demonstrated innovative technology use in the lecture theatre, to Support Staff Team Award for non-academic staff who really made a difference to your University life not forgetting the much coveted University Course Representative of the Year student award. The Excellence Awards event is one of the highlights of the academic year, open to all students, it always goes with a bang with hundreds of attendees, free flowing bubbly and nibbles. And with speakers such as the National Union of Students President in attendance, it’s not one to miss! Visit to find out more.

Why risk being without your laptop or phone? 75%

of all student laptop claims are for accidental damage.

Laptop Insurance from just £37 a year**. Ensure your university studies and social life don’t suffer because of theft, loss or accidental damage to your laptop or phone. As the UK’s No.1 student insurance specialist we understand how important your laptop is to your studies and social life, so let us help you stay connected with our 24 hour* replacement service.

Insurance recommended by

Get protected today. Visit: Call: 0330 3030 284 01282 672 108 *24 hours represents 1 working day from us approving your claim. **Price based on a £500 laptop. Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This can be checked on the Financial Services Register by visiting their website at Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited. Company No: 856706 registered in England at Shurdington Road, Cheltenham Spa, Gloucestershire GL51 4UE.

Find out more about us, visit:



Course Reps


Course Reps hold a very important role at the University of Brighton. By representing the views and interests of the other students on their course they provide an essential link between students and staff which enables student feedback to be heard and acted upon.

At the end of the year all Course Reps can apply for a Course Rep certificate and there is also the possibility that you may win one of the Course Rep of the Year awards, which are made for every school and partner college as part of the Brighton Students’ Union’s Excellence Awards.

What would I do as a Course Rep? A key part of being a Course Rep is talking to other students – finding out what is working well on your course and also discussing any areas that could be improved upon. As a Rep you would then pass on this feedback to the teaching staff who are in a position to explore any problems and build on good practice. Sometimes this feedback takes place in informal one to one meetings and at other times at more formal meetings (such as Course Boards). After any meeting you would then feedback the outcomes to your fellow students.

Why be a Course Rep? There are many benefits to being a Course Rep. Throughout the year you will be helping to improve the quality and delivery of education on your course, while at the same time gaining a greater understanding of how the University works and really getting to know other students and staff. There is also the positive impact the role can have on your CV as you take on responsibilities and acquire new transferrable skills.

Help & Support Being a Course Rep is not about working on your own, the Students’ Union can offer you information, support and guidance when you need it. The Students’ Union also run training sessions for all new Reps during the autumn term – a great opportunity to learn more about the role, have any queries answered and get to know your fellow reps.

How can I become a Course Rep? Course Reps are elected by their course mates at the beginning of the first term, with at least one rep being appointed for every year of every course at the University. If you’re interested in the role, let your fellow students and course leader know. There may be several students wanting to take on the role, in which case there will be an informal election to vote on who should become the rep, or if it is a large course you may share the role. : If you want to find out more visit eps rser cou om/ su.c hton .brig www or email Katrina Mayo, Course Rep Co-ordinator at


y rewarding r e v a is p e R e Being a Cours involved and l e fe n a c u o y role, where cause you e b e c n e r e iff d really make a ned to and te s li is h ic h w !! have a voice ents and staff d tu s w o ll fe y valued b

Every year of every course at the University of Brighton has a Course Rep who is elected by their fellow students. It is a really important position as Course Reps are the key link between students and the staff on their course. Being a Course Rep is a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference to the experience you and your course mates have at University, while getting to know your fellow students and staff and acquiring some really useful transferable skills. Course Reps let staff know about issues that are affecting students on their course – what’s going well and what can be improved upon. This allows the University to resolve problems and build on areas of good practice. The Students’ Union provides training and guidance for reps, so you have always got someone to call for support if you need it. Here’s what some of last year’s Course Reps had to say about their experience…

“I have loved being a course rep and feel incredibly supported by my cohort and the staff on my course”

“It has really helped my confidence and my ability to raise issues in a tactful and sensitive way”

“It was a very good experience, I felt closer to the University and could bring this proximity to fellow students”

So when your Course Leader asks who would like to take on the role this year, why not think about putting yourself forward…


Find out more about us, visit:



Contraception and Sexual Health


Brighton SU’s Contraception and Sexual Health (CaSH) Action Team are a group of student volunteers who are trained to deliver high quality CaSH services to our members. The CaSH Action Team provides: • Sexual Health drop-ins • Free Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea screening • Awareness-raising campaigns • Information and signposting to local services • High quality volunteering opportunities For more information about CaSH services at the University of Brighton, and other local services, visit, add us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter Cash Action-Team



Student Life

Welcome to the start of your life as a student at the University of Brighton in Eastbourne

Whether you live in Welkin halls of residence or off-campus; study in Darley Road, Hillbrow, the Leaf Hospital or Sussex Downs College (Eastbourne) Brighton Students’ Union will be with you every step of the way, helping you to make the most of being a student.

As a member of Brighton Students’ Union we provide special benefits to enhance your student life. We understand the financial pressure of being a student and we improve the cost of living in the following ways:  tudent friendly prices together with S good quality in your Students’ Union shop and café-bar l Work opportunities in a range of Students’ Union services including shops, cafe-bars, campus offices & receptions and much more


 right and accessible student meeting B rooms in Bishopsbourne l Student Lounge – first floor Bishopsbourne with SKY TV l Hundreds of discounts and savings on all your needs through the famous NUS Extra card (only £12 per year - about 3p a day!) – locally across Eastbourne, nationally for when you visit friends or return home and online. l Using your UniCard to buy in your Students’ Union shop and your SU café-bar The Starting Gate on campus l Free independent advice on any issues relating to halls, housing and tenancies l Full entertainment programme from Freshers to Graduation including weekly club nights with student themes and prices l

Over the next few pages of the Essential Guide you will find out about your campus, our services including cafes, shops and bars 35

Welcome to

Eastbourne campus

Find out more about us, visit:



Eastbourne is a beautiful seaside town on the edge of where the South Downs meets the English Channel. Its 3,000 students enjoy a rich array of activities, sports and nightlife.


Eastbourne’s seafront offers award winning beaches, lively seaside restaurants, live music, firework displays and Eastbourne Pier, with its shops, arcade, tearooms and popular Atlantis Nightclub. To the west of the town the South Downs National Park provides spectacular views from the famous Beachy Head. The town offers national high street outlets, specialist independent stores and many restaurants, bars, cafes and nightclubs including Cameo and TJs. The ‘Little Chelsea’ shopping district houses vibrant art, jewellery and music shops plus a varied range of bars, restaurants and delicatessens. Look out for the theatre district and the award winning Towner Art Gallery.

The Eastbourne Campus is ten minutes walk from the seafront and twenty minutes from the pier and the town centre. A regular bus route connects the campus to the rest of town. The University buildings are in three clusters mostly to the west of the town in the beautiful Meads area. The Darley Road site including Greynore and the Queenswood Library is on one side of Beachy Head Road, and on the other you will find both Hillbrow (including the Sports Centre) and Welkin sites (including Welkin Halls and Bishopsbourne – the home of the Students’ Union) Bishopsbourne is at the heart of campus life and is the student hub that offers everything you need to make the most of your time as a student. The Starting Gate is our newly refurbished cafe/bar/venue – open 7 days a week, morning, noon and night. It’s the place to come for coffee, breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, evening drinks – a place to work with friends or unwind after a hard days studying; to socialise with friends. With a fantastic menu, great bar, Starbucks coffee and student friendly prices, The Starting Gate is the place to begin your day, kick off your evening or weekend or simply to meet friends, new and old.


Every week The Starting Gate will have a programme of events – from live Sky sport including Premiership matches, pub quizzes, pool competitions, comedy nights, the Eastbourne Campus Film Club, live music and much more. Andrew Weekes

Bishopsbourne Campus Office is the centre for student activities and opportunities on campus. Visit us to: l Pick up your NUS Extra Card l Join any of our student societies (from your academic society, our award winning Food Co-op or our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender group – LGBrighTon) l Find out how to set up your own society l Get involved in our student media (BURST – our student radio is based in Hastings and The Verse has an Eastbourne Campus team) l Get involved in one of our campaigns, l Contact our student leadership team or campus representatives l Stand for election – as a course rep or SU officer l Get involved in the local community, l Sign up for volunteering opportunities, l Get involved in charity fundraising through Brighton RaG l Find out about sport and recreation at the University l Set up your own teams or find out how you can play your part in making a real difference whilst being a student. Our campus office is also one of five SU Box Offices – selling tickets for all SU and society events and entertainments. We also sell tickets for a wide range of other events from Brighton Pride to Beach Break Live. Eastbourne Campus knows how to party; look out for Freshtival, the Holly Ball, the Garden Party, our weekly club nights (usually in fancy dress!), graduation events, and RaG week (with the Army Pub Crawl and the highly competitive Dance Rivals competition).

The first floor of Bishopsbourne houses an open student lounge with SKY TV, great for Welkin Halls residents and open to all. The meeting room next door can be booked by any sports club, society or student group (including project groups), just ask Di or Nigel if you want to book the space. Our friendly SU team have a wealth of knowledge about the Eastbourne campus and the rest of the University – from advice about what to do if you experience problems on your course, support available to you during your academic journey, to how to find your way around the University and Eastbourne. If you need some information, help, have a question or just want to say hello, please pop in and see us (you can call or email us too!)


Eastbourne Campus Administrators: Di Lace & Nigel Hall Eastbourne Campus Rep: to be confirmed Eastbourne Entertainment Officer: Nathan Bedford Opening hours: Monday to Friday – 10am to 5pm (term time only) Email: Telephone: 01273 643816 The Students’ Union on the Eastbourne Campus is here for all students studying in Darley Road & Hillbrow, the Leaf Hospital and Sussex Downs College (Eastbourne) and those living in Welkin Halls, across Eastbourne and the local area.


Find out more about us, visit:



NUS Extra… save on all your everyday expenses from food and clothes to books and equipment


The NUS Extra card is the premium discount and membership card for students! Now available to download on iPhone app store and android The NUS Extra card helps you make the most of student life Enjoy the benefits from the day you arrive! Buy your card online today and it will be waiting for you at your chosen Students’ Union campus office when you arrive at Uni. What are the benefits? A £12 NUS Extra card entitles you to over 160 amazing discounts online and in store, all exclusive to card holders. NUS Extra card discounts are available in a wide range of areas, from fashion travel and transport, to gaming, books, music, beauty and software. Look out for amazing discounts on Amazon, Spotify, Pizza Express, Superdrug, JJB Sports, Game, Orange and many many more…Visit for the full range of discounts. An NUS Extra card will help you save some serious cash throughout the year! Don’t forget NUS Extra will also get you lots of discounts in shops, clubs, restaurants in Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings and across the UK.

For just an extra £2.99 you can upgrade to have the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) added to your Extra Card so you can enjoy these fantastic benefits all over the world. Who is eligible? All University of Brighton students can apply for an NUS Extra card. The card costs £12 and you can register online today at Remember to top up with the ISIC card at the point of purchase to qualify for the special £2.99 rate. Discounts and deals are arranged to benefit all students – so whether you’re under 21, mature or an international student you can be sure to save the £12 purchase price many times over! How do you get one? Visit You will need: A VISA or debit card A digital photo ready to upload or access to a web cam. Then just follow the instructions and your card will be waiting for you at your chosen SU office when you arrive at Uni! Scan the code below to buy your card today

£12 for 12 months of discounts buy now at

We employ students in all our cooperative SU cafes. Our café-bars offer student friendly social spaces serving fresh, tasty food and student priced alcoholic drinks as well as Starbucks Coffee at times to suit you. But best of all, every penny you spend in our shops and café-bars is invested back into SU services such as societies, sports, academic support and more. We now accept the Unicard for payment too!


Café Bars The Starting Gate Café-Bar, Bishopsbourne, Welkin Site Our newest venue opens on September 23rd 2013. The Starting Gate is situated in the Bishopsbourne Building just minutes away from Welkin Halls of Residence and directly on campus.


This lively student venue offers the best student priced drinks on campus and is the perfect place to end your day or start your night out! Enjoy brunch/lunch and evening eats with Starbucks coffee and delicious food at great prices; this is THE venue to meet fellow students on campus and have fun. Our student led café-bar and social space is an ideal place to meet, eat and use for events.

The SU p o h S e n i l n O d! open all year roun Visit for the best selection of University of Brighton crested clothing in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes! Look out for special deals, sale items and a new bespoke design section where you can personalise your garment! All orders are delivered to your chosen address. Check your fortnightly ebulletin for special discount codes!

Scan now to browse 39

@subrighton brightonstudentsunion Find out more about us, visit: 40

BRIGHTON SU IS RECRUITING STUDENT STAFF FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2013-14 We offer great rates of pay, valuable skills for your CV, and interesting work with an ethical, friendly organisation run by students for students.

We have vacancies in: SU trading and administrative services including hospitality, retail, reception, election workers, promotions, marketing, stewarding, hosting and office support.

All student staff receive: excellent training, ongoing support, skills development opportunities, an above average hourly rate, BACS payment of wages and a chance to join a professional and enjoyable student orientated employer.

We are looking for: reliable people orientated and customer service focussed team members, keen to help Brighton SU provide a range of quality services to a diverse and discerning membership.


Your campus will be your second home for the next few years and each campus at the University of Brighton has its own unique flavour and vibrant student community. Each campus has a group of students – led by a campus rep supported by a full-time student officer – who are dedicated to improving the activities and opportunities on their campus. We believe students achieve more by working together and through their Students’ Union than by working alone. Whether you study at Hillbrow, Greynore, the Leaf Hospital, Sussex Downs College or live in Welkin Halls or off campus, there is a way for you to help improve your student experience and that of other students around you. Start by getting involved in: • Eastbourne Campus Development • BSCoop – the Bishopsbourne Student Co-operative whose aim is to create a successful SU venue at Bishopsbourne incorporating the café-bar. • Sussex Downs College Students’ Association – a dedicated student-led group to organise activity specifically for our members at Sussex Downs College (in both Eastbourne and Lewes) We are always looking for great ideas (big or small) that will improve the life of each campus. So whether you: • have an idea for lunchtime speakers, • fundraising for your course or for charity • ideas for events or activities, new student groups • want to campaign on an issue important to students on your campus • know how to improve things either on or off campus


Campus Life then we want to hear from you. Last year through our campus groups, students: • campaigned to take back the SU bar on the Eastbourne campus • got involved in the refurbishment of the new SU bar and café • organised the fantastic Eastbourne campus Summer Garden Party • planned and delivered regular events both on and off campus

Whilst you are here – make a difference!

Look out for details on our website about how to get involved or contact the relevant member of SU staff who will make sure you know how to get involved. Eastbourne Campus Development Team Contact: Di Lace & Nigel Hall, Eastbourne Campus Administrators Email: BSCoop – Bishopsbourne Student Co-operative Contact: Di Lace & Nigel Hall, Eastbourne Campus Administrators Email: Sussex Downs Students’ Association Contact: Lisa Player, Partner Colleges Co-ordinator Email: 41

Annual activities


Look out for key campaign events throughout the year





International Freshers Fair Wednesday 25th Sept Welcome Weekend 28th – 29th Sept Freshtival 28th Sept – 13th Oct

University Challenge Trials Course Reps Training Sessions Movember National Trustee Week 4th – 10th Nov Term one Election (Voting) 5th – 7th Nov Remembrance Day 10th Nov Armistice Day 11th Nov Refreshers Week 11th – 15th Nov Children in Need 15th Nov Disability History Month 22nd Nov – 22nd Dec International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women 25th Nov St Andrews Day 30th Nov



Black History Month Breast Cancer Awareness Month Societies AGM Sports AGM Brighton Freshers Fair 2nd Oct Eastbourne Freshers Fair 1st Oct Hastings Freshers Fair 3rd Oct Wear it Pink Day 25th Oct Halloween 31st Oct

World Aids Day 1st Dec International Day of People with Disabilities 3rd Dec Holly Ball 6th Dec

Find out more about us, visit:

SU Officer Campaigns • £9,000 University NUS Campaign (Pound in pocket) • Academic campaign (Assessment & Feedback) • Social policy campaign (Housing)

Scott Mains


JANUARY 2014 NSS Launch 6th Jan Chinese New Year 31st Jan

FEBRUARY 2014 LGBT History Month Excellence Awards Launch 10th Feb Green Week 10th – 15th Feb Valentine’s Day 14th Feb Fairtrade Fortnight 24th Feb – 9th Mar Student Volunteer Week 24 – 28 Feb I ❤ my education 24th – 28th Feb Course Reps Conference 26th Feb Dance Rivals 28th Feb

MARCH 2014 St Davids Day 1st Mar International Women’s Day 8th Mar Rag Week 10th to 16th Mar St Patrick’s Day 17th Mar Student Elections (Vote online) 24th – 28th Mar Annual Student Meeting 6th Mar

APRIL 2014 Wellbeing week 28th April – 2nd May Varsity April 2014 St Georges Day 23rd April Sports Awards

MAY 2014 Student Pride Mayday bank holiday weekend Volunteer Awards 7th May Excellence Awards Ceremony (Sallis Benney Theatre) 28th May

JUNE 2014 Summer Ball and Grad Ball National Volunteer Week 1st – 7th June


Keep in touch Brighton SU is the central student community hub on campus, so make sure you stay connected for all the latest news.

Look out for your SU fortnightly ebulletin

Mailed directly to your student inbox, the ebulletin is filled with the latest student news, views, entertainment, campus work and volunteer opportunities, cafĂŠ and shop offers, support, society and sport clubs information and much more.

Our website is the student portal, home to all SU services: shops, campaigns, sports teams and societies across 5 University campuses. It has the latest news about issues and decisions that affect every student and how you can have your say or get involved. It’s also where you can find information about your student officer team and student reps, view the calendar of events and access box office information. If you have a student email account you are already registered on the site, click the login box to find out more.

Campus Offices

Visit your Campus office and speak to a friendly member of staff face to face.

Facebook brightonstudentsunion Our Facebook page keeps our community on the pulse of student activity, student officers will keep you posted with all you need to know so ask, tell, share and comment.


@subrighton Follow for breaking news and instant updates.


Top tips

Never be afraid to ask a question! Ask your friends, ask staff, ask the Officers

Where to find a job?

...Students’ Union, campus notice boards etc

Keep hold of your cash, limit yourself to £20 a night out

If you are having doubts about your course go see your personal tutor before making any hasty decisions Sign up with the FOOD COOP society and get your weekly fruit & veggie box

Keep well, make sure that you’rE not bogged down with freshers’ flu

Don,t spend all your money on drinks for the first week - work out a budget for the term and stick to it! Be prepared - always carry a condom for you or your friends to use

Give “Basic” foods a try, you can get some real bargains, especially fruit and veg

Don,t panic if you don,t get on with your flatmates straight away-give your friendship time to grow as well as widening your horizon and set out to meet lots of new people

DON’T go home the first weekend – it will just make any homesickness worse and you can miss out on meeting new people that will help you settle in.

Have fun Try new things But stay safe

@subrighton brightonstudentsunion

Sign up to a local doctors surgery

Get involved in the SU! It’s a really good way to make new friends that aren’t on your course!

Join a Sports club or Society!!

Find out more about us, visit:

As tempting as it is to go on a shopping spree every loan day, try to limit what you treat yourself to. Food is more important at the end of the month than those new shiny shoes!

Don’t leave work to the last minute! It will ALWAYS take longer than expected!

Buy food in bulk, cook a large meal and then freeze it or share with your housemates. Much more healthy than take away and much cheaper!

Remember to call home every now and then 44

Useful contacts BSU GENERAL ENQUIRIES T: 01273 642870

BSU OFFICERS AND ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES SU President Candice Armah E: T: 01273 643196 VP Campus & Communications Paul Cooke E: T: 01273 643196 VP Wellbeing Fliss Newton E: T: 01273 643196 VP Academic Affairs Maggie Garabedyan E: T: 01273 643196 VP Activities & Events Holly Kavanagh E: T: 01273 643196

BSU STAFF Chief Executive Ross McNally E: T: 01273 642872 Student Experience Manager Anthony Lewis E: T: 01273 643328 Campus & Partnership Manager Mark Curry E: T: 01273 643599 Academic Affairs Manager Heather McKnight E: T: 01273 642876 Students’ Union Support Service (Independent and Confidential Advice) E: bsuacademic@brighton T: 01273 64 2876 Course Representation Co-ordinator Katrina Mayo E: T: 01273 64 3191 Volunteering Development Manager Sara Sewell E: T: 01273 643044

Contraception and Sexual Health Co-ordinator Beth Kent E: T: 01273 643044 Partner Colleges Co-ordinator Lisa Player E: T: 01273 643672 Societies Development Co-ordinator Stella Sims E: T: 01273 643599 Elections & Democracy Co-ordinator Caroline Cheetham E: T: 01273 642891 Finance Administrator Tina Simpson E: T: 01273 642882 Campus Administrator (Eastbourne) Di Lace E: T: 01273 643816 Campus Administrator (Eastbourne) Nigel Hall E: T: 01273 643816 Campus Administrator (Falmer) Lynne Davies E: T: 01273 643329 Campus Administrator (Grand Parade) Martyn Barber E: T: 01273 643190 Campus Administrator (Grand Parade) Sarah Pickett E: T: 01273 643190 Campus Administrator (Hastings) Bruno Batista E: T: 01273 644616 Campus Administrator (Moulsecoomb) Jenny George E: T: 01273 642870

UNIVERSITY OF BRIGHTON CONTACT INFORMATION Admissions and general enquiries T: 01273 644644 E:

Tuition fees T: 01273 642449 E: Fees, loans and grants T: 01273 642449 Fee assessment T: 01273 644500 Enrolment T: 01273 644777 E: studentadministration@

Accommodation Brighton – Moulsecoomb, Grand Parade and Falmer T: 01273 644100 E: Eastbourne – Welkin halls of residence and private sector. T: 01273 643810 E: Hastings – Advice about Robert Tressell Halls and private sector. T: 01273 644631 E: hastingsaccommodation@ Student services E: Eastbourne: 01273 643845 Falmer: 01273 643845 Grand Parade: 01273 643187 Hastings: 01273 644643 E: hastingsstudentservices@ Moulsecoomb: 01273 642895 Childcare Moulsecoomb: 01273 642021 Grand Parade: 01273 277016 E: Disability and dyslexia T: 01273 643799 E: Student advice – benefits, money management, visas and immigration T: 01273 642888 E: Careers service Find part-time work: T: 01273 642855 E:

Brighton Business School Undergraduate: 01273 642151 E: Postgraduate: 01273 642980 E: School of Applied Social Sciences Undergraduate: 01273 643468 Postgraduate: 01273 643533 E: School of Art, Design and Media T: 01273 643728 Architecture and Design courses: E: architectureanddesign@ Arts and Media courses: E: School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics T: 01273 642428 E: School of Education T: 01273 643386 E: School of Environment and Technology T: 01273 642288 E: School of Health Profession T: 01273 643772 E: sohpadmissions@ School of Humanities Falmer courses: Undergraduate: 01273 641860 Postgraduate 01273 643354 E: Grand Parade courses: Undergraduate: 01273 643301 Postgraduate: 01273 643089 School of Nursing and Midwifery T: 01273 644087 E: School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences T: 01273 642090 E: pabsschooloffice@

School of Sport and Service Management Sport Brighton Undergraduate and Facilities, sports, activities postgraduate: 01273 643645 and how to join Research: 01273 643067 T: 01273 643520 E: sasmadmissions@

School offices Brighton and Sussex Medical School T: 01273 643528 E:

Hastings campus T: 08456 020607 E:

Free pizza at Eastbourne Freshers’ Fair! Come and see us and sign up for great student deals all year round.

Call now to order your favourite pizza!

01323 411221

Or scan our QR code to order online! /DominosPizza


Call Call Call Tap the app in Pop Pop Ta in in Tap

12a Grove Road, Eastbourne BN21 4TJ Tel. (01323) 411221



Essential Guide 2013 - Eastbourne  

Brighton Students' Union Essential Guide 2013 for the Eastbourne campus

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