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EP: THE CREAKING CHAIR ‘Noise Body’ (Bouffant Records)

From their roots as an alt-folk trio, The Creaking Chair have narrowed focus to become essentially the solo project of Andrew AC Cooper. As the musicians decreased, the scope of the music has widened, with layers of keyboards, loops and electronics colouring the palette. The title track appears twice, first as a mysterious, literate pop song, later as a lo-fi but lush instrumental, while ‘Spun’ adds effective synthetic brass and steel effects. It’s a sweet and slightly ambient package. (SH)



Electronic duo IYES are songwriter Melis Soyaslanová and producer Josh ‘000’ Christopher, sometimes joined live by guitarist Tom, whose studio experiments have whipped up this airy, r’n’b tinged pop. Josh and Melis duet on the sweeping, rave rush of ‘Glow’, while the lovelorn ‘Lighthouse’ adds treated, limpid guitar lines, expanded with deep bass programs and alpine synth descents. IYES pursue instrumental ends too, with the epic, cinematic ‘Daddy’. These grand musical edifices conceal a soft centre. (SH)

ALBUM: LONESOME HEIGHTS ‘Lonesome Heights’ (

The new group project of affable songwriter Dan Markland, Lonesome Heights’ debut full-length is a warm-hearted affair. Markland has a talent for observation, songs like ‘Dreams’ and ‘She Keeps Busy’ painting vivid pictures of everyday lives and hopes. His downbeat voice and smart lines paint Markland as an unselfish Morrissey or a not-punchable Albarn on a strong set of tunes that are smart enough to avoid the pitfalls of mere Britpop revivalism. (SH)


‘Tessera’ (Chord Punch)

Luuma is electronic producer Chris Keifer and ‘Tessera’ is his debut solo effort for ‘algorithmic music’ label Chord Punch. Three long tracks find Luuma steadily exploring stark techno patterns, solid mid-tempo beats rising and falling beneath buzzing clouds of monochromatic tones. It’s fearsome, fascinating stuff, peaking with the elongated humour of ‘The Photocopier Song’. If you’re into the



data-crunching aesthetic of Editions Mego and the abstract end of the Warp roster, this excellent release should draw you in. (SH)


‘Twists And Turns’ (

It’s been two years since we heard from Mumdance and as he departs Brighton for London he leaves us with this free 50 minute mixtape. From the Tomita-eqsue classical synth opener ‘Demographics’ to the frenetic snares of old school techno track ‘Move Your Body’, the selection really lives up to its name. There’s a sinister feel to much of the tape – we’re looking forward to hearing it at 5am. (JK)

EP: SPACENOID ‘Clive And Direct’ (Beatabet)

Instrumental trio Spacenoid are anchored by a basic guitar, bass and drums set up, augmented by samples, loops and effects. Get past that punning title and their debut live in the studio EP for tuned-in collective Beatabet is a spacious, math rock combination of organ tones, sustained vocal sighs and dub-funk rhythms. Citing Fridge as an influence, Spacenoid have absorbed elements of Battles’ early EPs too. ‘Copter’ jumps out for its frantic rotor-blade guitar chops, while ‘Not Knowing’ is jittery and jazzy. (SH)

EP: CARRIE TREE ‘Perfectly Cast’ (

The latest EP from one of the city’s more distinctive voices, singer-songwriter Carrie Tree, is seriously hushed stuff. Taking a confident, less-is-more approach to both vocals and arrangement, Tree and her band play softly, the words frequently dropping to barely a whisper. The subtle electronic touches on the title track and momentary glimpses of strings and woodwind on ‘Misty Water’ and ‘Sweet Oak Tree’ are reminiscent of Björk’s stripped back reinvention on ‘Debut’, filtered through an English folk sensibility. (SH)




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