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March 8, 2013


Strength & Bulk

Many men desire to have a stong, masculine build. Many of them, however, don’t know how to get that body or don’t feel like putting the effort in. Teenagers everywhere sit day after day, staring into a screen full of fake guns and warfare and accomplishing nothing. These young men may not realize the potential of their bodies. Five things to do: 1. Do less repetitions when lifting weights with higher weight. More weight added set by set will break down muscles more and produce greater muscle growth. 2. Taking protein or amino acid supplements to repair muscles after working out. 3. Lifting 3-4 days a week, and setting goals to gradual increase the amount of weight that can be done. 4. Separate muscle groups each day to target strategic muscle groups. For example, do chest and triceps one day, back and biceps another, legs the next, and abs the last day. This gives different muscle groups a good amount of time to recover in between workouts. 5. Increase calorie intake. Story by: Nick Garcia

Tristin Wells (‘14) in the weight room

Definition & Tone

While building strength and bulk might appeal to most men, many women actually prefer their men lean and cut. Establishing definition and flexibility is also better for most male athletes than building bulk. Five things to do: 1. Do more repetitions and less weight when lifting. 2. Make sure you focus on all muscle groups. If you only work chest, then you will hit a plateau where you cannot improve your chest until other muscle groups are up to par. The abs are especially important to every other main muscle group. 3. Burn more calories than you consume. Your body fat percentage will have to be low in order to reveal muscular definition. 4. Take daily vitamins and supplements to build a bodies nutrition, and drink plenty of water. 5. Always incorporate cardiovascular variety to shred fat and to keep fat off. Story by: Nick Garcia



Meals for mad muscles

People who have trouble putting on mass must eat differently than people who have trouble taking mass off. Here are three dieting tips for people in either of these situations. SLIMMING: 1. To lose body fat, diet is more crucial that cardiovascular workouts, though both are important. You will need to limit carbs, which are found in bread and pasta. 2. An effort must also be made to make your body feel full. This can be achieved by eating protein, eating fiber, and drinking plentry of water. 3. The most important thing when attempting to shed body fat is your effort. If you are hungry before you go to bed, you must have the strength to avoid eating that salty snack. If you have an option between nachos are a grilled chicken sandwich on a wheat bun, you will have to choose the healthier option. BULKING: 1. People often forget about the slender kids that lift weights and have trouble building mass. These individuals must greatly increase caloric intake to see results. 2. While they must eat a lot, they must make sure that what they are eating is still healthy. Consuming tons of calories in junk food is easy and tasty, but will not give you the necessary nutrition needed to make your muscles bulk up and look good. 3. Whole wheat bread, wild rice, peanut butter, nuts, and eggs are all healthy options that will help your calorie count fill up quickly. You will have to construct a unique diet depending on your body type, your metabolism, and what you want your body to look like. Story by: Seth Armentrout


keeping it simple

Many people are under the impression that being fit requires great amounts of time, money and effort. While being extremely fit may require these things, one can improve their body in just minutes a day! 1. Next time you are sitting on your futon watching Snooki throw a temper tantrum, get on the ground and do 20 sit-ups! 2. That was easy, right? Now flip over and do as many pushups as you can. 3. If you have never really worked out before, your upper body may be aching, but your lower body is fine! Now keep your back straight and do as many squats as you can! 4. Exhausted, you sit back on that futon. Snooki isn’t even done throwing her fit! If you have never really made an effort to be fit, do this as often as you can, and strive to increase how many of each exercise you can do. 5. Watch your diet, start with this complete workout, and get started on your new life of being fit! Story by: Seth Armentrout


That’s a good question. Weightlifting is dangerous for those with no experience; it’s challenging and you will not get anything from it if you are not fully committed. Although you may not see the benefits right away, persistence pays off and persist and weightlifting makes you a better athlete in all areas, especially with the ladies, and makes your future so much brighter. Take Brighton High junior, Michael Willis for example. Entering his freshman year he was a pretty solid athlete; tall, skinny and a perfect height for being a post in basketball. When he found out about the offseason lifting program he jumped at his chance to improve his skills. Assistant varsity coach, Robert Siemering does a specialized workout for the basketball players twice a week during the offseason. Just one year after starting these workouts he went from a freshman team player to a Varsity starter. The improvement was even noticed his freshman year when he got his first slam dunk. This season, Brighton High fans witnessed a dunk where Michael jumped over top of the player guarding him. In practice, he throws down flashy dunks with ease. To put the long story short, weightlifting is a big part of Michael Willis’ life. Weightlifting has helped him to become a basketball stud. The girls like him. His teammates are jealous of his skills. Weightlifting gave him a bright future in sports. You could have one too if you start lifting weights. “Weightlifting gave me an edge and helped me to be able to dunk,” said Michael. Story by: Toby Heidt

Michael Willis (‘14) flexing


Get active: competition

Competion can give men a reason to get out and take part in cardiovascular exercise. Here are five great competitive sports for guys: 1. Basketball Basketball can get very competitive and is a great for your cardio. With no referees, tension can raise and create a competitive atmosphere. Blood pressure will also be on the rise from all the up the court down the court running. 2. Touch Football All the bursts of energy and sprints involved in touch football can really benefit a person’s cardiovascular health. Competition can take over the game. Intensity can push people to their limits and really get blood pumping. 3. Volleyball Yes guys get down in volleyball as much as girls. With all the quick decisive movements, jumps, and dives, beach volleyball is an athletically demanding sport. Competition will surely be the driving factor of the game after a few spikes and rolls in the sand. 4. Racquetball Racquetball is super entertaining, very competitive and a great exercise for burning calories. All the continuous running and all the quick movements will keep the heart rate running and the lungs pumping. 5. Ultimate Frisbee Ultimate frisbee is a lot of fun to play with friends, and is especially popular on college campuses. It promotes general fitness, though it does require the ability to throw and catch the frisbee. Story by: Raymond Baca


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