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Year 5

Each year when it comes time to write the report for Badminton, I reflect on the consistently high calibre of boys this sport attracts. This year the boys have again demonstrated superb sportsmanship, developed significantly in skill and teamwork and played competitively while having a lot of fun.

The Red Team had its fair share of beginners. It was wonderful to see the boys with more experience encouraging, assisting and even coaching the newer boys to the sport. The competition between the boys was healthy but always had the teams’ best interests in mind.

The 6 Blue team played the majority of their games at Sandringham Sports Centre in Thomas Street. This season, the 6 Blue team consisted of quite a few beginners. A positive aspect of Badminton is the speed in which players can improve. Many of our beginners quickly became some of our strongest players.

Practice sessions proved to be a valuable time in acquiring and honing skills necessary to enjoy the game and to give our opponents an opportunity to play good badminton. Fitness levels also rose by the end of the season.

Determination, team work and sportsmanship proved to be a winning combination for the Year 5 Badminton team in Term 4, 2014. At the beginning of the term, boys who had some tennis experience clearly led the way however, by the end of the term, all boys were delivering those shots hard and fast. The boys were clearly proud of their unbeaten status, but as their coach, I was even more proud of their thoughtfulness towards their teammates, the impeccable manners and behaviour they displayed when playing other schools and the responsibility they took with equipment. Sven Steward proved to be a great partner to Ryan Dang and Tony Li as these partnerships delivered some 11-0 and 11-1 crushing defeats to our opponents. Our best player overall this season was Ryan Dang and the best team player was Declan Hayes. Carole Webster, Coach

It certainly says something about the boys that the initial pairings remained our pairs for the season. Boys were happy to play with anyone, and saw the benefit in playing with a partner consistently through the season. I trust that new bonds were formed and all felt included and valued. I would encourage them all to continue to play Badminton in the future. Our Best Player this season was Ollie Cruse and our Best Team Player was awarded to Cameron Acheson.

Our matches yielded mixed results but it was obvious to all spectators our boys always gave their best and exuded sportsmanship whether they were ahead or behind on the scoreboard. Whoever the individual boys paired with on any given match day they played well together and were always supportive of each other. This is a result we are always proud of at school as genuine teamwork is something we constantly strive to achieve. I hope to see the boys pursuing and participating in badminton in the years to come. The Best Player for the season was Tommy Calaci and the Best Team Player was Eric Yu. Raelene Plozza and Chester Lord, Coaches


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BGS Grammarian 2014  

The Brighton Grammar School Yearbook, 2014

BGS Grammarian 2014  

The Brighton Grammar School Yearbook, 2014