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work placements for undergraduate students Brighton Business School

Your career starts here! Students who take a placement in industry are a step ahead when it comes to securing the right job at the end of their course. Above all, they graduate with a year’s relevant work experience, which gives them a distinctive advantage over others.

Kirrie Peters, Business Studies with Marketing BA(Hons), placement at Nissan as a Brand Marketing Assistant. My placement with Nissan has enhanced my future career prospects. Firstly, I have gained a valuable insight into the running of a marketing department which has directed me to the area in which I wish to work. Secondly, I have now made connections within the company, which is advantageous when it comes to applying for graduate roles in a year’s time. I have even been head hunted by an agency used by Nissan, and have been told to apply with them after I have completed my degree.


At Brighton Business School you get the chance to take a placement year that is relevant to your degree. You will be in a position of trainee professional or trainee/junior manager, and will earn the same salary as regular employees in similar positions. A dedicated team of staff in the Business School has links with employers throughout the UK. They offer assistance at every stage, from CV writing tuition to interview technique and mock interviews. During your placement year they also provide support and guidance, and visit you at your workplace. Work experience can be a significant part of your education and career development, alongside the more formal study of the degree course. On placement you will take on a work-based project that replaces your final year dissertation and contributes directly to your final degree mark.

Why should you consider a placement year? Placements offer many practical benefits, such as being able to: • put into practice the theoretical aspects of the previous two years • develop a better understanding of the subjects that will be studied in the final year • assist you in the transition from academia to employment upon graduation • enable you to integrate into the work environment, conducting yourself in a professional manner • develop personal skills including communication, problem solving and confidence • develop academic skills in such areas as research and report writing • get you one step ahead! By the end of the placement you should: • have a thorough understanding of the working environment and ethos • have developed time-management skills and completed specific projects • be able to manage business relationships and integrate into a team environment • have contributed positively to the organisation • have built upon your interpersonal skills and confidence • have a strong idea of your future career.

pp Alex Marr, Business Studies with Marketing BA(Hons), placement at EA Sports as a Marketing Assistant. p Rebecca Quarrington, Business Studies BA(Hons), placement at GMTV as an Assistant Research Analyst.

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Frequently asked questions How much will I earn? Salaries vary from employer to employer, depending upon the degree of responsibility involved in the job and the location you will be working in. On a one year placement you can expect to earn between £12,000 and £20,000, probably about £15,000.

Amy Flood, Business Studies BA(Hons), placement at Volkswagen Audi Group as a Commercial Support Assistant. My placement year will put me at an advantage when I get my first graduate job. I will know what to expect when joining a company. I have already improved how I work with people and a number of personal skills, such as time management, running projects simultaneously, training people, presenting to an audience etc. I have been lucky enough to work in various departments which all seem interesting, such as purchasing, HR, marketing, accounts and finance. This placement has given me a valuable insight into business life and ideas of what careers I should be in pursuing.


When can I start? Some employers have a specific date on which you are expected to start – this is generally early July. If they do not, then it is up to you to negotiate the starting date, bearing in mind that the degree regulations require you to spend 48 weeks on placement and if you add in the extra four weeks of holiday that most people receive, you are looking at 52 weeks minimum. What about the placement project? While on placement you are expected to produce a work-related project of up to 10,000 words. This is to be submitted early in the first month of your fourth year. Remember, this replaces your final year dissertation and gives you exemption from a double module in the final year. Will I have to pay fees? Fees for 2012 placement year are set at £750 (£1,750 for international students). For this you will receive the support of the placement office throughout the placement. You will also be allocated a personal academic supervisor to help develop your placement project. Your tutor will visit you at the company twice and you will be invited back to the university for two conferences during your placement year. Can I still use the library or studentcentral? As a registered student you can use all university facilities and you will still be able to claim student rates for public transport. Is it worth it? Yes, of course it is. Students who do a placement year normally get a better degree, increase their self confidence and esteem, and improve their chances of relevant valuable employment on graduation.

Participating organisations A wide range of organisations participate in the programme, from both public and private sectors, and varying in size from large multinationals to small companies. Here are some of the organisations that have taken on our placement students: • Airbus UK • American Express • BMW • Bosch • Capita • Channel 4 • Cosmos Holidays • Deutsche Bank • Disney • Electronic Arts • Enterprise Rent a Car • Fender Musical instruments • Hewlett Packard • Home Office • House of Lords • HSBC • IBM • Ipsos Mori • ITV

• Kraft Foods UK Ltd • • Lloyds TSB • Lockheed Martin • Microsoft • Nike • Nissan • Panasonic • Pepsico • Rank Interactive • Roche Diagnostics • Rockwell Collins • Rolls Royce Motor Cars • Total Gas and Power Ltd • Vodaphone HP • Volkswagen Audi Group • Warner Bros • Xerox

The placements scheme offers solutions to any organisation looking to gain a head start in graduate recruitment and attract high-calibre skilled staff to bring in new ideas. Every year more employers discover the benefits of participating in our placements scheme and look to us to help meet recruitment needs.

pp Samantha Eary, Business Studies BA(Hons), placement at Coty UK Ltd as a Rimmel Marketing Assistant. p Andrew Smith, Business Studies BA (Hons), placement at Coty UK Ltd as an Adidas Marketing Assistant.

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How to get a placement At the beginning of your second year the placement office will get to know you, help you write a CV and show you how to apply for jobs.

Anna Dyda, Business Studies with Finance BA(Hons), placement at British Airways as a Finance Assistant. Placements are a great experience that help you to know what you are capable of and what needs to be developed. They give you the confidence to talk to your future employer about something you did, not just studied, but worked on and shared the results with your colleagues. I have experienced a range of different situations where I could try and challenge myself, achieving a good result. This placement gave me a great feeling of confidence of what I can achieve. It also gave me the opportunity to tap into other experts’ knowledge and advice which is invaluable as I wouldn’t be able to get it from books!


We recommend that you sign up at the induction talk for a 15-minute discussion with a member of the placements team. Alternatively, during October there are appointment lists displayed on the board and you can add your name to these lists. The appointments enable us to get to know you and vice versa, to find out your preferred career aims and your strengths and weaknesses. This is also an opportunity for you to discuss any problems you may have that could affect your performance or attendance at interviews. If, at any time, you feel you need interview coaching or a mock interview, then please ask, as this is a major part of the placement office role. During the course of the year over 1,000 jobs will be advertised on the board. We have contacts with local and national employers and information on all previous employment opportunities. Make use of our skills and knowledge. It is your responsibility to apply for as many positions as possible to ensure you secure a placement. The placement office is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. We are here to help, so please come and see us.

z Alex Holme, Ini Enyiekere and Ray Pazsit, all on placements at Bosch. pp Sophie Rowe, placement at Lloyds TSB. p Anna Patkowska, placement at The Walt Disney Company Ltd. t Steve Butler, placement at Xerox.

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At Brighton Business School you get the chance to take a placement year that is relevant to your degree. You will be in a position of traine...