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BRIGHTON & HOVE HIGH SCHOOL A girls’ day school trust school

Brighton & Hove High School, the best choice for you Sixth Form Centre Brighton & Hove High School Temple Gardens Brighton BN1 3AT, UK tel +44 (0)1273 280280 fax+44 (0)1273 280281

Welcome from the Head Girl Team

Hello from the Head Girl Team.

achieving high academic

everyone to find something

results. We love the fact

they enjoy. Even within the

that the teachers know us

Head Girl team there is a

Welcome to our humble

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broad spectrum of interests

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with our own learning styles.

ranging from dancing to

Centre. It has a friendly and

They encourage us to apply

horse riding to play writing.

homely atmosphere which

to the universities of our

We are proud to have been

we all enjoy, with its areas

choice and the careers we

voted onto the Head Girl

for both study and relaxation

wish to pursue in the future.

Team and feel privileged

with friends. The supportive

Individuality is celebrated

to represent such a great

environment in lessons allows

and the wide range of

place. We hope to see you

everyone to enjoy their

activities on offer throughout

in September.

time at the college, whilst

the two years allows

A GDST School

A Fresh Educational Approach Preparing you to leave our Sixth Form begins as soon as you start.

of the school. Seminar style

application procedure and

classes, with the very top

your personal statement.

teachers, help us bring out

The small class sizes support

the best in each girl and

this. The academic results

We are the only Sixth Form in

provide an unparalleled

we achieve are exceptional

platform for success at

and are listed in detail on

university. You’ll have the

our website and in our main

opportunity to research and


Sussex able to offer courses run by the very best of business trainers from around the country thanks to our PSHE programme. From the very start you will receive training on life skills, such as budgeting and ‘How to work a room’. Our close ties with local universities allow you to experience, enjoy and become accustomed to university life.

plan independently whilst receiving clear personalised

The range of courses is

guidance and support from

extensive, with the students

your subject tutor. They,

having a varied array of

along with the Careers

subjects to choose from

Team, will also be there

- allowing you to choose

to help you with subject

the courses that best suit

choice, university entrance

your abilities, aspirations

and future aspirations.

and interests. Dependent on student request, we can

There is personalised UCAS

also offer other subjects such

Our Sixth Form offers a

support which begins early

as Law or Sociology. Please

significant change in

in your L6 ensuring that you

make any such requests to

teaching style to the rest

are confident about the

the Head of Sixth Form.

Seminar Style Lessons

“The School’s seminar style teaching and partnerships not only guarantee outstanding ALevel results, but also ensure you are prepared and ready to thrive at university.”

Brighton & Hove High School

A Perfect Balance

World Challenge

Our Sixth Form isn’t just about academic results, there’s a huge range of extra-curricular activities available for you to participate in, enjoy and learn from. All Sixth Formers, over their two years with us, have the opportunity to develop teamwork, leadership, communication and negotiation skills.

The House Play competition offers a creative challenge. Given a theme or motif, you can find yourself forming a team, which will write, direct, cast, rehearse, light and costume a production from scratch. It is up to you to manage the rest of the school to achieve the very best in theatrical excellence. We have excellent sporting opportunities available to the Sixth Form. From traditional team games – you may like to spend your time helping with the coaching of younger girls – to activities such as volleyball, sailing, selfdefence, kite-surfing and Drama Performance

If you’re into music and drama, then you can join the many different choirs and pop or jazz groups, whilst Sixth Formers always take the lead in school drama productions.

Brighton & Hove High School

yoga. If you want to take advantage of our hi-tech fitness suite, dance studio or numerous other facilities, you’ll have unique access. You may also want to help form the student leadership team. As a student body, you elect a number of School Officers, and new entrants to the Sixth Form are often among those elected. You will find yourself involved in a range of roles within the school – from organising obstacle races on the School Birthday, to acting as editor on the Sixth Form magazine – each one giving you valuable skills in motivation, teamwork and leadership.

As well as the Head Girl Team, there are a variety of officer positions ranging from Guild Officers and House Captains to Sports Officers and Career Officers. There are also opportunities to become Form Assistants and Mentors where you work closely with the younger year groups in the school community. Sixth Form students also run School Council. Volunteering is an important aspect of Sixth Form life and all Sixth Formers are encouraged to take part in a volunteering project in the local community. This serves to develop skills of communication and is also invaluable in UCAS applications. All volunteering counts towards the V-award scheme. The Young Enterprise scheme allows those of you with an entrepreneurial streak a chance to monopolise the market and be part of the most successful teams Sussex has ever had. Within the scheme, you are tasked with setting up your own company to market and sell your own product under

Young Enterprise

the guidance of an adviser from a local company. You will gain invaluable experience and knowledge of the business world, grappling with profit and loss, marketing, production and human resource management. The Sixth Form is also the ideal time to take advantage of the many trips available. This might be in the form of skiing in Austria, a trip to New York, or talks by leading political figures. If you express an interest, we will give you the opportunity. In partnership with other Trust schools we offer a World Challenge Expedition providing an opportunity of a lifetime. Students set off for

A GDST School

exciting destinations such as Ecuador, Malawi, Borneo and Namibia and in 2011 to Morocco. You’ll have the chance to fundraise, enhance your fitness and participate in team-building activities during an 18 month programme to prepare you for your month long adventure. The GDST has developed exciting partnership links with both China and India. Our Sixth Formers are given many openings to take full advantage of such exclusive associations. The recent trip to Ningbo University in China for the HSBC Summer School was one such opportunity available only to our Sixth Formers.

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity The Girls’ Day School

programmes where learning

Trust is a unique

and enjoyment complement

organisation that offers you unparalleled openings academically, personally and socially throughout your time in our Sixth Form. Through its alumnae network it will continue to support you through your

and reinforce each other. It brings together over 100 Sixth Formers from across GDST schools for a weekend of workshops and seminars. Minerva: Every Sixth Former at a GDST school automatically becomes a lifelong member of the Minerva Network,

chosen career.

a networking and

We have listed some of

for former pupils of GDST

the opportunities that are

communications’ channel schools. This is invaluable

exclusive to our Sixth Formers:

both for university entrance

The Trust Reception: This is an

former GDST students in

annual event with a wellknown personality. All Sixth Form prize winners and the

Travel Scholarships

and for life-networking. Some Minerva are: Angelica Bell Baroness Virginia Bottomley

Head Girl are invited.

A. S. Byatt

Minerva Trust Wide Activities:

Bettany Hughes

There are a wide range of

Konnie Huq

activities for the Sixth Form

Martha Kearney, Martha

put on by Minerva and these

Lane Fox

include musical, sporting and

Miriam Margolyes,

creative arts activities.

Suzy Menkes OBE

Charlotte Church

Baroness Northover Young Leaders’ Conference:

Karen Pickering

(formerly the Head Girls’

Dame Stella Rimington


Patricia Routledge

This is a great example

Dame Maggie Smith

of the GDST’s far-sighted

Brighton & Hove High School

“Applications to degree courses from GDST students are highly valued at universities up and down the country.”

Awards and Prizes Oakley Fund: The Oakley

Former Friends Biology,

Fund offers financial awards

Maths and Physics Prizes:

to former GDST students,

These are awards to reward

who are studying in the UK

the endeavour of sciences in

and looking to take on a

GDST schools.

significant project directly

Dame Kitty Anderson History

relating to their fields of study or career aspirations. Recent Brighton & Hove Sixth Formers have accessed the fund to finance a hospital work placement in the Cook Islands and a literary expedition to Russia. HSBC (Three Month) Recruitment Programme: HSBC works with the Girls’ Day School Trust to recruit pre-university students on to a three month training programme. These are salaried positions and cover such areas as Government Relations, Internal Communications and Commercial Banking. HSBC Building, Canary Wharf

Prize: Year 13 candidates are invited to submit their individual A Level projects or coursework essays.

Oakley Fund

Minerva Prize: This is

Johnston Memorial

awarded each year to one

Scholarship: This is awarded

Year 13 student, who best

annually to a Year 13 pupil

exemplifies the ‘all round’

educated at a GDST school

education provided by the

with the support of a GDST


Bursary, and intending to

Pearson and Silver Awards:

read Law at university.

These awards for Years 12

Travel Scholarships: These

and 13 students in GDST

scholarships are awarded

schools provide assistance

to Year 13 students for a

towards the cost of

study or enterprise entailing

attending meetings and

travel, which may happen

courses or carrying out

within the first year of leaving

projects with a classical


content. Somerville and Gurney Awards: These are awards for Year 12 holders of Trust Entrance or Sixth Form Scholarships, or Honorary GDST Scholarships. Henrietta Dent Award: These are awards for students in Year 13 or in the first year after leaving who are planning to train as teachers.

A GDST School

“Employers recognize a GDST education as a mark of quality on your CV throughout your career.”

This prospectus is for information only and does not form any part of any contract between parents and the GDST. This publication has necessarily been prepared well in advance of the entry of a pupil to the school and inevitably there may be subsequent alterations.

BHHS Sixth form Prospectus  

BHHS Sixth form Prospectus