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GRANDPARENTS DAY!!! On Friday the 22nd of march the junior school held a concert (of the school choir, and orchestra), and provided tours for their elderly friends and grandparents. Finished on page 6

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Fact In the UK we spend about £200million on Easter Eggs each year—that’s a lot of chocolate

Red nose day On Friday 15th of March BHHS were seeing red when they celebrated Red Nose Day (Comic Relief) by all dressing up in their own clothes accessorising with a red garment instead of their usual bottle green, a sea of red flooded into school this morning. Some of the school appeared in the foamy noses that gave the day it’s well earned name. The school didn’t forget the charitable side to the fun- filled event and they each brought in a donation to help with charities all around the globe and raised over a hundred pounds. And to add to the excitement many people participated in sponsored silences and other challenges to raise money for the charity. And to top it all off the astro- turf was teaming with pupils as Mr Baynes and Elisa Steels took their places in goal for a penalty shootout 10p a shot. This was the incredible idea of Elisa. Thank you for contributing your money towards Comic Relief. By Charlotte Pettit and Lily Bowen.

SEEING RED? Comic Relief started in 1985 when there was a famine in Ethiopia (Africa). Britain’s comedians Lenny Henry and Richard Curtis took notice of what was going on and wanted to do something about it. Comic Relief was launched live on Noel Edmonds' Late, Late Breakfast Show on BBC1, on Christmas Day 1985 from a refugee camp in Sudan. Since then Lenny Henry has been hosting Comic Relief every year since 1985 and doing something funny for money!

By Charlotte Pettit

Sadie and Bessie (year 6) having the time of their lives in stripy onesies and outrageous wigs!!!!!!!!

Best Dr Nursery:


Year 1:

Year 2:

ressed??? Year 3:

Year 4:

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Year 6:

On red nose day, Mr. Baynes, and Elisa Steels held a penalty shoot out on the Astro-turf. It was Elisa’s idea, and she came into school with her goal keeping kit, and she and Mr.Baynes defended each shot as best as they could. Each shot cost 10p, and the money went to comic relief. (Mr. Baynes pictured right)(Elisa below). Girls enjoyed scoring against their teacher. Elisa took the shots of the key stage 1 girls, and Mr. Baynes took the key stage 2 shots. Loads of people succeeded, and our deputy head Miss Parker stated that the number was well over thirty.

Eggselent Easter

On the 31st of March everything kicks off. We’ll all open the foil wrappers of our Easter eggs and munch up the scrumptious chocolate and roll eggs down hills. Our school is going to break up for a well earned holiday on the 28th of March and I’m sure we’re looking forward to it a lot. After two weeks of break, we’ll all pop to school with our heads full of happy thoughts. But it’s not all about the chocolate. Easter is the time when Jesus Christ took his life for the population of the world. The eggs we eat all represent different stages of Jesus’ death, these things are: the hollow egg for “the empty grave”; the cream egg is about “new life”; the kinder surprise egg is for “the gift” and mini eggs represent "everyone”. BY LILY BOWEN

Grandparents Day (Continued from front page)

Lower School choir started off the concert with their two songs, A Young Austrian, (which they had drawn lovely pictures for and had brought their own actions into) and the old traditional– Grand old Duke of York. They made it their own however thanks to our head of music, Mrs. Roberts, and added their own parts with clapping and extra verses. Next came some wonderful solos from Beverly Fung (a year four) who played two pieces called “German Dance in C” and “Blue Sky Blue” on the piano. Next came Isobel Denslow (also in year four) who played “That’s how it goes!” and Prelude from “Te Deum” on the cello. This set of solos was finished off by Kamali Maidment (in year 5) who played “Daydream” by Tchaikovsky. Next, Upper school choir delighted everyone with their two songs– “Can you hear me?” By Bob Chilcot, and “Gonna rise up singing”. Then came a selection of poems, I’m just going out by Michael Rosen read by Polly Adamson and Alicia Morgan (both in year 6), It’s only the storm, by David Greygoose, read by Amy Hausdoerfer (year 5), and The garden’s full of Witches by Colin McNaughton, and read by Olivia Giles (year 6).

Then came three more solos. “Gavottes 1 and 2” by J.S. Bach, played by Natasha O’Flynn (in year 5), who on the violin, followed “Mercy Mercy, Mercy” played by Lucy Evans (year 6) who played on the Alto Saxophone, and “Allegro Burlesco” from Sonatina in A minor, op.88 No.3, by Friedrich Kulhau played by Berniya Hamie (also in year 6). After these solos, came the junior school orchestra, who raised the roof with their three pieces– Hairy Scary by Sarah Watts, Pachelbel’s Canon, and Tango and Cha Cha by D.R Bellwood. To finish, upper school choir, recorder ensembles, and orchestra played and sang I Dreamed a Dream, by Claude-Michel Schonberg. At the end of the day, in very cheerful spirit, the grandparents left the school with their granddaughters.

Brit awards, Who will win? By Rosie Jones

Established in 1977 the Brit awards have now become one of the most celebrated music awards in history. Now entering its 36th year the stakes are high and people want to know who could win. Last year the show was hosted by Nick Grimshaw and was an absolute phenomena with Adele, Emeli Sande, Ed Sheran and One Direction all bagging prizes. This year the show will be held at O2 arena in London hosted by James Cordon and is sure to be a success. This year there are a few old faces such as: Emeli Sande, Adele, Rhianna, Jessie J, Olly Murs, Paloma Faith, Rizzle Kicks and Florence + the machine. As always though there are some new member of the music art like: Bat for Lashes, Jessie Ware, Alt-J and Rita Ora. As always there are wonderful live performances this year some of these are: Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Robbie Williams and One Direction. However there are always a few surprises along the way so we cannot be quite sure who will win a Brit.

What Do Pupils Think Of School Dinners? On the 31st of January, we came up with the question: What do pupils think of school dinners? And what do pupils think could be improved. This article discusses the thoughts of pupils, the cooks point of view and comparing our school dinners to different schools. On the 31st of January, we also decided on some challenging questions, and asked three students from each year to answer completely truthfully. Here are some of the results of a few children: Questions 1. What do you think of the options of lunch? 2. What do you think of the standard of school dinner? 3. Do you think it is at the right hygiene level? 4. Do you think other pupils could be persuaded to eat healthier?

5. What is your favourite meal? And why? Answers Year 6 1. There is already a very wide range of meals and a very good range to! Lottie Mackechnie Year 5 2. I think the standard is very high. Eva Webb Year 6 3. Very good! But sometimes things could be cleaner. Anais Westergaard Year 4 4. It is always a balanced diet already. Bonnie White

Competition Page

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GUESS WHO? This time, our secret people for you to guess are a band involved in the music industry.

No.1 A)5 members B) Between 19-22 years old C) came 3rd in x-factor one year GUESS WHO...

Hand into Miss Parker by Friday the 20th of April The correct answers will be put in a box and pulled out in assembly, the two winners will receive a mystery prize each (the prize will change each week ) REMEMBER TO PUT YOU NAME ON!!!

King of the Car-Park

Was Shakespeare an Exaggerator? Shakespeare’s history shows that Richard III was a murderous 2-faced villain. But much of his reputation today, comes from Shakespeare’s portrayal of him in the play ‘Richard the third’. It was to the Tudors advantage as it made them seem better. He may have been brave and successful warrior, who promised to be fair to his people. However, he had many enemies. He was nicknamed ‘Richard Crookback’ as he had a severe spinal curvature which began in adolescence.

To become king, Richard persuaded parliament to declare the marriage of Edward IV (his brother) to Elizabeth Woodville was illegal; so their sons were not the true heirs to the throne. Thus Richard became King Richard the III! It seems that he had the young princes murdered. Richard died at the age of 32 and was killed by Henry VII (Henry Tudor) in the last battle in the war of the roses- the Battle of Bosworth. The battle took place on the 22nd of August, 1485. He had the place at the top of the hill in the battle and he waited for Henry’s men to exhaust themselves (by charging up the hill) and then attacked them. However, he missed his chance to attack them at their weakest and he lost. He was the last British king to die in battle! Before the battle Shakespeare’s’ play ‘Richard the third’, Richard shows no pity for himself; I shall despair. There is no creature loves me: And if I die no soul shall pity me: N ay, wherefore should they, since I myself Find in myself no pity to myself.

Article by Florence Haggis

King of the Car park Historians have proved that car parks can conceal kings. On the 23rd of August 2012, archaeologists started to trace the body of King Richard the third. As a result of this research, a body was found concealed under a council car park in Leicester, and is believed to be the body of the king... Sponsored by the Richard the Third Society, historians and scientists have taken DNA from an ancestor of the king and proved that it could be him. This amazing discovery has piped up arguments whether Richard the third was a good or bad king.

Rex marks the spot! Has it ever been heard that kings are buried in car parks? In a council car park in Leicester, King Richard III bones have been found. The car park was called Greyfrairs car park in the middle of Leicester town. A group of historians realised he was in the car park when they found a sign R paved in one of the walls of the car park and that sign R let of a clue to where he was buried. When they started digging, they used long narrow trenches and a special technique to dig him up. The technique was to dig down into the ground using heavy trucks, and every few minutes to stop and check that they had not dug up any bones When they finally found just about all of his bones, they were covered in tarmac and old rubbish including warn out tyres. The group of historians/builders made long holes from one end of the car park to the other side, but However it took them 4 years to dig him up. The body was found on the side of the car park just under where they found the sign R paved in the wall. It was heard that the body was put in the council car park, to prove to the public he was really dead.

Article By: Lara Monasingh

Royal blood? The body had been found, but we had to find ways to identify it. The story was kept quiet until we could be certain it was Richard III. We used five methods to try to identify the body. To give an idea of whether the corpse was likely to be Richard, scientists tried to date how old the corpse was. They dated it to around the time of the Battle of Bosworth, increasing the likelihood of it being Richard. Shakespeare’s play talks about Richard having a limp, a bad arm and a twisted spine. The corpse had a twisted spine, but not the limp or bad arm. This just shows that Shakespeare may have made those up. It didn’t rule out the possibility of the corpse being Richard III. Mark Rylance played Richard III in performances at the globe in summer 2012. The corpse also had many battle wounds that could have been from the Battle of Bosworth field, where Richard died. The wounds included 10 blows to the head and broken bones probably from falling off a horse. It is thought that the sharp dent in his skull was the injury that killed him Another way of finding out if the corpse was Richard’s was reconstructing the corpse’s face. A mould of the skull was made; this was filled with plaster to create a model of the skull. Fake muscles and veins were added. Then eyes, lips and teeth. Finally, skin was fitted round the face and hair was put on the This is the reconstruction of the face next to the corpse’s skull. Below is a portrait of Richard III. head. Then the accurate head was compared with a portrait of the King. They looked very similar. The main difference was the face looked more handsome than the painting. This is probably because the Tudors edited the paintings of Richard to make him look nasty. While the body was being dug up, scientists tried to track down a descendant of Richard III’s sister, Elizabeth of York. They traced the bloodline down 17 generations of people. And found a carpenter named Michael Ibson. The scientists took DNA, the programming systems of living things, from the body and compared it to Michael’s DNA. They were worried they wouldn’t find a clear DNA sample on the corpse, because it was so old. Dr Turi King, who was involved in the tests, said, “I was worried we wouldn’t get a clean DNA sample, but I am very pleased to tell you that we did” Three DNA tests were done, the corpse matched Michaels DNA in all three tests. All five of the methods used pointed to the corpse being Richard III. It shows that in order to identify the past, you need to have modern technology.

Richards Rescuer’s As with every interesting story, there are always many people behind it to make it become an important outcome. In the amazing discovery of Richard the 111, the main person who was involved was a woman called Phillipa Langley (pictured below). The leader of an interesting society called the ‘Richard of York Society’. When walking in the car park of Leicester city centre, Phillipa discovered an R. She claimed that she had a strange feeling about this R. ‘I actually thought I was walking on his grave, and a few feet from me, there was a letter R painted in white on the car park floor’ Historians and builders were then called to the site to continue their search for King Richard under Phillipas R. Archaeologist Richard Buckley led the expedition. ‘From the outset, the search for Richard III was a thrilling prospect but it has involved many hours of dedicated research by our team that has led to the astonishing finds we have disclosed.’ Richard Buckley works in the University of Leicester, who have played a great part of the discovery. On the first day of the search the team found some leg bones. They were thought to of

been there for around 500 years. On the fourth day the team discovered a skull that looked like it had been detached from the legs, due to its angle. Joe Appelby-a bone expert-was called in, and spent much of her time in the hole dug by the builders.

Once they had found the whole skeleton, the bones were put in a cardboard box and taken to the Leicester University to be analyzed. Leicester University

Article by Ernestine Bradly

Phillipa Langley pictured after discovering the king.

What Happens next? There is controversy whether Richard the III’s body should be buried in Leicester or York. Many think that the body should be buried in York as Richard had very close ties to the city whilst others believe it should be kept in Leicester were the body was found. Why should the body be buried in York? It’s possible that Richard may off left a will, saying that he wished to be buried in York. This is backed up by the fact that during his short reign he planned to build an enormous chapel possibly meant for his body if he died. Paul Toy, a local business man said, “It seems unfortunate that if he is buried at, say Leicester, his wishes are ignored and he has to fit in with the parameters of people’s preoccupation”. Richard also funded several buildings in York which now have small museums dedicated to him. He also met his wife in York, and his son is buried in York. Kerstin England, Chief executive of the city of York has confirmed that she that she has sent a letter to the Queen with all the evidence she can to get Richard to be buried in York. “We have a fantastic case. More than that, I think we should seek some collaboration with Leicester –let’s not have another war on this matter. Possession of the law may be more than nine tenths of the law but we definitely have the moral high ground here”. Why should the body be buried in Leicester? Many believe that Richard should be buried in Leicester were he was found as he has for over five hundred years. It seems near to impossible that Richard will be buried in York due to the fact that the terms of him being “unburied” where that he would have to be buried before August next year and in Leicester. These terms may have to change if it is found that Richard left a Will saying he wanted to be buried in York. So far it is still unclear whether or not this document exists. It is also the case that under the terms of the exhumation licence and guidelines for the treatment for human remains in archaeology, provide that the bones should be reburied close to the spot. Liz Hudson –Oliff, from the Diocese of Leicester, said: 2Under the terms of the exhumation licence issued by the Ministry of Justice, the remains should be buried in Leicester. (continue quote!)

Leicester would like to keep Richard because it would bring in money from the tourist industry as many thousands of people will come to visit the remains.

Who Put the Goo on the Guillemots? On the south coast of England, (Sussex) 236 Guillemots, 17 Razor birds and one herring have been found lying or stranded on the beaches covered in mysterious goo. Recently this Mysterious substance has been identified as “mixed mineral oils” The RSPCA has been trying to save some of the injured birds by transferring water into their stomachs as some of them have not eaten for days. The RSPCA are also investigating the best way to clean the oil from the bird’s feathers They have so far been doing this by rubbing margarine on the infected feathers, Hopefully, it’s a easy, fast and painless way to do it. However, where did the oil come from? This has also been solved; people believe that careless sailors on boats have simply thrown their waste oil overboard. This means that either because of their fishing or because of the wind change (which pushes the birds out to sea), the birds have plunged to their peril not knowing what the oil is. Although sadly hundreds of these sea birds have died, a lot of the treated birds will survive and carry on increasing their numbers which have dropped dramatically. By news reporter Mia Nathan.

Will Sea Cities Save the World? Experts are in favour By Caitlin Burley and Ailish Simpson

Would you feel safe living in a house floating on the waves? Experts think that sea cities could potentially put an end to global warming and global hunger. They believe that if people live on the sea there will be more space on land for farmers to grow food and keep animals. 70 percent of the world is water so there would be more space on the waves. This means that there could be more houses and people may not be homeless any more. The plans include floating areas using algae to produce fuel and food with more agricultural space being created on a floating area the size of Madagascar. However the idea has already been tested in Dubai. The Palm and The World have been built and people live in them but, because of their shape they cause rip currents. These man – made structures are hurting the environment. Coral reefs and oyster beds are being buried under the weight of sand and rocks, while marine life has either been asphyxiated or is staying away. The water is becoming polluted and underwater visibility has decreased to a minimum. Another downside is the expense. Even though there will be more homes there won’t be enough people who are able to buy them and so there will still be people living on the land – and indeed homeless people. There would need to be people on land to look after the crops and the animals – wouldn’t they get lonely? Is this the humans last tactic – retreat into their shell in one last attempt to save themselves while the Earth falls apart? When put like that the idea seems absurd and stupid but, with new designs, scientists think that this could save the Earth. It’s true that if this doesn’t work the Earth could be destroyed but it’s dying anyway. Is this one last attempt to save the Earth worth it? Bart Roeffen – an expert from DeltaSync - says: “we have plans for full scale neighbourhoods including roads and, in the end, we want to build floating cities and countries.” DeltaSync also say that building in the desert is not an option because of lack of water and expenses, so they have turned to the seas in the hope that life on earth can continue.

Is being manager such a bad job? Many people complain about being head of business as it means they have responsibility if something goes wrong, and they continually have to have meetings.

But there is an upside of being manager. Earlier on this week we caught up with Sophy Walker, one of the managers at Excalibur Design. We asked her a few questions, and this is what she said.

DO YOU ENJOY YOUR JOB? Sometimes I don’t, but I mostly do because I like to be challenged IS IT HARD BEING HEAD OF BUSINESS? It is, because I’m not the only manager in this job. I have two other partners that I sometimes squabble with, and I am the only women in the business. ARE THERE ANY DOWNSIDES OF BEING MANAGER? There are. Sometimes you have to have meetings, sometimes you have to take the books home where you write in all of the week’s earnings and then you also have to deal with the bank about money that you take in. WHAT ARE THE GOOD THINGS? There are many. The one I think is the best is that whilst my other business partners are doing their little bit for the company, I am able to go out into town. I don’t do it for my own benefit, I do go to the bank, but I have time to have a quick bite to eat at the local cafe. And sometimes I am able to knock off work early because we don’t have much to do. WHAT HAS BEEN THE BIGGEST PROJET THAT YOU HAVE DONE? We have done work for the Amex Stadium in Falmouth. The work we actually do at Excalibur Design is worktops and toilet cubicles. We have done many cubicles for schools and we are doing a job at the moment where we get 15,000m pounds profit, which is quite exiting. We now have enough to have a pay rise!

In the UK, the maximum worki9ng hours per week in 48 hrs. That is roughly 6 hours and 15 minutes per day. Though in other countries, it’s different. Some plus have ten hours working time, with half hour break and newspapers have to sometimes work until 2:00 am when they started at 2:00 pm the day before.

But managers can make decisions that their staff don’t agree with, but in the end works out fine. So, is being manager such a bad job?

By Jessica Walker

Holiday to The Moon? Already, over five-hundred and thirty Virgin Galactic Astronauts have reserved and bought their tickets. By 2020 we could be having the holiday of a lifetime on the moon! By then most of year six will be seventeen or eighteen. Spaceship Two will be taking these five-hundred and thirty Virgin Galactic Astronauts to the Moon. Spaceship Two Spaceship Two was built by Richard Branson’s space company ‘ Virgin Galactic’ and has completed it’s first test flight with it’s first rocket motor installed. On the 9th of the December 2012 it completed it’s 23rd flight. So what’s next for Virgin Galactic? By 2050 Virgin Galactic will be selling tickets to go to MARS! The tickets will be sold at £3,000,000,000,099 that’s a huge amount of money to spend...

Banned From Bhasvic Bhasvic field is a local place in Brighton where many people walk their dogs, play football and in summer, have picnics. But the council and Cardinal Newman are planning to put a fence around it, not just keeping the public out but also happy memories. Most of the public object strongly to the 10ft fence that the council are planning to put up. Local dog-owner Kate Parkin quotes “It will look horrible, like a prison when it’s actually a beautiful green space, meant for the people.” Like other men and woman, she works and is unable to take her dog on big walks so she uses the field which is extremely easy for her. The council have been asked their reasons and opinions but in time of print, they have yet to reply. They were asked why they are planning to put up an ugly mesh fence around such a lovely area and why are they taking the field from the public. The council may have their reasons but what is worrying the public is that the council will not seem to tell the reasons of their plan. Therefore people have become convinced that the fence is going to be put up without a purpose. However, rumour has spread that the council and Cardinal Newman’s reasons for the fence are because the public are not picking up their litter and their dog’s mess. But there are more arguments from the public about it being students from both Cardinal Newman and Bhasvic University who are littering the field. The plans of the fence are not decided but the public shall know what happens.

Hove Bus Depot Whilst watching Brighton & Hove buses stagger back to their Depot on Conway street, Hove (due to a few inches of snow), the public began to wonder whether it would be more useful if the bus depot moved to Hollingbury on Crowhurst road. (Premises occupied by the Argus newspaper at present). The council are hoping to replace the bus depot (which will be moving to Hollingbury) into flats. Local families were interviewed on their thoughts on it. Are you pleased that the bus depot is changing into flats? Yes, because I always thought of buses as dirty smelly polluting vehicles, moving along the narrow streets of Hove, causing danger to everybody. If you were in charge, what would you change the bus depot into? Well actually, I think changing it into flats is a great idea. Either that or sheltered housing. Why? Because there is a shortage of housing in that area of Hove, and sheltered housing might help prevent people with less money sleeping on the streets. Are you pleased that the bus depot is changing into flats? No, because it is important to keep industry and employment within town, plus historical significance. If you were in charge, what would you change the bus depot into? Keep it as a bus station. Why? To keep industry and employment around our local area. At the end of the interviewing, the people who said Yes were most worried about traffic and were sad at seeing such an old site being destroyed (it had been there since1893). The people out pollution, and community lacking.

Momentum Report By Lucy Evans and Charlotte Pettit

On the 30th and the 31st of January the girls of Brighton and Hove High school volunteered to participate in the momentum dance show. The dance show took place at The Old Market theatre, which involved a wide range of girls from years 4 to Upper Sixth Form and lots of voluntary clubs such as ballet and hip hop. The dance show couldn’t have taken place without the help of aspiring dancers and choreographers who made an excellent contribution towards the overall performance and directed younger pupils to make sure they were all at the right place.

We interviewed one of the pupils from the junior school who took part in Momentum, we asked her about her experiences in the dance, and what she enjoyed. ‘I enjoyed seeing all the older pupils and experiencing what we might do when we are older. I also enjoyed the year four dance because their music was quirky and their dance was cute and very in time with the music, it was well choreographed by Miss Kennedy and well performed by the year fours. I enjoyed watching the other girls perform and I am very proud of the overall show.’

Earth Hour 2013 With the world heating up due to global warming, people have been taking actions. This Saturday, the world is taking part in a big event, called Earth Hour. From 20:30-21:30 people all over the world will be turning off lights for this hour. People all over the world have been taking part in an event that has been going on for five years and is now a world wide event. Earth hour started in Sydney 2008. Our year 2 teacher Mrs. Dev was there. :

Click here to watch the Earth hour video

Interviewer: What was it like seeing all of the lights go off? Miss. Dev:

Interviewer: What did you use in order to still see? Miss. Dev:

Interviewer: What have you personally done to encourage this tradition? Miss. Dev:

The Battle of the Blocks By Clemmie Copeland On Wednesday 27th March, there was a battle in a Year Six maths lesson. Mr Stacey, unaware of the events around him, sat at his computer while his class were in the middle of a battle of lies and deceit. Friends turned against friends, BFFs became archenemies just because of some brightly-coloured multilink. Two teams, Fenella Lawn/ Mya Roberts and Ernestine Bradly, were competing to build a solid cube. People took sides, collecting stealing multilink from each other. Shouts like “hey that’s my block” and “I thought you were my friend” were heard as the furious battle took place.

Meanwhile Mr Stacey was trying to interest the class in another maths problem but soon realised that the class were not listening. He stopped the battle which everyone was cross about because no one had won yet. But one, Fenella, kept on going and finally completed her cube. The cheers of her team were heard from down the corridor as the champion raised her cube. Satisfied, her team replaced their multilink while Ernestine’s team, more sadly, put their half-finished cube back into the tray. Fenella Lawn told us how she felt “I am very proud that we won” she said. (This article might be slightly exaggerated or false)

Happy hyperlinks Be Connected Love of pie A film by Isobel and Iona, please vote online now! Portal Look at the portal to find out about what’s going on in school. Kenken Fun maths puzzles for kids! WWF website Learn more about the environment at the WWF website WWF 2013 video This video will show you what happens when millions of people join together and switch off!

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