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Calling all key stage 2


Percy Jackson book review

All the card shops in Brighton have run out of card designs we need your help ,Give your entries to miss parker with your name and class on the back by the 16th of December !!!

WEEP FOR THE WILLOW Due to a wasps nest we have recently lost our precious willow tunnel by the pond . Despite this being a great form of biodiversity, a wasp inheritance has taken over for the second year ,causing it to be closed off again. Our willow tunnel has been a fun place to play and encouraged lots of ladybirds to live in our school. Sadly the pest control said the only way to get rid of the yearly wasps was for the willow tunnel to go. We are not sure what's going to be done to the empty space but we hope we can keep it a bio diverse area. By Freya Mainprize

Merchants hill

Interview with Miss Parker What was it first like being a teacher at BHHS? It was very different because before I came here I was teaching in Thailand it was also different because this is an all girls school but I liked that. What is the good things about being a teacher? It’s never boring because the girls always ask different questions and also the good thing is you get to work with children who make it fun. What are the bad things about being a teacher? You can’t go on holiday in the term time when it is cheaper. What is the hardest thing about being a teacher? You have to remember lots of different things at the same time or you will be letting someone down. By Hannah Briscoe

Book review from year six Percy Jackson and the sea of monsters By Amy Bailham At first sight I doubted that I would like this book, but Rick Riodan is an author I would certainly recommend. Read this if you don't mind guinea pigs, golden fleeces and big battles. This science fiction is a jaw dropping book.

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Calling all key stage 1

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Maths p c u m art, o c h t school, r c v o I.c.t, sports


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1. Silent _________ 2. Away in a ________ 3. The ________ Noel 4. The ________ Days of Christmas 5. Hark the Herald _______ Sing

Santa here needs a new outfit Give your entries to miss parker with your name and class on the back by the 16th of December to win a jar of goodies.

Year five’s trip to Marchants Year 5 earlier this year strolled on to a fantastic trip to PGL. We all wished them luck as they left for Marchant’s hill. The girls had a great time doing power fan, raft building, rock climbing, abseiling and much more! The mud challenge was, well… “Muddy” and building a raft was thought to be a fun but wet experience. Considering it was a 2-night stay year 5 did exceptionally well. When they returned they were luckily in a similar state as they left, if a little tired. By Amy Bailham

Year fours trip to Blacklands farm For two days and one night the whole of year four along with Mr Stacey, Mrs Rose, Mrs Cattaneo travelled up to Blacklands farm to have a fun few days of uber fun activities. These activities included rock climbing , the crate challenge and abseiling

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We did a survey on what year 5 wanted to do when their older here is the results... 4.5 4 3.5 3 2.5 2 1.5 1 0.5 0 Series2


Year six’s trip to Michelham priory Year six had a wonderful trip to michelham priory exploring the grounds and learning about the evacuees living there and make do and mending here is one of the skills they learned …how to make a pom-pom :

Big news! Teachers have let year 4s be in charge over Children in Need!

Step 1. grab 2 rings of cardboard of the same size Step 2. wrap wool around it until you cannot see the cardboard Step3. cut in between the cardboard Step 4. tie a piece of wool in the middle of the bunch of wool. By Phoebe Haynes

The teachers have let the year 4s run the whole of Children in Need Day! They chose to run stalls in the hall at break. They sold lots of yummy cakes, tattoos and books. This was very popular with everyone else, and through selling all these exciting things, they raised almost £500! Together with everyone’s donations-£1 suggestion-we had raised about £700 for charity!!!!! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed Children in Need! By Natasha O’Flynn


Recommended books for key stage 2 “Twist of Gold” By Michael Morpurgo Sean and Annie have fled the potato famine in Ireland for America, leaving their dying mother behind. They are the only O’Brien children to have survived the family’s suffering.

“A Beautiful Lie” By Irfan Master Set in Indie in 1947, Bilal is determined to protect his dying father from the news of Partition, as he knows it will break his father’s heart.

“Tom’s Midnight Garden” By Philippa Pearce After Tom hears the grandfather clock strike 13, he discovers a garden outside the back door-a garden that everyone tells him that it doesn’t exist!

“The Messenger Bird” By Ruth Eastham Nathan’s father is arrested for leaking top secret information, but he managed to send Nathan a message.

“Journey to the River Sea” By Eva Ibbotson This is the story of an orphaned London schoolgirl and her formidable governess’s journey to South America.

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