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“my advice to girls is never to be embarrassed by, or apologise for, excellence: stand tall and be proud of your achievements.”

Issue 24 April 2013

HEADITORIAL Dear Parents and Students, This week’s shortlisting for the 2013 Women’s Prize for Fiction has given rise to some debate about attitudes to achievement and success. Hilary Mantel and Zadie Smith have been short-listed but both writers have already had considerable success – particularly Mantel – and it has been suggested that somehow this is unfair; that someone else should have been given a chance. Miranda Richardson, chair of the judges, was quick to condemn such an approach: “I was very keen to keep a balanced approach about Hilary Mantel, because we have in the UK this tall-poppy syndrome: ‘You’ve already had too much; you can’t have any more. Go away and die now.’ It’s disgusting, frankly, because this competition is about excellence for writing.” ‘Tall poppy syndrome’ is something that teachers and parents, in their desire perhaps to teach children about fairness and equality, sometimes allow to develop to the detriment of encouraging excellence. The teacher who ignores the pupil who is always first to put her hand up, for example, or the parent who deliberately plays down a child’s success for fear of making her vain or appearing boastful. Surely, however, it is wrong to foster a culture where people feel they have to apologise for success? If we think of high achievers in any walk of life – Alex Ferguson, Margaret Thatcher (whose comment, ‘Let your poppies grow tall,’ I was reminded of this week), Madonna – can we imagine for a second their subscribing to the notion of ‘too much success?’ The concept throttles ambition and spirit. As Mantel herself said when she received the Costa Award in January: “I’m not sorry, I’m happy and I shall make it my business to try to write more books that will be worth more prizes.” If we want our children to be successful – and, crucially, to recognise and appreciate others’ successes (something that society’s highest achievers almost all do) – those of us who teach them and care for them should respond to outstanding achievement, not by cutting down, but by applause and raising up and my advice to girls is never to be embarrassed by, or apologise for, excellence: stand tall and be proud of your achievements. Have a good weekend. Jennifer Smith

CULTURE VULTURES Our two final events of 2012-13 take place this term. First of all Mr Sherwood will be talking about ‘Representations of Joan of Arc’ in Library 2 at 4 o’clock on Tuesday 23rd April. Those of your daughters who came to the Temple Project Qualification launch events last summer may remember his boasts about this: his very own prototype TPQ. Then on Tuesday 18th June, after half term, we have our traditional Culture Vultures cookery finale. This year Mrs Edwards has given this the exciting title of ‘Cookery Showdown’ –can’t wait! Mrs Ashdown

Next week at the Senior School Mon 22: 7pm Y7 French trip information evening Tues 23: Y5 Drama / Chemistry workshops School Council election 4pm Culture Vultures Wed 24: Yr10 DT trip to Design Museum Thurs 25: Junior Maths Challenge 7pm PA meeting Fri 26: School Council training Sat 27: 1 – 3pm Open Event at Junior School Issue 24 April 2013 - Page 1

Junior School Editorial Dear Parents Welcome back, I hope you had a wonderful break. The girls certainly seem ready for the challenges of the new term and with some good weather...who knows what exciting times lay ahead. It was wonderful to see so many girls running in the mini mile at the Marathon last Sunday, what an amazing advert the event is for our city and it was wonderful to do our small part with our water station at the Metropole! We are gearing up for our craft afternoon on the 27th April, so if you know of families who might like to come along please pass on the details. Best Wishes Sian Cattaneo Reception Class Visitor The Reception class enjoyed a visit from TV vet Marc Abraham from Grove Lodge veterinary practice at the end of last term.

Peripatetic and Club Letter boxes Letter boxes have now arrived and are located to the left of the Reception, just by the hatch. The boxes are for cheques and payments to clubs and will be accessed directly by the club organiser. All other letters still need to go in the letter box outside or the tray at Reception. Police Visit Our neighbourhood schools officers, PC Jones, and PC Joel made their annual visit to the Junior School just before the holiday. All the classes had at least one session with one of the officers. Each year group had a different themed lesson, such as learning about the different roles of police, to E-Safety, to the ages in law for specific activities. The girls enjoyed their lessons and were bursting with questions for the two officers. A big thank-you to PC Jones and PC Joel for their time and enthusiasm.


Mon 22nd - Thurs 25th: Level 1 Bikeability – Year 6 Group 1 9.00 - 10.30 Group 2 10.45 - 12.15 Tues 23rd: Year 5 Senior School Taster 10am – early afternoon Wed 24th: 12.40 – 3.45pm - Brighton and Hove School Swimming Championships, Prince Regent Hove Thurs 25th: Lunch for Year 1.1 Parents Reception Year 4 Author Visit and after school book signing (P.M.) Sat 27th: Open Event (see Flyer page )

Orchestra Presentation Having given up their Tuesday lunchtimes on a weekly basis to rehearse together, the orchestra girls were proud to perform a varied repertoire of music to their parents at the end of last term. Berniya Hamie was our guest conductor for Pachelbel’s “Canon” and Fenella Lawn our guest vocalist for “I dreamed a dream”. Several orchestra members bravely gave a solo performance on a range of instruments, all well rehearsed and confident. It was wonderful to witness once again so much budding talent. Book Signing and Author Visit Thursday 25th April- Author Visit from Tamara Mcfarlane for girls in Years R-4. Book signing in the hall from 3.20- 4 pm.

What’s on this weekend Cider Festival @ Ancient Mariner (face painting, arts and crafts, and apple treats and drinks) For more click here The Garden Show @ Firle Place For more click here Issue 24 23 April 2013 - Page 2


We are delighted to announce the following results achieved at the recent Springboard Festival: Hannah Dalgleish First Place Piano Solo Memory Grade 1 Class Third place Solo Class Lucy Evans Second Place Woodwind Jazz Class Berniya Hamie First Place Sonatina, Age 10-12 Class (Oustanding) First Place J S Bach, Age 10-12 Class (Distinction) First Place Junior Recital, Age 10-14 (Distinction) Third place Strings, Grade 4-5 Class (Distinction) The Seventh Art Sonata Cup The Christine Pembridge Cup (junior) Madeleine Harding Commended Jazz Piano Class Distinction Romance Piano Class Natasha O’Flynn Joint Winner The Lisa Childs Memorial Trophy Joint First Place Piano Solo Grade 4-5 Class Mrs Roberts would like to hear of any other Springboard successes not mentioned here… don’t be shy!

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SIXTH FORM NEWS This week Interview Hi I’m Alice. I put myself forward to be Lyttelton House Captain because I’m really passionate about our house and I always get involved in house competitions. I thought I was the person for the job as I am motivated to get teams together and I really want us to win. I was fortunate enough to be the only 6th former in my house to be going forward for house captain so I had no competition, but I still have that fighting spirit to lead us to victory. Ever since year 7 I have always put myself forward for house events, I’ve been involved in every sports day, I ran the 800 metres for our house when no one else would do it, I’ve been in birthday sports, house rounders, house netball, house hockey, house tennis, house badminton and house football. Although I only seem to be involved in the sports side of things, I do support my teams in other events, for example every year I’ve been in the library cheering the house book quiz team on. I hope as house captain everyone can be as motivated as I am and really get involved in events, even ones they wouldn’t usually do, and fingers crossed, we will win!

Well done When Mr Condon told us in year 9 about Bonze Duke of Edinburgh, I remember thinking “two days hiking and navigating, how hard can it be?” Hard seemed an understatement at the time, but now looking back after completing Gold, Bronze and silver were so easy! Duke of Edinburgh is a fun and worthwhile programme for young people aged 14 to 24 which involves outdoor activities, teamwork and learning new skills. Gold has been my favourite by far, even though it would take me two years and the expedition was five days! I went to France and undertook the expedition alongside a group of young people with special needs, and for the residential I spent a week on a 72 foot yacht in the Solent (conditions varied from sunny and calm to force eight winds and waves crashing on the deck!). Deciding to do the DofE programme was the best thing I have ever done, its been a challenging, learning, enriching and thoroughly worthwhile brilliant experience which I would recommend to everyone. By Charlotte Redstone

10-6 Day

On Thursday Y10 participated in a business and enterprise event designed to give them a taste of life in the Sixth Form. The students worked impressively hard on an “Apprentice” style task which was to “rebrand” and market the Sixth Form for its target audience. In the afternoon the groups pitched to our expert panel who included Mrs Smith and successful local businessman and BHHS parent Mike Bradbury. The panel all commented on how sophisticated and confident the pitches were and some of the marketing ideas were excellent and forward looking. Lord Sugar would have struggled to point his finger and fire any of the girls involved! Well done Y10 on a great effort. Mr P. Edmunds

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On Sunday, 40 members of the Brighton and Hove High School Community - Staff, parents and pupils volunteered to man the water station at mile 13. It was a great day, the volunteers worked hard but enjoyed themselves especially when the sun came out.

I wanted to say a huge thanks to the whole BHHS community (teachers, parents and students) for the support you showed me when I ran the Brighton Marathon on Sunday 14th April. You cheers and donations made the whole (often very painful) experience worthwhile! I decided to run the race to support Water Aid after hearing that thousands of children die every day for the simple but shocking reason that they have no access to clean water. I started training before Christmas but should really have started before that and done some more long distance runs:I got “found out” by the wall at 18 miles and it was pretty hard going from then to the finish line. I did some training in Spain the week before but this consisted of my wife and mum following me on a “bike-car” in Seville central park. They both shouted “Vamos Gordito”:literally run little fat one! I and the locals were taken aback by the relish and enjoyment my mum took in doing this. Maybe I was a troublesome teenager. I have the bug for running now and want to go back and knock some time off what I achieved this year. I had a few moments of wobbling when running but one sign I saw really motivated me. It read simply: “When your legs are tired, run with your heart.” Well said. Please feel free to donate at:

Mr P. Edmunds

Mini Mile Results Under 11 Race 10

Almi Nerurkar

Ella Witt

Scout Adams

Charlotte Hausdoerfer

Under 18

Under 13

7 Ella Witt (177) 19 Eve Hull (129)

2 Almi Nerurkar (1496) 8 Lola Baker (1390) 73 Nancy Keegan (1472)

For more photos Like us on Facebook: Send us your news on:

5 Esme Boden (2018) 26 Daisy Lampard Sawyer (2121) 27Jessica Bunday (2027) 33 Amy Hausdoerfer (2087) 51 Amy Bailham (2008) 64 Scout Adams (2001) 78 Yasmin Robins (2169) 84 Mae Turner-Trott (2210) 94 Phoebe Haynes (2089) 110 Charlotte Hausdoerfer (2088) 157 Amelia Jeyes (2108) 161 Izzy Barwell (2224) 169 Ellie Bunday (2028) 170 Isobel Jeyes (2107) 186 Isabella Robertson (2167) Under 11 Race 11 108 Isabel Frame (1171) 132 Honor James (1227) Under 11 Race 12 18 Mary Watts (2441) 62 Olivia Taggart (2398) 112 Jamie Todd (2416)

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Issue 24 April 2013  


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