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Issue #13 June - July 2013





22/05/2013 12:57

Discovering Brighton's finest supplement! Today’s active lifestyles demand a lot from us but we all want to keep up because there are so many exciting and fulfilling things to do! At Vemma, we share your enthusiasm and know that the right support will help you to meet your goals and face challenges. That’s why we travelled the world to find the purest minerals and botanicals that, when combined, work synergistically to give your body a power-boost of nutrients every day.

so that a single 59ml dose, taken daily in conjunction with a varied and balanced diet and sufficient exercise, will help you achieve optimum nutritional status, vitality and well-being.

Vitamins - Vital for your well-being, the inclusion of 12 vitamins helps you achieve optimum nutritional status. Essential Minerals - Trace mineral blend a foundation for your optimal health and more readily bioavailable than minerals in tablet form. Mangosteen - Enjoy one of the most amazing fruits in the world - Mangosteen, deserving of the title ‘Queen of Fruits’. Aloe - Organic aloe vera is a powerful phytonutrient known to provide the body with many beneficial effects, popular all over the world for its great versatility. Building A Solid Nutritional Foundation Is Vital To Your Overall Health. Vemma is a delicious, ready-to-drink food supplement loaded with vitamins and plantbased super nutrients like mangosteen fruit, organic green tea, and organic aloe vera. While there is no substitute for fresh vegetables, our product has been formulated

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Transform Your Life – Vemma Bod.e Shakes Designed to meet the nutrition specifications of Chris and Heidi Powell, the Bod.e Shake is a one-of-a-kind, nutrientdense meal replacement that features the perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats to achieve the life you never thought possible.

Website: Facebook: VeMMA UK Brighton & Hove Twitter: @vemmabh Email: Phone: 07944 374 685

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# - TEAM



COVER - Strike a pose! Holly Cooper (Holly Cooper Yoga) and Ellie Priest (Brighton Pilates) have joined forces for their new My Escape yoga, pilates and surf retreats. Already this year they have jet set to Morocco and kept things closer to home in Sussex. Keep up to date with their next retreat plans by visiting www. PHOTO - My Escape


Brighton Active are proud to be the official regional magazine Media Partner for the Brighton Half Marathon 2013


ISSUE #13 JUN / JUL 2013

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12 28 DAY SUMMER FIT CHALLENGE WITH MP PERSONAL TRAINING Martin Petrie of MP Personal Training introduces his new 28 Day Summer Fit Challenge

14 CHASE THE BURN WITH THE METABOLIC SOLUTION Fat loss is easy, right? You exercise more, eat less and then you lose weight! Wrong according to the Metabolic Solution 18 IS PERSONAL TRAINING FOR YOU? Freedom Leisure Fitness Manager Ryan O’Gorman explains the benefits of personal training and how to find the right PT for you 20 ATHLETE FOCUS - ROBBI ISENBERG This issue we sit down with Robbi Isenberg, the man behind Twisted Fitness, one of the most enthusiastic and hardest working Personal Trainers we've met in Brighton & Hove 24 ATHLETE FOCUS - GEORGE CARLO We talk to the new Head Coach at Reebok CrossFit Connect

SPORT 28 BODYPOWER 2013 A gallery from our visit to the BodyPower Expo in Birmingham 30 BRIGHTON ADVENTURES Explore the elements that surround Brighton with a new initiative run by the combined efforts of Brighton Watersports and Tribal Wave

30 33

33 INDO BOARD TRAINING AT LAGOON WATERSPORT Down at Lagoon Watersports, located in Hove, a new class is being offered - INDO Board Circuit classes 36 BRIGHTON SURF LIFESAVING NIPPERS CLUB Ask any kid in the Brighton Surf Lifesaving Nippers and Juniors club exactly why they like to go in the sea every week, all year round and the answer is simple - “its fun”

NUTRITION 38 THE FACTS ABOUT BCAA'S With the help of Performance Foods in Hove we unravel what BCAA's are and how they can help you


ISSUE #13 JUN / JUL 2013

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EE DD I T O R ’ S N OO TT EE After returning from the annual BodyPower Expo in Birmingham at the time of writing, my inspiration and motivation for keeping fit, healthy and active has never been higher. I met many of the world's leading fitness professionals, all of which told me that they are huge fans of Brighton and visit here regularly. For me, this event was a great opportunity to pick their brains about new and exciting ways to exercise, as well as ways to spice up the foods that I eat to keep things interesting. Despite all of these gifts of knowledge, one word could summarise the point that everyone was attempting to make to a wide eyed chatterbox such as myself: Consistency. Being consistent in the gym, on the sports field and in the kitchen is the first and most important step to greatness and overall happiness. My first plan is to write down my goals for


the rest of the year, as well as write out a training and nutrition plan for me to stick to. Writing things down will help me stay focussed, which I'm hoping in turn will help me keep things consistent. Why don't you do the same? Turn through the pages of this issue and write down the activities and dates that take your interest, then make a few calls and away you go. Start as you mean to go on and take your first steps towards a consistently active lifestyle right now! Healthy Regards, Ash

ISSUE #13 JUN / JUL 2013

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The Chris Manning Method Creating a healthier, stronger, more confident you! • Strength and Resistance training to promote good quality muscle and reduce body fat • Flexibility work to keep your joints and muscles flexible, free moving and strong

sessions are conducted in your home, garden or preferred local park. £40 per hour session (Same price for couples or mates wishing to train together)

• Cardiovascular training to help keep TEST THE METHOD! your heart healthy 3 sessions - £85 • Balance and Coordination work to If you would like to test the water give you greater body awareness to see how we would work together, and control then contact me about this • Eating Clean to help maintain your results and boost your mood & sense of wellbeing Based in Brighton, Chris has an extensive range of portable training equipment, so that READERS OF BRIGHTON ACTIVE WILL QUALIFY FOR A FREE INTRODUCTORY SESSION.

specially devised taster package for Brighton Active readers. Take Control Eat Clean! The top selling nutrition guide is available to download from Chris's website. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION:


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FOR ACTIVE PEOPLE PADDLE ROUND THE PIER 2013 The annual Paddle Round The Pier beach festival is back once again this July 6th & 7th bringing the

summer to the city. The event is said to be the worlds’ biggest free beach festival and with visitor numbers of around 50,000 it’s not hard to see why! Music stages, fitness, great foods, a bar and have-a-go sessions (on and off the water) for all the family, there really is something to keep even the hardest to please-appeased. Ensure you have a “Paddle” sticker on display in the rear of your car. It’s the badge of honour for locals! Check out the website for more details.

TAKEPART FESTIVAL OF SPORT 2013 This year's TAKEPART Festival of Sport will run for two weeks from 22nd June - 7th July and will offer over 400 community taster activities for you to take part in across the city. Kicking off with their famous Launch Day at Preston Park from 12-5pm on Saturday 22nd June. Containing over 20 zones that include the Football Zone, Skate Zone, Athletics Zone, Health & Wellbeing Zone and Martial Arts Zone there is something for everyone. Freedom Leisure will also have their own zone with their representatives on hand to advise you on the latest health and fitness trends, as well as being on hand to provide information on their six local centres and class timetables. Other festival highlights

include their Active Forver day (27th June), Brighton Bikestock (6th July) and TAKEPART in Schools (24th June - 5th July). For more information of this year's TAKEPART Festival visit www.

NEW FITNESS SHOP WEBSITE Fitness Shop (located on Queens Road Brighton) are pleased to have launched their new website at Here you can find a wide range of running clothing, yoga gear, boxing accessories, injury supports, sports supplements and more, all at incredible prices and with free 10

delivery on all items. Be sure to also visit the store this summer for their new season swimwear and sunglasses available now!

ISSUE #13 JUN / JUL 2013

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8 2Y So then, are you prepared for the summer ahead? Surely you remember those. Summer, where the sun comes out for more than just two days on the trot with a warming heat that matches... WORDS - Martin Petrie of MP Personal Training

How confidently can you say that you are actually in the best shape you can be for its arrival this year? “Slightly,” “Yeah I guess so,” or “Oh Yessss I’m ready!” If you’re not in the 'Oh Yessss' category then why not?

What is it that is standing in your way? If it’s time, knowledge or motivation then I have the solution. Myself and the team here at MP Personal Training have used our combined knowledge to put together a 28 Day Summer Fit Challenge that will benefit those with barriers like these. Time - Our training schedule is set up so that it lasts roughly 30 minutes per workout, so that is one barrier broken. Knowledge - All of the exercises that you will need to know to take part are all listed and explained.

Motivation - Seeing and feeling the results from just week one (if all guidelines are stuck too). 12

ISSUE #13 JUN / JUL 2013

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What more could you ask for? The people whom I have already on our program are from all over the UK, as our challenge doesn’t need to have any extra personal training, you don’t even need to be a gym member as all of the exercises can either be performed at home or even in the park. Although if you are a gym member, then adjustments are listed in the schedule, as to how to maximise your use of the extra equipment. BRIGHTON ACTIVE READER OFFER: Your 28 Day Summer Fit Challenge is just £30! (Saving you £20)

Of course Personal Training with myself or one of the MPPT Team is advisable if you’re needing to focus on any problematic elements such as joint issues. Once you have agreed to the challenge terms, your training schedules will be sent out. Based on a 6 day on and 1 day off pattern over a 4 week period and using separate days for cardiovascular and resistance days the challenge has been set.

Are you brave enough to make some changes that will change your lifestyle for the better? Here are some of the comments made so far. “I got my new training timetable from Martin yesterday, tried it out today and am very impressed. Not so hard that you feel like you can't do anything else, but enough to feel like you've done some good! So I've done resistance and cardio from the 28 day challenge, love the resistance- hate the star jumps!!! And am seeing results already with centimetres off my waist, chest and shoulders!” Renne

“My arms and stomach hurt the most, could barely drive the other day. On the flip side though, it’s the most enjoyable work out I've done, so thanks” - Tom

For more information on the above call 07717 455 144, email martin@ or visit www.martinpetriepersonaltraining. To see updates of those already taking part in our Summer Fit Challenge come and check out our MP Personal Training Facebook page

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Fat loss is easy, right? You exercise more, eat less and then you lose weight! Wrong! Unfortunately that is the quickest way to overtraining and burnout. If your goal is to become leaner, then less is actually more when it comes to exercise I often talk to potential clients who are struggling to become leaner and drop weight despite endless hours of cardio! Why? Well the human body has this unique ability to adapt to the stress of exercise by becoming more efficient and better at it. Basically, the more you do the better you get and the fewer calories you burn over time. There is a better way which doesn’t require moving into the gym; Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT). MRT is an intense training session using challenging exercises in a non-stop format that can elevate the metabolism for up to three days post workout. These workouts are short, intense and designed to deliver maximum results in a minimum of time. MRT is not an aerobic workout; it is a lung-searing, muscle-burning training session that will boost your 14

metabolic rate through a process known as Excess Post Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). Basically you burn more calories after your workout than during. The following principles will ensure that you are maximising your potential for fat loss: Chase the burn: You need to train to an intensity that creates a deep burning sensation within the muscle which leads to momentary muscular failure. Lift heavy: Lifting heavy weights with minimal rest has been found to be one of the best ways to train for fat loss and fitness. Resistance training is also the elixir of youth, enabling you to maintain strength and mobility as you age. A quick 20-30 minute heavy weight session with minimal rest will stimulate your aerobic and anaerobic systems, boost strength and elevate

metabolism. Get out of your comfort zone: Studies show that training intensity, not volume, determines the degree of metabolic boost from a given workout. Progressive overload remains the hallmark of any solid fitness routine and if you are not pushing past your comfort zone your body will stop adapting to ANY routine. Rest: We use a training protocol that encourages rest. Yes, you need to work hard but you will be encouraged to rest when you need it. Resting after a workout is also important, but often overlooked. Inadequate rest and recovery between workouts can lead to overtraining, injury and burnout. Metabolic Solution specialise in helping our clients get into phenomenal shape through our no nonsense High Intensity Training (HIT). We specialise in turning the ordinary into extraordinary, so if you are ready to take your fitness to the next level and are ready to be Leaner, Stronger, Faster, Fitter then contact us today. 01273 903 295

ISSUE #13 JUN / JUL 2013

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Freedom Leisure Fitness Manager Ryan O’Gorman explains the benefits of Personal Training and how to find the right PT for you Working out with a Personal Trainer offers an entirely different experience to training on your own. A good Personal Trainer will ensure you get the most out of your exercise session by providing a fun but challenging workout that is in line with your fitness goals. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF PERSONAL TRAINING? Strategy Why are you working out? What are your long term and short term goals? Not many of us can say with certainty that we’ve matched the content of our sessions exactly to our goals. Your PT will give your workouts a purpose and ensure you are doing the right exercises in the right combinations to reach your targets - and get there in the

shortest possible time. Good Technique Good technique is the key to improvement. Your PT will ensure you are performing each movement with correct technique. They are also trained to teach more complex movements by breaking the technique down into stages. You will be performing exercises you can impress your friends with in no time! Progression Your PT is there to ensure you are always working hard. As your fitness improves they will increase the difficulty of an exercise so you are always making gains. Many PTs will use benchmarking or fitness testing to show you how far you’ve come in a short space of time. Motivation and accountability Think about the amount of times you’ve made excuses not to exercise and the times you’ve cut your workout short because you’d had enough. Your PT appointment will


ensure you make it to the training session and once you’re there, you’re there for the duration! How to choose the right Personal Trainer for you The key word here is ‘personal’. Choosing the right PT comes down to personality and a skill base that matches your needs and goals. Start by talking to some PT's, find out a little bit about them and see if you get along. Personal Trainers will often specialise in particular areas or favour particular methods of training so find out if this suits and appeals to you. Arrange a trial session so you can see your personal trainer in action. If you enjoy it, agree a plan with your PT for a series of sessions so you know what to expect. Freedom Leisure is offering a 6-week Personal Training course, specifically designed to help you shape up for summer. To find out more visit www.freedom-leisure.

ISSUE #13 JUN / JUL 2013

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This issue we sit down with Robbi Isenberg, the man behind Twisted Fitness, one of the most enthusiastic and hardest working Personal Trainers we've met in Brighton & Hove

Hi Robbi! Tell us how and when you first began your journey into becoming a Personal Trainer I began as a Gym Instructor at a gym in Haywards Heath 15 years ago. For the next 5 years I worked in various other gyms around the area and was also a squash coach. Seeing that my talents were being restrained, the manager of the gym I was working for sat me down and told me that he believed I had what it took to become a full time Personal Trainer. It was a bold move for me to go out on my own at this time, but I heeded his words and took the chance and launched my own brand, Twisted Fitness! Thankfully it was the right move and I built up a very successful client base in that area. 20

When did you decide to move to Brighton? Were things an instant hit for you when you moved down? I moved to Brighton 10 years ago now and hit the ground running! I quickly found myself teaching 30+ classes a week including Body Pump and Circuit Training. I was also training 10-15 individual clients during this time as well! It was a very successful time for me but I found myself travelling regularly to and from the Health and Racket Club (now Virgin Gym), David Lloyd and Dragons. Added to which the large amount of classes I was running at this time and it wasn’t long before things became too much for me, and so I decided to do some travelling to clear my head and take a breather. Surprisingly though I was gone for 4 years before returning! Wow! Were you still keeping in shape yourself during these 4 years away? Honestly, no. Most of the money that I had went on living the good life. I packed on the weight and looked unrecognizable to the Personal Trainer from the UK that so many people knew. How did you change things when returning to Brighton?

ISSUE #13 JUN / JUL 2013

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22/05/2013 12:58

When I returned to Brighton I quickly found myself back in the fitness industry, only this time I was working on the marketing / sales side of things and was doing absolutely no training myself. Again, my health suffered and I put on more weight. I quickly found myself unhappy and wanting more out of what I was doing. After realising this could not go on any longer I decided to make a change and to get back to what I loved doing so much Personal Training! This was almost two years ago now. So you became a Personal Trainer for a second time so to speak? That's right. I quickly got a job working for Fitness First near Brighton Station. Here I used the first 4 months or so to find my feet within the industry once again, as well as get myself into the shape that I wanted to be at. I then left Fitness First and now work for nobody but myself. Super! And how has that been for you? It’s been fantastic! There has been a lot to learn but I’ve loved every second of it. I’ve recently finished my first official year of trading on my own and things are getting bigger and bigger at an alarming rate! It wasn’t that long ago that you purchased your red Twisted Fitness van that we often see around Brighton as well That’s right. It’s a superb looking van that has been completely branded, so it is very hard to miss. People are always telling me that they spotted me driving around. It’s great because I can store so much equipment in the back of it and bring it along to all of

my clients and Bootcamps wherever they are. Your client base seems to be growing at an extraordinary rate. What do you owe this to, and what do you think that your clients would say are the best things about you? It’s amazing isn’t it! I have over 20 people turn up to my Bootcamps whatever the weather! I am extremely passionate about what I do, now more than ever, and my clients can see that. I believe that anyone can get results, it’s just about getting over any negative mindset first. One of my clients, Drew, was a size 18 and was looking to have a knee operation. With my help and her

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22/05/2013 12:58

willingness she’s now a size 8 and has been told by her doctors that a knee operation is no longer needed. She even ran this year’s Brighton Half Marathon!

For me personally I would be first as tentative towards them as I can and aim to find out what their issues and worries are. From there I would create a tailor made program just for them, knowing what will work and You’re still one of Brighton’s only full qualified TRX what won’t. I’ll also look into what they eat and provide trainers. Do you still incorporate the TRX into your them with a nutrition plan including shopping list to make things as easy as I can for them. Whatever your Bootcamps and Personal Training sessions? current fitness level come along for an introductory Absolutely! I am such a huge fan of the TRX because it is such an effective and safe piece of equipment. People session with me, or let’s grab a coffee and talk things through. are supported when they perform squats, lunges and crossovers, but with a tiny change in foot position they For more information call Robbi on 07877 242 674, email can challenge themselves more. or visit

And what about your own fitness levels? Are you as fit as you were when you first became a Personal Trainer? I am pleased to say that I am the fittest I have ever been at this moment in time. In between training clients I will train myself and also try and eat as healthy as I can. It’s important for me now more than ever to be a role model for my clients, someone that they can look up to. What would you say to anyone dubious about working with a Personal Trainer such as yourself? 22

ISSUE #13 JUN / JUL 2013

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22/05/2013 12:58

Specialists for Fitness Professionals WHAT WE OFFER: Over 10 years professional experience of working alongside fitness trainers Experts in knowing what you can claim, ensuring you pay no more to than you need

Completely flexible approach, working around your demanding schehule Fixed fees agreed up front, no hidden costs Personal service that suits you

Brighton based Personal Trainer Steve Richardson says, "Since working with Martyn at iSaveuTax I have been able to fully concentrate on my business as I know my financial affairs are in safe hands. He offers me peace of mind and is always available no matter how big or small my problem might be" Hove based Personal Trainer Martin Petrie says, "I have used Martyn's Accountancy skills for the past few years.

Tel: 0800 699 0191 and 07595 387 026.

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His professionalism is second to none and I have recommended his services more than once and would do so again."

Email: Web:

22/05/2013 12:58


At 35, George Carlo can run rings around people half his age. Now Head Coach at Reebok CrossFit Connect we talk to him about his new role and how he got there PHOTO - RX'd Photography Hi George! You're Head Coach now at Reebok CrossFit Connect. What does that mean to you? It means a lot and without sounding over the top is a huge honour. I've learnt so much from Holly and Dave (owners of Connect) since becoming a coach down here a year ago. It's great to now be a part of one of the first CrossFit boxes in the UK, and super to be able to now put my programming into the classes and WODs (Workout of the Day). Being Head Coach is just a title really, but I am pretty flattered by it. How did you first discover CrossFit?

I was playing rugby and doing some boxing at ZT Fitness & Fight Skool when Sol Gilbert (owner of ZT) put me in contact with Holly who was at the time teaching classes there. He said I should check it out and that it would be great for my rugby pre-season, so I gave it a go and was instantly hooked. There was something about the variety, the intensity and the short hard work rate you had to put into CrossFit that I was drawn to. And what made you want to teach it? I was already a Personal Trainer here in Brighton, and have been for the last two years. I was looking to get into the Royal Marine Reserves but was just too old. When Holly and Dave decided to open the Connect box in March 2011 I joined as a member soon after and gave up playing rugby and boxing. CrossFit was now my focus. Last year I GEORGE'S STATS Age: 35 Height: 5' 10� Weight 85kg Favourite WOD & times: Elizabeth (6:56) & Diana (5:22) Snatch: 75kg Squat Clean: 105kg Deadlift: 175kg Back Squat: 150kg


ISSUE #13 JUN / JUL 2013

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started helping them out teaching the odd class, which I loved because I was able to see first hand the positive effect that CrossFit was having on people. I knew then that I wanted teach CrossFit full time which I am now doing. How has CrossFit helped your own fitness levels increase? Being 35 this year, I am without a shadow of a doubt the fittest I have ever been. Previously I had always pushed myself in whatever I did but I found that I would either hit the cardio and be very quick and light, or hit the weights and be bigger and stronger, but slower at the same time. There was no middle ground. With CrossFit though you don't specialise in one area, so I'm still holding on to my strength and muscle whilst having a great cardiovascular engine. What kinds of WODs are your favourites? I like WODs that are heavy and repetitive. My strength and power output is good and I'm able to keep going whilst lifting heavy. Olympic lifting is also a passion of mine. For more information on Reebok CrossFit Connect call 07791 474 780 / 07850 139 401, email or visit www.crossfitconnect.blogspot. uk/

22/05/2013 12:58

O Body Rehab Studios physiotherapy and Pilates clinic is located on The Drive in Hove and is a centre of excellence in diagnosing and treating your injuries. Our specialist physiotherapists have extensive clinical knowledge and Pilates expertise, which means that we can find the root cause of your problem, alleviate your symptoms and help to stop them from re-occuring. We are the only Pilates studio in Brighton and Hove to offer Real time ultrasound scanning to check if your core is really working before you attend a Pilates session. This ensures a safer, more effective Pilates approach. We are proud to have been chosen as the official physio of the Brighton Marathon. We love looking after athletes of all levels but you don't have to be sporty to come and see us!

We offer: • Physiotherapy • Acupuncture / Dry needling • Pilates equipment and mat classes • Ante & Post natal specialist care Follow us on Twitter @bodyrehab or on Facebook 5 The Drive, First Floor, BN3 3JE Contact us on 01273 746898 mention Brighton Active and you get a 1/2 price first assessment.

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22/05/2013 12:58


ISSUE #13 JUN / JUL 2013

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22/05/2013 12:58


Back in May we hit the road to Birmingham to attend the annual BodyPower Expo, home to some of the world's living legends in the health and fitness industry

For a full story on the event visit our Blog page at


ISSUE #13 JUN / JUL 2013

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22/05/2013 12:58

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22/05/2013 12:58


Explore the elements that surround Brighton with a new initiative run by the combined efforts of Brighton Watersports and Tribal Wave Armed with a mini bus and trailer, these guys are exploring the countryside on paddle boards, kayaks and mountain bikes. We are lucky enough to be living by the sea and the Downs, so let's get out there and enjoy it! Brighton Adventures have already been doing smaller organised downwinder tours, droping off up the coast and paddling with the tide and wind to cover vast distances in very little time, then picking up at a prearranged point further down the coast. This is great for fitness, and eleminates the need to travel back to your departure point. Now with a mini bus, these can be pre arranged for larger groups, and invite kayakers, paddleboarders and kitesurfers to join the trip (experience is required). The guys from Brighton Watersports and Tribal Wave, were amoung the first in the country to start paddle boarding back in 2006. They started adventureing up rivers shortly after this to add a little variety and a new challenge for their paddlers. Taking beautiful routes up the Ouse 30 ISSUE #13 JUN / JUL 2013

BtnActive#13_CS5.5_REPRO.indd 30

in and around Lewis or to the Adur to admire parts of the river that can only be seen from the water. It is a wonderful way to keep fit and to admire the stunning sussex waterways.

But don’t be fooled, the river needs as much respect as the sea but don’t worry, their experienced instructors are on hand and have done all the reasearch to make sure you are prepared and ready for your river trip. Brighton Adventures will also be developing 'River Fitness', working

with fitness professionals to develop the most natural workout! Brighton Adventures are the first to offer these as a public adventure on local waterways, so the homework has been done by them! Need adrenaline but fancy staying dry? Why not venture into the Downs on a mountain bike? Brighton Adventure crew are also keen mountain bikers, still armed with a mini bus and trailer, the qualified crew will guide you along many of the trails avaliable on your back yard the Sussex downs. The guides are experinced and have done the trails many times, they can custom a trail to suit, or join one of their prearranged trails. Either way you will have full knowledgeable, mecahnical and logisistical backup! Search 'Brighton Adventures' on Facebook for more information or call 01273 323 160. Be sure to also visit www. to learn more about SUP and Kayak hire, as well as Wakeboarding in Brighton this summer

22/05/2013 12:58

S Kayak and Stand Up Paddle Board hire ÂŁ10 including wetsuits Sea Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle Board courses ÂŁ40.00 Wakeboarding, waterskiing and ringo's. Come along and have some fun behind the boat!

Brighton Watersports 185 Kings Rd Arches Brighton Seafront BN1 1NB

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01273 323 160

22/05/2013 12:58

DOWN THE LINE SPORTS Brighton Badminton Single and Double Leagues, all abilities welcome!

Down The Line is a badminton league based in Brighton. It is down to you to decide when and where you want to play your games which gives you ultimate flexibility.

Everything is managed through our website so you can log in, update your results, view your match statistics, fixture list and more. The first league you join is only HALF PRICE at ÂŁ5 so don't miss your chance, sign up now!

Contact details: email - mobile - 07724746436 (6-9 Mon-Sat, text messages are accepted at any time) Also you can follow us on facebook at and Twitter @DTLSports


ISSUE #13 JUN / JUL 2013

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22/05/2013 12:58

INDO BOARD TRAINING AT LAGOON WATERSPORTS Down at Lagoon Watersports, located in Hove, a new class is being offered INDO Board Circuit classes than a typical stable environment resistance training program.

INDO Boards are a balance trainer, which have been specifically designed to offer the most dynamic and unstable balance training available. They are used easily and safely by individuals ranging in age from young children to senior adults and ranging in athletic experience from unconditioned non-athletes to the worlds most elite athletes. Balance training not only improves balance, coordination, neuromuscular response, core fitness, postural awareness and proprioception but when combined with resistance training it can provide a truly integrated training program that provides a wider range of benefits and muscle activation

The classes at Lagoon Fitness consist of getting to grips with getting balanced on the board, first with the use of an INDO FLO cushion. Once confident you can then progress onto an INDO roller for an increased challenge. The challenges and fun are endless – from using the board with traditional exercises such as press ups and squats to achieve an all over effective workout to advanced tricks such as ollies and kick flips to impress all your mates – there is always something new to learn. INDO Boards are used in most Lagoon Fitness classes or you can attend a specific INDO Board class. Lagoon Fitness are offering 6 week UNLIMITED SUP Fitness classes and INDO Board classes, which also includes weekly SUP training

clinics for £50 OR you can pay for single sessions at £10 each. Try something new this summer!! All classes are run by an REPS qualified Personal Trainer, Sports Conditioning Instructor, INDO Board Fitness Instructor and Watersports Instructor Lucy McCormick. Sessions are based at Lagoon Watersports, Hove Lagoon, Brighton, with access to the clubhouse, changing facilities, showers and café. Call 01273 424842 or go to for further details on all courses and to book now, and LIKE the Facebook page

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ISSUE #13 JUN / JUL 2013

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Ebay shop - FitnessShopBrighton




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NIPPERS CLUB Ask any kid in the Brighton Surf Lifesaving Nippers and Juniors club exactly why they like to go in the sea every week, all year round and the answer is simple - “its fun”

This vibrant and exciting kids club was formed in March 2012 and has gone from strength to strength and now has a growing waiting list for places. Parents are also invited to get involved and undertake training of their own to become a qualified helper; which results in it often being questioned - who’s having more fun in the water, the parents or the kids!

the sea all year round (yes, even in the snow!). Wetsuit supplier Alder sportswear generously sponsored the club to enable (normally costly) winter kit to be priced so it’s accessible to all - one of the key objectives of the club. The kids all have thick boots, gloves, suits and hoods - which not only instil more confidence in the water but also make them all incredibly buoyant!

The Nippers club caters for age 7 up to 14 and the Juniors from 14 onwards. The Brighton Club is one of the few SLSGB affiliated clubs in the country where all the kids go in

Each session differs depending on conditions but encompasses CPR, Resuscitation and general first aid, sea swims, Rescue board paddles, Board rescues, Flag signals and sprint racing known as 'beachflags'. There’s also a fair bit of surfing on the rescue boards when conditions will allow!


There are two distinct areas of Surf Lifesaving GB, one is the obvious “saving of lives” - and the second is Surf Lifesaving as a competitive sport. Both mediums are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. The camaraderie that exists among the kids is amazing as every single member is passionate about the club. This is no child-care service, every kid really wants to be there. The core purpose behind the club is further proof of one of the founder members belief that all kids in the area should have both an understanding and opportunity to experience the sea in all its glory. We have in the sea a wonderful free play-ground right on our doorstep which by the vast majority, is hardly used. The ethos of Brighton

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who are then confident enough swimmers take to the water in the afternoon to learn board skills. The success of the scheme of previous years means that places are usually highly sought after by the local schools however word has clearly spread with enquiries now coming from across the southeast. Nippers and Juniors is to educate through play how to use the sea and beaches safely, responsibly and how to save someone when it does occasionally give them a slap as a reminder of how insignificant we are against its might. It’s amazing how confident the kids are in warning other beach users of the dangers of rip-currents, cross shore currents and the use of inflatable’s in unsuitable conditions (off-shore winds that blow them out to sea!!). The most amazing thing is that members of the public actually listen and heed their warnings, showing just how convincing a committed 7 year old clad in neoprene can be! Following on from the rapid

development of BSLSC comes its partnership with Paddle Round The Pier beach festival, it’s no coincidence that the same team are behind both. Paddle Round The Pier now facilitates a two week schools session to enable more kids to experience what Surf Lifesaving has to offer. Different schools are invited on a daily basis (through the TAKEPART scheme) to bring 30-35 pupils to our classroom on the beach and the Paddle sand pit (Kindly sponsored by the KAP motor group). The kids learn all about the basics of first aid, sea safety and awareness and have an introduction to the competitive sports side of Surf Lifesaving. Those

The Brighton Club will be hosting their very own competition this July 6th and 7th at the annual Paddle Round The Pier Beach Festival. This gives a great opportunity to reach even more kids and families, sharing the 'stoke' of playing around in the sea! It's hoped that many of the kids who will come along during the schools surf life saving weeks will then come back down to join the regular club members as they take part in the biggest kids surf lifesaving event outside of the West Country. For more details on Brighton Surf Lifesaving Club Nippers & Juniors please visit www. or email kath. Don’t forget Paddle Round The Pier on July 6th and 7th

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We speak to Performance Foods in Hove about the facts and science behind BCAA's, a product proving ever popular for those leading active lifestyles

What are BCAA's? BCAA's which are also known as Branched Chain Amino Acids, consist of 3 essential amino acids which are Leucine, Iso- Leucine and Valine. They will assist in maintaining lean muscle tissue as well as body tissue growth. These 3 amino acids are 'essential' which means they have to be obtained through diet, which is why supplementing with them can be a great addition to your nutrition regime. Why are BCAA's useful in exercise? Consuming BCAA's while you are training can create an anti-catabolic effect on the body. This simply means that your body is able to build lean tissue giving you better gains in the gym. The great thing is that BCAA's can be used whether your goal is muscle gains or fat loss.


How and when should I consume the product? BCAA's come in either capsule / tablet form or powder forms which are becoming more and more popular. For optimal results it's best to consume BCAA's while you train making the powder form more practical and easier to use. How soon can I expect to see changes? This will vary in individuals but within a few times of using a BCAA product you should find your recovery rate increases and your training intensity will improve, lasting for longer with more optimal output. What are the differences between Intra Fusion and Amino Energy? Intra Fusion is the latest product by Reflex Nutrition to hit the supplement industry. It has been in development for a long time and is backed by some great studies. Optimum Nutrition have an equivalent product called Amino Energy which has been on the market for a while and has proven to be very popular. Amino Energy consists of a 5g


Amino Blend and a 160mg Energy Blend. The Energy Blend is quite unique for a BCAA product and proves to be popular for that reason. With the likes of caffeine and green tea extract, Amino Energy can improve your focus and intensity throughout your workout. Intra Fusion is a stimulant free BCAA formula. It contains a 2:1:1 ratio of Leucine, Iso-Leucine and Valine. Intra Fusion doesn't just contain the 3 important amino acids but it also has a stack of glutamine, citrulline malate, electrolytes and essential B vitamins to offer the complete formula. So if your workouts lack that motivation and focus Optimum Nutrition's Amino Energy would be a great option due to its Energy Blend. However, if you are after a product of the highest of quality and fantastic ratios of the aminos, electrolytes and vitamins you need then Reflex Nutrition's Intra Fusion is the one for you! To learn more about what BCAA product is right for you visit Performance Foods on 177 Church Road Hove, call 01273 733 453 or visit www.performancefoods.

ISSUE #13 JUN / JUL 2013

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Sarah Brown

Keep your hands and feet healthy for optimum performance in work or play. Treatments uniquely tailored for the athletic man or woman. Foot therapy is just £25 and therapy for the hands is just £15. Discreet and private environment, in a comfortable and relaxing studio, where you will be given my undivided attention.

Relax in the pictured recliner throughout the treatment session, whether you're getting one therapy or several. I also offer beauty treatments for both men and women. My facebook page is seabrownthreebeautyandhealth, and my email address is

ADVERTISE HERE! • Best value rates! • Discounts for multiple bookings! • 2 months shelf life! "Brighton Active has been a great help over the past year" - David Draper, CrossFit Connect

Message me for any inquiry, or to book in. All matters are confidential.

Call 01273 921992 or email


Personal Training Sessions


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• Fully qualified Sports Massage Therapist

• Member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs level 3)

• Home visit service in Sports

Massage Therapy available. Great for those with busy lives that requires no travelling away from the house

• Beneficial for increasing recovery

from sport, and reducing tightness and chance of injury

Call Patrick Harding today on 07843 762 132

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King Alfred Leisure Centre Kingsway, Hove, BN3 2WW 01273 290 290

✶ Reebok CrossFit Connect Intro Courses and FREE taster classes taking place every month. Call for more information! Unit 9, Hove Enterprise Centre, Basin Road North, Hove, BN41 1UY 07791 474 780 (David Draper) 07850 139 401 (Holly Skinner)

Prince Regent Swimming Complex Church Street, Brighton, BN1 1YA 01273 685 692 Withdean Sports Complex Tongdean Lane, Brighton, BN1 5JD 01273 542 100 withdeanenquiries@freedom-leisure. St Luke's Swimming Pool St Luke's Terrace, Brighton, BN2 9ZE 01273 602 385 stlukesenquiries@freedom-leisure. Stanley Deason Leisure Centre Wilson Avenue, Brighton, BN2 5PB 01273 694 281 Moulsecoomb Community Leisure Centre Moulsecoomb Way, Brighton, BN2 4PB 01273 622 266 ✶ Max Strength Enjoy a FREE trial at Max Strength at a time of your convenience! Services: Fat loss and muscle tone, muscle building, strength training, sports specific training, body transformation programs and outdoor bootcamps! Unit 10, rear of 64-78 Davigdor Road, Hove, BN3 1RF 07885 916 810 / 07527 534 273


✶ ZT Fitness & Fight Skool Enjoy your FREE gym taster session & class trial including Muay Thai, BJJ & wrestling! Unit 7, Hove Business Park, Fonthill Road, Hove, BN3 6HA 01273 202 226 BOOTCAMPS Arete Womenís Only Fitness Bootcamp Every Tuesday at Alive Health & Fitness (Castle Street, Brighton, BN1 2HD), 8:00am-8:30am & 9:30am10:00am 07527 291 317 ✶ Boxercise Bootcamp Enjoy 20 days of UNLIMITED classes for just £20! 01273 982 632 ✶ Robbi Isenberg's Twisted Fitness Bootcamp Enjoy BUY ONE GET ONE FREE Personal Training sessions with Twisted Fitness! 07877 242 674 SPORTS Down the Line Sports (Brighton

Badminton League) 07724 746 436 Boulder Brighton Unit 7B-C Victoria Road Trading Estate, Portslade, Brighton, BN41 1XQ 01273 422 408 Brighton Watersports 185 Kings Road Arches, Brighton Seafront, BN1 1NB 01273 323 160 Lagoon Watersports & Lagoon Fitness Hove: The Blue Lagoon, Kingsway, Brighton: 6 Western Concourse Brighton Marina Village, BN2 5UP 01273 424 842 Learn 2 Kitesurf 07799 897 190 No Strings Badminton Badminton pay & play sessions each week from just £3 guaranteeing you a partner to play with every time! Taking place at local King Alfred or Moulsecoomb Community leisure centres Qleisure London Road, Albourne, BN6 9BQ 01273 834 403 SPORTS STORES / SPORTSWEAR Fitness Shop 123 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3WB 01273 567 884

ISSUE #13 JUN / JUL 2013

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WHOLE MONTHS! CALL 01273 921992 OR EMAIL DIRECTORY@BRIGHTONACTIVE.COM TO BOOK YOURS TODAY SPORTS NUTRITION ✶ Performance Foods Enjoy up to 40% off of everything in store today & get your hands on a Performance Foods t-shirt for just £10! 177 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2AB 01273 733 453 info@performancefoodsbrighton. www.performancefoodsbrighton. VeMMA Brighton & Hove 07944 374 685


07531 039 692 Glovers Yard Clinic, 121 Havelock Road, Brighton, BN1 6GN

✶ Robbi Isenberg (Twisted Fitness) Enjoy BUY ONE GET ONE FREE Personal Training sessions with Twisted Fitness! 07877 242 674

The Acupuncture Clinic, 143 Portland Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN3 5QJ

PILATES & YOGA Brighton Pilates 07950 304 071


Holly Cooper Yoga (Studio iO) 3 Queens Place, Brighton, BN1 4JY 07761 537 277

Chris Manning Personal Training Test the Method! Enjoy 3 Personal Training sessions with Chris today for just £85! 07792 005 756

My Escape Surf, Yoga & Pilates Holidays 07950 304 071 / 07761 537 277

✶ Empower Fitness Studio Enjoy a FREE Personal Training session with Empower Fitness when booking a block of 6! Offer ends 31/07/13! 12 George Street, Brighton, BN2 1RH 07921 229 562 Metabolic Solution 26-28 Franklin Road, Portslade, BN41 1AF 01273 903 295 BA313@metabolicpersonaltraining. www.metabolicpersonaltraining. ✶ MP Personal Training Book your 28 Summer Fit Challenge with MP Personal Training for just £30 (saving you £20)! Enjoy £5 off your next Personal Training session with MP PT 07717 455 144

SPORTS THERAPY ✶ Balance In Motion Enjoy your first treatment for only £40 (Regular price £55)! 07914 333 351 ✶ Body Rehab Studios Enjoy a HALF PRICE first assessment! 01273 746 898 5 The Drive, First floor, BN3 3JE Sarah Brown Therapy Sports Massage Brighton 07843 762 123 patrick@sportsmassagebrighton. ZCsportstherapy

ZUMBA CLASSES ✶ Steve Rich Zumba Enjoy your first Zumba classes with Steve Rich for FREE! 07527 291 317 ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE ✶ Alexander Technique Brighton Save £14 on an Introductory Session (regular price £34)! Next Workshop Saturday 20th July. Summer course - 6 Monday evenings from 8th July. Both taking place at the Brighton Natural Health Centre. Visit to book! 01273 687 739 mark@alexandertechniquebrighton. com www.alexandertechniquebrighton. com / EVENTS TAKEPART Festival of Sport 2013 22nd June - 7th July Paddle Round the Pier 2013 July 6th & 7th MISCELLANEOUS iSaveuTax 0800 699 0191 / 07595 387 026 YMCAfit Interested on becoming a Personal Trainer? Call 0207 343 1850 for more information today!

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