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Matthew Dumigan, men's winner of the Brighton Half Marathon finishing at a time of 01:08:41 PHOTO - Klick Chick Photography



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HEAD OFFICE: COVER – Summer is just around the corner, so take control and get active today! PHOTO – Lee Towsey / 0203 0518 247 / 07970 527 252 /

Brighton Active Magazine 5 St Georges Place Brighton East Sussex BN1 4GA United Kingdom EMAIL: TEL: 01273 921992

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Rob Darling, Lyssa Rutherford, Jim Gaunt, Anina Simpson, Rebecca Richardson, Carole Gengler, Becky Stevens and Judith Scott


Brighton Active are proud to be the official regional magazine media partner for the Brighton Half Marathon ISSUE #7 MARCH 2012

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M A X I M I S E YOUR PERSONAL PERFORMANCE! Established in 2009 in order to provide affordable, friendly professional chiropractic care Peacehaven Chiropractic is dedicated to helping you: • Maximise personal performance • Reduce risk of injury • Enhance quality of life • Achieve your personal goals, be they: • Preparation for a major life

goal such as 10K road race, half or full marathon • General health and fitness improvement • Preparation for a competitive event • Pain relief

Peacehaven Chiropractic specialise in advice and treatments related to specific areas of sporting interest such as running, golf, cricket, etc as each sporting discipline can increase the likelihood of sustaining specific injuries. Whatever level of experience, ability or ambition, it is critical that you minimise the risk of sustaining acute injuries and maximise the benefits of your training. and In addition to supporting your sporting and personal goals, inuous back g from cont decided I After sufferin s Peacehaven Chiropractic can help treat the causes of pain that ar ye y ins for man shoulder pa adversely affects the day-to-day lives of many people, including: Peacehaven at n ui Fr artin ly put me at to visit Dr M te ia ed m . Martin im • Migraine and headaches • Trapped nerves nding the Chiropractic in understa great care to ok to d w an I t anted ha • Sciatica • Pain when walking ease w d an s y problem ng that history of m e in explaini • Back pain • Shoulder / arm pain tim ok to to artin eatments in achieve. M iropractic tr ch g nt in • Knee pain • Neck pain / whip lash at ca ifi or gn by incorp bring me si . utine could es injuries ro r am la fr e gu re my possible tim the shortest in free pa as benefits in w I We are pleased to announce the following offer to readers artin ter visits to M possible af After just 5 of Brighton Active - a FREE spinal assessment & muscle ough was im th I at th ars. efficiency test. After analysis of the results we will discuss something so many ye r fo in pa back with you how you can incorporate any recommendations living with Kevin S Feb 2011

into your current activities. In some cases, but not all, we may recommend further chiropractic treatments the costs of which will be reduced by 10% on production of this copy of the Brighton Active magazine.

This FREE offer is valid up until the Brighton Marathon event on the 15th April 2012. Contact us now to book your free assessment and to find out how Peacehaven Chiropractic can help you MAXIMISE YOUR PERSONAL PERFORMANCE! T: 01273 584812 email:

229-231 South Coast Road. Peacehaven, BN10 8LB

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14 THE BRIGHTON BOOTCAMP Brighton Bootcamp help dispel some myths about losing weight and getting lean, helping you get in the best shape of your life 15

GET YOUR ZUMBA ON AT FREEDOM LEISURE Zumba is the talk of Brighton and Hove thanks to Freedom Leisure, and now there's never been a better time to get involved yourself


RACE FOR LIFE 2012 WITH MP PT With this year’s Race for Life events rapidly approaching, Martin Petrie of MP Personal Training helps explain the reason why it’s so important for as many ladies to get involved as possible

17 GET FIT, GET VIBROFIT We speak to Vibrofit Club owner, Sarah Whelan about the benefits of vibration training 18

GREAT TO BE ALIVE We speak to Alive Fitness and Natural Health's Gym Manager, Toby Bowen about the recent gym refurbishment at Brighton and Hove’s longest running independent gym



20 CONSIDER CROQUET Give croquet a try this Spring with Sussex County Croquet Club 21 GET FIT WITH LAGOON FITNESS This Spring get beach and water sports fit with the help of Lagoon Fitness

20 6


AEGON INTERNATIONAL Taking place on the 16-23 June 2012, the AEGON International brings the world’s top male and female players to this intimate and welcoming setting, as they hone their skills ahead of Wimbledon


BRIGHTON HALF MARATHON 2012 This year's Brighton Half Marathon hosted a record number of runners in what was the 22nd edition of the much loved annual event


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27 FITSO FITNESS Go ELLIPTIGO with Fitso Fitness! Helping runners beat their injuries and improve their performance with Brighton & Hove's revolutionary new run trainer

NUTRITION 28 THE MAN BEHIND PERFORMANCE FOODS We speak to Performance Foods MD, Peter Harvey about his independent sports supplement store in Hove, as well as misconceptions within the industry and this April's BFC fitness event






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EDITOR’S NOTE BA Editor, Ash Phelps with Performance Foods MD, Peter Harvey PHOTO - Tim Mayer -

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this summer is going to be hot. Very hot! I've followed the weather patterns over the last few years, and given our very mild winter just passed I really do think we'll all need the sunscreen in abundance this year. Of course summer isn't quite here yet but Spring has already decided to show its face, and if you recall what the weather was like this time last year, Spring 2012 is looking very tasty indeed... Last issue we were thrilled to have celebrated our one year anniversary, helping keep people active in Brighton & Hove by highlighting special offers and discounts on bootcamps, gyms and personal trainers, getting under the skin of local sports clubs and sporting events, sharing informative interviews with local fitness heroes and much, much more. So the question is, 'What can you expect from us over the course of the next year?' More of the same of course! We're pleased to be working with some fantastic partners this year including Freedom Leisure, Performance Foods, YMCAfit, Sheactive and our very own Brighton & Hove City Council. We'll be constantly updating our website at as well as both our Facebook and Twitter pages, plus will also be sending out our new weekly newsletters (sign up to these on our website) and distributing the magazine further than ever before! 8

This issue we've upped our page count and have the magazine packed with new and familiar faces including MP Personal Training, Vibrofit, Alive Health & Fitness, Sussex Croquet Club, Brighton Bootcamp, AASE Boxing and more. We also feature news on this year's TAKEPART Festival of Sport at Preston Park and the AEGON International Tennis Tournament in Eastbourne. Plus, there are more discounts and special offers available for you to take up today!! With its healthy dose of Vitamin D the sun is giving us, Spring is without a doubt a great time to step out the front door and take full advantage of the huge range of activities Brighton & Hove have to offer. We've met a large number of people this last year who took up an activity after reading about it within these pages, and are now completely hooked! Now really is the time for you to try something new. Why not take a friend with you and get a bit of friendly competition going? Whatever you choose to do, do it with a smile and make the most of the sun while it's out. If you're anything like us you won't know where the time has gone, and before you know it it'll be time to celebrate year two of Brighton Active.

Enjoy the issue,


*A special shout out this issue goes to Lee Towsey who was kind enough to shoot this issue's cover. Lee is a Brighton based sports and physiques photographer, producing high quality publicity photographs for people in the sporting world. Learn more by calling 0203 0518 247 / 07970 527 252, emailing or by visiting


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The TAKEPART Brighton & Hove International Festival of Sport is growing as ‘the biggest celebration of sport and physical activity in the country.‘ Across the two week festival, people of all ages are given the opportunity to try out a wide range of sports for FREE, in a fun and noncompetitive setting. The aim is to help people to find a sport that they like. They can have a go at anything from Nordic Walking to Petanque. If people are encouraged to increase their participation, they will benefit from a more active and healthy lifestyle. The wide programme of events and taster sessions

YMCAfit We’re excited to announce that we’ll be working with YMCAfit throughout 2012 from our next issue, out mid May. We’ll be highlighting the vast number of routes YMCAfit offer for you 10

shows people what sport can offer them, highlighting the vast range of opportunities across the many sports clubs and facilities in Brighton & Hove. Many activities are things that families can do together. Most of the events are free and designed to be fun. The TAKEPART tasters and TAKEPART local events encourage people of all ages to try something new. The TAKEPART Schools festival gives young people in Brighton and Hove the opportunity to take part for free or at a reduced rate in various different activities ranging from Street Dance to Swimming Gala competitions. Of the 35,790 young people aged between 5 - 18 in Brighton & Hove

(www.neighbourhoodstatistics. 55% of them participated in a sporting activity during the TAKEPART Festival. With more than 15 activity zones there is no excuse not to TAKEPART. Whether you fancy mountainboarding in our Adventure zone or would like to join in the fun in the Run Zone. There are a huge range of choices for adults and children alike, for all abilities. Why not cycle to the park and visit Bike Alley and have your bike checked for FREE by the bike doctor! www.takepartbrightonandhove. com

Launch Event Saturday 23 June at Preston Park, 12.00-5.00pm TAKEPART Local Saturday 30 June & Sunday 1 July Taster Sessions Saturday 23 June – Sunday 8 July Schools Festival Monday 25 June – Friday 6 July

to start your fitness career: Personal Trainer training, Gym Instructor courses, Exercise to Music instructing and many more. We’ll also be highlighting any FREE up and coming Open Days in Brighton where you can

ask questions, find out about the courses, and meet fellow students.


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CROSSFIT CONNECT What a great first 12 months it has been for us at CrossFit Connect. A year ago we opened the doors on our CrossFit facility by Hove Lagoon with the hope that we could encourage an intrepid tribe of Brightonians to take up CrossFit and coach them to lift correctly, move functionally and get into the best shape of their lives. With over 80 members having graced ‘the box’ it has been a true pleasure to see the huge improvements in their strength and fitness levels and, as tends to be the way, most of our members are now true CrossFit addicts!

with CrossFit and the huge advertising push they are now giving the community. There have been numerous adverts on prime time TV, the taking over of YouTube for a day and the launch of Reebok CrossFit in London with Jack Osborne and Christine Bleakley. The number of Google searches for CrossFit has skyrocketed this week and this is a massive boost to us as we continue to develop into one of the best locations in which to train in Brighton and Hove.

Also this month our members signed up to compete in the qualifying stages of the Our first birthday has coincided Reebok CrossFit Games. With nicely with Reeboks affiliation five workouts released over

five weeks our guys and gals have been pushing themselves mentally and physically as they compete against 65,000 other registered competitors. CrossFit is almost unique in your being able to directly compete with the top athletes and it’s why Reebok is branding CrossFit: ‘The Sport of Fitness’. Take the time to look us up at and learn more about this growing community. We’d love to have you down to experience the thrill of CrossFit and we offer FREE taster classes every weekend.

SURVIVAL OF THE FIT - X 2012 will see the launch of Brighton's first fitness challenge: The Survival of the Fit - X. The event is set to take place on Sunday 29th April and has been put together by Performance Foods and ZT Fitness. Based totally on body weight and functional fitness circuits, the events also combines an endurance element to really push you to your absolute limits. There are 3 levels of contestants, Rookie, Contender and Elite, which will see people complete either a ½ lap of

Hove Park, 2/3 of a lap or a full lap three times. In between each of these there will be a range of bodyweight exercises f o r you to complete including press ups, sit-ups, body weight squats and burpees. For the full list of exercises and to fill out your entry form turn to page 35 now! WHEN? Sunday 29th April, Hove Park. For more information contact Performance Foods on 01273 733 453

NEW TRX CLASSES WITH BOXERCISE BOOTCAMP Boxercise Bootcamp are pleased to have launched their new TRX Suspension Circuit classes, taking place at St Paul's School every Monday and Wednesday evening

at 6:30pm - 7:30pm. Up to 35 people in each class are currently enjoying the benefits of using the TRX, helping them build strength,

flexibility, core stability and metabolic conditioning. WHERE? St Paul's School, St Nicholas Road, Brighton, BN1 3LP

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GEARED UP The latest gear out now

ZOCA LONG SLEEVE TECH TOP Carefully designed to create a flattering loose fit silhouette. Features include thumb loops, reflective tape and a lockable zip on the neckline making it great for warm days or chilly mornings. Made using Aquamove fabric, helping transport moisture away from the skin. 95% Polyamide / 5% Elastane Lycra, available in colours sloe and black. Sheactive price: £55

ZOCA RUNNING TIGHT The running tight has reflective trim and back pocket detail with lockable zip and is excellent for outdoor use. This garment is made using Aqamove fabric, transporting moisture away from the skin leaving you feeling dry and comfortable. 91% Polyamide / 9% Elastane Lycra, available in colours sloe and black. Sheactive price: £40

MORE ABOUT ZOCA ZOCA is about passion - passion for fitness, passion for sport and the outdoors, passion for life and for ‘doing things right.’ ZOCA is a responsible, ethical and environmentally sensitive brand, with a female focus when it comes to sportswear. ZOCA garments are stylish, easy to wear and highly functional. Premium fabrics and the highest manufacturing standards mean you can enjoy your sportswear for longer.

Visit Sheactive at 5 North Street, Brighton or call 01273 739 725 O2 PLUS+ • Optimise oxygen use and production • Reduce lactic acid build up and muscle fatigue • Increase your energy and endurance RRP: £24.99 SPECIAL PERFORMANCE FOODS PRICE: £14.99

The products have been specially designed for athletes in all sporting fields, especially MMA and within the fight training industry. The XCAP range delivers maximum nutritional support, performance and recovery naturally. Each product has been formulated to give pharmaceutical grade supplementary support based on individual athletic and physical requirements. All are available from Performance Foods, 177 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2AB or call 01273 733 453 www. PERFORMANCE FOODS T-SHIRT Made from Climacool fabric

MORE ABOUT XCAP The XCAP supplement brand is based on 15 core products which have been designed and manufactured to a pharmaceutical grade. There are no exaggerated claims, just pure moral principles to provide the highest level of nutritional supplementation. 12



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with Brighton Bootcamp Brighton Bootcamp 'The Revolution in Fitness and Weight Loss' • Improve fitness • Gain strength • Blast body-fat • Increase metabolism • No more mindless workouts • Qualified Personal Trainers • Cost effective • Brighton and Hove’s only indoor Bootcamp With Brighton Bootcamp you get 6 months of results in as little as 6 weeks, with sessions run by qualified and experienced Personal Trainers that will help you to rapidly improve your fitness, lose weight and blast body-fat. “The sessions are short but intense and when you leave you always feel amazing. I started to see results straight away, not only in my body shape but in my overall wellbeing, which for me has been the most positive aspect.” Emma A - Jan 2012

We use a style of training called ‘Metabolic Conditioning,’ this combines resistance and cardiovascular exercises into one short explosive workout. We believe that when it comes to getting into great shape that less is more, spend less time training but achieve more. “Like many of my fellow bootcampers, I love the hard work in every session and there are a variety of compound exercises, which allow you to develop lean muscles and lose fat at the same time. However, the main thing I love about Brighton Bootcamp is that Paul and Rick are constantly trying to make the workouts more efficient and they genuinely care about each individual’s goals, which does not happen in most gyms/bootcamps, and they also help you achieve your goals and stay motivated throughout the process. I would recommend Brighton Bootcamp to anyone who is serious about getting fit and healthy.” Mahyar G - Jan 2012

Brighton Bootcamp is a company dedicated to helping you get into the best shape of your life, whether you want to lose weight, burn body-fat or just get into great shape. We offer high quality fitness classes with qualified Personal Trainers from as little as £3.26 per session (depending on package and sessions attended per week). So now everyone can afford to train with a Personal Trainer without having to take out a second mortgage.

Our offer for new Bootcampers is £10 for 10 days (T&C apply, email for further details) For more information on how you can get into great shape go to or e-mail or phone 01273 903295 26-28 Franklin Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN41 1AF

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THE BRIGHTON BOOTCAMP Brighton Bootcamp help dispel some myths about losing weight and getting lean, helping you get in the best shape of your life Eating fewer calories WILL lead to weight loss, but ONLY in the short term. As you reduce your calories initially, your body will begin to drop weight, but over time your metabolism will slow down and become severely compromised burning fewer calories. All the time you are eating less, you are wrecking your metabolism and training your body to burn less fat. However, combining a solid exercise routine with a sound nutrition plan has been proven in study after study to significantly help to REDUCE body fat. Exercise can stimulate your metabolism through the post workout calorie burn (this is the rate at which you burn calories after a workout), which can be elevated for up to 72 hours after your workout. Exercise also promotes the production of lean muscle tissue (all muscle is metabolically active, and one pound of muscle burns on average 50 calories per day). Combined with the correct nutrition schedule and your body will be burning fat at an accelerated rate. So combining exercise with a solid nutrition plan will promote fat burning. The bad news is that not 14

all workouts are created equal. How you train is as important as how you eat. We want to see workouts that lead to LONG TERM FAT LOSS. I often ask clients, who do they think is leaner, a marathon runner, or a sprinter? Most of the time the answer is the marathon runner, but they are just skinnier! The sprinter on the other hand, actually has less body fat (most of the time) and a higher amount of muscle, keeping their metabolic rate elevated. So if you want to burn fat and achieve a lean sculpted body, you need to train like a sprinter, but why? When training for endurance, the body adapts by learning to conserve energy. For example, a marathon runner will want to have enough energy to keep a strong pace throughout the race, which for someone who wants to become leaner is not ideal - we want to burn more energy, not less! Whereas sprinters do not need to conserve energy, their goal is to move as fast as they can from start to finish. It is this intensity of effort that elevates the metabolism to such a high level, that their body is forced to burn huge amounts of calories.

The best way then to exercise for fat loss is to make sure that your workouts are challenging. Over the years I have researched thousands of workout styles, many promising miraculous weight loss. Some work, some don’t, but throughout that research I began to notice a trend: The most effective programs were usually the ones that combined resistance and cardiovascular exercises into one potent workout. At Brighton Bootcamp we have designed our workouts using a combination of resistance and cardio exercise, this allows our clients to burn fat, build muscle and boost fitness. We deliberately keep our workouts short, so that the intensity can be kept high. In fact, not including warm-up and cool-down, most of our workouts are only 20-30 minutes long. We have found that this enables us to keep the intensity high, but without risking burn-out. In fact just 2-3 of our metabolic workouts per week are enough for most people to burn fat and lose weight. Call 01273 903 295, email info@ or visit www. to start your fitness revolution today!


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GET YOUR ZUMBA ON AT FREEDOM LEISURE Zumba is the talk of Brighton and Hove thanks to Freedom Leisure, and now there's never been a better time to get involved yourself Zumba is one of the hottest ways for Brighton residents to stay in shape. Billed as a ‘fitness dance party,’ Zumba classes are popping up across Brighton and they’re not just for adults either, there is Zumbatonic for kids, Teen Zumba and Family Zumba too. ‘Simple moves and the exciting Latin music really set Zumba apart from traditional dance or aerobics classes,’ says Leanne Beadle, Zumba Instructor at Freedom Leisure. ‘Classes are designed to be fun rather than a mass of complicated steps and routines, so anyone of any age can give it a go!’

much like you would with interval training. LEANNE’S TOP TIPS FOR ZUMBA FANS: • Get familiar with the moves by practicing them at home or even on the dancefloor when you’re on a night out! You’ll be able to put more energy into your workout if you feel confident performing the basic steps.

• Keep your abs tight and think about your posture throughout the class, even when you’re starting to feel tired. You’ll not only get an abs workout but you’ll be more agile and light on your feet too. • Go with the flow and don’t be shy - let go and have fun! Freedom Leisure hold daytime and evening Zumba classes for all ages at Leisure Centres in Brighton. Find out more at

• Develop your hip movements as this will work your waistline and other areas more effectively. • Make your movements as big as possible to up the calorie burn of your workout.

Zumba is a great CV workout which means it works your heart and lungs and improves your fitness. It will also improve agility and strengthen your legs, hips, bottom and thighs. Zumba allows you to burn serious calories without registering how hard you are working. ‘You can burn anything from 300-1000 calories in a typical Zumba class!’ says Leanne. Different rhythmic beats are used to control the tempo of your workout so you work at high intensity periods followed by lower intensity periods,

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12/03/2012 13:45

RACE FOR LIFE 2012 WITH MP PT With this year’s Race for Life events rapidly approaching, I think it is time we explain the reason why it’s so important for as many ladies to get involved as possible Cancer Research UK is the world's leading independent charity dedicated to cancer research. They carry out scientific research to help prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. In doing so they have discovered new ways to beat cancers and together have saved hundreds of thousands of lives across the world. It has been reported that one in three of us will get cancer at some point in our lives. Let me say that again. One in three of us! How scary does that sound?! With their groundbreaking work, funded almost entirely by us, the general public - yes, that’s you and I - they really need our help to ensure that millions more people survive.

- We have all been effected one way or another by Cancer - We have all seen what Cancers can do - Now is our time to do what we can! Sorry guys this is a ladies only event, but don’t feel left out... It is our time as husbands / partners / fathers / sons and brothers to step up and support the females in our life’s. Don’t forget, cancer can affect us too! Please help... Martin, MP Personal Training.

If you or a loved one are taking part in this year’s Race for Life event and feel the need to put in some extra work for it, there now are outdoor training group meetings at: Worthing: Monday’s @ 7pm - 8 pm. Meeting point - The Pavilion steps Hove: Monday’s @ 6pm - 7pm. Meeting point - Hove Lagoon’s main building Just £5 per session, per head! For more details Call: Worthing - Martin on 07717 455 144 Hove - Max on 07837 653 735 50% of all money taken will be donated to Cancer Research by MP Personal training

To find out more about MP Personal Training call 07717 455 144, email martin@martinpetriepersonaltraining. or visit www.



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12/03/2012 13:45

GET FIT, GET VIBROFIT We speak to Vibrofit Club Owner, Sarah Whelan about the benefits of vibration training There is nothing quite like Vibrofit and it is one of the best kept secrets in fitness in Hove. With Vibrofit you'll be able to tone up, lose weight, increase energy, feel and look better, reduce pain and bust cellulite. Vibration training is a very effective way to keep your body in shape, giving you a full body workout through very little effort, and in a very short period of time. In just 20 minutes you can achieve the same results that you would in a 60 minute gym session! It is an exceptional way of training your body and getting real results, quickly. Our instructors plan, encourage and lead you through each session in a highly personable environment. - Our 30 minute classes and simple online booking system are a

pleasure to use and help you attend more regularly - No session is ever quite the same and our unique approach keeps it fun and interesting so you won’t get bored - The small groups add spice, fun and a social element - Huge benefits and unlimited sessions for a fraction of the cost of other studios - Vibrofit is proven to help people get the results they desire whether they are new to exercise or have tried and failed many times before. Vibrofit caters for all ages, all shapes and sizes and all levels of physical ability. You can find Vibrofit at Portland Road Trading Estate, Hove, BN3 5NT. To find out more and to book a personal guest visit with the Club Owner, Sarah call 01273 411 807 or email sarah@

Did you know: A recent German study carried out on 55 subjects over a 6 month period showed that, by taking part in vibration training for just 10 minutes, 2-3 times per week, cellulite on the buttocks and thighs was reduced by 25.7% compared to just CV training. Also there was a 19.8% increase in hamstring flexibility in just 6 weeks, compared to 9.2% in normal stretching alone. Lower back pain was also reduced by a massive 66%! “I joined Vibrofit May 2011. I was told by my doctor that I was diabetic and overweight and thought it was time to make a change to my lifestyle. I joined up for a year and now do three classes a week. My fitness level has improved so much that I can walk much faster and am no longer breathless when I run for the bus. Being a lady, I must admit that the greatest thing of all is that my bum is much firmer, and my stomach is more toned and the strength in my legs and arms has improved considerably. By following a healthy diet and portion control I have dropped three dress sizes in five months (4 stone). I would recommend Vibrofit’s friendly approach and supportive staff to anyone who dislikes exercise or needs that little extra encouragement!” - Sherrie Ashleigh

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12/03/2012 13:45


We speak to Alive Fitness and Natural Health's Gym Manager, Toby Bowen about the recent gym refurbishment at Brighton and Hove’s longest running independent gym Hi Toby. Tell us a bit about Alive Fitness and Natural Health Alive Fitness and Natural Health was established over 20 years ago and is located on Castle Street, just off Preston Street in the heart of the city. Alive boasts a relaxed atmosphere shared by the staff and members alike which makes it quite unique. Our staff are long standing professionals and all extremely approachable to help positively guide and encourage you to be the healthiest you can be, producing individually tailored programs suited to your needs, abilities and lifestyle. Tell us more about Alive's recent gym update Our cardio room has been refurbished and equipped with the latest Lifefitness CV equipment. Our weights room now has Nautilus fixed machines and a comprehensive range of free weights, stability balls, Bosu balls, medicine balls and foam rollers. We


also have a full range of spin bikes, free weights, kettlebells, Olympic rings, boxing bags and coming soon, the very latest Bulgarian bags! Finally, we’re giving the whole building a nice touch up by refurbishing and refreshing things. The outside of Alive and the gym area have both been repainted. We’re also starting work on the rest of the building to make things immaculate for all our guests. Does Alive offer classes? Yes we do. There's a huge range of classes suitable for all levels of fitness, all taking place in one of Brighton and Hove’s largest studios. These include Boxercise, Kettlebells, Zumba, Weighted Workouts, Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts, Senior Classes and many more. What about something to take the edge off? Alive offers a wide range of holistic therapies to help you unwind and de-stress, from relaxing aromatherapy to invigorating deep tissue and sports massage. We also offer a complete hairdressing service and a vast range of beauty treatments! Is it true that Alive has its very own crèche on the premises?

Yes! Our fantastic crèche allows you to enjoy your workout, class or relaxing massage safe in the knowledge that your child is happy and being cared for in the same building. Our crèche is very well equipped, clean and bright and open to children from 3 months to 8 years. Alive offers excellent value for money with a range of memberships suitable for everybody’s budget and with no 12 month contract, what have you got to lose!? Come and see us today and make Alive Fitness and Natural Health your first step to a healthier, fitter you.

Location: 25-27 Castle Street, Brighton, BN1 2HD Contact: 01273 739 606 Website: www.alivehealth. Opening Times: 7.30am9.30pm weekdays / 9am -6pm weekends Highlights: Friendly, independent, new cardio equipment, range of classes, crèche


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14 IN


Meridian Sports Therapy have created our "Marathon Survival Packs" to get you to the start line feeling in great mental and physical shape and to the finish line in good health and time. We offer 3 Levels of Support (Bronze, Silver & Gold) giving you access to our team of professionals throughout the coming months, up to and beyond race day. With hours of preparation involved in the run up to the marathon we know you will want to do everything possible to ensure you make it to the start line and the finish line. We will help you with preparation, training, nutrition, injury prevention and relief, motivation and confidence. Look at our packs today and see how we can assist you in your marathon preparation.

BRONZE (£149 - Value £196, SAVE £47) 3 x 30min sports massage 2 x 45min personal training 1 x 60min performance coaching + FREE Pepperfit Rescue Balm SILVER (£279 - Value £380, SAVE £101) 3 hours sports massage 3 hours personal training 2 hours performance coaching + FREE Pepperfit Rescue Balm GOLD (£399 - Value £608, SAVE £207) 5 hours sports massage 5 hours personal training 3 hours performance coaching + FREE Pepperfit Rescue Balm

Save £10 with this advert! Valid on any any treatment or treatment pack We offer Sports Massage treatments from our clinics in Hove and Hassocks from £28. Our Treatment Packs offer huge savings on individual treatment prices. Gift Vouchers available.

Website: Phone: 07900 587763 Email: Twitter: @MeridianAbby Facebook: MeridianSportsTherapy Meridian Sports Therapy work on the basis that we all commit 100%.

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CROQUET We think that Croquet is just about the best game that you can play on grass. It can be played by men and women of all ages and standards, and on an equal footing. At the simplest level the game can be picked up quickly and then, as skills develop, the possibilities expand. Your local croquet club is Sussex County Croquet Club which is on Kingston Lane, Southwick, opposite Shoreham College and St Julian's Church. The club will be holding FREE Taster Sessions throughout April, on afternoons, mornings and some Saturday evenings. All equipment will be provided, just bring along a pair of flat shoes for you to play in. There will also be further tuition and beginners' games throughout May. So once you have had a go and find you like it there will be plenty to do to follow-on.

Give croquet a try this Spring with Sussex County Croquet Club

have excelled internationally for many years! At the Sussex County Croquet Club you can watch the country's leading players in action each year when they assemble for Inter-County Championships. If you are not quite ready to play at international or national standards immediately you will, nevertheless, be able to take part in many competitions and tournaments appropriate to your growing skills with mallet, balls and hoops. For most members, croquet is mainly a relaxing and healthy outdoors pastime played with GIVE CROQUET A TRY IN SUSSEX! FREE taster sessions at your local croquet club: April 11th & 12th, 14.00 to 16.00 April 17th & May 5th, 10.30 to 12.30 April 18th, 18.30 to 20.30

For some croquet players the sport is highly competitive at regional, national and international levels. England's croquet teams 20 ISSUE #7 MARCH 2012

BtnActive#7_REPRO.indd 20

To confirm your chosen dates please contact 07717 058 833 or email

friendly people in an attractive setting. The croquet is backed by a strong social and catering programme. There is a club restaurant with lunches and theme dinners throughout the year and a bar – called, appropriately, “The Hoop and Mallet”. Men and women play on an equal basis since croquet requires touch and tactics more than strength. So get healthy and stay relaxed with croquet and enjoy the company of other likeminded people. For further details log on to www. Further Tuition Packages and Coached Games for Newcomers are available in May for anyone completing two FREE Taster Sessions Starter Memberships are available in the first year of joining Full membership costs only £4.50 per week or less

12/03/2012 13:45

GET FIT WITH LAGOON FITNESS This Spring get beach and water sports fit with the help of Lagoon Fitness With the 2012 season kicking off on Friday 6th April 2012, Lagoon Watersports are pleased to announce the launch of Lagoon Fitness with both land and water based fitness classes being introduced to Hove Lagoon. Aiming to provide a one-stop centre for fitness and water sports training, the new classes will focus on the exciting world of SUP Fitness which offers a full body workout to meet the personal training requirements of every client. The classes will use Stand Up Paddle boards (SUP) and Indo Boards, combined with traditional exercises, to give a new, effective and unique workout experience. Lagoon Fitness aims to use the outside surroundings of the beach and the water whilst getting fit and having fun at the same time.

Land-based fitness classes include Beach Fit, Watersports Ready, and Indo Board Classes whilst waterbased SUP fitness classes include Cardio SUP, Strength SUP and Flexi SUP. Beginner SUP sessions, intermediate SUP clinics, one to one lessons and SUP river trips will also be run throughout the season.

Classes are on drop in basis with prices starting from £10 per session, various fitness and membership packages will also be available soon.

Established in the 1980s originally as a windsurfing school, Lagoon Watersports have grown to become one of the most dynamic and thriving water sports centres in the UK. Activities and courses on offer include yacht and dinghy sailing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, power boating, Thunder Cats, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, as well as specific kids’ activity weeks. Lagoon Watersports also offer a gym-style membership, with hundreds of members currently enjoying a huge range of benefits including unlimited equipment hire. Hove Lagoon is in a unique location, a stone’s throw from the beach, and with large open areas for outdoor exercise. The enclosed, shallow lagoon is the perfect environment for water sports enthusiasts to learn and improve their skills whilst the sea offers limitless opportunities for the more advanced. Go to www.lagoonwatersports. for further information, like the Facebook page LagoonFitness or call 01273 424 842 extension 2.

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12/03/2012 13:45








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12/03/2012 13:45


INTERNATIONAL Taking place on the 16-23 June 2012, the AEGON International brings the world’s top male and female players to this intimate and welcoming setting, as they hone their skills ahead of Wimbledon Eastbourne’s Devonshire Park Lawn Tennis Club will once again open its doors to the annual AEGON International this summer, taking place 16-23 June. The event provides some of the world’s top male and female tennis players with the opportunity to hone their skills ahead of the Wimbledon Championships and with the 2011 tournament featuring 13 of the world's top 20 female players, including Serena Williams, Petra Kvitova and Victoria Azarenka, you can be guaranteed an all-star playing field this year.

Martina Navaratilova won the event no less than 11 times during the 1980s and early 90s while Lindsey Davenport, Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin have all added their names to the roll of honours in recent times. On Saturday 16 June the LTA and lead partner AEGON are throwing the doors open to fans to watch the tennis for FREE, with seats on Centre Court and Court 1 being unreserved. This will be a great opportunity to bring all the family

to watch some world-class tennis simply collect free tickets from the onsite box office on the day. In addition to this, on Sunday 17 June four Legends of the game will return to the courts – keep checking for more details and for updates on confirmed players at the event. To book tickets to the AEGON International call 0844 581 3015 or visit www.

It’s the fourth year in a row that a men’s ATP tournament has been incorporated into the week after being solely a WTA event. Russian Dmitri Tursunov made history in 2009 by becoming the winner of the inaugural men’s event, which has since been won by Michael Llodra in 2010 and Andreas Seppi in 2011. The event continues to grow in stature and the honours board at Devonshire Park is a real who’s who of world tennis over the past four decades. Grass-court legend

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12/03/2012 13:45

Brighton & Hove’s own CrossFit facility right by the waterfront

Fed up with rows upon rows of boring cardio machines? Fed up with training on your own and barely talking to anyone at your gym? Come to Connect and change the way you think about training! We’re all about professional individual coaching, Paleo-style nutritional planning, the friendly community and the results. Olympic lifting, gymnastics and interval training combine to produce one of the most effective training programmes around. But be warned - you may become addicted!

Free taster session - get in touch and quote Brighton Active BE PART OF THE REVOLUTION

Unit 9 Hove Enterprise Centre, Basin Road North, Hove BN41 1 UY 24


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12/03/2012 13:45

BRIGHTON HALF MARATHON 2012 This year's Brighton Half Marathon hosted a record number of runners in what was the 22nd edition of the much loved annual event Blue skies and sunshine welcomed 7,427 runners to the 22nd edition of the Brighton Half Marathon, which took place on Sunday 19 February 2012. With David Wardle not present to defend his title from the previous two years Ian Leitch from Phoenix AC went into the race as a favourite to win, but it was Matthew Dumigan from Swansea Harriers who crossed the line first in 01:08:41. Local runner Fiona Powell from Brighton & Hove City AC managed

to pull off the hat trick and won her ‘What an amazing day with a great third consecutive title in the race, atmosphere and brilliant sunshine crossing the finish line in 01:19:43. shining down on all our runners. This is a record year for the number Brighton Active Editor, Ash Phelps of runners taking part and we are also took part in his very first very proud of everyone who was half marathon and finished it in a involved with the race.’ respectable 01:49:30. A huge congratulations must go out to everyone who took part in the event, as well as all the volunteers who helped out on the day. Kat Williams, CEO of The Sussex Beacon commented,

The Brighton Half Marathon had been growing steadily over the last couple of years and the 2012 race sold out in record time with all 10,500 places snapped up by 18th November 2011. You can now sign up to receive information on the Brighton Half Marathon 2013 on their website at

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12/03/2012 13:45


Personal training & group fitness sessions around Brighton and Hove Specialist in run, triathlon & multisport training & outdoor fitness Fitness testing, strength, endurance, speed and body conditioning, low impact training, training plans, weight loss & nutritional advice, free initial PT consultation, all levels welcome. Call Marianne on 07775 780844 or go to: : @fitsofit 26

: Marianne Clark


REPS registered


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12/03/2012 13:45

FITSO FITNESS Go ELLIPTIGO with Fitso Fitness! Helping runners beat their injuries and improve their performance with Brighton & Hove's revolutionary new run trainer If you enjoy keeping active in Brighton and Hove there's a good chance that you would have spotted an unusual looking bike on a street near you recently. Tall, long-bodied, small-wheeled, brightly coloured and with a conspicuous absence of seat and pedals, it’s hard to ignore. It may bear some resemblance to a giant scooter, but the ELLIPTIGO is a unique new fitness device that has already taken the US by storm. Now it’s hit the South Coast, courtesy of Brighton-based personal trainer and GB age group triathlete, Marianne Clark of Fitso Fitness ( Part bike, part elliptical trainer, the ELLIPTIGO was developed by a triathlete suffering with chronic run injuries who wanted an outdoor running substitute. Designed to replicate run motion far more closely than static trainers, the ELLIPTIGO forces you to use all the large leg muscles, the glutes, as well as the core, which is constantly engaged to maintain balance. The ELLIPTIGO can cover long distances at speeds over 20mph, and with eight gears it can handle some serious hills. It is as effective for run training as actual

running, however the best thing about the ELLIPTIGO is that it offers ultra-low impact, and so massively reduces the risk of injuries so common in running and other impact sports. It’s perfect for injured runners, the injuryprone, and endurance athletes for developing speed, strength and stamina, as well as being a superb all round fitness tool. Suitable for beginners right up to the elite, it’s easy to ride, fun, hypereffective, injury-beating and a real head-turner. In the US the ELLIPTIGO has fast become a stand-alone sport with an impressive following including the legendary ultra-distance runner, Dean Karnazes! Now you too can train effectively and with reduced injury risk using the revolutionary ELLIPTIGO. Fitso Fitness offer bespoke individual ELLIPTIGO training available as well as ELLIPTIGO hire (subject to conditions). Discounts are available for block bookings. For information and bookings contact Marianne on 07775 780 844 or email You can also find Marianne on Twitter - @Fitsofit Marianne Clark is a Level 3 Personal Trainer with a lifelong passion for sport and

fitness. Marianne is currently one of the top UK female age group triathletes, competing at all distances from supersprint to half ironman distance, and regularly achieving podium finishes. This year she has qualified to represent the GB age group Triathlon team at the World Championships in Beijing and European Championships in Eilat

Marianne is now planning on putting together an ELLIPTIGO team together for a 24 hour relay taking place on 18th August in Hillingdon, West London. This charity event will help raise funds for Prostate Cancer as well as local charities chosen by the team (visit our Events page at www.brightonactive. com for more information) - if you’re interested in taking part, contact Marianne. For more info or to book an ELLIPTIGO taster session call Marianne on 07775 780 844 or email

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12/03/2012 13:45

So you could say that your business is also your hobby? That's right. I've been training since I was 15 years old. Sporting supplements have 100% been a part of my life for the last 15 years without fail, and that's why I hopefully know my way in and out of all the products. It's not just my business, but my full-time passion!

THE MAN BEHIND We speak to Performance Foods MD, Peter Harvey about his independent sports supplement store in Hove, as well as misconceptions within the industry and this April's BFC fitness event Hi Peter. Performance Foods opened just over two year's ago. Tell us how you got things started I opened Performance Foods on January 4th 2010 after having a life-long passion for health, fitness and sporting supplements. Some people think that Performance Foods is a franchise, but it is completely independent. I had the vision for the store as soon as I walked in, and designed everything from scratch from the signage to the entire interior. I see myself as a professional outfit with a hint of grandeur and hope to one day become the premium sports nutrition provider. 28 ISSUE #7 MARCH 2012

BtnActive#7_REPRO.indd 28

Tell me more about the products that you stock I primarily stock British brands such as Reflex Nutrition, Sci-MX and PhD. As well as being British these are also the products that I believe work, and that offer the best value for the customer. This is vital for me as there are simply hundreds of products out there that claim to work, but are all in fact making false claims: 'Drink this shake and you'll double in size!' 'Take this pill and you'll lose 2 stone in a week!!' I don't want my customers taking the wrong product and then getting a bad taste for supplements. Instead I want them to come in and buy the right product, knowing that it will definitely work. There is massive amounts of scientific research that now backs up what works and what does not. Local company Reflex Nutrition for example spend millions on the research and development of their products. How do you make sure that the customer gets the right product for them? One thing I've always enjoyed is people who come in the shop and actually talk to me about what they want to achieve. By quizzing them about their training routine and schedule, their daily diet, their likes, their dislikes and their aspirations I'm then able to recommend the right product for them. I'll also tell them the correct dose to take, when in the day to take it and how quickly they can expect to see results. This to me is the most rewarding part of the job, especially then seeing them walk back through the door a month or two later telling me how successful things have gone for them. What about the internet? Couldn't people find the right supplement for them here? Internet companies will tell you what you want to hear just to make a quick sale. They won't actually care about you, just how quickly they can get you to the online checkout. People may not actually know what is

12/03/2012 13:45

in the products that they are buying, or how much of certain ingredients are actually in them. Only the other day I found a fat burner online that claimed to have 20 milligrams of green tea in it (green tea is proven to aid in fat loss). We actually stock Reflex Nutrition fat burners which have a whopping 300 milligrams of green tea extract in them! There are still people who are not convinced by the effectiveness of supplements. Why do you think that is? A lot of people still think that supplements are unnatural when in fact this could not be further from the truth. Of course there are some suspect products out there, but I make sure that I only stock mostly natural products. In fact I'd say that 99% of the products I stock are 100% natural. The other ones that aren't I'm fully aware of and will tell people about. The proven facts though state that supplements can indeed increase your sporting performance, aid in weight loss and help you pack on muscle mass quickly, effectively and most of all safely. What about women? Do you think they are still wary of supplements? To an extent, yes. There is still a stereotype that using supplements will turn a women into a mountain of muscle. This is completely unfounded! I have a lot of regular female customers who use supplements to help them lose weight and recover quicker after exercise. You’re known to host supplement Open Days. Tell us more about these Open Days are a great way for people to come in, try some product samples, and get a great deal on their purchases. Predominantly I host Sci-MX and Reflex Nutrition Open Days, so people can also get some new, fresh advice from the people behind the brand. The next Sci-MX Open Day will be around the middle of the summer and the next Reflex Nutrition Open Day whenever they have the time. You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter to hear about any Open Day before anybody else! This April you're hosting the Survival of the Fit - X Brighton Fitness Challenge (BFC) at Hove Park. How did this come about?

We have some fantastic local endurance events such as the full and half marathons, but I don't think there really is anything that could be called a 'fitness challenge.' Now there is! The BFC has three levels: Rookie, Contender and Elite. There is also a kids event and some separate single challenges. It's set to be a fantastic event for the community which will hopefully get bigger each year. Fill out your entry form at the back of this very issue to be a part of things. Also, if anyone can offer any support in terms of stands, scaffolding to put banners up, start and finish posts and table and chairs please do get in contact. You can find out more about this year's BFC on page 11. Finally, what are your plans for the rest of the year? I want to get the business more in Brighton's eye as so many people still don't know I'm actually here. Apart from that I just want to maintain the level of consistency and service that I'm giving people. The main thing is keeping people happy and giving them the service that they deserve. It’s important for me also that I do as much locally for people as I can, hence working with lots of companies such as ZT Fitness and Freedom Leisure, and sports clubs such as Hove and Horsham Rugby Clubs. You can find Peter at Performance Foods, 177 Church Road in Hove. Peter is also happy to answer any supplement related questions via telephone on 01273 733 453. Find more articles from Peter in our 'Nutrition' section online at www. or visit

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• Fully qualified Sports Massage

Therapist and Personal Trainer


• Member of the Register of Exercise

We have the knowledge, the expertise and equipment to help you reach your training goals.

• Home visit service in Sports

We specialise in: • Fat Loss • Muscle Building • Strength and Sport Specific Training Unit 10, rear of 64-78 Davigdor Road, Hove, BN3 1RF Tel: 07885 916810/ 07527 534273 / 01273 328982 Email: Website:

Professionals (REPs level 3)

Massage Therapy available. Great for those with busy lives that requires no travelling away from the house

• Beneficial for increasing recovery

from sport, and reducing tightness and chance of injury

Call Patrick Harding today on 07843 762 132

Follow on


All the latest health, fitness, sport, nutrition and lifestyle news from in and around Brighton. Plus competitions, discount codes, photo galleries, interviews, inspirational hints and tips and much, much more. Visit to get yourself started 30


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ADVERTISE HERE! • Best value rates! • Discounts for multiple bookings! • 2 months shelf life!

PERSONAL TRAINING Change your life...act now! With the south’s premier personal trainers We will help you guarantee successful results Quote ‘BRT1’ to get 10% off your session today!

"Brighton Active has been a great help over the past year" - David Draper, CrossFit Connect

Call 01273 921992 or email

Phone 01273 702662 for a free consultation

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ACTIVE DIRECTORY HEALTH CLUBS King Alfred Leisure Centre Kingsway, Hove, BN3 2WW 01273 290 290 Prince Regent Swimming Complex Church Street, Brighton, BN1 1YA 01273 685 692 Withdean Sports Complex Tongdean Lane, Brighton, BN1 5JD 01273 542 100 St Luke's Swimming Pool St Luke's Terrace, Brighton, BN2 9ZE 01273 602 385 stlukesenquiries@freedom-leisure. Stanley Deason Leisure Centre Wilson Avenue, Brighton, BN2 5PB 01273 694 281 Moulsecoomb Community Leisure Centre Moulsecoomb Way, Brighton, BN2 4PB 01273 622 266 Alive Fitness and Natural Health 25-27 Castle Street, Brighton, BN1 2HD 01273 739 606


CrossFit Connect Unit 9, Hove Enterprise Centre, Basin Road North, Hove, BN41 1UY 07791 474 780 (David Draper) 07850 139 401 (Holly Skinner)


Boxing Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE) City College Brighton and Hove Currently recruiting for the 20122014 course AASE Coach Adam Haniver Max Strength 01273 667 788 ext.373 Services: Fat loss and muscle tone, muscle building, strength training, sports specific training, body transformations programmes and Brighton Half Marathon outdoor boot camps 0845 303 6604 Unit 10, rear of 64-78 Davigdor Road, Hove, BN3 1RF 07885916810 / 07527 534273 / 01273 328982 Lagoon Watersports / Lagoon Fitness Hove Lagoon, Kingsway, Hove, BN3 4LX Vibrofit 01273 424 842 Portland Road Trading Estate, Hove, BN3 5NT 01273 411 807 No Strings Badminton Badminton pay & play sessions each week from just £3 guaranBOOTCAMPS teeing you a partner to play with every time! Taking place at local Boxercise Bootcamp King Alfred or Moulsecoomb New clients can trial 10 days of Community leisure centres classes for just £10! Or go for our amazing offer of 3 months of unlimited classes for just £99, any Sussex County Croquet Club class any location Kingston Lane, Southwick, oppo0845 467 0056 site Shoreham College, BN43 6YW 07717 058 833 www.sussexcountrycroquetclub. Brighton Bootcamp New bootcampers can receive 10 The Martlets Friday Night Ride to days of classes for just £10! PLUS the Coast free nutritional guidelines Taking place September 2012 01273 903 295 Call 01273 747 455 for more information


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Sheactive 5 North Street, Brighton, BN1 1EB 01273 739 725

FREE! Fully qualified personal trainer offering one to one or group personal fitness training sessions, with over 15 years experience. Lose weight, get fit, feel great... ALL IN JUST 4 WEEKS! Neil Fisher 07545 099 494 / 01273 424 718



Performance Foods 177 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2AB 01273 733 453 sales@performancefoodsbrighton. www.performancefoodsbrighton.

Sports Massage Brighton Patrick Harding (Bsc) 07843 762 123 patrick@sportsmassagebrighton. www.sportsmassagebrighton.


Meridian Sports Therapy Save £10 by quoting 'Brighton Active' 07900 587 763

Fitness Shop 123 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3WB 01273 567 884

MP Personal Training Get £5 off your next personal training session with MP PT by quoting 'Brighton Active' 07717 455 144 www.martinpetriepersonaltraining. Fitso Fitness Marianne Clark Book your free ELLIPTIGO taster session today! 07775 780 844 Frontier Fitness Get 10% off session today by quoting 'Brighton Active' Paul Simmons 01273 702 662 Enliven Personal Training Book two sessions and get 1st one

CHIROPRACTIC Peacehaven Chiropractic 229-231 South Coast Road, Peacehaven, BN10 8LB 01273 584 812 info@peacehavenchiropractice. www.peacehavenchiropractic. www.alexandertechniquebrighton. com / EVENTS Survival of the Fit- X Brighton Fitness Challenge Sunday April 29 Hove Park Call 01273 733 453 for more information Brighton Barefoot Sunday May 6 Stanmer Park Minimalist shoe or Barefoot 5km - £10 1km Fun Run - FREE Prizes 07811 460 502 AEGON International Saturday June 16 Saturday June 23 Devonshire Park, College Road, Eastbourne, BN21 4JJ This June the AEGON International returns, bringing world-class tennis to Eastbourne. Watch some of the world's top male and female players in this intimate and welcoming setting, as they hone their skills ahead of Wimbledon To book tickets call 0844 581 3015 or visit

ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE Alexander Technique Central Brighton Workshops: Saturday - 5 May - 1:30pm5:30pm - £25 / £25 conc. 16 Spring Street, Brighton, BN1 3EF 01273 687 739

Stilettos on Wheels Saturday September 8 Stanmer Park Start time: 11am The first UK MTB Race for WOMEN ONLY (2 and 4 hour events)

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12/03/2012 13:45

Fiona Powell, women's winner of the Brighton Half Marathon finishing at a time of 01:19:43 PHOTO - Klick Chick Photography



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Brighton Active Issue 07  
Brighton Active Issue 07  

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