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Welcome to the Beacon (5-6) His Monster (9-10) A Veterinarian's Dream (17-18)

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The 2019-2020 Beacon Staff

Reporters: Christian Zeliadt Elisabeth Guilliams Gabriella Hunter Garrett Hopkins Haddi Iverson Krysten Meyer Editor-in-Chief: Colin Sink Design Editor: Ingrid Dornbirer Copy Editor: Jaedon Wilkinson Faculty Advisor: Jamie Anderson Please email any questions, comments, or suggestions to Colin at

1 - October 2019


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October 2019 | Volume 3 | Number 1

3-4 -- Mission Statement 5-6 -- Welcome to the Beacon by Colin Sink 7-8 -- Know What You're Walking Into by Christian Zeliadt 9-10 -- His Monster by Elisabeth Guilliams 11-12 -- "Louder Than Words" by Gabriella Hunter 13-14 -- Readership Survey 15-16 -- A Veterinarian's Dream by Haddi Iverson 17-18 -- More than Memorizing by Krysten Myer 19-20-- If You Pay Attention by Jaedon Wilkinson 21-22 -- Jester's Corner 23-24 -- Stringer Invitation

October 2019 - 2

The Bright Ideas Beacon

"Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen." Ephesians 4:29

3 - October 2019

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Beacon Mission Statement

The Bright Idea Beacon is a student-run newspaper which helps highschool homeschool students develop journalism skills as they research, write, edit, and publish a monthly newspaper, distributed to homsechool students and families. The Beacon staffers learn to uphold the highest professional and ethical standards, while working under deadline pressure in a collaborative environament to produce a newspaper that is both glorifying to God and of benefit and interest to its readers. The newspaper content is mainly news and feature articles about faculty and students taking classes at The Academy at Bright Ideas, and the curriculum produced by Bright Ideas Press. Above all, its purpose is to uphold Godly standards as students learn the art and craft of journalism.

October 2019 - 4

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Welcome to the Beacon Colin Sink Usually, at the start of each school year I feel excited. New classes, new teachers, new books --

another as a staff and in the content provided for our readers. With a staff of only nine (It’s not

the novelty of everything provides

too late to sign up!) there is a lot of

some fuel to get the year started.

work that goes into each month’s

This year, however, as a senior in

publication. It all starts with finding

high school, I must confess that I

something newsworthy to report on.

have pretty classic senioritis. After

We are always on the look-out for

eleven years, I am getting tired of

newsworthy events related to The

homeschooling, and I am ready to

Academy at Bright Ideas Press, and

move on to college. There is one

we keep in mind the old journalism

thing this time around, however, that

saying: “When dog bites man, that’s

I have never been more excited for

not newsworthy. But when man

in a school year: working with such

bites dog, that’s newsworthy.”

an amazing group of writers and

(Disclaimer: we are not saying you

editors and having the opportunity to

should bite your dog… but if you

lead them as Editor-in-Chief.

did, we’d report on it.) After the topics are selected at the

Without a doubt, working on The

Colin Sink is a seventeen-year-old senior. He is the third of four boys and lives in Illinois with his parents, younger brother, and doberman pinscher named Max. In his free time, Colin enjoys playing sports, reading, listening to music, and spending time with friends. Most importantly, Colin desires to follow God’s Word and to serve and please Him first.

monthly planning meeting, we have four weeks to research,

Bright Ideas Beacon has been the

conduct interviews, write the articles, edit, and finally lay out and

highlight of my high school career. In

publish the issue, all the while being careful to remain consistent

my freshman year, although I had

with our mission statement. And although it is a lot of work, we

never really liked writing, I let my

love doing it.

older brother (who had also worked

I think that describes what I love most about The Beacon: it is

on the paper) talk me into it, and

full of people who love what they do. The Beacon staff is made

each year since I have become more

up of people who love forming friendships with one another,

and more attached to The Beacon.

people who love working together as a team, people who love

Our theme verse for this year is

communicating spiritual and inspiring content to readers, people

Ephesians 4:29, “Do not let any

who love hanging around after planning meetings to plan the

unwholesome talk come out of your

domination of the world, people who love assigning each other

mouths, but only what is helpful for

ridiculous nicknames, and especially people who love cake.

building others up according to their

Well, cake or stars. Traditionally, we were always about cake,

needs, that it may benefit those who

but last year we took on a stars theme. This year, I’m not sure…

listen.” It is our goal to accomplish

I’m leaning towards cake. You can’t eat a star. But if you ever

this in both our interactions with one

do, let us know, because that would be newsworthy.

5 - October 2019

The Bright Ideas Beacon

October 2019 - 6

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Know What You're Walking Into Christian Zeliadt

Christian Zeliadt is a 16-year-old highschool junior from Nashville, TN. He plays piano and drums and is a member of the Nashville Youth Choir. He enjoys world history, military history, biology, drawing, listening to music, playing strategy board games, running, and hiking the Appalachian Trail with his family.

Online teacher Michelle Glandon

listening are unaware because they are

recognizes a problem in today's culture and is

ignorant of the Constitution. Mrs. Glandon is

active in addressing it. Many Americans lack

correcting this in her Government class at The

an understanding of the Constitution and how

Academy. “The amount of ignorance in our

the United States' government works. Mrs.

current culture about the way our government

Glandon is fixing this problem, one student at a

really works and what our documents actually

time, in her online Government class at The

say is unprecedented. I don’t know if we have

Academy at Bright Ideas Press. With a

ever seen it as bad as it is right now,” she said.

presidential election approaching, many

She gave an example of such ignorance:

candidates have begun campaigning fiercely.

Andrew Yang, a candidate in the Democratic

The candidates declare their intentions and

nomination, made a guarantee to pay $1,000 a

make promises to gain the loyalty of the

month to everyone above the age of 18, no

voters. Some promises, however, are beyond

work required. That is an impossible promise

the politicians' power, but those watching and

to make, but there would have been people

7 - October 2019

The Bright Ideas Beacon watching who thought, “He has my vote.” This is because they do not have accurate

that exists today. Mrs. Glandon said, “I have been asked by

knowledge of the Constitution.

students: Why should I take Government? I

Mrs. Glandon believes that “educating the

know it is required by school standards, but

voting populace is incredibly valuable so that

what is so important about taking this class?”

they know when they hear something, it’s

Her answer: “Because you need to know what

wrong.” She encourages her students to ask

it is that you are walking into, and I want you to

themselves when studying “Is this

be able to hear in the news, hear at a

Constitutional?”, and she uses a fantastic course to do so. I am currently in her class and thoroughly enjoy her discussions with us and

presidential debate when somebody says ‘I’m going to do this’, I want you to be able to say, ‘Wait, you can’t do that, that’s not in your

am amazed at her insight. Mrs. Glandon’s

authority to make that happen.’” Mrs. Glandon

class reads various books on prominent

hopes that her students will take the

government figures and goes through each segment of the three branches of government and encourages us to share our thoughts, comparing the government that was to the one

Constitution for themselves. She hopes they will take what they learn and gain power from that knowledge by voting.

Mrs. Glandon October 2019 - 8

The Bright Ideas Beacon

His Monster

Elisabeth guilliams "Brilliantly written, amazing

admits to the murder. He

vocabulary and wonderful sentence

complained to Victor, telling him how

structures,” said Mrs. Appelgrijn, an

lonely and shunned he had been

English teacher at The Academy at

and asks Victor to make him a mate.

Bright Ideas Press, describing the

“Satan had his companions, fellow-

novel Frankenstein by Mary

devils, to admire and encourage

Shelley. The novel centers around

him; but I am solitary and abhorred.”

the character, Victor Frankenstein,

Victor then agreed to create a mate

who sought knowledge of life.

for the monster but later destroyed

While in his search he created a

his new creation. The monster

hideous monster that he was

witnessed the scene and vowed, “I

horrified to be called the maker of.

will be with you at your wedding

“It is a great example of the

night.” However, that night,

Victorian, gothic genre,” said Mrs.

Frankenstein became lost at sea

Appelgrijn. “It is a fascinating story,

and washed ashore on an island.

and I like to get my English I;

Immediately, he was arrested and

Introduction to Literature students to

accused of the murder of his dear

kick the year off by reading it.”

friend, Henry. “The part when he washes ashore,” said Mrs.

Victor Frankenstein, a boy who

Elisabeth (Lizzy) Guilliams is a sophomore in high school. She is the fifth child of six and loves to read, write, play Ultimate Frisbee, and spend time with her family. She also loves to listen to music. She has participated in many plays with her homeschool friends and loves the thrill of stepping into a different role of acting each time!

Appelgrijn, “is one of the most well-written parts in the novel. He

had a blissful childhood, morphed

gets a taste of what his monster had to experience.”

into a guilt-ridden scientist after

Frankenstein was acquitted, returned home and married his

going to university and creating a

cousin, Elizabeth. His monster’s vow haunted him throughout

hideous beast. When the monster

his wedding night and he was restless; nonetheless, his dear

escapes the university, Victor is

Elizabeth died at the hands of the monster. He sought revenge

horrified to learn that his brother

and spent the rest of his life hunting his monster down.

was also murdered. A young

“I could sense darkness,” states Mrs. Appelgrijn, “how lost

innocent girl was accused and

the author was and that she wasn’t turning to Jesus.” Mary

executed for the assault. Victor,

Shelley was twenty years old when she wrote her first version of

knowing the truth of the real killer,


was stricken with depressing guilt. Frankenstein, while taking a vacation into the hills, is approached by his monster who 9 - October 2019

The Bright Ideas Beacon

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October 2019 - 10

The Bright Ideas Beacon

"Louder Than Words" Gabriella Hunter Many people think that mimes

after college, but he does not

are quiet, but Mr. Hogan, President

perform anymore due to lack of

of Bright Ideas Press, could not

time. The group has continued,

disagree more. He believes that

however, and he still enjoys helping

miming is a great way for shy

with workshops from time to time.

people to learn how to public speak,

Those interested in learning about

have stage presence and not be

miming are encouraged to find one

embarrassed to do something

in your area, go to a workshop or on

goofy. Mr. Hogan said, “I got to not

a missions trip. Most people are

be myself. I got to just be the

around the age of twelve when they


begin, but there are mini-mime

Mr. Hogan’s mime group, Louder

groups available in some areas for

Than Words, used Christian music,

younger ages. If you want to get a

drama and dance to share God’s

taste of what a mime group is like,

love with others. Miming has even

you can check out the Digital Mime

taught him how to put together a

YouTube channel.

Gabriella Hunter is a twelve-year-old seventh grader. She lives in the middle of a cornfield in central Illinois with her mom, dad, younger sister, two dogs, and a cat. She enjoys art and spends her spare time painting, crocheting, and decorating cakes. She often has her nose stuck in a book.

Bible study. Twenty years ago, he started by attending a workshop in his hometown of Dover, Delaware, where he learned about drama, public speaking, leadership, dance, flags, streamers, sign language and scripture. Then, his mime group went on mission trips. They performed in parks, some Washington D.C. monuments, boardwalks and churches. Mr. Hogan pointed out that God used miming in the Bible in Ezekiel as a tool for Ezekiel to teach some very important truths. Mr. Hogan was the director of Louder Than Words for three years 11 - October 2019

One of Mr. Hogan’s favorite mime videos is the End of the Beginning, which can be found


The Bright Ideas Beacon

View image source here.

October 2019 - 12

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Hey, friend! friend! Yes, you. Reading Reading this. this.


13 - October 2019

The Bright Ideas Beacon


So, click THIS link. And don't forget to send in your favorite jokes to be featured in the next issue!

October 2019 - 14

The Bright Ideas Beacon

A Veterinarian's Dream Haddi Iverson Dr. Sonya Brouillette is a woman

her online work was teaching a

with a passion for helping animals

student who developed such a

and their owners. She teaches

passion for science that he went on

veterinary science at The Academy

to receive his master’s degree in

at Bright Ideas Press, and applies

zoology. Besides teaching

her knowledge and experience to

veterinary science, Dr. Brouillette

her classes in interesting ways.

has homeschooled her own children

Dr. Brouillette has been an

for the past fourteen years. Dr.

online science teacher for seven

Brouillette also works at a local

years, and she teaches students on

veterinary clinic in St. Francisville,

many different aspects of veterinary

Louisiana, and in a large mobile

medicine. Her main focus includes

animal medicine clinic. “I went to

cats, horses, dogs, chickens, and

Louisiana State University School of

cows. “In class, sometimes I start

Veterinary Medicine and received a

outside where students can see

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

cows, horses, pigs, chickens, goats,

degree in 1998. I’ve been practicing

dogs, cats, and whatever else may

veterinary medicine for twenty-one

be with me at the time,” stated Dr.

years,” said Dr. Brouillette.

Brouillette. Online students benefit

Dr. Brouillette helps at

Hadassah “Haddi” Iverson is a 17-year-old senior in high school. She was born in China and moved to Michigan in 2003. Haddi loves to hang outside with her sister, Lydia, biking, playing badminton, volleyball, or reading in the hammock. She loves watching Disney and Marvel-based movies, as well as reading Christian fictional or non-fictional romance series and novels. She loves serving at church and serving others in her life.

from pictures and videos Dr.

emergency clinics, and as a relief veterinarian when other

Brouillette takes at the vet clinics

veterinarians are out of town. She also does farm calls in her

where she works. She also shares

surrounding area.

images of full human skeletons, horse bones, rabbit bones, and veterinary instruments and tools. “We will also go through a fetal pig dissection in my class. I have 3-D paper models for my students which they will color, cut out, and build. Then I will go through an actual dissection in class, onscreen,” said Dr. Brouilette. One of her fondest memories of 15 - October 2019

a cat's eyes remain open when it is under anesthesia

Some of Dr. Brouillette's curly-tailed patients!

The Bright Ideas Beacon

October 2019 - 16

The Bright Ideas Beacon

More than Memorizing Krysten Myer

Krysten Meyer is a Junior in high school from Colorado. She has several younger brothers and is the only girl. She is a proud history nerd and studies history whenever she gets the chance. She also enjoys reading, serving on her church worship team as a vocalist, and entertaining children with stories whenever she gets the chance. More than anything she is a child of God and wants to grow closer to Him.

In a world where most people consider

Star program deals with the people and

geography boring, Kyle Lane's whole career

cultures as well as the terrain on which they

revolves around it, and he loves it. A

live. Human geography is seldom explored in

computer-aided design tech for Lane

programs other than North Star Geography.

Engineering, Mr. Lane began his path to a

But, Mr. Lane was not always as interested in

career in geography with Tyler Hogan's North

geography. “I originally went to college to

Star Geography as a student in the inaugural

study Meteorology...I ended up taking a GIS

class. For Mr. Lane, geography is anything but

class as well, and I found that doing geography

boring. “Mr. Hogan and North Star Geography

on a computer was actually really exciting.”

opened my eyes to the fact that geography is

GIS, or Geographic Information System, is a

more than memorizing facts and capitals.” Mr.

useful tool in areas such as meteorology for

Lane went on to state that “the program makes

tracking storms or in areas like engineering

you study both physical geography and human

and surveying. Mr. Lane’s job consists of

geography.” Human geography in the North

creating geographical images for different

17 - October 2019

The Bright Ideas Beacon properties. He is able to use photos taken on-

only explores other areas of geography, but

site to construct an accurate map for different

does it from a Christian world-view sets the


program apart. “This is one geography

This job can come with challenges,

program that I could really recommend to

according to Mr. Lane, “It can be really hard to

anyone wanting to study geography from a

make a map of a place I haven’t been to… it

Christian perspective.” Mr. Lane said, “Most

can be hard to translate the pictures when I

programs will talk about evolution and millions

wasn’t there.” Despite this, Mr. Lane continues

of years, but this program is different.”

to use his geographical knowledge to

Students today are unaware of the value

persevere through these challenges. Mr. Lane

geography possesses, or the doors that an

admits that North Star Geography played an

understanding of geography can open. “Making

important role in the way he views geography.

people aware of geography and its interesting

“Most people think that geography is just

applications is always high on my list,” stated

memorizing facts, but North Star Geography

Mr. Lane. “Any field in geography can be

really opens your eyes to the other aspects of

improved by people actually knowing about

geography.” The fact that the program not


October 2019 - 18

The Bright Ideas Beacon

If You Pay Attention Jaedon Wilkinson

Jaedon Wilkinson is a 17-year-old senior and lives in Lynchburg, VA. Jaedon is the youngest of 5 children and lives with his brother while going to school and getting his pilot’s license. He is a member of the Civil Air Patrol. In his free time, Jaedon enjoys reading, acting, gaming, and writing. He hopes to become a corporate pilot, but continue to pursue acting in some capacity.

School has begun for many of our readers,

that as the home of Liberty University; I have

some of whom have been studying in school

the privilege of attending a community college

since August (read: me). This transition from

across the street. Expectation subversion

summer fun to school has many students

complete! Even though I am still a high school

asking the eternal question: why is school

student technically, I am taking no high school

required? And what good does it actually do?

courses and focusing entirely on general

I will admit that after twelve years of

studies in college. Honestly, though, I have

schooling, it is getting kind of monotonous. It

never been so thankful that my mother was so

sometimes seems like, even though I am

diligent in teaching me, but do not tell her that.

advancing through grades and classes, I am

My classes, though not the most interesting

never actually getting anywhere. At least, that

and captivating in the world, are actually

was true up until I began college classes as a

useful. I have used history knowledge in my

dual-enrolled student at my local community

interpretation of current events; I have used

college. I recently moved up to the great city of

my communication tutoring in my everyday

Lynchburg, VA. Many of you might recognize

interactions with roommates and friends; I

19 - October 2019

The Bright Ideas Beacon

"You l e every arn som e t d hing a y if yo u ~ Ra pay att y LeB entio n." lond

have actually for once used math in

(including why); Biblical history, both ancient

understanding numbers. But I would never

and modern; why our body works the way it

have been able to make it here without my

does; mitochondria are the powerhouse of the

primary education.

cell, etc. Okay, maybe the last one is not

So now the honest answer to the question: primary school is designed to prepare you for both secondary education and a successful

terribly important. Unless you go on Jeopardy. Then it is important. To summarize for my fellow homeschool

life. The teacher you think hates you? That

students: Keep going. Even though you may

teaches you to deal with superiors and bosses

not want to memorize the date of the

in the future. The math concept you really

completion of the Transcontinental Railroad or

cannot understand? That teaches you

the capital of Wisconsin (which is Madison, a

perseverance through difficulty. Those friends

fact I “totally� did not have to Google), it will

that pick on you or pressure you into bad

help you in the future. Learn while you can and

situations? That pressure teaches you

learn the skills that school teaches you, both

relationship skills because people everywhere

intentional and unintentional. And when you

are like that. And, believe it or not, school

cannot remember when Constantinople fell to

actually teaches you important things you

the Ottomans, it was in 1453. See, helpful!

need to know: how our government works October 2019 - 20

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Jester's Corner or should we say "Chucklin' Patch"?

What do you say before you eat a salad? Lettuce pray. ~ Gabriella, Reporter How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh? Ten-tickles. ~ a Beacon reader To err is human. To arr is pirate. Why did the chicken cross the road? ~ Colin, Editor-in-Chief To get to the ugly guy’s house. Knock knock. Who’s there? The chicken. ~ Dylan, 2018-19 Beacon Columns Editor Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl use the bathroom? Because the pee is silent. ~ a Beacon reader What do you call a happy farmer? Answer: A Jolly Rancher. What do you call a road that is tall? ~ a Beacon reader The Highway. ~ a Beacon reader 21 - October 2019

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Winner of the Month I waited and stayed up all night wondering where the sun was... Then, it dawned on me. ~ a Beacon reader

Q: When is it bad luck to be followed by a black cat? A: When you’re a mouse. ~ Ingrid, Design Editor

Q: What do you call a fat pumpkin? A: A plumpkin. ~ Clara, a Beacon reader

October 2019 - 22

The Bright Ideas Beacon


You have been selected.

23 - October 2019

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Have you ever wanted to write journalism, but never committed to a newspaper year round?

Well, now is your time to shine!

The Bright Ideas Beacon is accepting volunteers for stringers this year! See THIS LINK for application and guidelines. October 2019 - 24

Thanks for reading! Before you go, here's your "Thoughtfully Thought" of the month:

Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits. ~ Tony Robbins

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