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Reporters: Ava Zeliadt (stringer) Christian Zeliadt Elisabeth Guilliams Gabriella Hunter Garrett Hopkins Haddi Iverson Krysten Meyer Editor-in-Chief: Colin Sink Design Editor: Ingrid Dornbirer Copy Editor: Jaedon Wilkinson Faculty Advisor: Jamie Anderson Please email any questions, comments, or suggestions to Colin at colin.edchief@gmail.com 1 - March 2020


The Bright Ideas Beacon

March 2020 | Volume 3 | Number 5

3-4 - Mission Statement 5-6 - What to Choose by Christian Zeliadt 7-8 - Lasting Friendship by Elisabeth Guilliams 9-10 - Home at Camp Half-blood by Gabriella Hunter 11-12 - All Animals are Equal by Garrett Hopkins 13-14 - The Great American Classic by Haddi Iverson 15-16 - Readership Survey 17-18 - An Epic Education by Krysten Myer 19-20 - Teacher Spotlight: Melissa Lopez by Ava Zeliadt 21-22- Jester's Corner

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March 2020 - 2

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. 2 Corinthians 5:17

3 - March 2020

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Beacon Mission Statement

The Bright Ideas Beacon is a student-run newspaper which helps highschool homeschool students develop journalism skills as they research, write, edit, and publish a monthly newspaper, distributed to homeschool students and families. The Beacon staffers learn to uphold the highest professional and ethical standards, while working under deadline pressure in a collaborative environment to produce a newspaper that is both glorifying to God and of benefit and interest to its readers. The newspaper content is mainly news and feature articles about faculty and students taking classes at The Academy at Bright Ideas, and the curriculum produced by Bright Ideas Press. Above all, its purpose is to uphold Godly standards as students learn the art and craft of journalism.

March 2020 - 4

The Bright Ideas Beacon

What to Choose

Christian Zeliadt

Christian Zeliadt is a 16-year-old highschool junior from Nashville, TN. He plays piano and drums and is a member of the Nashville Youth Choir. He enjoys world history, military history, biology, drawing, listening to music, playing strategy board games, running, and hiking the Appalachian Trail with his family.

Rayna Lester, a Texan student at the

other family members to join her in the song.

Academy at Bright Ideas Press is an

In The Shakespeare Stealer, the main

accomplished musician in a family of

character, Widge, struggles between obeying

musicians. For an English creative project,

his greedy master’s orders, or staying with and

she wrote a song which she and her family

helping his newfound friends. He has a final

recorded, stunning her classmates and

chance to illegally copy down the play and


bring it to his master, or he could confess his

Mrs. Jamie Anderson assigns middle

attempted crimes to his friends of the theater,

school students to create something based on

and hope that they will still accept him. In the

the literature that they have read. Neither she

end, Widge sides with and confesses to his

nor her students expected what Rayna showed

friends, the greedy master is apprehended and

the class. When assigned the creative project,

killed, and Widge lives with his newfound

Rayna, considering either writing a song or


drawing a picture, wanted to use her God-

Rayna is the oldest in a family of five kids,

given musical talent and wrote a song based

and everyone is musical. Both Rayna’s

on a moment in the novel, The Shakespeare

parents have been involved in music since they

Stealer. She titled her song “What to Choose”

were kids, and are now involved in the worship

(it can be heard at this link), and recruited

ministry at their church. Aside from the family’s

5 - March 2020

The Bright Ideas Beacon individual talents, all of them play the piano.

Rayna and the other students in Mrs.

Rayna and her mom both sing, one of Rayna’s

Anderson’s class, Middle School English II, go

brothers plays the drums and her dad is skilled

through IEW’s World History Based Writing

with many other instruments. Rayna has been

Lessons, alongside six pieces of literature,

singing since she was a baby and has attended

which include At the Sign of a Star, The

a few choirs. She will be joining a choir this fall.

Shakespeare Stealer and The Giver.

VERSE 1 I am caught between two worlds, One I possibly might thrive in. I have friends who love me, just the way that I am. VERSE 2 In the other, I am forced to do wrong time and time again. My master provides for me, but I wish I’d run then I’d be free.

March 2020 - 6

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Lasting Friendship Elisabeth guilliams The rare friendship that former

time when she put her newly-

homeschool students and

acquired skills of persuasion to use

newspaper staff Sara Kroneck and

when she and Blythe were taking the

Blythe (Freshwater) Moseman have

same photography class, but at

cannot be made up. Although they

different times. “I wrote this

are 1,000 miles apart and living two

persuasive speech to convince her

separate lives, they are practically

to switch class times,” Sara said,

“inseparable”. These two talented

“and since I was in Mrs. Anderson’s

and compassionate young women

speech class at the time I used a ton

are evidence that online friendship

of evidence. She switched.”

can last and thrive. The two “met” in 2015 when they

Their friendship, filled with countless laughs, continued all

Elisabeth (Lizzy) Guilliams is a sophomore in high school. She is the fifth child of six and loves to read, write, play Ultimate Frisbee, and spend time with her family. She also loves to listen to music. She has participated in many plays with her homeschool friends and loves the thrill of stepping into a different role of acting each time!

both enrolled in a geometry class at

through high school. They both

Landry Academy, an online

served on the Scholar’s Script:

homeschool academy similar to The

Blythe as the Columns Editor, then

Academy at Bright Ideas Press.

the Features Editor and eventually

For a particular assignment, they

the Editor-in-Chief, and Sara as the

had to create a “portfolio” about

Copy Editor. They had so many inside jokes between

themselves. This was the starting

themselves and the other staff members on the newspaper that

block of the girl’s friendship.

it is hard for the two to remember them all.

Blythe put funny pictures of

In August 2019, Blythe Freshwater was married, and Sara

herself on it and Sara commented,

was able to attend the wedding. It was the first time the two had

striking up a conversation which led

met in person. Blythe said, “Even though I only gave people a

to them “hanging out” on Google

30-day notice, Sara flew down to Oklahoma from Wisconsin to

Hangouts. The two discovered that

be there for me on my special day.” Sara is getting married this

they were similar in many aspects.

summer and asked Blythe to be a bridesmaid. “I'm super

They both played the violin, both

excited. It just goes to show you that even online friendships

were perfectionists, loved to write,

can bear real-life fruit and deep connections,” said Blythe.

loved photography and enjoyed the same food. Blythe and Sara took Geometry,

Blythe lives in Oklahoma with her husband, Kody, and their Goldendoodle, Rosie. She is majoring in English Education and plans to graduate in May. She lived in New York state until her

Photography I and II, and joined the

senior year when her family moved to Pittsburgh. She was

Scholar’s Script (the forerunner of

homeschooled her whole life until graduating from high school

The Beacon). Sara recalls a funny

in 2017. Currently, she is the Editor-in-Chief of OKWU Eagle,

7 - March 2020

The Bright Ideas Beacon which is a student-run newspaper that she re-

school in Utah. Currently, she lives on her

started in 2017. Blythe is in the process of

family farm with her grandparents as she

training two sophomores to take her place

finishes her last semester of college. In the

when she graduates.

summers, she manages her family’s produce

Sara resides in Wisconsin, and is earning

shop and works part-time as a dental assistant.

her degree in biology with a minor in

Her favorite part of the summer is teaching kids

chemistry. She has been accepted to dental

how to play the violin.

lking, a t n e e in betw s es.� h t m i n t o d l m o o ght g just like s ' t i , “We mi k l e do ta w n e e h but w ~ Blyth

March 2020 - 8

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Home at Camp Half-Blood Gabriella Hunter Fast-paced, captivating, and full

themes and messages that readers

of plot twists. These words

can take away from the series. The

describe one of the most beloved

morals of the Percy Jackson series

book series today: Percy Jackson

that shine through the storyline are

and the Olympians by Rick

perseverance, even through

Riordan. Percy Jackson is the

extremely difficult situations, the

perfect fictional series for leisure

importance of a dependable friend


who sticks by another person’s side

The Percy Jackson series is

through all the ups and downs of life,

about the children of Greek gods

as well as always being on the

living on Earth. These kids, who

lookout to help others.

have special powers, are being

Many of the Bright Ideas Beacon

sought out by monsters, and must

staff members are avid fans of Percy

live at camps with other children like

Jackson. “This series made me


laugh out loud so many times.

Percy Jackson has many great

9 - March 2020

There is a mix of emotions

Gabriella Hunter is a twelve-year-old seventh grader. She lives in the middle of a cornfield in central Illinois with her mom, dad, younger sister, two dogs, and a cat. She enjoys art and spends her spare time painting, crocheting, and decorating cakes. She often has her nose stuck in a book.

The Bright Ideas Beacon

View image source.

throughout, especially at the climax of the

made you feel like you were in the book with

series because I often felt like I grew up with

the characters, and they were your friends. I

the characters," said Ingrid Dornbirer, the

would laugh a lot. At the end of the series, like

Beacon Design Editor. “As a reader, you see

most other books, you were sad that you have

the characters live through so much and so you

no idea what is going to happen to them next.

find that you actually care about what happens

But, Rick Riordan has several series and they

to them.”

all connect and have the old characters in the

“There were so many feelings and emotions that went through me when I read the book.

new books.” What makes Percy Jackson so different

The moment Annabeth sees Percy alive again

from many other fictional series is that Riordan

in The Battle of the Labyrinth, or when one of

makes the places feel life-like and creates

the characters gives her life at the last battle,

endearing characters. There are characters

each one has their own different emotion

the reader would love to meet and get their

connected to it and Rick Riordan does a

autographs. Even many years after reading the

wonderful job at making us feel it,” said

series, the reader still feels like part of the

Elisabeth Guilliams, a Beacon reporter.

fictional family of Percy Jackson and at home at

Reporter Gabriella Hunter said, “Rick Riordan

Camp Half-Blood. March 2020 - 10

The Bright Ideas Beacon

All Animals are Equal Garrett Hopkins

Garrett Hopkins is a fifteen-year-old sophomore and proud military kid. Garrett was born in Mobile, Alabama, currently calls Chesapeake, Virginia his home. Garrett is likes to study God’s creation as it pertains to science, with astronomy being his favorite. In his downtime, Garrett enjoys playing electric guitar and learning to play songs from his favorite artists. His life verse is Psalms 1:1-2.

Animal Farm is a political satire written by George Orwell. It is just one of the many masterpieces that are analyzed in The

shows how a rebellion that promises freedom can turn into an autocracy of tyranny. Animal Farm begins with a mere dream that

Academy at Bright Ideas Press English

motivates the animals to take steps toward a


rebellion. The pigs begin to learn to read and

Orwell’s target was Joseph Stalin’s Soviet

write, which led to the other animals also

Union, but today his book points to any place

learning. They start to make a new ideology

where freedom is under attack. Orwell’s

named animalism; it states that each animal is

purpose for the book was to portray the events

equal and that men are evil, and they just use

leading up to the 1917 Communist Revolution

animals for their labor. The pigs begin making

in Russia: how it claimed to promote freedom

amendments that make it sound like every

and equality, but did not turn out that way.

animal is equivalent to another.

The story portrays the farm animals of the

The animals start a violent revolution that

Manor Farm that, under the rule of a deceptive

results in the humans being driven off.

dictator pig named Napoleon, start a rebellion

However, once the animals take over the farm,

against the farmer, Mr. Jones. The book

the pigs become deceitful and power-hungry.

11 - March 2020

The Bright Ideas Beacon Napoleon’s real agenda becomes more

else they would be denied their rations. The

apparent—misleading the other animals while

pigs change their amendment from “All animals

gaining more power.

are equal” to “All animals are equal, but some

The book is a great interpretation of exactly

animals are more equal than others.” The pigs

what Orwell was trying to demonstrate: that not

continue to become power-hungry, especially

all promises of freedom and equality work out,

Napoleon, which leads to in-fighting and

especially when a single person searching for

betrayal. In the end the pigs turn into what

power promises it. The consequences of

they promised to destroy.

following someone or something, like

Orwell makes this clear as he writes in the

Napoleon, blindly or just because they are in

end, when the animals are watching the pigs

power is not the right thing to do.

yell with anger at humans: “The creatures

Over time, the animals’ labor is used for the

outside looked from pig to man, and from man

advantages of the pigs and the pigs slowly

to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it

make the animals do more and more labor or

was impossible to say which was which.”

March 2020 - 12

The Bright Ideas Beacon

The Great American Classic Haddi Iverson

Hadassah “Haddi” Iverson is a 17-year-old senior in high school. She was born in China and moved to Michigan in 2003. Haddi loves to hang outside with her sister, Lydia, biking, playing badminton, volleyball, or reading in the hammock. She loves watching Disney and Marvel movies, as well as reading Christian fictional or nonfictional romance series and novels. She loves serving at church and serving others in her life.

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is one of the most loved books in the world today.

work through moral dilemmas. The book was written to shed light on

This American classic focuses on the hardship

issues of racism and prejudice. As a way of

and impacts of racism and prejudice through

pointing out lessons to the reader, Scout is

the eyes of a young girl named Scout. It is

taught lessons about these issues by her

required reading for many high school

father, causing her to change her way of

students; at The Academy at Bright Ideas

thinking. One of the major lessons Lee

Press, students must read it in Mrs.

communicates is how harmful prejudices are to

Anderson’s English III class.

everyone involved, whether towards an

To Kill A Mockingbird was published by

individual, such as with Boo Radley, or

Harper Lee in 1960. Set during the Great

towards a group, such as Tom Robinson and

Depression in the fictional town of Maycomb,

the black community.

Alabama, To Kill A Mockingbird follows Scout

“I think To Kill a Mockingbird has two major

through several years of her childhood as she

themes,” said one Beacon staff member. “The

learns lessons from her father and is forced to

first is that ‘it's a sin to kill a mockingbird,’

13 - March 2020

The Bright Ideas Beacon

which is an allegory for in some way hurting a

great American classics in how it addresses

person who is defenseless or innocent. The

the problems produced in a community when

second theme is that you can't really

people harbor prejudice against others and the

understand someone unless you put yourself in

difficulty of fighting those prejudices. “It

their shoes. Before you make a judgment

addresses prejudice against African-

about someone, look at things from their

Americans, which reminds me of Uncle Tom's


Cabin and Huckleberry Finn,� said another

To Kill a Mockingbird is similar to other

Beacon staffer.

March 2020 - 14

The Bright Ideas Beacon

we need your help

15 - March 2020

The Bright Ideas Beacon


So, click THIS link. And don't forget to send in your favorite jokes to be featured in the April issue!

March 2020 - 16

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Epic Education Krysten Myer

Krysten Meyer is a Junior in high school from Colorado. She has several younger brothers and is the only girl. She is a proud history nerd and studies history whenever she gets the chance. She also enjoys reading, serving on her church worship team as a vocalist, and entertaining children with stories whenever she gets the chance. More than anything she is a child of God and wants to grow closer to Him.

Today’s world is more diverse than ever

on the places she had traveled to with her

before, with hundreds of unique cultures and

family. Her articles showed different cultures

people groups on every continent. Getting to

through the eyes of someone who had actually

encounter a totally different culture is, for some

lived in those cultures. WorldTowning is

people, a once in a lifetime experience, but for

returning to Morocco in November 2020 to be

the Sueiro family, it is a way of life.

immersed in this unique culture.

The Sueiros founded WorldTowning, an

WorldTowning was founded by Jessica and

organization that allows people to immerse

Will Sueiro, who wanted to experience more of

themselves in a new culture for months at a

the world as a family. They left the United

time. Their next destination is Morocco,

States in 2013 to live abroad, schooling their

located in Northern Africa.

children Avalon and Largo through the different

Avalon Sueiro is a former staff member on

cultures they experience. Their family

The Beacon at The Academy at Bright Ideas

adventure eventually grew into WorldTowning,

Press. She wrote a geography column based

which enables people to journey with them in

17 - March 2020

The Bright Ideas Beacon another country for three to twelve months to

conquered by Muslims in the 8th century A.D.

experience life as the locals do.

Due to these events, the Moroccan culture is a

Experiencing a new culture through the

colorful combination of African, Muslim and

eyes of a local provides an opportunity to slow

Mediterranean influences. The predominant

down and enjoy one’s time, as opposed to

religion is Islam, with Judisam, Christianity and

rushing off to the next attraction. With

Hinduism being the minorities. The official

WorldTowning heading to Morocco this fall,

languages are Arabic and Berber, although

Avalon will be able to enjoy a diverse culture

French is widely spoken too, as well as

with her family as they continue on their

Spanish and English.

adventure. Experiencing a different culture

Moroccan greetings involve a handshake

and environment to the fullest is more than a

and friendly inquiries after health, happiness

vacation, it is part of an epic education.

and family, no business is discussed until after

Morocco’s culture is both colorful and

these pleasantries. The culture is very

unique, with an incredible combination of

hospitable, with locals welcoming people into

languages, religions and cuisine. Its recorded

their homes and providing food in abundance.

history begins with the Phoenicians who

The cuisine is immensely detailed, often

colonized the coast near the 8th century B.C.

containing spices such as coriander and

It eventually became part of the Roman

oregano and mint. Soups are rich with lentils,

Empire and was later overrun by Vandals in

vegetables and meat. One unique dish is

the 5th century A.D. It was recovered by the

maakouda, a type of potato pancake.

Byzantine Empire in the 6th century and

March 2020 - 18

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Teacher Spotlight: Melissa Lopez Stringer: Ava Zeliadt Melissa Lopez is a passionate teacher for

actively involved in sports, and she loves to

The Academy at Bright Ideas Press. She loves

show her support by cheering them on at their

helping students succeed in their work and


strives to instill confidence in them as they tackle the challenges of education. After graduating from Baylor University in

She is a cheerleader for her students as well and encourages them not only to do their best but to succeed while doing it. “My favorite

Texas, Mrs. Lopez worked in a medical

part of being a teacher is interacting with the

research lab. She found joy in her work but

students, getting to see them come from all

longed to interact with people. Her mother

different backgrounds and situations,” she

worked at a school, and when a job opened up

said. “I want all of my students to learn that

for a math and science teacher, Mrs. Lopez did

they can do well and succeed, building

not hesitate to apply for the job. She has been

confidence. I want them to walk away

a teacher for 19 years now, and this is her

understanding that they can.

fourth year teaching at The Academy, where

”One of Mrs. Lopez’s favorite quotes is by

she teaches biology. She also teaches pre

Marianne Williamson, which she uses to fuel

algebra, algebra 1, general science, physical

herself and her students to persist in their

science and study skills for a homeschool co-

work. “Our deepest fear is not that we are

op. When asked what subject she preferred to

inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are

teach, she said, “I honestly really love to teach

powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not

them both. I enjoy teaching math because it is

our darkness that most frightens us. Your

beautiful watching students overcome their

playing small does not serve the world. There

doubts and build their confidence by

is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that

succeeding, even when they don’t think that

other people won’t feel insecure around you.

they can.”

We are all meant to shine as children do. It’s

Outside of class, Melissa Lopez shows her

not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as

servant heart in other ways as well. In her

we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously

hometown just east of Dallas, Texas, she

give other people permission to do the same.

serves in the nursery at her church. She also

As we are liberated from our own fear, our

homeschools her three sons. All her sons are

presence automatically liberates others.”

19 - March 2020

The Bright Ideas Beacon

March 2020 - 20

Jester's Corner

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Teacher: Give me a sentence that starts with 'I.' Student: I is the... Teacher: Stop! Never put 'is' after 'I.' Always put 'am' after 'I.' Student: OK. I am the ninth letter of the alphabet. ~ Donna, a Beacon reader

Where do werewolves buy presents? Beast Buy. ~ Lucy, a Beacon reader What was the dog's favorite type of homework to do? A lab report. ~ Alexis, a Beacon reader Mother: Is it okay to have kids after 35? Doctor: I think 35 kids is enough, don’t you? ~ Colin, Beacon Editor-in-Chief Knock, Knock. Who's there? I am. I am who? You don't know who you are? ~ a Beacon  reader 21 - March 2020

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Winner of the Month There was a family of bears: Mr. Bigger, Mrs. Bigger, and their baby. Which bear was the biggest? The baby, because he was a little Bigger. ~ Ava, a Beacon reader

What goes black, white, black, white, black, white? A panda rolling down a hill. ~ Clara, a Beacon reader What did the sticky note cop say to the other during a case? I'll keep you posted. ~ Kaylee, a Beacon reader Simba was walking too slow, so I told him to Mufasa. ~ Taylen, a Beacon reader

Does February like March? No, but April May. ~ Ingrid, Beacon Design Editor

Why did the cactus cross the road. Because it was stuck to the chicken. ~ a Beacon reader

March 2020 - 22

Before you go, here's your "Thoughtfully Thought" of the month:

Do one thing every day that scares you. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Readership Survey HERE

Profile for Bright Ideas Beacon

The Bright Ideas Beacon, March 2020 issue  

This student-run publication is under the direction of The Academy at Bright Ideas Press, a homeschool class, content and curriculum provide...

The Bright Ideas Beacon, March 2020 issue  

This student-run publication is under the direction of The Academy at Bright Ideas Press, a homeschool class, content and curriculum provide...