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Equipping for College (7-8) An Unforgettable Experience (15-16) Alumni Adventures (17-18)

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Reporters: Christian Zeliadt Elisabeth Guilliams Gabriella Hunter Garrett Hopkins Haddi Iverson Krysten Meyer Editor-in-Chief: Colin Sink Design Editor: Ingrid Dornbirer Copy Editor: Jaedon Wilkinson Faculty Advisor: Jamie Anderson Please email any questions, comments, or suggestions to Colin at colin.edchief@gmail.com

1 - February 2020


The Bright Ideas Beacon

February 2020 | Volume 3 | Number 4

3-4 - Mission Statement 5-6 - Student Spotlight: Isaiah Mitchem by Christian Zeliadt 7-8 - Equipping for College by Elisabeth Guilliams 9-10 - Student Spotlight: Wyatt Miller by Gabriella Hunter 11-12 - The Truth About Impeachment by Garrett Hopkins 13-14 - Readership Survey 15-16 - An Unforgettable Experience by Krysten Myer 17-18 - Alumni Adventures by Jaedon Wilkinson 19-20 - Jester's Corner 21-22 - Staffers Decade Photo Challenge

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February 2020 - 2

The Bright Ideas Beacon

"My command is this: LOVE EACH OTHER as I have loved you." John 15:12

3 - February 2020

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Beacon Mission Statement

The Bright Ideas Beacon is a student-run newspaper which helps highschool homeschool students develop journalism skills as they research, write, edit, and publish a monthly newspaper, distributed to homeschool students and families. The Beacon staffers learn to uphold the highest professional and ethical standards, while working under deadline pressure in a collaborative environment to produce a newspaper that is both glorifying to God and of benefit and interest to its readers. The newspaper content is mainly news and feature articles about faculty and students taking classes at The Academy at Bright Ideas, and the curriculum produced by Bright Ideas Press. Above all, its purpose is to uphold Godly standards as students learn the art and craft of journalism.

February 2020 - 4

Student Spotlight: Isaiah Mitchem

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Christian Zeliadt

Christian Zeliadt is a 16-year-old highschool junior from Nashville, TN. He plays piano and drums and is a member of the Nashville Youth Choir. He enjoys world history, military history, biology, drawing, listening to music, playing strategy board games, running, and hiking the Appalachian Trail with his family.

Isaiah Mitchem is only in his second semester at The Academy at Bright Ideas

teach high school level history. Isaiah’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Custer, not

Press, but he is already deep in Chemistry with

just because she teaches history but also

Mr. Leingang and in History I with Mrs. Custer.

because he likes her methods of getting

He has already completed English

students involved in class. She interacts with

Composition with Mrs. Anderson and is taking

them, asks them to come on the mic, and

her Writing the Research Paper class.

requires them to create PowerPoint

Isaiah has been homeschooled all his life.

presentations and present them in class.

Since middle school, history has been his

Isaiah also enjoys how Mrs. Custer employs

favorite subject, so it is no surprise that History

fun and interactive games to aid the students in

I is his favorite class. Isaiah enjoys studying

memorization and recall, such as Kahoot and

revolutions, and his favorite time period is 420-


20 B.C., the time when the Roman Empire was

The History I class at The Academy uses

rising and the Greek and Roman philosophers

the first two volumes of The Mystery of History,

debated on various topics. He plans to attend

which covers from God’s creation of the world

the University of Idaho, where he hopes to

to the turmoil of the Middle Ages through a

earn a Master’s Degree in History and then

Christian perspective.

5 - February 2020

The Bright Ideas Beacon For new students at The Academy, Isaiah

of homework from each class every day,

offers this advice: Do not fall behind on

instead of waiting until it is almost too late and

homework. Students should not wait or

cramming all the homework into one day.

procrastinate, but rather complete a bit

February 2020 - 6

Equipping for College

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Elisabeth guilliams Sara Kroneck is a homeschool

where my friends were,” she said;

graduate who is enjoying—and

however, as high school arrived she

succeeding at—the adventure of

was enrolled in a private online

college, after climbing what many

academy. She said, “It was pretty

homeschoolers see as the gigantic

great and once I was in high school,

mountain of highschool. She

the online school really helped me

recently spoke with The Beacon

stay in charge of my responsibilities,

about advice for homeschoolers on

make friends and do more activities

how to succeed in and survive

because of my flexibility.” She put


more time into her music and

Sara, a Wisconsin native,

lessons. After she graduated from

Elisabeth (Lizzy) Guilliams is a sophomore in high school. She is the fifth child of six and loves to read, write, play Ultimate Frisbee, and spend time with her family. She also loves to listen to music. She has participated in many plays with her homeschool friends and loves the thrill of stepping into a different role of acting each time!

graduated high school in 2016 and

high school, she entered a new

started her new life at college. Her

chapter of her life: college. College

biggest advice for succeeding in

was an adjustment for her, but since

college is to stay involved in high

she had been involved in an online

school. She said, “Being involved

school, she was used to the format.

in your church, helping out,

She said, “in college, they don’t

volunteering for things.” Sara

chase after you to do your homework. The first day of college

served as copy editor of the

was much more comfortable and relaxed than high school”. She

Scholar’s Script (which is the

was quickly involved in her college, becoming the ambassador

previous version of The Beacon at

for students and joining the school government.

The Academy at Bright Ideas

Sara went on to major in human biology and minor in

Press) for two years and says that it

chemistry. She is pursuing an advanced degree next year at

was a wonderful experience for her.

the University of Utah School of Dentistry to fulfill the dream she

Being able to multitask is also an

has had since she was a Junior in high school. Dentist school is

important asset for college students

not an easy place to be accepted; there is a six percent

because at times a student will be

acceptance rate for dental schools. Sara was also accepted into

dumped on with homework, a job

two other dental schools. Although she has succeeded thus far

and other responsibilities.

in college, she still wished she had done things differently in

Sara had been homeschooled

high school. First, she wishes she had taken dual credits. This

her whole life and while in grade

is where a course gives high schoolers opportunities to receive

school her only wish was to go to a

high school and college credits simultaneously. She also wished

public school. “I wanted to be

she had taken AP (advanced placement) classes. “I used

7 - February 2020

The Bright Ideas Beacon CollegePlus to prepare for classes and took a

students can earn college credit in high school

couple of CLEP tests (college level examination

through AP courses and CLEP tests. Sara

program).� She discovered later that the school

found that AP courses were more widely

she was going to did not take the credits and

accepted; however, the key factor for any

had to repeat them in college. Sara advises

student is doing some research as early in their

homeschool students to research what kind of

high school as possible, check out the colleges

credits the colleges they are considering will

they want to go to and know what their

accept. Not including dual credit class,

requirements are.

February 2020 - 8

Student Spotlight: Wyatt Miller

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Gabriella Hunter Wyatt Miller, a student at The Academy at Bright Ideas Press,

enjoys a special hobby. Aside from

Spirit Mountain in Duluth, Minnesota, which is on a ski hill. In 2019, Wyatt finished first

his studies at The Academy, Wyatt

place. Spirit Mountain is Wyatt’s

competes in mountain bike racing.

favorite because “It was very muddy

A fifteen-year-old sophomore in

with about 2000 feet of total

high school, Wyatt first started

climbing,” he said. He has always

racing when his father’s friend

excelled at climbing, so he enjoys

introduced him to it three years ago.

courses with large amounts of

Generally, Wyatt’s races are twelve

elevation gain.Since he lives in a

miles long on a single track hiking

state where there are not many

path. They vary in time depending

mountains, often Wyatt has to travel

on what track it is, but a full race

almost five hours to mountain bike.

usually takes 55 minutes.

However, even though it is called

Wyatt’s personal best is 42 minutes for twelve miles. He competes throughout the school year; in the spring he races in a local nine-race series, and in the fall he races with a high school team. In the spring Wyatt trains on his own by biking on the road. When he trains with the high school team in the fall, he works on strength training, hill repeats and technical skills. On average, he bikes 50 miles a week in the winter and 75-100 miles a week in the summer. Wyatt said, “I do not follow a special diet, although I probably should.” During his races, he drinks water. Wyatt’s favorite race is called 9 - February 2020

“mountain biking”, it does not always

Gabriella Hunter is a twelve-year-old seventh grader. She lives in the middle of a cornfield in central Illinois with her mom, dad, younger sister, two dogs, and a cat. She enjoys art and spends her spare time painting, crocheting, and decorating cakes. She often has her nose stuck in a book.

have to be on an elevated surface. Wyatt’s favorite part about mountain bike racing is being out in the woods and enjoying the company of the other bikers. Wyatt advised for beginner riders to “buy a bike you can afford, do not spend a load of money on a bike that will be updated severely in following years, plus if it turns out you do not like the sport then you will not be quite as financially invested. Also, always wear a helmet, gloves, and have fun!”

The Bright Ideas Beacon

February 2020 - 10

The Truth About Impeachment

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Garrett Hopkins

Garrett Hopkins is a fifteen-year-old sophomore and proud military kid. Garrett was born in Mobile, Alabama, currently calls Chesapeake, Virginia his home. Garrett is likes to study God’s creation as it pertains to science, with astronomy being his favorite. In his downtime, Garrett enjoys playing electric guitar and learning to play songs from his favorite artists. His life verse is Psalms 1:1-2.

Impeachment is on everyone’s minds. The

of “treason, bribery, or other high crimes or

House of Representatives recently impeached

misdemeanors” as stated in Section 4, Article

President Trump, and now the Senate is

II of the United States Consitution. Next, the

debating over the Articles of Impeachment.

House Judiciary Committee carries out a

Having the ability to remove a leader from

formal inquiry into the issue of impeachment.

office is one of the most important guarantees

They draft “articles of impeachment” stating

of freedom in this nation. Mrs. Michelle

that impeachment is warranted which are then

Glandon, the Government teacher at The

sent to the House floor, opening up debates

Academy at Bright Ideas Press, believes it is

prior to the House voting.

vital for Americans to understand how impeachment works. The process of impeachment is very

There can be as few as two (as with President Trump) or as many as eleven (as with President Johnson). For example, the

important and is laid out in the Constitution,

House may draft eleven articles, but may only

but unfortunately, many people do not truly

pass five. For an article to go to the Senate, it

understand how it is carried out. Initially,

needs an approved vote of at least 218 out of

charges are brought forth for an alleged crime 11 - February 2020

The Bright Ideas Beacon 435 representatives. If none receives enough

the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court serves

votes, the President is not impeached and

as the prosecutor; there are 100 Senators who

further proceedings are closed. In this case,

act as jurors,” Mrs. Glandon explained. The

two articles were passed and sent to the

President is also represented by lawyers “some

Senate, which means that President Trump

of whom actually work for the White House,"

was impeached.

Mrs. Glandon told me. Next, the Senate meets

“This is the part America doesn’t get,” said

in private sessions to debate a verdict. When

Mrs. Glandon. After being impeached, the

the meetings are finished, the Senate votes.

President is still in office and has just as much

There must be a majority of two-thirds or 67

power as he did when he was first inaugurated.

votes for the removal of the President, in which

He has been impeached, but not removed from

case the Vice President would take over. The

office. To have the President removed, the

Senate can also determine that the President

articles must go to the Senate for voting.

cannot run for a public office again. If the

Once the articles of impeachment reach the Senate, the Senate formulates rules and

articles are not passed by a two-thirds majority, the President remains in office.

procedures for holding a trial. “During the trial,

February 2020 - 12

The Bright Ideas Beacon

we still need you

13 - February 2020

The Bright Ideas Beacon


And don't forget to send in your favorite jokes to be featured in the March issue!

February 2020 - 14

An Unforgettable Experience

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Krysten Myer

Krysten Meyer is a Junior in high school from Colorado. She has several younger brothers and is the only girl. She is a proud history nerd and studies history whenever she gets the chance. She also enjoys reading, serving on her church worship team as a vocalist, and entertaining children with stories whenever she gets the chance. More than anything she is a child of God and wants to grow closer to Him. View source here.

While a literary discussions can be looked on as wearisome, for the Hughey family it is a way to grow closer as a family. Amelia and

uses his situation to free others from spiritual bondage. In her essay, Amelia states that “George

Ruby Hughey, sisters in Mrs. Anderson’s

Harris believes that all men have the right to

English III class at The Academy at Bright

freedom, and even if he must wrestle it from

Ideas Press were assigned to take different

God on high, George intends to gain freedom

viewpoints regarding a book they had been

for himself by trying to escape.” She chose to

reading for class.

represent George’s view on man’s right to

The book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet

freedom, and was able to make a convincing

Beecher Stowe, is a thought provoking novel

case, as well as show the character’s

set in pre-Civil War America. It also provides

reasoning for his actions. “George views

two very contrasting views on man’s right to be

God’s permissive will as part of his problem,

free. One character is willing to give

and another justification for escape. He feels

everything to escape slavery, while the other

he cannot wait on God, he will escape in his

15 - February 2020

The Bright Ideas Beacon own strength. Risking both body and soul,

makes a case for seeing past the physical act

George hopes to gain ownership of his own

of slavery, and deals with the spiritual aspect.

body and soul.”

Ruby and her family had many discussions,

Amelia also showed George’s motive to

which allowed her to think more deeply about

make such an escape, and what the outcome

the topic and the nature of Tom. She said

was. “George made that brave decision. He

“When Amelia said that Tom didn’t support his

did this because he loved his family and

family because he allowed himself to be sold

wished to provide for them, and God was able

rather than run away, I had to stop and think.

to bless George through his wise decision.”

Was that a good point? He chose to be sold

Using resources available to her, such as her

because of a deeper virtue. It wasn’t in his

mom, Amelia fleshed out her case for George’s

character to rebel.”

views. She said, “Talking to my mom was

These contrasting views both have their

particularly useful, because she firmly sided

merits, and although they are quite different,

with Tom, and I was able to use her refutations

they still came from the same house. It was

to know what arguments not to make.” She

more than just a literary assignment, but an

explained “Through George’s story, the reader

educational experience that affected the whole

is able to see the importance of being


proactive.” While Amelia took a proactive stance on the

“The story of Uncle Tom’s Cabin was lifechanging for all of us. We listened to the

issue of freedom, Ruby chose to follow the

audible version of it, and it was the highlight of

approach of Uncle Tom. She wrote “Although

our week,” said Mrs. Anne Hughey, Amelia’s

both views are understandable, Tom’s view is

and Ruby’s mother. “Tom’s character

more admirable because, as a believer in

challenged us to think differently about

Christ, he understands slavery on a spiritual

freedom and fairness.” When asked about

level, while George, being spiritually blind,

how it affected the family, Mrs. Hughey said,

understands the struggle as purely physical.”

“We had many rich discussions. Combing

She went on to state that “Uncle Tom believes

through the passages while listening to the

that every human is in bondage and has the

read alouds and sussing out each man’s views

right to escape it, but in order to do so, he must

on a slave’s right to escape provided for a

have a personal relationship with Christ.

good conversation every time.” The Hugheys

Because of this, he considers it his role to

were able to get a deeper understanding of the

witness and help win souls held in bondage (by

characters and their struggles through

Satan and by slave owners) to freedom.”

discussing the issue as a family. “Overall, it

Ruby portrayed the value in the way that Tom lived, and eventually died. “Tom’s love

was an unforgettable experience,” said Mrs. Hughey.

and commitment to Christ gives him the eyes to see those around him, both free and slave, who struggle, and Tom is always there with ‘a word fitly spoken’ (Prov. 25:11, KJV).” She

February 2020 - 16

Alumni Adventures

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Jaedon Wilkinson

Jaedon Wilkinson is a 17-year-old senior and lives in Lynchburg, VA. Jaedon is the youngest of 5 children and lives with his brother while going to school and getting his pilot’s license. He is a member of the Civil Air Patrol. In his free time, Jaedon enjoys reading, acting, gaming, and writing. He hopes to become a corporate pilot, but continue to pursue acting in some capacity.

The Beacon has a very transient group of

University. She is heavily involved in The

staffers. Our students come and go as their

Collegian, having just finished a series on

time in high school comes to an end.

places in downtown Greenville, South Carolina,

However, that does not mean they disappear

where the school is located. In that process,

out of our lives entirely. Joanna Scoggins, the

Joanna interviewed the city’s mayor, an

first-ever Beacon Editor-in-Chief, has moved

experience she described as both “fun” and

on from The Beacon, but not from journalism.


Currently, at Bob Jones University, Joanna is

She enjoys newspaper work because “it’s a

studying journalism and is a writer on The

lot of hands-on experience” and she is forced

Collegian, the campus newspaper. In addition,

to learn new things and explore places she

she is starting a new project for the school: a

would not otherwise interact with. She also

literary journal.

enjoys how her time on The Collegian ties into

Joanna is pursuing a double major in journalism and English at Bob Jones 17 - February 2020

her journalism studies. “Being required to write journalistically... definitely honing my writing…

The Bright Ideas Beacon [and] it’s giving me confidence.” Joanna

Joanna approached her English teacher about

strongly encourages students to be part of their

her idea. She said ‘You know, I’ve been

college newspaper. “Absolutely do it…it is

thinking about this...if we do it, we want it to be

never going to harm you to be a better writer;

student-led. You want to do it?’” Of course,

no matter what field you go into, you’re going

Joanna quickly accepted and began putting

to most likely be required to write… it’s such a

together a student staff over Christmas break,

marketable skill.”

using what she learned on The Beacon and its

Another big journalism project of Joanna’s

predecessors. She now has a team of

is the literary journal, Inkwell Literary

students, including a web editor, a graphic

Magazine, which Bob Jones University is

designer, a co-editor-in-chief, and eleven

starting up this month. It was her “brainchild,”

writers. Her hope is that they will soon begin

so she is super passionate about it. The idea

publishing short stories, creative non-fiction,

behind the project is pretty simple but pretty

and poetry, eventually opening up the

smart. “A lot of colleges… will have some form

submissions from students on campus. The

of publication for creative writing.” However,

plan is for the first issue to come out at the end

BJU has no such publication.

of February on the journal’s website


February 2020 - 18

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Jester's Corner

Three cavemen are sitting around a fire in front of a cave. Suddenly, they hear the sound of something large approaching from the nearby forest. The cavemen leap up to run away, but in their haste they trip over one another and fall. A dinosaur leaps from the treeline, roaring, “Your ineptness is disadvantageous! I propound that you all vamoose with great celerity!” “Oh, great!” cried the cavemen. “It’s a thesaurus!”

~ Colin, Beacon Editor-in-Chief Who can jump higher than a mountain? Everyone, because mountains can't jump. ~ Eli, a Beacon reader What do you call someone who takes care of chickens? A chicken tender. ~ Sarah, a Beacon reader What do you call a sheep covered in chocolate? A candy baa. ~ Gabriella, Beacon Reporter My New Years resolution was to read more, so I turned on the subtitles on my TV. ~ Audrey, a Beacon reader 19 - February 2020

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Winner of the Month “If you step on a purple mushroom, you’ll be forced to marry the ugliest person in the world,” warned the old gnome, so the man continued carefully through the woods. He didn’t step on any purple mushrooms. Suddenly, a beautiful woman walked up and said: “We have to marry.” “Why?” asked the man, smiling. “I just stepped on one of those pesky purple mushrooms!” she replied.

~ Mimi, a Beacon reader

What do you call security guards working outside a Samsung shop? Guardians of the Galaxy. ~ Donna, a Beacon reader Doctor: Sir, I'm afraid your DNA is backwards. Patient: And? ~ Sarah, a Beacon reader Why did the math book look so sad? Because it had so many problems. ~ Rayna, a Beacon reader

February 2020 - 20

STAFFERS DECADE Christian, 2010

Garrett, 2010

Jaedon, 2010

Colin, 2010

Gabby, 2010

Haddi, 2010

Krysten, 2010

Ingrid, 2010

Lizzy, 2010

PHOTO CHALLENGE Christian, 2020

Colin, 2020

Gabby, 2020

Garrett, 2020

Haddi, 2020

Ingrid, 2020

Jaedon, 2020

Krysten, 2020

Lizzy, 2020

Before you go, here's your "Thoughtfully Thought" of the month:

Dream without fear. Love without limits. ~ Dilip Bathija

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Feb. 2020 issue, The Bright Ideas Beacon  

This student-run newspaper is sponsored by The Academy at Bright Ideas Press.

Feb. 2020 issue, The Bright Ideas Beacon  

This student-run newspaper is sponsored by The Academy at Bright Ideas Press.