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 the 2018-2019 Beacon Staff Editor-in-Chief: Sarah Slack News Editor: Colin Sink Columns Editor: Dylan George Copy Editor: Jaedon Wilkinson Design Editor: Ingrid Dornbirer Reporter: Haddi Iverson Reporter: Annabelle Gusty Reporter: Lauren Poe Reporter: Sophie Hansen Book Review Columnist: Elianna Albertson Geography Columnist: Avalon Sueiro Devotional Columnist: Brendon Keefer Faculty Advisor: Jamie Anderson

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1 - December 2018


The Bright Ideas Beacon

December 2018 | Volume 2 | Number 4 Articles 3 - 4 -- Mission Statement  5 - 6 -- French with Mrs. McIlvaine 7 - 8 -- Exploring Electives 9 - 10  -- Hunting for New Recipes 11 - 12 -- Teachers Take an Early Break 13  -- We'll miss you... 14  -- Readership survey 15-16 -- Artificial or Authentic?                    (Editorial) Columns 17- 18  --  Fruitcake and Fiestas 19 - 20 -- Sugar and Spice, Naughty and Nice                      (Book Review) 21 - 22 --  Jester's Corner 23 - 24 --  Galatians 3: Law and Gospel                      (Devotional) 25-26 -- Merry Christmas!

December 2018 - 2

For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given. Isaiah 9:6

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Beacon Mission Statement    The Bright Ideas Beacon is a student-run newpaper which helps highschool homeschool students develop journalism skills as they research, write, edit, and publish a monthly newspaper distributed to homeschool students and families.  The Beacon staffers learn to uphold the highest professional and ethical standards, while working under deadline pressure in a collaborative environment to produce a newspaper that is both glorifying to God and of benefit and interest to its readers.  The newspaper content is mainly news and feature articles about faculty and students taking classes at The Academy at Bright Ideas, and the curriculum produced by Bright Ideas Press.  Above all, its purpose is to uphold Godly standards as students learn the art and craft of journalism.  

December 2018 - 4

The Bright Ideas Beacon

French with Mrs. McIlvaine Sophie Hansen      Marji McIlvaine has always had a

people. This is the highest purpose

love for foreign languages, whether

of language”… “Every word any of

teaching or learning them.

us learn in a foreign language can

Currently, she teaches multiple

be used to share the love and truth

classes for The Academy at Bright

of Christ; even one word can be a

Ideas Press involving foreign

bridge to another person and

languages, one of which is her French

culture. There is a depth to

class: French I: with a Difference.

language learning that exceeds the

   Taking a foreign language in high

many academic benefits - the

school has many benefits as it

building of relationships to share

provides more options as to where to

His love.”

go for higher education since most

   Mrs. McIlvaine is very familiar

colleges and universities require it,

and experienced in learning and

and offers advantages in the business

teaching foreign languages since she

world. Studies have shown that

has studied French, Spanish,

bilinguals have better problem-

solving skills. While these are


considerable benefits, the whole point of a language is to communicate with others. It is through communication that the Gospel is shared. “[Language] opens the door to relationships and kindness to other people of other cultures," Mrs. McIlvaine said, "and the love and truth of God are best communicated in relationship. This does not have to be Biblical language, or erudition or sermons, just everyday language that shows that we care about other

5 - December 2018

Sophie Hansen is a 14-year-old high school sophomore. Sophie was born in Jiangxi, China, and now lives in California after having spent a year and a half living in Berlin, Germany with her family. In her free time, she likes to draw images of people and animals, paint landscapes, play the piano, watch TV, and spend time with friends and family.

“[Languages] are like puzzles -- I love figuring them out, exploring new sounds, new ideas, new ways of putting words together. A culture's unique characteristics can be revealed through how their language works, and that fascinates me as well.” ~ Mrs. McIlvaine

The Bright Ideas Beacon

   German, Italian, Russian and Arabic, and

allows students of all levels to progress and

since she has studied and taught French for

succeed. TPRS involves focusing on the

twenty plus years. Out of all the languages

instruction of vocabulary in a personalized

Mrs. McIlvaine has studied, French is

and comprehensible way; it also involves

definitely her favorite: “I love French; of the

interactive storytelling and increased

seven languages I have studied, it is my

repetition. "Most traditional approaches are

favorite. The language has beautiful sounds

grammar-first, then put it together for

and rhythms -- it sounds like music to me.”

meaning -- this reverses the paradigm and

   Mrs. McIlvaine also has a Bachelor of Arts in

equips the student from the first day to

Spanish from the University of Florida, graduate hours in linguistics and experience as a bilingual secretary at the University of Florida.    After years of teaching foreign languages in a traditional format, Mrs. McIlvaine is now

understand and to begin to use French. It keeps me energized and loving what we do!” Mrs. McIlvaine said. Scholarly studies and research have shown that students learn the language quicker, better and with more ease when using the reading and storytelling approach.

using the Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS) this style

December 2018 - 6

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Exploring Electives Annabelle Gusty    While reading, writing and

The Academy offers a course called

arithmetic are an essential part of a

Getting to Know C.S. Lewis. C.S.

solid education, parents and students

Lewis’ works are fantastic studies

should not underestimate the value of for high school students. The course exploring other topics and areas of

begins with a study of the “Space

study through electives. Distinct,

Trilogy” and “Mere Christianity”

compulsive electives are offered

and concludes with an in-depth

through The Academy at Bright Ideas

examination of “The Chronicles of

Press during both the fall and spring

Narnia”. It helps students

semesters. Both fun and beneficial,

understand the background of C.S

these electives are taught by teachers

Lewis and the philosophical

with an expertise in the various

concepts driving Western culture.

subject matters and make a great

Additionally, students build

addition to studies.

essential skills, such as: making

7 - December 2018

Annabelle Gusty is a 14-year-old freshman from Colorado. She is a competitive equestrian rider who competes in two different riding styles, English and Western. Aside from riding, she learns mixed martial arts, yoga, reads all different types of mythology books, and plays the flute.

The Bright Ideas Beacon inferences, learning to summarize, and

workings of a veterinarian, ethical dilemmas,

employing critical thinking. This exclusive

and the science involved,” as stated in the

course taught by Mrs. Nikki Smith is only offered

course description. Dogs, cats, cows, horses,

at The Academy.

pigs, chickens, goats and more are all explored

 Health with Amanda Hunter is another

in this class.

compelling course. As a part of every student’s

  In addition to many interesting electives,

education, Health should be understood by being

The Academy also has a variety of engaging

taught to students and implemented into their

online clubs including: Spanish and French

lives. Mrs. Hunter teaches students that they

conversational club, Healthy Grub Club, Book

will focus better and improve their school

Club, Access Healthcare, and Micro Business

performance by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


In this course the following topics are covered:

   Have you ever thought about starting your

 the human body: nutrition; fitness and exercise;

own business? The Micro Business Club, led by

disease; managing of stress and anxiety; making

author and accountant Carol Topp, CPA and

good, safe choices; assuming responsibility;

featured in the September issue of The Beacon,

maturity; and interpersonal relationships.

helps teenagers earn money while learning

“There will be an emphasis on application of

how to start their own business. As stated in

health and wellness topics to improve your

the club description, students are encouraged

personal health and that of those close to you,” as

to "come up with a viable business idea, avoid

outlined in the course description.

pitfalls, and start their business with no debt."

   For those thinking about having a career in

while learning practical skills. The many

veterinary medicine, The Academy offers both

classes and electives offered through The

Intro to Veterinary Medicine I and II. “These

Academy teach valuable curriculum as well as

courses provide basic veterinary exposure in the

essential life skills and are taught by

field and real-life experiences on the farm and in

enthusiastic experts in the field.

the clinic. These classes explore the everyday

December 2018 - 8

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Hunting for New Recipes

Lauren Poe

     Because of her dairy and gluten intolerance, Mrs. Amanda Hunter has learned many clever alternatives for some of her favorite foods.  She has many tips to share with people who have

Lauren Poe is a fifteen-year-old high school sophomore who loves reading, writing, drawing, and music (both listening and playing). Lauren loves sea animals, especially otters and sharks, and is planning to pursue a career as a Marine Veterinarian. She hopes to expand her writing skills and knowledge this year in the articles she writes.

similar food allergies.    Mrs. Hunter found out eight years ago that she had a severe dairy intolerance, which meant she had to give up two of her favorite foods: cheese and ice cream.  Mrs. Hunter has also been gluten-free for about three years.  Giving up dairy and gluten was not an easy task for her at first, but fortunately, there are more alternatives for eating dairy and gluten.

stores carry dairy-free ice cream, it is more

However, they come with a warning.

expensive and is, in her own words, a “once in

   Mrs. Hunter tells her clients that they should

a while treat”.

not expect these alternatives, like dairy-free

   Mrs. Hunter explained that lactose is a milk

sauce, dairy-free “cheez” and gluten-free bread,

sugar and humans need a special enzyme

to taste like the original. Dining out is harder,

called lactase in order to digest lactose. Many

especially since many restaurants are centered

humans do not have enough of this enzyme,

around breaded chicken, creamy mac n’ cheese

causing people to be lactose intolerant. People

and salty french fries. Most restaurants have

who are lactose intolerant can take a “Lactaid”

gluten-free options, but dairy-free foods are

to help digest dairy. There are also proteins

harder to find. Some restaurants have allergen

found in dairy products that some people are

menus for customers who are gluten or dairy-

intolerant to called “casein” and “whey”.

free, but not all restaurants do.

   Mrs. Hunter also gave advice to anyone who

   Instead of regular noodles for pasta, Mrs.

may find having a food intolerance to be a

Hunter uses things like spaghetti squash and

struggle. “Don’t be afraid to bring a few dishes

zucchini noodles. Sometimes, she makes

to share with others.” One should avoid saying

her own special “ice cream” out of peanut

that the food is gluten-free. “Just pick a few of

butter and banana because, although many

your favorites and share!” It is also good to be

9 - December 2018

The Bright Ideas Beacon prepared. If going to a party or big event where there will be food and treats, bring a yummy gluten or dairy-free treat to enjoy.

Here are some recipes straight from Mrs. Hunter: Amanda’s Dairy Free Tomato Cream Sauce: ½ cup raw cashews 1 – 15 oz. can diced tomatoes 1 T. nutritional yeast 1 tsp. garlic powder 1 tsp. dried basil ¼ tsp. sea salt    Soak cashews for 2 hours.  Drain.  Add everything to food processor and blend well.  Pour over spaghetti squash and mix well. Chocolate Banana Ice Cream (2 Servings): 2 frozen bananas 2-3 T. cocoa 1 T. nut butter 1 tsp. real vanilla extract.      Break the frozen bananas into chunks and toss them into a food processor, along with the cocoa powder, nut butter and vanilla.   Blend until the bananas break down into a soft-serve consistency, adding a  tablespoon or two of water or milk to help facilitate blending, if necessary. Serve immediately with fresh fruit if desired.  

December 2018 - 10

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Teachers Take an Early Break Haddi Iverson    In October of 2018, The Academy at

Geography and Intro to Marine

Bright Ideas Press teachers and faculty

Science. The teachers then dedicated

members went on a teachers’ retreat

the rest of the day to relaxing and

in Henryville, Indiana, where the

hanging out.

teachers received specialized

   “One of my highlights of the

instruction, socialized together and

retreat was the relaxing atmosphere

enjoyed a relaxing atmosphere.

that was chosen and the opportunity

   The teachers spent the mornings

for downtime in order to take a break

and some of the afternoons learning

and soak [new information] all in,”

how to use different tools and settings said Mrs. Fisher. in classrooms and workshop offices.

   “One of my best times was around

   “We learned how to put badges on

the campfire laughing and talking,

the students’ accounts and use flipped

even though it was eighty degrees

classrooms,” said Mrs. Fisher, who

outside!” said Mrs. Filipek. The

teaches Christian Kids Explore US

teachers and faculty staff traveled all

11 - December 2018

Hadassah (Haddi) Iverson is a 16-year old junior in high school. She is an extrovert, and the youngest of five siblings. Haddi was born in China and moved to Michigan in 2003. Haddi loves to hang outside with her sister, Lydia, doing any type of activity, such as biking, badminton, volleyball, or reading.

The Bright Ideas Beacon

around the states to meet face-to-face so that

means the world to me,” said Mrs. Anderson.

they could support and encourage one another

   The teachers and staff appreciated the

and learn more about Zoom and Powerschool.

opportunity to go to the retreat, where they

Even the Bright Ideas Press President Tyler

were able to see one another in person and to

Hogan came to the retreat to talk and plan for

spend time with many other Bright Ideas Press

different meetings and to be face-to-face with

teachers who are talented, dedicated, and godly.

the teachers and faculty. “Hearing Bright Ideas

Although they each have individual skill sets,

Press President Tyler Hogan talk about his

the teachers and staff all share a passion for the

confidence in The Academy at Bright Ideas Press,

students in the classes they teach and recognize

his appreciation for the faculty and his faith in

how rewarding it is to share a common faith in

Christ was rewarding and worth the long drive.


Investing in the faculty this way

December 2018 - 12

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The Bright Ideas Beacon

Artificial or Authentic? Jaedon Wilkinson    Christmas is upon us.  All around, millions of American families go out

dollars and have a lifespan of ten

to buy decorations, presents, sappy

years. Real trees, however, cost

cards and, most importantly,

about the same price but only last

Christmas trees. The ancient

for a few weeks to a month if well

tradition dates back to the 16th

cared for. And artificial trees are a

century, originating in German

bit safer, due to their flame resistant

culture. However, the use of

or retardant capabilities.

evergreen trees and garlands dates

   But which is better?  Or are

farther back to the time of the

Christmas trees even worth it? Why

ancient Egyptians, Hebrews, and

not just buy a little Christmas tree,

Chinese. According to the

which is much cheaper and less of a

Encylopædia Britannica, “tree

mess. The Beacon staffers were split

worship was common among the

over this topic, with fake Christmas

pagan Europeans and survived their conversion to Christianity in the Scandinavian customs of decorating the house and barn with evergreens at the New Year to scare away the devil and of setting up a tree for the birds during Christmas time.” Once the British royal family during the Victorian era began the tradition of placing a tree in the palace, evergreen trees became a permanent fixture in the Christmas setting.      In modern times, some families opt to save money by buying an artificial tree. Artificial trees can cost about twenty to one  hundred

15 - December 2018

Jaedon Wilkinson is 15 years old and lives in Raleigh, NC. One of his extracurricular activities is the Civil Air Patrol a, civilian, youth branch of the Air Force dedicated to excellence, respect, integrity, and volunteer service. In his free time, he enjoys reading, acting, gaming, and writing. He also enjoys swordsmanship at an amature level.

The Bright Ideas Beacon trees being favored by a moderate majority.  The Beacon staff voted 40% for fake Christmas trees; real, both types and no trees all received 20% support each.  Both types have their benefits and disadvantages.  Fake Christmas trees are cost effective and low maintenance.  They also make using lights easier, sometimes having them built in. Real trees are higher maintenance with a shorter lifetime, but they are biodegradable, they smell wonderful and one can change trees every year.  Many people also find choosing a Christmas tree a fun family event.      On the side of safety, which drives my opinion about the subject, all Christmas trees are dangerous.  An unwatered tree can burst into flames in seconds and burn up completely in under a minute, with a high risk of the entire house burning down.  Fake Christmas trees can also catch fire and burn.  So if you decide to celebrate Christmas in a dangerous way and go against my personal opinion and the opinion of the majority of the Beacon staff, be sure to water the live tree daily and safely plug in the lights.

December 2018 - 16

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Fruitcake and Fiestas Avalon Sueiro    Complete with the Amazon

branches into Columbia, Peru and a

rainforest, giant nativity scenes and

few other South American countries.

crazy carnival costumes, Brazil is a

Over 60% of Brazil’s land is a jungle;

melting pot of culture from both South

however, Brazil also has many

America and Portugal. Brazil was

mountains. One of its most famous

discovered in the year 1500 by

mountains is the Corcovado which

Portuguese sailors who landed in Porto

houses the Christ the Redeemer

Seguro near Rio de Janeiro. In 1693,

statue, that giant statue that looks

gold was found near Minas Gerais and

over Rio de Janeiro. Almost all of

thus beginning the Brazilian Gold Rush. Brazil’s rivers merge with the

Avalon Sueiro is a 14 year old, who was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She has visited 25 countries and she speaks three languages: English, French, and Spanish. Avalon’s hobbies include reading, writing, and caring for animals. When she grows up, Avalon wants to be a writer, a book critic, an entrepreneur, or an interior designer.

In 1822, Brazil declared its

Amazon river, which is the second

independence from Portugal and became a republic. Brazil is over eight

longest in the world. The Amazon  river is so large its area is equivalent to 10% of the

million square kilometers in area and

country’s land area; the river covers just under a million

houses over two hundred million

square kilometers.

people. It was greatly influenced by

   Brazil is one of the biggest party capitals of the world.

Portugal, so Brazil’s culture is very

With the Rio Carnival in March and Oktoberfest in

similar to Portuguese culture. Unlike

October, there is always a party going on somewhere.

most of the other countries around it,

Although there are many of other famous festivals all

Brazil speaks Portuguese instead of

over the country, the Carnaval in Rio is the biggest event

Spanish. Brazil is the largest country in


South America, covering three time zones.    “Known for jaguars and brightly colored poison frogs, the Amazon Rainforest is one of the most exciting forest biomes,” says the North Star Geography textbook by Tyler Hogan.  The Amazon Rainforest occupies over 5.5 million square kilometers of space; it

15 - December 2018

The Bright Ideas Beacon of the year. There are parades with over-the-

different traditions from Christmas in the U.S.

top floats decked out with speakers and lights

Since it’s in the southern hemisphere,

and people in carnival outfits dancing. One of

Christmas is during Brazil’s summer months.

the other big points is the various and

Because of this, pine trees can’t survive in the

abundant foods. Another festival is Novo Ano,

heat. Instead, Brazilians use fake or plastic

which happens on New Years’ Day. On

trees. For Christmas dinner, Brazilians eat

December 31st and January 1st, all of Brazil is

turkey and panettone, which is a cake very

in celebration, and people specifically wear

similar to fruitcake. In Brazil, Santa Claus is

white to make the next year peaceful. If they

called Papai Noel, which literally means Father

live near the seaside, Brazilians will jump over

Christmas. Many kids and teenagers take part

seven waves for luck in the coming year.

in a Secret Santa during the end of December.

Another clothing related tradition is to wear a

It is a very popular tradition, where gift givers

specific color underwear to signify either

use fake names to hide who the gift was really

prosperity, health, peace or energy.

from. On Christmas Eve, they reveal who gave

   Christmas in Brazil has lots of new and

which presents to whom.


December 2018 - 16

The Bright Ideas Beacon

The Bright Ideas Beacon

imagine the worst kid

you know getting cast

in the  

LEAD role of the


pageant at your

church… 17 - December 2018

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Sugar and Spice, Naughty and Nice Elianna Albertson    “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” is

and perspectives that are classic

a story about a gang of bad kids, the

child logic.

Herdmans, who had a change of heart.

  Within the dominating theme,

They were headed for stockings filled

there lies another theme that

with coal before a surprising change of

subtly suggests to the reader that

events took place. As the story starts

not all things are what they seem

out, the author makes it clear that

to be. The Herdmans, which seem

these kids are the very opposite of

rough, crude, mean and unholy, are

what you would associate with the

touched by, interested in and

story of Christ’s birth. As the story

even passionate about the story of

progresses, the ill-behaved characters

the holy child and His entrance

do not make a drastic about-face.

into the physical world. This

Instead, the other characters, and the

parallels a theme seen in our present world where one discovers that many things are

reader, get a fresh shift in perspective.    Barbara Robinson, the author, pulls off a very thought-provoking story arc in only 150 pages.  Because the story does not follow the conventional ideology, the story could be viewed negatively.  “Sometimes we, as churchgoers, can be very caught up in how things have always been done and who does them.  And sometimes [the congregation can] miss the point of it all,” said Mrs. Applegrijn, a teacher at The Academy at Bright Ideas Press.  “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” takes the idea of a Christmas pageant and breaks it out of the mold, making the readers think.  It is filled with delightful quips 

19 - December 2018

Elianna Albertson is a 17-year-old who homeschools with her three younger siblings and her 12year-old boxer/lab mix named Brodie. She loves riding and owns an appendix mare named Bonnie. Elianna enjoys playing soccer, basketball and occasionally pitching around a baseball with her friends.

not really as simple and clear-cut as he thought. Reading about the Herdmans’ hearts being touched by the pageant and seeing how they act because of it makes one ask the question: if a good person does bad things, can a bad person do good things?  “This story shows Jesus’ love for everyone no matter how wicked and despicable they are,” Mrs. Applegrijn said.  “This story touches my heart because the narrator and her mother are experiencing changes... Behind every child is a story, and we need to hear that story.”      The message told in this style is loved by many adults and children.  “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” had a widespread effect selling over eight hundred thousand copies.  It was even adapted to the stage.  The book was followed by two sequels, ‘The Best Halloween Ever’ and ‘The Best School Year Ever’, which also featured the Herdmans.

December 2018 - 18

Q. What is the biggest lie in the entire universe? A. "I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions." ~ a Beacon reader

Q: What do you call a fish with no eyes? A: fsh ~ Micah, a Beacon reader

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Question: What do you call it when a homeschooling mom talks to herself? Answer: A parent-teacher conference. ~ Clara, a Beacon reader

Jokes about anatomy are humerus. ~ Rachael, a Beacon reader

What do you call cheese that is not yours? Nacho cheese. ~ Korban, a Beacon reader

Why did Rudolph get a bad report card? Because he went down in History. ~ Ingrid, Design Editor

Why does a chicken coupe  have two doors? Because if it had four it would be a chicken sedan! ~ Maggie and Grace,  both  Beacon readers, submitted this one! December 2018 - 20

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Galatians 3: Law and Gospel Brendan Keefer        The relationship between the Law

   Up until this point in Galatians,

and the Gospel is a subject that I have

Paul has been arguing his case that

struggled with greatly in my Christian

salvation is not through our

walk. They seem at first to be

obedience but through faith in

irreconcilable. The Gospel proclaims

Jesus Christ. In chapter one, he laid

salvation through faith alone, while the

the foundation by identifying the

Law commands our obedience. Surely

one Gospel. In chapter two, he

these two are opposed to each other.

argued that we cannot keep the

The Bible contains both, and therefore,

Law perfectly and therefore cannot

they must not contradict each other but

be justified by it. Here in chapter

instead work together. Since this is

three, Paul continues his argument

true, understanding this relationship is very important. Thankfully, we are

by exploring the topic of the Law further. In verses one through six, Paul asks a series of

not alone in our efforts. Join with me

questions to remind the Galatians that their salvation

as we wrestle through this difficult

came from God and not their own works. He then shifts

topic in Galatians chapter three.

to the topic of Abraham and the covenant that God made

Brendan Keefer is a 17-year-old senior who lives in Southern China with his family of eight, five of which are younger than Brendan. He enjoys many things, including playing sports, reading, writing, playing board games, cheering on the Chicago Cubs, and spending time with his family.

with him in Genesis 12 and 17. This culminates at Paul’s main point in verse nine that “those who are of faith are

Because Christ died for us - because He was cursed by God for us - we can now experience the presence and blessing of God.

blessed along with Abraham, the man of faith (ESV).”    Paul continues in verse ten: “all who rely on the works of the law are under a curse.”  In the Old Testament, God was clear that those who do not keep the Law fully are under His curse.  This is not some witch’s hex, bad luck, or a four-letter word.  This is the indictment of a holy, righteous and powerful God.  This is the opposite of His blessing and an absence of His favor.  But, “Christ redeemed us from [this] curse…by becoming a curse for us. (v. 13)”  Because Christ died for us - because He was cursed by God for us - we can now experience the presence and blessing of God.  What incredible news!

21 - December 2018

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Salvation, therefore, does not come from the

   How does this change the way in which we

Law. “For if the inheritance comes by the

live today? Well first and foremost, our lives

law,” Paul argues, “it no longer comes by

should no longer be built upon our

promise. (v. 18)” This is very similar to the

performance, but instead on the person and

argument that Paul makes in Romans 4:15. If

work of Jesus Christ. Our sin is already paid

we are relying on the Law for salvation, we

for, Christ’s righteousness is enough. Rather

are exchanging the promise for wrath; we are

than waking up each morning and thinking

exchanging the blessing for the curse.

about the things that we should do, we can

   Paul then anticipates the question of his

wake up and run to Christ, resting in His

readers: “Why then did God give us the Law?”

saving grace and power working in us. When

Paul’s argument is a bit complicated, but the

we stop placing our joy and hope in our

essence of it is this: the Law acts like a mirror

performance and instead in the perfect

and shows us the sin that is in our life. It does

performance of Christ, we will experience the

not create sin but reveals how rampant our

freedom that only God can give. I do not do

sin is and, therefore, how incapable we are to

this perfectly, and my guess is neither do you.

save ourselves. As Paul says in Romans 3:20,

Brothers and sisters in Christ, will you join me

“through the law comes knowledge of sin.”

in seeking each day, not to be better, but to

The Law is not evil but is, in fact, a blessing

know and rest in Jesus more fully?

because it points us to the Gospel.

Further Reading Genesis 12, 17

Romans 4, 7:7-13November 2018 - 24

y r r e M ! s a m t s i r h C

November 2018 - 24

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Bright Ideas Beacon - Dec. 2018 issue  

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Bright Ideas Beacon - Dec. 2018 issue  

This is the student-run newspaper published by students who registered for the newspaper at The Academy at Bright Ideas. https://academy.b...