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The The Most Wonderful Wonderful Time of of the Year Snake Heads and Pineapples (9-10) A Life Beyond The Classroom (17-18) Do You Not Remember? (19-20)

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Reporters: Christian Zeliadt Elisabeth Guilliams Gabriella Hunter Garrett Hopkins Haddi Iverson Krysten Meyer Editor-in-Chief: Colin Sink Design Editor: Ingrid Dornbirer Copy Editor: Jaedon Wilkinson Faculty Advisor: Jamie Anderson Please email any questions, comments, or suggestions to Colin at colin.edchief@gmail.com

1 - December 2019


The Bright Ideas Beacon

December 2019 | Volume 3 | Number 3

3-4 - Mission Statement 5-6 - The Great American Movie by Christian Zeliadt 7-8 - A Musician's Tale by Elisabeth Guilliams 9-12 - Snake Heads and Pineapples by Gabriella Hunter 13-14 - On The Air-very Hopkins by Garrett Hopkins 15-16 - Readership Survey 17-18 - A Life Beyond The Classroom by Haddi Iverson 19-20 - Do You Not Remember? by Krysten Myer 21-22 - Jester's Corner

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December 2019 - 2

The Bright Ideas Beacon

"O Holy Night, the stars are brightly shining. It is the night of our dear Savior's birth." ~ Adolphe Adam

3 - December 2019

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Beacon Mission Statement

The Bright Idea Beacon is a student-run newspaper which helps highschool homeschool students develop journalism skills as they research, write, edit, and publish a monthly newspaper, distributed to homsechool students and families. The Beacon staffers learn to uphold the highest professional and ethical standards, while working under deadline pressure in a collaborative environment to produce a newspaper that is both glorifying to God and of benefit and interest to its readers. The newspaper content is mainly news and feature articles about faculty and students taking classes at The Academy at Bright Ideas, and the curriculum produced by Bright Ideas Press. Above all, its purpose is to uphold Godly standards as students learn the art and craft of journalism.

December 2019 - 4

The Great American Movie

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Christian Zeliadt

Christian Zeliadt is a 16-year-old highschool junior from Nashville, TN. He plays piano and drums and is a member of the Nashville Youth Choir. He enjoys world history, military history, biology, drawing, listening to music, playing strategy board games, running, and hiking the Appalachian Trail with his family.

A movie? A black-and-white movie? In an

When the British forces at Fort William

English class? That’s right. A 1936 black-and-

Henry surrender to the French, the Huron

white movie would be that last thing one would

Indians attack the British, and the Munro girls

expect in an English III class, but Mrs. Jamie

are captured. Heyward, Hawkeye, Uncas, and

Anderson believes that this movie is a great

Chingachgook set out to rescue them. In this

representation of James Fennimore Cooper’s

valiant effort, Magua, Uncas, and Cora are all

The Last of the Mohicans. Cooper’s tale takes

killed. Chingachgook mourns over Unca’s

place during the French and Indian War.

death and declares himself the ‘last of the

Sisters Alice and Cora Munro, accompanied by

Mohicans.’ However, Alice is still held captive,

Major Duncan Heyward, set out to reunite with

so Hawkeye takes her place to be killed.

their father at Fort William Henry. However,

Fortunately, Heyward, Chingachgook, and

their plans are derailed by a traitor, Magua the

Alice run into a British company and storm the

Huron. Fortunately, a frontiersman known as

Huron encampment, rescuing Hawkeye.

‘Hawkeye’ and two Indians named Uncas and

James Fennimore Cooper wrote the The

Chingachgook, step in and help them finish

Last of the Mohicans in 1826 as the second of

their journey. The Indians are the last two

five books in a historical fiction series called

braves of a tribe called the Mohicans.

The Leatherstocking Series, in which Hawkeye

5 - December 2019

The Bright Ideas Beacon was an important character. The Last of the

an essay criticizing and mocking Cooper’s

Mohicans is considered to be the “Great

style of writing. However, Mrs. Anderson also

American Novel”, and is one of the most

believes that it is important to understand the

famous books of American Romanticism.

storyline, characters, and plot of some novels

While there is a little bit of a love interest in the

to participate in cultural discussions. Due to

story, the American Romantic period was not

how well this film follows the original plot, and

about romance. Rather, “the authors

to how well the movie was made, she made

emphasized individualism, a love of nature,

the decision to introduce students to this

and the frontier as they wrote about concepts

fantastic film.

America was displaying for them,” said Mrs. Anderson. Kicking off English III with what is

Mrs. Anderson also encourages students— after reading a novel—to watch the movie with their family and compare the two, but some of

considered the “Great American Novel” might

the modern adaptations are not the best

be a bit of an overwhelming challenge for some

representations of the author’s intent, including

students. Mrs. Anderson admits to the

the 1992 The Last of the Mohicans with Daniel

wordiness of the book; Mark Twain once wrote


December 2019 - 6

The Bright Ideas Beacon

A Musician's Tale

Elisabeth guilliams Susan Barton, the Chief

Mrs. Barton has two sons, one in

Operating Officer for The Academy

eighth grade and the other in

at Bright Ideas Press, is a woman of

college. Her eldest plays acoustic

many talents and interests. While

and electric guitar, bass, mandolin,

many people know about her

banjo and ukulele. He plays for

passion for helping homeschool

ministries on campus and local gigs.

parents and being a homeschool

Mrs. Barton’s youngest son is a

speaker for The Academy, not

natural drummer. “He was drumming

many know about her love and

on things even when he was a

interest in music. Even when she

young child,” she said. “When he

was very young, Mrs. Barton loved

was old enough to play an

music. She remembers sitting on

instrument, he went to the drums.”

her father’s lap, bouncing with the

Mrs. Barton strongly believes that

beat. “My favorite time at church

music is not only an outlet for stress

was when we would have an

but also a gatekeeper of memories.

evangelism or revival week, and we

“Music, psychologically, triggers

would bring in a new musician,” she

different activities in our brain,

said. “First time I had ever seen

so it does help us release and let things go,” she said. “On the

someone play a keyboard in awe.”

flip side, while it allows us to stop thinking about something, it

The piano was the first

Elisabeth (Lizzy) Guilliams is a sophomore in high school. She is the fifth child of six and loves to read, write, play Ultimate Frisbee, and spend time with her family. She also loves to listen to music. She has participated in many plays with her homeschool friends and loves the thrill of stepping into a different role of acting each time!

also evokes a lot of thoughts for me. I can have a completely

instrument Mrs. Barton learned to

forgotten memory, but when I hear a certain musical piece, the

play, and from there she went on to

memory all floods back to [me].”

master the flute. She was first chair

As a teacher, she values music for intellectual development.

flute in high school and absolutely

She owned a studio to help parents realize, through music, the

loved it. Her band instructor,

intellectual development they can have on their children.

however, switched her to

Some key advice she gives musicians and those who

percussion. This did not hit home as

struggle is to not compare oneself to another musician. “I think it

flute did, and so he let her move

is so crucial to let go of our inner ambitions and just do it and do

back. Most recently, she has fallen

it in [our] own way.” She believes that a lot of people are scared

in love with the Taylor guitar; her

of not measuring up to someone else’s style, so they do not

oldest son has helped her learn this

even try. Not everyone is going to find music easy or have a

instrument, and she absolutely

passion to play it; she had a son in college before she even

loves it.

picked up the guitar and learned how to play. Though, in reality,

7 - December 2019

The Bright Ideas Beacon everybody is a musician in some way. Mrs.

someone else’s level. “I had to learn to read

Barton places vocalists as a big part of music.

music, and I can’t play naturally by ear,” she

“You never find a person who can’t find

said, “while my sons can just pick up a piece of

something or someone to sing along with,” she

music and play it.” This struggle, however, did

said. She challenges people to achieve their

not stop her from making music a big part of

own goals and to not try to measure up to

her life.

December 2019 - 8

Snake Heads and Pinapples

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Gabriella Hunter

Mrs. Joanna Martinez, who lived

cake filled with cheese and covered

for twelve years in Columbia, is the

with dark chocolate. Mrs. Martinez

perfect person to teach Spanish I

also loves Columbian coffee.

and II at The Academy at Bright

One of the assignments she

Ideas Press. Because of her time

gives her students in Spanish I is to

living in Columbia, Mrs. Martinez is

research a different Spanish-

bilingual and has quite a bit of

speaking country and present their

experience and knowledge about

findings to the class. Students are

that culture. The goal of her

required to turn on their

Spanish class is to be useful in

microphones. They have an

communication and creative with

agreement that it is a “safe space to

limited tools.

make fools of ourselves” because

One of Mrs. Martinez’s first

they are learning a foreign language.

memories of Columbia is having a

Mrs. Martinez’s class is a very tight-

worker coming up to her house to

knit community.

show her a colorful snakehead. She lived there with her parents for twelve years. Her parents decided to move to Columbia for missionary work. Her family owned a pineapple patch, so they ate and drank “pineapple everything” for months. Since Columbia is such a big country -- approximately ten times the state of Ohio -- each region has its own special foods. One of Mrs. Martinez’s favorites is a soup called ajiaco. The soup is made with a special herb called guascas that she has to get from Columbia. Another favorite is arepas con queso and chocolate which is a 9 - December 2019

Gabriella Hunter is a twelve-year-old seventh grader. She lives in the middle of a cornfield in central Illinois with her mom, dad, younger sister, two dogs, and a cat. She enjoys art and spends her spare time painting, crocheting, and decorating cakes. She often has her nose stuck in a book.

Mrs. Martinez came back to America in 1993 for college. In Columbia, she used public transportation to get everywhere. In America, she had to buy a car, learn to drive and learn about automobile maintenance. Mrs. Martinez realized that Americans have a very different worldview than many other cultures. She struggled to understand the American pursuit of entertainment and material possessions. “What we see here as needs are considered luxuries for a lot of other places in the world.” All of these experiences and acquired knowledge enrich the education of the students in Mrs. Martinez’s online foreign language classes at The Academy. Mrs. Martinez received her degree in music education from Malone University in Ohio. She was a homeschool band teacher before she became a mother. Mrs. Martinez tries to stay involved in music by leading worship and attending the local symphony. Her daughters are ballerinas and are in a Nutcracker performance, which Mrs. Martinez thinks is beautiful.

The Bright Ideas Beacon

December 2019 - 10

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Mrs. Martinez's "Arepas" Arepas Ingredients: 1 kilo Harina Pan or any other brand of harina precocida de maíz 1/4 cup butter 1 tsp salt 2 cups grated cheese (a soft white cheese like farmer's is the closest match, although mozzarella will work) Method: In a large bowl combine 8 cups boiling water with salt, butter, and grated cheese, allowing butter and cheese to melt. Add arepa flour gradually, stirring continuously until a soft, moldable dough forms. You will probably not use the entire kilo of flour; this is one of those "add until the texture is right" things. (Since the corn is cooked before grinding into flour, it absorbs boiling water differently and must be added in small increments and mixed in before adding more.) Shape the arepas into cakes approximately 4" in diameter and 3/4" thick,  and grill on a preheated greased griddle. Each side should be grilled to a crisp golden finish. Chocolate Colombiano Ingredients: Milk Luker chocolate bars Sugar Cinnamon sticks Method: Heat milk in a pan in the following proportions: for every 2 cups of milk,  add 1 square of chocolate and 2 Tbsp sugar. Additionally add 1-3 sticks of cinnamon to pan. Bring to a boil,  stirring frequently. The authentic tool for this purpose is a "bolinillo" a wooden beater, but you can use a whisk in its place.  When the chocolate begins to boil up, remove from heat and whisk a frothy foam on top, then place back on heat to repeat the boil up process,  2 more times, until you have a nice foam. Serve with arepas. 11 - December 2019

The Bright Ideas Beacon

December 2019 - 12

On the Air-very Hopkins

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Garrett Hopkins

View Recharge—Resound Radio

Garrett Hopkins is a fifteen-year-old sophomore and proud military kid. Garrett was born in Mobile, Alabama, currently calls Chesapeake, Virginia his home. Garrett is likes to study God’s creation as it pertains to science, with astronomy being his favorite. In his downtime, Garrett enjoys playing electric guitar and learning to play songs from his favorite artists. His life verse is Psalms 1:1-2.

Avery Hopkins, a former Beacon staff

trying to get feedback from listeners, then

member, has gone on to explore new things in

adapting the music selection with their

the world of communications at Cedarville

feedback. Getting feedback in an efficient way

University. She is majoring in communications

has been a work in progress. Avery has

and has been very involved with the student

implemented different ways to receive

radio, Resound, at Cedarville University.

feedback; one way is inviting people to come

Avery began involvement in the radio in her

in and listen to song samples every month and

first year at college. She did a weekly, one-

then ask which songs those people liked or

hour show, but when she returned for her

disliked. Then using that information, Avery

second year, she took on more

decides what music should be added or taken

responsibilities.Avery has now started a two-


hour daily show with a co-host on weekdays

While at CMBU she was able to meet and

and has gotten a job as the music director.

work with students from other universities.

Avery said the new job has been both a

Each group of students got an industry

challenge and a great learning experience. A

professional mentor assigned to their group

difficult aspect of the job is audience analysis:

and learned more about the industry. Their

13 - December 2019

The Bright Ideas Beacon main focus was promotional projects for

was for Recharge to be a chance for students

Compassion International to try and get 100

to “recharge� with some music since the show

children sponsored within this project.

is from 3-5 pm, right after most classes end.

Avery also has an on-air show on weekdays:

Because of Recharge, she has learned how to

Recharge, with her co-host, Curtis. At the

get points across quickly, be effective in her

beginning of the year, before Curtis and Avery

speech and how to interact with a co-host and

could start going on air, they had to come up

an audience that is not right in front of her.

with a brand for their show. Their idea

December 2019 - 14

The Bright Ideas Beacon

We We still still need need you you

15 - December 2019

The Bright Ideas Beacon


So, click THIS link. And don't forget to send in your favorite jokes to be featured in the February issue!

December 2019 - 16

A Life Beyond the Classroom

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Haddi Iverson

Lita Blesoe is a Star Trek and

lights, setting up a North Pole

Marvel fanatic who teaches

village and building gingerbread

Computer Literacy for The

houses. Like many, on Christmas

Academy at Bright Ideas Press.

Day, the Bledsoe family opens

She also designs the curriculum for

presents and enjoys Christmas

a multitude of subjects. However,


with the holidays underway, Mrs.

While reading one of her science

Bledsoe particularly enjoys her

fiction books, Mrs. Bledsoe can

hobbies and family traditions.

often be found drinking eggnog

As Christmas approaches, Mrs.

from one of her favorite mugs. Mrs.

Bledsoe loves to relax with her

Bledsoe loves her mugs; they hold

family around the fireplace with one

a special place in her heart. This

of her favorite mugs. Mrs. Bledsoe

can be clearly seen in her office,

also loves sci-fi reading, where all

which prominently displays a shelf

humanity bands together to defeat

of some of her favorite mugs.

aliens in outer space. One of Mrs.

Mrs. Bledsoe also loves to play

Hadassah “Haddi” Iverson is a 17-year-old senior in high school. She was born in China and moved to Michigan in 2003. Haddi loves to hang outside with her sister, Lydia, biking, playing badminton, volleyball, or reading in the hammock. She loves watching Disney and Marvel-based movies, as well as reading Christian fictional or non-fictional romance series and novels. She loves serving at church and serving others in her life.

Bledsoe’s favorite sci-fi memories is

card games with her family. She

when she and her daughter went to

enjoys games that can be set up

a comic-con for Star Trek. There

fast and played easily. Her

they met the designer for a creature

family loves to play Uno, Apples to Apples, Phase 10 and Red

that her daughter was dressed up

7. Mrs. Bledsoe and her family love to visit Washington D.C,

as. They were even able to meet

where they enjoy seeing and learning more about American

the designer’s family and several

history and the original Thirteen Colonies. Another hobby is

other famous people.

playing the piano, but between teaching and family time she is

A few traditions in the Bledsoe house are looking at Christmas

17 - December 2019

not able to play often.

The Bright Ideas Beacon

December 2019 - 18

Do You Not Remember?

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Krysten Myer

Krysten Meyer is a Junior in high school from Colorado. She has several younger brothers and is the only girl. She is a proud history nerd and studies history whenever she gets the chance. She also enjoys reading, serving on her church worship team as a vocalist, and entertaining children with stories whenever she gets the chance. More than anything she is a child of God and wants to grow closer to Him.

History is all about storytelling in Mrs. Linda

Mrs. Hobar. She went on to explain another

Hobar's classes at The Academy at Bright

key reason why history ought to be studied.

Ideas Press. She strives to remove the stigma

“Tyrants rise when there is a vacuum of power

of “boring” from the subject she has grown to

… studying the rise and fall of tyrants is

have a deep love and passion for, because she

important because if we’re not careful, they can

knows the words of George Santana to be true:


“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Students today often find history boring and

An understanding of history is vital if the young people of today want to avoid the mistakes of their predecessors. When people

unrelated to today’s world. According to Mrs.

fail to pay attention to patterns and events that

Hobar, this is not the case. “It’s important for

have already happened, then they leave the

tracing the cause and effect of things. An

door open for them to happen again. There are

example of this is the collapse of the Roman

other themes and events that are often

Empire, which ushered in the Dark Ages,” said

overlooked today, yet they are extremely

19 - December 2019

The Bright Ideas Beacon relevant. An example of this is Karl Marx and

history in a completely different way. “There

the Communist Manifesto. “Marxism reveals

weren't many resources, and most of the

what socialism is. People don’t understand

curriculum was boring. I wanted the subject of

that they’re the same. Marxist theories prove

history to be lively,” Mrs. Hobar said.

socialism is a path to communism. The State

Mrs. Hobar did not always have such a

replaces God, which is Atheistic,” said Mrs.

passion for history, however. At first, she

Hobar. "Studying the Cold War includes the

found it just as boring as everyone else. But

collapse of the Soviet Union. It proves

when she went to college at Baylor University,

Communism didn't work. It’s relevant.” It truly

everything changed. “In my western

is relevant, especially in today’s world events

Civilizations class, the professor started telling

where people do not understand the similarities

stories … the drama of people drew me in.”

between Socialism and Communism. That being said, the study of history does

History does not have to be boring. “History is just one long story. It has a point of

more than reveal the problems of certain

redemption, shows the struggle of mankind

political systems. Romans 3:23 says “All have

and the Gospel story is in each event,” said

sinned and fall short of the Glory of God.”

Mrs. Hobar. History is more than a list of dates

History shows human nature time after time

and names; it is a story of human nature. It

manifesting its presence. “Mankind’s nature

gives people the ability to learn from their

doesn’t change, hence history repeats,” Mrs.

mistakes, and prevent problems that plagued

Hobar said.Unfortunately, many young people

previous centuries. History is a story of

today do not understand why this is so

redemption by a loving God, who gave

important. The culprit of their disinterest is

everything for humanity to bring them closer to

boring and monotonous curriculum. Besides

Him. “Look at history proactively and you will

being a teacher, Mrs. Hobar is the author of the

see God’s hand in it,” said Mrs. Hobar.

Mystery of History curriculum, which views

December 2019 - 20

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Jester's Corner Did you hear about the restaurant on Mars? Great food, but terrible atmosphere. ~ Kailyn, a Beacon reader I invented a new word! Plagiarism. ~ Beacon readers Donna and Greta Why shouldn't you give Elsa a balloon? Because she'll let it go. ~ Lucy, a Beacon reader What do you call someone who takes care of chickens? A chicken tender. ~ Sarah, a Beacon reader Today I learned that a giraffe’s neck is so strong, a human can climb up it. Also, I am now banned from my local zoo. ~ Miriam, a Beacon reader Why don't mountains get cold in the winter? They wear snow caps. ~ Libby, a Beacon reader Did you hear about the guy who lost his whole left side? Don’t worry: he’s all right now. ~ a Beacon reader 21 - December 2019

The Bright Ideas Beacon

Winner of the Month What do you call a vertically challenged psychic who's escaped from prison? A small medium at large. ~ Joanna, a Beacon reader What did Santa say to the garden elves? Hoe, Hoe, Hoe! ~ a Beacon reader A lady at the bank asked me to check her balance. So, I pushed her over. ~ Silas, a Beacon reader What do you call Frosty the Snowman in May? A puddle. ~ Ingrid, Design Editor What did one eye say to the other eye? "Between you and me, something smells." ~ Alex, a Beacon reader Did you know that there are only 25 letters in the English alphabet on Christmas day? There's noel! ~ Evelyn, a Beacon reader December 2019 - 22

Merry Christmas! Before you go, here's your "Thoughtfully Thought" of the month:

"Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can't see." ~ Chris Van Allsburg, The Polar Express

Readership Survey


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