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The real beauty of today’s technologies is access. Access involves. It democratises. It gives power to the people. That’s all good. But what happens if that power falls into the wrong hands? And just how easy is it for that to happen? These are the big questions we’re looking at within Technology Risk Consulting. And finding the right answers to protect our big business clients means constantly looking around corners, and always looking beyond the obvious.

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Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

editor's letter February is the month of love. But many students will be thinking it’s both the month for relief (after exams) and stress (before dissertation hand-in). But fear not! Inside this month’s edition we share insight into the importance of finding the right internship from Cara Pleym who has been there and done that. Matthew Maxwell talks about the ‘value-added’ degree, whilst we urge you to not overlook opportunities or follow the crowd when it comes to finding opportunities in 2013. Our Bright Futures employers have gone all out with articles covering everything from their graduate vacancies to competitions, tips on avoiding spreading yourself too thin and how to represent yourself online if you want to be taken seriously. And finally, a February edition wouldn’t be right if we didn’t feature some kind of romantic twist, so we have an article to help you stay in love with your job hunt by keeping you focused and motivated right the way through. Our Review Room will help keep you connected as well as get you that life saving discount on date night! I hope you enjoy the read and have a happy February!

Jackie HirEd Editor


*If you don’t have a society at your university then set up your own! Contact us at and we can get you started right away!


According to the latest High Fliers study based on responses from 100 leading employers, suggests they are set to hire more new graduates this year, totalling 18,306 which is 2.7% more than 2012. As well as the increase in graduate opportunities, the number of paid work experience placements is also predicted to increase to 11,387.

Of the organisations to complete the survey, the largest increase in new graduates is expected to be Teach First, with plans to release 1,260 vacancies. They are closely followed by the accountancy giants Deloitte and PwC, both set at an increase of 1,200 graduates.

to show beyond your academic life then you will struggle no matter how good your grades may be.

Opportunity is out there, but finding the right one for you is a challenge in itself, never mind securing it (see our article “Finding the Right Internship). This may offer an optimistic outlook With students, opportunity can to 2013 for students; however this be overlooked because so many is by no means a green card to relax just follow the crowd. Branching and think you’ve now got a job in out and using both conventional the bag without additional effort. and unconventional resources Many of these employers will have can help you gain a competitive very high expectations and without advantage without the risk of any work experience or activities being left behind.


There is a great article written by

Donald Latumahina, sharing a simple guide to finding opportunities:

1. Be curious 2. Read challenging stuff 3. Read things from other fields 4. Read old resources 5. Read things from different languages 6. Meet people outside of your field 7. Meet people from different cultures 8. Be observant 9. Find patterns You can read more in depth information about his suggestions by viewing the article on the LifeOptimizer website. As with everything, it is always easier said than done. Move away from the norm, don’t overlook opportunities and see more opportunities open up for you in 2013.


My name is Cara Pleym, and like so many other students, I have felt the pressure to obtain an internship, any internship, just so I have that golden word to put on my CV. I have suffered through endless applications, constantly checking emails to hear back and almost getting an internship but not quite making the grade.

The most memorable experience for me was

with the knowledge that my skills had been

when I applied for an Ernst and Young

thoroughly examined and that my finance skills

internship in the summer before second year

had let me down.

of university, and I was thrilled to move up the stages despite the fact I didn’t study

Sure enough, I received the call to say I had

accounting or finance. Even then, I understood

the qualities they desired, but there was not

the importance of such an internship and the

enough evidence to give me an internship

career opportunities it could provide me if

offer. To say I was gutted is quite an

I could just get my foot in the door.

understatement. However, two years on, I have realised that it’s the best thing that

It wasn’t easy – I almost cried over the

could have happened.

application form, ended up late for my


interview with a senior manager and upon

I was so set on applying for what everyone else

arrival at the assessment centre, I soon

applied for, that I didn’t stop to consider what

discovered everyone else was about to

value the internship held for me. While the

graduate. I was proud I had managed to get

Ernst and Young internship would have been

to the last stage but terrified I wouldn’t make

an amazing opportunity, it wasn’t for me

the cut. After a long gruelling day, I came away

and I’m not interested in an accounting career.

Once I knew that my passion was supporting

Bloom VC and it is the only job to date that I

new ventures, I ignored the mainstream in-

could see myself continuing after graduation.

ternship routes and looked for opportunities which would give me real experience in the

What’s my point? I believe that students

area I wanted a career in.

need to look at what the internship can give

I came across Bloom VC which is a

them, and if it is relevant experience in their

crowdfunding platform, and immediately

field because if it is the right internship,

connected with the business idea and their

I think the chances of success are much

values. When an internship came up,

higher. While I completely understand the

I knew I had to go for it.

pressure to obtain work experience, I would urge students to think more broadly and

I have applied for many internships but I have

look at more than just the traditional

never been so determined as I was when

corporate route.

I applied to Bloom VC – mainly due to the fact I believed this was the right internship

Written By Cara Pleym

for me, and I was the right person for the job.


Despite the high level of competition, I did

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make the cut and now work as an intern for 9

Then follow these top tips on getting motivated! Do you have the following symptoms: feeling uninspired, run down, exhausted, frustrated, destined for the dole? The job search, whether you’re placement hunting or finding a graduate scheme, is an exciting prospect however it can take its toll! Motivation is a key factor when job hunting so here are 5 top tips to make sure you don’t lose yours again:

1 Set Goals It is important to take action and setting goals and targets is great way to make sure you are in control of your job search and also make sure that you have done everything you need to do. A great way to ensure goals are met is to create a Gantt chart so download one now free now!

Click HERE for FREE download

2 Keep Networking When I was seeking my placement at University I attended a couple of networking events and it was the best thing I did. I got to talk to people from different companies such as Business, Finance and Law, plus many more sectors. I was shocked to find out finance companies, which I would not have previously considered, offered schemes in Business, HR and even Events! Talking to employees from various companies can also open your eyes to what it’s really like to work for that organisation you may not have thought about before. So check out what’s happening on campus by looking up your Bright Futures Society or Careers Service to see what networking events they are organising!

Find YOUR Society HERE


3 Get Feedback Days can turn into weeks, which turn into months of “sorry you have not been successful” or even no reply at all! But don’t feel disheartened as thousands of students all over the world are in the same boat applying for placements and graduate jobs each year. However, don’t look at this in a negative way, think positive and get feedback as it may be something small that you can work on next time which will make all the difference!

Click HERE on this link to get more information on dealing with feedback:

4 Have a Healthy Balance It is easy to lose motivation when you spend hours every day scouring the streets and the internet seeking employment. It is important to have a healthy balance and to set aside a couple of hours every other day to focus on your job hunt and other hours doing fun and interesting things (not to mention your degree!) so that you remain focused. By remaining focused you will be more likely to send out better quality CV’s and Cover letters. Make sure you have a break and continue with your hobbies and social occasions!

5 Be Patient You’ve applied for a job, had an interview and the hardest thing now is hanging around waiting to hear from them! Companies may take longer than they have said to get back to you but these things happen so don’t panic! To take your mind off things, go out with some friends, focus on your studies or go to the gym and let of some steam! It may also boost your application if you still haven’t heard anything after 10+ days (and you haven’t been told otherwise) to send a polite email stating you are still really excited about the role in hand and wondered when you were likely to hear if you have been successful or not. This will show your eagerness for the role, but there is a fine balance between eagerness and pestering.

REMEMBER! Bright Futures are here for you with a whole range of job hunting tips, opportunities to attend Insight Days plus placement and graduate opportunities and more! Keep up to date on our Website: and follow us on Twitter: and Facebook:

Written by Danielle Chapman


You should be prepared for a busy, challenging day, which should be both enjoyable and informative, but also tiring. The purpose of an assessment centre is to assess whether you have the right skills, abilities and cultural values as the organisation you are hoping to join. Make an impression… 1) First impressions always count so make sure you dress appropriately • If the organisation is suited & booted, you should be too. If they’re more casual, dress accordingly (although always be on the smarter side). If in doubt, ask the person organising you assessment centre before you attend • Arrive on time, with a smile and a firm handshake • No matter how you feel on the inside look confident and at ease 2) Do your homework. Find out what’s currently occurring, not only within the company but also the industry • Review news articles and trade magazines to find out more about what is happening in a wider perspective • Have questions with you ready to ask on the day • Check the companies visions and values so you can project the types of skills they are looking for


3) Always listen to any instructions you are given • You never know what your assessors might give away! 4) If you are on an overnight assessment day don’t be tempted to stay up too late • However tempting, you have got a long day ahead of you, being tired and/or hungover is never a good start • Politely excuse yourself when you feel appropriate – no one will think any less of you for getting an early night 5) Remember, the assessors want you to do well having put a lot of effort in to getting you there • They will be looking for evidence that you have the skills and attitude to be successful in their company • Do all you can to show them that you are the right person for the role • Remember they will have to justify you to the rest of the business so they need to be confident you are the right person for the role


This is probably the question we get asked more than any other, and yet it is the hardest to answer! It is always difficult to find the right balance so that you show you can lead but without completely taking over. Our advice therefore is, no matter how clichéd it might sound, the best you can do is be yourself. Your natural style of leadership

will suit some companies more than others. Don’t try to fake it or be someone you’re not, or worse, someone you think the company is looking for! Every company will have its ideal candidate in mind, but equally they will need their workforce to complement one another. If everyone was a powerful leader the company wouldn’t get very far!

For more tips on the application process check out our Career Advice section on the website. 13

Going to university is undoubtedly value-adding. Bright pupils across the country complete their A-levels but then a divide appears. Those that go on to complete 3 years more education at university suddenly become more valuable to employers than their peers that go straight into the work force. To put this into some kind of perspective, three years later those that have been to university for three years can charge a higher salary than those that already have three years on-the-job experience in the professional world.


This isn’t me making an ambitious claim. According to the BBC (CLICK HERE to go to article) the mid-point graduate salary was £12,000 a year higher than the mid-point of non-graduates, the guardian (CLICK HERE to go to article) puts the pay of a graduate at £6.10 an hour higher than that of someone educated to A-level and Bright Futures’ HirEd Schools Autumn magazine put the salary of a graduate at 159% that of a non-graduate (page 7). It’s clear something about the university process equips a person to perform better and adds value from a company’s perspective. But what? ‘More knowledge’ is the obvious answer. Yet Adecco (CLICK HERE to go to article) (page 11) carried out research suggesting that only 35% of employers thought future potential stemmed from education, but still graduates are being paid more than their non-graduate counterparts. There is additional value to being a graduate. So where does this value stem from? This is a question graduates should ask themselves: In five to ten years, where will their added value come from? They’ll have expanded academic knowledge, but 5 years is more than enough time for a capable non-graduate to pick up the knowledge necessary for a specific role. But there are other, non-academic, aspects to university. The same Adecco study shows 55% of employers include work experience when assessing future potential and 91% include attitude (and potential is important: it’s in almost every graduate recruiters job description!). Non graduates won’t have had access to leadership positions in university societies; they won’t have had the variety of opportunities to demonstrate team working skills on a group project; they may not have been in an environment with so many different viewpoints, cultures and mentalities from around the country and the world. All of this gives graduates value-adding experience which will likely help when in the work place. Getting a degree will give you added value in front of 35% of employers, but taking the opportunity to gain experience will add value according to 55% of employers.

Written by Matthew Maxwell @mattmaxw

However, the attitude of a person forms part of the assessment of future potential for 91% of employers. Being ready and willing to gain experience when the opportunity comes is one thing, but engineering and creating that opportunity is another level altogether. University gives undergraduates an environment and a range of tools to do this that are simply not available to people who don’t go to university. The quantity and variety of societies run buy students, for students, means that students are inevitably in the leadership roles. There’s direct and genuine contact with employers from day one that opens possibilities which would take a non-graduate immense effort to replicate. There are regular events being organised and there is financial and non-financial support for students setting up their own business. There’s so much going on at a university it gives proactive, innovative and driven undergraduates a huge playground in which to be adventurous. Through Bright Futures I was lucky enough to be on the judging panel for the Association of Graduate Recruiters’ annual awards event in London. Very few of us went, and so inevitably those that did go were those that were already close to the action. Being proactive and involved in the university community gives you access to great opportunities that simply don’t trickle down to those who are waiting for opportunities to approach them. Non-graduates don’t have access to that ‘playground’ and therefore find it much harder to prove their future potential compared to graduates. But graduates who fail to take advantage of the university experience will not have increased their value to employers as much as they could have done: 65% [i.e. 100%-35%] of employers think a degree in itself does not increase the future potential of graduates. So where does your value come from? In five to ten years, what will you have that warrants a company paying a premium for? There are many societies including, of course, Bright Futures that give you great opportunities to get experience for the work place, prove you’ve got ambition and be adventurous! Your future value depends on seizing and proactively creating those opportunities.





Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Bada.

Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone.

Platforms: Online, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, WindowsPhone.

Viber is a great platform which enables you to make free phone calls, send text and picture messages with anyone, anywhere. The app uses your mobile phones contact book so you don’t need to add people to it, making it really convenient. It does require use of the internet however, so do use WiFi where you can and be careful of your network data limits!

Linkedin is sometimes seen as the ‘professional’ Facebook. You can connect with over 175 million professionals and find out the latest news , whilst sharing content and displaying your profile for the world to see. Having this all your your fingertips makes it a doddle to manage your professional network and get noticed.

VoucherCloud is a fantastic way of saving you money on the things you love the most (and the things you never thought you did!). You can access the codes from your pocket or your PC and save hundreds of pounds. They will display local offers wherever you are, from dining out to film and theatre, to fashion and electrical, holidays and travel to health and beauty, plus automotive, finance and business.

Price: FREE Website:

Price: FREE Website:

Price: FREE Website:




EVENT ADVENTURES TO BOOST YOUR CV Bright Futures have a close relationship with award winning challenge designers Northstar Events. Northstar are looking for adventure seeking, outdoor loving volunteers to help them deliver a number of exciting team charity challenge events in 2013. What you get All expenses paid adventure Chance to meet up to 40 like-minded students from across the UK Chance to boost your CV with hands-on event delivery experience Chance to network with participating companies & benefitting charities Invite to the big post-challenge party on the last night Dates Great Escape Challenge (in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care) Date: 16th-19th May Location: Yorkshire Dales National Park Emergency Response Challenge (in aid of Oxfam) Date: 5th – 7th July Location: Wellington College, Berkshire


Mission 424 (in aid of Help for Heroes) Date: 19th – 22nd September Location: Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire !

If you’d like to get involved, please email early to

For the crucial first move‌ Final deadlines 8 February 2013 Hiscox

Hiscox, a FTSE250 company, leads the pack when it comes to the world of specialist insurance. We are experts in protection of a wide range of personal and commercial risks, which are often too complex or too much trouble for other insurance companies to consider.

company profile

Our remaining Operations Management roles on our graduate programme as Business Process Analysts, allocated to different business units or functions, will close for applications on 8 February 2013. Apply now to avoid disappointment!

All other graduate and intern programmes are now closed for applications and we will be meeting successful applicants shortly at our London offices. If you are considering our graduate or intern programmes for 2014 and you want to join an ambitious company where brains make a difference, go to for further information.

As a growing business we will be opening a new office in York, North Yorkshire, in early 2013 as well as planned growth at our other offices across the UK & Ireland. To review current vacancies and the opportunity to join Hiscox during this exciting period of growth visit 20

Aim straight and true to capture your dream job

2. You might find, even if you are successful, that the job you’ve landed really isn’t right for you. You’ll stick it out for as long as possible before beginning the application process again – back to square one, possibly disillusioned and with a steeper hill to climb.

company profile

1. You can spread yourself too thin by applying for highly differing roles, and spend time you haven’t got rewriting your CV and cover letters to suit each role. This reduces the quality of your applications and the number of jobs you can apply for.


Graduate job-seekers are faced with overwhelming pressure to start applying for jobs as early as the second year of university. With exams and coursework to cope with on top of applications, it can be tempting to apply for anything and everything – and some graduates do. The problems with this approach are:

To avoid this tricky pothole, think like cupid and keep your bow and arrow resolutely pointed at the target. Ignore the multitude of not-quite-right jobs and focus on the rosy-tinted role that you really have your heart set on. Spend as long as you need tailoring your cover letter and CV to ensure maximum impact and you’ll be bound to make an impression – even if the company’s own sights are set elsewhere. Sharpen your arrows and shoot straight; like love, the best candidates always find a way.

Careers in London, Manchester and Marlow Softcat is a fast-growing company with a passion for customer service and a commitment to employee satisfaction. If you’re interested in IT sales, you can find out about our graduate programmes and upcoming assessment days on our Facebook page, or on Twitter. Alternatively email: or visit our website to apply. 21

BPP Law School

Your ambition realised For over 35 years, BPP has been helping legal professionals realise their ambition. We are one of the largest providers of law courses in the UK, with a track record that speaks for itself; we train one third of all UK lawyers, and over 25 leading law firms choose us as the exclusive training provider for their employees.

company profile

BPP Law School offers an extensive range of programmes and degrees spanning all areas of legal education. Whichever you choose, the focus remains consistent: to get you ready for life in practice, with the relevant training and academic knowledge you need to be successful in the next step of your legal career.

All programmes combine high quality classroom materials, personal tutor support and innovative technology, and are available on a full-time, part-time and accelerated study basis. BPP tutors are a dynamic mix of legal practitioners and academics. They will impart the knowledge and skills to not only

help you pass your exams, but will help you prepare for work and stay competitive. Whether you study at one of our law schools or online you’ll receive the same professional learning experience, with links to top law firms and teaching of the highest standard.

For more information please email us on or visit our website at



Aspire Competition 2013

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Aspire competition for 2013. Everyone has aspirations – for themselves or for the community. That’s why we’ve launched Aspire. Quite simply, it’s a competition where you choose the prize, but you have to convince us in 250 words or fewer why we should give it to you.

So, what do you aspire to? You might want to put the money towards new books for your course. You might want to improve your interview technique. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to work with underprivileged children in Africa or paint your local school. It can be anything you think will make a difference – the choice is yours.

company profile

Linklaters is one of the world’s most prestigious law firms – a global network of exceptionally talented, highly motivated lawyers working as a team and learning from one another to fulfil our ambition of becoming the leading global law firm.

Why not find out what last year’s winners aspired to and how we helped them make it a reality? Visit our Facebook page to submit your entry. We look forward to hearing your suggestion for a prize – and since there are multiple prizes on offer, there’s no excuse to not share this idea with your friends!

For more information about Linklaters and the opportunities on offer for students and graduates, visit our website at 23

Teach First

Take up the challenge, get involved, Teach First

company profile

What is Teach First? How much you achieve in life should not be determined by how much your parents earn. Yet in the UK, it usually is. We believe in the power of education to change this. We are an independent charity working with others to give every child the right to a decent education. We train people with leadership potential to be inspirational teachers in schools in low-income communities across the country. These leaders go onto work in different sectors of society towards a future where no child’s educational success is limited by their socio-economic background. The Teach First journey begins with a unique two-year Leadership Development Programme – featuring a range

of high-quality training opportunities and supportive coaching – that focuses on graduates’ ability to positively influence the achievements and aspirations of pupils and their access to further opportunities, both in education and beyond. How the journey develops will be down to the individual, but Teach First will provide the support and the opportunities to progress rapidly, while always staying focused on engaging with our vision. Deadline: We recruit on a rolling basis and will fill our vacancies as we find those candidates that meet our competency and academic requirements. Final deadline for applications: 20 March 2013

Selection criteria: 2.1 degree or above, 300 UCAS points (or equivalent, excluding General Studies) Have a degree or A-levels that satisfy our Teaching subject requirements Grade C (or equivalent) in GCSE Maths and English (Grade C in one Science GCSE is also required for Primary teaching eligibility) Flexibility to work anywhere within our regions After these minimum requirements, selection is based on your ability to demonstrate relevant subject knowledge and eight competencies.

How to apply: To apply for Teach First you will need to register interest and fill in an online application form


The right representation: LinkedIn & online networking.

This is where LinkedIn comes into the picture; described as a ‘boring’ social network by those who misunderstand it, LinkedIn is the social media website for professionals. LinkedIn has a fair few advantages that can really make a struggling grad’s CV and experience shine. We outline a few of these advantages here: Search for jobs Probably the most obvious advantage of LinkedIn is the ease with which you can search for jobs in your field and the ability to be notified by new job postings. The site’s built in search engine allows you to

analyse the field, plus the site itself looks at your profile and informs you of new jobs that you may be interested in.

particular career, take a look at someone in the field who’s already made it and see how they broke into the industry.

Build a network LinkedIn isn’t just a board for job listing, it’s chiefly a social network, allowing you to get in touch with connections in different industries and making use of your existing relationships to sell yourself. Utilising the group function is key here, as you can network easily with other connected individuals and make a name for yourself if you’re passionate and personable enough.

Link-In Employers do want to see a fully rounded person, which is where the option to add your Twitter account can add a bit of character – just be aware that if you do this, you probably should not be posting expletive laden tweets as any potential employer may be put off by your extended vocabulary. You can select which tweets appear on your account – a must – but it’s worth doing as it adds a bit of personality to an otherwise plain format.

Recommendations Recommendations from previous employers are an important part of LinkedIn and this says a lot about you as a candidate. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from previous employers either, as these lend credibility to your profile. Observe career paths Probably one of the best features of LinkedIn is having access to existing industry insiders. If you’re interested in a

For the full article along with tips on how to get the most out of your linkedIn profile, visit the Endsleigh Hub,, brought to you by students, graduates and industry experts.

company profile

Representing yourself in a good light online is getting increasingly hard, given the amount of personal information that we now share on the internet. As such, segregating your personal life from your professional life is important when applying for jobs online – you don’t want a prospective employer not giving you a call because they saw a few Facebook pictures of your 21st. Whilst this is easily avoided if you utilise Facebook’s privacy settings correctly, there is a better way.


If you want to be taken seriously when applying for jobs online, linking to your Facebook and Twitter page and expecting a positive response is just asking for disaster.

Applications it’s a little known fact that LinkedIn has its own applications, allowing you do anything from hosting files to sharing your calendar. Applications are a great way to make your profile more lively and save potential employers the hassle of clicking through numerous online portfolios of your work. 25

National Grid

Wanted: The ‘IT’ crowd

company profile

You may not know it, but you are part of the ‘Net Generation’. The ‘Net Generation’ is: constantly connected, won’t wait for information, and has communication at its finger tips. So why would you work for a utility or an energy company?

implications for the systems we use and our Global Information Services (IS) Team. We need IT/IS/Computing graduates to help us stay connected – to the generators, to the gas and electricity networks and to each other 24/7.

At National Grid we have a huge task of connecting new energy generation sources into the gas and electricity networks in the UK and USA. This has huge

It’s a big challenge, but one we are confident you can help us achieve. Look no further. This IS where you start your career!


12-14 week Summer Internship Programme 12 month Industrial Placement Programme Closing date: 28 February 2013 18 month Graduate Development Programme Closing date: 31 January 2013

Pinsent Masons LLP

How to choose your perfect match?

The best way to identify your perfect match is to spend a bit of time with one another; this allows you to see them on their bad days as well as the good days. This is also why at Pinsent Masons we recruit the majority of our trainee solicitors following a vacation placement.

By identifying in advance what are your ‘non-negotiables’, that is the things you really must have in your career if you are going to be satisfied, you can use the selection process and your placements to determine if your prospective employer can deliver in these areas – if they can’t then perhaps it was just not meant to be.

company profile

Securing a place on just one graduate scheme can seem a tall order at the moment but every year there are a number of students who are left with the difficult (if welcome) problem of choosing between employers. It is worth thinking about how you would tackle this problem before it arises, as many employers will be looking for you to make a quick decision.

For more advice on how to woo prospective employers visit our graduate blog! BLOG (click here)


We love the positively perplexing Thales

We love cracking the confusingly complex at Thales*. We love investigating the impossibly intractable. We love deciphering the dazzlingly difficult. And we love unravelling the unrelentingly unknowable. Why? Quite simply, creating the most ingenious technological systems and innovations is in our business DNA.

company profile

As a major engineering and technology company, our work touches all of our lives – every single day. From BACS, the secure network communications system behind 3.7 billion secure electronic transactions every year, to in-flight entertainment systems for passenger planes and state-of-the art equipment for military aircraft, the scope and scale of our problem-solving abilities knows no bounds. Talented people are the key to our success. So from the outset we’ll encourage you to become professionally qualified and give you the training to realise your potential. Our comprehensive Graduate Development Programme (GDP) runs parallel with your

Engineering role or placements on the Business Programme. It offers everything from an introduction to our organisation, culture and processes to formal training in the form of seminars, specialist courses and visits. We will also pay your annual membership fees for a relevant professional institution. The Thales UK graduate Development Programme is accredited by the following Engineering Institutions: IET, IMechE, Royal Aeronautical Society and Institute of Physics. We recruit on a rolling basis. Our application system is opened for a period of approximately one month and then closed to reassess recruitment needs. If additional

For more hints & tips, videos and information on current roles, visit: 28

applications are required the system will reopen and will subsequently be closed approximately one month later. This process is repeated until our recruitment needs are met. So, in order to allow us analyse your amazing application, we recommend submitting it as soon as possible. *That’s Thales as in ‘Alice’ by the way.

Finance & Accounting Graduate Programme

What makes our Finance and Accounting programme so unique is our excellent track record of turning talented graduates into world-class accountants and finance professionals. Some of our previous graduates have taken on junior management roles shortly after coming off the scheme, and even progressed into senior business finance positions where they are now supporting critical and strategic business decisions.

We have final assessment centres scheduled and we operate on a first-come-firstserved basis when filling our graduate opportunities, so if you’re interested in this opportunity please submit your application ASAP.

company profile

For our 2013 programme we have opportunities available across our General and Life Insurance business. By joining our Life Insurance business in Swindon or General Insurance business in Fareham, you’ll experience a number of rotations across both business-facing and corporate finance teams, which will see you getting involved in financial accounting and reporting, business partnering or expense analysis.


A career in Accounting & Finance offers a rich variety of opportunities. Over the three years on the programme our graduates will be given full support to gain their chosen accountancy qualification – ACCA, ACA or CIMA – whilst developing leadership potential along the way.

To find out more and apply, please visit:

To find out more and apply, please visit : 29

Ernst & Young

The Ernst & Young Games Room How much could your university volunteering department achieve with an extra £5,000 to fund their work? If your university tops the Ernst & Young Games Room leaderboard, you could soon be answering exactly that.

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The winning university will follow in the footsteps of our 2012 competition winners Warwick University. With their prize money, they launched the ‘Warwick Student Union Social Enterprise Project’. It’s doing a great job to encourage and develop students’ social enterprise ideas, and even provides crucial seed funding to get those ideas off the ground. This year we’re supporting student volunteering. We believe volunteering is a great way for students to improve their employability, build on key skills needed for the working world, enhance learning and give something back to the local community. Our own workforce donated 37,000 thousand hours to community volunteering in 2012. It’s become an important part of our culture, and plays a valuable 30

role in many employees’ learning and development; both personally and professionally. You can find out more about our global community engagement activities here. We’re expecting the competition to be strongly contested, especially as it is quick and easy for students to take part. Entrants register and play at and can win great prizes for themselves by completing a series of five brain-teasing challenges. They also score a point for their university for every challenge they successfully complete. The university with the most points at the end wins the £5,000 donation. It’s that simple. The competition starts on Monday 4 February and runs until Sunday 17 February but students can pre-register now. We’ll be using

our on-campus teams as well as online activities to raise awareness, create a buzz, build intrigue and get people taking part. But we’d encourage you to get involved too. It could be putting up posters in the union or utilising your university’s social channels - whatever it takes to get your student population involved and increase your chances of receiving the £5,000 donation. If you’d like more information on the competition or to request materials to support your own promotional push please email:


March Boot Camp 2013 – your toughest test yet

We’d like to give you a taste of what that means while you’re at university. We want you to push yourself. Reach further than you ever have before. Break new ground and feel the rush of achievement that goes along with it. This is how we work at Accenture and we have condensed this feeling into our March Boot Camp.

building on them. It will also give you a valuable insight into the world of Consulting and technology.

March Boot Camp takes place between Monday 25th March 2013 and Wednesday 27th March 2013.

We will not tell you the location. We won’t even tell you the agenda. All we can tell you right now is that you will negotiate a packed itinerary of business games and other mental challenges.

Applications are now open; visit to find out more.

March Boot Camp is a 48-hour training camp for first or final year students (or second year if you’re doing a four-year course). It’s designed to help you identify your key strengths and start

This is a popular scheme and, with only limited places available, competition is fierce and so the first skill we’ll test is your response time.

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By combining innovative thinking with advanced technology, Accenture is changing the way we live and work. We’re transforming some of the world’s best known businesses, and helping our clients get better at what they do. In much the same way, we hope we can transform careers by equipping our people with the skills they need to learn, grow, innovate and inspire those around them.

Places are filled on a first-come, first served basis. You should apply early to avoid disappointment; all applications close on: 22nd February 2013.

Applications are now open; visit to find out more. Places are filled on a first-come, first served basis. You should apply early to avoid disappointment; all applications close on 22nd February 2013. 31

A career you can fall in love with this Valentines Tesco

At Tesco, we want to give you every opportunity to succeed. We’ve spent a great deal of time establishing a development path the lets our best and brightest colleagues progress at the speed they should. On top of this we work hard to ensure that our colleagues enjoy working for us – this is important as we spend 9 – 5 with each other!!! We do this using a culture fused with values – the Tesco Values.

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The Tesco Values sit at the heart of our business and help us to gain life time loyalty from our colleagues and customers. It is important to us that we treat everyone with respect so that we can enjoy our work! Whether you are in stores or head office, the way that we operate is built upon trust and respect.

We recognize that you have to spend a lot of time with your colleagues – where ever you work – and are therefore proud of our emphasis on people skills. People skills are an important part of Leadership and so it is essential for our home-grown talent to operate in this way.

You should be able to work for a company that cares about you, and takes the “one team” approach.

Fall in love with a career at Tesco this Valentine’s day. Find out more about our Graduate Opportunities at: 32

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