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How to make scrambled egg perfect? Write a Business Letter to a restaurant How do flavorings harm your health? The dangers on the table

My story with hot spicy dip

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Good eating habits…...5

Movie Review…...6

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Flavorings are gnawing your body…...10 2

French Cuisine The shell takes you in its arm You come from the deep ocean to make us warm Your velvety flesh keeps me satisfied Oyster with distilled wine and lemon by its side Thousands of layers cover the cheese. This taste can even take away my breath. Lasagna, lights up the table from the dark. And came to my life and left a mark. You are awfully fine and smooth. All other things are willing to lose. You always strive for perfection. This is why I give you all my adoration. The success is based on the everlasting endeavor. That is why you will be spread around the world forever. 3

How to Make Scrambled Eggs Perfect These instructions are for the people who like cooking and want to try a perfect way of cooking eggs. If you don’t like eggs or you are allergic to eggs, you don’t need to read this.

 

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6. Leave the eggs aside and turn on the fire. Heat the pan until you can feel the temperature if you put your hand above the pan. 7. Pour a small amount of olive oil in the pan and let it heat for 1 minute. Don’t let the oil become very hot. 8. Pour the eggs into the pan quickly, and turn over the eggs until it become solid. 9. Take it out and put it into a dish, and enjoy the eggs which are cooked by the best way!

Tips:  

1. Collect the materials that you need: fresh eggs, 4g salt, 5g sugar, a bottle of olive oil, a pan, and some dishes. 2. Have all your materials ready, and go to your kitchen. 3. Put the pan on the cooking range and use fire to make the pan dry and warm then turn off the fire and leave it aside. 4. Break the shell of the egg and pour it into a bowl. 5. Use chopstick to stir the eggs in the bowl really hard until white bubbles come out. Try to stir it as hard as possible for 1 minute. Otherwise you can use eggbeater.

Love is the best material ever for cooking. The quantity of egg, salt, sugar and oil is depends on you.


Good Eating Habit Eating is one of the major sources of energy in our body. To keep a good health, having a good eating habit is something you have to consider about. There are three suggestions that I want to give you about eating habit. I suggest you to eat breakfast; try not to eat fast-foods; eat more fish. You may never know these knowledge if you do not read the following paragraphs. Breakfast is what we usually ignore; however, it should be one thing that we should never ignore. So, what if you do not eat breakfast? Let us see the consequence. Firstly, you will get fat. Not eating breakfast forces you to eat more for supper. During the morning your stomach is always empty. This leads to the decrease of blood sugar. Then your brain will get confusing, dull and fatigue. Most of us like fast foods because they are convenience and tasty. But you do not know that eating fast foods makes you depressed. This was proved by the scientist from Spain. Fast foods are mainly focusing on providing meat, sugar and oil. Eating too much fast food will cause over nutrition. This will directly lead to heart disease. There is an adage in China, “The one with four legs is inferior to the one with two legs; and the one with two legs is inferior to the one without leg.” Fish is the best kind of meat. Eating fish can lowers the possibilities of having heart diseases, improves your sight and makes you clever. With these suggestions, I believe your life will be more enjoyable than before. Do not ignore the most important meal in a day—breakfast; do not eat too much fast food; eat the animal without leg such as fish. Finally, do not forget to have a balanced diet.


Movie Review of Titanic(What do you do when you are not cooking?)

The film Titanic was directed by James Cameron. The male leading actor is Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson; the female leading actor is Kate Winslet as Rose DeWitt. In April 10th 1912, Titanic which was the biggest ship at that time started her first trip. This ship left Souththampton and head to New York. Titanic is a romantic epic. The movie starts with the experience of a salvage team. They were trying to seek for a diamond called “The Heart of Ocean.” They sent swimming machine into the ship and found a steel safe. It made them super happy. The result let them down, it was just a picture of a girl; but the necklace on her neck is the diamond they are looking for. At this time, the team received a phone call from an old woman in America. This old woman said she is the girl in the picture. Then she was invited to the ship and started to talking about her story on Titanic. In April 10th 1912, the ship Titanic started her first trip. A few minutes before the ship set sail, Jack Dawson and his friend won the tickets of the Titanic by playing poker cards. They got the chance to enter Titanic. Kate Winslet was a girl in a rich family; she was going to marry her rich fiancé. But she didn’t like the rich man and she was trying to jump into the ocean. This is the time when Jack convinced her and saved her. While she climbed on the rail, he came to her and tried to convince her. Finally she changed her mind and accepted his help. At this moment, Rose’s feet slipped from the rail, Jack caught her hand. The guards on the ship heard her screaming and came to them. When the guards arrived, they found Jack and Rose lying on the ground with Jack’s outwear off. After Rose explained the truth Jack got rid of this misunderstanding. Since then, Rose dated with Jack for several time and fell in love with Jack. They went to rich people’s party and poor people party


together. Unfortunately, Rose’s fiancé does not like this. He framed Jack up by putting the diamond in his pocket. They locked Jack in a small room. At that time Titanic hit an iceberg and it would sink in one or two hours. Rose jumped out of the lifeboat and went to seek Jack. She found a saw and broke the lock apart. The way to the deck was very difficult and for many times they almost drowned by the water. Finally they found the way out, and the situation on the deck was a chaos… The acting part of the film is what I have to mention. Both Jack and the royalty completely show the temperament of different classes. Jack has the characteristics of an optimistic country boy through his behavior and language; we can feel the tone the Rose and other royalties use, their dialect is very royal especially Rose’s mother. The party of the lower social groups is quite lively; but the atmosphere in the higher class’s party is completely different. The time order of the film is very smart. The film presents this epic story by an old woman’s memory. Time starts from the modern world and goes back to the past. The reaction of the old woman’s audiences—the wrecking team—can help to create a better atmosphere for the movie. At the very end of the movie, time goes back to reality. It gives us a meaningful end. The whole movie doesn’t many scenes that are super memorable, the conflicts in the film are not very obvious; but the editing part and photography is perfect. Anyway this film is worth to watch. It will spent 3 hours of your life and it will let you know what true love is again.


Jimmy Zhao Xiangyun Road, Seine Valley D3-102 Langfang, Hebei 065000

Business Letter

October, 1st 2013 Kim Lasagna Manager of Flo Restaurant Flo Restaurant Xiaoyun Road, 12 Beijing 100000 Re: Application for Cook Position Dear Mr. Lasagna:

I am a crazy aspirer of French Cuisine. Visiting your restaurant is what I have to do each week. Eating your food makes me feel appreciated. I have a dream, which is to spread love to as many people as I can. Cooking is one step on my journey to achieve that dream. I want the people to smile after they try my foods and feel my love. I believe that your restaurant is somewhere that has the strength to make cuisines to full of love. French Cuisine is also my favorite kind of food; therefore, I believe I can achieve my dream with your help. I am confident about my skills. I am good at cooking and I have good patience. Identifying fresh materials is also one of my skills. Accepting new way of cooking is what I would love to try. This is all about my cooking life. I hope you can hire me as an assistant firstly. I will try to learn as much knowledge about French Cuisine as possible. Thank you for reading my letter. I hope you can consider me to work for you. Sincerely, (signature) Jimmy Zhao


Jimmy Zhao Small Big Road, Seine Valley D3-102 Langfang, Hebei 065000

Business Letter

October, 1st 2013 Kim Lasagna Manager of Flo Restaurant Flo Restaurant Xiaoyun Road, 12 Beijing 100000 Kim Lasagna ,

I am Jimmy, the boss of the JIMMY PAN near your restaurant. I have been searching cooperating partners over the past week. Finally, I found you have the company that meets my requirements. It will be wonderful for you to be our partner to invest my farm. I am contacting you to tell you some details about my new organic farm. I owned the new organic farm a few weeks ago, and I don’t have a very detailed plan about what will be in this farm yet. After you invest my farm you will be able to join the meeting and we will plan about the organic farm together. I have a contract for you to sign. We will have the meeting on November 15 which is this Friday. I want you to bring me your investment at that day. If you have any questions, please let me know. Respectfully, Jimmy Zhao General Manager Jimmy Pan Company (86)13333333333


Flavorings are Gnawing Your Body There is one thing you might don’t know—the flavorings that we are eating everyday are gradually pushing us to the hell. Many flavorings making process involves human technology; and there are some chemicals that can harm our bodies directly. If we get too much, it will have some very obvious impacts on our health. Therefore, flavorings are severely harmful for our body conditions. There is one thing you may don’t know, flavorings are gradually changing our mind; the taste buds are weakened at the same time. Adding many salt and sugar to the soup can make it delicious; but by the time you are enjoying eating, you become more rely on the strong taste. This will continuously get more severe. There are some damages of empty sugar from the website “The Healers Journal”. “Empty sweets burden digestion; make you overweight, tired and anxious; cause intense cravings, poor immunity, weak bones, colds, flu, restlessness, and worry.” Otherwise, if you try not to have so many flavorings, you won’t meet this kind of troubles. Try to stay away from this bad habit for your own good. Flavorings can also affect the health condition of our organs. After you eat them, digestive organs are the first system to contact with the flavorings. From a international food website, it said that the flavorings from hot pot is a big problem that can cause stomach illness. Most of people have experienced diarrhea, and this can be the direct result of eating too much spicy flavorings. In some regions, spicy food is a kind of culture. But you need to think about it; as you eat lots of cayenne, they will irritate your digestive organs and make them lost their functions for a short period. From page 147 of the book “餐桌上隐藏的危险.” It said that chili extract 10

can directly kill the epidermis cells of mucosa. However, you don’t have to wean yourself from rating spicy food, as least you shouldn’t make it to be your habit. Try not to let flavorings affect your health condition. Many flavorings company use smoky flavor to make foods taste better. This method can damage our genes. Although traditional way to cook can make foods taste better and more salty, the drawbacks are way more than the advantages. “Scientists from Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center report in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology that teas, coffees, and "smoky flavoring" could be damaging our DNA at levels comparable to that caused by chemotherapy drugs.” You shouldn’t use them to satisfy your taste if you don’t want to suffer the consequences. It is true that flavorings make eating more enjoyable. But everyone should think about the consequences. Will life be enjoyable if you have high blood sugar and high blood pressure? Of course, they don’t. The diseases will continuously harm your body. You may need a year to recover by using one hour to eat spicy hot pot. I strongly suggest you to not eat too much flavorings. Having a bland diet makes you live longer. I hope no one will suffer from the guilty flavorings.



How to make scrambled egg perfect? Write a Business Letter to a restaurant How do flavorings harm your health? The dangers on the table

My story with hot spicy dip

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