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==== ==== For Great Tips On Anxiety Panic Attack Resource Site Click Here ==== ==== Panic attacks are the most incapacitating experience a man can ever have! A person suffering from panic attack may suddenly develop an accelerated heartbeat along with shortness of breath, sweating, shaking, chest pain, nausea, hot or cold flashes, dizziness in the head, tingling in the hand. Add to the symptoms a need to run away, a fear of dying or a fear of losing sanity! However, somebody suffering from panic-attack will not have all, but at least four of the symptoms. Yet, the picture is not pretty, is it? That most people mistake a panic attack for a heart attack is not surprising at all, because the symptoms of panic attack more often than not mimic those of a heart attack. More over panic attack comes out of blue just like a heart attack and needs no stressor at all. It builds up within ten minutes and then subsides slowly within another twenty or thirty minutes leaving the patient absolutely normal, but shaky. If you have two consecutive such attacks within a short span and are in constant fear of another attack in near future, you may be having a panic attack. A full-blown case of panic-attack will have at least four of the above symptoms and a fear of another attack always larking inside. For a correct diagnosis, visit a general physician first. Undergo thorough medical check up to make sure that you do not really have any physical ailment that causes the above symptoms. Once that is done; go to see a psychoanalyst to have any other psychological problem ruled out. Visit a psychiatrist next. Remember, a psychoanalyst is not a doctor, but a psychiatrist is and can prescribe medicines. Others can only apply therapy, but cannot write any prescription. It is naturally better to start the panic treatment under an authorized medical practitioner who can give therapy and prescribe medicines at the same time.That done, it is time for you to call on a psychoanalyst, who will rule out every other mental illness. The panic treatment can start only after all the physical and psychological illnesses are ruled out. Start your treatment under a psychiatric who is either a MD or a DO. Remember, only a psychiatric is allowed by law to prescribe medicines. Panic attacks are not fatal in the sense that they do not kill people physically. However, they can bring about a great deal of psychological damage if it is not treated early enough. Untreated panic disorder can give rise to social phobia as well as agoraphobia, which is the fear of having panicattacks in certain places. Add to it alcohol and drug dependency and you can see how panic attack can be psychologically fatal. The patients lose self-esteem and become suicide prone. Losing faith in self is the worst thing that can happen to a panic-attack patient because such a patient must be determined to be free from the attacks. Besides, he must try to understand: 1. What panic attack is, why the attack takes place and how it should be treated. 2. Panic-attack like heart attack is just a medical condition. It is neither a weakness nor a character flaw. 3. There is nothing to be humiliated about and that he should immediately see a doctor and start

treatment. 4. Whether the panic attack is actually hampering his daily life. If it is, panic attack medications will be required in the initial stages at least. If it is not, he can cure his panic disorder through psychotherapy and self-help tricks. 5. Caffeine, alcohol and illicit drugs worsen the situation. 6. He must regularly practice aerobic exercises and stress management techniques like deep breathing and yoga to keep the bouts and frequency of the panic attacks under control. Doctors generally use psychotherapy and medications to control panic-attacks. The two most popular psychotherapies that are used to combat panic attack are cognitive-behavioral-therapy or CBT and panic-focused psychodynamic psychotherapy. The cognitive part of the CBT teaches you to identify the thoughts that give rise to panic-attacks in time, so that you can take corrective steps and the behavioral part teaches you the steps that you should take control it. It also eradicates panic-attacks by gradually exposing you to the situation that first triggered that panic attack. Panic-focused psychodynamic psychotherapy helps to identify the malfunctioning defense mechanism, which gave the false warning and caused the panic attack in the first place. If you can do that, you can get rid of panic-attacks for good. Panic-attack medications include specific selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs and benzodiazepines. Before the SSRIs became available, tricyclic antidepressants were used to treat panic attack. Though both the groups are equally effective, the SSRIs are found to be safer and therefore more widely used. These medicines work slowly and have to be taken for a longer time. Benzodiazepines are short-term medications that are more used on as-necessary basis. Longterm use of benzodiazepines may cause drug dependency. However, let your psychiatric decide. Beth Kaminski is a leading expert in how to treat anxiety attacks and has been publishing lots of information on the anxiety attack medications for years now. Article Source:

==== ==== For Great Tips On Anxiety Panic Attack Resource Site Click Here ==== ====

A Full Course of Panic Treatment Can Cure the Severest Panic Attack  

Losing faith in self is the worst thing that can happen to a panic-attack patient because such a patient must be determined to be free from...

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