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We Are Change! Hello Change Agents! Remember Leadership Foundation? ........ Organizers of the first ever Nordic Somali Youth Summit. We will continue the dialog and learning and have a FREE workshop with Mike Waldron in Oslo. Date: 14th.June. 2012 Time: 15:30- 19:00 Registration: By June 10th

Mike Waldron

This workshop will feature 2 sessions on “Getting your message across” and “Our cultural assumptions”. The goals of the workshop are: 

To give participants the opportunity to consider the elements that make for a successful grass roots campaign, and to deploy some key messaging techniques in relation to campaigns.

To give participants an opportunity to consider the impact of effective messaging, to explore the power of questions, and to experience the pressures and dynamics of a media briefing in simulation

To enable participants to reflect on strongly held collective cultural assumptions that can often lead to lazy stereotyping.

To understand how realistic are our aspirations in relation to political correctness

The workshop will be at the US Embassy in Oslo (Henrik Ibsens gate 48) NOTE: You are requested to be at the Embassy by 15:00 otherwise you won`t be allowed in! The workshop will begin at 15:30. Due to security restrictions, do NOT bring a computer. There will be a wait of up to 15 minutes through security IMPORTANT “We will need you give us your full name when your register. You will have to show a photo identification (passport, bank card or drivers licence) at the security booth. The name on your photo id must correspond with the name you have given at registration or you will not allowed entrance. “ You are also requested to sign up as soon as possible due to limited space. Sign up before June 10th at Tel: 925 694 63


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