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planning portfolio bY BRIGETTE FOOT january sem 141

media consumption and planning advertising communications and channel planning

my media diary The below table represents my media consumption and exposure over a five day period from the 9th February 2014 to the 13th February 2014. I also checked social media websites very briefly a number of times throughout the day, but this was difficult to record as it could span from a few seconds to a few minutes. However, to take this into consideration, during the times I used these platforms for a substantial period of time, I added on a little extra time to account for this.


Media Used

total time spent consuming media

4 hours and 55 minutes.

What I was doing at the time of use



Mobile: Instagram & Facebook

Woke up and checked these platforms to update me of any world news/events and what my friends had been up to. Also used it as a way to remind me or notify me of any important daily events or things needed to be done for my extra-curricular university committees. I particularly enjoy looking at Instagram in the morning as it quite often provides me with inspiring quotes and outlooks on life to get my day started in a positive way.

Happy after my sleep in and excited to get the day started (but annoyed at the same time that it is the last day of the weekend).



Reading the Sunday Mail and Courier Mail to be updated on local and national news and to also flip through their weekly lifestyle and health section lift outs.



Internet Browsing

Browsed the internet for a number of random things and used Google as my primary search engine. Within this search I did click on some Google ads and also used banner advertising to direct me to various websites.



Television, Facebook/I nstagram

Watching So You Think You Can Dance, and then on the commercial breaks using Facebook and Instagram to entertain me and communicate with my friends. However, I was also aware of the television commercials airing in the background and would always direct my attention to the tv when I found an ad interesting and captivating.

Extremely excited for the show’s return and so inspired by all the dancing.


Mobile: Facebook, Instagram & Youtube

Check for updates and any new events/news before I fall asleep. Watched a few Youtube clips and interviews as well.


monday 10th feb

total time spent consuming media

3 hours and 10 mins


Mobile: Instagram, Facebook & Youtube





As I woke up and was getting ready in the morning and eating breakfast. I watched the Morning Show to be updated on the latest news events and other interesting happenings in the world. Was also exposed to a number of info-commercials.


9pm (20 mins ads)


Before attending used the Event Cinemas App to plan my viewing time. Was surrounded by various ads within the cinema and also pre-film advertising as well.

Excited to see Zac Efron’s new movie.


Mobile Facebook and Instagram.

Check for any updates before falling asleep.


tuesday 11th feb 8-8:15am

Mobile: Instagram, Facebook & Youtube

total time spent consuming media

3 hours and 6 mins


Not looking forward to a day of law tutorials.

As walking to Uni saw a bus driving past with a local law firm ad printed on the side.

Peaceful and relaxed.

8:45am (1 min)

Bus Advertising

3pm (5 mins)




Read and flicked through the magazines I purchased and used a few QR codes to direct me to brand websites, magazine special features and competitions.


Magazines, TV & Internet

Viewed a lot of old dated magazines for inspiration for my university publications. Whilst doing this I also browsed the internet for inspiration as well as checked Facebook and Pinterest and watched TV at the same time as well.


TV & Facebook & Instagram

Fell asleep to the TV after doing my routine Facebook Tired and Instagram check before bed.

Browsed through a variety of magazines before making a choice which ones to purchase. Eventually Indecisive. chose Vogue and Shop til you Drop based on content and covers.

WEDNESDAY 12Th feb 8-8:15am

Mobile: Instagram, Facebook & Youtube


Creative and Inspired.

total time spent consuming media

5 hours





Radio, Brand Summary of Dayapplications, 11am-1pm shopping centre brochures and signs.

Listened to the radio to and from the shopping centre. Was exposed to a variety of media including store pamphlet and salesman in the middle of the isles. I also used my Bank application to make some money transfers throughout this couple of hours.

Excited to purchase new things, but was annoyed at the constant ads on the radio whilst driving.



Viewed a variety of Youtube clips including the ads (before skipping as soon as I could) as well as visiting Pinterest and Facebook.



Internet – TV catch up online

Streamed TV online via internet.

Excited to catch up on missed episodes.



thursday 13th feb 9-9:215am




Mobile: Instagram, Facebook & Youtube Internet Internet – TV catch up online whilst also using Facebook and Instagram on my phone. Magazines, TV, Internet and Mobile Phone use of Facebook and Instagram.

total time spent consuming media

3 hours and 25 mins

Routine. Also checked it a few times in class between the hours of 9am -1pm.


Whilst doing some assignment research, I also viewed Pinterest and Facebook.


Catching up with TV episodes I missed and chatting with friends and family on social media.

Whilst researching magazines for inspiration for my publications, I was searching things online in order to make my ideas come alive. Then at the same time I had the TV on in the background, whilst using Facebook and Instagram to browse and keep updated on the ‘world’.

Excited and anxious to catch up on episodes I had missed.

Motivated and inspired.

Summary of Day

The above pie graph represents the proportion of my time I spent consuming the particular media type during the week.

media CONSUMPTION Through evaluation of my Media Diary and comparison to

As can be seen in the graph below my primary uses of media

industry statistics, it is evident my media consumption is very

are through the internet, social media platforms and through

typical for a 21 year old female who uses a smartphone and

watching televison via online streaming. These media

has internet access. When comparing my consumption to the

channels are therefore the most effective ways for companies

industry findings on the opposite page, it is apparent my time

to connect me with their brands and their products. However,

spent using media, my ways of using media, and the reasons

in saying this, there is only a very short period of time in which

why I use media, are analogous to those sharing similar

the brand has to capture my attention. For example, whilst

demographics to me. I am a female who uses Facebook, I

the average time spent on Facebook is 18 mins, I am usually

access Facebook on my smartphone through an application,

only using Facebook for a shorter period of time (between

I check Facebook first thing in the morning and before bed,

3-5 mins) which I do quite a few times throughout the day

I use social media whilst in my bedroom and whilst watching

(Yellow Pages, 2013). Additionally, when using hybrid and


online television streaming, there is only the short period of compulsory advertisment viewing which I pay attention to

The only key differences are in television viewing and hybrid

before ‘skipping’ the advertisement to get to what I want to

streaming. Whilst the average Australian watches television


for an average of 44 hours per month, it is likely that I would only watch a maximum of 24 hours per month (Neilsen, 2013).

An interesting finding was that I am amongst only 7% of

Consequently, unless this media channel is used early in the

females who use Pinterest. Whilst I use this platform quite

mornings then it is unlikely to be an effective tool to utilise to

regularly on my phone and laptop, I only use it for inspirational

capture my attention and engage my interest. However, my

purposes including photography and creative design ideas

findings revealed that my hybrid streaming is above average

and therefore it is not a suitable channel to target me for

and could alternatively act as an invaluable advertising tool.

branding or advertising purposes.

Whilst the average viewing rate is five hours per month for a female of my age, based on my survey my hybrid streaming is anticipated to be of 8 hours per month (Neilsen, 2013).

Media usage results obtained via (AIMIA, 2012) (Neilsen, 2013) (ACMA, 2011) and (Yellow Pages, 2013) based on the ‘norms’ of those aged between 20-29 years old.

98% females use Facebook as a social media platform

Facebook is used at least

24 times

per week

Hours spent on Facebook per week:

86% check Facebook via their

7 hours



39% females

use Social Media

in the Bedroom

47% females 53%

check Facebook first thing in the


use Social Media whilst watching TV

Hours spent on Internet per week:

17% females 7% females

Hours of TV viewing each week per month:

check Facebook just before


use Instagram as a social media platform

13 hours Online TV streaming per month

use Pinterest as a social media platform

5 hours

Hybrid streaming per month

10 hours

44 hours

63% multi-task on simultaneous screens whilst watching TV

“ Imagine that two brands would like to target

media aperture.

you with their advertising. One brand is an Insurance company trying to interest you in life insurance, the other brand/roduct is a

life insurance

new energy drink. According to your media

As a young university student this is a service

consumption: How would they best target

that is not at all at the forefront of my purchasing

you/ Would they need different strategies?

considerations. However, with the right high

Why or Why not?”

impact, possibly highly emotional campaign, again, the use of YouTube advertisements,

Based on these key findings above, below I

television and social media would likely be

have outlined the most effective and efficient

the most effective methods of communicating

media channels for the ‘clients’ outlined in

with me. The best time to first target me

the brief to use when targeting me with their

would be in the morning when I am most


open to new things and listening to the news and info-commercials on television morning shows. As I am usually not multi-tasking with

Energy Drink

simultaneous screens during this time, it

The most effective ways to target me with this

attention without any distractions. Whilst my

product would be through social media during

receptivity would be high in the mornings, the

the afternoon or evening. This is because this

campaign would still need to be interesting to

is usually the time I am struggling through my

capture my attention. An awareness pattern

studies, trying to stay awake and concentrate,

media schedule would be the most effective

and am most in need of a ‘pick-me-up’ to push

to implement as this service is a long term

me through. Therefore, my receptivity to this

commitment which would take a considerable

product will be very high during these times

amount of time to think about before making

as I am more susceptible to processing and

the purchasing decision. Therefore, as the

acting on their delivered message. Additionally,

campaign progresses on I would need to be

an advertisement via YouTube could also be

exposed to these advertisements a couple of

effective, especially if I am procrastinating and

times a day (in the morning and night) and

avoiding my studies. A brief advertisement

through a variety of channels in order to remind

telling me to ‘go back to studying’ and then

me to keep considering the importance of

introducing their energy drink as ‘friend’ to

investing in life insurance. The most effective

help me through the tough times, would attract

ways of connecting with me and influencing

my attention to the brand and their products.

me to purchase life insurance would be to

During these times of high receptivity, such

expose me to a television or info-commercial

an advertisement could then be filtered back

advertisement in the morning, social media

through social media and television to foster

throughout the day and a short Youtube

the successful execution of Herbet Krugman’s

advertisement in the evening to ensure I am

‘Three Hit Theory’ as I would be more likely

consistently reminded of why this service is

to respond to an advertisement after being

important to me.

exposed to it three times. As a person very interested in magazines and publications another alternative is to target me is through an A4 print advertisement in a University publication. Again, I usually read these whilst in the university environment, and this media channel could take advantage of the high

would be the most suitable time to seize my

Media is “everything

eXERCISE TWO: online ethnography

KORA ORGANICS product use Research has revealed that Kora Organics is not just a skincare line, or another way for a supermodel to enhance her already large pay cheque. Kora Organics is a lifestyle and a culture. With the endorsement from Miranda, Kora has created a culture around their brand and products. A culture of living a holistic, well-balanced, healthy lifestyle; encompassing caring for your mind, body and spirit. It’s about ‘nurturing your inner core, your inner and outer self and taking the time out to rejuvenate and reflect on life’ (Kora Organics , 2013). Through encouraging this lifestyle, Kora has aimed at turning the special female ritual ‘ facial and pamper session’, into a daily routine so women can feel relaxed, rejuvenated and beautiful every day. This feeling of empowerment for women to look after themselves every day is highlighted through the abundance of motivating quotes which appear throughout their social media platforms. Kora has focused their brand on education through consistently reminding their customers that their skin is their largest bodily organ and how it is important to care for it in the best possible way. Throughout many interviews Miranda always explains her skincare routine for various seasons and how her healthy lifestyle is also a huge contributor to her glowing skin. All Kora’s controlled online touch points explain the use of the products and emphasise that it may take a few months for your skin to settle into a routine and show results. Additionally, they also explain which products suit which skin types, how to use them and how often they should be used. These touch points are also very effective at conveying their key unique selling points including offering the highest quality certified organic ingredients.

Source: Quote posted on Kora Organics Instagram

There are hundreds of YouTube and blog testimonies describing how the customer’s use their Kora products to transform their skin (see opposite page for examples). Whilst many use these products in a skin care routine, some have found additional beneficial uses for the products, including: • Face refresher and makeup setter (mists) • Grow eyelashes (eye cream) • Eliminate stretch marks, dermatitis and eczema (luxurious rosehip body oil) • Grow eyelashes (eye cream) • Rashes on mouth from babies teething (lip balm) • Treatment of severe back acne

Source:16 second educational video about the lip balm’s features and ingredients posted on Kora Organics Instagram account

Source: Educational quote posted on Kora Organics Instagram account

Source: Shows before and after back acne Source:


Source: Describing her routine with the products in different seasons. Source:

customer comments and feelings The overall blogosphere depiction of Kora is very positive with hundreds

Whilst these opinions may be very true, it is important to understand

of customers praising the product’s results, it’s environmental and social

that these reviews can be submitted by anyone and are not scruntinised

benefits, and the company’s customer service and delivery (Appendix

or tested against any standards. Consequently, these opinions could

I). Kora has used this social praise to their benefit through reposting

be influenced by a disliking to Miranda Kerr or simply submitted by a

feedback and testimonies via all their social media channels. This has

competitor to drive customers away. For example, comments such as

enhanced the credibility of the brand through revealing honest and

‘Miranda Kerr should burn in hell’ (Appendix II) are evidently influenced

genuine first-hand evidence of the product’s benefits and results.

by an undesirable attitude towards Miranda Kerr as a person, rather than an honest and genuine review of her products.

Whilst feedback is overwhelmingly positive, there is still an array of negative feedback which must be taken on board in order for the

There are also a myriad of other contributing factors which can impact

company to grow and learn from any issues. Feedback from customers

an individual’s experience of any skincare range. These can include

include (see Appendix II for more)

one’s skin type, age, dispensable income, lifestyle, eating habits and

• ‘Worst products I have used in a while”

length and regularity of product use. So whilst taking this negativity and

• “My face literally looked like a disaster”

constructive feedback is imperative, it must be done so with caution

• “This product is so expensive and achieves no results”

and awareness of the potential inaccuracies.

insights and trends Youtube Subcribers

Instagram Followers:

Facebook Likes:

Kora Organics: 106k Miranda Kerr: 3.4Mill

Kora Organics: 88k Miranda Kerr: 3.8Mill Kora Organics: 8k

Twitter Followers Kora Organics: 14.6k Miranda Kerr: 2.6Mill

Ethnographic research is an invaluable research tool which can assist

purchasing expensive skincare. Those not aware of Miranda’s lifestyle

in alleviating customers negative experiences with the brand and

and education automatically assume the products give unrealistic

its products. It aids this process by helping the business determine

results as they are promoted by a celebrity supermodel.

how it’s brand and products fit into the daily lives of people and their consumption patterns (Richard Elliot, 2003).Through understanding how

Therefore, to eliminate any negative stigma associated with Miranda,

the brand and its products are perceived and utilised by its customers

and to branch out and reach a larger proportion of her target market,

and target audience, new marketing objectives can be set and/or

it may be necessary for her to reveal certain aspects of her lifestyle

new communication strategies can be unearthed and implemented to

beyond her social media pages. This means extending beyond her

improve the brand’s overall strategies and goals (Baskin, 2001).

loyal fans and capturing the hearts of others. In is inevitable that people are fascinated with the life of celebrities, and as a supermodel, there

Ethnographic research conducted via blogs and social media platforms

is no hesitation that every woman would be intrigued as to how she

has revealed a myriad of insights into the Kora Organics brand and its

maintains her beauty and impeccable figure. She needs to capture this

products. Firstly, it was unanimous amongst customers who consumed

untapped audience by revealing her nutritional education, explaining

the product with an open mind, and over the recommended period

the high quality ingredients and its benefits, her tips for healthy living

of time, that they fell in love with Kora’s products. Falling in love was

and her hands-on and dominant role in Kora. This will enhance the

instigated by a number of emotional factors including feelings of

credibility of the brand and help women to realise that she is just like any

rejuvenation and regaining confidence. However, more importantly, the

other person and they too can live a healthy life just like her. The most

customers did not just fall in love with their products; they fell in love

effective way to enhance brand awareness and credibility is through

with an organic lifestyle. After being exposed to Miranda’s ‘secrets’ to

traditional channels including television appearances, interviews and

a healthy lifestyle and the brand’s continuous education about taking

magazine features.

care of the body’s mind, physique and spirit, customers become aware of the incredible benefits that organic living generates, and they never

These key communication messages can then be re-filtered throughout

want to live any other way again (Appendix I).

social media through daily health tips, short videos and testimonies of skin transformations, and key ingredient benefits. Whilst Kora already

Secondly, the Kora Organics brand is heavily reliant upon Miranda’s

does this to some degree, it could be greatly improved with more

celebrity status and their social media platforms. However, when

detail and a more defined media schedule. As products which are Fast

comparing social media followers and subscribers between Miranda’s

Moving Consumer Goods, Kora’s media schedule will have to follow an

personal accounts and Kora Organic’s accounts, there is a significant

Impact Pattern following a typical purchase cycle of skincare to ensure

difference in numbers. Therefore, a key opportunity to enhance the

their consumers are constantly reminded of why their brand is the best

brand’s connection with their target audience is for Miranda to share

choice for them to purchase.

Kora’s social media updates through her own personal accounts. This will instantly increase brand exposure and awareness.

In summary, Kora Organics needs more people to fall in love with its brand and products, and the key method of achieving this is through

However, in order for customers to fall in love with the products, they

taking advantage of Miranda’s status and revealing her lifestyle as one

must first be exposed to Miranda. Without this interest in Miranda, it is

which is achievable for all. The quickest way to achieve this and attain

unlikely for potential customers to be exposed to her brand or take any

the most reach is through television and magazine interviews and then

interest, and consequently, losing one customer is losing one customer

facilitating the same messages throughout both Miranda and Kora’s

too many. A key insight is that customers need to properly understand

social media platforms.

the key unique differences of Kora products before they can justify

References ACMA. (2011). Generational Differences . Retrieved from ACMA: lib410130/Digital_Australians-Generational_differences.pdf AIMIA. (2012, May 21). AIMIA Yellow Social Media Report 2013. Retrieved from Baskin, M. (2001). What is Account Planning . Retrieved from APG: Neilsen. (2013). Australian Multi Screen Report. Retrieved from Neilsen: 157239?EID=33625955&CID=5686867 Neilsen. (2013, October). State of the Online Landscape. Retrieved from Nielsen: Richard Elliot, N. J.-E. (2003). Using Ethnography in strategic consumer research. Qualilative Market Research, Vol 4, No 4. Yellow Pages. (2013, May). Yellow Social Media Report. Retrieved from Sensis:

Appendix APPENDIX I : Positive Comments About Kora


Source: Retrieved from:


Hey everyone, I recently purchased Kora Organics and I decided to write a review about it. I've been using Kora for roughly 2 months now since February,2013 and I am very pleased with the result. First, let me start of what I've purchased from Kora Organics Skincare line and later with individual review of each products. As I can only purchase Kora online, I have to wait about 3-5 days to receive my products and there's also 20% VAT applied. My skin is sensitive and dry, with some annoying red spots (not acne) on my cheek a little bit of dark spots too. But overall, I do not have any major skin problem‌ I am really satisfied with Kora Organics and I would highly recommend it to every readers, my friends and family! I use this product and I keep seeing the result every single day, I don't think I'll switch to any other skincare for now. By far, the best skincare I ever used! Thanks for reading and if there's any question, please leave a comment below. Thanks.XXXX

APPENDIX II: Negative Comments About Kora

“I wouldn’t buy it again”- Source:



Planning Portfolio  

An assignment produced for Advertising Channels and Planning in which I received a HD for.

Planning Portfolio  

An assignment produced for Advertising Channels and Planning in which I received a HD for.