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Pl easebri ngcl ot hi ngandaccessori esasneeded,don’ tbest i ngy, bri ngasmuch asyouwoul dl i ke,hal fyourwardrobeeven!Iwi l lhel p you st yl eyourl ook!Makesureyou bri ngcl ot hi ngt hatyouare comf ort abl ei n andt hatshowsof fyouri ndi vi dualst yl e!Werecommend sol i dcol orsandcordi nat i ngpi ecesdown t ot heaccessori es.Weal so suggestavoi di ngcl ot hi ngwi t hl ogosorpl ai n whi t e.Bri nganypersonal t emst hatwi l lhel pt el lyourst oryasahi gh schoolseni or,getcreat i ve! i Pl easeal sobri ngchap-st i ckorl i pgl oss( hel pswi t h chappedl i ps,t hey areveryhardt oPhot oshop) .p. s.dontf orgett oi ron yourcl ot hes: )

Wewi l lf i rstmapoutyourawesomewardrobef ort hesessi on.Af t er t hati sdonewewi l lgoon an advent ureatt hel ocat i on wehavesetout f ort hesessi on t aki ngi magesal ongt heway.Therewi l lbeal otofposi ng, dontworry,Igi veal otofdi rect i on duri ngt hesessi on soyou wi l lknow exact l ywhatt odo.Wewi l lal socat cht hei n bet ween moment swhere t herei samorecandi df eelt oyouri magest ocapt ureyourpersonal i t y. Last l ysomewherei n bet ween t hei nbet ween wewi l lcapt uret hebi t sand pi ecest hatmakeyouyouruni quesel f ! So. . .t het ot heparent s,t heonl yj obIgi veyou ast heparent si st o rel ax& enj oywat chi ngyourseni orbei nt hemomentanddocument i ng t hi smaj orst epi nt hei rl i f e!Iwi l ldoal lt hehardwork!

www. bri eeze. com


An orchard,barn,orfi el d descri besa country setti ng best. Iwoul d descri be these i magesaswhi msi cal& dreamy.Greatf orf ami l i esthatwantto have space to pl ay atthei rsessi on. Thi si smy f avori te type ofsessi on because ofthe dreamy, back-l i tgl ow thatthe sunsetprovi des. *Thi ssessi on i sschedul ed 1 . 5 hoursbef ore sunset.

A Ci ty/Urban sessi on wi l ltake pl ace downtown. . .Thi ssessi on i srevol ved around the col ors& texture ofthe ci ty.I magi ne l arge bui l di ngs,gri tty bri ck backgrounds& l otsofcol or.Thi ssessi on i shi p & fun,so enj oy! *Thi ssessi on i sschedul ed approxi matel y 2-3 hoursbef ore sunset.

We wantto off ersomethi ng new to cl i entsoreven asan addi ti on to one ofthe more tradi ti onalstyl esofsessi ons.The l i f estyl el ocati on i sto bri ng outthe most i n yourpersonal i ty:these sessi onscoul d be done i n yourhome,i n the l i brary, on a sportsfi el d,outsi de yourschool ,etc.Thi ssessi on i srevol ved around you, yourpersonal i ty and yourhobbys! *Thi ssessi on wi l lbe schedul ed dependi ng on the l i ghtsi tuati on atthe l ocati on.


.Gap .Ol dNavy .Charol et t eRouse .TJMaxx .Forever21 .JC Penny .Macys .Debs . . . . . . . . . . . . .


$85:30mi nut esessi on,1out f i t ,l ocat i oni nt heval l ey

www. bri eeze. com


$1 200

$7 50

* save$67 0

* save$460

8x1 0&smal l er ) 20-Gi f tPri nt s( 25graduat i onannouncement s 1 -1 6x20f i neartcanvas 2-1 0x20f i neartcanvas’ setof3) 3x3Accordi onMi ni( 1 -8x8l ayf l atal bum Seni or-repcardsi nmet alt i n

1 -1 6x20 8x1 0&smal l er ) 20-Gi f tPri nt s( 25graduat i onannouncement s 1 -20x24f i neartcanvas -24x30f i neartcanvas 1 * * * Opt i on:GetyourUSBf oronl y $300wi t ht hi spackage

* * * Bonus:I ncl udesal lyour i magesonUSB!


$425 * save$21 5

* save$1 0

1 -1 1 x1 4 8x1 0&smal l er ) 1 5-Gi f tPri nt s( Low Resol ut i onDi gi t alI mages 1 0graduat i onannouncement s setof3) 3x3accordi ons(

8-5x7 ’ s,4-8x1 0’ s 2set sofwal l et s

www. bri eeze. com


5x7 : $7 5 8x1 0: $1 25 1 1 x1 4: $1 7 5 1 6x20:$325 20x24:$450 30x40:$850

* Avai l abl ei n:Magnet( add$3) ,Easel( add$1 5)orFl oatMount( $20+)

www. bri eeze. com


1 2x1 2:$95 1 1 x1 4:$1 05 1 0x20:$1 1 5 1 6x20:$1 30 20x24:$1 60 20x30:$230 30x40:$300 * cust om si zesavai l abl e 1 -1 / 4�dept h-sol i dbacki ng-perf ectcorners-f i ni shedback-acryl i ccoat i ng

www. bri eeze. com


5x7: $1 20 8x1 0: $1 75 1 1 x1 4: $220 1 6x20:$345

* Cl assi corOrnat eopt i onsavai l abl e * Morecol oropt i onsavai l abl e * Pri nt si ncl udedi n pri ce! * Gal l eryi deasavai l abl e! * Easyt ohang

www. bri eeze. com


5x5-20 pagebook:$1 50 8x8-20 pagebook:$300 1 0x1 0-20 pagebook:$475 * Upgradet oa30 pagebookf oran addi t i onal$1 00 * Cust omi zeyourbookcoverf oran addi t i onal$50

5x5-20 pageal bum:$250 8x8-20 pageal bum:$500 1 0x1 0-20 pageal bum:$675 * Upgradet oa30 pagebookf oran addi t i onal$1 00 * Cust omi zeyourbookcoverf oran addi t i onal$50

www. bri eeze. com


Setof3Accordi on Al bums:$90 * Magnet i cCl osure * Cust om coveropt i on * Frost edsl i pcover

* 3x3i n si ze * Upt o1 0i mages * Greatgi f topt i on!

* SemiGl oss( smoot h mat t ef i ni sh) * Pearl( shi mmery) * Li nen


* SemiGl oss( smoot h mat t ef i ni sh) * UV Coat ed( gl ossy) * Pearl( shi mmery) * Li nen


Bri annaShowerman | 607 . 259. 9222|21Mi ddl eRd,Bart on,NY

www. bri eeze. com

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