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www. bri eeze. com

HELLO Ab i ta b o u tme . . .

Iam amom ofal i t t l ef oot bal lpl ayer & Il oveourl i t t l el i f eherei n cow count ry,Bart on,NY.Weenj oyt he out doors& t ravel i ngasaf ami l y. Asf orme,Iam al soacol l egest udent , earni ngadualdegree.Iam aweebi t obsessedwi h phot ography. . .andt hati s wt whyIl ovemyj obsomuch!Ihavebeen a prof essi onalpart -t i mephot ographerf or 4yearsnow speci al i zi ngi n seni ors, boudoi r,mat erni t y& newborns.Il i ket o havef un atsessi ons,Igetal i t t l ecrazy. Ihopet ocapt ureyou asyou are. . .my goali st hatyou arecomf ort abl ei nf ront ofmyl ens. . .

Br i

www. bri eeze. com


M aterni ty

Wh a tt oBr i n gt oy o u rs e s s i o n . . .

Pl easebri ngcl ot hi ngandaccessori esasneeded,don’ tbest i ngy,

bri ngasmuch asyouwoul dl i ke,hal fyourwardrobeeven!Iwi l lhel p you st yl eyourl ook!Makesureyou bri ngcl ot hi ngt hatyouare comf ort abl ei n andt hatshowsof fyourbeaut i f ulbump!Werecommend sol i dcol orsandcordi nat i ngpi eces,down t ot heaccessori es.Weal so suggestavoi di ngcl ot hi ngwi t hl ogosorpl ai n whi t e.Bri nganypersonal t emst hatwi l lhel pt el lyourst oryofyourunborn chi l d!ex:ul t rasound, i bl ocks,boot i es,anyt hi ngyou woul dl i ket ost yl eyoursessi on.Youmay al sowantt obri ngabot t l eofwat erandmaybeal i t t l esnack;aswewi l l bedoi ngal otofmovi ngaround.Pl easeal sobri ngchap-st i ckorl i pgl oss ( hel pswi t h chappedl i ps,t heyareveryhardt oPhot oshop) . p. s.dontf orgett oi ron yourcl ot hes: )

Du r i n gt h es e s s i o n . . .

Wewi l lf i rstcol l ect i vel yputt oget heryourwardrobef ort hesessi on.

Af t ert hati sdonewewi l lbegi nt ocapt uret hel ovebet ween youan your unborn chi l d/ren att hel ocat i on wehavesetoutf ort hesessi on.There wi l lbeal otofposi ng,dontworry,Igi veal otofdi rect i on duri ngt he sessi on soyouwi l lknow exact l ywhatt odo.Wewi l lal socat cht hei n bet ween moment swheret herei samoreemot i onalf eelt oyouri mages. Last l ysomewherei n bet ween t hei nbet ween wewi l lcapt uret hebi t sand pi ecest hatwi l lt el lyourst oryofbecomi ngamot her!

www. bri eeze. com


New born

Wh a tt oh a v ea ty o u rs e s s i o n . . .

You wi l lf i rstneedt of i ndwheret hemostl i ghtcomest hrough i n

yourhomeatt het i meyoursessi on wi l lt akepl ace.You wi l lneedt ocl ear t hi sareaf ormyset upunl essi ti snearacouch orbed.You wi l lwantt o setyourt emperat urei n yourhomet oabout80 degreesasyourbabywi l l benakedf ort hesessi on.Besuret ot ryandkeepyourbabyawakeand al ertpri ort ot hesessi on.Short l ybef oreyoursessi on t i meyouwi l lwant t ost ri pyourbabyofcl ot hi ngandwraphi m/heri n abl ankett okeepwarm whi l eyourf eed,burpandchangeyourbabybef oreput t i ngt hem t osl eep. * Wewantasl eepybabyf ort hesessi on*

Af ew t hi ngsyouwi l lwantt ohavehandyduri ngt hesessi on:aburpcl ot h, wi pesanddi apers.

Du r i n gt h es e s s i o n . . .

Whi l eyournewborn i s4-1 0 daysol dwewi l lbecapt uri ngt hei r

preci oussl eepi ngmoment s.Iencouraget heparent st osi tbackandrel ax whi l eIdoal lt hework!Therei snoneedt ogetst ressedi fIneedt ost op f oryourbabyt of eedorbecuddl ed.Iunderst andt hatnewbornsrun on t hei rown schedul es.Pl easedonotpani cki fyourbabyhasan acci denton ouri t emsorbackdrops,t hi si st obeexpect ed.It hroughl ycl ean al lmy t emsandf abri csaf t ereach sessi on.Themosti mport antparti st oj ust i enj oyt hi smomenti n yournewborn’ sl i f e.

www. bri eeze. com


C o u nt r y

An orchard,barn,orfi el d descri besa country setti ng best. Iwoul d descri be these i magesaswhi msi cal& dreamy.Thi si smy f avori te type ofsessi on because ofthe dreamy,back-l i tgl ow thatthe sunsetprovi des. *Thi ssessi on i sschedul ed 1 . 5 hoursbef ore sunset.

C i t y / Ur b a n *Comi ng Soon!

A Ci ty/Urban sessi on wi l ltake pl ace downtown. . .Thi ssessi on i srevol ved around the col ors& texture ofthe ci ty.I magi ne l arge bui l di ngs,gri tty bri ck backgrounds& l otsofcol or.Thi ssessi on i shi p & fun,so enj oy! *Thi ssessi on i sschedul ed approxi matel y 2-3 hoursbef ore sunset.

*No wO f f e r i ng Li f e s t y l e We wantto off ersomethi ng new to cl i entsoreven asan addi ti on to one ofthe more tradi ti onalstyl esofsessi ons.The l i f estyl el ocati on i sto bri ng outthe most i n yourpersonal i ty:thi ssessi on coul d be done i n yourhome,the nursery,your f avori te l i ttl e spot( caf e,bakery,etc)i n the l i brary,atthe pool ,etc.Thi ssessi on i srevol ved around you and yourpregnancy! *Thi ssessi on wi l lbe schedul ed dependi ng on the l i ghtsi tuati on atthe l ocati on.


Yo u rHo me

A rel axed and comf ortabl e setti ng asi ti si n the f ami l i ari ty ofyourown home. We off erthe convi ence ofnothavi ng to l eave yourhome wi th a newborn f oryour sessi on.W hy travelwhen we wi l ldo i tf oryou atno extra cost?! *Thi ssessi on i sapproxi matel y 2-4 hoursl ong and wi l ltake pl ace where there i s the mostl i ghtcomi ng through yourhome.

C St u d i o

Thi ssessi on wi l ltake pl ace atourcozy l i ttl ei n-home studi o.Everythi ng convi entl y atourreach wi th mul ti pl e propsand f abri csto choose from.There i sseati ng avai l abl ef orthe parentsaswel lasa l arge TV and toysf orthe si bl i ngs,whi l e the sessi on i staki ng pl ace. *Thi ssessi on i s2-4 hoursand wi l ltake pl ace i n the morni ng to mi d-afternoon.

*No wO f f e r i ng Li f e s t y l e

We wantto off ersomethi ng new to cl i entsoreven asan addi ti on to one ofthe more tradi ti onalstyl esofsessi ons.The l i f estyl e sessi on wi l lshowcase yourl i f e as a new f ami l y.Thi si sthe onl y opti on to havi ng everyone i n the f ami l y,even the fur babi esi ncl uded i n capturi ng these momentswi th yourl i ttl e one.Thi ssessi on wi l l be done throughoutyourhome,usi ng mai nl y the bedroom,nursery and l i vi ng area. Thi ssessi on i srevol ved around yourenti re f ami l y wi th the new addi ti on! *Thi ssessi on wi l lbe schedul ed dependi ng on the l i ghtsi tuati on i n yourhome.

WHATTO WEAR Dr e s s yo rC a s u a l

Irecommend weari ng somethi ng more bol d and col orful wi th a l otoftexture to show offyourbaby bump.Dressesal ways fl ow ni cel y offthe bel l y when pregnant.You coul d al so pai rheel s wi th dressshortsand a fl owy top.Taki ng a more casualroute,a pai r ofdark wash j eansand a bri ghttop l ayered wi th a sweaterorscarf . ng youroutfi tstend to photograph wel land addsa l otofvi sual Layeri i nterest.

St y l e

Irecommend cl othi ng thathastexture,such as;l ace,kni tti ng, embroi dery,dark f ade deni m,buttonsand ruffl es.Stay away from smal lpri nt. Pi ck col orsthatcompl i menteach other.Irecommend bri ghtordeep col ors( j eweltonesl i ke mustard yel l ow,deep purpl e, turquoi se,dark pi nk,etc. )and try to stay away from al lwhi te.Ido recommend i nvesti ng i n yourcl othi ng f orthe sessi on si nce i tdoesmake a huge di ff erence i n the fi nalproduct.Search out l ocaloronl i ne bouti ques,they have one ofa ki nd styl e.

Ac c e s s o r i e s

Accessori esare a must,al though you wantto keep i tmi ni maland si mpl e.We wantto f ocuson yourbel l y and notyourj ewl ery al though suall ook.A key neckl ace oreari ng the added texture addsto the vi and bracl etsetare perf ectcomi nati ons.Scarvescan be used i n mul ti pl e waysand are stapl e pi ecesi n a sessi on.A si mpl e yet beauti fulway to enhance yourbaby bel l yi sto add a thi n bel tto your outfi t;I tssi mpl e and el egantyetshowsoffyourfi gure.

FABRI C/PROPS Fa b r i c / Ba c kg r o u nd

We have a vari ety off abri csto choose from,f orbackgrounds. Al though i fyou are a l ooki ng f ora speci fi ccol orthatwe do not al ready have we are more than happy to try and accomodate f orthi s. We strongl y suggestpi cki ng col orsf oryournewbornssessi on based offwhere the i mageswi l lbe hangi ng ( try to match i tup wi th your sdecor) .Col orsavai l abl e:purpl e,bl ue,pi nk,bl ack,whi te,green, home’ red and nuetral s( brown/tan) . To add a more personabl e touch,Iencourage you to bri ng a speci al bl anketthatsomeone made orboughtf oryourbaby,to use!

Pr o p s

Propsadd to the vi sual i zati on ofthe i mages.We are al labout si mpl i ci ty and bei ng mi ni maland ourpropsrefl ectthat.We off erthe cesofdi ff erentbaskets,ol d crates,and otherdecorati ve pi eces choi to l ay yournewborn i n.I fyou have any personali temsyou woul d l i ke to see yournewborn photographed wi th pl ease menti on i tso we can di scussthi sopti on!

Ac c e s s o r i e s

Accessori esare a must,al though we wantto keep i tmi ni maland si mpl e.We wantto f ocuson yourbaby and notthe accessori es suall ook.Forgi rl s,newborn though the texture addsto the vi head bandsand crownsare perf ect.And,f orboys,l i ttl e bow ti esor newspaperhatsare the perf ecttouch. *notal li mageswi l lhave accessori esi n them*


Lo c a lSh o p s& Bo u t i q u e s :

.Gap .Ol dNavy .Forever21 .TJMaxx .Target .Mot herhood .Kohl s .JCPenney

O n l i n eSh o p p i n g :

.Fi l l yboo .H&M .ASOS .Unbut t oned .MoreofMeMat erni t y .Lof t .Ti f f anyRose .hmandbb .Dest i nat i on Mat erni t y .Nordst rom .Pol yvore .Look .Pi nt erest( usef ori nspi rat i on)


P r e f e r r e dVe n d o r s :

.Devot edKni t s .SebbysGrandma .Propi tLi kei t sHot .LornaDooneCrochet .Apri l sYarnabl es .Pi csi eProps .JustbeHappy .Si mpl ySweet~A Li t t l eLadyBout i que .Roses& Ruf f l es .Oh LoceProps .Ki ssi ngFrogPhot ographyProps .Li t t l eLi dz .TheCout ureBaby .Li t t l eKei ra’ sBows MakePi nt erestyourbestf ri end& creat e .MyNewLove an i nspi rat i on boardj ustf oryoursessi on! .TheSl S t a r t p i n n i n g i t e ms t h a t i n s p i r e s y o u eepi ngWi l l ow &f i ndoutwhatst orest heycan be .ForFi bersSake purchasedf rom.Thi si sagreatst artt o .Darn Fanci f ul af un,yetdaunt i ngt ask! .Krown Kout ureProps .London Raquel .Cocoa& Bl ush .Et sy .Pi nt erest( usef ori nspi rat i on)

T i p :

PRI CI NG S e s s i o nf e e p r i c i n g :

Mi n i s e s s i o n :

* notavai l abl ef ornewbornsessi ons* $7 5:30mi nut emat erni t ysessi on,1out f i t

Al ac a r t e p r i n t s :

Di g i t a lI ma g e s

* mi ni munorderof$1 00i srequi red

wal l et s:$1 5 4x6:$1 5 5x7 :$1 5 8x1 0:$1 5 1 1 x1 4:$40 1 6x20:$90 20x24:$1 30 24x30:$21 5 30x40:$300

Hi ghResol ut i on:$500 ( Al li meageswi t hpri nt i ngri ght s)

Low Resol ut i on:$1 00 ( Websi t esi zedwi t hwat ermark)

I ndi vi dualI mage:$20 * Mi ni mum orderof$1 00must bef i l l edbef oreorderi ngdi gi t ali mages

* *f ramessol dseperat l y

www. bri eeze. com

COLLECTI ONS * Col l ect i onsmaynotbeal t ered*

C o l l e c t i o nB:

C o l l e c t i o nA: $1 200

$7 50

* save$67 0

* save$460

8x1 0&smal l er ) 20-Gi f tPri nt s( 25announcement s 1 -1 6x20f i neartcanvas 2-1 0x20f i neartcanvas’ setof3) 3x3Accordi onMi ni( 1 -8x8l ayf l atal bum

1 -1 6x20 8x1 0&smal l er ) 20-Gi f tPri nt s( 25announcement s 1 -20x24f i neartcanvas -24x30f i neartcanvas 1 * * * Opt i on:GetyourUSBf oronl y $300wi t ht hi spackage

* * * Bonus:I ncl udesal lyour i magesonUSB!

C o l l e c t i o nC : $425

C o l l e c t i o nD: $200

* save$21 5

* save$1 0

1 -1 1 x1 4 8x1 0&smal l er ) 1 5-Gi f tPri nt s( Low Resol ut i onDi gi t alI mages 1 0announcement s setof3) 3x3accordi ons(

8-5x7 ’ s,4-8x1 0’ s 2set sofwal l et s

www. bri eeze. com


Lu x eMe t a l sP r i c i n g : 5x7 : $7 5 8x1 0: $1 25 1 1 x1 4: $1 7 5 1 6x20:$325 20x24:$450 30x40:$850

* Avai l abl ei n:Magnet( add$3) ,Easel( add$1 5)orFl oatMount( $20+)

www. bri eeze. com


F i n eAr tC a n v a sP r i c i n g : 1 2x1 2:$95 1 1 x1 4:$1 05 1 0x20:$1 1 5 1 6x20:$1 30 20x24:$1 60 20x30:$230 30x40:$300

* cust om si zesavai l abl e 1 -1 / 4�dept h-sol i dbacki ng-perf ectcorners-f i ni shedback-acryl i ccoat i ng

Re a d yt oh a n ga r t ! www. bri eeze. com


F r a meP r i c i n g : 5x7: $1 20 8x1 0: $1 75 1 1 x1 4: $220 1 6x20:$345

Ma kei te a s y . . .

* Cl assi corOrnat eopt i onsavai l abl e * Morecol oropt i onsavai l abl e * Pri nt si ncl udedi n pri ce! * Gal l eryi deasavai l abl e! * Easyt ohang

www. bri eeze. com


Bo o ks :

5x5-20 pagebook:$1 50 8x8-20 pagebook:$300 1 0x1 0-20 pagebook:$475 * Upgradet oa30 pagebookf oran addi t i onal$1 00 * Cust omi zeyourbookcoverf oran addi t i onal$50

La yF l a tAl b u ms :

5x5-20 pageal bum:$250 8x8-20 pageal bum:$500 1 0x1 0-20 pageal bum:$675 * Upgradet oa30 pagebookf oran addi t i onal$1 00 * Cust omi zeyourbookcoverf oran addi t i onal$50

www. bri eeze. com


Ac c o r d i o nP r i c i n g :

Setof3Accordi on Al bums:$90 * Magnet i cCl osure * Cust om coveropt i on * Frost edsl i pcover

* 3x3i n si ze * Upt o1 0i mages * Greatgi f topt i on!

P a p e rc h o i c e s :

* SemiGl oss( smoot h mat t ef i ni sh) * Pearl( shi mmery) * Li nen


C a r dP r i c i n g

P a p e rc h o i c e s :

* SemiGl oss( smoot h mat t ef i ni sh) * UV Coat ed( gl ossy) * Pearl( shi mmery) * Li nen

BOOKI NG & POLI CI ES Bo o k i n gy o u rs e s s i o n :

A non-ref undabl edeposi tf eeof$50 i sdueatt i meofbooki ng.Sessi ons l astbet ween 1 -1 . 5hoursf ormat erni t yand2-4hoursf ornewborns,whi ch wi l lbeguarant eedt oyou byt hephot ographer .Credi tcardscan bet aken vi aPayPaloryou can mai lacheck.I fpaymenti snotrecei vedi n 24hours, yoursessi on wi l lbecancel l ed.I fyou havet oreschedul eyoursessi on pl easegi veatl east48hoursnot i ce,i fyou donotgi vet heal l ot t edt i mea $25reschedul i ngf eewi l lbecharged.Thef i nalamounti sdueatt het i me oft hesessi on.

O r d e r i n gy o u rp r i n t s :

2-3weeksaf t eryoursessi on wewi l lprovi dean i n person orderi ng appoi nt mentatouri n-homeof f i ceat21Mi ddl eRd,Bart on,NY.Orderi ng can best ressf ul ,soIam happyt ohel pyou makeyourdeci si ons.Att hi s t i meIwi l lshow you your20-30 f ul l yedi t edi magesal ongwi t h sampl esof mybooks& canvasesf oryout ovi ew.Al lordersarepl acedt hedayoft he appoi nt ment .You have2weeksal l ot t edt opayf oryourorder .Orderspai d ( t hesameday)i nf ul lreci eve1 0% of ft het ot al .Paymentpl an opt i onsare avai l abl eon orders!Credi tCards,cash andchecksareaccept ed.

Re p r i n t s :

Repri nt scan bemadeatanyt i me,pl easej ustcal lmeore-mai lmet o pl aceyourorder .Youri ni t i alpri ntorder( atl east$1 00)mustbemade bef oreyou can orderaddi t i onalpri nt s.

C o p y r i g h t :

BRI EEZEPHOTOGRAPHYownst hecopyri ghtt oal li mages.I ti s i l l egalt ocopy,scan,orreproducephot ographsordi gi t ali mages creat edbyBRI EEZEPHOTOGRAPHY.Bydoi ngso,you aredeval ui ng myworkasan art i st . neswi l lst artat$50, 000 f orcopyri ghti nf ri ngement . Fi

P e r f o r ma n c e :

I ft hePhot ographercannotperf orm t hi sAgreement duet oaf i reorot hercasual t y,st ri ke,actofGod,orot hercause beyondt hecont roloft hepart i es,orduet oPhot ographer’ si l l ness, t hen t hePhot ographershal lgi veaf ul lref undorreschedul e t heport rai tsi t t i ng.TheCl i entshal lnothaveanyf urt herl i abi l i t y t h respectt ot heAgreement . wi

C l i e n tSi g n a t u r e_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Bri annaShowerman | 607 . 259. 9222|21Mi ddl eRd,Bart on,NY

www. bri eeze. com

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Everything you need to know for your maternity and newborn sessions with Brieeze Photography