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Path Homeowners Association BRIDLEBridle PATH HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION Board Meeting Minutes (continued) BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING MINUTES November 20,2009 2008 January. 29, Spanish Springs Elementary School 6:30 p.m. Joyce Field, Dee Endemano, Donna Lamb, Dave Walker, Bobbi Heaps All present Heather Johnson, Equus Management Group


President Joyce Field called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.


5 members of the Board were present, establishing a quorum.


Homeowner Kevin Meyers stated that he is still having a problem with people using the trails behind his house. He stated that he has brought this to the Board’s attention before and nothing has been done. He stated that he would file an abandonment of easement with the county if something is not done. Joyce Field stated that she agrees that this is a problem and that they are looking to fence the entire are to alleviate the problem. She stated that a fencing committee has been formed to address this and other fencing issues. Homeowner Theresa Skinner stated that she has seen the tracks along the trails but believes it is from utility or landscaping vehicles. Homeowner Ed Acosta asked what time period would be reasonable to fix this issue. Kevin stated by summertime would be good


Dee Endemano made a motion to table the November 20, 2008 meeting minutes, seconded by Donna Lamb. Motion passed unanimously.



Donna Lamb stated that the October-December, 2008 financials all looked good and that everything matched and recommended approval of the financials. Bobbie Heaps made a motion to approve the financials as presented, seconded by Dave Walker. Motion passed unanimously. Dave Walker asked Heather Johnson to research the funds that were put into the FNB of California account and make sure they are moved to a Nevada Bank. Arena Committee – Theresa Skinner Theresa stated that the sand has been removed from the arena and that the feedback is good. She stated that she would like to have a meet and greet at the equestrian center. Heather Johnson asked Theresa to submit the information to her and she would forward it to the newsletter committee. Newsletter Committee – Branka Gugich Heather Johnson stated that if Branka was to finish a newsletter in time for the next meeting, all committee articles would need to be submitted by Thursday, Feb.12th. She stated that the agenda is going out on the 16th and this would give Branka time to assemble the newsletter. Joyce Field asked members of all the committees to write their articles and submit them as soon as possible. Water Committee – Crill Maples Dave Walker stated that Crill had been speaking with Al Van Dyke and that nothing new is going on. Trails Committee – Ed Acosta Ed stated that he would like to thank Justin Field for all his help in putting up the signs. He also stated that he would like to thank Kevin Meyer for bringing up the issue of riding on the trails because it needed to be addressed. He stated that the trails committee would work on this issue to rectify the problem. He stated that 51 cap covers were needed for the sign posts. Bobbie Heaps made a motion to purchase the caps needed for the posts, seconded by Dee Endemano. Motion passed unanimously. Joyce Field stated that they had received an approval from the attorney for the trail map w/ a disclaimer and that Dee Endemano would be working with Larry Levy to finish it.


Bridle Path Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes (continued) November 20, 2008 COMMITTEE REPORTS (continued)

Architectural Committee –Debra Barker Ed Acosta stated that Debra was not here but that no items had been submitted. Hospitality Committee – Bobbi Ziolkowski Bobbi stated that the people who judged the x-mas decoration contest were fascinated by the extent of the decorations. She suggested that next year they have an award for “best street:”She stated that newcomers to the neighborhood seemed to be uncomfortable with her knocking on the door but that she would continue to welcome them to the neighborhood. Heather Johnson asked Bobbi if she would like a list of new homeowners in the neighborhood and agreed to send to Bobbi. Website Committee – Donna Lamb Donna stated that there was a problem in December with the website going down but that issue has been fixed. She stated that some information from October and December had been lost but that she would update as soon as possible. Adopt-a-highway Committee – Lorraine Johnson/Bobbi Ziolkowski Lorraine stated that there was nothing new to report and that they were waiting for the weather to improve. She stated that they planned on meeting again in March. Public Safety Committee – Bobbie Heaps Bobbie stated that the new sign is up on Omni Drive. Joyce Field asked to put the cracks in the street on the committee agenda when working with the county. Bobbie stated that she was currently getting info on the traffic calming signs and should have a report next month. Joyce Field stated that an additional 6-8 posts were needed for the neighborhood watch. Dee Endemano made a motion to purchase the posts and have All Seasons install subject to the previous $100 per post bid, seconded by Donna Lamb. Motion passed unanimously. Settlement Committee – Bob McKinnon Donna Lamb stated that expenses of the association would be covered in the following way: Brand new construction/expenses would be covered by the settlement fund, expenses incurred from items specifically listed in the reserve study would be covered by the reserve fund and items budgeted from the operating would come from that account. Dave Walker stated that with the upcoming water issue they may need to be careful of what is taken out of settlement. Fence Committee- Nancy Masden Joyce Field stated that we will identify the areas to be fenced and go out to bid. Joyce stated that she would get together with Heather Johnson to create a map to give to fence contractors for bids.


2007 financial review Donna Lamb stated that she had a few questions on the review and would like to table approval until the next meeting. Encroachments Dave Walker stated that Joyce Field and he had spoken with the attorney and that the attorney would be writing an opinion letter on this issue.


No letters were received for correspondence. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m. Submitted by:

Heather Johnson,Equus Management Group


Association Secretary


Bridle Path Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes (continued) November 20, 2008



Bridle Path Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes (continued) November 20, 2008