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Meeting of the Board of Directors

Tuesday – June 30, 2009, 6:30 P.M. At Equus Management Group 4888 Sparks Blvd. #102 (Corner of Sparks Blvd. and Winery Dr.)

All agenda items are “Action Items” unless otherwise noted. 1. 2.

Call to Order and Establish Quorum Members’ Forum Note: Per NRS 116 owners’ questions and comments will be at the beginning of the meeting unless membership agrees to move it within the agenda. However, the Board has the discretion to limit the total time spent on homeowners’ comments at their discretion in order to conclude with the business at hand. Further, the Board cannot act on any item presented by the homeowner unless it relates to the items on the agenda.

3. 4. 5.

Approval of minutes from May 28, 2009 Board meeting Review and acceptance of Financial Reports – February, March and May, 2009 Board action on committee requests, including: ● Discussion of trench and erosion issues – Dave Walker 6. Discussion of encroachment issue/report on discussion with association attorney 7. Review and approval of 2008 financial review 8. Review owner correspondence/requests, including variance requests 9. Committee Reports - Reports should be limited to 3 minutes a) Adopt-a-Highway Committee – Lorraine Johnson/Bobbie Ziolkowski b) Architectural Review Committee- Debra Barker c) Arena Committee – Theresa Skinner d) Fence Committee e) Hospitality Committee – Bobbie Ziolkowski f) Newsletter Committee – Branka Gugich g) Public Safety Committee –Bobbie Heaps h) Settlement Funds and Future Planning Committee – Bob McKinnon i) Trails and Drainage Committee – Ed Acosta j) Water Committee – Crill Maples k) Website Committee – Donna Lamb/Nancy Masden 10. Adjournment There may be an Executive Session of the Board of Directors before this open meeting. As described in NRS 116, attendance at the Executive Session is restricted. Note: For this and all other meetings of the Board or Association, homeowners have the right to have a copy of the minutes or a summary of the minutes of the meeting provided upon written request and upon payment to the association of the cost of providing the copy to the unit’s owner. [NRS 116.3108, Section 3(a)] Minutes are also available on the Association’s website, usually within 30 days of a meeting. Go to


4888 Sparks Blvd., Ste. 102, Sparks, NV 89436 (775) 284-2050 Voice * (775) 284-2055 Fax

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