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Path Homeowners Association BRIDLEBridle PATH HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION Board Meeting Minutes (continued) BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING MINUTES April 26, 2007 Alyce Taylor Elementary School 6:30 PM Dee Endemano, Scott Stromberg, David Walker Bob Hampel, Cindy Symmons Jason Lather, Equus Management Group President David Walker called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. 3 of 5 members of the Board were present, establishing a quorum. Trails and Drainage Committee – Perry Faigin Due to another obligation, Perry had to leave early. Therefore, the Board requested that he make his Committee report at the start of the meeting. He said that Scott had obtained three bids for creating the trails map that was discussed previously. The Committee had reviewed the bids and recommended using Ann Sutton (Copy Express) for $160. Also, the Committee conducted an inventory of the extra trails signs to determine how many they had. Perry has reviewed about ¾ of the Association common areas to identify T-posts. These posts will be removed on June 2, unless owners object. Perry also requested 3 gallons of green paint, one gallon of grey paint, and some other painting supplies, so the Committee and the 4-H group will be able to repaint some of the curbs. He estimated the cost of these supplies to be $200, and he will purchase them himself and request reimbursement later. He reported that he has spoken with some owners while walking the trails, and the comments have generally been positive. One owner expressed concern about the ditch behind her property – Scott said that the water flow through that ditch has been reduced so the smaller ditch should be sufficient. David added that he intends to observe the drainage throughout the community during the next big rain storm, to see how the improved system functions, and to look for any potential problems. An owner asked about a sign post that is missing a sign. This post is located across the street from 285 Bridle Path Terrace. Dee replied that, as Perry had just reported, the Trails Committee will be replacing all missing signs in the near future. Joyce said that she had noted that the sign was hanging and tried to fix it, but it was removed before she could get to it. Also, at least 3 signs have “disappeared” from that particular post over the years, so she encouraged the nearby owners to be vigilant for anyone who might be taking them.


David explained the rules of the Members Forum to the owners. Dee reported that SBC/AT&T had been very cooperative and moved the vault from the middle of the trail on Sunset Springs. Now she is working with Charter to have them move their box from that area as well. Rose, an owner, had received a courtesy notice about a garbage can that was left out. She wondered if other owners were also receiving notices for other violations, such as improperly parked trailers. David said that they do. Rose also reported that there is a broken irrigation line in the main entrance area. David said that he was aware of that leak, but he appreciated her letting the Board know. He asked that owners please contact Management immediately if they note any other leaks or broken sprinklers. Rose and David also discussed the trail behind their houses. The Board may replace a post with “official” Association fencing. Pam, an owner, thanked the Board and other volunteers for all their work, as the common areas look great. She requested permission from the Board to plant trees behind her house and that of her two neighbors, to block noise, dust, and light from the new construction to the north. These trees would be planted on the common area, but not on any trails, and would be paid for and maintained by the owners themselves. David said he thought there was a retention pond and

Minutes of 4-26-07 Board meeting


Bridle Path Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes (continued) April 26, 2007 MEMBERS FORUM (Continued)

a retail area being built in that area. He asked if the owners would mind visiting with him tomorrow morning to look over the site and discuss their plans. Pam said they would not mind. Debra, an owner, said that she strongly supports this proposal to install trees. She asked that the Association grant 50 feet for this, so the homeowners could plant 3 rows of trees, of different species. She also would like the new buildings to shroud their lights so they do not shine into Bridle Path homes. Debra also asked about dust control on the trails. David said that the Board planned to hydro-seed some areas in the coming fall, but they could not do it at this time of year. Also, the Board is trying to balance the dust concerns with possible fire dangers. He reminded the owners that this is the first year that the Association has implemented a real maintenance program. He also encouraged owners to volunteer for Committees if they are interested. Pam said that she is glad that she got a violation notice, because it shows that the Association is on top of the violations, which in turn ensures that property values increase or at least hold steady. Joyce, an owner, said that at least one owner has apparently planted trees outside their fence already, and that this tree may be in common area. Dee said that it was very important that all owners apply to the Board before doing anything like this in the common area.


David announced that he was resigning as President of the Board. Dee motioned to elect Scott as President. David seconded, and the motion was approved unanimously. Dee motioned to elect David as Vice President. Scott seconded, and the motion was approved unanimously.


The Board reviewed the minutes from the March meeting. Dee motioned to approve the Minutes of the March 29, 2007 meeting, as submitted. David seconded, and the motion was approved unanimously.


Because Cindy was not at the meeting, the Board opted not to review financials at this time. The financial statements for March and April will be reviewed at the next Board meeting.


Water Committee – Bob Hampel Bob was not present, but Dee read his written report. The Committee continues to wait for a response from Sky Ranch Water, with a plan for fixing the pressure problems. Hospitality Committee – Joyce Field Joyce reported that an owner had previously mentioned a “neighborhood” garage sale. She said she had not heard anything further and wondered if it was still going to happen. Another owner said that the garage sale was still in the works. Joyce also asked about the status of the Annual Meeting. Jason said that Taylor E.S. would not allow food, and neither would the library. Joyce suggested holding the meeting at the arena, but some details would need to be worked out first. She also said that an owner had offered free tickets to a July Parelli clinic for any interested Bridle Path owners. Jason will contact Maggie Green for more information. Newsletter Committee – Larry Levy Larry was not present, but Dee read his written report. “Newsletter is nearly done, and I hope to complete it within the next 2 weeks. Jason suggested getting a fresh quote for printing that would also include the mailing of the newsletter. I agree with him, and I will be working with him on it. However, I hope to have the "Living with Fire brochures soon, and it would probably be best that they be mailed in a large envelop with the newsletter. I received 6 business card ads that have been already laid out in the newsletter. One of them included a check for the $25 fee. Also, once the newsletter is completed, Equus Management Group will need to bill $25 to the advertisers except for the one that paid up front.” Bridle Path Website Committee – Luanne Oroszi Jason asked that owners who wish to post items on the website contact him.

Minutes of 4-26-07 Board meeting


Bridle Path Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes (continued) April 26, 2007 COMMITTEE REPORTS (Continued)

Settlement Funds and Future Planning Committee – Bob McKinnon Bob reported that the Committee met and discussed the drainage project, but no further decisions were made. Arena – Scott Stromberg/Cindy Symmons Scott reported that the Committee had met and discussed the landscaping of the berm and the addition of sprinklers to help control dust in the arena. They also discussed the logistics of bringing electricity to the arena area, possible options for repairing the bathrooms, and other maintenance projects. They also brainstormed ideas for “Play Days” and other events for owners. Theresa Skinner was elected as the Committee Chair. David said that he had talked with Bill Meyers about the arena gate. It was installed by High Desert, and they should repair it. Dee said that All Seasons may be able to drag the arena as part of their contract – which may be more preferable to having the HOA buy a drag and letting owners perform the maintenance. Adopt-a-Highway – Lorraine Johnson/Bobbie Ziolkwoski Lorraine was not present, but Dee said that there was no news. The volunteers did a great job last time. Scott explained to the homeowners that the Committee meets about once a quarter to clean up along Pyramid and have lunch. These clean-ups are great on both a social and environmental level. Public Safety Committee – Larry Levy Larry was not present, but Dee read his written report. “After many months of unanswered telephone calls to the deputy, that according to the Sheriff's Web Site was responsible for the "Neighborhood Watch Program," I wrote a letter to Sheriff Haley regarding the lack of response to my telephone messages, and just a few days later had a call from a department captain and a call from a deputy that is now taking over the program. We have set May 9, at 7 PM, at my house to learn about the program and how to intimate it from Deputy Jim Kocijanski . All PS Committee members have been notified. Anyone else is welcomed. All we ask is that we be notified so that the meeting space can be properly planned.” ARC Committee – Debra Barker Debra reported that the ARC has met twice since the last Board meeting. They reviewed applications for paint, a concrete driveway, and a detached garage, among others. A few more have come in since. Scott asked if the Committee was providing reports to Management, and Debra said that they did.


Jason explained that so far only one bid had been received for insurance, from Nevada Insurance, because of some confusion regarding the arena area. He said that the Board could choose to cancel this policy later and select another policy if it desired. David asked if there were any exclusions in the McGowan policy. Jason did not know, but would check. David motioned to renew the HOA insurance with the same coverage, but to continue shopping for other options. Dee seconded, and the motion was approved unanimously.


Scott reported that the drainage work is done, but the new berm at the arena will need more landscaping than originally projected. All Seasons has provided a bid for landscape enhancement of this area. They will install additional plants and boulders for $4,800. This amount would be paid from the Settlement funds. The Board noted that the berm was built from dirt that was removed from the ponds, because it was cheaper to use it this way than to haul the dirt away. David said that he has met with Norm from Washoe County to review the project. The County will determine if a dirt permit was needed. Dee pointed out a minor error in the All Seasons proposal, which must be corrected. Dee motioned to approve the proposal (as corrected) from All Seasons to finish the landscaping work along the arena berm, for $4,800, to be paid from the Settlement Account. David seconded and the motion was approved unanimously.


David explained what the surveying work would accomplish – replacing lot markers that were

Minutes of 4-26-07 Board meeting


Bridle Path Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes (continued) April 26, 2007 SURVEYING BIDS (Continued)

removed during the drainage work. He asked owners to contact Management if they are missing any boundary markers. Jason reviewed the “T&M” bids from CFA, Sierra, and Cornerstone. Because it is difficult to get an accurate bid without knowing how many lots will need surveying, the Board tabled this discussion to the next meeting, giving owners more time to contact Management.

TRAILS MAP As noted earlier, Scott had obtained 3 bids for a new Trails Map. Studio G quoted $250, Copy Express (Ann Sutton) quoted $160, and Global Studio quoted $2025. The Board agreed to accept the Committee’s recommendation to use Copy Express. Dee motioned to accept the proposal from Copy Express to create a new Trails Map and save it to file for $160. David seconded, and the motion was approved unanimously. Scott said that this company could also print large vinyl banners for an additional cost, which the Board may want to consider at a later time. Joyce thanked the Board for taking action on this, as owners have wanted a good Trails Map for years. ADJOURNMENT The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

Submitted by: __________________________________ Jason Lather, Equus Management Group

APPROVED: _________________________________ Dee Endemano, Secretary

Minutes of 4-26-07 Board meeting


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