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Sale your Houses Fast We buy houses all over the Atlanta and we are specialized in selling house first with quick cash transaction to have your money put in your pocket right way. We buys all type of property “as is” condition from the seller who are looking for no hassle, friendly, local company to buy their property. Debt relief from Mortgage Payments People all over the Atlanta have lost their jobs and fail to afford the mortgage payment in this crazy economy. In this situation, if it makes sense for all parties, we can tailor a solution for you with a lease purchase transaction or simply take over your payment. Short Sale Are you underwater on your house and owe more than it is worth? You are probably a good candidate for a short sale and we can help. We partner with a law firm who negotiates and handles that process with your lender. Do you qualify for a short sale? It takes a hardship that your lender feels qualifies to their standards to do a short sale. Hardships include but are not limited to:

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