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Boundless…is leading others to a deeper way of thinking.

Boundless…means no idea is too big, and no place is too far.

Boundless…is the beauty of a valley that’s inspired generations.

Boundless…is the future that’s waiting to be found.

Bridgewater College.


Boundless . . . your boundless curiosity meets our depth of knowledge, and your passion to learn meets ours to teach. This is what Bridgewater is about. Possibility. Whether you’re working on a problem that may take a lifetime to answer, or a project that will deliver the knowledge you can put to work before you graduate—it’s about opportunity. It’s about the kind of personalized guidance most schools can barely imagine. And it’s about producing leaders with the depth of knowledge, breadth of skills, and level of character that employers and graduate schools want.


Programs of Study

Majors Applied Physics Engineering Physics Physical Science Physics and Technology Art Athletic Training Biology Business Administration Chemistry Communication Studies Computer Science

Economics English Language and Literature Literary Studies Writing Environmental Science Family and Consumer Sciences French Health and Exercise Science Health and Physical Education History History and Political Science

Information Systems Management International Studies Liberal Studies (Only available in PreK–6) Mathematics Music Nutrition and Wellness Philosophy and Religion Physics Physics and Mathematics Political Science Psychology Sociology Spanish

Minors Art Biology Business Administration Chemistry Coaching Communication Studies Computer Information Systems Computer Science Crime and Justice Cultural Studies Economics English Environmental Science Equine Studies

Family and Consumer Sciences French German History International Studies Mathematics Music Neuroscience Nutrition and Wellness Peace Studies Philosophy and Religion Physics Political Science Psychology Social Work Spanish Theatre

Concentrations/ Specializations Accounting Church Music Family & Consumer Sciences Education Finance Financial Economics International Commerce Marketing Media Studies (Communications) Organization Management Public Relations United States History Teacher Certification Elementary (PreK–6) Secondary (6–12)

Teacher Endorsement


English as a Second Language Foreign Languages Health and Physical Education Music, Vocal and Instrumental Visual Arts Pre-Professional Programs Dentistry Engineering Law Medicine

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Ministry Occupational Therapy Pharmacy Physical Therapy Veterinary Science Dual Degree Programs Engineering The George Washington University, Virginia Tech Nursing Vanderbilt University Physical Therapy Shenandoah University

Where Recent Graduates Are Now

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Here is just a glimpse at some of the graduate schools that have accepted Bridgewater students recently: American University (international peace studies) Albert Einstein College of Medicine (biomedical sciences) North Carolina State University (public policy, veterinary medicine) Oxford University (theology) Pennsylvania State University (philosophy) Princeton Theological Seminary (theology) University of Delaware (communication, physical therapy) The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (physical chemistry) University of Pittsburgh (security and intelligence studies) University of Richmond (law, philosophy) University of Virginia (business, German literature and culture, philosophy) Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine (medicine) Virginia Commonwealth University (pharmacy, physical therapy) Virginia Tech (veterinary medicine) Yale Divinity School (theology)


“The professors always have time to advise me, encourage me, and provide practical help. My path to graduate school in engineering is clear.” Ekanun “Mel” Wongsirikul, Physics


Boundless is a story of success waiting to be written. However you define success, begin with us. You recognize the possibilities . . . doctor, artist, lawyer, teacher, accountant, engineer, minister, to name a few. However familiar they seem, at Bridgewater, you’ll discover that these fields continue to change and evolve. Whether you pursue one of these paths, or a new career field that you’ll invent on your own to answer a need that’s just emerging, the real success is the talent and creativity that you bring to the table. A broad Bridgewater base gives you the adaptability to be . . . boundless.



Men’s Sports Baseball Basketball Cross Country Equestrian Football Golf Indoor & Outdoor Track & Field Lacrosse* Soccer Tennis

*Beginning in 2012–2013 academic year

Co-ed cheerleading is also offered.

Women’s Sports Basketball Cross Country Equestrian Field Hockey Golf* Indoor & Outdoor Track & Field Lacrosse Soccer Softball Swimming Tennis Volleyball

Bridgewater competes in:

Jonathan Mason, Business

More than students, faculty, and staff played for the boundless fun of it in intramurals in 2010–2011.


“When I was recognized Division III National Hitter of the week it was an amazing feeling. It made me feel like all of my hard work had finally paid off and was being recognized. I had a vast amount of joy that week and couldn’t wait to tell my parents because I knew they would be the most proud.”

Considered too short to compete, Christina brought her energy and drive to Bridgewater, where she placed sixth in the national championships and maintained a 4.0 GPA—the latter earning her an Elite88 award from the NCAA. Whether you’re a committed athlete, someone who enjoys a good game with friends, or someone driven toward other horizons, Bridgewater gives you a solid base from which to soar. Defy gravity; defy preconceived limits. At Bridgewater you can be . . . boundless.


Christina Rhodes, Liberal Studies

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Living and learning at Bridgewater extends far beyond classroom and dorm walls. It’s about truly belonging to a community. Trying new foods, making new friends, discovering new interests, experiencing what it’s like rooming with a West Coaster when you’re an East Coaster, honing your leadership skills as a part of Eagle Productions. These are the possibilities that are around every corner at Bridgewater. Whether you commute or live on campus, you’ll find yourself part of a varied and friendly community with opportunities that are . . . boundless.

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Meal plans for commuters. Easy meal transfers from the main dining hall to the Eagle’s Nest. Putting your parents’ Saturday brunch on your card. Fair trade coffee and tea. Cage-free eggs. Sustainably harvested fish. There’s so much that tastes good, feels good, and does good when you share a table at Bridgewater.


Marburg, Germany Athens, Greece Chennai, India Pondicherry, India Derry, Northern Ireland

Sapporo, Japan Xalapa, Mexico Dunedin, New Zealand Barcelona, Spain


Maybe you’ll board a bus for a “Convo-on-the-Road” trip to D.C., or spend a semester in the capital as part of American University’s Washington Semester program. Maybe you’ll travel for a January Interterm class and study in Polynesia, England, Costa Rica, South Africa, or Los Angeles. Maybe you’ll truly become a global citizen after a summer or semester abroad through BCA, our cooperative program with other colleges. From our intimate campus in the Shenandoah Valley to the ends of the earth, at Bridgewater your horizons are . . . boundless.

Sydney, Australia Brussels, Belgium Dalian, China Quito, Ecuador Cheltenham, England Strasbourg, France Brikama, The Gambia

BCA Program Locations

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“Bridgewater has a great community feel—friendly, small, supportive. Faculty members keep their doors open for students.”


Dr. Bob Andersen, Professor of International Studies

It may happen at a backyard barbecue. Or on a casual walk across campus. It might come as you sit and relax on a front porch. Or during a pickup game of basketball at the Funkhouser Center. Wherever it happens, it’s a crucial element to your Bridgewater experience. Mentoring. Advising. Guidance. The faculty at Bridgewater are truly “teachers” in every sense of the word. They’ll provide you with that extra dose of help while never letting you forget that, at Bridgewater, our expectations for you are . . . boundless.

Dr. Larry Taylor, Associate Professor of Music

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While you prepare for the rest of your life, you are living it. Pausing, thinking, reflecting—even challenging yourself to live to your ideals—are skills you can hone, habits you can build, character you can deepen intentionally during your college years. Throughout these four years, all Bridgewater students are working on their own Personal Development Portfolio (PDP), where the critical thinking you learn in class finds a practical use in your journey to being a well-rounded citizen, a passionate leader, a healthy member of the global community . . . boundless.

“PDP really lets me sit back and think of all the things I did and the people I met. It’s helped me see how I can apply what I learned in a communications class to my future work.”

Amanda Good, Business

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Conference champions, Coach of the Year, Rider of the Year, Rookie of the Year. National competitors. Bridgewater’s equestrian program is one of the best in the country. Beyond the ring and the fences, you can minor in Equine Studies or pursue a preprofessional program in Veterinary Science. With top-notch indoor and outdoor facilities as well as our own college stables, riders at every level are . . . boundless.

In life, you connect to other people through the moments you share— serious, fun, or a little of both. Nowhere is this more true than on the Bridgewater campus. Like when the Bridgewater Ballroom Dance Club went to a nearby retirement home, or when the riders from Bridgewater’s nationally recognized equestrian program held “A Horse’s Christmas” so local kids could pet and feed the horses. As part of their academic program, Bridgewater students give considerable time to community service; most also will be part of clubs, teams, or other communities. Wherever we go, we find ways to serve, connect, and experience those moments that are . . . boundless.

Friends for Life

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ENERGY You can get in tune with other students in many ways: chorale, Flawless Hip Hop Dance Team, jazz band, even the Screaming Eagles Pep Band. Almost half of Bridgewater students play an intramural sport. Eagle Productions, our acclaimed student activities group, brings performers to campus and puts on events like Winter Carnival, cosmic bowling, and “BC Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” There are honor societies and clubs around academic majors. Students in Free Enterprise, Ultimate Frisbee, Young Democrats, and the Lift Your Voice Gospel Choir. Working with others, you can gain leadership skills, get some exercise, make music, and have fun. With 70 student clubs—as well as an abundance of intramural programs, leagues, and tournaments—you’ll discover that the opportunities to get out and enjoy life at Bridgewater are . . . boundless.




Our pre-med advisors, pre-med club, and friendly and supportive community mean Bridgewater has enjoyed an excellent tradition of its students getting into medical school.

To really learn, you need to get your hands dirty. You need to test yourself in the field. Try on a job through an internship or a service project. Do research. Test your hypotheses. From the outstanding physiology labs and classrooms in McKinney Center for Science and Mathematics to daily life in any of our 11 student residence facilities, learning at Bridgewater never stops. You can find the day-to-day work that energizes you, the people you want to serve, and the ongoing questions that will continue to drive you 8.5” and smaller widths long after you graduate. Like Will Garrett, a liberal studies major, who went from wanting to teach high school math to focusing on elementary education because he found how much he liked working with kids. Our students have futures that are . . . boundless.

“Because we’re a liberal arts school, I’ve studied more than health. I’ve studied psychology and anthropology, and taken a January Interterm music course in New Orleans. These are things that will distinguish me and make me more prepared for my career in health care.”

Kimberly Cicotello, Allied Health Science, Nutrition & Wellness

The College: Founded in 1880 as one of the first coeducational colleges in Virginia. Affiliated with the Church of the Brethren. The Location: Situated in the scenic Shenandoah Valley in the town of Bridgewater (approximate population of 5,300), eight miles from the city of Harrisonburg. The Faculty: 117 full-time faculty members. The Students: Nearly 1,700 students mainly from Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic States; 21 other states and 6 countries also are represented. The Scholarships: Our Achievement in a Community of Excellence (ACE) Awards provide academic scholarships for qualified students and are automatically renewed if the student maintains satisfactory academic achievement. The Academic Calendar: Bridgewater operates on a traditional semester calendar with a January Interterm. The Personal Development Portfolio: Bridgewater’s innovative, nationally-acclaimed Personal Development Portfolio (PDP) program will have you explore, reflect, and complete papers and projects focusing on four dimensions of personal growth: citizenship and community responsibility, intellectual growth and discovery, emotional maturation and physical health, and ethical and spiritual growth.

The Activities: 70 campus clubs and organizations, campus radio, student government, theatre, pep band, dance team, cheerleading, student recitals, films, art exhibits, visiting scholars, comedians, concerts, college choirs, symphonic band, and jazz band.

Bridgewater College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion or age in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic programs, or other college programs and activities, or with regard to employment.

The Athletics: Member of the NCAA Division III and Old Dominion Athletic Conference with a history of success at the regional and national levels, we offer men’s baseball, basketball, cross country, equestrian, football, golf, indoor & outdoor track & field, lacrosse*, soccer, and tennis; as well as women’s basketball, cross country, equestrian, field hockey, golf*, indoor & outdoor track & field, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, and volleyball. Co-ed cheerleading is also offered. *Beginning in 2012–2013 academic year

The Tuition: For 2011–2012, the cost for tuition, room, board, and fees is $37,100. Bridgewater College Official Group

Contact Us: Admissions Office Bridgewater College Bridgewater, Virginia 22812-1599 Phone: (540) 828-5375 or (800) 759-8328 Fax: (540) 828-5481

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