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Megan  McKenzie:  Digital   por2olio  for  BRIT  school   interview   Some  crea>ve  projects   and  artworks,  2011-­‐13  

I  do  a  lot  of  photography  –  please  see   h"p://    


Photoshop  &  other  digital  programmes  

I  made  29  short   films,  ran  film   tutorials  &  the  ‘Not   Long’  film  night  for   my  Silver  Arts   Awards  

Please  see  this  example:  Imagined  found   footage  of  Hitchcock’s  unfinished  film,  The   Mountain  Eagle  hWp://    

I’ve  done  lots  of   etching  

Now  doing  more   pain>ngs  in   acrylic,  inks  &   watercolour.   This  is  called   ‘Paw  Heart’    

This  is  inspired  by  the   invented  phrase:     If  ne’er  defined  is   more  defined  in  ‘suit  

Self-­‐portraits   experimen>ng   with  inks  and   watercolours  

Sculptures:   cas>ng,  clay,   armatures,  found   objects  etc.    


Frui>ng  Bodies:  part  of  adult  exhibi>on  

Frui>ng  Bodies:   A  McKenzie   family  artwork,   cabinet  about   tree  diseases.  I   made  3  figures   from  twisted   twigs  &  roots.  

Bee’s  graveyard:  Another  work  in   Nunhead  Cemetery  show  with  adults  

The   Unex>nc>on   Machine:   Mural  in   community   café  

Nutmeg:  Crochet  &  sewing  enterprise  

Own  logo   design  

All   original   designs    

No   paWerns   used  

I  also  like  gecng  crea>ve  with   costumes  for:   •  Local  fes>vals  –  I’m  the  worm  next   to  the  Garlick  Man  who  leads  a   sols>ce  parade   •  Halloween  –  every  year  my   costume  is  weirder  

Crochet  as  art:  ‘Elfreda  the  cat’  on  The   Last  Stop  -­‐  art  on  a  routemaster  bus  

Health  &  Safety   Gone  Mad  

In  Telegraph  Hill  Open  Studios  

Local,  home   educa>on  &   museum  projects  

Seeing  art  in  Paris,   Barcelona  and   London  

For  more,  you  can  see  my  blog  on   hWp://     and  my  Vimeo  site  



Megan McKenzie digital portfolio