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Strategic Action Plan For Enterprise Support Staff prepared by Doris Klinner



• Dedicated hard working team • Support staff with 10+ years of experience • New Business Manager that has experience in both sales and service and will provide vision • Willingness to be the best team in our organization

• Lack of trust from our team because of poor leadership in the past • Overdependence of a few key staff members • Lack of communication between our sales and support staff • Narrow perspective of what our support staff can accomplish



• A senior sales team poised for growth • New systems being introduced that will allow us to be more efficient • Synergy and support from our corporate business team • Adding coordinators to our AFC teams will improve our response time

• A work environment that is not fun or creative • Losing customers because we are not living up to their expectations • Threat of competition moving into our market • Losing valuable employees for lack of career opportunities

vision Our Enterprise Support Staff will provide excellent customer service by promoting ideas and solutions to our customers that will help them manage their fleet. We believe building relationships with our clients is important to keeping them happy. We believe it is important to provide our customers with accurate bills, reports, and quotes and will not settle for less than excellence in this area. We also believe in admitting our wrongs and correcting them honestly with our customers.

mission statement • To be the best transportation service provider in the world • To exceed our customer’s expectations for service, quality and value • To provide our employees with a great place to work • To service our communities as a committed corporate citizen

Core Values • Our brand is the most valuable thing we own • Personal honesty and integrity are the foundation of our success • Customer service is our way of life • Enterprise is a fun and friendly place where teamwork rules • We work hard… and we reward hard work • Great things happen when we listen…to our customers and to each other • We strengthen our communities, one neighborhood at a time • Our doors are open

business objectives Long term business objectives of Enterprise Support team are summarized as: • To become the best administrative team in our company • To support our customers and sales staff with excellence service

Key Strategies The following critical strategies will be pursued by the EFM Supervisor: • Train and develop our team • Evaluate each employees’ strengths and weaknesses • Evaluate each teams matrix scores • Increase follow up with our internal team and customers • Build better relationships with our customers • Develop a plan to improving the on boarding of new customers

major goals The following key targets will be achieved by the support staff: • Help our sales team deliver 2,295 vehicles • Increase profitability • ESQI 12 month score of 85% or better

Strategic Action Plan The following strategic action plan will be implemented by EFM Supervisor: • Hold PDM meeting with AFC and EFM coordinators monthly to tract their performance and help them set monthly goals • Review matrix report that measure their progress and proactively make adjustments with our teams to insure a high success rate • Monthly meeting with Dan to review my teams performance and review adjustments to my strategic plan • Train our support staff on and new website • Role play customer service scenarios with our team to help them be more confident on the phone and with our sales team • Attend AM, AFC , EFM coordinator meetings weekly to help the teams with their communication skills and offer suggestions • Interact with and develop relationships with our corporate support staff to improve the communication between our group and our corporate team • Contribute and participate in managers strategic planning meetings to develop my goals and discuss progress and accomplishments

Enterprise Strategic Plan  
Enterprise Strategic Plan