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s i s n y l o i a t n a a u t i S

makin lemonade

awwwww yeah

flavorless displays

sour service & environment at Walmart

sweet convenience of walmart

tasty opportunities!

the challenge

what do we need to solve?

WALmart “It’s convenient, but it’s not ideal.” -nia, 20


awareness “Yeah, but I’m not familiar with it. Where is it sold?” - jennifer, 45

the product

what do we have to work with?

glidden gets you going!

free quart of paint


increase of sales at the home depot

did not translate over to walmart

the market

lions, tigers, & behr

oh my “Behr paint might as well be named Lion, because they hold the highest market share with 25%.”

what are we up against?

feeling the

love “Valspar’s current creative targets women with appeals to emotion, but their “Love Your Color” guarantee resonates with all Americans during these economically troubling times”

target audience

who are these people?

Segment one “I don’t know too much amount paint. i’d ask someone for help and knowledge about brands.” - nia, 20

Segment two “i do my shopping at walmart, so i would buy paint from there. also, i have no idea what brands they offer” - rachelle, 25

Segment three “Yes, I do believe i would; especially, if it were something small like painting a desk, and if i were already there.” - bridget, 49

Segment one tends to shop with a mother or woman from segment three

Segment three want creative displays to help with purchase Segment two likes walmart as a one stop shop

target audience

who are these people?

media we love

displays! Responds best to TV Most DIY Projects come from


paint criteria






lo co


qu al ity


Situation Analysis Presentation  

A presentation designed to explain a situation analysis.