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A Message to our Friends and Supporters In 2015, the Land Trust of Virginia continued to work hard building upon its past achievements while laying the groundwork for future successes. Conservation Easements LTV recorded easements on four remarkably diverse properties in four counties. • A 2.78-acre easement in downtown Fredericksburg conserving a property that serves as a green oasis in an urban setting and is open to the public for gardening. • A Clarke County easement protecting significant frontage on the Shenandoah River. • An easement near Unison that expands the perimeter of conserved land surrounding that historic village in Loudoun County. • A 297-acre easement that conserves highly visible farmland near Rectortown in Fauquier County. LTV’s approved four other conservation easements in Loudoun, Fauquier and Stafford Counties that are scheduled for recordation in 2016. In 2015, LTV’s staff also began work with four additional landowners on properties in Loudoun, Albemarle, Bath and Orange Counties. As of the publication of our 2015 annual report in 2016, LTV has recorded easements on 375 acres in Stafford and Culpeper Counties, increasing the area we have protected to 15,145 acres. Thus far in 2016, LTV has approved eight more easements on over 1,600 acres in Loudoun, Fauquier, Culpeper, Albemarle and Bath Counties. Stewardship LTV considers it a privilege to help landowners with the donations of their easements. As is often the case, with privilege comes responsibility. For the Land Trust of Virginia our stewardship responsibilities are in perpetuity. In 2015, as a part of our annual stewardship responsibilities, LTV monitored every property on which we hold a conservation easement. These inspections are critical to the enforcement of the terms of our easements. Strategic Conservation Studies The Land Trust of Virginia completed its Blue Ridge Conservation Priorities Initiative, a study funded in part by a grant from the Virginia Environmental Endowment. The study covered 200,000 acres along a 40-mile length of the Blue Ridge Mountains from the Shenandoah National Park to Harpers Ferry, WV. LTV mapped more than 20 categories of conservation values and natural resources and identified those properties within the study area with the highest occurrence of those twenty criteria. The results of the study established priorities for LTV’s conservation efforts along the Blue Ridge for the next several years. Collaboration and Outreach LTV continued its work with the Blue Ridge Conservation Alliance, a coalition of more than twenty conservation organizations with a shared interest in the conservation of the Blue Ridge Mountains. LTV serves on the steering committee along with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Friends of the Blue Ridge, Piedmont Environmental Council and the National Wildlife Foundation. LTV also expanded its engagement with the broader conservation community. At the state level, LTV participated in the Virginia Union of Land Trusts conference held in Natural Bridge. At the regional level, LTV attended the SE Region Land Trust Alliance Conference held in Hendersonville, North Carolina. At the national level, LTV attended LTA’s annual convention (Rally) held in Sacramento, California. While there, LTV made a presentation at the Conservation Defense Network and provided commentary at a Risk Assessment seminar given by LTA’s Conservation Defense Director.

Legacy Giving Fund The Land Trust of Virginia’s Legacy Giving Fund was established in 2013 by a generous bequest from a long time Board member, Steffanie Burgevin, as part of her estate planning. In 2015, Joseph A. Miller included a significant bequest to LTV in his will of his beautiful 22-acre property in Prince William County. We hope that through their planned giving, Steffanie’s and Joe’s leadership will serve as an inspiration to others who support the long-term conservation efforts of the Land Trust of Virginia. The Board of Directors of the Land Trust of Virginia wishes to thank our many donors, friends and landowners for their generosity. We cannot do what we do without your help. We consider it a measure of our success that we have earned your trust. For the Board,

Christopher C. Dematatis Chairman

144 Conservation Easements 14,770 acres

LTV Holds Total of

in easement, including:

8,596 acres of FARMLAND

1,585 acres of

5,849 acres of

885 acres of

65 miles of

1,397 acres of





acres in Greene County


acres in Hanover County

acres in Loudoun County


acres in Culpeper County






acres in King George County


acres in Clarke County

acres in Fauquier County


acres in Stafford County


acres in Madison County


acres in the City of



acres in Rappahannock County

LTV Easements Protect Land and Much More For nearly twenty-ďŹ ve years the Land Trust of Virginia has worked with property owners to conserve land in the Commonwealth. A strength that LTV has developed over the years is the ability to work with these landowners to plan conservation easements that protect the unique blend of conservation values occurring on their properties. While conserving open space, forests and water resources, LTV also plans these easements to respect and conserve the history and culture of Virginia. Through its Rural Village Initiatives, LTV has made a special eort to work with landowners in and around historic villages such as Hillsboro, Waterford, Lucketts, Upperville, Unison, Aldie and Buckland to maintain and protect the rural character of the landscape surrounding their communities in Loudoun and Fauquier Counties. In 2015 Bob Petit and Sandy Wilson donated a conservation easement to the Land Trust of Virginia that conserves their estate, Persimmon Ridge, located just north of Unison. They had recently completed a lengthy renovation of their Quaker ďŹ eldstone farmhouse, parts of which date back to 1752, and wanted to ensure that the land around it would remain largely as it has been since before the Revolutionary War.

Persimmon Ridge, Unison, VA

Map of Unison and Upperville

Through their easement donation, Bob and Sandy joined a growing number of property owners who together have protected roughly eight square miles of land in and around Unison. This impressive number is a testament to the love of place shared by the residents of a village that is so rich in history. In 1862, Confederate and Federal soldiers engaged in a series of skirmishes in Aldie, Philomont, Unison and Upperville before J.E.B. Stuart and his troops escaped to the Shenandoah Valley. In 2012, after many years of work by the Unison Preservation Society and other conservation groups, including the Land Trust of Virginia, thousands of acres around Unison were officially recognized as a Core Civil War Battlefield Area. Lori Keenan McGuinness, LTV easement donor and Co-Chair of the Goose Creek Association, observed, “One of the great aspects of our community is how like-minded organizations, each with a different focus, pull together to achieve a greater good. We all work together to preserve our cultural and environmental heritage.” Such community efforts are evident in historic villages throughout Loudoun and Fauquier Counties, a number of which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Land Trust of Virginia is proud to work within these communities and to help landowners conserve the precious natural and historic resources occurring on their properties. Scenic View, Unison, VA

LTV’s 2015 Financial Report EXPENSES


Contributions (38%)

Programs and Operations (41%)

Stewardship Contributions (18%)

Management (31%)

Special Events (15%)

Stewardship (15%)

Investments (12%)

Education & Outreach (7%)

VA Department of Conservation and Recreation (11%)

Fundraising (6%)

Easement Fees (6%) Grants (2%)

A Special Thanks to Our 2015 Supporters Individuals & Foundations A very special thank you to Jacqueline B. Mars for her many years of support


Ms. Steffanie Burgevin Mr. and Mrs. Peter Forster Renaissance Charitable Foundation Tara Foundation


Ms. Ava Abramowitz and Mr. Neil Rackham Mr. and Mrs. Childs Burden Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Evans, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Janes Ms. Erika Kelton Mr. George Ohrstrom II Miss Kathleen D. Ribaudo Mr. George Roll and Ms. Carole Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Turner T. Smith, Jr. The Wise Foundation Virginia Environmental Endowment


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Akre Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Baldwin Mr. James Behan and Mrs. Connie Moore Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Bishop Mrs. Magalen Bryant Catoctin Preservation Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Cheek III Community Foundation for the National Capital Region Mr. and Mrs. John Denegre Dun Foundation Earthshare Chapters Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Elgin Ms. Pat Ewing and Mr. Peter Piske Mr. Bucky Green Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Jones Ms. Sally Kurtz Mr. and Mrs. Randall Minchew Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Ohrstrom Mr. Philip Paschall and Mrs. Betty Cox Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Patusky Ms. Jean Perin Ms. Nicole Perry and Mr. Andrew Stifler Mr. William Robinson Mrs. Robert Rogers Mrs. Donna Rogers Ruina Family Fund Mrs. Polly Scott Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Smart Mr. and Mrs. Eric Stromquist The Brennan Family Foundation The Jerold J. and Marjorie N. Principato Foundation, Inc.

Mrs. Douglas Wise Stuart Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wyatt


Mr. and Mrs. Howard Armfield Jr. Mrs. William M. Backer Mr. and Mrs. Zohar Ben-Dov Massie Scott Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia Mr. and Mrs. John Burke, III Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Conaway, III Mr. Patric Copeland and Mrs. Maura Walsh-Copeland Mr. and Mrs. W. Carey Crane, III Ms. Lavinia M. Currier Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Davis Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Dees Mr. Christopher C. Dematatis Ms. Dielle Fleischmann Mr. and Mrs. Michael Galvin Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hall Mr. and Mrs .Oliver Iselin III Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Jawer Mr. and Mrs. David Kenney Mr. and Mrs. Nick Kotz McGraw Foundation Ms. Elizabeth Leigh and Mr. Gerald Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lenehan Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Mackall, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Edward MacMahon Ms. Cathleen Magennis Wyatt Ms .Mary Leigh McDaniel and Mr. Kit Hawkins Mr. James P. Mills Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morency Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Napolitano Mr. and Mrs. Neil Polhemus Ms. Michele Powers Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Price Mr. and Mrs. William Prime Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Prince Mr. and Mrs. Steven Rheintgen Mr. James Rich Jr. Mr and Mrs. John Richardson Ms. Mary B. Schwab Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spicer III Mr. and Dr. Joseph Spytek Dr. Mary Fleming Finlay and Mr. George Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Birge Watkins Mr. Marvin Watts and Ms. Anne Rowland Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Westbrook


Mrs. William Abel-Smith Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Adams Mrs. Margaret Arundel Mr. and Mrs. Harry Atherton

Ms. Jill P. Beach Mr. and Mrs. Rick Boardman Mrs. Rose Marie Bogley Mr. and Mrs. Ike Broaddus Ms. Elizabeth R. Calvert Ms. Bridget Chisholm and Mr. Mike Focazio Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Collum Combined Federal Campaign of South Hampton Roads Mr. and Mrs. Eric Cummings Mr. Steve Dahllof and Mr. Thomas Foster Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Day Mr. Mitch Diamond and Ms. Lucy Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Epstein Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ferster Ms. Shawna Garrison Mr. and Mrs. Donald Glickman Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Griffin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Harrison Ms. Leslie Hazel Ms. Georgia Herbert Miss Helen Hickson Col. Gerhard Jacobson Mrs. Virginia Jenkins Dr. Carroll Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jollon Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lasley Ms. Aliene Laws Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Leigh, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Yakir Lubowsky Ms. Marion Maggiolo Mr. Redmond Manierre Ms. Elizabeth Manierre Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Matheson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mazzucchelli Mr. and Mrs. Michael McGettigan Mr. Sean McGuinness and Ms. Lori Keenan Mr. and Mrs. Steve McVeigh Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Medvitz Mr. David H. Moyes and Dr. Ann Ma Mr. and Mrs. Tom Neel Mr. Eric Riddleberger and Ms. Lydia Strohl Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ryan II Ms. Dorothy Shetterly Mr. Mark T. Snyder Mr. John Staelin and Ms. Elizabeth Locke Mr. T. Garrick Steele Dr. and Mrs. Barry Strauch Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Holder Trumbo Kris Tschetter Mr. David Van Hoogstraten and Ms. Michelle Kayon Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Van Huyck Mr. and Mrs. Wayne VanSant Mr. Robert Varrin Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Wall Mrs. Judith Washburn

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Ashton Cole, Director of Conservation & Stewardship Kerry Roszel, Development Associate Cheryl Miller, Stewardship Associate Clare Rodenberg, Mapping Associate Katy Carter, Communications Associate General Counsel, Stephen C. Price Pro-Bono Counsel, Hunton and Williams, LLP

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Land Trust of Virginia Annual Report  
Land Trust of Virginia Annual Report