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south wood county humane society fall 2011

Helen Mead Education Center at South Wood County Humane Society • phone. 715.423.0505 • email.

south wood county humane society

animal news is published bi-annually by

The South Wood County Humane Society PO Box 903 Wisconsin Rapids l WI 54495-0903 phone. 715.423.0505 fax. 715.421.1984 email. website. circulation = 3,600 hours open to the public Monday 12-5pm Tuesday 12-7pm Wednesday closed Thursday 12-5pm Friday 12-5pm Saturday 12-4pm Sunday closed executive director. Phil Hartley pet care coordinator. Beth Peabody staff. Susan Carlson, Jenny Wunrow, Gene Wunrow, Rocki Reiman, Andy Gilson, Gene Garcia, Jeff Steinkamp, Lexi Rendmeister, Sam Brunner, Lori Quinnel, Dylan Peterson, Tabby Steele board of directors. president. Amy Sheide vice-president. Keith Wilkes co-treasurer. Angela Paulsen co-treasurer. Sheila Grosskreutz secretary. Kim Heuer board members. Tracey Stratton Cindy Heinz Cindy Van Ert Cassie Hansen Amy Kolo the south wood county humane society is a private, nonprofit organization whose purpose is to prevent cruel or inhumane treatment of animals and provide temporary or permanent shelter for old, homeless, abandoned, sick or injured animals.

letter from the


Our new facility has made a huge difference to the services we can and will offer Wood County. We recently had our first seminar at the new Helen Mead Educational Center (see pictures in this Newsletter). The class was on “Doggie Do’s and Don’ts” and taught the participants how to recognize and improve the behavior of your furry friends. The class was taught by Amy Sjomeling, who is an instructor for the Wisconsin Rapids Kennel Club. WRKC is one of our collaborating friends who do a great deal for the pets at the shelter. They regularly come and temperament test the dogs at the shelter, and they also offer free training classes to the lucky people who adopt a dog from us. Many of our adopted friends have become proud graduates of WRKC’s classes (we have the pictures to prove it!). WRKC routinely shows up at our fundraisers and events, contributing their knowledge and insight about our canine friends. I am proud of this relationship. We always have handouts on WRKC’s upcoming classes, so please contact us if further information is needed. Their classes improve both your dogs and your lives by helping you to understand and to grow your relationship with your best friend! We will be looking to have many more seminars in the future at the Helen Mead Educational Center, including on pet first aid, pet message, and more classes on training/behavior. Please watch our website ( for these upcoming classes! We will look to continue to grow (through collaborations and services) as a valuable asset to all of Wood County. We recently have entered into agreements to help with pets in Marshfield and some other Northern Wood County municipalities, making us now into a humane society that services all of Wood County. One point that we can’t stress enough to all of Wood County is to please spay and neuter your pets! The new shelter, even with its increased space, is full of future pets waiting for homes. We see daily the difference spaying and neutering makes; in the amount of pets we get in, their behavior (it is much better when the pet is fixed), and their future health (the procedures cut down on the risk of several illnesses and diseases). We are proud to serve our community. Your continued support (via generous donations of goods, money, or time) is needed and appreciated! We hope that you visit us soon, and that your next best friend is adopted from your humane society. Thank you,

Phil Hartley

Executive Director, SWCHS


meet the staff at South Wood County Humane Society

Tabby Steele

Hi, I’m Tabby Steele. I am a born and raised resident of the Pittsville area. This fall will mark my sixth year with the South Wood County Humane Society. I mostly work in the office area at the SWCHS. I am one of those lucky people that can say “I love my job!” and mean it. Rarely is there a quiet day at work, but it keeps it interesting and sometimes entertaining. My favorite part of the day is seeing the office cats Daltrey & Bertha. I enjoy helping people and finding homes for the pets here. At home, I have a dog, Scrappy, and a bird, Cosmo Kramer. I am partial to dogs, but my favorite animal is a llama. I’m not sure where my path in life will lead, but I feel very fortunate to be a part of this organization and to work with the people here.

On sale at the SWCHS: • SWCHS t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts! • SWCHS friendship bracelets!

Music The Effects of

on Dogs

Can music help calm our best friend during times of anxiety? According to the Universities Federation of Animal Welfare, the effect of music on dogs has been proven. Listening to certain types of music may actually help with the welfare of dogs in animal shelters, as these types of music have soothing qualities. On the contrary, there are also certain types of music which agitate dogs and should not be played around dogs in kennels or the shelter environment. Heavy Metal Dogs become agitated and nervous when listening to heavy metal. The effects of heavy metal music on dogs can also make the dogs bark. In a study by the Universities Federation of Animal Welfare, when exposed to heavy metal music, dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages became quite agitated. Classical Classical music soothes and calms dogs, in fact; the Arizona Animal Welfare League plays classical music in the shelter to calm the dogs. A study in Northern Ireland found music from Vivaldi's "Four Seasons," among other classical pieces, calmed the dogs to such a point that many of them laid down. Classical music could be used in an owner's absence to help decrease the symptoms of separation anxiety in some dogs.

• Dog and Cat tags

Pop The effect of pop music on dogs has not been noticeable. If there is an effect of pop music on dogs the effect is negligible. Studies and research have been based on other types of music since pop has not proven to have an effect on dogs.

• We also microchip both dogs and cats (by appointment)

Read more: The Effects of Music on Dogs | http://www.ehow. com/list _ 5982275 _ effects-music-dogs.html#ixzz1UjW24c8c

• SWCHS 2012 Calendars (coming soon!) • Leashes and collars for all sized dogs

Top 5 songs at SWCHS: 5.  Cat Scratch Fever – Ted Nugent 4.  Cat’s in the Cradle – Harry Chapin 3.  Hound Dog – Elvis 2.  Stray Cat Strut – Stray Cats 1.  Who let the dogs out? – Baha Men


events includ e:

• Amateur Snow Sculpting competition

come see your friends and neighbors in action or put

a group together yourself!

• Soups for sale by area restaurants

warm up inside with a hot bowl of soup, beverages, & baked goods made special just for the event.

• Pet adoption center will be set up

come and meet some of our furry friends waiting

for homes.

• Raffles and prizes! • Enjoy afternoon music

The 7th Annual

by live local acoustic bands from 11am-5pm.

Souper Snow

Sculpture Spectacular

January 28th, 2012 The Greatest Show on Snow!

• And much, much more!!! The event is being held in the Riverwalk section of the Centralia Center (both indoors & outdoors). For more info contact SWCHS!

Training Tips Quick Training Tip: Only give your dog ONE command...if they don’t obey immediately, “make it happen!”  If you consistently give several commands before your dog listens, you are teaching your dog they don’t have to obey on the first command.  This could be potentially fatal if your dog is in the street and there’s a car coming.  You will want your dog to come the first time you call them, because the third or fourth time might be too late!  So, they need to know they have to obey with the first command.  As an example, if your dog is on the couch and you tell it “off” and it just lays there, you do not give a 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) command, you gently grab the dog by the collar and help them off the couch.  Or, if you tell your dog to sit and they don’t, do not give a 2nd command, simply gently pull up on the collar while you gently push down the tushy to help your dog sit.  Remember, only one command, and then make it happen!  Happy training.  :)


Amy Sjomeling teaches on “Doggie Do’s and Don’ts”, the first of many informational seminars to come at The Helen Mead Educational Center.

Watch our website ( for information on the next seminar!

I’m Rusty and I’m a yellow lab and even though I’m over 90 lbs and 8 years old that doesn’t mean that I’m not a cute a little lap dog. I’m just a cute BIG lap dog. Couldn’t ask for more!

I am the King of my castle and I am looking a person who will bring me tuna and play mice. I need someone who has good brushing skills and mastered the neck rub. That isn’t much to ask? ~ Rufio

Dear Mom and Dad to be, I just wanted to let you know how wonderful it will be when I can finally come home. I have my bags packed and have already said goodbye to all my friends. I look forward to playing fetch, long walks, obedience training and sleeping on your lap. See you soon. - Jethro

t h g i l t o sp n o pets adoption fee structure: cats.

adoption fee of $30.

(+$50. spay/neuter deposit, which is returned upon completion of spaying/neutering)


adoption fee of $60.

(+$75. spay/neuter deposit, which is returned upon completion of spaying/neutering)

If the pet is already spayed or neutered, the adopter pays adoption fee only. The adoption fee includes: pet being up-to-date on shots, being microchipped, and a free initial visit to one of our five local vets.

tune in for pet mews.....


to watch Public Access on the first Wednesday of the month! Phil (and guests) have an hour-long live tv show. Starting at 11:00am. The show will be replayed at 5:00pm. Check it out!

•Also........WFHR (1320am) features Phil on their Wednesday broadcast at 12:45pm, with a pet of the week and also at 8:05am for any strays! Listen up! •Watch for Phil’s monthly column in the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune and The Voice. The Tribune also features some “Pets of the Week” in Saturday’s paper and has links to our pets on their website.


Andi @ the Companion Shop LaVon Gruetzmacher Oliva Voie

it ROCKS to Recycle!!!

Rosie We collect cans and Christmas lights which turn into funds for SWCHS!

Ted Prange Dakota Danny P. Voiss Spooky the Cat David Marzofka Basil Bandit and Tammy Krista Morse

Bring your empty aluminum cans or your old Christmas lights to:

Our New location: 3621 64th Street North, or to our old location: 90 Pepper Avenue, or to: The Feed Store, 910 Township Avenue

Feeling blah?

need some exercise? want a buddy to go with you?

Well do we have a program for YOU! Come to SWCHS and walk some dogs! We have a scenic walking trail and plenty of furry friends that want to help you get back in shape! Best of’s free! Come sign up today at the shelter!


submitted by

animal medical & surgical clinic Adding Years to Life and Life to those Years:

General Geriatric Care

With the availability of high quality veterinary care, dogs and cats are living longer lives. As animals age, it is important to remember that their bodies undergo some major changes.  Older pets have different energy requirements than do puppies or young adult dogs and they are often less able to handle stressful situations.  Geriatric wellness programs offered by your veterinarian can help promote longevity and improve the quality of life by recognizing and controlling risk factors specific to our older pets.    Common health problems for geriatric canines and felines include obesity, dental disease, arthritis, kidney disease, heart disease, reduced eyesight and hearing, and sometimes, cancer.  Obesity is a very common condition, and it has been shown to decrease the quality and length of our pet’s lives. Obesity also increases the severity of arthritis and heart disease. Metabolic disease can also occur.  Cats may also develop hyperthyroidism, diabetes, and gastrointestinal problems, while dogs may develop diabetes, hypothyroidism, or hyperadrenocorticism.  The first sign of many of these diseases may be a change in your pet’s activity level, food intake, water intake, or bathroom behavior.  If you notice any change in your pet’s daily routine, it should be brought up with your veterinarian as soon possible.  For many of the common ailments of aging pets, early diagnosis and treatment is crucial to maintain a healthy quality of life and to promote longevity. Annual exams should include a thorough physical exam, including a complete eye exam.  Routine blood-work, urinalysis, heartworm test and fecal parasite screening are important to evaluate for early signs of disease. Older pets should continue to receive their regular vaccinations for continued protection from the most common infectious diseases.  Your veterinarian will also discuss internal and external parasite control for dogs, and for cats depending on their lifestyles.   We all want to see our pets live long and healthy lives. You can help achieve this by keeping a close eye on them and continuing to provide the loving relationship they have grown up with.

DID YOU KNOW? Did you know all the rewards of fostering shelter animals? I have been at the shelter for 6 years and during my time my family and I have fostered MANY animals. A majority of the fostered pets have been animals that need medical rehabilitation; i.e. broken legs, amputations, eye enucleation. There are some that I foster for socialization like puppy mill dogs or ones with behavior problems. Even now I still feel delight when I bring these animals into my home and adopt them out into a forever family. Watching an abused or “mill” dog learning to play or frolic is an amazing experience.”Hope” the dog is one that comes to my mind. Seeing Hope come back from deaths door to being a healthy, happy dog who was adopted into a family that loves her, is why I do this job. Seeing her years later still brings tears of joy to my eyes and gives me a memory I will never forget. Having a stray or injured animal learn trust and adjust to fit into a “pack” or family is something that is very fulfilling. My current foster “Trixie” was running for weeks with no food or water and with a broken leg. Trixie is now part of a “pack” or family with all the food and water she wants. Even though Trixie had to have the leg amputated, she is now happy, healthy, running, playing, and most of all grateful to be loved. Fostering shelter animals, whether it be sharing the incredible birth experience of a litter with your children, teaching newborns the do’s or don’t of a home environment, or watching the endless hours of kitten or puppy play is more than just a learning experience for you. You are helping those who can’t help themselves. You are mentoring those who want to learn. You are giving love to those who have never felt love. So as your day comes to a close and you’re sitting on the couch watching the news and patting the furry head laying on your lap, know that you are making a difference in this animal’s life, giving the pet the chance it needs to find a new forever home. That is a reward worth receiving.

Beth Peabody

Pet Care Coordinator, C.E.T.


Bark in the Park the Hartley family friends....Gleason & Norton The carnival is coming to town. Bring your four-legged friends to the South Wood County Humane Society’s Bark in the Park for a day of games, prizes and food - everything you’d find at the fair. Let your pets try for a prize in the duck pond, compete against their friends in races and timed trials, or enter in one of the costume contests. Does your dog have a special talent? Can they do the most “push-ups” in a minute? Now is your chance to let them show their skills.

The Friends Group are SWCHS supporters who assist in the shelters mission of helping pets. They do this by helping to plan and execute fund raisers and educational opportunities, and by providing much needed word-of-mouth marketing and feedback. The group is an essential part of the shelter; the care the pets need and receive could not happen if we didn’t have these dedicated volunteers! Please consider joining this wonderful group! They meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 5:30. Call or email Phil at the shelter for more information!

There will be games for all doggie shapes, sizes and ages! The event will take place October 22 at the Wisconsin Rapids dog park, 2384-2989 17th Ave. N. For more information, call Cassie Hansen at 715-570-6854 or the Humane Society at 715-423-0505.

The Friends Group

SWCHS Annual Christmas Bazaar Saturday•December 3, 2011•9:00am-3:00pm Location to be determined. Check out our website or call the shelter for more information! Featuring:

•Christmas decorations & Gifts •Baked goods•Crafts•Costume jewelry •Pet treats & much more! for more information or to donate items to sell, please stop by the shelter or call 715.423.0505. all proceeds go to the SWCHS.


2012 SWCHS Paw Prints Calendar Number of 2012 calendars ordered: FREE pickup at the shelter!

x $12.00


To have calendars mailed, add $2 shipping and handling for the first calendar, and $1 each additional calendar.

total amount enclosed =

name. address.

please mail to: South Wood County Humane Society 2012 Paw Prints Calendar 3621 64th Street North Wisconsin Rapids WI 54495

city. state. zip. phone. email.

The SWCHS Goes Viral & Green! The South Wood County Humane Society is keeping up with the times and started a Facebook account. We first started out as a “Friend” page and recently changed it over to a “Like” page. By changing our Facebook page over to a “Like” page all the current updates, pictures, and posts will be easier to find. If you were on our Facebook “Friend” page, please type in the Facebook search bar - South Wood County Humane Society and hit the “Like” button. You will then stay up to date on all our upcoming events and pictures of our adoptees. Also please share this information with all your friends! Lets see how many fans/ friends our page can get! Wanna help SWCHS go Green and save some greenbacks? Sign up to receive your newsletter via email! Please email with your name and email address and we will send you our newsletter via email. This will help save the SWCHS on paper, printing, and postage. Plus what a great way to give back to our environment!

Our website...

Lets you see all the animals available for adoption at SWCHS and so much more! Log onto to find your new best friend!!


mer school class. Mr. Severson’s sumrou ghout the summer!

work on Wedn Thanks for all the hard

esdays th

Some of our friends from the Boys & Girls Club who raised money to buy items for SWCHS.

Girl Scout Troop 6010 & fr


s. Thank you for collecting items and raising money for SWCH S!

Thank you for everyone who made a donation to help support the South Wood County Humane Society!

The United Methodist Church Alice Ann Washburn Mill Creek Gardens Debra Tomfohrde Mary Foster James & Suzanne Fitzgerald Nancy Ubinger Pam Lunde Dan & Sandy Moeller Jannet Hill Lexie Castle Mary Ashbeck Roger & Shirley LaBarge Phyllis Paitel Bruce Leberg Jim Gordon Darlene Shulfer Gerald & Irene Johnson Diane Burk Joan Dolan Sue Molski Mary Gokey LaVern & Bonita Hofmeister Kathy Pechinski Pat Peckham Joann Chitney Robin Ireland Jackie Olson Paige Patrykus


Sandy Schreier Sharon Meulenbelt J. Urbans Rich & Jeanne Stelmaszewski Barb Schenk Marilyn Hendricks Janice Dietz Patty Fairchild Boys & Girls Club Torch Club Angela Porsch Bianca Johnson June Trautschold Robert & Betty Dilley John Dunigan Ray & Peggy Rentz Steven & Sheri Marek Susan LaSalle Ro Simone Chris Thomas Gerald & Pat Markuson Carl Johnson Kim Kelnhofer Dave Akkerman Sharon LaFontaine Barbara McLennon Abate of Wisconsin Gail Delano Janet Hill

Natasha Rusek Josile Reichert Joann Weis Petco Cassandra Hansen Kristin Anderson Mike Coon Savannah Deanna Randrup Clint Jepson Fred Murray Wisconsin Rapids Area Retired Educators Association Jillian & Kelly Mary Lou & Barry Gardner Robin Gorman Elizabeth Erdmann Dagmar Stuebbe Angela Eberhardt Girl Scouts of Woodland Council Christine Griffith Richard & Rita Jaroch Marie Sherman Wal-Mart Quality Feed and Seed Kathy Hafenbredl Starr Hagen Cheryl Lang Dog Star Resort Billy Tork SWCHS Friends Group

The Boys and Girls Club Nancy Hanneman Clancy’s Pro Driving Range The Wisconsin Rapids Kennel Club Amy Sjomeling The Marshfield Clinic Great Expectations Kwik Trip Charter Communications Solarus The Voice WFHR/WRCW DNL Recreation The Furniture Studio Gaynor Cranberries Quality Plus Printing Element Mobile Eagle Construction Express Recycling Mr. Severson’s Summer School The Companion Shop Lance and Cindy Van Ert Rapids Sheet Metal Natures Niche Mike Peabody


listed below are some ways that you can help support the south wood county humane society! thank you!

you can be a member of the south wood county humane society for only $30. annually.


with your membership you will receive subscription to our biannual newsletter as well as, a membership card providing you with discounts at supporting businesses such as: Checkers, Country Kitchen, Dominos Pizza, The Feed Store, Grand Creations, Inner Peace Day Spa, Newman’s Mini Golf, Taco Johns, Tropical Smoothies, Water Works, William Neiman Photography, and Wunrows.

honor an animal lover or memorialize your loved one by establishing a memorial on their behalf. please consider donating one of the monetary amounts below. our thank you will appear in the upcoming south wood county humane society newsletter.

You will also receive a paw prints calendar or t-shirt as a token of our appreciation!

$25. memorial level

$50. memorial level

$100. memorial level

other amount $

sign me up. check gift:

my $30. is enclosed

paw prints calendar

t-shirt (indicate size


name. your relationship.

spay/neuter sponsorship. every year millions of puppies and kittens are born; a number far greater than the number of people willing to adopt them. spaying and neutering your pet is a step toward helping to control pet overpopulation in our area. in both cats and dogs spaying/ neutering can reduce the risks of certain disorders and cancer. neutering often resolves undesirable behaviors such as aggression, spraying and roaming.

please return with your donation(s) to south wood county humane society po box 903 wisconsin rapids, wi 54495-0903

how can YOU help?


what a great way to help!


for only $55. you can sponsor a pet’s surgery. a sign will be placed on a pet’s kennel indicating to a potential adopter that they will receive a voucher toward that pet’s spay or neuter.

sign me up.

my $55. is enclosed



kennel sponsorship.


sponsor the maintenance and upkeep of one of the shelter kennels for $300. annually.

sign me up.


my $300. is enclosed email.


Nonprofit Organization US Postage

south wood county humane society PO Box 903 Wisconsin Rapids WI 54495-0903


Permit No 31 Wis Rapids WI


view pets available for adoption at south wood county humane society

wish list

Dry dog food or puppy food (Purina and Pedigree, preferred) Dry cat or kitten food (Purina preferred) Canned dog and cat food Cleaning supplies HE Laundry detergent and bleach Garbage bags Toiletry supplies Office supplies (copier paper, pens, and pencils.) Pet toys Pet treats Piddle pads Bath towels and sheets Monetary donations

Loving homes for loving pets!

Our membership drive will be Saturday,

October 22, 2011 SWC HS will be out at several area re tail locations recruiting old and ne w members and barking for donations! Can’t wait? Fill out the form in this ne wsle t ter and become a member!

SWCHS Newsletter  

Newsletter Fall 2011