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Bridge LCS is one of the leading ERP software for logistics industries. We started out in 2017 in Oman, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and now we are going to start in India. It suitable for all types of logistics businesses all over the globe and it's fast, secure and flexible to use. It's a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution designed uniquely for logistics industries. It has various logistics business models like Air, Sea, D2D, 3PL, and Warehouse. Logistics industries are struggling with their ERP Software. Bridge LCS solved all the issues and gives more features. Our some features are Lifetime update, Unlimited support, Phone call service, Tracking, etc. Bridge LCS was developed by Glaubetech professional programmers. The idea of such an application was introduced by four experts, working in four different sectors of the logistics field. The plan that brings us all the work together under one software so that Marketing, Operation, Execution, and Finance are connected thus could save both manpower and man-hours. Visit us: LCSBRIDGE.COM

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