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Bridge Intercultural Travel is an Ecuadorian Company based in Quito, offering unique programs based on 5 pillars; Learning Spanish, Volunteering, Personal Growth / Career Orientation, Travelling and Cultural Immersion. We believe that travelling in a country should be much more than just sightseeing. It should be about getting to know the culture, traditions and activities of the local people, learning their language, tasting the unique cuisine of the various regions, even learning the local dance moves, watching locally produced movies and reading the best short stories from its literature; truly experiencing all the country has to offer. We believe that Ecuador offers all you can experience in Latin America in one country, providing us with the perfect setting for our intercultural programs.

Bridge Intercultural travel


SPANISH LESSONS Learn a new language at a prestigious Spanish school in Quito through their customized programs; one to one and group classes.

VOLUNTEERING Immerse yourself in Ecuadorian life and culture working side by side with the local people through volunteering in a picturesque village unique to anywhere in the world.

WORKSHOPS Embark on a journey of self-discovery through our exclusive internationally renowned Career Orientation Coaching and Personal Growth Workshops.

TRAVELLING A once-in-a-lifetime experiential, intercultural travel experience, visiting popular tourist sites as well as many incredible places you will not see in other tourism and / or exchange programs.

CULTURAL IMMERSION Get to know the culture, traditions and activities of the local people, learn their language, taste the unique cuisine of the various regions, learn the local dance moves and even spend an evening with a Shaman.

Bridge Intercultural travel


3 WEEK program * 2 weeks of Spanish lessons of 20 hours in total, in a prestigious Language School with a great learning method. * 2 weeks of volunteering in a village unique to anywhere in the world outside of Quito. * A whirlwind adventure of travelling and immersing oneself in Ecuador by visiting: Quito Historic Centre; Middle of the World monument; Inti Ñam interactive museum; Otavalo, largest artisanal market in South America; surrounding lakes Cuicocha, and San Pablo and the Peguche waterfall; Ecuador’s highest mountain, Chimborazo; Baños with its famous adventure sports such as rafting, canopying and canyoning; the rain forest of Puyo; Jumandy Caves in the jungle; the amazing natural hot springs at Papallacta and a train ride through the avenue of the volcanoes. *Cultural activities such as; the National Folkloric Ballet Jacchigua, Salsa lessons, a visit to a local indigenous community in the Amazon, watching Ecuadorian movies at our movie nights and spending an evening with a Shaman and participating in a Temascal ceremony. *As well as our exclusive, world renowned 14-hour Career Orientation and /or Personal Growth Workshop.

5 WEEK program Our 5 week program includes the same intensive intercultural experience of Ecuador as the 3 week program, but as the traveler has more time it includes: * Two weeks of Spanish lessons, a total of 40 hours. * Two weeks of volunteering. * A visit to the Mindo cloud forest * Additional lessons where one can learn to cook some of Ecuador’s unique dishes.


Bridge Intercultural travel

GALAPAGOS EXTENSION If you are able to stay a little longer and pay a little bit more we will take you on the trip of your lifetime to an enchanted place that any traveler worldwide dreams of visiting sometime in their lifetime: the exotic Galapagos Islands. You can add on our 6 days, 5 nights Island Hopping Galapagos Extension Package to any of our programs or add it to your customized group program.

GROUPS We can customize our programs to fit the individual needs of any group according to interest, objective, timeframe and budget for the trip. We can customize our programs for: High School Groups, College or University Students, Gap Year Students, Team-Building Work Groups, Graduation Groups, Scientific Groups, Elders, Bird Watchers, Spiritual or Energy related, Religious Groups, Families, Groups of Friends.

Just VOLUNTEERING Would you like to make a difference in a developing country? Is ordinary travelling from place to place not what you are looking for?

Would you like to spend time working side-by-side with the people of another culture? Would your group like to help a community and immerse themselves in Ecuadorian life and culture for a couple of weeks?

We have an amazing opportunity for you!

Volunteering in a picturesque village a few hours outside of Quito. Here you may spend anywhere from two weeks to as long as you like doing community service in a village unique to anywhere in the world.

Bridge Intercultural travel



We offer unique programs that not only provide you with Spanish lessons and volunteering opportunities as others do, but they also allow you to see, experience and travel Ecuador extensively.


You don’t have the hassle of quoting, planning or organizing your trip, we do it all for you, down to the very last detail.


We know, live and have experienced Ecuador so we will choose all the most interesting and exciting places for you to visit. Many of the places you visit you will not see in other tourism and / or exchange programs.


We choose volunteer projects that make a difference to the local communities; we make sure the funds stay within the communities in which we participate, that the project has an assigned project manager or coordinator and who is available at all times, that our guests have an intercultural experiences while working on the project and that the projects are safe and are conducted responsibly with regard to environmental, social and local issues.


We carry out careful selection and preparation of our host families, host organizations and volunteers. We will work with you to choose an activity that meets your special skills, age, experience and interests.


We place special emphasis on the education and personal growth gained through intercultural travelling.


The language school we work with to provide you with Spanish lessons, has been carefully selected by us for its professionalism, friendliness, flexibility to adjust to each individual’s study level and results achieved.


We provide you with the opportunity to learn a culture from the inside.


Our prices truly are value for money. Thanks to our alliances all over the country we are able to give you the best rates on all your travelling, lodgings, meals and even on Spanish lessons, volunteering and career orientation and personal growth courses. 10 We will reply to any communication from you as fast as we can and provide you with any information you may need at all times.


If this life-changing experience is for you, CONTACT US NOW to reserve your place and receive our value-for-money truly affordable rates!!

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Brochure bridge intercultural travel  
Brochure bridge intercultural travel  

Our mission is to provide once-in-a-lifetime experiential, intercultural travel experiences in Ecuador, through our well thought out program...