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New Album of Serkan Karaman “ Can’t Talk Now “ Review by Gillis Arsonie

Serkan Karaman released an Album under the label of Rhein Analogue Records which is entitled : “ Can’t Talk Now” in the year 2010. Suprisingly for a virtuos turkish guitarist , Serkan Karamans’ Album is a “loungy” or “chill- out” smooth jazz album with a Jazz Vibe notion and even a notion folkoristic elements acompanied on a 4/4 bar 90’s smooth beat, along with a warm but softly changing bassline and soundscape chords on the keys. It begins with the title number “Can’t Talk Now”, which make the album theme clear, that impression, mood & reflections is the mainspot of this Album instead as complicated solos. His guitar is just focused on sound and certain variation of the theme almost intended not to play to much. His guitar style is jazzy but with an unique turkish element whereby the occident and oriental sound meets on any track a moody and relaxed “shakehands”. By listening you do not want to talk, but driving through the city, touching you girlfriend or just relax.

The trumpet and saxophone were playing licks or countermelody enforcing the theme with smooth improvisations of his guitar along with Synths, Keys touching even the mystical and ambient planes. After hearing the 9 tracks of the Album , you want to rewind it back and listen again...My favourite track is “Latenight Protop “. A beautiful album. - Gillis Arsonie

Bridge City January Edition  

Review of "Can't talk now " Serkan karaman

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