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The Internet has changed the dynamics of the wedding industry. For the past decades, brides have used “traditional” marketing techniques such as trade shows and print advertising, to get information about their interest and need for their special day. But these traditional marketing methods are becoming less and less effective for two reasons:

The reality of the Wedding Business today

On demand Content vs. Traditional Marketing

Brides are getting better at blocking out interruption-based marketing messages and They are getting smarter by searching and doing her “online homework” when it comes to find a vendor. The average bride or couple is inundated with thousands of traditional marketing interruptions per day and is figuring out more creative ways to block them out, including caller ID, spam filtering, and on-demand TV, more than one email account and radio. The Internet presents quick and easy ways for brides to learn and shop. Instead of investing an entire day visiting a bunch of vendors, for example, a bride can go the Internet to research and purchase products or services and only visit a few. Today, 90% of brides are going to the Internet to start their purchasing process. In order to remain competitive, businesses need to utilize “on demand content” marketing techniques to “get found” by the brides searching for their products and services online.

Why blogging?

1. Blogging is an on demand content Marketing tool 2. Blogging helps business with SEO 3. Blogging helps with social news and networking sites 4. Blogging is permission centric 5. The conversation has already started… it’s time that you’re aware of it and

Our 4 steps to success!

STEP 1: We search and Read We are always investigating and searching for tendencies and keywords alerts in the wedding industry. We allow visitors to Read and subscribe to blogs via RSS (Really Simple Syndication) or email – RSS allows users to subscribe anonymously and consume content however they want.

STEP 2: Allow Interaction We allow our visitors to contribute to the conversation and interact with our vendors via comment. Increase the value of the article – with sharable content, unique images, videos, unique inspiration boards and links. Engage in the community and bringing them to our website Partnerships and link bait campaigns with other bloggers and blog readers

STEP 3: Write and create content Analytics functionality: To truly measure the success of our blog, our software allows us to report on email and RSS subscribers over time, measure visitors and leads generated, and track search engine keyword rank over time and compared to competitors. On frequency: Our General rule of thumb is to blog at least once a day to maintain steady readership and continue our SEO efforts. Our Blog topics vary so we keep the relevance. For example, List of 5 ideas, trends, or thoughts, Publish Real weddings, Take a recent brides experience and share it , Answer questions we received recently, inspiration board, etc

STEP 4: Finally We Promote, Measure & Analyze How do we measure Success? | At we are your Social Media partners! Are you overwhelmed by all this new social media stuff? Sometimes you don’t know where to start? And honestly it takes a lot out of your time? Don’t worry…we understand it! That’s why uses software that tracks where and how our users engage with our content, and what they pay attention to – in real time. This is the main advance you will get when you advertise at, because we do not only place beautiful and relevant content but we MEASURE or website’s engagement between our visitor and our published content, like blog posts, tweets news & articles.

Our goal is that every visitor that sees and read a post, gets interested, inspired and “hooked” and decide to take further action. That’s success! You don’t want to place a banner you want to your brand to connect, in real time, with real people, right where they are! That’s what we do!

We promote our blog offline in bridal shows, magazines, bridal boutiques, etc. Online we also paid advertisement placement on Facebook, send a quarterly E-newsletter, Promote on social media sites: digg, reddit, tumbleUpon, Facebook, LinkedIn, we create twitter PR campaigns and Trade guest articles with similar blogger

We measure our blog by tracking the number of blog visitors and subscribers, SEO rankings. We measure real business results: number of visitors, leads, brand awareness and customers generated by your blog.

Premium Profile List your business in our website- Just $33 a month. Basic Profile List your business in our website directory- Just $20 a month** Includes One Online Image Link – Boost your own search engine rankings with our direct link. Contact information
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 Address, phone number, email and website! Social Media information: Direct link to your Twitter ad Facebook account Up to 1000 character description; tell them everything they need to know! Online Bride Leads 
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Sponsorship Advertising Placement in The Home Page | Minimum 3 month contract

Advertising Placement in a Category Page | Minimum 3 month contract

Right Column Sponsorships 125 x 125 pixel ad units. Max 8 sponsors. Ad slots sold in two price increments:

Right Column Sponsorships 125 x 125 pixel ad units. Max 8 sponsors per categories. Ad slots sold in two price increments:

Sponsorships level 1 : Costs $290 for 30 days Ads randomly placed in top four slots Sponsorship level 2 : Costs $190 for 30 days – Ads randomly placed in the bottom four slot. Skyscraper | 125 x 600 pixel single ad slot $250 for 30 days

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Guest Blogger Our Guest Blogger is a thoughtfully edited listing that only features top quality vendors. Because our style-savvy, sophisticated readers deserve a chic resource they can trust, our book is created with them in mind. Our Guest Blogger offers our readers a worry-free browsing experience while our Very Important Vendors enjoy a showcase in keeping with our firm commitment to quality vs. quantity. If you would you like to be considered for an invitation to our Guest Blogger send us an email at Membership rates and information are as follow: 1. Three min, custom made, info commercial video - interview style- It will be placed on your Business Profile. 2. Up to 8 posts will be included during the year in our Blog. {Content most be evaluated and approve by Bride’s Tea} 3. Four times mentioned in our E-newsletter 4. Full access to your Premium Business Profile Monthly Membership $199 for 12 months It doesn’t include post copywriting services,

Important Note | 908 unique daily visitors, 00:08:26 Avg. Time spent per Visitor on Site. More tome spent, more chances to see and read your content! One new post every day Did you know? | According to’s latest survey data, 80% of couples use the Internet to plan their wedding? Website stickiness is the ability to attract and keep customers on your website. The number one activity that drives couples to websites is seeing pictures of wedding ideas. Bride’s Tea is all about wedding ideas. We have a stickiness average of 00:08:26 min per visitor; while in printed advertising the average is 2.4 seconds per individual Are you Ready? | To advertise please contact Jenily@

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