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Message What a delight to be in the heart of the wedding season; this is a really special time… This issue is filled with some of our favourite articles including, Save the date cards; The Bachelors & Bachelorette ideas; Themed weddings; Flowers for your pockets - this article is a guideline for what you could get for your money. Groomsmen and Maid of honour duties – What is expected of you when you take on this role. The perfect dress for your body shape. Wedding stationery ideas and 2 lovely recipes from Low Carb is leaker written by Inè Reynierse As this is our last issue of 2015 (wow this year has just flown by) we would like to thank each person and business that has contributed to our each publication. To our valued readers it has been an honour to share Brides Essence with you. May your festive season be filled with joy, love and peace. If you have any thoughts or ideal you’d like to share with us please email us. With love

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“Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” Ephesians 4:31-32

DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine


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for your perfect wedd ing

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Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding

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Taryn-Zoë believes life and love should always be a celebration! What better way to celebrate than to assist people with the start of their life journey as a married couple. Although weddings have not been a part of her career, what started as a brides maid’s task has exploded into an unofficial portfolio of wedding co-ordination allowing Taryn to keep her finger firmly on the pulse of all things wedding. She is passionate about God and helping others around her. Taryn-Zoë is now part of the Brides Essence family. Visit Taryn Zoë Gurr

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DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine



4 Brides Issue 12 Brides - Issue 22 For- your perfect wedding

A Save the date card is becoming almost as important at the invitation itself these days. They are early reminders to your guests to keep the date open for your pending nuptials and alert the guests to expect an invitation. This is especially necessary for guests that may need to travel and gives them a chance to plan, book flights, accommodation and get time off from work etc. Early notice means more guests will be able to attend. The general timespan to send them out is between 6 - 9 months before the wedding. This also helps get

more concrete numbers for planning purposes in terms of tables, reception, bar and favours creating less stress. Save the dates can introduce the tone and mood of the wedding. It can be anything really, postcards, magnets, photographs etc. The information needs to be brief, as more detail should be shared in the formal invitation. Details that should be included are: The couple’s names, clear date and venue and a note that the formal invitations will follow.

DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine


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The Bachelors &

bachelorette ideas by Grant Derrick


believe that most couples will want to “keep it clean”. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, regrettable things do happen. This is important to remember when planning a bachelor and bachelorette party. It is better to soberly plan things in advance than to

“hungoverly” regret not doing so. A night of pub crawling is possibly one of the oldest clichés when it comes to the last “rumspringer”. This generally leads to amnesia, and for the things that can be remembered, the strong desire to have amnesia. Don’t do anything that will haunt you for the rest of your days. Remember this should be a celebration of your new life that is about to begin and not a homage to the life you are about to lose. Ask yourself the question : “Why am I getting married”? First we will start with the bachelor party : There is no harm in guys having some good clean fun that does not transcend morals and societal laws. This does not necessarily eliminate the fun but opens the door to good clean fun. I have attended my fair share of bachelor parties and some were really good fun. What are the things that guys like doing together most? This is a good basis for you to plan your own or your friends bachelor party. 1. If you or one of your friends have access, a week-end away at a rural location is a great place to have a good party with loads of man stuff to do like fishing, MX and quad biking, climbing, clay pigeon shooting. This can fill the DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine


time with good clean activities with your mates. This, however is not an option accessable to the masses but is a great way to get away from all the flower choosing and looking at endless pictures of wedding cakes et al. 2. Have a road / mountain biking day, if you and your party are able. This is a great way to spend a day with you buddies with some competition that will quell your testosterone. Be sure to have the correct skills, gear and expertise – don’t overdo it lest you spend your presumed wedding day in traction. 3. Ever thought of having a LAN gaming session. This can last for many hours, is great fun and no one gets harmed. Nothing like hunting your buddies in a first person shooter…hehehe!!! Have some drinks and eats, but this should keep you busy far into the night. 4. A day of Zip-lining is another way for the guys to have a fun outing. These are usually located in some picturesque location with some awesome treetop surfing. At the end of the day, settle down to a meal at a local eatery to finish off your activities. 5. Similar to option number 3, you could always have a paintball session, which is a little more “hands on” but just as much, if not more fun. This is also a relatively safe way to spend your bachelors. 6. Consider having a golf day. There are many golf courses in your area that will be only too happy to cater to your party. Finish it off with fine dining at the establishment’s restaurant. Make a reservation and celebrate in style. Ask the groomsmen to organise some fine cigars to enjoy after your meal. 7. If you have access to the beach or a big enough lawn and some kit, you could have a volley ball contest.


Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding

8. Have a braai. Although this is our favourite pastime, this is just another reason to have an even bigger and better one. This is also generally one of the most economical ways to spend your bachelor’s which may be a wise choice considering the upcoming costs of the wedding. 9. For the sophisticated gentleman, there is always an evening of poker or games. This may sound a little obsolete but it can be more than you expect and not leave a huge hole in your pocket. 10. Go white water rafting. There are a number of suitable and accessable locations in South Africa where you can spend a day or even a weekend together with the lads working as a team, trying to survive. Do bear in mind that this can be hazardous, especially in the rainy season, so do your homework before committing. DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine


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For the ladies. I suppose the question for the ladies is the same as for the men : what do girls like to do most? I would reckon (please forgive my ignorance as a man ) SHOPPING!!! I could be mistaken, however the idea is for friends of the bride to spoil her, to shower her with good things and to help her relax as there has been a tremendous amount of pressure on the bride with all the planning and arrangements. Take this time to be pampered or to pamper. 1. Perfectly apt is to have a pamper party. A day spa is the ideal place for this. However if it is not within your budget, there are many salons that will accommodate your party with a mani, pedi and culinary delights. You may even find a crew that will be willing to offer pampering in your home. If they are not able to cater then you could always organise some made up snack platters. Ladies – you could get together and make the eats yourselves. 2. Go shopping. The bridesmaids and friends of the bride can pool some cash and 10

take the bride shopping. Spoil her rotten and finish off with coffee, drinks or some fine dining. 3. Paintball ( as mentioned for the guys ) is also an option for the girls. Why not? What’s good for the goose…is also OK for you. This can be a perfect way for the bride to take her mind off things and have a great nights sleep afterwards. Oh yes, try not to pucker the bride with bruises as this may create more stress than relieve it. 4. Dress up – the old style “hen” party required the “bride to be” to dress in toilet paper, or something equally inane, and be ridiculed or laughed at by her entourage. They would make her do silly things that would belittle and ridicule her. I think this does not edify or create an atmosphere of calm. However, you can still have fun if you want to go this route but rather create an atmosphere of peace and love as the main goal. 5. Plan a hike for the day. A great way to spend time together and you won’t feel

Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding

bloated at the end of the day. Enjoy God’s creation in some beautiful location and you will feel revitalised. 6. Have a sleepover with your girlfriends and watch “chick flicks” together. Loads of popcorn, snacks and good friends will be a wonderful memory to add to your collection and is also a great way to unwind. You could incorporate a lingerie party into your evening. 7. Book a weekend away somewhere if you can afford, or if you or one of your friends has access to a place where the girls can go to spend the week-end together that will suffice. It is about time out and time off. 8. Have a fine dining experience at a posh restaurant. Make sure they have a chocolate fountain!! Dogs are mans’ best friends and diamonds are a girl’s. Chocolate is a girl’s second best friend. Remember that chocolate has sustained you this far and now that you have the diamond, you may have neglected that old faithful friend :D 9. This one is just food for thought. Sometimes the best way to happiness is to help someone else find theirs. Organise a day or evening helping out people who are less fortunate than you. You could spend some time at a shelter for kids or take a group of them to the zoo or park. This is most certainly not traditional but remember - it is more blessed to give than to receive. 10. Have an old style games evening with your favourite childhood board games. There are so many to choose from. One could indulge in the pursuit of Trivia, Monopolise some real estate or play charades (these are only suggestions and are not the express opinions of Brides Essence or the contributors of this article). That is not all folks, the last section deals with joint bachelor / bachelorette party ideas (and no, not the reefer kind of joint !!!). It is becoming more and more popular to have Coed parties. This can be more fun than you think. Another great aspect of this option is that there is a higher level of accountability. There will be no worrying about any unsavoury shenanigans that the other party may have gotten up to.

DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine


Without further ado, here they are : 1. Paintball – guys vs girls. This can be an awesome load of fun for the bridal party. The scales may be a little off balance so you could mix it up with coed teams. End the day off with a braai and some good laughs about the days activities. 2. Ball room dancing lessons. There are a number of establishments that would be only too happy to accommodate a crowd. Not only is this a sane way to spend your time together but most youngsters today don’t know what a waltz is, so it has many benefits to not only the bridal couple but also the groomsmen and bridesmaids as well. 3. Karaoke night. This is a good way to unwind and have some clean fun while you’re doing it. Serenade your bride to be. Party on… 4. A Casino evening is another way to enjoy a jack and jill party. Organise some friends to act as croupiers, some finger snacks and dress to the hilt. Have a place where the guys can enjoy a cigar and the girls can taste some wine or fine Belgian chocolate. 5. A day out somewhere. Be it hiking, biking, climbing or picnicking there are so many options to choose from. A picnic is a sensible idea as the guys can play touch rugby or volley ball and girls can chill out and gaggle or join in the fun and have their own volley ball game. Whatever you decide, let it be something that the bridal couple enjoys doing 12

together and expand on that. Regardless of where you have the party or what it is that you do, plan for the bridal couple to have a time filled with fun and fond memories to kick start to their new life together.

Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding



by Grant Derrick


any young couples are looking to wed in a non-traditional way. Something different to make the wedding memorable is the order of some. Not all weddings have to be white gowns and penguin suits and lots of old people dressed like its your funeral. A wedding can be tailored or planned to suit your individual characters and this can make your day a fun filled party rather than a starch stuffed formality. You can have any wedding you desire if you allow your imagination to soar and it will certainly be one that nobody forgets. Here are some ideas that may be right up your ally Fairy-tale wedding: this epitomises every little girl’s idea of the perfect wedding. Large puffy ballroom dresses, elbow length gloves, and hats that look like they belonged to your great grandmother. Prince charming rides up on his trusty steed and kneels as he accepts his new bride before the courts of royals. Your guests all arrayed in their regal outfits, tapestries and banners drape the walls to create the perfect backdrop. You may even be fortunate to have a horse drawn carriage at your disposal. Set a kingly feast before your guests in true luxurious style. There are DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine



few limits to one’s imagination with this wedding idea. Sci-fi wedding: there is a large following of the sci-fi genre, just pick your favourite and I’m sure your friends will love it. Ever thought of having your wedding vows written in Klingon? Serve your guests the finest Romulan ale and cocktails that push the boundaries of imagination. You can invent your own decor, styles, menus and activities. Almost anything goes with this style of wedding as there are no real traditions or boundaries to limit what you can or cannot do. It does not have to cost you a kidney either. I’m sure that once you start designing your wedding along this theme that you will be overwhelmed with ideas. Get together with your fellow trekkies and bounce some ideas around.

sure they don’t fit too well. High trouser hems for men are a must and socks are not permitted. Don’t forget the braces and straw hats boys. Dresses that require tape and safety pins are the order for the bride. It is important for guests to have a stick of grass to chew on during the ceremony (a spike of wheat is more traditional though, if it is in season). Bales of hay make good seats and just about anything flat makes a good table. Anything on a spit will satisfy your catering requirements, preferably roadkill but please do adhere to the local laws in your area concerning poaching and hunting. Many a butcher will happily supply something a little wild for your wedding. A band must be accompanied by a banjo in order for your shindig to be a success. Square dancing is great fun for all too.

Hick wedding: Pick up an old wedding dress and suit at a charity shop, but make

Back to school: If you still have your old school uniform, it will be perfect for this

Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding

theme of wedding. The formalities can be performed by a teacher figure dressed in a graduation gown. This sort of wedding is very easy to organise as many schools will gladly hire out the hall for such an event. It may seem a little pasty but we are looking at alternative wedding themes. How cool it will be to marry your high school sweetheart, at school? With this theme, there are many different options; from jocks and cheerleaders to chess clubs and debaters. Pick a character wedding : There are so many wonderful characters that we have come to love in our lives. From fairy

tales to nursery rhymes, we can all think of a handful of characters from stories that would make great wedding themes. The likes of Sinbad, Shrek and Hook leap to mind. It does not end there. We have been surrounded with fictional characters since the dawn of time. All tend to get our imaginations rolling and that, in a nutshell, is all it takes. Medieval wedding : This is a real fun wedding idea. When one thinks medieval, one thinks of wooden tables and benches, huge trays of meaty dishes, less formalities and more festivities. Play some medieval games as guest entertainment. Set up a

DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine


may pole for the girls and apple bobbing for the lads. Perhaps the younger men could engage in fencing (with swords, not stolen goods). Large open-pit fires with huge logs, loads of ivy for decoration and generally any low cost idea was the order of the celebrations of the time. Less is more with this style of wedding, remembering that it is more about the people and less about the stuff, as times were tough and money was tight. Ambassador wedding : Fancy dress can be really fun. Appoint a nation to each of your guests and they must dress accordingly as representatives from that nation. Hold a formal ambassadorial celebration where guests are received and announced as they enter. Serve champagne and caviar as your guests enter the reception and usher them into the banquet in true style. Have a ball and serve foods from


different cultures and nations in a buffet style. A string quartet would be ideal , if your pocket cannot afford a full orchestra. This may very well be an all out and no expenses barred event, but it will certainly be the event of the year. Military wedding : Although it may not be easy to gain access to military dress, there are always ways to make a plan. There are many military surplus stores and many charity shops and second hand dealers who will have some old military relics about. Perhaps there is an elderly ex-drill sergeant who would gladly be your MC. He might even have some interesting ideas that will help plan the gala wedding. A brass (Oompah) band will fit well with this style of wedding. As they say, there is no more an handsome man than one in uniform. To this end, it could be any uniformed theme that is within reason and range.

Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding

Flowers for

your pocket

Are you on a tight budget and looking to see what your money can buy when it comes to your flowers? Well Lol’s functions has given us some tips on what you can expect to get for your money. We have put together packages from R100 - R300. These are the most popular choices, and all so beautiful.


DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine




Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding


DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine



R200 R300to 20

Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding

R200 R300to

DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine


R200 R300to



Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding

R300 Remember when you are browsing pinterest and other websites for inspiration, not all of those flowers are avaialbe in South Africa. Chat to Lorraine for advice and ideas that will suit your budget. You can also have a look at the Lol’s functions facebook page for other ideas. We hope we have helped you get a better understanding of what you can get for your money.


Disclaimer: All photos are supplied by Lols Functions they are not all of her own work but used to creativity illustrate the pricing.

To view more of Lorraines work, please take a look at Lol’s website: or like her on Facebook. Alternatively, drop her a line on DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine


Function co-ordination, Floral design, DĂŠcor and Draping

Maid of Honour duties by Taryn Gurr

The big day that you have been helping your BFF plan for has finally arrived. Here are a few things that you should do to make the special day as stress free and fun as possible. This is the day that the bride should sit back, relax and enjoy the moment... and the attention. How can you make this happen? 1. Have a to-do list Sit down with the bride a week or so before the wedding and get an understanding of who is doing what and when. It is up to you to make sure that everyone is doing what they should be doing when they should be doing it. 2. Have a schedule... and keep to it! Turn your to-do list into a schedule. It is important to have a well planned time line to ensure that the bride gets to the chapel relaxed and on time. 3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate The morning of the wedding can be a rushed and frantic time and some brides

simply forget to stay hydrated and eat. It is imperative that the bride eats healthily as no food (or the wrong food) leads to low blood sugar and low blood sugar leads to irritability. Let’s face it, no one wants to be dealing with a cranky bride-zilla! 4. Act as the points person If the bride and groom don’t have a wedding planner you should be the person all the key vendors get in touch with. Give your phone number to family, friends and service providers so that they can contact you. Remember to keep your phone switched on, charged and to have it with you all the time. 5. Chapel & Reception Decor DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine


Photograph © Adele Kloppers

If there is any decor that needs to be delivered or put up, please do this (or delegate it to a trustworthy bridesmaid or two). The bride shouldn’t have to be concerned with this sort of thing, 6. Help her get dressed This is either the most fun or most stressedout time the two of you will have before the wedding so be prepared! Have everything, from undergarments to shoes and jewellery laid out well before the bride starts to dress. The last thing either of you need is to be searching for the special pair of earrings or that extra pair of hose you were sure you packed. 7. Be at her beck & call The bride will need someone to fetch and carry anything she needs, someone to deal with her phone & generally keep her calm. That person should be you. 8. Write your speech... before the big day The wedding day is all about the bride. Please don’t think that you will have the time to write your speech the morning of the wedding; you won’t! It is unwise to try and 26

wing it unless you are a seasoned public speaker. 9. Act as her concierge If there are certain family members or friends who really stress the bride out, keep them away from her before the wedding. One stressful family member can create chaos for the bride. 10. Be on drunk patrol If your BFF plans on enjoying some bubbly with the girls while you’re getting ready, it’s your duty to limit the number of glasses to a max of two per person. Also have some munchies about – alcohol on an empty tummy is never a good idea! 11. Make sure the bridal suite is clean & tidy If the bride and her girls are getting ready in the suite in which the bridal couple will be spending their first night together it is up to the maid of honour to make sure that the room is tidy and that everyone has cleared all of their personal belongings out of the room. There’s very little that can ruin a romantic mood better than mess and chaos can.

Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding

Groomsman duties

The history of groomsmen dates back to ancient times when dowries were paid by the bride’s family to the groom’s family. Often these dowries contained valuable and precious gifts which were an easy target for bandits and high-way robbers. Thus it was necessary to send a group of armed and able men, the trusted friends of the groom, to protect such dowry and to ensure that it reached the family of the groom. This was not just a thank you gift from one family to another but rather the cost of two families merging and becoming one and so the value of the dowry was more than initially met the eye. Another duty of the groomsmen and even the bridesmaids in ancient Greece was to dress like the bridal couple and so confuse evil spirits who would want to cast a spell over the union. In some Nordic cultures, the groomsmen would accompany the groom to a village 28

by Grant Derrick

and would assist him in procuring a bride the old fashioned way, by kidnapping her of course.

Modern day groomsmen :

Today, unfortunately for some, kidnapping your wife to be has been outlawed in many cultures and so the need for a band of warriors at the grooms side seems to have dwindled somewhat. The paying of dowries has also become a forgotten custom and thus there is no “Cash in Transit” protection required. This leaves the groomsmen with the less life threatening tasks to perform and it is these that we will visit. The best man is a key member of the groomsmen. We have covered the role of the best man in previous articles but this article aims to outline the functions of the rest of the groom’s companions. Groomsmen’s duties :

Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding

1: Assist Best man The groomsmen are to assist the best man in organising the groom’s bachelor party. This would possibly involve digging into pockets to fund such a bash, and is important for all groomsmen to attend. The whole idea of being a groomsman is the privilege of being chosen to make the groom’s day perfect and happily memorable. 2: Know the venue and plans for ceremony It is one of the duties of the groomsmen to familiarise themselves with the ceremony and reception venue. They will be required to greet and usher guests to their seats at the ceremony. The bride’s guests must be seated on the left side of the church and the Groom’s on the right. If a company of people arrives, then preference must be shown to the eldest members of the group. 3: Get Involved Groomsmen should also be involved with assisting the bridal couple wherever possible. Tasks include such things as assisting in setting up the ceremony venue and the reception venue, and ensuring that things are laid out according to plan. To this end, it is important that the groomsmen are involved with the planning of the wedding at some stage so that they are in the know, as well as attending the rehearsals in order to be familiar with all the procedures. It is also important for the kind groomsmen to arrive at the ceremony well in advance of the groom and bride. 4: Offer support The groomsmen are to be quick to support the groom in any way possible in order to reduce stressful situations and alleviate any burdens that may sneak up on the unassuming groom. To this end the groomsmen should be vigilant and ready to take action when trouble arises. 5: Wedding gift The groomsmen are required to individually or corporately buy a gift for the wedding couple. Pooling of funds may make for an awesome gift for the newly weds. 6: Budget themselves Groomsmen are required to finance their own attire either in the form of bought suits or rented, whichever is required or preferred.

7: Chaperon bridesmaids The groomsmen should chaperon the bridesmaids at the reception. They are required to dance with the bridesmaids at the opening dance once the married couple have taken the floor. First the best man and maid of honour and then the groomsmen and the bridesmaids. 8: Protect Gifts The groomsmen, if required, should protect the gifts and ensure that they are delivered to their destination with care and diligence. 9: Help clean up The groomsmen should assist the bride’s family in cleaning up of the venue after the reception party has come to an end should this be required. 10: Get the bridal couple to the getaway car Finally, the groomsmen and sometimes including the bridesmaids, are responsible for the tradition of adorning the honeymoon getaway car with all manner of streamers, graffiti and a good walloping of tin cans tied to the rear of the vehicle. I suggest that this task be performed earlier on in the festivities rather than later; remember to keep it clean guys. DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine


The Wedding dress for your body shape

Brides Essence published different wedding dresses for your body type in 2014 & 2015, from Olivelli and The wedding box. These Dresses are only a guideline, and may no longer be in stock at Olivelli or The Wedding box stores at this time.

The Inverted Triangle

The Apple

The Pear

The Hour Glass

The Inverted Triangle The inverted Shape body type is when you have broader shoulders than your Hips.

The Pear The Pear shape is when you have a small bust and narrow shoulders with bigger hips and thighs.

The Apple The Apple shape is when you have a big bust, a rounded tummy and slimmer hips. Your waistline has very little definition.

The Hourglass The Hourglass shape is where you have a big bust and curvy hips and a much smaller waist. DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine


Head Office: Northcliff Tel: 011 782 1155 Cell: 082 852 6285 Email: Website: Pinterest: Olivelli Twitter: @olivelliwedding Facebook: OlivelliBridal


Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding

Photographs courtesy of Olivelli Northcliff

Head Office: Northcliff Tel: 011 782 1155 Cell: 082 852 6285 Email: Website: Pinterest: Olivelli Twitter: @olivelliwedding Facebook: OlivelliBridal

DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine


Kate McLaren Kenilworth Cell: 083 360 5912 Tel: (021) 761 3131 Fax: 086 548 6251 Email: Website:


Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding

Photographs courtesy of Justin Alexander

Kate McLaren Kenilworth Cell: 083 360 5912 Tel: (021) 761 3131 Fax: 086 548 6251 Email: Website:

Photographs courtesy of Justin Alexander

DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine


Head Office: Northcliff Tel: 011 782 1155 Cell: 082 852 6285 Email: Website: Pinterest: Olivelli Twitter: @olivelliwedding Facebook: OlivelliBridal


Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding

Photograph courtesy of Olivelli Northcliff

Head Office: Northcliff Tel: 011 782 1155 Cell: 082 852 6285 Email: Website: Pinterest: Olivelli Twitter: @olivelliwedding Facebook: OlivelliBridal

Photograph courtesy of Olivelli Northcliff

DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine


Kate McLaren Kenilworth Cell: 083 360 5912 Tel: (021) 761 3131 Fax: 086 548 6251 Email: Website:

Photograph courtesy of Justin Alexander 38

Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding

Kate McLaren Kenilworth Cell: 083 360 5912 Tel: (021) 761 3131 Fax: 086 548 6251 Email: Website:

Photographs courtesy of Justin Alexander

DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine


Head Office: Northcliff Tel: 011 782 1155 Cell: 082 852 6285 Email: Website: Pinterest: Olivelli Twitter: @olivelliwedding Facebook: OlivelliBridal


Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding

Photographs courtesy of Olivelli Northcliff

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Photographs courtesy of Olivelli Northcliff

DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine


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Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding

Photographs courtesy of Justin Alexander

Kate McLaren Kenilworth Cell: 083 360 5912 Tel: (021) 761 3131 Fax: 086 548 6251 Email: Website:

Photographs courtesy of Justin Alexander

DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine


Wedding stationery



rends come and go. The art is to be creative and make it your own. Here are some ideas of what’s in at the moment and what’s to come. Vintage will still be big next year, but not the current ‘rustic vintage’ as much as ‘luxury vintage’. Lean towards the Art Deco (1950) era and include more glitz, glamour, ‘sparklies’ and bling. Lace is still the classic and most popular element. Lazercut designs are in high demand; they create a lace look. Combine with pearls, diamante, hints of silver, bronze


by Bronwyn Hendrikz

or copper foil, pearlescent card and paper, with satin sheen ribbon. Letterpress printing is extremely popular due to the beautiful textured finish created by the old-fashioned printing method. Paper choices range from thick boards (450gm) to 90gm cotton rich papers in a variety of colours and shades however cream or white remain the ,most practical. Florals - big blooms, softer country styles and Shabby Chic – with colours like blues, lavenders and rose, or deeper

Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding

hues like navy, deep purple, jade and slate, or spring yellows and lime greens are all still in. For adventurous brides looking for something different, 3D concepts are gaining popularity; invitations etched into wood, printed on vintage handkerchiefs,

written on leaves, or made up in a box for example, but a big point to consider are the high postage costs. The sky is really the limit; your invitations don’t need to cost a fortune, but this is the one time you have opportunity to put your mark on paper so make it count!

DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine



Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding

DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine



Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding

Mar/Apr 2014 Brides Essence Magazine


Best Beaches

with no Jet lag by Grant Derrick

Cape Vidal Beach – South Africa Location: Far north of Kwa-Zulu Natal in St. Lucia Description : It is an unspoilt gem of the South African coastline. Cape Vidal is in the heart of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park (St Lucia Marine Reserve). Attractions : With access to the sea as well as lake St. Lucia there is an abundance of activities and wildlife to enjoy. Animals such as reedbuck, antelope, hippos, crocodiles and buffalo are a common site. On the ocean side one can catch a glimpse of migratory marlin, turtles and dolphins.

McDougall’s Beach – South Africa Location : Situated in the Northern Cape province Description : A region better known for its deserts and wild flowers than its beaches. It is a sleepy little village where you can definitely expect to relax and enjoy time without the bustle of tourists. Be warned though that the ocean temperatures are chilly on this Atlantic Ocean beach. Attractions : You will find such attractions as the Namaqua National Park with its rich flora species; the Namaqualand Flower Route and the mountain desert wilderness of the Richtersveld National Park. Coffee Bay – South Africa Location : South Africa’s Wild Coast. Description : A completely wild and unspoilt stretch of the South African coastline between the Eastern Cape and Natal in the former homeland of Transkei. Although this little village is off the beaten track, there are numerous activities to enjoy. A rustic atmosphere surrounds the place and most of the hotels and restaurants are within walking distance Attractions : Activities to enjoy range from hiking, fishing, swimming, sunbathing, surfing, spear fishing, shell collecting, scuba diving, horse riding and golf. Visit the nearby “Hole in the wall” or venture into the alluring natural forests and explore. Whatever you choose to do in Coffee Bay, be ensured that leisure and relaxation is the primary objective.. Never a dull moment to be had in this unspoilt paradise. 50

Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding

Chitimba – Malawi Location : Chitimba is situated on the northern shores of Lake Malawi. Description : It is not a bustling metropolis but a sleepy little spot in the heart of Africa. The people are friendly and the atmosphere is so relaxed. Attractions : There are many day trip hikes such as Chihanga Walk, Manchewe Falls Day Hike, Livingstonia Day Hike and Mount Chombe Day Hike. Some lodges offer water activities such as windsurfing, kayaking and bodysurfing. A trip by boat will allow you to access parts of the shore that are inaccessible by land making for some really private and unique experiences.

Likoma Island – Malawi Location : Likoma Island is situated in the north east of Lake Malawi, only 7 km from Cobue, Mozambique. Description : Despite a high population density, the natural environment of Likoma island is largely unspoiled. The coast is varied, with rocky slopes, sandy bays and swamps. The interior of the island is mostly covered by grassland, with a large number of baobab and mango trees. Fauna is mostly composed of small reptilians, amphibians, birds and a number of invertebrates, including scorpion spiders. Attractions : On the coast, crocodiles are occasionally seen. The waters around Likoma are host to a number of Cichlid fishes. Be sure to visit St. Peter’s cathedral which was built in 1905 by missionaries. Other activities include cruises, sailing and other water activities, walking and biking. File:Outrigger_canoe_in_Kenya.jpg Malawi_0525.jpg

Diani Beach - Kenya Location : Diani Beach is 30 km south of Mombasa. Description : Diani beach is pristine and clear of seaweed thanks to the coral reef just offshore. This coastal paradise has become one of Kenya’s most popular beaches. A vibrant yet intimate little paradise on the quiet shores of the Indian Ocean just South of Mombasa. Attractions : Nearby are Tiwi Beach, Galu Beach, Chale Island, Funzi Island, Msambweni and Kinondo. Revered by many as the “cradle of humanity”, Kenya offers a holiday promising the world’s most magnificent wildlife parks, adventure safari’s, unspoilt beaches, thriving coral reefs, memorable mountains, capes and ancient Swahili cities.

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Watamu - Kenya Location : Watamu is about 100 km North of Mombasa. Description : It forms part of the Malindi Marine Reserve Park, a marine protected area. It is also an Eco-tourist’s dream and the delightful village of Watamu is lined with sandy white beaches and hotels dedicated to sustainable tourism. Attractions : Its snorkeling and diving experience is said to be the best in East Africa. Watamu is an important breeding ground for green and hawksbill turtles. If nature is your thing then you will be stunned with the awesome spectacles to be enjoyed in this paradise. Watamu is a quick snorkel away from the Malindi Marine Reserve Park. The village proper features quaint Kenyan shopping stalls called dukas, where you can stock up with supplies. Don’t miss the Gede Ruins, a mysterious and heavily overgrown 12th century Swahili village.


Bulago Island – Uganda Location : Bulago Island is situated on Lake Victoria East of Entebbe International Airport. Description : The island is approximately 500 acres and 2 miles long. It has approximately 6 kilometres of sandy beaches and 10km of shoreline altogether. Bulago Island is one of the several scenic islands on Lake Victoria. Bulago’s atmosphere is one of serenity and peace making it a perfect spot for honeymooners. Attractions : Bulago offers brilliant lake side views, sunbathing, water sports, horse-riding, hiking trails and bird-watching. The island boasts approximately 200 bird species. Otters are a common site along the shores, and the nature trails provide wonderful opportunities for observing nature at her best. Fishing trips and enchanting sundowner cruises can be arranged on request. Do visit the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee sanctuary. It offers a unique opportunity for close viewing of chimpanzees in their natural environment. Bulago has a wide range of terrain, from rugged hills to open grassland to golden sandy beaches to gentle cliffs to areas of tropical forest.

Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding

DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine


to Zanzibar have trekked to this island in search of better dive sites and coral reefs, and they have not been disappointed. Pemba Island is renowned for its rich fishing grounds, which also forms an important part of the economy of the archipelago. This island is not very touristy and is largely covered with old tropical forest. You will enjoy some of the best unspoilt coral reefs and snorkelling. This island has a rustic feel with friendly locals and is one of the last untouched gems in the Indian Ocean.

Pemba Island - Tanzania Location : Pemba Island is in the Zanzibari archipelago just off the coast of Tanzania. Description : Pemba island is called “Green Island” in Arabic because it has stunning emerald waters and lush green rainforests. It is a lot less visited than the neighbouring Zanzibar. Until recent years it was mostly dominated by small scale farming. The commercial clove farming industry has become a favoured cash crop. Attractions : The island boasts some of the earliest and best preserved ruins dating to around the early 15th century. Many visitors

Inhambane – Mozambique Location : Inhambane is situated about 470km north of Maputu on the Mozambique Channel. Description : It is one of the oldest settlements on the East Coast of Mozambique. Dhows traded here as early as the 11th century where pearls and ambergris were the preferred commodity. When Vasco da Gama stopped at Inhambane to replenish stocks and to explore he named it Terra de Boa Gente or ‘Land of the Good People’.

Attractions : The 170 year old Cathedral of our Lady of Conception is located in the old quarter of the city where a rusty ladder leads to the top of the steeple, offering stunning panoramic views of the city. The city is now home to a museum and a market and is known for its nearby beaches of Tofo and Barra. The central market located on the main boulevard, simply called “Mercado Central”, offers a bounty of foods and goods from spices and vegetables to prawns, fish and cashew nuts. Motor and dhow taxis sail from the town to Maxixe. The town of Inhambane is near the Bazaruto National Park the largest sea park in Africa. Inhambane is particularly popular for Manta Reef and Gallaria. 54

Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding

Ifaty – Madagascar Location : Ifaty is a small Vezo fishing village on Madagascar’s south western coast, on the shores of the Mozambique Channel. Description : There are several good hotels along the beach, and while tourism has touched the town, most Vezo live a traditional lifestyle. The beaches are lined with dugout canoes made from hollowed tree trunks and the locals dwell in houses made from reeds. Attractions : It is surrounded by coral reefs that make for exceptional aquatic exploring. It is an excellent spot to learn how to snorkel. July or August are ideal for whale spotting. There are many other adventures to enjoy such as excursions to nearby jungles, horse riding, quad biking, snorkelling and Scuba. The nearby Spiny Forest is a must see.

Nosy Be – Madagascar Location : Nosy Be can be found at the south western tip of Madagascar. Description : Nosy Be has flights direct from Johannesburg International Airport / OR Tambo. Nosy Be is the ideal place to relax in a tropical island location. Attractions : Activities include dhow trips, island hopping, snorkelling, scuba, deep sea fishing, yacht charters and lemur tours. There is a host of accommodation around the island and whether your stay is leisurely or active you will not be disappointed. Nosy Be has something for everyone. You can visit the neighboring Islands of Nosy Komba, Nosy Sakatia, Nosy Iranja and more via boat.

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Belle Mare Plage - Mauritius Location : Situated on the peaceful East coast of Mauritius Description : Not quite the mainstream Mauritius beach but certainly one of the most beautiful. This long stretch of beach gently curves around the bay, and faces directly out to the reef beyond. Attractions : The water is calm for swimming and snorkelling. You can enjoy the amazing sunrises if you are up early enough. Visit the nearby village of Trou de Douce and take a ferry trip to Ile aux Cerfs, the postcard picture island, for the day. Many hotels offer package deals which include boat trips to the island with packed picnic lunches. Don’t miss out on hiring a scooter for one or more days and you will see so much more than you normally would as a regular tourist.

L’Hermitage les Bains – Reunion Location : Situated on the West Coast of the island. Description : Picturesque beaches epitomise some far away tropical island and the backdrop of black volcanic rocks cropping out add to the adventure and unique feel of the surrounds. This location offers one of the only lagoons on the island. Attractions : L’Hermitage les Bains is one of the best beaches on the island. Numerous water activities can be enjoyed from snorkelling to diving to deep-sea fishing. For a more ethnic sense of Reunion, take a trip to the Hauts and visit some rustic and uncommercialised villages to sample some of that Creole culture. The barrier reef here


protects the shore, forming a peaceful, shallow lagoon. and you will find it hard not to venture into the turquoise waters for some amazing snorkelling.

Comoros Islands – Comoros Location : The Comoros are located the northern end of the Mozambique Channel off the eastern coast of Africa, between northeastern Mozambique and northwestern Madagascar. Description : The Comoros is formed by Ngazidja (Grande Comore), Mwali (Mohéli), and Nzwani (Anjouan), three major islands in the Comoros Archipelago, as well as many minor islets. The islands of the Comoros Archipelago were formed by volcanic activity. Attractions : Mount Karthala, an active volcano located on Ngazidja, is the country’s highest point, at 2,361 m. It contains the Comoros’ largest rainforest (which is rapidly disappearing). Karthala is currently one of the most active volcanoes in the world. There are so many attractions that an entire article would need to be dedicated to this island group alone.

Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding

You could visit a perfume flower plantation or take a picnic lunch and relax on the beaches of the south east coast. You must visit Lac Sale, a salt lake that no one knows the depths of. Trou du Prophete, a natural anse which gives the impression of a vast natural swimming pool. Chomoni beach has the whitest and finest sand you’ll find. Climb the volcano, Karthala. You should try and visit the Volo Volo market, the largest on the island, and the nearby Nassib bakery. I hope that you enjoy your travels to these mostly unpublicised locations. Please be sure to do your homework regarding inoculations and get to know the laws of each destination. Things such as the rules and

regulations of Saadani, which is a national reserve where you are not permitted to return home with any keepsakes other than those on your camera or those purchased at one of the official curio shops. Other things to take note of, particularily in tropical locations, is the risk of tropical diseases as most destinations are in third world countries. Many roads may be in poor condition. Don’t forget that wild animals are wild, that is why they are called wild animals (point made I hope). The two most dangerous creatures in Africa are …not the lion but the Hippo and the Mosquito. The Comoros is a Muslim nation and it is advisable to respect the culture and traditions of any nation that you visit. DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine



ISBN: 978 143 230 4782 RRP: R220.00 CLASSIFICATION: Cookery, Health The Author

Inè Reynierse is a children’s author, performer, voice artist, copywriter, idea merchant and newfound foodie who loves packaging ideas in a fresh way. Her projects vary from children’s radio stories on a national radio network to corporate ad campaigns and everything in between. Her passion for restored health and wellness spurred the process that led to Low Carb is Lekker.


Low Carb is Lekker is the brainchild of Inè Reynierse, who embarked on a mission to make the benefits of a low-carb lifestyle an achievable, budget-friendly reality for her friends and family. Her ‘decarbed’ versions of South Africa’s most popular and well-loved recipes soon caught the attention of various social networks and the growing need for a basic Low Carb is Lekker recipe collection. There are easy low-carb, wheat-free and sugar-free alternatives to some all-time family favourites (think bobotie, mac ’n cheese and curry and ‘rice’), quick comfort foods (gnocchi and chicken pie) as well as decadent treats (malva pudding, chocolate brownies and milk tart spring to mind). Written by a mom for moms who want to feed their loved ones back to health, Low Carb is Lekker is also a celebration for fellow South Africans who love the tastes of home without compromising health and wellness. The Afrikaans edition of Low Carb is Lekker is also now available. Inè Reynierse is a children’s author, performer, voice artist, copywriter, idea merchant and newfound foodie who loves packaging ideas in a fresh way. Her projects vary from children’s radio stories on a national radio network to corporate ad campaigns and everything in between. Her passion for restored health and wellness spurred the process that led to Low Carb is Lekker. Inè Reynierse Website: Facebook: Twitter:

Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding

Carrot cake

On a low-carb lifestyle, we generally limit the use of underground veggies due to their higher carb content. This recipe has been adapted so that a little bit goes a long way, but you will still have the carrot taste without all the carbs.


2 Tbsp butter, at room temperature 5 Tbsp xylitol 4 free-range eggs 1⁄2 cup butter, melted 11⁄2 cups nut meal (almond or pecan) 3⁄4 cup coconut meal 2 tsp baking powder 1 tsp ground cinnamon 1 tsp ground ginger 1⁄4 tsp bicarbonate of soda 1⁄2 cup roughly chopped pecan nuts 1⁄2 cup grated carrots 1 cup grated pumpkin 1 cup grated yellow patty pans


7 Tbsp butter, at room temperature 1⁄2 x 230 g block cream cheese 2 tsp lemon juice 2 Tbsp xylitol Preheat the oven to 180 °C. For the cakes, use an electric mixer to cream the room temperature butter and xylitol together. Add the eggs and melted butter and mix well. In a separate bowl, mix the nut meal, coconut meal, baking powder, cinnamon, ginger, bicarbonate of soda and pecans together. Pour in the egg mixture and add the grated veggies, then fold into the dry ingredients. Divide the batter between 2 buttered loaf pans and bake for 30 minutes or until the cakes are fairly browned and firm to the touch. Allow to cool in the pan and then turn out. For the icing, use an electric mixer to blend all the ingredients together until smooth. Spread over the carrot cakes. Yields 16 medium slices at 5 g carbs per slice.

Extracted from Low Carb is Lekker by Inè Reynierse (Struik Lifestyle) Photographs: © Penguin Random House/Sean Calitz DEC-FEB 2015/6 Brides Essence Digita l Magazine


Extracted from Low Carb is Lekker by Inè Reynierse (Struik Lifestyle) Photographs: © Penguin Random House/Sean Calitz

Stuffed angelfish 4 Tbsp coconut oil 4–6 yellow patty pans, sliced 2 fresh angelfish (ask your fishmonger to debone and butterfly them. You want the top fin side attached so you can stuff it with all kinds of awesomeness) 2 Tbsp butter 1 cup grated Cheddar cheese 1 tomato, thinly sliced 1 medium onion, sliced 1 Tbsp crushed garlic Salt and pepper to taste Squeeze of lemon Preheat the oven to 180 °C. Heat a little of the coconut oil in a pan on medium–low heat and fry the patty pans slowly until browned on both sides. Set aside. Place a large sheet of foil in an ovenproof dish and drizzle with a little more coconut oil. Place the fish on the foil and stuff it with the butter, cheese, tomato, onion and garlic. Add seasoning. Cover with the overlapping foil and bake for 20 minutes. Open the foil and test if the fish is ready by inserting a knife. The knife should slip right into the thickest part of the fish and the tip should feel warm to the touch. Also check to see if the filling has melted properly. Drizzle the rest of the coconut oil over the fish and grill for 2–3 minutes until lightly browned. Layer the patty pans on top of the fish and add a quick squeeze of lemon. Serve immediately. Yields 4–6 servings (4 servings = 5.3 g carbs per serving, 6 servings = 3.5 g carbs per serving). 60

Brides - Issue 22 For your perfect wedding

PROMENADE ENSEMBLE MUSIC FOR ALL SPECIAL OCCASIONS Based in Johannesburg & established in 1984 this group of fulltime professional musicians has developed an extensive repertoire of Classics, Evergreen, Pop & Rock, South American, Viennese, French Café & many more. Our arrangements are of the highest quality. Mainly a string quartet, Promenade can perform as well as a solo violin, duo or trio. Highly acclaimed & recommended by the hundreds of clients we have performed for. Special requests are taken into consideration whenever possible. Special packages with professional photography. A sound system is provided for larger functions.

Call Maria on +2782 4528538

As one of Cape Town’s leading wedding photographers, Jan Theron’s unique style compliments his clients’ personalities. Weddings should be relaxed and stress-free. Jan’s work is precise and is balanced by a well-developed sense of fun. He is dedicated to capturing the actual moments, ambience, happiness, essence and sense of hope and fun for tomorrow’s memories and generations to come. Jan received his degree in Arts and Photography from Stellenbosch University and has crafted a reputation for reliability, creativity and flexibility as one of the top award winning photographers in the industry. Jan has covered over 1000 weddings in South Africa, United Kingdom and Greece.

Tel: 021 976 4695 l Cell: 083 230 4797 l

Where ever, when ever, what ever,

I’ll be there with the solution for your hair. 61

Stories. That’s what I love! I believe that documenting one’s legacy is an honor and privilege. I will tell the story of your wedding day to your children with these photographs. Documenting social interaction between those close to you and helping to create a family history will be my privilege. Contact Riekert on 082 556 7427 |

Travelling hairstylist for special occasions. Specialising in: • Bridal • Day/Evening events • Matric balls • School Dances • Fashion Shows • Special occasions

Contact Lana Joubert 076 868 6292

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Brides Essence Issue 22  

This issue is filled with some of our favourite articles including, Save the date cards; The Bachelors & Bachelorette ideas; Themed wedding...

Brides Essence Issue 22  

This issue is filled with some of our favourite articles including, Save the date cards; The Bachelors & Bachelorette ideas; Themed wedding...