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Congratulations! It's Exciting, isn't it? You are enjoying what should be the highlight of your life. I believe that planning a wedding should be fun, sampling, testing, trying on and then choosing the suppliers to help you create the most memorable day in everyone's year. A modern bride to be is a project planner, juggling a huge budget to create just one memorable, lifetime event. You'll find that most wedding suppliers are in business mainly because they love weddings, and who wouldn't want to make a living from what they love? Finding scammers and idiots is quite hard, but I wanted to use this page to remind you things that you should already know ... • • • • • • •

If something sounds too good to be true, it is! A long and complicated contract is never there to protect YOU. Be prepared to read it all or walk away. Everyone is an expert on facebook. Meet your suppliers face to face, grill them, and make sure they know what they say they know. Paper RULES! You NEED written confirmations, paper receipts and copies of the contract signed by all parties, emails and calls, facebook PM's and texts aren't worth the paper they aren't written on. The cheapest is NEVER the best. The most expensive is rarely worth the money A "Limited time only special offer" is usually a lie, and usually from someone struggling to get work, ask yourself why that would be.

About this booklet. In this booklet are some of my very best wedding contacts, honest, decent suppliers who I believe will give excellent service at a fair price. Full colour adverts are paid for – everyone else is someone who has appeared at a Bridefayre wedding fayre in 2017 or 2018. Website addresses are correct at the time of printing if you have trouble contacting anyone, MY email address is

Sorry for the tiny type - there's a lot to cram in! You'll have a great wedding and I hope this booklet helps you find some great suppliers. Merv Sheldon -

Cover Courtesy of Matt Lowe at Field Photographic.

Wedding Venues! Wow - what a choice you have now, you can have a humanist wedding in a private forest or a full-blown Cathedral and castle affair. It is a deeply personal choice and this is just a list of my current venue partners for 2017, with a few of my own observations. Always select a venue appropriate to your budget, your guests budget (consider taxi costs and bar prices) and, often overlooked, a venue that's just the right size, preferably, just a tiny bit too small (always a better atmosphere that way). Listed Alphabetically.

Alfreton Hall Alfreton - DE55 7AH - 01773 838200 An "exclusive use" venue with 300 years of history. Featuring a ballroom, a drawing room and a private bar. Nige modern guest bedrooms for the wedding plus the most amazing honeymoon suite and suites for the guests of honour. With superb views across the valley this stately home in the middle of Alfreton is a real joy and offers you the full "Downton" experience.

Burton Town Hall Burton on Trent - DE14 2EB - 01283 508547 An impressive "main room" that wouldn't look out of place in a cathedral, some smaller modern suites and the attraction of a fully working rare Wurlitzer organ. The town hall has something for everyone and is possibly the best "budget" venue in the country for large weddings offering a totally blank canvas in terms of decor, catering and entertainment.

Elvaston Castle Country Park, Derbyshire DE72 3EP – Saffron Catering 07989 985401 For the first time in over ten years Elvaston Castle has hosted some amazing weddings, ceremonies in the old English Garden and the splendid Gothic Hall and receptions in the Secret Garden Marquee. Smart weddings however you want them in the most amazing woodland and surrounded by 400 years of landscaping.

The Glade at Rosliston Forestry Centre - DE12 8JX - Saffron Catering 07989 985401 A unique wedding location with elegance and more than a little "wow". Through an enchanted forest down a secret path, The ceremony is conducted in a pretty wooden gazebo and your reception will be held in the accompanying large marquee, which is situated within the private glade. Tailored to your requirements, the Glade is a venue like no other.

The Grange Banqueting Suite Littleover, Derby DE23 6FN - 01332 771770 Standing in the manicured gardens of the Grange it is hard to imagine that you are just 2 miles from the city centre and less than 400 yards from one of the busiest roads in the city, and yet, for 200 years this hidden oasis of calm and good taste has surveyed the valley below whilst hiding from sight behind it’s own private woodland. Clean and smart, the Grange also boasts the most amazing ceremony room anywhere in the Midlands.

Hallmark Hotel Mickleover Court Derby - DE3 0XX - 01332 523642 A stylish modern hotel with three ground floor function suites catering for weddings of all size. The atrium and entrance make for some of the most amazing photo shoots and the "vanilla" stylish interior lends itself to your decor plans. Excellent parking and road links, close to the Derbyshire countryside and a leisurely sunken lounge bar make this a hit with guests.

Holiday Inn Derby-Nottingham Sandiacre - NG10 5NJ - 01159 210541 A modern hotel with fantastic road links, perfect for a wedding with a large accommodation requirement and lots of car parking. You'll be impressed at the excellent value for money this venue offers and the Holiday Inn breakfast with all the guests present the next morning is a must. Both Nottingham and Derby are within 15 minutes by road with the Nottingham Tram service just up the A52. Even the airport is just 15 minutes away.

The New Bath Hotel and Spa, Matlock Bath - DE4 3PX - 01629 583774 A classic 30’s style spa hotel with a very modern makeover. Following a full refit, the New Bath Hotel is the pride of the peak district and is catering for smart occasions with up to 250 guests. Plentiful accommodation with 54 luxurious bedrooms and ample parking. Located just outside Matlock at the side of the A6.

We hope you can make it to some more of our great little wedding fayres, all the dates are listed on and my facebook page

Your own Venue notes Venue Name ________________________________

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Address _______________________________________________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________________Postcode __________________ Contact Name ____________________________ Email _____________________________________

Payments £__________Date___/____/___




Merv’s thoughts on photography… Welcome to this Winter/Spring issue of the Bride Guide, the Photography Special. I have opinions on wedding photography and I also wanted to seek the opinions of a couple of talented professionals, you can read those in the next few pages, but, as a totally talentless snapper with plenty of wedding experience, I thought I’d share my pet hates with you first. Facebook. “What I really want are lots of unflattering, badly framed photographs of the most important day of my entire life posting all over social media, even before I’ve signed the book, so that when I post the professional shots in 2 weeks, no one looks at them” said no bride, ever. Be harsh, tell the guests, the people I want to share my day with are here, turn off your phones, you don’t need them until taxi time. Disposable Cameras. Aren’t they great? For just £10 you can buy one and get it developed and enjoy 24 blurry snaps of children’s fingers, the carpet, a random waitress and one of the best man’s genitals, assuming you live in 1986 and can get them developed. USB Sticks. Nothing wrong with a memory stick, perfect for short term storage or transfer of unimportant files. Easy to write to, easier still to erase. I’ve still got photos here on a 1.44Mb floppy disk and I’m sure they are still there, except I’ve not had a computer with a floppy disc drive in it for 15 years. I’ve still got my wedding album from 30 years ago though. Please, Get an album, a nice one and keep it forever, ink on paper will never be redundant technology. And finally. Quantity over Quality. Everytime I see a photographer advertising “600 photos on DVD or USB” I cringe. They are always the cheapest guys out there and for good reason. You don’t need 16 pictures of the register signing, the photographer may take 16, but you only need the one. What are you going to with the rest? I’ll tell you, you’ll go through them picking fault. You’ll bore the pants off anyone who dares to ask about them and then be embarrassed. A good photographer will take 500 shots, a great one will take 250 and the 100 of those you get to see will be superb, book that guy!

A Lighthearted look at venue dressing. Venue dressing is one of those services that no-one needs right up until they see a beautifully dressed room, at which time it becomes an essential. A pleasantly dressed blank canvas can really set the scene, less is more and more is too much, but done well it brings five-star luxury into everyone’s price range, wherever and whatever your venue is. Nothing in the wedding industry is more affected by fads and fashion than venue dressing and a few years ago, it was goldfish bowls. Every wedding fayre would have at least five tables filled with small bowls, big bowls, glass bowls, plastic bowls and all of them had some blue beads in the bottom, a length of plastic grass, and a floating flower. So often we would hear the same question, can I have real fish in them? Patiently, we would explain that the fish would die, the vodka tipped in “for a laugh” would kill some, the bass from the band, others, and what would you do at the end of the night with the ones still alive? “People can take them home, or flush them down the loo” was the usual reply, forgetting that the bowls were hired and not for taking home. This went on for over a year until a new fad started creeping in, the fad of birdcages. Blue ones, gold ones, wooden ones, rusty ones and rusty but painted cream ones (it’s shabby chic apparently). Myself and a venue dresser finally came up with the solution to the fish problem. We would offer to hire out kittens for the cages. The kittens could sit there looking cute whilst on alternate tables, fish swam merrily in the bowls, as the fish died, or at the end of the night when the kittens were hungry… Well, you can guess where this is going. Of course this was never a real option, but to see the faces of the brides to be when we suggested it, was priceless. Apparently, unlike tipping a live fish into the loo, it’s cruel.

I asked Leicester based lady photographer Estelle of Love Photography 13 Weddings about the hundreds of budget photographers who are currently all over social media. Here are her thoughts.

“Your Wedding memories are valuable” A few people are quite shocked when given a quote for their wedding photography. On the face of it, a wedding package priced at £2000 will leave the photographer with the tidy sum of £250 per hour which is an awesome figure for anyone to be earning, but actually, a skilled professional makes nothing like that amount, let me explain… What are you really getting with a professional, or more accurately why is cheaper wedding photography cheaper?? Insurance:- A professional photographer will have insurance. Insurance Covers many things such as accidental damage to property during the wedding, accidents and other unfortunate events. By taking the risk of having no insurance, the amateur photographer will not have this cost to factor into his or her wedding photography package which is fine as long as they don’t have the same attitude towards equipment and vehicle maintenance. Equipment:- A professional wedding photographer will have back up equipment, a choice of lenses and lighting. Professional kit does not come cheap. But for a professional wedding photographer these are tools of the trade and so over time the quality and knowledge will increase ( as does the cost ) Having an expensive camera though, does not necessarily make for a professional wedding photographer. Training and Skill :- This is the often overlooked essential with the budget photographer, As trends and technology change its important for a wedding photographer to stay up to date with new techniques and trainings. Many wedding photographers will have attended seminars and courses to learn the latest techniques and to learn about the most up to date equipment. These courses cost hundreds of pounds and again will be factored into the overall package price.

And then there are the obvious things like meetings with the couple before the wedding, travel time and costs, possible pre wedding shoot, research of the venue and visit to check lighting and best places to shoot, photography on the day (during which we very rarely get a break) post processing and editing which takes days, design of products such as wedding albums… the list is endless. The budget “facebook expert” has no interest in pre-meetings, lacks the experience to guide you through the day to get all the memories you need and lacks the skill to edit a great photograph into a superb show stopper that you’ll keep forever.

Of course, only you can decide what your memories are worth, wedding photography is an investment in YOUR future. For many years to come it will be these images that you look back on… after creating your perfect day, its only right that it’s captured in a way you will treasure forever!

Estelle Keeber is the qualified lady photographer behind Love Photography 13, Weddings

Wedding Suppliers - The Directory Some suppliers offering multiple services may be listed twice. Not all suppliers have a website, many home-based businesses don't use them and even some smaller retail units have never needed one, where I have no website, I have listed an email address. I’ve tried to list suppliers alphabetically by service offered, some suppliers will be mentioned more than once and sadly some suppliers may have some listings missed.

Accessories (see under Jewellery) Beauty Start the day right with a little pampering. Dentistry (tooth whitening etc) Sandra Ferreira

Measham Dental

Amy & Sonya wedding hair The Beehive Harvey Luke Hair 16

Hairdressing Amy Camp Lynne Thom Natalie Allen

Makeup Artistry Emma Topley Sophie Downing Maria Bourne Lynne Thom

EMMUA Make-up By Sophie Downing Monkey Tails Nails and Beauty The Beehive

Mobile Tanning Kerry Meadwell

Wilde About Tan

Weight Management Laura Dethick

Local Slimming world rep

no website

Bridalwear So much choice and so styles, You’ll know when you find “the one” Bridalwear Shops, designers and suppliers. Michelle Allison Leanne Evans Kirsty & Debbie

Allison Louise Brides of Ibstock Finesse Brides

Bridalwear Specialist. (Curvy Ladies and Fuller Figure) Amanda Dowell

Opulence Bridals

Cakes Plain or fancy, themed or classic, these cakers will make your mouth water. Amy Roberts Michelle Hollinshead Stella Serghi Phyllis Bown Joanna Evans Sarah Reilly Andrea Brown Toni Adam Lisa Kirk

Amy's Cupcakes and cakes Cameo Cupcakes CocoaBake Harriets Couture Cakes Joanna Evans Cake Design Julia Florence Cake Design Little bit of heaven Red Velvet Bakery The Old Manor House Bakery pending

Candy Ye olde sweet shoppe to a modern candy stand, Sweet buffets are so popular with kids and big kids, Candy Carts Dan Potts Amy Roberts Julie Bradley Louise Fletcher Colleen Walker

Abbie's Sweet Cart Amy's Cupcakes and cakes Capturing Candy Sweet-a-fayre Walkers Wedding Stationery

Cinema Candy stand hire Paul Thompson

Spirits High

Cars Limousines, Buses, Classic, Vintage – the choice is yours see also Classic Campers Stuart Bacon

I doCamper Weddings

National Brewery Centre Wynds Carriages

Capital Limousines

Horse Drawn Carriages David Edwards Jessica Holmes

Limousines Stuart Bacon

Modern and Luxury Cars Rachel Ashley Stuart Bacon Caroline Marriott Jessica Holmes

Annie Occasions Capital Limousines Luxury Chauffeured cars Wynds Carriages

Vintage and Classic cars Lesley Hopwell Jenny Sheldon Simon Haskew Andrew Shurbourne Caroline Marriott Andrew Gray Chris Rushforth

A and C Cars Chic Wedding Cars Citroen DS Convertible Lanchester Wedding Cars Luxury Chauffeured cars Nightingale wedding cars Regency Wedding Cars

Catering and fun food Everything from a hotdog to a five course formal dinner – see also mobile bar General Catering Sammy Rudd James Hurn Carla Garey Lisa Kirk

Hackwood Farm Ltd Langan's Tea Rooms Saffron Catering The Old Manor House Bakery

Tilly's Ice Cream Vintage Camper

Ice Cream Suzanne Holloway

Pizza Holly Beasley

The Italian Stallion Pizza

The Old Manor House Bakery

Crepes Lisa Kirk

Nachos, Waffles, Mashtini, Crepes, Popcorn, Candy Floss Louise Fletcher


Vintage coffee and cake Vans Lisa Kirk Kate Carter-Walford

The Old Manor House Bakery Tarte au Citroen

Occasional Drinks (Mobile Bar etc) Samuel Walker Carla Garey

Heeltap Ltd Saffron Catering

Celebrant – your ceremony, your way Sharon Weaver

Sharon Weaver Celebrant

Children at weddings. Yes, or no? One of the big debates is always around children at weddings, “they think it’s all about them!” is the common cry. I asked Matt Lowe, the creative driving force behind Field Photographic for his thoughts. “Of course, there’s no right or wrong answer, it just depends on your point of view. As a photographer, it’s become more relevant than ever for me over the past few years, as more couples wait until they are settled in a nice home, often with a young child or two before they decide to get married, children at weddings is the norm, pretty much the exact reverse of what used to happen in my “apprenticeship” years! This all means that it’s more likely than ever that young children will be involved very closely with the wedding day, which in turn can be a source of stress on the day for the happy couple, so it’s really worth taking time to think through exactly how things will work, and how to make the day as amazing for a lively two year old as it will be for you. A wedding is probably one of the most flabbergasting days your young child will experience, it’s super busy from very early in the morning to late in the evening, and you are likely to be the busiest one there, so it’s really important to have a few designated babysitters planned to ‘work’ in shifts throughout the day. While getting ready, an aunt or older cousin is a good choice (if they are also bridesmaids, make sure they alternate from babysitting and getting ready, and leave time for that) and they should also be given everything for feeding the kids – you would be surprised how many people forget to eat on their wedding morning! Ceremony time. Keep reality in check. It’s unrealistic to expect a small child to sit quietly during the service, especially in church, so why not organise a few activities to keep them occupied? In church, some of the best vicars announce that children are very welcome, but if they get bored, there is usually an area with some toys that they can be taken to.

Photographs, that’s my bit. Yes we’ll need a few official family shots, of course, and if I have my way we’ll get them over and done with right after the ceremony because then, we can get busy on the REALLY nice shots of the children. Not the ones where the grown-ups have cajoled them and held them in place for a family photo, but the ones where we can go exploring in the gardens, play some games, have some fun, and let them be children. Later on it’s nice to involve grandparents in the babysitting. Children are more likely to be tired and irritable by afternoon, so they need a familiar face. Grandparents need specific instructions about when they should be looking after the children, they could plan some activities, games, or treat bags to be opened throughout the day during their ‘shift’, they can be helpful in bringing along kids for photographs when required, and taking them away to play again when they’re not needed. Make sure you never have to wonder where your child is on your big day. Why not also consider professional childcare and activity providers? Various companies offer ‘pop-up’ creche facilities at your chosen venue, staffed by childcare professionals for either your mealtime and evening, or all day! Most importantly, if you have children, make it a great day for them, not just a tiring and frustrating one. Plan your wedding day around them because just like every other day as a parent, life revolves around the kids! “

Matt Lowe – Professional Photographer – Field Photographic

Entertainment Options Your entertainment team will be with you longer than anyone else on the day, keeping your guests entertained and included is key to a memorable wedding. The next few pages are all about keeping things flowing, keeping people entertained and creating an atmosphere that your guests will love.

Listed in a chronological order. Master of Ceremonies – An MC, or a Toastmaster will add a real sense of occasion to the event, more than that, he will be experienced in the flow of weddings, the timings to ensure that people are where they need to be and the potential pitfalls of a busy day. Venue managers do a great job, but a Toastmaster is there for one reason only, to look after you. Nigel Fielding

Tamworth Toastmaster.

Dancefloors Most venues have a dancefloor, usually a beer stained brown floor that needs a good polish, most DJs will be able to find you a floor that is more suited to your wedding, the following suppliers actually have them in stock. Jason Van Gellicum Ashley Goodchild Paul Thompson Peter Savage Adam Smith Stuart Bacon Tracy Perry

Distinct event solutions GC Events Spirits High TCK Entertainments Tenacious DJ's The Dancefloor Company Tracylea Weddings

Ceremony live Music Most venues will be able to play a CD for you for the ceremony, but if you want to add a little sparkle, or get the timing just right, you really need a professional. Many DJs now offer this service as an add-on but to add a little gravity to the proceedings, consider a wedding vocalist. Linz Hardy Natalie Nightingale Jon Morris

Linsey Hardy Natalie Nightingale WellSuited Duo

Live Bands There is no buzz to any celebration like that of a lively, professional band interacting with the audience, the guests soak up the atmosphere and the band feed off the fun they create for a couple of hours. Keep the volume to a sensible level early, and crank it up for the 10pm show. Sarah Bird Bird & the Bad Man Zak Williamson Goldleaf Duo Matthew Turner The Weekenders

Early Evening Entertainment There’s always that difficult hour or so between the wedding breakfast and the evening reception, any of the singers listed above will fill that time memorably, but for added plus points with the guests, consider keeping the children and the big kids happy with some good hands on interaction.

Children’s Entertainment Mrs Shelley Jenner-Dyer Becky Spackman

Skyeland Soft Play Ashmore Antics (petting horses)

Matthew Ramsell Magic Paul Grundle Magician

Andy Gilbert Caricatures

Spirits High

Funny Money Casino Little Las Vegas

Magician Matthew Ramsell Paul Grundle

Caricaturist Andy Gilbert

Giant Garden Games Paul Thompson

Casino Mike Blasdale Zoe Schafer

Firework Displays Julie Durose

Sapphire Pyrotechnics

Traditional photobooths Julie Bradley Jason Van Gellicum Ashley Goodchild Lisa Gadsby

Capturing Memories photobooths Distinct event solutions GC Events Instant image

Magic Mirror Photo Stands & Selfie pods Julie Bradley Jason Van Gellicum Matthew Humphreys Natalie Ryalls Peter Savage Tracy Perry

Capturing Memories photobooths Distinct event solutions Imprint Photobooths Magnum Celebration Hire TCK Entertainments Tracylea Weddings

As above, under photobooths

Marryoke – A fun video with your guests making a music video of your favourite song Karrie Hidderley

Electra Films

Dance the night away! Evening entertainment usually comprises of a band or a DJ or occasionally, both. Both of them have good points to consider, a live band, duo or singer will always add more buzz to the party, but only usually for two 45 minute sets. A DJ of course will play all night, will play to your audience from thousands of tracks. Some bands will be happy to tell you that when they are not playing, they will play music for you from a laptop. My only comment here is to be careful, being a brilliant party band does not qualify their roadie to be an expert on what your guests will dance to. Be aware also that a wedding band and DJ is a very different skill and service level to a pub/club band / disco. Less chat, less volume, more experience are the best combination, they are there to assist your evening, not take it over.

DJs and Mobile Discotheques Barrie Catchpole Ashley Goodchild Leslie Ball Martyn Hall Richard Elliott Paul Thompson Peter Savage Adam Smith

Dizzco Entertainments GC Events Leslie Ball Wedding DJ Monteray Roadshow R J Discos Spirits High TCK Entertainments Tenacious DJ's

Wedding favours – Little gifts to present to your guests. They fall into Three categories, Consumable, Useful and Disposable, traditionally they were Consumable, small bags of sweets in pretty bags, more recently they tend to be “useful”, Candles, keyrings, mugs. Disposable items include lottery tickets, bubbles, party poppers and hats. Loren Clarke A Wedding a day Liz and Maurice Celebration Belles (Ripley) Ltd Find us on facebook Merv Sheldon Mugs of Love Colleen Walker Walkers Wedding Chocolates

Flowers – Wedding flowers say so much about your style, anything between meadow posies to a full on floral sculpture, they always draw comments and now that we are no longer constrained to seasonal blooms, you can have whatever you want whenever your wedding is.

Florists Kiko (Freeman) Doris Williams Denise Harvey Sharon Roe Kate Betts Sarah James Hayley Evans

Fletcher's Floral Design Studio Forever in Bloom Funky Florists No8 Studio Petals in the Forest Sarahs Floral Studio The Blossom Branch Florist


Forever Flowers specialists. Consider also “forever flowers” for a bouquet you can keep forever. Doris Williams

Forever in Bloom

Formal Attire – Wedding styles for men change more often than even the bridalwear ranges… Andy Carnell Hannah Lancashire

Burton Menswear (Derby) Jon Paul Formal

Glamping – Posh luxurious camping, usually in Bell tents, lots of fun and perfect for when your marquee wedding is short on accommodation. Glamping is becoming the smart option for the wedding night with a tent village right outside the venue. Helen Oaten Bellows Glamping Karen Tanner Enchanted Bell Tents

Jewellery and Accessories It is a very fudged line between jewellery, accessories and bling All the suppliers below will deal to some level with the shiny things that help make the day special, The first four offer a range of rings suitable for a lifetime commitment. Laura Jo Adorn Jewellers Kevin Smith Aspire Fine Jewellery Limited Samantha Smith Duo Jewellery Jackie Grant Primo Jewellery

Accessories Kate Matthews Pam Adams Tracy Perry

Perfect jewellery Stella and Dot Stylist Tracylea Weddings

Photography and Videography No-one will spend longer with the bride on her wedding day than the photographer. The last person a couple have a business relationship with is the photographer. Choosing the right photographer is really very important, you need to consider their photographic style, their knowledge of the venue and the area, their skill with the camera and their experience but most of all, you need to be sure that this is the person who you can work with all day to get just 40 superb photographs that you want to keep, and share, forever.

Consider an album early on and ask to see samples, we have no idea if USB sticks and iPads will still be around in 5 years time, let alone 25 years. Shop around, meet lots of people in coffee shops and remember, the most expensive is seldom the best, but the cheapest is always the worst. Somewhere on the next 2 pages is your dream photographer.

Photography Andrea Palmer Lydia Fabian Camilla Wright Chris Seddon David Freemantle Karrie Hidderley Matt Lowe Kyra Williams

Andrea Palmer Weddings C&G Photography Camilla Wright Photography Chris Seddon Photography David Freemantle photography Electra Films Field Photographic Firetree Photography

Gemma Yeomans Jill Evans Kevin Matthews Paco Cruz Estelle Keeber Martin Hoyle Martin Cheung Martin Neeves Matt Collis Neal Morgan Neil Bennett Oliver Kershaw Ian Petrie Samantha Whiting Amanda & John Steve Shaw Vicki Clayson Rebecca Yu

Gemma Yeomans Photography Jill Evans Photography Kevin Matthews Photography Lone Tree Studios Love Photography 13 Martelle Photography Martin Cheung Photography Martin Neeves Photography Matt Collis Photography Neal Morgan Photography Neil Bennett Photography OK Photography Ltd Petries Photography Samantha Whiting Shipley Photographic Shoot Photographic Vicki Clayson Photography Yu Photography

CG Media Electra Films No Ordinary Films Marvellous Videography TinBox Memories

Videography Connor Goodwin Karrie Hidderley Daiga Cheung Tom Barry Liz Woodland

Postboxes NOTE:- Most venue dressers also have postboxes, below is the only supplier I know with a range of Royal Mail boxes in numerous colours Paul Thompson Postbox for my wedding

Stationery “Let’s keep that email invitation forever!” Said no-one … ever! Everyone loves the anticipation of opening a smart envelope delivered by the postman to find a personal invitation to a wedding. Of course they were expecting it, but when it arrives, it forms the next step of a journey that they share with you. That journey started with a “save the date” card, usually hand delivered, it sets the theme. The theme continues with the formal invitation, the wedding list, the table plan, the place settings, the thank you cards and then finally “our first Christmas” card. Beautifully presented, carefully designed and often cherished forever. Nothing says “We really want you there” better. Michelle Warren Liz and Maurice Marlene Mahil Leanne Richardson Sally Ann Watson Nikki Golesworthy Colleen Walker Nicky Espinasse

Cards4U Celebration Belles (Ripley) Ltd Che Chic Stationery Popplebird Designs Sally-Ann's wedding Boutique Tickled Pink Stationery Walkers Wedding Stationery With Love wedding stationery Find us on facebook

Venue Dressing, Décor and Props

Most couples add some form of personalisation to a venue, different styles suit different tastes, a well dressed village hall can beat any five star hotel ballroom, a badly dressed five star ballroom can shout “tacky” from the rooftops. These guys will help you find your style and when you find it, stick with it, and the experts and you won’t go wrong. Loren Clarke Helen Elson Liz Loren Clarke Liz and Maurice Hayley Smith Jason Van Gellicum Hayley Smith Kate Peace Justine Redshaw Paul Thompson Tracy Perry Hazel Palmer

A Wedding a day Apricot Events Balloonsaround A Wedding a day Celebration Belles (Ripley) Ltd Decorations By Design Distinct event solutions Hayley Smith Venue Stylist Peace and Ivy Redshine design Spirits High Tracylea Weddings Weddings by Dragonfly Find us on facebook

Giant Illuminated LOVE Letters Most venue dressers and DJ’s now have these in different styles, below is the guy that will make your own initials to order. Jason Van Gellicum

Distinct event solutions

Metalwork Superb wishing trees and wedding gifts, table centres and more Hazel Flamson

The Caltef Design Co

And finally The Honeymoon. We all think we can book everything online, cheaper and better, until you chat with a real travel agent who opens up the world for you. Omer Ali

Travel Promise Ltd

Your own supplier notes..

Getting the best value for your wedding. The great Wedding Myth! As soon as you mention the word wedding, the price goes up. We hear the above statement so many times it has become a joke, but it is true. As soon as you mention that you want a five-tier cake and not an iced slab from Aldi, the price goes up, as soon as you mention that you want a Saturday all day wedding with silver service as opposed to a soup and sandwich bar meal on a Monday night, the price goes up.

So, let’s work on getting those costs down again shall we? SIX top tips to help you get more wedding for your money. #1. Wedding venues and many suppliers work like holiday companies, book really early and save, book really late and save but restrict your choice. Book midweek when the kids are in school and save. An October Sunday wedding is about HALF the price of a July Saturday and the weather is better too!

#2. Don’t ask for a discount, ask for an add-on service. Most suppliers can only do one wedding a day, they need to earn a set amount to stay in business, but they will often rather add in extras than reduce prices. If the extra is something with no cost to the supplier other than time, or a little more effort, you may well get a far better “product” for the same money, but, do it when you agree the contract. No-one likes the last-minute add-ons and you will be charged more for them .

#3. Spend more with fewer suppliers. This is so obvious, but we often see vases hired from a venue dresser, flowers from a florist, ribbon bought online, gel beads from the local shop all put together badly by the bride when the florist could do the lot for less money and it looks stunning. Hire professionals, leave eBay alone and remember, simple, is stylish.

#4. Plan ahead Agree corkage fees up front, book taxis a week before the wedding for the end of the night, drop a bag off at the venue before the wedding containing your late night happy shoes, your everyday bra and a bottle or six of water. Agree an overtime rate for the bar, the band, the DJ and the photographer before it’s needed.

#5. Plan and prioritise your spending. No-one ever needs a 100% payment a year before the wedding. Credit card interest is high, savings interest is low. “Putting it on plastic” a year before the wedding can add 20% to your bill. From January 2018, credit card surcharges by vendors will be illegal, so pay on the card (for protection) and pay off the debt from savings.

#6. Mention your friends in the trade and this, the bride guide. There are certain photographers that I love to work with because they always send me a great photo of my wedding cars, that’s worth £25 to me and I am happy to knock it off the bill. Remember, a 5% discount on a hotel bill is easier to get from a target driven manager and worth more to you than a 10% discount on a sole traders’ input. Please mention The Bride Guide when you book your wedding suppliers, it does make a difference!

Creating the Ambience. We’re very fortunate in the UK that we have so many great wedding venues and potential venues. Often overlooked are the village halls, local manor houses and unlikely buildings that offer the bride to be a great space, a superb blank canvas and freedom to create a fantastic wedding space for a fraction of the cost of even a budget venue. Ambience Derbyshire has the skill, the passion and the experience to transform your local hall, barn, marquee or community space into a stunning location to the envy of your friends. We work with you to bring your dreams to reality and to take that blank canvas and paint upon it just one superb, stunning, never to be repeated wedding masterpiece. This isn’t wedding décor, this is Wedding styling as individual as you are.

The Bride Guide is produced and printed by Bridefayre with special thanks to

Bridefayre 15 Nottingham Road, Spondon, Derby, DE21 6NF. 07973 371769

The bride guide spring 2018 2 4  
The bride guide spring 2018 2 4  

The Bride Guide is your useful guide to honest, decent wedding suppliers in the East Midlands