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Book of Memories

Chapter 1 Well, my name is Brooke. I am 13 years old in the eighth grade. I’m very cool to be around and I talk a lot also, which isn’t really a bad thing but my mom says I should work more instead of yip yapping so much. The way I would describe myself, is very tall, skinny and limpy, blonde and brown curly hair, brown eyes, long arms. As I’d like to call it Green Giant. I like in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where’s there’s nothing much to do but it’s really quiet in my neighborhood for the

most part and sometimes trouble happens between a few people but it’s a nice area. I don’t really have any friends at this point since I’m new to Eachieve and all. I met a few people who were cool, but me I’m still getting used to the whole program. My favorite thing to do in the whole wide world is write music. It’s what I do when I’m really irritated or frustrated. It helps me calm down because you can say I kind of have anger problems. I’m a really sweet person other than that. My second favorite thing to do is play piano. I learned how to play piano when I was 11 years old, and my older sister Bethany taught me how step by step. When I heard a song I liked a lot, I’d just go and sit on the piano and play by ear of what I hear. And last, my third favorite hobby is singing. I believe I started to sing when I was 6 years old though I sounded so horrible. I never thought I could actually sing for so many reasons. One, singing is rare in my family, and so is piano. It’s a good thing to be first. When I first started Eachieve, I thought “ Hey, this is going to be the easiest year of my life”. The teachers are really nice, they helped me step by step well most of the teachers anyway I only have two favorites. The assignments were really easy to do even though it took a whole day to do all of them, it’s a lot easier than better than public schools. I like the other kids they were nice and sweet and actually talk. There was this one kid who just love to talk so much I was like “ Oh yeah, you’re gonna be my new best bud”. The funniest person I have met in Eachieve is Victoria. She’s in my math class and she just has the best sense of humor ever. And the best thing is that she’s tall like me so I don’t have to be tall alone. The way I describe her is awesome, enthusiastic, ambitious, tall and lanky, with blueish greenish eyes, and red orange hair. Her personality is what you should find in a best friend. Though she’s a cool girl, she’s just my friend for now. It takes a while to get the best friend stage. Another really cool girl is April. She loves shows and movies and like talks about anything and it just sounds so interesting. I then knew these are the guys I want to hang out with. Their cool and they love talking just like I do.

Chapter 2 One person who taught me the meaning of friendship, is my best friend Jamiyah known as (Mimi). We’ve been best friends since the sixth grade. Always been there for each other no matter what. We’ve had time where we argued and stopped talking to each other for days, but always apologized. We couldn’t go one week without each other that’s how important she is to me and how important I am to her. When she was feeling down, I was always there to to comfort her, and when I had my bad days, she was the first person to come to the rescue. Mimi is the most important person in my life, besides family. She understands me and where I’m coming from. We’ve had the same shares of ups and downs in our lifetime.

Mimi influenced me to do better in life, and give me a reason to enjoy it. She’s a cheerful, ambitious, and loving person who never gives up to anybody. She doesn’t care what people think about her she always moves forward. She’s the most courageous and brave person I’ve ever met in my life. Who’s always stuck by my side through thick and through thin. Nobody can ever break us, my bestest friend yet. The only one who’s never given up on me and checks on me everyday. I’m so glad that I found her or else I wouldn’t be who I am today. Brave, smart, ambitious, and courageous. That’s everything she is, and taught me to be.

Chapter 3 When I first went into middle school, I thought my new school would be the best for me. My first day of sixth grade seemed really easy sure, that’s because we didn’t do any work the first week it was just teacher get to know student week. The teachers were really nice, they worked through everything step by step to help you understand the concept of any problem or assignment given. Well that was the first three weeks of school. After that, the teachers just became really impatient with all of the students and didn’t really teach anything. They just handed you a packet of work without giving any instructions whatsoever and expected you to know everything in three weeks. The teachers said horrible comments to the students in my classes, and basically suspended them because they didn’t like them. Most of the kids there were good students and later on became troubled. We knew finding a new, better school wouldn’t be easy. Most schools “say” that their students are always well behaved or get really good grades because the teachers know how to teach. I told my mom that I just wanted to give up and never go to school again, and maybe school’s just not made for me. I then thought about how my mom grew up. Her middle school was just about the same with troubled kids, mean teachers, bad influences, but my mom never gave up. She didn’t just quit and never finish school. She’s the reason why I’m still working hard today to achieve my goals, and my dream. She pushed me to do better in school, and told me there will always be things that don’t make

sense in life, and that means I should take time to figure them out. That is why I did not mind staying at that school for another year, because I knew my education was all that mattered. I realized hey this isn’t so bad. I just needed a little courage and bravery to make it through those years. I’ve always remembered that when I look at my mom. She’s the most important person in my life and I wouldn’t be the smart, talented, and great person that I am if it wasn’t for her.

Chapter 4 One month, my mom had decided the family should go to Florida, and go to Walt Disney World. We left our house really late to get on the freeway, which I hate because I always fall asleep and miss everything. I believe we left at around 6 or 7, and my dog Goldie he had to stay home of course with a friend of our family and I was hoping he could come with us and we could dress him up as a person. My mom said I had the craziest imaginations known to this world. When we finished packing our suitcases and things in the car, we finally hit the road. Knowing me, I always get hungry the first 40 minutes of the ride so I asked my mom if we could stop for food. She then said my full name when so gets sarcastically angry if that’s the best way to put it. So we stopped at Ihop and I ordered just about everything off the first section of the menu. Boy I was hungry, I thought I would pass out like a fainting goat. My mom asked me what I was getting, and when I went through the whole order she said I was going to have the worst stomach ache ever. I didn’t really care I still ordered anyway nothing will stop me from eating unless, there’s something in my food which apparently there wasn’t. The waitress came by and asked us what drinks we would like, and I asked her “ Could I have all of them they all look good”. She said I could but then that’d be the longest bill ever. My sister’s and me laughed, so we just ordered Sierra Mist. I looked around and saw the buffet line, thinking I could just go over there and choose something to sample until we order. Apparently,

some guy got in the way and took my spot in line. I was so angry that spot could’ve been mine. The waitress had just come back with the drinks, and then asked us for our order. I ordered a huge burger with chipotle sauce, fries, and onion rings on the side, and my sister just ordered onion rings. That is her favorite thing on earth to eat, she could go days even weeks without pizza or burgers, but onion rings are her love. After everyone ordered we just sat back and watched everything going on outside. It was a rainy day, people were in hurries to get to work or some place important, people on bikes and jogging, some people even slipping and falling because of the rain. I actually thought that looked kinda funny, and some guy’s umbrella flew away. We watched him chase it for streets until he disappeared. The waitress arrived again to our table, and placed the yummy looking food in front of us. Me basically drooling at the burger I was about to demolish, and those fries were looking so tasty. I grabbed the Ketchup and put it on my fries and thanked the waitress and finally dug in. My sister shoved the onion rings one by one in her mouth she didn’t even use any type of sauce and I hate dry onion rings. So I finished the burger in a good 25 bites, and I drank my Sierra Mist and ate my onion rings and fries together with ranch. I fell back into my seat thinking Oh no, I was going to have the worst stomach ache ever. We finished our food, and got back in the car already and buckled up to finish this road trip. We turned on the radio and some old rock music came on and my sister and I flipped our hair back and forth playing the air guitar. My mom turned it up a little louder because it was so low and it was her favorite song. We looked so crazy I think other people in their cars didn’t know what to say at the weird and awkward sight we were giving them. But we didn’t care we kept playing the air guitar and swinging our hair. One hour later, we were all sleeping all of the food and dancing had made us so tired. I woke up confused wondering when I fell asleep because I didn’t remember any feeling tired at all. I must’ve had the food itis along with everyone else and my mom was the only one with her eyes still singing her little tunes driving like she enjoys a 20 hour trip. I closed my eyes again and tried to go back to sleep, but I started laughing when I thought about that guy who’s umbrella ran away from him. I sat up and grabbed the blanket that was in my bag and got all nice and comfy, and then it started raining. Oh yeah I went to sleep, and then about a good 6 hours I woke up again. Depressed that we were barely half way there, so I asked my mom if we could grab something else to eat it’s been 7 hours. She already knew the deal with me, and how hungry I get so she didn’t even hesitate. We saw a Waffle House so we took the exit and stopped there to get some food, and I woke up my sisters. We went it and ate, I order waffles, bacon, and eggs the usual, and then we hit the road again. We went to sleep again, hoping to sleep forever. Before I knew it my mom was waking up saying we’re in Orlando, Florida. I jumped up and bumped my head, and I was so excited because I finally got to get out and stretch again. We stopped at the Orlando Florida gas station and got some snacks for the ride to the hotel. When we got there we all went straight for the pool, and just had so much fun. We were relieved to be out of the car once and for all so when we got out of the pool we already had our stuff that we needed for Disney World. We got on Jaws, the boat with the fake sharks in the water boy did that scare me. And then we got on the Hulk Roller Coaster, and the Jurassic Park ride. We also saw Curious George, Marilyn Monroe, and Scooby - doo which was my favorite and also Mickey Mouse. We basically got on everything and one ride we really wanted to get on was Twister but it was really late and we had to get back so we could go out to dinner, but we really had a great time we took a lot of pictures for

memories. I really liked spending time, and having fun with my family.

Chapter 5 One winter, we decided we wanted to go to Wisconsin Dells just to have fun as a family again. We were driving, and almost out of gas so we stopped at a gas station and got snacks like honeybuns, chips, drinks and other things for the not too long trip. After the car was filled up, we got back on the road and turned on the radio, and started singing any song that came on. My brother, he was the jokester the whole trip he had all of us laughing like crazy. I almost had a laughing attack just about. Our cousins came, our aunts, and basically the whole family so when we got to The Dells we checked ourselves in for the room and we got the Cabin Suite which was phenomenal it was huge and looked so comfortable, that I had to run upstairs and jump on the beds. I went downstairs, and turned on the tv and sat in the comfiest chair in the room and turned on the tv by the fire place. It was so nice and warm and I think I probably fell asleep for a few minutes but I did not care I was out like a light. When I woke up, I smelled chinese food and so I sat up and wiped my eyes. I looked over in the kitchen and saw everything I quickly got up and ran over and started to dig in, and my mom laughed. I’m always the first one to eat because I love food, and it never takes me long to eat because I basically scarf everything down. I had egg rolls, sesame chicken, orange chicken, crab rangoon, and etc. So after I finished my food, I went right back to laying down because I had the food itis. When I woke up, it was about 6:00 so we put our swimsuits on and went swimming, got on the Tornado and the Hurricane and almost every ride there. I loved the Whirlpool, but it scared me also because I couldn’t swim and the waves were huge. My favorite was the hot tub with the outside pool that connects. So all of us were just relaxing in the hot tub, then some guy cut the the cheese in the water and you could see the bubbles. We all tried not to laugh but it was so hilarious and the guy kind of looked like he didn’t know it was him. After we got out of the

hot tub, we swam in the regular pool, and my cousin Stefan was beating up some kid who took his water gun we thought that was really hilarious but we stopped him before he actually hurt the kid. When we got back to our Cabin Suite, we changed into our day pajamas, and I felt like jumping on the bed so Stefan, my cousin M.J. and I, we went upstairs and jumped on the bed. Since there were two beds in each room, we jumped from bed to bed for like 30 minutes, then one second the mattress slid over and when I came down, I cut my foot open on the metal bed panel. I was screaming like a big baby, and my cousins yelled for my mom. They came upstairs, and saw that I was on the floor crying my eyes out and everybody was panicking asking what happened. They carried me downstairs and put me on the kitchen table and saw my foot was cut open and you could see the inside of my foot. It hurted so bad I thought I was going to pass out, since my mom was in school for nursing, she knew exactly what to do, so she cleaned the wound, and bandaged it up and was carried upstairs in the hallway loft to sleep. That way they could check on me easier, but the next day I was ready to go swimming again but it felt weird because water was going in my foot. Other than that, I had a good time and it was the craziest weekend I’ve had besides splitting my foot open. It’s the best memory to have and I always cherish it.

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