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want to make a statement, some formalwear stores now offer a colorful variety of jackets and vests in brocades and other textures.

INFORMAL A navy or dark gray suit is perfectly appropriate for an informal wedding. Also attractive and equally suitable is a navy blazer with neutral-colored trousers. The fabric should be appropriate to the season—cotton or linen for summer, flannel for fall. The groom and groomsmen should try to dress in the same color, and ties can complement the bridesmaids’ gowns. Formalwear should be reserved at least three months in advance and all measurements taken at least three weeks prior to the wedding. Out-of-town groomsmen can have their measurements taken at a men’s formalwear store near them and forwarded to the store where you’ve reserved your tuxedos. Traditionally the groomsmen pick up the rental cost of their own formalwear, but the generous groom can offer to cover the costs of formalwear accessories such as custom cuff links and shirt studs.


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VERY FORMAL Morning weddings are often considered to be very formal events. Suggested attire is the long-jacketed morning suit with waistcoat, striped trousers, top hat, gloves, spats, and for the truly debonair – a walking stick. Some modern men opt to wear a complementary silk tie instead of the traditional ascot or striped four-in-hand tie. Very formal evening weddings call for white tie and tails – black swallowtail coat and trousers, with a white pique vest, shirt and white bow tie. Black top hats and white gloves are optional. FORMAL Afternoon weddings fall into the formal category. The groom and groomsmen don the classic black tie or tuxedo. Also appropriate are white or ivory dinner jackets, worn with black pants trimmed with grosgrain or satin ribbon, a bow tie, and vest or cummerbund. SEMIFORMAL Here is where tradition gives way, ever so slightly, to fashion. Tuxedo or dinner jackets can be livened up with a dash of coordinated color in the tie, vest or cummerbund, and suspenders. Tuxedo jackets come either double-breasted or single-breasted and in a variety of lengths and silhouettes. If you really 62



Rented formalwear usually includes a jacket, vest or cummerbund, pants, suspenders, shirt, cufflinks, studs and a tie. It is recommended that shoes be rented from the same store to maintain consistency. Someone should be designated to gather and return all formalwear to the store on time to avoid late fees, which run from five to ten dollars per day, per outfit. The groom, like the bride, has the option of purchasing his wedding day attire or having it tailor-made. If his social calendar calls for it a tuxedo is a good investment, which will pay for itself in three or four occasions, to say nothing of the unmistakable elegance of owning a custom tailored tuxedo. Whatever the style and degree of formality you choose for your wedding, there are a few key points to keep in mind when ordering formalwear for groom and groomsmen. Shirts, whether with pleated front panels or traditional smooth-fronted, should fit snugly around the neck. The bottom hem of the pants should touch the top of the shoes. Jackets should fit snugly but comfortably with some room at the waist. Sleeves should end at the wrist bone. Vents on the sides of the jacket should lay smoothly. The jacket collar should hug the neck and the lapels shouldn’t buckle. Cummerbunds should be worn pleats-up (you should be able to stick a finger down into the folds). If the groom chooses to wear a pocket square, it should be small and discreet. Knowing the proper names and uses of different articles of formal attire will make shopping for this important ensemble a much easier task. n

Spectacular Bride The Las Vegas Wedding Resource VOL. 26 NO. 1  

Everything you need to plan your Las Vegas Wedding can be found in Spectacular Bride Magazine. Pages of tricks, trends, real weddings, fashi...

Spectacular Bride The Las Vegas Wedding Resource VOL. 26 NO. 1  

Everything you need to plan your Las Vegas Wedding can be found in Spectacular Bride Magazine. Pages of tricks, trends, real weddings, fashi...