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Choosing the Right Merchant

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Big box stores, from the wedding dress to the flowers, cannot match the level of service and knowledge of your local, Oklahoma merchant. 2 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

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Everything you need to know about the Marriage License Sky Cheshure Photography

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Choosing The Right Merchant

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Choosing The Right Merchant

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It’s Easy Being Green

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A Guy’s guide in navigating the wedding planning experience

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on the cover Chosen from one of this issue’s feature shoots, Oklahoma Magic, this shot was taken at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. It captured some of the beauty of Oklahoma’s landscape. With the idea of a strong Oklahoma woman, Samantha Lally did a perfect job of showing the strong yet tender feel that this great state has always shown. Wedding dress is designed by Allure Bridals available at Bridal Showroom. A fitted ruched dress with a scoop neckline that has added sparkle of beading and embroidery. Hair and makeup by Amanda Schroeder and Sharon Tabb with The Makeup Room Agency. Photography by Roy Groat Jr. of Colorband PhotoArtisans. You can experience this fashion feature on page 86. 10 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

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Letter From the Editor A Room with a Different View

Welcome to BridalifeStyle Wedding Magazine! What Is The BridalifeStyle?

The moment you have dreamed of has happened. A ring was given, a question was asked and suddenly, life is different. You are getting married! A whole new world of ideas and planning are about to open up to you. Planning not only for your big wedding day but for the new life you and your special someone are about to embark on. This is the BridalifeStyle and this is what BridalifeStyle Wedding Magazine is all about. A Powerful Resource In your hands you hold a powerful resource designed to put the information you want and need to plan your wedding and prepare for your wedding day and life beyond. Your new resource is always with you, either in print, online or on your smart phone or tablet computer.......BridalifeStyle Wedding Magazine is your new BFF helping you bring your dreams to life. Go ahead, take a few moments and stroll through scores of luxurious pages filled with truly local Oklahoma information that will help make planning your wedding fun again. Inspirations and fresh ideas, real Oklahoma weddings, real experts and top notch local merchants that truly care about making your day the best it can be; all while showing you what is great within Oklahoma’s borders and bringing the best Oklahoma has to offer right to your fingertips. Beyond Inspiration Let your dreams soar and prepare for your new life as BridalifeStyle Wedding Magazine shows you top notch ideas and inspiration AND how to make those ideas work for your wedding. Revel in the stories about real weddings and real people sharing their love stories and hear from the professionals who know how to make your dreams come true. What To Expect The BridalifeStyle is far more than tablescapes and wedding dresses. It is about relationships, learning to grow together and realizing that there is a whole lot of life after the wedding day. BridalifeStyle Wedding Magazine will delve into relationship issues, choosing the wedding party, budgets and financial planning as well as the inspiration and ideas you need to help plan your wedding. Going farther by not only showing you fabulous ideas, but helping to show you how you can make them your own. Through the magazine, website and blog, we will be delving deep into the Oklahoma wedding planning experience and bringing you more insight than has ever been in a local publication.

oR y Groat Jamie Chen

So welcome to a room with a different view. This is your magazine, this is your life and your style..... this is BridalifeStyle.

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Planning Timeline

12 months - Create guest list and come up with a budget. - Decide on who is paying for what - Look for and book ceremony and reception venues - Start looking at wedding dresses on websites, magazine. - Think about your wedding style - Mail Save-The-Date cards

6 weeks - Schedule wedding announcements in local publication - Print ceremony programs - Purchase wedding party gifts - Work on your vows and have your officiant’s approval

10 months

8 months

-Start research for DJ/Musician, florist, photographer - Work on your attandants - Think about hiring a wedding planner

- Book your photographer, florist, DJ/ Musician - It may be time to adjust your budget - Order your wedding dress - Depending on the season, it may be time to think about doing your engagement photos

2 weeks

1 week

- Give your shot list to your photographer, and go over time details. - Finalize playlist with your DJ/ Musician - Ready your programs and favors - Consider teeth whitening

14 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

- Get your marriage certificate ( you have 10 days to say “I Do”) - Have your dress ready - Confirm details with your professionals - Give final guest count to caterer

6 months - Meet with your professionals on the wedding details, flowers, food, cake, linens and other rental ltems - Order invitations - Start to register for gifts - Bridesmaids dress shopping - Order wedding rings - Book your transportation (limos, antique cars, or horse carriage!) - Research and book Honeymoon

1 week cont. - Pack for Honeymoon - Finalize the readings for the ceremony with your readers - Have your seating and place cards ready - Wear your shoes around the house to break them in - Have your facial and wax ( at least 4 days before the big day)

4 months

2 months

- Start addressing your invitation envelopes - Schedule your rehearsal and dinner - Talk to your groom about his guys’ formalwear - Time for your ladies to order their dresses - Purchase your shoes in time for dress fitting (accessories optional) - Start your dress fitting

- Talk to your officiant about your readings and songs for your ceremony - Mail the invitations - Purchase or create your favors - Purchase your accessories - Engagement, bridal and/or boudior session should be scheduled/done - May need to clean your dress after bridal session

1 day


- Confirm again the pick up and location details - Place tips in envelopes - Have a mani and pedi - Reharsal and dinner (go easy on alcoholic beaverages)

- Be sure to eat (light but often) - Do hair and makeup; brides maids and family dressed before the photographer arrives (in most cases) - Kock their socks off!

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Relationship 101

Love Will Keep Us Together?


By Brittany Linn Bailey r om the moment you first laid eyes on one another, Ditch the psychic mentality you felt a connection. Butterflies overwhelmed Sorry to burst your bubble, but not everyone can your stomach as he reachedcloser and held your read minds. Just because you think a certain way, it

hand. You can remember your first kiss like it was yesterday. You were at a restaurant, in a movie, on a park bench when he said the three little words that changed your life forever. You were inseparable. Late night phone conversations kept you awake, only to live off of caffeine for the first solid month of your relationship. Most importantly, you will never forget the moment he dropped to one knee and asked you to be his wife. Memories like these are priceless. They are moments in your love story that you can never replace. Just the thought of them can bring a smile to your face and make you weak in the knees. They are the essence of you, your relationship. How is it then, that the very same memories that make you fall in love can be the very thing that tear you apart? One of the biggest misconceptions is that love, and love alone, will keep you together. Somehow, we all forget that love is an emotion. I am certain that you have heard the phrase, “I don’t like you right now, but I will always love you.” However, there will be good days, and there will be bad days throughout your relationship. Unfortunately, there may be days that you may not even feel the love like you do now. Feelings come-and-go, and it is during the times you love the least that you should work at your relationship the most. Avoid avoidance Attack the problems as they arise, not your spouse. When you avoid solving a problem, you allow yourself to build up anger. Escalation in arguments can cause damage that may last a lifetime. Whoever said sticks and stones were the only thing that hurt, lied. Words are something you cannot take back.

does not mean your mate knows. You have a voice, use it. Learning to speak up when things bother you is one of the easiest ways to combat an issue before it turns into a fight. Always look at the positives Never assume the worst. A person is always innocent until proven guilty. Make sure you focus on the truth at hand, not your imagination. Remember how it felt once when you were wrongfully accused. Understand that forgiveness is not equal to forgetting Contrary to common believe, we will remember being deeply hurt by someone. All too often we lose trust just as quickly as we earned it from a simple mistake. Forgiving does not mean that we do not grieve for something lost. Be patient with one another. Forgiving a person is not equal to forgetting, it is giving up the idea that you have to get even. Go back to the basics Isn’t it funny how you can hear a song on the radio and all of a sudden, you are right where you were in a memory? You can pinpoint what time of day you heard it, where you were, who you were with and the emotions you felt when you listened to the lyrics. When you start to feel yourself pulling away from one another, it is important to do the things you once did when you felt your love the strongest. The ironic thing is, you already know how to make each other fall in love. Sometimes feeling what you used to feel is just as easy as doing what you used to do. Go back to the basics of dating to relearn how to love one another.

16 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 17

Relationship 101

Not YourE m o t i o n a l Punching Bag


By Brittany Linn Bailey

ou just got fired. POW!

You just bought a house. BAM! You locked the keys in your car and are running late. SMACK! You cannot stand your future in-laws. POP! One of the hardest things to accomplish in any relationship is not taking things out on the people closest to you. Just as a relationship can affect every aspect of a life, every aspect of your life can affect your relationship. It is important when things spill over into your marriage to stay focused on your commitment to one another. Let’s face it, everyone is a jerk at some point in their life. Jerk a : an annoyingly stupid or foolish person b : an unlikable person; especially : one who is cruel, rude, or small-minded Every time you take a swing at that punching bag it resists, at first. But the more you punch

the same sweet spot, the weaker it becomes. The material wears down until, eventually, there is a permanent scar. Using your spouse as a target to vent your frustrations can easily damage the person you have learned to love. The hard truth is, everyone experiences that first hit. For some reason, we all tend to hurt the people we love the most. The key is to learn from this experience and redirect your anger somewhere away from one another. One of the worst things a person can do is cause repetitive pain that builds up walls of defensiveness and the fear to speak up. You become a jerk. The difference between acting like a jerk and being one, lies in the consistency of your behavior. The more you criticize and put down one another, the more you begin to objectify each other. Remember, they are your best friend not your emotional punching bag. In contrast, positive communication is the best way to avoid taking advantage of your spouse. Being open and honest about what is bothering you allows each of you to understand one another better. With understanding comes patience, with patience comes tolerance, and with tolerance, eventually, you earn respect.

Communication Tips Remember to use the xyz statements when communicating your feelings with your beloved.

The XYZ statement: “I felt x... …when you did y… …in situation z.” 18 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM


BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 19

Relationship 101


By Brittany Linn Bailey


“…Understanding where a person has been is the key to knowing who they will be.”

Just like branches on a tree, some things are meant to exist in our lives for but a season in time. It is in the storms of our lives that we prune out the old and are made new. “…it is when the person comes along that is meant to stand beside you for the rest of your life, that in marriage the two shall intertwine their roots and grow stronger, together.”

20 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM


 ime and time again you’ll hear the statement, “the first year is the hardest”. People all around will agree that learning to live together during that first year of marriage can make or break you. Maybe it is the stress that has built up for months in preparation for the big day, or the fact that new emotions surface when you face friends, or relatives, you haven’t seen in years for the first time. It could be the reality that sinks in when the honeymoon is over and you come home, boxes still loaded. Whatever the logic, the truth still stands. Marriage is hard. One of the first things to realize when getting married is that understanding where a person comes from is the key to knowing who they will be. A person’s family, values and experiences make up the person you are about to commit to spending the rest of your life with. Remember, a person will mirror their pasts. Now, in no way am I saying that you should be used as an excuse when refusing to take responsibility for your actions. Simply put, a person tends to be who they have always been. I’ll never forget my first fight as husband and wife. Call me crazy, but there was something different about arguing with a person you knew was…how should I say this…trapped. It was easier to voice my opinion, or shout it. Amidst these arguments, words are thrown with no guard, and somehow something petty can be magnified to ten times the size it should be. During the first year of marriage, time begins to show all. People suddenly start letting their guard down and it is crucial to learn how to work through issues as they arise. You are getting to see the person you have fallen in love with for who they truly are. You will discover that sometimes an anger that developed from a lost relationship with a parent will be taken out on you. There will be heartaches and reminders of storms in the past. Healthy marriages thrive when each person accepts the other for who they truly are. Imagine this: If someone lives in a dark room their entire ife, how can they know the

sunshine? In fact, the sun may actually hurt them for a short period of time until they get used to it. In the same manner, learning to combine two backgrounds to build a home can be difficult for a short period of time. An only child may not be able to relate to your frustrations about your sibling. Likewise, do not expect someone to react without anger if they have grown up in a difficult background. These realities can affect a relationship and make it difficult to work through problems. Be mindful of the fact that marriage is a learning process for two. Be respectful of one another. Having a friend, an unbiased ear, can serve as an additional resource when stress occurs. However, be respectful of your spouse when you share struggles in your life. Be cautious not to use your friend as a vent to put down your new husband/wife. Make sure that this third party does not have a direct relationship with your spouse. For example, telling your mom every little detail about your fights may not exactly build the relationship they are trying to create. Be a good listener, and don’t expect every problem to get solved. For guys, this can be especially difficult when all they want to do is see you happy. When you share your frustrations, be mindful that we cannot always fix the problem at hand. Sometimes, just a shoulder to cry on is all a person needs to get through the day. We’ve all been down some of the same roads. We have a background that has shaped us, nourished us and grounded us to be the person we are today. We have gone through storms that tear us down and break off our branches, building us to be taller…stronger than we were before. There will come a day when things seem harder than they should and you feel like giving up. Don’t. No matter how hard you are being pulled away from one another, stand. Because, it is when the person comes along that is meant to stand beside you for the rest of your life; that in marriage the two shall intertwine their roots and grow stronger, together.

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 21

22 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

The Basics Marriage License

Licensed to Wed


ow Do I Get Married?

When it comes to wedding planning, there are many details you will be faced with. But a few of those details are extremely important…even more important than the venue or…dare I say it… the dress itself. Without this information and one particular item, you cannot legally marry in the State of Oklahoma. What is it you ask? Why of course, it is the Marriage License. Every State has its own laws regarding people getting married and Oklahoma is no exception. We have compiled some useful information to help you ensure your marriage is legal and, perhaps keep some unwanted stress out of the picture. The Marriage License (Certificate) Generally, you may apply for a marriage license at any of Oklahoma’s 77 county clerk’s offices. Be sure to remember that applications should be made in the county where you plan on being married, so make sure you know the county where your church or venue is located. The county clerk’s office is usually located in the main courthouse building for the county. The application will give you the information on how to obtain your marriage license. The fee for your marriage license is fifty dollars ($50). However, couples who have completed a premarital counseling course, sanctioned by the State of Oklahoma, will be charged only five dollars ($5) for their marriage license. You must bring proof of completion of the premarital course with you.

By Roy Groat Jr.

One such counseling course may be found at the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative, Be sure to bring cash or a money order with you as those are currently the only accepted payment methods. There is no waiting period from the application date, to the date when your license is issued. In other words, you will receive your license immediately and you may marry immediately after receiving your license, as there is no waiting period. However, your marriage license is valid for only 10 days from when it is issued, so be sure to plan your courthouse visit close enough to your wedding day while leaving enough time to pick up your marriage license. Remember, you will need to return it to the county clerk’s office where you received your license so your marriage can be legally recorded. You can have a family member or someone you trust mail or take the marriage license to the clerk’s office for you to be recorded. For a complete list of county clerks offices in the State of Oklahoma, visit our website at www.bridalifestyle. com/license You do not have to be a previous or current resident of Oklahoma to obtain a marriage license in Oklahoma. One quick note, if you are travelling out of the country for your honeymoon, it is a good idea to have a couple of copies of your marriage license with you as well as your passport and driver’s license. The minimum age a man or woman may marry is 18 and a birth certificate may be required. If under 18, parents or legal guardians must be present. If, due to death, divorce, separation or other issues, parents or legal guardians cannot be present, proper (Cont. next page)

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 23

The Basics Marriage License

evidence must be submitted for verification. A certified copy of your birth certificate will be needed. Some other important tidbits are: If you are divorced or widowed, you will need to provide a certified copy of the divorce decree or death certificate. Proxy marriages, same sex marriages and cousin marriages are not legal in Oklahoma. Common-law marriages however, are legally recognized in Oklahoma. Neither blood tests, nor physical exams are required in the State of Oklahoma as a prerequisite of marriage. There’s Life After “I Do” First of all…..Congratulations! You are hitched! All of the planning and decisions are done. The wedding was everything you dreamed it would be and you are new Mrs., proudly wearing that shiny new ring on your finger and your marriage license is safely recorded in the county clerk’s office. You are all done now right?

24 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

Well, maybe not. You may have already decided, or maybe you haven’t thought about it, but there is the detail of changing your name. While we are not debating whether you should or shouldn’t, if you have made the decision to change your name, you don’t have to navigate this alone. Just visit namechange for a checklist of the most common places to notify of your name change. One last thing, if you change your name prior to your actual wedding date, be sure to update your passport and driver’s license information. This information must also match on your airline and/or cruise tickets or you may experience delays in getting your honeymoon off the ground. Start the name change process well in advance of your travel plans or simply wait until you return to make the changes. Keeping these things in mind will help you avoid unnecessary headaches down the road.


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The Basics Photography

Choosing The Right Merchant - Photographer


h e question of choosing the right photographer can be a difficult decision. There are literally scores of photographers out there. Some have been around for a while. Some are just starting out. Some are spectacular, some are really good and some are….well, we will leave that one alone. :c) As a wedding photographer, the clients that come to meet with me typically have a pretty good idea of what they are looking for. But there are some places to start that may help you take what seems like a huge task and bring it down to size. First of all, set a budget for photographs. Actually you should do this for your entire wedding, but knowing what you have to spend can narrow things down a lot. There are several places that it is ok to cut corners, but honestly, you very often get what you pay for and the photographs are not a place to skimp. In general, your photographer should fall between 12-20% of your wedding budget. So, in Oklahoma, the average wedding is around $22,000 making the photography budget around $2,600$4400. This is a VERY general rule of thumb. Most solid photographers have packages that fall into this range. Pricing of course depends on albums, number of photographers, how much time, etc…but you get the idea. Next, think about what the photographs mean to you. These photographs, besides your ring and dress, are truly the only tangible memories that showed your day even happened.

26 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

By Roy Groat Jr.

There will be people and moments that will never come together again. I always recommend you hire the best photographer you can. But alas, some folks aren’t as concerned with the quality as others. Some just want the day documented as cheaply as possible and there are photographers who fall into that category. “Well I have a friend or family member who offered to or going to photograph my wedding for me.” I hear this one often and, unfortunately, after all is done, I hear the statement “Oh I should have hired you guys.” Don’t get me wrong here. If your family member is truly a pro photographer and they know what they are doing and have all the right gear, by all means use them if you like their work. But a fancy camera does not make a great photographer. A great photographer knows how to anticipate the moments as they are coming not lament missing them after they have passed. Besides, there are tons of stories where a family member or friend did the pics and they realized they were in a little too deep, too late. Moments were missed or lighting was bad or any number of things. Many friendships and family relationships have been trashed for this one reason. It is also harder for family to photograph family. I am sure you remember how difficult you were when Mom or Dad tried to take your picture. All that aside, let’s say your brother, uncle or best friend took your wedding day pics. Well, sadly, they will miss a big part of the wedding trying to get your pictures. To me, that is a shame. (cont. next page)

The Basics Photography So, with all that being said, once you have your budget set then you can go on the hunt. Definitely talk to your friends and co-workers. Check out bridal magazines and bridal ad magazines. There are planning websites like The Knot, and Wedding Wire, where you can find photographers. Another incredibly great resource is bridal shows. These give you the opportunity of meeting face to face with several photographers in one place. I recommend smaller, more intimate shows that keep merchants of any one category to a low number, allowing you the face time you deserve. When you start your search, it may feel overwhelming, but with searching the kinds of resources I mentioned earlier, you will be able to narrow this down to a workable number. When looking at photographers, make sure they have a professional website with a good gallery or galleries of images. I grant you, the photographer is going to do their best to put up work that they feel is their best. But this will give you an idea of their skill and their style. If the photographs speak to you, put them on the list you want to visit. It seems, with our clients at least, when they go through this process, their list usually has about 6-10 names on it. Go back through that list again and narrow it down once more. Now you have a workable list with anywhere between 3 to 6 photographers on it. When you try to deal with more than 6, the photographs tend to run together and confusion starts to set in. So at this point, here is what you now know. The photographers on your list are within your budget. You like their work and, if you have been to a bridal show, have seen their work in person and hopefully have gotten to speak with them a little. Now you are ready to call for an appointment. This can narrow things down further. If personalities automatically clashed at the show or they aren’t good on the phone,

you know you won’t be meeting that photographer and off the list they go. Once you make that all important appointment to consult with the photographer, remember, this is an interview for both you and the photographer. I highly recommend that you bring your fiancé to the consultation. This way the primary players in the event can begin to build a relationship and find out if everyone is a good fit. You should get along well with your photographer. If you don’t, then that may not be the photographer for you. Your photographer will be spending a good bit of time with you and this is supposed to be fun. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! A good photographer will want to know all about you and likewise you should know your photographer. I love to see clients who generate their own questions… yes there are those “question lists” out there, and while some of the questions are still relevant, many are no longer valid. Questions like what kind of film do you use? Unless you are a technical person or the photographer is shooting exclusively film for your event, in the digital age, this question doesn’t really apply. Some very important questions to ask are: “Do you have back up equipment?” “Are you insured?” “Is there a contract?” “What is the retainer/deposit and when is the final payment due?” “Are you the photographer or photographers that will be shooting my wedding?” These are some of the biggest questions and sometimes they don’t get asked. Be sure to read the terms of the contract. The contract should spell out exactly what you are receiving, the dates of service, when pictures are due, etc. Make sure you agree with the payment and cancellation policies. I can tell you that even though I ask our clients to read the terms of their contracts before they sign, only about 10% actually do. Knowledge is power and you cannot make a solid decision without it. (cont. next page)

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 27

Ok, you have had a good consultation and things seem to be working out well. You like the albums and work you have been presented and all seems right with the world. You are ready to book right now! If you truly believe in your heart that this is the photographer for you, then definitely book them. But be sure to let the other photographers, if any, you have made appointments with or met with know that you will not be meeting with them or using their services. It is frustrating when a photographer makes an appointment, blocks that time when they could otherwise be productive and then get no showed on or they are kept in the dark as to your decision. Plus it is just good etiquette to let them know. Additionally, if you tell the photographer that you will call them with an answer, please be sure to do so, even when the answer is no. It is only right. That being said, I advise you to meet with the photographers whom you have scheduled appointments with. I know this is a very personal and emotional thing and it is very easy to get wound up in the emotions of your wedding. Try to set these meetings close together however. Good photographers get booked up quickly and not meeting with them timely increases the chances of losing that photographer for a particular date. So basically be ready to book your photographer, but keep your wits about you, and if you feel the need to visit with the other photographers, definitely do so. If you know in your mind and in your heart that this photographer “gets� you and is the one, then book them! Now you can rest assured that you have made the right decision and check off another important item from your wedding planning list. Find Them Now

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Molly & Wes

May 14, 2011

Story by Roy Groat Jr. Photography by Sarah Adell Photography

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 hen you least expect it, love finds you, almost coming at you like a runaway freight train. After moving to a new town, barely even having the chance to make new friends, love was barreling down the tracks. Mr. Right can be anywhere and for this bride, at a time when virtually everything was new; he and her future, were looking her right in the face. Molly met Wes not long after moving to Tulsa. Being “new” in town, the seeds of new friendships had barely been sewn. It was at a happy hour event, attended with clients and colleagues that the unexpected happened. Taking in the atmosphere, dancing and chatting, as you do, something caught her eye…. “a tall, handsome guy, looking straight at me.” After exchanging “a few glances at each other,” Molly walked over to talk to him and by conversation’s end; the future was set in motion. Wes asked her to be his date at a company Christmas party at the Summit Club. Thinking “this was a gutsy move after such a brief meeting,” she gave him her phone number. He called her the very next day and it was later revealed that Wes was quite surprised when he realized it was actually Molly on the phone and she hadn’t given him a fake number. So fast forward to February when Wes talked Molly into a pre-Valentine’s dinner at the Stonehorse Café at Utica Square in Tulsa on the 13th to “avoid the Valentine’s Day rush.” After what was an amazing dinner, Molly thought to herself “Wes was really right. There was no one in the restaurant but us.” As the evening began to wind down, out came a bottle of champagne and before she knew it, Wes was down on one knee, asking the sweetest and most vulnerable of questions….he was proposing and Molly, well it is best said in her own words. “I was crying like a baby.” Life has a funny way of turning itself on its ear. Original plans for the wedding were completely changed as Molly was offered a new job in January and decided to take it. Just one small detail, this new job was in Miami, Florida. This changed everything as she and Wes moved in February; and the wedding was coming up in May. It was now a long distance wedding and the only things booked were the venue and photographer and just one meeting about the cake. Wes is a professional boxer with a tough training schedule and with the craziness of the move and a new job to boot, there was simply no time for the little do it yourself projects Molly had in mind. But Molly had a plan. “Lucky for me, I have 3 very creative ladies in my life. My Aunt Jan, Aunt Jill and my Mom.” With a strong (Cont. next page) 32 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

Molly & Wes

group of very supportive ladies, Molly went from “being a very involved bride to pretty much handing my wedding notebook over to my Aunts and Mom, saying go for it.” The Barn at Vive Le Ranch, being one of the first decisions made, was chosen for its rustic feel while still being an outdoor venue. With a good deal of flexibility on décor and being close to Tulsa this made it the perfect spot for Molly and Wes’ big day. “We loved the charm and history and knew it would be beautiful in the spring.” The day was made even more special as the entire rental fee of the Barn is donated to Brush Creek Youth. The day came and a peace and calm came over Molly despite a flurry of things that needed doing. The decorating had begun and her aunts put together a picnic brunch for Molly and her bridesmaids that morning. Originally, the picnic was to be outside but being a little chilly, the whole party was brought inside the barn. There, sitting in a circle, wrapped up in quilts, one can almost see everyone as teenagers at a slumber party, hearing the giggling and laughing

that takes the ordinary and marks a moment in time. A whoosh of activity then ensued with hair, flowers and all those little details of getting ready to bring this day to life. When Molly returned, just a few hours before the wedding, a transformation took place. “It was so surreal to walk around the Barn and see everything my Aunts and Mom had done. I was completely blown away.” She would later recall that it felt like a surprise party for the two of them. From Florida, having sent lots of pictures and inspiration from wedding blogs, it was decided that a simple décor, soft colors with a country flair, “without too much fuss and without going bandanas ” was the perfect setting in this rustic, yet charming environment. Looking back “I wouldn’t change a thing, it was perfect for us…” Walking down the aisle in a stunning Reem Acra, Orchid dress, escorted by her brothers on each arm, Molly recalls as she took the journey to her new husband, her new life and as she passed her closest of friends and family, she was overwhelmed and lifted by pure joy. Molly knew, in an instant, that very moment, (cont. next page ) BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 33


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she was literally surrounded by love and the knowledge that while she was beginning a new life and a new family, there would forever be a hitchin’ post in Oklahoma she could hold on to, she knew her family would always be there for her and with that, the future was a bright one indeed. Ceremony Venue: The Barn at Vive le Ranch Reception Venue: The Barn at Vive le Ranch Bridal Gown Designer: Reem Acra Accessories/boutique: Reem Acra Photographer: Sarah Adell Photography

Assistant: Robbie Gleason Boutonnieres: EmersonMade Men’s Ties: Express Bridesmaids dresses designer/Salon: Brides Shoe designer: Michael Kors Groom’s Suit: Hugo Boss Event Decor Designer: Bride’s Aunt Jan, Aunt Jill and mother. Ceremony Seating: Hay bales from a farm in Glen Pool. Florist: Whole Foods Wedding Cake: Mershon Catering DJ/Entertainment: DJ Connection Save The Date: Aunt Jill Rogers, The Paper Lion (McKinney, Texas) Invitations: Aunt Jill Rogers, The Paper Lion (McKinney, Texas) Makeup: Bride Hair: Berkshire Salon Caterer: Mershon Catering Event Rental: Mershon Catering Jeweler: Moody’s Jewelry on 51st and Sheridan Kimono Robes: Plum Pretty Sugar Cake Topper: - Knottingwood Rehearsal Dinner: The Brasserie

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The Basics Stationery

It’s Easy Being Green By Brittany Linn Bailey


 iving in a day and age where protecting the environment we live in, even your wedding has room to improve by going green. Just imagine how many trees go into the average bride’s wedding stationery. Take, for example, two hundred wedding invitations sent out to your guests. With all of the fast paced jobs out there, it is important to give your guests plenty of heads up with your wedding day to make scheduling as easy as possible. This means, you may add a couple hundred Save The Date cards into your budget. Not to mention the day of necessities. There is the guest book, the programs, the menus, the favor tags, and don’t forget the thank you notes. Just in these few items, you have managed to figuratively chop down an entire forest. I know what you’re thinking. You want to protect the environment, but how? In a world where all of those items complete the dream wedding you have imagined, you cannot afford to cut corners. However, that is where you are wrong. Planning your ecofriendly wedding is easier than you might think. First of all, use personalized items that go beyond the mailbox. Opt for the Save the Date magnets versus the traditional card. We all know that your picture is going to end up on Grandma and Grandpa’s refrigerator anyway, so why not make it easier for them. Besides, this little change alone can save you over 200 cards! Go tech savvy. Creating an interactive wedding website is a great way to keep all of your guests up to date on the latest wedding news. Not to mention, you can change information daily through blogs and photo journals. This latest trend even allows for out of town guests to find detailed maps and local information specific to the venue’s location.

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Use environmentally conscious resources. Numerous stationary companies offer green products that use recycled papers and other eco-friendly options. When in doubt, ask your designer. Just making minor adjustments to your design may reduce the amount of paper (and money) drastically. Be creative. I mean, who really fills a 100 page guest book? Find a personal way to keep track of all of the loved ones that shared in your big day. For example, place a large canvas on an easel to have each person sign their name on; or, use your engagement pictures to create an extravagant photo book with places for people to share their fondest memories of the two of you. Index cards are another way to pad your pocketbook and create a small flipbook with only the number of papers as your guests complete. Be realistic. Although programs of the day are a special keepsake for the few sentimentalists attending your wedding, most of the money you spend on these may as well have been thrown in the garbage to start out with. Determine what is important to you, and stand your ground. Look for things you can and cannot cut out. Maybe you choose to go for a onepage program rather than the booklet. No matter what personal touch you add to your wedding day, just being aware of the amount of paper you are using can help save a tree.

OutFashion and About at the Shoppes

Photography: Lenin Glass Photography Fashion by: Bridal Showroom and Savvy Couture Hair: Amanda Schroeder and Jamy Green with The Makeup Room Agency Makeup: Amber Fike and Sharon Tabb with The Makeup Room Agency Models: Danielle Branesky ( Flash Models International), Brooke Taylor, Alicia Hill, Breanna Covington ( Flash Models International), Normanda Kay 39 BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine

From the left: Simple yet elegant one shoulder floor length black chiffon gown. Ruched sweetheart bodice, natural waist silk teffata tea length dress, also in black. Both by Bridal Showroom. 40 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

Dramatic strapless gown in Chiffon with a gathered wrap across sweetheart bodice and detachable Matte Satin belt at the waistline. The above the knee length skirt has been completely covered with Chiffon ruffles. Available at Savvy Couture. BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 41

This Page, from the left: Gun metal silk ruched bodice and elegant A-line full length skirt. Availave at Bridal Showroom. Modern wrap across empire waist gown in lilac Silky Dupione that has been highlighted with a band and flat bow detail at the empire waist. Soft gathers on the front and above the knee length skirt finish the gown. Avalable at Savvy Couture.

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Opposite Page, from the left: Ruched neckline and waist on the bodice, full length A-line skirt in grape Chiffon. Available at Bridal Showroom. Elegant fit and flare gown in plum Chiffon featuring a softly gathered halter neckline that has been accented with pleated Chiffon and handmade flowers. The empire waist has been finished with a gathered band and leads into the seamless front floor length skirt. Avalable at Savvy Couture. Sweetheart neckline with flattering A-line full length skirt in fushia Silk Satin. Avalable at Bridal Showroom.

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Light pink satin dresswith a ruched bodice and accented with gathered neckline with speghetti straps and a bubble hem to add a fun factor to this tea length dress. Available at Bridal Showroom.

Strapless gown in Matte Satin featuring a cream colored hand-pleated natural waist bodice that has been accented with a pink gathered waistband. The seamless front dark brown A-line skirt has been accented the back with simple box pleats.

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Tall seamless front narrow fit and flare gown in Salmon Chiffon featuring a softly pleated empire waist bodice that has been finished with a pleated ruffle one shoulder strap and hand-made flowers. Both dresses available at Savvy Couture.

From the left: Fit and flare floor lenght sky blue Chiffon dress with V neck bodice and ruched waist band accent. Above the knee strapless sorbet yellow Silk Dupione dress accented with a waist band. Strapless gathered bodice in a tea length baby blue Chiffon dress. Tea length dress in Salmon Chiffon with a halter neck and ruched waist band. All availabe at Bridal Showroom. BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 45

From the left: Chocolate Chiffon over satin halter illusion dress with ruched empire waist and a full length dress. Available at Bridal Showroom. Knee length A-line gown in Matte Satin with a pleated cross over empire waist overlay and softly gathered natural waistband. The seamless front full A-line skirt finishes the look. Available at Savvy Couture. Strapless column chocolate Chiffon over satin full length dress accented with a gathered Chiffon detail streaming down the front of the dress and a waist band finish the look. Available at Bridal Showroom. 46 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

From the left: Ruched bodice and gathered waist lead down to the simple tea length skirt on this apple red Chiffon dress. Strapless full length iridescent red dress with gathered waist and pick-up details on the skirt. Apple red haulter full length dress with ruching at the waist. All available at Bridal Showroom.

Bridal Showroom (405)775-9020 Savvy Couture (405)426-5484

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The Basics Videography

Choosing The Right Merchant - Videographer


 n another article we talked about choosing a photographer. But what about a videographer? The value of capturing your wedding or event with video cannot be understated. Don’t get me wrong here. The still photographs are extremely important and there are moments, captured in time, which cannot be told any other way than with a still image. That being said, video is a whole other world of experiencing and re-experiencing one of the biggest, life changing days you will ever have. So what is so special about videography anyway? Well, the first and most obvious thing is that it is video…which means moving images and sound. So not only do you get to see the action unfold before you as it happened, you get to hear all the voices. Voices of the two of you saying your vows, of your father giving you away and the cheer of your friends and family as you are pronounced husband and wife. And oh the music too, you just get to relive the experience as it happened. Ok, while I may be getting a little carried away, this is the reality of video. But it just doesn’t happen by sticking a little camcorder on a tripod and hoping for the best. The experienced, quality videographer knows how to properly capture these moments and then put them together into something you will actually enjoy watching. What do you mean “something I will actually enjoy watching?” I get a kick out of my home movies. Of course you do, those snippets of family moments are precious and sweet and they have their place in your life’s memories. However, imagine trying to view these for thirty or sixty minutes straight with

48 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

By Roy Groat Jr.

shaky and wild camera movements and hard to make out voices. You are less likely to return to these memories time and time again when it is simply a strain just to watch the movie. Let’s face it, when you dreamed of your wedding and when you experienced your wedding, it was in a proper timeline and somewhat like a cinematic experience. The clarity of the minister’s voice and your special someone vowing to be yours forever and the majesty of the music you selected almost being alive. So it only stands to reason that this is how you want and should experience one of life’s greatest days time and time again. Ok, I get it….videography is awesome. I would love to do it, but I have no clue what to look for and isn’t really expensive? First of all, quality videography isn’t as expensive as you might think, especially given the value of the final product you will receive: The ability to experience a day of your life over and over again, the way you remembered it. But as I said before, this just doesn’t happen. There are a few different styles of videography, but for generalization purposes let’s focus on three types: News, documentary and cinematic styles. Think about what style gets you excited. News style is pretty straight forward and really carries little fluff. The camera is typically at shoulder’s height without a lot of unusual angles and fancy shots. The major details are captured but not expounded on. The timeline is followed pretty strictly and tells the story in a fairly matter of fact way. This is typically the least expensive of the three (cont. next page)

The Basics Videography styles and often starts around $800-$900. Documentary style takes it a bit further and adds cool angles, lot’s of detail and follows the timeline quickly and effectively and tells the story as it unfolds in a very unapologetic way. The details are captured with greater care and, in some cases, a more whimsical way. As you might expect, videographers who shoot this style tend to be a bit more expensive. This style tends to run in the $1200 to $2000 range. Cinematic style is much more like you would see in a movie and probably the way you dreamed about the day unfolding. The story is told in a sweeping and romantic way that tends to pull the viewer into the moments unfolding. Virtually every detail from the flowers and tablescapes to the cake and stained glass of the church get brought in to view. The viewer gets to see their wedding told as it happened, but almost as if it was scripted. Depending on the level of production, the sky can be the limit on price and while this style is typically the more expensive, it is the most satisfying and there are videographers who are very good at creating this experience. This style can start in the $1800 plus range but in my experience, on average is around $2800 for a full featured package. Please keep in mind that the pricing is really a ballpark range and expanding technologies give opportunities for the videographer to create a plethora of options and price points so be sure to check with the professional regarding the most accurate pricing. Before I move on, I really have to point out that, like quality photographers, quality videographers invest a great deal of money into their equipment and energy into their craft. Producing a quality video production requires experience, excellent camera equipment designed for video with low light ability, preferably high definition but at least professional grade and a solid working knowledge of film editing, in order to tell the story. If the cameras being

used are tiny little consumer cameras, run the other way as fast as you can. Some aren’t going to like that I said that, but the fact is, you deserve a quality product. Period. Videography is NOT for the faint of heart vendor. It takes experience and a working knowledge of video production to create a spectacular video. So, when choosing a videographer, do your research and check them out. Bridal magazines, bridal ad magazines, bridal shows and online research will net you a good number of merchants to choose from. The quality merchant will have a professional website with samples of their work. Some will even have a channel on YouTube. Look at the samples. Do you like the music choices? What about the editing style? Is it too cheesy or too edgy? Is it just right? Once you make that decision, you can begin to narrow down the choices with budgets. As with choosing a photographer, you need to make an appointment for a consultation. Remember, this is not only an interview of the videographer, it is an interview of you too. Don’t be afraid and feel free to ask questions. Check out the packages and if you don’t understand something, be sure to ask for clarification. The professional videographer wants to give you the best possible product and for you to be happy. He/she should show you some extended samples of their work. Check the clarity and quality of the music. A big thing is to check the quality of the wireless microphones. This can best be caught during the ceremony portions. The vows, speakers and officiate. How clear and clean the audio is here is a good indication of quality equipment. Some questions to ask would be: Does the videographer bring back up equipment? Are the cameras high definition? If they are standard definition, are they professional grade (these have three sensor chips where as consumer cameras have only one)? (cont. next page)

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 49

The Basics Videography Do they use actual video cameras or are they SLR type cameras? This one is not a right or wrong. The SLR digital camera creates incredible high definition video. Typically a great deal of investment has gone into lenses and artsy, cinematic videographers will have this in their arsenal. Good videographers will often have both true video cameras and SLR style cameras for shooting video. Other questions to ask would be: Is the videographer insured? What type of retainer do they require and when is the balance due? How long does it take to receive the final product? This one may shock you. For cinematically edited films, it can take up to a year to receive the completed wedding film. News style and documentary styles typically take less time to complete. Be sure you have a firm understanding of what the videographer is

going to do and how long this will take. If you feel good and confident that the videographer sees your vision and you understand each other, it is a good idea to go ahead and book them. If you have other appointments scheduled, there is nothing wrong at all with going ahead and visiting them and making your final decision once you have seen all of your selections. As with photography, try to keep your final choices narrowed down to preferably 3 but no more than 6. Any more and confusion will start to set in and make your choices more difficult. Once the production is done, you will be able to relive your wedding over and over again and be able to share it with friends and family. Most of all, you can actually invite your children to Mommy and Daddy’s wedding. To me, this is one of the greatest gifts you can give your family.

Find Them Now Paul Houston Photography & 51


405-509-6333 WeÊspecializesÊinÊcustomÊWeddingÊCakes,ÊGroomÕsÊCake,ÊCupcakesÊ andÊCookiesÊ-ÊalwaysÊmadeÊindividuallyÊforÊyourÊevent.ÊWeÊworkÊwithÊeachÊ customerÊtoÊcreateÊaÊbeautifulÊandÊdeliciousÊcakeÊforÊyourÊcelebration.

FindÊusÊonlineÊatÊw w w. G y p s y C a k e s. n e t 121ÊE.ÊWaterlooÊRd,ÊEdmond,ÊOKÊ73034

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Michelle & Brian October 29, 2011

Story by Roy Groat Jr. Photography by RM Photography

52 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM


ife’s path is such an unknown. Without even so much as the opportunity to discover one another, fate tends to lend a hand. Sometimes when two people meet, they do not realize that even if at first one is annoyed by the other, the quirks that got your attention are often the ones that bring you together. That first chance meeting was brought about by the simplest of happenings. Being classmates at UCO, Michelle and Brian had never laid eyes on each other. But fate was stepping in. While Brian thought she was “pretty and smart,” Michelle simply “wished Brian would shut up and stop disrupting class.” But then and there, fate had started something. But it wasn’t until they both worked together that the “ice between the two” had been broken and both discovered a great friendship and joy working together. Life however, seemingly likes to test us as what was considered a “dark day,” Michelle was accepted to go to school in Boston and Brian couldn’t help feeling he was losing a friend. But life loves a good romance and one “Hap, Hap, Happy Christmas,”

she returned to Oklahoma for Christmas break. The two reunited and, during one of the year’s most magical times, love was born. A strong love that made them both feel “as happy as goldfish in the sea!” Michelle is not your typical bride; in fact she will tell you she is atypical and she “despised traditional weddings.” So how do you have an atypical wedding and still be respectful to your families? Then, inspiration struck in October, 2010 during a discussion about the wedding. Michelle and Brian came to the realization that both of them “LOVE” Halloween. So, after double checking dates to avoid any football game competition, the date was set, October 29, 2011 and a theme was born. But how do you theme a wedding on Halloween and it not be too creepy and dark? Focus on the brighter side of course. “We wanted to keep the “kid” Halloween tradition with costumes, candy and fun.” Having just bought a house, it was felt this would be a good location for the reception at least. However, with starting to realize the details (cont. page 55) BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 53

REAL WEDDINGS Michelle & Brian

54 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

involved, Michelle and Brian thought it a good idea to check out some venues. Churches were ruled out due to the fact that the families follow different denominations and they wanted to avoid any awkward situations. Knowing that the ceremony was going to be quite short, they decided that it didn’t make sense for them to go anywhere else, so in the end, it was decided to have the wedding at home. The day of the wedding was harried as you might expect. Even though the wedding started at 6pm, both Michelle and Brian were up at 8am. After all, there is a lot to be done…there is a wedding going on today; not just any wedding, but OUR wedding. This day would be filled with hectic excitement as it was pulled together. But through all the craziness, when Brian looked up and saw Michelle walking down the aisle toward him, time seemed to slow down. It was the moment “glowing in her beautiful dress and “diva big” hair…, she was breathtaking.” For Michelle, while seeing Brian was important, this was the first time she was able to see their backyard fully decorated. Plus there were a few other things going on as well. When Michelle started that walk, she saw Brian, but there was a great deal more to see and ended up looking at everyone else too. For they were decked out in their Halloween best, a sea of costumes; it was a sight to behold. But when Michelle arrived and took her place alongside Brian, she recalls “I felt so happy and warm when I got to hold hands with Brian during the entire ceremony.” “It’s a moment I would not forget because we were allowed just to think and talk about us only.” “I felt incredibly happy to experience every bit of it.” These are the moments every couple dreams of. Michelle and Brian wish they could relive it all over again and even with all of the fury, wouldn’t change a thing. After all, when the moment comes and you look into each other’s eyes and declare you will spend your lives together, the craziness just melts away to reveal what this is all about, it was about Michelle and Brian.

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 55

REAL WEDDINGS Michelle & Brian

56 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

Wedding Planner: Shanon Lee with KingLee Wedding and Event Productions Event Designer: Shanon Lee with KingLee Wedding and Event Productions Ceremony Venue: Residence Reception Venue: Residence Photography: RM Photography Bridal Salon: Custom Petticoat: Accessories: Hair Bow: FunnyPeopleCo Earrigs: VintageBlushUK Necklace: GonzalezGoodies Sash: maryandangelika Pocketwatch on bouquet: ChanceryLane Flowers: MissJenniferRae Groom’s Suit: Calvin Klein Men’s Wearhouse Wedding Cake: Cupcake Heaven OKC Cupcake Topper: IttyBittyWoodShoppe Groom’s Cake: Friend of the groom’s sister, Debbie Beckett Ceremony music: A Touch of Class String Quartet Invitations: Hair: Kasie Peak at Eden Salon Caterer: Aunt Pitty Pat’s Catering Linen rental: KingLee Wedding and Event Productions Lighting rental: Cory’s Audio - Visual OKC Tent: Oklahoma City Party Tent and Events Jeweler: James Allen, J Thomson Custom Jeweler, Helzberg Diamonds Guestbook Cards: PaperBlissDesigns Caricature Artist: Hector Lopez Koozies: BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 57


Bridal Beauty Do’s and Don’ts


By Sharon Tabb of The Makeup Room Agency

 very wedding is different, but there are some basics that all weddings share. When planning your big day, details that go into your hair and makeup can easily get overlooked and create unnecessary bridal stress. Sharon Tabb, professional makeup artist and owner of The Makeup Room Agency, has some tips to help your day sail smoothly with these simple, yet understated, but often missed hair and makeup “do’s and don’ts.” Bridal Beauty Do’s & Don’ts you should consider for your big day. Makeup Do: Know Makeup Importance - Bridal makeup does need to be different than your everyday makeup. You will need makeup that will stay put against the elements and look great in photos. It’s worth the investment of hiring a professional makeup artist. Stock up on products/tools - even if you hire a professional you should still purchase a new mascara (smudgeproof or waterproof) purchasing new will help to avoid clumping. If doing your own makeup be sure you have a lash curler, concealer, no color powder, & blot sheets False Lashes - look amazing in person and in photos. Individual lashes and strip lashes depending on your preference. Makeup Don’t: Choose a makeup style that isn’t “you”. Bridal looks should be a better version of you. Not a complete new look. Be sure to work with your makeup artist and have inspiration pictures during your trial. Wax too close to wedding date - Waxing 7 days or closer to wedding date can make the makeup not adhere to the skin properly. It can also leave redness or bumps, and in some cases leave scabbing if too

58 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

much is taken off. Final wax should be a full week before the big day Over tan - If you tan before wedding do so in moderation. You don’t want to look back are your wedding photos looking too dark or look like an Oompa Loompa. Hair Do: A Hair Trial - trials are very important, so that there are no surprises on the wedding day. Its also important you go into your trial having some idea on the style you want. Create a scrapbook of styles you “like” to take to your hairstylist. Hiring someone who specializes in bridal hair is important as bridal hair specialists know how to prep and make the hair last throughout the entire event. Hair Don’t: Use any special hair treatments - Deep conditioning & leave in conditioners in your hair prior to wedding day hairstyle makes hair too soft and slick to style. It also makes it difficult for hair to hold curl. Do any big changes to your hair before the big day. Hair color, perms, and even a hair cut can cause a disaster. Don’t wash your hair - UNLESS stylist requests it. Nine times out of ten ~day old hair is easier to style. (oily hair is the exception) If you would like to consult with Sharon, just give her a call at (405)595-6680 to set up a time to meet and discuss the possibilities! Find Them Now Melanie O-lan Newton......Page 119 The Makeup Room Agency...... Page 59

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 59

The Party Music/Entertainment

Let Me Entertain You – The Wedding DJ & The Live Musician


 big part of the wedding event is music. The music and how it is played, electronically or live, has the ability of setting the mood for the ceremony and getting the party rolling at the reception. While the Wedding DJ or live musicians are perfectly at home performing in the ceremony setting, for the purposes of this article, we will concentrate on the reception music/entertainment. So why would you want to have a live band/ musician or wedding DJ/entertainer? Well, for one, they can get your party started. An iPod or computer sitting in the corner is nothing more than what it is….a glorified boom box. There is no interaction, people get bored and the party often flops. People like to be engaged and caught up in the fun and emotion that well timed music and activities that make up being entertained can create. Not to be too blunt about it but…..unless you are looking to get rid of your guests early and wrap up the reception, you will want a good musician, DJ or entertainer to make your party everything you hoped it would be. First, let’s chat about live musicians. Everyone knows what a live band is. From a three piece jazz trio to a full blown band, complete with brass sections, singers and all; the live musician can lend a unique ambiance to your reception event. Whether it is instrumental only or with a singer or singers; it is tough to beat the look, feel and sound of live music. The drums are real, the voices and other instruments are real and you are hearing it without all the digitization and homogenization of commercial music. It is real and it is now and will never be played quite the same way again. There are some incredibly good live musicians in Oklahoma and if you are

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By Roy Groat Jr.

looking to wow your guests, this is a great way to do it. So how does one go about choosing live musicians? Well resources such as bridal and wedding magazines as well as bridal ad magazines and online resources are some places to look. There are also talent agencies that many musicians book through. Live talent is often a bit more expensive than the DJ but, if you are looking for that live experience, this is the way to go. When choosing live entertainment, make sure they have performed at weddings. Check and see if they will announce you for your grand entrance and the other ceremonious things that will occur like your first dance or the cake cut. Some do this and some don’t. If the band/musicians do not do this, it is a good idea to have someone emcee or be the master of ceremonies, to announce the events and keep the party moving. Check to see how many breaks they are going to take and do they provide music played electronically (cd’s or mp3’s playing) during those breaks. If not, you will need to provide this if you want to have intermission music to keep the atmosphere alive. One last item is to see what their song lists are. Unlike a wedding DJ or entertainer, their repertoire will not typically be thousands of songs. So make sure the music they play and their style matches the feel you are going for. Now let’s have a look at the Wedding DJ. Why am I so specific in saying “Wedding DJ?” There are a number of things that are going to happen at a wedding reception that a club or radio DJ isn’t typically prepared to do with a great deal of finesse, if at all. The Wedding DJ knows (cont. page 62)

You being you...

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The Party Music/Entertainment

that they will need to make announcements, introductions and even get on the dance floor to show guests how to do the latest group dance. While the club or radio DJ may be able to ultimately turn the reception into a bar/club atmosphere, the wedding DJ is able to make the transition from the ceremonious wedding reception to the party celebration almost seamlessly. There are really two types of Wedding DJ’s: The Wedding DJ and the Wedding Entertainer. Currently in Oklahoma, the Wedding DJ is used most often, but the Wedding Entertainer is slowly gaining ground. The primary difference between the two is that a Wedding DJ typically is a more low key figure in the reception, where as the Wedding Entertainer is literally an entertainer who often scripts the reception and builds in specific games and/or dances and creates more of an over the top atmosphere. The Wedding DJ keeps the music going, does the ceremonious items like grand entrances and first dances and smoothly makes the transition into a party/dance atmosphere. The Wedding DJ will take music requests and will typically have a huge range of music from decades ago to today’s hottest hits. The Wedding DJ will often do either a special dance or series of dances designed to include the guests and make them feel welcome and relaxed. The Wedding Entertainer takes it to a different level. Many of the features of a Wedding DJ will be in the entertainer’s arsenal. But a good Wedding Entertainer can create quite a show. But that is almost literally what your reception becomes, a show. This can truly be a blast. Yes, they will announce you and your dances, cake cut, etc. But added in the mix are events and other things that may include slide shows, specially scripted moments and party games. All of this is designed to make your event more of a spectacle and as you might imagine, this tends to be more expensive. Think of your

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wedding reception as a cross between an awards show and a game show. It is truly over the top and can be super fun. So if this is what you are looking for, then run with a Wedding Entertainer. You will look in pretty much the same places as finding a live musician when choosing a wedding DJ or entertainer with one exception; they rarely go through a talent agency. Some venues even have in house DJ’s and often they can recommend a good DJ. Ok, your head may be swimming a bit trying to take all this in. But there are some areas that Live Musicians, Wedding DJ’s and Wedding Entertainers are identical. Primarily, these are all wedding merchants and, you have a decision to make. Chemistry is important! You need to meet with the musician, DJ or entertainer to make sure your personalities mesh. Hopefully you will get along famously. If not, this may not be the person or company you want to work with. Find out what is required of you. Often, at the very least, there will be some paperwork to fill out that talks about the types of music you want played or playlists, what types of events are going to happen at your reception, names of the bridal party, etc. Make sure you know what kinds of deposits/retainers are required. When is the balance due and is there a contract? Be sure to check to see if they have backup equipment. Speakers, amplifiers, computers, cd players, etc. all have the ability to break. If something does fail, can they get the music going again quickly? What happens if the DJ gets ill? Are there people in place that can be a backup if something goes wrong? Be sure to ask if the DJ you are talking to is the one that will be doing your wedding reception. Some companies are one DJ and some have multiple DJ’s. Make certain you are comfortable with a DJ different than the person you are meeting with. There is nothing wrong with asking to meet with the DJ who will be performing at your wedding.

The Party Music/Entertainment

Remember; don’t be afraid to ask questions. If they get bothered with you asking questions, then this isn’t the person or company you want to work with. Don’t be afraid to specify types of music or songs you want, or don’t want, played. With live bands or other live musicians, there should be demo cd’s available for you to hear and don’t be afraid to ask for references from previous clients or ask other merchants like your photographer or venue if they have seen them in action. A word of caution! I mentioned earlier that some venues have a DJ in house. Just because the DJ may be in house, this doesn’t automatically make them good. Getting a party going is not as easy as it sounds. I have had the experience of being both the photographer and DJ at a wedding. A bride that had some issues with a wedding planner ended up needing help. She no longer had the funds for her photographer, DJ or much else. My heart went out to her and I simply had to help her. So I cobbled enough gear together to DJ her gig. Having been in the wedding industry for many years, and having good friends who are DJ’s, working weddings with them many times, I felt, in this instance, I could do this. I am here to tell you, I will never do that again! Being a DJ at a reception is hard; at least it is if you are doing it right. The good DJ makes it look easy. So even though I had seen good DJ’s do their jobs, I discovered that this is not something you just wake up one day and do. It is so much more than just being a human play button. Overall it was decided that I did a fairly good job with only a few minor hiccups (and a case of nerves) and the bride, ultimately was happy. That was the most important thing. But you have to know what you are doing, the timing of when to start one type of song versus another and when to say what and make sure people understand you, is nowhere near as simple as it sounds.

So check with friends, family, co-workers and other merchants you have hired to see if they have seen them in action. It may be a little more work at first but you will forever be thankful that you did the legwork when your party goes off without a hitch, and you will have the satisfaction that you, your friends and your family, have had the time of their lives.

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“Being a DJ at a reception is hard, at least it is if you are doing it RIGHT” “The good DJ makes it look EASY.”

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The Party Catering

Food, Glorious Food!


  n e thing that virtually every wedding has in common is the reception…filled with lots of hungry guests. Whether your event is small and intimate or a huge soirée, the choices you make with food will reflect your personalities and theme (if any) of your event and contribute to the enjoyment of all. When planning your reception, we recommend using a good caterer who is experienced in events, especially weddings, where large numbers of people are being served. A good caterer will know how to keep food fresh and at its best so you and your guests get to enjoy the meal. In today’s economy, everything is being cut back and food at receptions is on that list. However, there are many ways to still use a professional caterer, with really good food and still bring it in on a budget. Don’t be afraid to tell your caterer what your budget is. This is very useful information and the quality caterer will be able to tell you if they can work within your budget. Often they can get creative and bring some extraordinary ideas to the table. “Well, my family is filled with good cooks and I don’t need a caterer. We can just do it ourselves.” Ok, we get it. Times are tough and we are all looking for the best value for our dollar. But when you do it yourself, is that dollar or two per meal you are saving really worth the price? Think about those who are doing this. They do it because they love you. But when we are at a wedding and the event is self catered, those family members often miss out on pictures or have to leave the ceremony early. They are working all through the reception and miss the highpoints of the event.

By Roy Groat Jr.

They don’t get to see you dance for the first time as a couple or hear the toasts or even see you cut the cake. To me, this is truly unfortunate because they love you so much to do this yet they miss being part of these lovely moments of your life. If budgets are super tight, consider reducing the size of the guest list. Just removing 20 people can bring quite a bit of money back into the budget. I get it, we are a generous people and we want to share our high moments in life with everyone we can. But if you really scrutinize your guest list, nine times out of ten, there will be those that can be shaved off the list. So you decide to go with a professional caterer. What happens now? Often times venues such as wedding chapels or event centers will have either caterers they use or recommend. Here is something to watch out for. Some venues either will not permit an outside caterer or if they do, will charge an up charge for using an outside caterer. What is an outside caterer? Some venues like hotels or wedding event centers & chapels have caterers that are either in house, have a contract with or relationship with. A caterer who does not fall into that category is on the “outside” of that venue. We recommend deciding on the kind of food you would like to serve. Choose 2-4 caterers that you feel will be a good fit. Not sure? Check with your friends, co-workers and family. Other places to check are wedding magazines and bridal ad magazines to help find the perfect caterer. (cont. next page)

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Some things to think about before you call or visit would be: Do you want a cocktail hour? Can the caterer handle that? Heavy hor devours, cheese bar, etc? How many guests? Is this a buffet or sit down dinner? Can the caterer handle the dinnerware or do you need to rent that separately? When you make your appointment with the caterer, discuss how they like to do tastings. Some caterers would like to meet with you and discuss the options before producing a sampling of a menu for you to taste. Others may have food prepared for you to taste based on your conversation when making the appointment. One word of caution here…actually it is a don’t! When doing a tasting, please don’t ask the caterer for samples of cheese and fruit. We all know what cheese and fruit tastes like and quite frankly, this is a waste of the caterers time. It is recommended that both you and your fiancé attend the tasting so you both can agree on the food being served. Don’t be afraid to enjoy the food. If you don’t care for something, please remember to be kind. This is usually personal for the caterer and, while they welcome constructive criticism, there is no need to get ugly or be rude. If you prefer stronger seasonings or lighter seasonings, be sure to let them know. The professional caterer is on your side and wants to do their level best to make your experience a great one.

“Don’t be afraid to tell your caterer what your Budget is.” 66 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

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Country Chic...

Design- Debra Sanders with D’Plazzo Couture Designs Photography - Sky Cheshure Photography Floral Design - Tony Foss Flowers | Location - Rosebrook Vineyards Lighting - Innovative Event Solutions | Rental - Soiree Party and Event Rental Wedding Dress - D’Plazzo Couture Designs | Tuxedo - Tuxedo Junction Makeup Artist - Jennifer Bentley for Tawfic Inc. Hair Stylist - Amanda Schroeder for The Makeup Room Agency


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Models: Groom - Nathaniel Goodwin Bride - Kelsey Surritte

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Choosing The Beauty Artists With Sharon Tabb of The Makeup Room Agency


h oosing who is going to do your hair and makeup may seem like a daunting task. After all, how you look on your wedding day is a big deal. So choosing the right hair and makeup artist(s) is every bit as important as the dress itself. After all, you are the center of attention and want to look your very best. We sat down with Sharon Tabb, owner and artist of The Makeup Room Agency, www. and asked her what a bride should look for in hair and makeup artists and what questions to ask. Q: So Sharon, probably one of the biggest questions is why a bride, or anyone for that matter, should use a professional hair and/or makeup artist? A: There are several reasons, but one of the biggest that comes to mind is the fact that a professional makeup artist not only knows how to make the makeup last, but knows how to make you look great in person as well as in photos. The professional makeup artist understands photography makeup without it looking heavy. The professional hair artist will not only know how to make your hair look fabulous, but knows how to anchor the hair properly so it lasts throughout the entire event. Q: So the professional basically knows how to make you look better, longer? A: Yes, but there is more to it than that. Having a pro do your hair and makeup is a huge stress reliever. The last thing the bride needs is another worry. If she is nervous or has a lot on her mind, it will be more difficult for her focus well. A bride on her wedding day tends to “over analyze” herself, making doing her makeup

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By Roy Groat Jr.

more difficult. Stress or a bad case of nerves can cause hands to shake, making it nearly impossible to properly apply eyeliner. Not to mention applying eyelashes. They are tough to do by yourself in the best of conditions. Q: I totally get it. But not everyone has the budget or doesn’t feel they have the budget to hire a pro for their makeup. When the bride says “I can’t afford a pro.” How do you handle that situation? A: If the budget is an issue, the first thing I suggest is to at least talk to a pro. At least give them the chance to see if they can work with your budget. That being said, you could have a makeup lesson by a professional. Another option is to go to a makeup counter, making sure to get someone who “does bridal makeup.” Just be prepared to spend a minimum of $50 in product and be sure to make an appointment. No matter if you are receiving a lesson or going to a makeup counter, be certain they KNOW your makeup is for a wedding. Otherwise, when you receive your photographs, you may not be so thrilled with your makeup. Q: What if the bride wants to do her own makeup? A: Well, to keep costs down, she could do her own makeup. Stay within your comfort zones and then go to a salon to have eyelashes professionally applied. This will make her feel better, look better and still keep the budget in check. But she should definitely check with a pro…there are no redo’s on the wedding day. (Cont. next page)

Beauty Q: So, what is one of the first things the new bride, or anyone looking for a makeup artist look for? A: A solid portfolio – professional artists will have a website or photo gallery for you to view so you can get a feel for their style(s) and level of their skills. Q: I am assuming that there should be a meeting with the hair and/or makeup artist right? A: Yes, absolutely! You should meet with the artist before booking to make sure you are both on the same page and that your personalities mesh well. A trial session can help determine this. If you don’t do a trial, set up a meeting prior to wedding day, but I definitely recommend a trial. Q: While we are on the subject of doing a trial, what is involved in one? A: A trial should be the same as wedding day makeup and hair. If you don’t like something you must say something. A professional will NOT be offended. Professionals want to make you happy and will gladly change or adjust what ever you need. Be sure to ask if the person who is doing your trial is the same person who will be doing your wedding. Q: So how do you hire a hair/makeup artist? A: As with any wedding merchant, you should have a contract. Make sure you do a contract so that your date is secure with that artist. Most artists will require some form of deposit or retainer to hold the date. My agency requires a minimum of $100 as a retainer, but I really prefer 25-50% since we are holding the date for that client. That amount is then applied to the wedding day balance. It really depends on the artist and their policies as to how much it takes to hold the day. Be sure to ask. Q: What is a quality that should be looked for in a hair and/or makeup artist, besides great work? A: I feel that this is all about you, the bride. Make sure that the artist you choose works with “you” on creating the look “you” want and not making you look like something your not.

Q: Any other words of wisdom for our readers? A: Yes! Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Questions like “How many years have you been working with brides.” “What about waterproofing?” “Will they provide you a lip color to take with you or do you need to purchase one to touch up?” These are important so that you know the artist(s) are used to working with brides; understand the timelines of the wedding day and that you know what you are getting. You really don’t want your hair and makeup to make you late. A big thank you to Sharon Tab with The Makeup Room Agency, for taking the time to visit with us and for sharing these important tips on choosing the right hair & makeup artist. If you would like to contact Sharon, you can connect with her at www.themakeuproomagency. com or email at

“If the budget is an issue... least talk to a Pro.”

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The Party Cake

Let Them Eat Cake


  h e wedding cake has a long history of tradition as a focal point and highlight of the wedding reception. With its origins dating back to Roman times when the cakes were made of wheat and barley; then broken over the bride’s head, the pieces falling around the bride would represent the hope of many children. The guests in turn would try to catch these crumbs as they fell in celebration of a future household full of children. While throughout history, the wedding cake has enjoyed a level of importance, today, the wedding cake is virtually as important to the wedding as the dress. These days the sky is the limit as to the type, size, flavor(s) and design of the wedding cake. Today’s wedding cake is not your mother’s cake. It has been said that the wedding cake is the crown jewel of the wedding reception. For this reason, the cake should receive a good bit of your attention in the planning process. After all, your wedding cake has a lot to live up to. First and foremost, it should reflect your personality, taste and vision. Beyond that, it should be complimentary to the décor or theme of your event. Typically, the general design of the wedding cake is ultimately the bride’s choice. This includes the flavor and decoration style. If the bride is particularly generous, perhaps she might let the groom in on the type of wedding cake you have (wink, wink). However, it is totally ok if you want this decision to be yours. After all, he is, in all likelihood going to get a groom’s cake…then he can have what he wants… right? We will talk more about the groom’s cake later. But choosing the cake(s) can be a fun part of the planning the two of you can enjoy together.

By Roy Groat Jr.

Some things to remember is that the more complicated and intricate the design of your cake, the more it will typically cost. So whether your cake is a simple, elegant design or a sugar artists dream, be sure to set your budget accordingly. If time permits, be sure to check out the Sugar Arts Festival at the Tulsa State Fair. There, you will have an exquisite opportunity of seeing amazing cakes from all over Oklahoma, and the country. There is a great deal of talented sugar artists and bakers right here in our State and this is a great way to get ideas for your own cake. I keep saying sugar artist, what is that exactly? A sugar artist is truly a master at creating intricate designs. They can create a flower out of sugar that is so real looking, it just might fool you. These talents come from years of experience honing their craft and the work in sugar can be truly mind blowing. Is there a difference between a bakery cake and a sugar artist cake? This is a complicated question as the answer is yes and no. The typical bakery cake is usually not that complex in design and priced accordingly. However, there are a few bakeries that have award winning sugar artists in them. But cake is just a few dollars of flour, sugar, eggs and water right? Why then do some cakes cost hundreds and in some cases, thousands of dollars? The answer is simple. There can be as many as 80 or more man hours wrapped up in your cake. Working with sugar is not as easy as it sounds and the more delicate and intricate the design, the more hours are going to be poured into it. It takes years of practice to create such incredible works of art. (cont. next page)

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The Party Cake The groom’s cake, typically a Southern tradition and one that is done quite often in Oklahoma, is a fun and tasty way for the groom to express himself. Often the gift of the bride, the groom’s cake, traditionally a dark cake or with a liqueur based filling predictably is more masculine in design. Whether the cake’s theme is an Oklahoma college team, personal sport or even looks like a slab of bacon (yes, we have seen this recently), the cake should reflect the groom’s tastes. The groom’s cake doesn’t even need to match the room décor. One really fun idea we saw recently was several groom’s cakes made up of various family recipes. This not only gave variety to the flavors and types of cakes but was a great way to include and honor the groom’s family. So in the end, find a bakery or sugar artist that is a good match for your tastes and budget. It is recommended that you visit with the

baker and/or artist and taste some samples of their cake, after all, the cake should taste as good as it looks. When meeting with them, you should be able to see physical samples and photographs of their work. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Taking the time to plan this all important detail will delight both you and your guests with a feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

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The Party Rental

I Need


- Choosing An Event Rental Company


 t’s a safe bet that your first thought when planning your wedding wasn’t “Where will I get my rentals?” Choosing your rental company just isn’t as exciting as booking your venue, finding THE dress or planning your honeymoon. However, ask any event planner and they’ll tell you that choosing the right event rental company can help you take your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary! Here are some tips for choosing the often overlooked but oh so important event rental company. Do Your Research You deserve nothing short of excellence on your wedding day so check out a company’s reputation. Talk to your friends and family about their event rental experiences and Google the company to see what comes up. If you get a feeling that the rental company’s service is less than excellent, consider your other options. On your wedding day, it doesn’t matter where the white garden chairs came from; it matters that they were delivered on time, set up correctly and ready to use upon your guest’s arrival. Remember Your Budget Once you’ve nailed down your budget, be sure to revisit it often to stay on track. A quality rental company will take the time to work with you and do their best to make your ideas come to life while staying within your budget. Know What You Need First, check with your venue to see what they provide, then figure out what additional items or

By Jessica Powers Bell

decor you need to complete your event. Event rental companies should offer a free consultation to answer all of your questions, help you prioritize and discuss your rental options. Ask, Ask, Ask Know more than just the price of the items you’re renting. Where and when will the items be delivered? How much is the deposit and when is the balance due? When must the items be returned? Are there late fees? What if something gets lost or damaged? Who is responsible for washing dishes and laundering linens after they are used? Read the Rental Contract…THOROUGHLY Make sure the rental company you choose has all the information above clearly spelled out in a written rental contract that is signed by both you and the rental company. A contract guarantees the absence of surprise fees and outlines the important details of your rental and make sure you get a copy. And Above All Else… Choose the company that goes above and beyond to give you the best possible service. If the rental company seems unorganized or indifferent about helping you bring your vision to life, find another rental company. Take your time and choose wisely; it is, after all, one of the most important days of your life! Find Them Now Innovative Event 4 Soiree Party and Event Rental...... Page 95 BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 77


Rustic Elegance...

Design- Foster’s Flowers and Interiors Photography - Matt Martin Photography Floral Design - Foster’s Flowers and Inetriors Cake - Gypsy Cakes Edible Art Boutique Location - Red Bud Event Center | Chargers - Soiree Party and Event Rental Lighting - Innovative Event Solutions | Linen - Red Bud Event Center Wedding Dress - Savvy Couture | Tuxedo - Tuxedo Junction Makeup Artist - Chelsi Romero with The Makeup Room Agency Hair Stylist - Jenny Hausam with The Makeup Room Agency


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Models: Bride: Alma Sandoval Groom: Michael McNeil with Flash Models International

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 79

80 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 81

82 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

Just For Him

I do……….What? A guy’s guide to navigating the wedding planning experience


k, got the right person. I’ve got the perfect ring. Let’s see, proposed in the perfect setting….. and yes was the answer……. YESSSSS!!! Ok, now I just show up at the wedding when I am told. Right? Um, not so fast there. There is more to your wedding than just finding that perfect person, getting a ring, proposing and then showing up to the wedding. While those are all very important things….there are a few details you might want to consider that lay in between. You will find that the more organized you are, the smoother the day will flow. One of the biggest stresses we hear from brides during the planning process regards the involvement of the most important person in their life….that’s you. A great deal of misunderstanding and unnecessary, unwanted stress can be avoided if you and your bride understand the roles you both are going to play in the planning process. The first important thing that should be discussed with your fiancé is just how involved they would like you to be in the planning process. Couples range from both being intimately involved in the planning experience (stop rolling your eyes) to a situation where one party makes most or all of the planning decisions (stop jumping for joy). As a couple, sit down and talk about it. Figure out where in the planning you fit and how much you need to do. Now remember, once you commit, you have to follow through even if that big game is on! At this point it is a good time to figure out who is going to do what and look at your

By Roy Groat Jr.

wedding budget. Are the two of you going to plan the wedding yourselves? Are you going to hire a professional wedding planner? Will they plan the whole event or just the day of? A wedding planner can take a lot of pressure off of the two of you. These are important questions to answer before moving forward, but you get the idea. Traditionally, the groom will be responsible for transportation on the wedding day and planning the honeymoon. The groom and/or groom’s family are traditionally responsible for the rehearsal dinner. It is a good idea to discuss the rehearsal dinner with your fiancé and your family to decide location, menus and how ceremonious you would like the event to be (i.e. toasts, speeches, groomsman & bridesmaid’s gifts, etc). But other areas of planning your day will be choosing a venue, photographer, DJ or band, videographer, cake artist and caterer. All of which should really, at least have the input of both of you. But wait, there is more! Other important aspects of the wedding are floral design, table settings, linens, chair covers, lighting, alcohol, etc. (Ok, stop rolling your eyes already.) A few other items to consider are where you and your groomsmen will get ready (at the venue, home or hotel). Are you going to have a groomsmen activity? One wedding the groom took all the guys to a go cart racing facility to blow off some steam the day of the wedding. Are you going to do a groomsman lunch? These can all be fun ways of showing the people who are in your wedding (cont. next page)

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Just For Him I Do......What?

that you are grateful to them for being part of your wedding day and your life. No matter what, the planning process can and should be fun and meaningful time spent together as a couple. But you needn’t be afraid to voice your feelings and opinions; but remember, ultimately this is about the two of you. So while passions can run high with differing opinions, don’t let them get the best of either of you. Remember, you are getting married. Two lives are being intimately intertwined together and this is where the two of you learn the biggest and most important words in marriage…….Compromise, Communication and I’m Sorry. :c)

“The first important thing that should be discussed with your fiancé is just how involved they would like you to be in the planning process.”

“...... ultimately this is about


the of you.”

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Photography: Colorband PhotoArtisans Fashion by: Bridal Showroom | D’Plazzo Couture Designs | Savvy Couture Hair: Amanda Schroeder with The Makeup Room Agency Makeup: Amber Fike and Sharon Tabb with The Makeup Room Agency Models: Alicia Hill, Samantha Lally, Rachel Odom, Paige Carr (Flash Models International) 86 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

Deisgned by D’Plazzo Couture Designs, this ball gown features beautiful delicately beaded and embroidered bodice with a sweetheart neckline. Complete with a volumnous romantic tulle skirt with a satin outer layer featuring beaded detail.

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 87

Fabulous fitted gown that ruches asymmetrically throughout. The scooped neckline is edged with embroidery and crystals. Available at Bridal Showroom.

88 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

Fantastic natural waist ball gown in re-embroidered Lace and Tulle. The strapless sweetheart bodice has been delicately beaded and accented at the waist with a grosgrain ribbon bow. The full A-line ball skirt has been asymmetrically caught up and accented with beaded feathers and organza flower petals. A chapel length train finishes the gown. Available at Savvy Couture.

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 89

A fitted, a line gown with tons of sparkle! The strapless bodice is embellished with delicate embroidery and accented with Swarovski crystals. Available at Bridal Showroom.

90 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

Soft and romantic! Beautifully laced sleeves and bodice leads into a dreamy tiered Chiffon ruffle skirt starting at the empire waist. Designed by D’Plazzo Couture Designs. BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 91

A ruched, fitted bodice with a sweetheart neckline. The ruching crisscrosses to create a flattering fit. Romantic ruffles of organza swirl throughout the skirt. Available at Bridal Showroom.

92 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

Stylish dropped waist strapless gown in Taffeta and Luxe Organza. The fully ruched sweetheart bodice leads into a dramatic taffeta skirt that has been completely covered with hand made rosettes and ruffles with frayed edges. The chapel train completes the look. Available at Savvy Couture.

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 93

Modern strapless gown in Luxe Chiffon and Soft Net featuring a dramatically hand-draped natural waist bodice with sweetheart neckline. The entire fit and flare gown has been hand-draped throughout with a soft net overlay, and leads into a soft A-line skirt of chiffon and soft net ruffles. A detachable belt and flower accent the natural waist. A small sweep train finishes the look. Available at Savvy Couture. 94 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 95


Romantic Glamour...

Design- Save the Date Special Events | Photography - Kristina Gaines Photography Floral Design - Save the Date Special Events | Cake - Gypsy Cakes Edible Art Boutique Location - Walnutcreek Wedding Chapel | Chandlier - Innovative Event Solutions Table top - Save the Date Special Events| Linen - Soiree Party and Event Rental Wedding Dress - Savvy Couture | Tuxedo - Tuxedo Junction Makeup Artist - Amber Fike with The Makeup Room Agency Hair Stylist - Melanie O-lan Newton


96 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

Models: Bride: KalliKeith Groom: Kyle Sailer with Flash Models International

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 97

98 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 99

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 100



Smarter Than the Average Bride

could see the guests start to arrive, my heart was pounding. Wanting a location that was sentimental to us, we were so close that I could almost see our new house in the distance. Lining the grass were two hundred folding white chairs. I spotted the black picture frames in each of the four, ribbons wrapped around the backs. A photograph of my great aunt that inspired me daily to live life with a smile even though her life was far from easy; his grandfather that was a spitting image of my groom with the same blue eyes you could see even in the black and white picture taken back in the war; my uncle, someone my daddy could only hope would be there to see him give away his little girl; and our first pet, Bailey, sitting like the good girl she was. Standing in the makeshift bride’s room I began to run through my checklist. Something old, my baby bonnet placed discreetly in the lace of my gown as a handkerchief. Something new, the beautiful white gown that brought tears to my mother’s eyes when I slipped it on. Something borrowed, my grandmother’s pearl necklace complete with the matching cameo necklace I had purchased for each of the four generations of women surrounding me on my big day. Something blue, the hand-written vows I carried tightly as I began to round the stairs. The image of my daddy walking towards me brought the sigh of relief I needed to calm my nerves. His superman arms wrapped around me as he hugged me and kissed my forehead. . He kneeled down and slipped the copper penny into my shoe he had been holdingforsafe keeping, a pennywith theyear Iwasborn

By Brittany Linn Bailey

carefully inscribed. As I sat on the stair steps I couldn’t help but think how he was my first prince charming. The bridal party decended down and I began to inch my way closer to the doorway. Our nieces walked side by side as they carried miniature bouquets and pulled each petal carefully off the stem. Music was my mental cue for when I could make that first step. Then, “January 24, 2009”. After two years of dating the same boy I had spent the last twenty-three years growing up with, I began to share the carefully selected journal entries of how our love came to life. My voice was sounding from the speakers as I kept hidden until finally, “May 21, 2011. Dear Lord.” My words continued as I thanked God for the heartaches along the way and the joy that came from waiting for my groom. “Thank you for creating Joshua to be my best friend and soul mate, the leader of our household, and now and forever my husband.” As I turned the corner I could see the soft blue eyes that sparkled with tears overflowing. Our officiate, my elementary school principal and family friend, led the ceremony. My father’s hand shook my groom’s as I was carefully placed in his care. In my hands I held a single peach rose, the very color my mother and father used in their wedding over thirty years prior. Surrounding us were the family and friends that played an individual role in making us the couple we were. After reading our vows to one another, each attendant placed their rose into a glass vase. Combining our roses, we gently tied them together as our parents stood from their seats and joined us as (cont. next page)

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 101

as we took communion. Walking to our just months old nephew, Joshua slipped the rings off of a new teddy bear from our ring “bearer” (only after a little resistance of letting it go). Before I knew it, the time had come. My hand reached up and touched his face and in that very moment, all I could think about was that this manthis is my husband. The day of my wedding created a whirlwind of emotions. It went as quickly as it came, and somehow I survived. Amidst all of the moments described, did I happen to mention that I woke up that morning sick as a dog? Oh, and our venue was double-booked by accident so we were unable to set up on time; and, I do mean we. As much as I had wanted my wedding to be uniquely us, I was still the traditional bride. My groom could not see me until I walked down that aisle, and that caused a few road blocks. Unfortunately, our wedding designer was unable to show up until a couple of hours prior to the ceremony and not a single table was in the pavilion. Without my knowledge, my amazing groom carried all twenty-plus 60” round tables down two staircases. Knowing that my dream wedding was falling apart, details getting overlooked, there was not a single thing I could do in order to stay hidden. As I arrived to the country club, I snuck upstairs to wait for the rest of the bridal party. With everyone rushing frantically, not a single flower delivered, we were forced to stay upstairs until the ceremony. My heart sunk at the thought of each of those beautiful pictures I had been envisioning, lost. No guestbook in sight, the wind too strong for my elegant white drapes, the centerpieces misplaced...everything seemed to fall apart. However, as I prayed all week for beautiful sunshiny weather in a seven-day forecast of storms, God pulled through. The sun beamed down as people flooded the parking lot. Chairs were filled with family and friends and the time moved quickly. In those final moments, it was

my photographer of all people that asked me one simple question, “If you could tell Joshua what you are feeling right now, what would it be?” Something so simple, yet it put everything about that day into perspective. Ultimately, all I could say was how much I loved him and how nothing else mattered except marrying my best friend. For every bad thing in life, there are a million to make up for it. Despite the mishaps throughout the day, I meant every word about how perfect those little moments were. The loyalty within those few, special vendors that wanted as much as I did for everything to be just the way I wanted. True, I didn’t get the wedding I had dreamt of; but, at the end of the day I was still Mrs. Brittany Linn Bailey. And, the tears streaming down a strong man’s face because of the love that was created for us, made all of those dreams turn into a new one, a better one. Because of this future, I was able to look past the problems and look at the real purpose of a wedding, my marriage. Everything about our day was “perfectly imperfect, but I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“Knowing my


102 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM


was falling apart......”

“.......there was not a single thing I could do.....”

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 103


Hol l y & J a k e September 10, 2011 Story by Brittany Linn Bailey

Photography by Art and Soul Photography

104 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 105



 olly Henry had searched for the person she would spend the rest of her life with for years, fourteen to be exact. Moving back and forth, Holly left Oklahoma after a brief year at Edmond Santa Fe high school, going her separate way from the friends she had made. It was at this point in her life that she handed the pen over and allowed God to write her love story, faith playing a crucial role. That was 1998. Losing touch with the people she had met along the way, it wasn’t until 2009 that Holly would eventually be reunited with the very person she had shared the same hallways with in Oklahoma, Jake Shockley. Over time, the two developed a relationship, “marked by love, grace and their commitment to follow Christ.” The pages began to fill with stories together. Time passed by, and on a romantic getaway after Jake relocated due to a job offer, the two ended a long hike up Enchanted Rock with a proposal to remember. After weeks of looking for the perfect place to live out her “shabby chic” vision, Holly found the Rosebrook Vineyards. Both being family oriented, the location allowed for both Jake’s 105 year old great grandmother and Holly’s 90 year old great grandparents to attend. From the personal touches found in the guestbook table, to the hand-painted pink antique doors, the wedding was even better than what she had expected. As she stepped off the cart that drove her to her future, she could see the beautiful sunset God had painted in the sky. “The most important detail is that I get to be married to be my best friend for the rest of my life!” Walking through the barn doors of the reception, the night flew by. Complete with an old fashioned candy buffet the guests were taken back in time with antique vases interlaced throughout the room. A day so perfect, she wouldn’t change a thing. “We ate amazing food and cake, danced to a rockin’ bank, and mingled with our friends and family. Before we knew it, the wedding coordinator, Deb Sanders, was lining up all of the guests outside of the barn and telling us it was time to go. When we got to the limo, we looked at each other and were so happy to be husband and wife.” The perfect story written long before the two had known, Mr. and Mrs. Shockley are just beginning their happily ever after. 106 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

Holly & Jake

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 107


108 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

Bridal Gown Designer: Mori Lee Bridesmaids Dresses Designer:Jim Hjelm Brides Shoe Designer: Steve Madden Men’s Tuxedos: Al’s Formal Wear Florist: Poppy Lane Wedding Cake: Tina Stepp Groom’s Cake: Tina Stepp DJ/Entertainment: Avenue (Box Talent) Ceremony Music: Kristy Starling and Matt Payne Stationery: Jana Jansson Photographer: Art and Soul Photography Videographer: Glorious Day Films Transportation: Paris Limo Beauty:

Makeup: Michelle Meyer / Tawfik Chic Hair: Mandy Washa (Duncan Brothers Salon) Caterer: Aunt Pittypat’s Catering Party and Linen rental: Aunt Pitty Pat’s Catering Ceremony Venue: Rosebrook Vineyards Reception Venue: Rosebrook Vineyards Jeweler: Mitchener and Ferrand Wine: Sandhill Vineyards

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 109

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B3e Inspired

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Tony Foss Flowers

June 7, 2012 Wedding Festival at Coles Garden September 9, 2012 at the Oklahoma History Center

110 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

Just For Him

Guy Time


Groomsman’s Gifts & Traditions

  ou have known them for years, perhaps your entire life. From those all important conversations around the campfire to double dates and toilet papering houses; your friends have been there for you. Now, on one of the greatest days of your life, the day you marry your bride and build a new life, they stand at your side wishing you the very best life has to offer. This is a great opportunity to not only thank them for being in your wedding; you get to thank them with a token of your esteem, for their friendship throughout the years and for just having your back when you needed it. Besides, it is good etiquette and just a cool thing to do. The tradition of groomsmen dates back to Roman times, when, by law, there were to be ten witnesses at a wedding ceremony. In those days, it was firmly believed that the witnesses would be able to fool the evil spirits, whose goal it was to bring harm to the event and disrupt the wedding ceremony. It was believed that the presence of these witnesses would stop these spirits from confusing and disorienting those participating in the wedding ceremony. Traditionally, gifts to the bridal party, are given at the rehearsal dinner, usually after you and your bride to be had given your speech and thanked everyone. So what in the world do you get your groomsmen? With a little thought into whom your groomsmen are, this task may not be as difficult as you may think. So having looked at a little tradition and knowing that your groomsmen are warding off evil spirits, here are a few ideas that make appropriate and appreciated gifts for your groomsmen.

By Roy Groat Jr.

Gadgets are almost synonymous with guys. We all love them. They can be as simple as a personalized cover for their iPhone to, funds permitting, an iPod, digital camera or similar type of electronic gadget. These are almost always welcome. If your groomsmen partake of a cigar or cigarette, a fine, silver lighter makes a fitting token. Often, gifts of alcohol are welcome. But this needs to be the good stuff. If you know what your friend(s) prefer, this can be a gift that is well received. A flask with their names or initials engraved on them makes a solid gift. If your friend is a wine aficionado, perhaps a fine bottle of wine may be appropriate. Other items that make good gifts in this category are beer mugs and bar sets. Hands down, this is probably one of the most popular categories of gifts for guys. The most popular gift for the guys would fall under the category of sports related items. Most guys appreciate sports related gifts. There are literally scores (no pun intended) of choices. If your buddy is a golfer, perhaps a round or two of golf at a local course or a fine putter would be appropriate. Jerseys or other memorabilia from their favorite college or national teams are always appreciated. Personalization of these gifts by tailoring them to their personal sport preference is always a nice touch. Gifts of food, while not as common as others, are almost always welcomed. Gourmet coffees (this doesn’t mean you should go the grocery store and pick up a box of K-cups) as well as related items make great gifts. Other appreciated items can be gift certificates to their favorite restaurant or sports bar, depending on their tastes and personalities of course. (cont. next page)

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 111

Just For Him Guy Time

Now don’t forget your best man. He may be a brother, other family member or your best friend. You have chosen him for a reason and don’t forget to put a little extra thought into his gift. It doesn’t have to be all mushy and gooey, just something that lets him know you value your friendship. This can range from a DVD or Bluray set of his favorite movies or tv shows to a fine, personalized, silver flask loaded with his favorite Jack, Morgan or other beverage. The bottom line is you know your friends better than anyone. Don’t fear putting a little thought into it. Your guys are there for you and they will truly appreciate knowing, that while you are no longer going to be part of the club of bachelors, you are still there for them and that you still have their back.

“Gadgets are almost synonymous with guys.”

112 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

“With a little thought into whom your groomsmen are, this task may not be as difficult as you may think.”

113 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM


Kasey & Erick

September 3, 2011

Story by Brittany Linn Bailey Photography by Visuality Photography

114 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM


 e w people in life get the opportunity to say they met the person they were going to marry before they could even drive.However, for Kasey Criner, that is exactly what happened. Kasey met Erick Gonzalez at the local First Baptist Church in their hometown. “I was sixteen and he was fifteen,” she states. That was almost six years ago. Years passed by and the two began to live out their fairytale. Losing her mother at the age of ten, Kasey was raised by her grandparents; and after years of their courtship, it was her grandfather’s blessing that Erick would ultimately seek. Although the two had been discussing marriage for a while, the engagement came as a complete surprise as Erick popped the question. Overwhelmed with emotions, Kasey turned to see the tears filling her grandfather’s eyes and instantly knewhe approved.

With the risk of Oklahoma weather standing in their way, the two decided to get married in the very place that brought them together, First Baptist. Watching her dreams come to life, whatever could be pink, was. The wedding was a day of elegance, exactly how she had envisioned her “princess wedding”. The flowers, the décor, they were just a small part of what made this big day special. As Kasey walked down the aisle, it was her grandfather that gave her away in a special moment that was just the way she had wanted it to be. Although she felt a part of the day was missing without the presence of her mom, at the same time the day felt perfect. “I was so happy to be marrying my husband and I felt like everything was how it should be.” All-in-all, the entire day was like watching her fairytale unravel. A day so perfect, that the only thing she could think to change was the beautiful high heels her bridesmaids wore.

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 115


Ceremony Venue: First Baptist lawton ok Reception Venue:: Patriot club on ft sill Bridal Salon: Bridal Boutique Briadsmaid Dresses: Amour Formals Shoes: Bride’s Gramdmother’s Gianni Bini heals Men’s Tuxedos: Amour Fromals Wedding planner: Lori Elkouri Florist: Flowers by Ramon Cake: Amy cakes Invatations: Groom’s Uncle, Randy Wilson. Photographer: Visuality photography Video: Jimmy Harris Transport: Bride’s Grandparents’ Mercedes Benz Caterer: Patriot club

116 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 117

The Decor

Setting the Table


o matter what you may think, planning a wedding can actually be an enjoyable occasion, especially when it comes to choosing all of the fun table accessories you need for the reception (go ahead, admit it, you know you like it). Once you’ve come up with a theme for your wedding, you can turn your focus to specifics like table linens, place settings and other items you’ll likely need. It is also a good idea to take your venue’s décor into consideration as well. Some venues have a specific style while others are blank canvases just waiting to be painted on. There is a plethora of style and color options out there and it’s easier than ever to turn your event into an elegant, stylish affair. Simply think of each table as individual, empty canvases and add your own personal touch. Be sure to include some variety as all tables shouldn’t be identically designed but should instead complement each other. There really is no limit to what you can do with your reception tables. Probably the most basic and overlooked detail are the table linen(s). Visually, table linens comprise a large percentage of your reception space so the color, fabric and pattern can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your event. Underlays, overlays and runners provide you with endless options for any style of reception you choose. What about napkins? An exact match to your table linens or not, napkins are no longer just napkins. They can add a pop of color, pull out a complimentary color or add texture to your reception table. Folding them formally can set the tone for a black tie dinner or casually for a backyard reception. Like napkins, your table’s place settings can help tie together your reception’s overall theme and design. A decorative charger plate adds a touch of elegance to each place setting while choosing specific

118 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

By Jessica Powers Bell

Colorband PhotoArtisans | Save The Date Special Events Coles Garden Event Center | Soiree Party & Event Rental

glassware, china and utensils for your guests, shows your personality and style. Don’t forget the chairs. Your wedding venue may offer seating options that may require a little embellishment. To enhance the look of your venue’s chairs, you can use chair covers for full coverage, or chair backs or caps for partial coverage with a little flair. All of these options have the potential to add that little extra something that puts your reception design over the top. In today’s world, there really is no right or wrong here. Whether you are a less is more, simple elegance, accessorized or an over the top personality, as long as you are expressing yourself, you really can’t go wrong when you are showing your true style. After all, it is your day. Find Them Now Innovative Event 4 Soiree Party and Event Rental...... Page 95

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 119

Life After “I DO” Finance

Five Financial Success Strategies for Today’s Busy Woman But it doesn’t have to be that way. The following five steps are designed to help you in your journey to greater financial security.


Step #1: Be honest with yourself. Take a good, hard look at where you and your family members spend money. Adjust your budget and your spending pattern to reflect a vested interest in your financial future – not just the extra stuff that might seem important now, but won’t matter much to you down the road. (Keep some fun money in your budget; however, so you and your family members don’t feel deprived.)

 e know that financial planning isn’t the most glamorous item on your to do list. However, in today’s turbulent economic world, planning your wedding can be overwhelming. Don’t let your finances become a casualty. With some easy, common sense planning, you can take and keep control of Step #2: Manage your money – and your debt your wedding and family budget….and maybe hang on to your sanity all at the same time. – wisely. If you are overspending on your credit cards Five Financial Success Strategies for Today’s Busy and finding yourself paying the minimum balance each month, you should consider getting your use of Woman Provided by Lynn Droescher, a financial representative with credit under control. It is critical that you have a good MassMutual Financial Group - Oklahoma Agency, a MassMutual handle on both your budget and your credit score. Agency; courtesy of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company Be sure to check out valuable consumer-oriented (MassMutual) websites, such as moneymatters/index.html from the Federal Trade What is the sign of a good decision?® Commission. It’s an excellent resource for those who It’s preparing for the unexpected to help protect are looking to manage money – and debt – for greater the lifestyle you have worked so hard to achieve. long-term financial security. Women play a pivotal role in the economic vitality of our society. You have worked hard for everything Step #3: Plan for the unexpected. you’ve achieved – as an employee, business owner or Recently, many Americans began to save even “mompreneur” – and throughout it all you’ve more when they realized that job security was not remained the backbone of your family unit. something they could rely on – others faced the harsh Unfortunately, all those demands on your time reality of trying to pay their bills with substantially can distract you from taking appropriate steps to get less income (or none at all), thanks to a layoff or your family – and yourself – on track financially. reduced work schedule. (cont. next page)

120 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM


Life After “I DO”

Do you have enough money stashed away for a rainy day? It is advised that you should have at least six months of expenses saved in case of an emergency. It won’t take long if you set your mind to it and start saving right away. Start small if you have to, but start now. Tip: Save a set amount from each paycheck, in an account separate from your checking, that is earmarked for emergencies only. Think of it as a regular bill you must pay. Step #4: Talk about the hard stuff. It is never easy to have difficult conversations. But the unexpected can – and unfortunately, does – happen sometimes. Whether you are married, single, divorced, have children, care for aging parents or a disabled loved one, bringing up the subject of death or disability – or even divorce – can be painful. However, it is important that you think about these life events and how they would affect you or someone you love if they were to occur. Preparing for the unexpected is a good decision; it can help you to protect the lifestyle you have worked so hard to achieve. Step #5: Start a family finances action plan. With a to-do list a mile long, most families are struggling to keep all together. But despite busy schedules, it’s important to talk to your family about your finances and concerns. Consider setting aside an hour once a week—or every other week at the very least—to talk through your current expense issues, financial goals and savings plan. A weekly or bi-weekly check point can be a good way to start a healthy dialogue about your family’s financial goals. Of course, choosing a knowledgeable, local financial professional can help you and your family get – and stay – on track financially. © 2010 Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, Springfield, MA N201205-133777

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 121

122 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

Etiquette Corner

Choosing the Bridal Party


h e wedding or bridal party is a tradition  that dates back centuries. The groomsmen were to shield the groom and bride from her family should they disapprove of the marriage. While the bridesmaids were there to assist the bride and to fool the evil spirits who would like to wreak havoc on the wedding party and the occasion. In Roman times, it was required to have ten attendants on each side to act as witnesses and ward off evil spirits. In today’s world, the bridal party is there to support and aid the couple on their journey into a new life together. While we don’t typically worry about evil spirits (aside from that one family member…you know who they are), there is a comfort and security that comes from being surrounded by friends and family. But how do you go about making the selection of whom? How do you even ask? How many should I have? These are all valid questions. So let’s look at choosing your bridal party. Typically, the bride will choose her bridesmaids and the groom will choose his groomsmen. But don’t be afraid to discuss this together and calmly express your opinions. This wedding belongs to both of you and if one of the choices may not be up to the task whether in yours or his eyes, this should be talked about. On average, there are 4-5 on each side. There is often a flower girl and ring bearer but if you don’t have family or friends with kids that fit this bill, or if you simply don’t want them, there is no law that says you have to have them. So think about who you would like with you at the altar and see what the number looks like. There is no right or wrong number. The people you choose to be in your wedding

By Roy Groat Jr.

are important. Before you ask, make sure you are both comfortable with the choices. After all, you don’t want members of your party being overly disruptive or difficult to deal with under pressure, etc. Generally, if you have a sibling, tradition dictates that, if they are of age, they would be the maid/ matron of honor and best man. It is not uncommon for the roles to be reversed where the MOH is the Man of Honor and the Best Man is the Best Person or groomswoman. If you have multiple siblings, typically either the eldest or the one you are closest to is the choice here. When asking a family member or friend to be part of the wedding party, there is no need to be afraid. Just let them know you would like them to be in your wedding. Now don’t be offended if they turn you down. There is a measure of expense and time involved with the responsibilities of being a groomsman or bridesmaid and, while they will gladly support you, may not have the schedule or be up to the duty. You may find yourself in a situation where certain friends or family may pressure you into choosing them. Perhaps you were in their wedding and they want you to reciprocate. Do not give in to the pressure. While there may be some hard or hurt feelings during this process, when all is said and done, you will be pleased you chose the right people for the right reasons. This is, after all, your wedding.

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 123

Etiquette Corner

Appropriate Bridal Party Gifts


 electing gifts for the bridal party is not as difficult of a task as you may think. For the groomsmen, this is covered on page ** and offers some tips and suggestions for the guys. Here, let’s focus on the bridesmaids. You will find that with a little bit of thought and a sprinkling of etiquette thrown in for good measure, the perfect token of your gratitude and love will be easily at hand. When beginning to look for your bridesmaid’s gifts, remember, that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. If you take the time to really think about who each girl is and choose something that is uniquely them, the token you give will be even more appreciated. However, this means not waiting to the last minute to choose these gifts. While there is not a particularly specific time in the planning process to do this, sooner is better. One thing is for sure however; if you see something that is the perfect item, go ahead and get it as the item may be out of stock or worse, no longer available. The amount you spend on the bridesmaid’s gifts isn’t as important as the thought behind the gift. However, from an etiquette point of view, if your wedding party has spent a good deal of money on dresses, shoes, travel, etc., then a cheap gift may look just like that…cheap. I am not saying you need to spend hundreds of dollars or cover what they have spent to be in the wedding; just keep in mind the effort your girls are making for you and choose appropriate gifts that say “I care about you and appreciate your sharing this day with me.” In general, gifts in the $50 to $175 range work for most budgets.

By Roy Groat Jr.

As with the groom’s best man, the maid or matron of honor traditionally receives a nicer gift than the other bridesmaids. After all, traditionally she has a lot to do. She will be keeping up with you on your wedding day, making sure the bridal shower gets coordinated and planning your bachelorette party, etc. So think about spending just a bit more on her to show your appreciation for the extra effort she is showing you. But gifts aren’t just for bride’s maids. Don’t forget about the younger members of your party such as the flower girl(s) and junior bridesmaids. These need not be as lavish as the bridesmaid’s gifts here. These gifts as with the groomsmen gifts are typically given at the rehearsal dinner. When choosing a gift, think about it for a moment. “Would I want that?” Take a moment and decide if it is something you would like to receive. Chances are, if your answer is “no,” theirs will be too. Multifunctional and classic, timeless gifts are best bets. You want to give something they can use outside of the wedding. While it is fine to choose a gift that is specific to weddings, it is a good idea to choose something that is wearable like their jewelry or pair it with something that can continually be used like a silver jewelry box. Little details like this often get put off to the last minute and then you are in a whirlwind to get them done. Taking the time now to choose these gifts will save a great deal of stress as you approach your wedding day. So once you have chosen your bridal party, it’s time to go shopping!

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Something Old, Something New... Wedding Traditions and Their Meaning


edding traditions have been around almost since the first wedding itself. Some traditions are born out of superstition, some out of necessity and some traditions actually morphed out of previous traditions and practices. It seems only fitting, given the title of this feature, that we start out with Something Old, something new… I think virtually every person on the planet has heard the phrase “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Originating in Victorian times, the entire rhyme reads: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a sixpence (or lucky sixpence) in her shoe.” But where did this tradition come from? What does it really mean and why do we follow this tradition? Something Old Having something old, like a handkerchief, a piece of jewelry that was handed down to you or perhaps, even the very wedding gown itself are items that are typically used here. But these are by no means the only items you must use. This part of the tradition is an acknowledgement to your family that, while you are getting married and starting your own family, you will always be a part of the family; never forgetting who you are, where you have come from and how much you love them.

By Roy Groat Jr.

Something New As part of starting your new life (no, you cannot wear your new life in this tradition), something new is a symbol of the promising future you will have. Often times the “something new” is the wedding dress itself. But it needn’t be the dress. A tiara, earrings, bracelet or purse are all fine examples of your something new. A particularly sweet add on to this part of the tradition is when your “something new” comes from your groom in the form of his gift to you. Something Borrowed The legend behind this is the gift of family love. A family member, often a grandmother would lend the bride a necklace, ring or broach to symbolize the love of family. The borrowed item must be returned in order to show that love in full circle and thereby bring good luck to the bride. You may also combine items to represent other parts of this tradition. For example, your something old and something borrowed might be the same item. Something Blue Something blue has biblical roots. Purported to have begun in Israel, the bride would wear a blue ribbon as a sign of her faithfulness and fidelity. In the bible, blue is a symbol for purity and loyalty. While your something blue may be a ribbon, this isn’t your only option. This could be a ring with a blue sapphire or a garter with a blue bow or ribbon. (Cont. next page)

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Tradition One more contemporary take on this is to have your initials embroidered inside your wedding dress….of course the embroidery must be blue. Like other parts of the tradition, this may be combined with other items. Another fine way to have your something blue is a blue flower in your bouquet.

Sixpence/Penny In The Shoe You have probably heard of placing a penny in the bride’s shoe for good luck. Typically a parent, usually the father of the bride, would do this. The symbolism here is a token of love and good wishes for your financial success and security. While most often a penny is placed in the shoe, many stores and online shops that sell wedding related items carry and actual sixpence for you to place in your shoe. This can be made even more special and personal if the mint date of the coin is the bride’s birth year, creating a very unique and cherished momento. This sweet, enduring and probably the most classic of wedding traditions is alive and well today. While dozens of wedding traditions exist, this is, in all likelihood the most endearing of them all. The symbols of love, family, faith and fidelity are incredibly strong reminders of just how powerful and important the bonds of family are; how, even though you are starting a new life, making your own family, you will always carry the love of family through your life as a married woman, with these bonds remaining true.

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Standing Tall... Rising High... Photography: William Praese Photography Wardrope by: Tuxedo Junction Venue: Sam Noble Museum Hair & Makeup: Normanda Kay with The Makeup Room Agency Models: James Shakelford, Aaron Edwards (Flash Models International), Daniel Grix, Michael McNeil ( Flash Models International), Kris Murray 128 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

Black pinstripe tuxedo with notch lapel. Perfect with the red tie and vest.

BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 129

Sophisticated black tuxedo with notch satin lapel. Added fun elements of hot pink tie and vest.

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Modern grey tuxedo with notched lapel. Add navy blue tie and vest for a stylish finish. BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 131

Simple elegant two button tuxedo with notch lapel and plum bow tie and vest to finish the look. 132 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

Classic two button jacket with satin peak lapel. Timeless with black bow tie and vest. BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 133

Stylish tuxedo with satin-framed notch lapel. Especially dashing with this charcoal bowtie and vest. 134 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine SP/SU 2012 | BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM

This one-button pinstriped tan wedding suit offers a fashion fit, with side vents, notch lapel, and self-faced trim and welt pockets.

Hansome and classic black two button tuxedo with peak lapel. Complete with red tie and vest.

Pintripe tuxedo with wide notch satin lapel. The two button jacket complete with champagne vest and tie.

Modern and sophisticated grey tuxedo with notched lapel. Teamed with silver tie and vest. BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 135

Peacock colors

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Etiquette Corner

The Bridal Party, Roles & Responsibilities


   ou have chosen your bridal party! Congratulations! This is a big step forward in the planning of your wedding. But being asked to be in the bridal party isn’t a free pass to the reception. There are duties and responsibilities that accompany this honor. The Maid/Matron of honor plays an important role in helping the bride make her day come true. The good MOH will help the bride choose the bridal dress, attendant’s dresses and the jewelry. She plans and hosts the bachelorette party as well as the bridal shower and keeps a record of the gifts received. She will attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and is often expected to make a toast at the reception. The MOH traditionally signs the wedding certificate as a witness. She also is responsible for keeping the bride’s veil and dress properly arranged throughout the ceremony and holds the groom’s ring if it is not being carried by the ring bearer. The Best Man is also an official witness and will sign the wedding certificate. He plans and hosts the bachelor party and is traditionally responsible for renting or purchasing his wedding attire (usually the same as the grooms). He will arrange transportation to the ceremony for himself and the groom. If the groom has arranged the transportation, then the best man is responsible for contacting them if they are late and handling tipping and payment of the wedding merchants such as the officiate and musicians. An often forgotten but important duty is to keep the groom calm. The best man holds the bride’s ring when it is not being carried by the ring bearer. Part of his responsibility is

By Roy Groat Jr.

to supervise the groomsmen and ushers (they can be so unruly sometimes). Additionally, he is responsible for the return of rented wedding attire for all of the men in the wedding. He also is the first person to give a toast at the reception and/or rehearsal dinner. Bridesmaids assist the Maid/Matron of Honor (MOH) as needed in planning and hosting the bridal shower. Often they will be recruited for help with the wedding favors and run errands for the bride. They will attend the wedding rehearsal and dinner and should arrive early at the location where the bride and MOH will be dressing. Groomsmen are responsible for purchasing or renting their wedding attire. They too will be attending the rehearsal and dinner and may be recruited for duty folding and distributing the wedding programs. The groomsmen may also expect to assist with planning and to pony up funds for the bachelor party. Groomsmen are also expected to escort the bridesmaids during the recessional and, this is a big one guys, decorate the new couple’s getaway vehicle. So when choosing your bridal party, it is a good idea to take into account the personalities involved to ensure that they are comfortable and willing to take on the duties of being a part of the bridal party.

“being asked to be in the bridal party isn’t a free pass to the reception.”

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Vintage Enchantment... Photography - Artworks Tulsa Photography Floral Design - Mom and Me Events | Cake - Ann’s Bakery | Location - Skelly Lodge Rental - Party Pro Rents and Events | Stationery - Paper8 Custom Stationery Makeup Artist - Ashlee Bivins Makeup | Hair Stylist - Heather Valentine Candy - Candy Forever | Bride and Groom - Jill and Jaffe Newlin


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Life After “I DO” Finance

Cooking For Two... Flavors of Life

By Brittany Linn Bailey & Roy Groat Jr.


o w that your newly minted life together is official, you will find that there are many adjustments to make. Two people, very much in love, but with different personalities and tastes may discover finding balance and learning each other’s habits in greater depth than you knew before, a more challenging task than once thought. But don’t worry. This is a normal part of beginning to inseparably intertwine your lives and the beginnings to a wonderful life together. Home is where the heart is and it is often said, the kitchen is the heart of the home. The kitchen is a place where food, prepared with love is made. Preparing and enjoying a meal together and catching up on each other’s day is time well spent. But there is more to cooking for two than just popping a frozen burrito in the microwave. Even with hectic schedules, with a little planning you can both enjoy good, quality meals together. We have put our heads together and come up with a few helpful tips on ways to make your weekly meal prep a little easier and still enjoy a good, healthy meal…together. Keep it simple. A good, healthy meal doesn’t have to be elaborate. Keeping items like boneless, skinless chicken breasts make for easy meal prep. Steaming a pot of rice can keep a tasty side dish handy for 2-4 nights depending on the amount cooked. Fresh veggies like baby carrots are easy to keep on hand and last in the fridge for several days. The freezer, it’s not just for ice. When hectic times come in my household, which is often, one thing I like to do is prepare a large lasagna.

While keeping out enough portions for a couple of nights, the rest gets wrapped into single portions and put in the freezer. A large lasagna usually yields between 6 and 10 portions depending on the pan size and portion size. Most pasta dishes work well with this and are easily reheated in the microwave. One note though, be sure to place a wet paper towel over the pasta being heated to prevent it from drying out and it also helps keep the oven clean. Prepackaged, frozen dinners, while convenient, are the worst nutritionally, loaded with sodium and sugar. These can actually hurt your diet. It is far better to prepare food and freeze it as you control the ingredients as well as salt & sugar content. Spice it up! Keeping an array of spices on hand can let you experiment with flavors and help give ordinary meats like chicken, beef and pork a new dimension. Great spices to keep on hand are rosemary, thyme, oregano, parsley, sage, onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper and basil. These will produce a wonderful array of aromatic flavors, help keep sodium content down and make even three nights in a row of chicken interesting and fresh. Only buy what you need. It can be so easy to reach for the bulk buy when you know it could potentially save you money. However, when there are only two mouths to feed, you may only need the smaller portion size. This is especially true with items that cannot be easily preserved or may have a short shelf life. After all, buying in bulk saves nothing if you end up throwing the extra away. (cont. next page)

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Use conversion charts. Just because your GreatGreat-Grandmother’s recipe makes enough servings to feed an army, doesn’t mean you cannot reduce the amount of servings by using conversion charts in recipes. Just do your research. Desserts, such as cake recipes, may not be safe to change. Some recipes call for specific oven temperatures according to the amount of food in the pan. It’s okay to have more than enough as many of the old school recipes freeze well.

The point here is there are many options. Don’t be afraid to experiment with seasonings and different dishes. There are many ways to jazz food up and keep it interesting. These are hectic times and there is a lot of life to live after the wedding. When things get crazy, a little planning beforehand can reduce stress and at the end of the day, it is nice to know dinner is waiting for you just to heat up and enjoy.

“Don’t be afraid to Experiment with seasonings.”

“Keep it SIMPLE”

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Michelle & Tuan

October 22, 2011

Story by Roy Groat Jr. Photography by Colorband PhotoArtisans

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REAL WEDDINGS Michelle & Tuan


n like many girls growing up, Michelle didn’t really dream of what her wedding was going to be. While knowing that finding the right guy and marrying him was important to her, it wasn’t until she actually became engaged just how much this day, this event, was going to mean to her. Being of Vietnamese heritage, both Michelle and Tuan wanted to make certain, respect and homage was paid to that history, while at the same time, having a more “westernized” event; wanting to integrate things differently from the traditional Vietnamese wedding. Michelle and Tuan met through mutual friends way back in 2004. Soon a friendship began and before you know it, “something special” had happened. Over time, during a trip to Las Vegas, Tuan was planning. Reserving a table at their favorite restaurant, Yellowtail which was inside the Bellagio, the plan began to take shape. A bouquet of flowers, Orchids, Michelle’s favorite, awaited her on the table. Tuan, even thinking of her favorite cake, red velvet, for dessert. Once dinner was done, a casual walk out onto the balcony brought into view the fountains, dancing to music like a ballet for the world to see. After taking a few pictures, Tuan handed Michelle a little, wrapped gift. Once opened, it revealed a picture frame with a question on the bottom; a question in Vietnamese. In the moments that she was reading the question, Tuan was down on one knee, a little black box in his hand. Turning to him, THE question, he asked her to marry him and “of course, I said YES!” So now it was time to plan a wedding and now that Michelle was engaged, the dream of what this wedding would be, was now a reality. She recalls the moment of realization when she “became very nervous realizing that what I envisioned in my mind for my wedding, I would have to interpret it to my vendors and trust them to see what I saw.” (cont. next page)

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The reception at the main ballroom of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum was spectacular. With simple, yet elegant floral and lighting, the room welcomed nearly 700 friends and family, the room was filled with local flair. From the moment Michelle and Tuan entered the room, the feeling was electric. Walking right into their first dance, they began this beautiful tradition to Michael Buble’s “you and I,” one of Michelle’s favorite parts of the wedding. “… we wanted to mix it up a bit so we had our wedding party join in on a choreographed dance.” Much to the amazement and enjoyment of everyone in the room, the whole wedding party broke out to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Followed by Yung Joc’s “It’s Going Down,”

LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” and it was finished off with Buble’s “Save the Last Dance.” “It was so fun to see how surprised the guests were and it was a lot of fun performing it.” It was a night not to be forgotten and more than she could ever ask for. Worrying that she would be so stressed on wedding day, family and bridesmaids made it “The best day of my life!” She would even recall of her wedding merchants, “they were THE BEST so the result was perfect!” With all this on her side, “they were all there to do what was needed and it made me feel at ease. I got to enjoy every minute of my dream wedding. …it was more than I could ever ask for and I would definitely go through it all again, because it was well worth it!” BRIDALIFESTYLE.COM | SP/SU 2012 Bridalifestyle Wedding Magazine 149

REAL WEDDINGS Michelle & Tuan

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REAL WEDDINGS Michelle & Tuan Ceremony Venue: St. Andrew Dung Lac Catholic

Church Reception Venue: National Cowboy & Western

Heritage Museum Bridal Gown Designer: Galina Signature/David’s Bridal Photographer: Colorband PhotoArtisans Accessories: Crislu Bridesmaids Dresses Salon: David’s Bridal Brides Shoe Designer: Badgley Mischka Men’s Suits: Alfani Red from Macy’s Florist: Tony Foss Flowers Wedding Cake: Ingrid’s Kitchen Groom’s Cake: Ingrid’s Kitchen DJ/Entertainment: Nexus Productions Inc. Stationery: Grady Epperly Videographer: Von Wedding Videographer Makeup: Thy Tran Nguyen Hair: Jimmy Nguyen from Accentual Salon and Spa Caterer: Asian Restaurant Party and Linen Rental: Asian Restaurant Lighting Rental: Nexus Productions Inc. Photo Booth: Nexus Productions Inc. Jeweler: Designs by Ariel Nails: John Le from Regal Nails Cake Pops: Cristine Burgos Lace Table Runner: Joann Fabric’s Store

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Life After “I DO” Finance

Gaining Control Over Family Finances


o ur wedding day is coming. Just what does that really mean? Sure it means a big celebration, saying your vows and you even get a beautiful ring. But one thing it means for certain is that a new family is born. Suddenly life is different from what it was when you had your rehearsal. Now you are thinking for two and in all likelihood, 3 or more when the little ones start to show up. After all, there IS life after the wedding. Having a solid financial plan for your growing family will help ease the burden of any couple but especially for a new couple. Here are some guidelines for protecting your family finances. Gaining Coltrol Over Family Finances

Provided by Lynn Droescher, a financial representative with MassMutual Financial Group - Oklahoma Agency, a MassMutual Agency; courtesy of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual)

What is the sign of a good decision?® It’s gaining control over family finances. A recent study commissioned by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) and conducted by Forbes Consulting Group in 2009 titled, State of the American Family: Families, Financial Attitudes & Planning, explored how parents feel about finances, their families, and ways that they are adapting to meet new challenges.

Wishing for control, but running off course Most American families want to control their finances. They want to know as much as possible about financial products and services before committing to them, and want to have control over all aspects of their finances. They often think about looking into various financial products and services that could help them achieve such major life goals as buying a house, saving for college, and preparing for retirement. However, many family decision makers feel they fall short – they wish they were more in control of their finances. Despite their intentions, many Americans often feel uncomfortable with how they are doing. Some feel as if they are living month to month as they try to pay off old students loans and save money to buy their own home and, while they acknowledge the need to save towards their retirement, their immediate needs take priority. Others worry about meeting their long-term financial goals, citing a lack of planning. Most feel overwhelmed and concerned about whether they can manage growing expenses, especially while incomes are stagnant. Finally, there are those who face the uncertainties of how they’ll help care for aging parents or recoup the value of retirement savings diminished by the recession. No matter the stage of life or economic situation, American families struggle with similar concerns in this slow economic growth period: how to prepare and save to maximize financial resources, for now and into the future. (cont. next page)

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Setting a course Although the economic downturn since 2008 has taken its toll in a variety of ways – in income, investment value, and home prices – a commitment to sound financial preparation can help minimize and offset exposure to such losses. Whether caught between providing financial support for children and saving funds for retirement or frustrated by declining availability and access to pension plans or 401(k) employer matches, families at all stages face the challenge of balancing the immediate needs of their complex lives and financial demands with their long-range plans for the future. Combine these demands with the vast amount of financial data available at the touch of a button, and the result can overwhelm.

Americans who strive to feel confident that their financial decisions are the best ones for their families. Guidance from qualified financial professionals can help overcome hesitancy and bring balance to the most challenging of financial circumstances. Working with a financial professional who understands your unique, specific financial needs, can help you to establish key financial goals, make financial decisions a priority, and manage debt. Gaining control It’s never too late to gain control and begin preparing for the future. To learn more or access helpful materials, speak with a local financial professional and visit www.

© 2011 Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, Springfield, MA 01111-0001 CRN201301-143558

Coutuu Caas Sinn 2002 Cakes & Cupcakes For Any Occasion

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Merchant Corner Wedding Resource FLORAL



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Gypsy Cakes 121 E. Waterloo Rd, STE 7 Edmond, OK 73034 405.509.6333 pg. 50 Madison’s On Main 116A E. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 405.872.6717 pg. 155

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Tulsa Wedding Society pg. 66

ACCESSORIES Bridal Showroom 10803 N. May Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73120 405.775.9020 pg. 17 Savvy Couture 122 E. Oklahoma Ave. Guthrie, OK 73044 405.426.5484 pg. 25

BRIDAL SALON Bridal Showroom 10803 N. May Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73120 405.775.9020 pg. 17 Savvy Couture 122 E. Oklahoma Ave. Guthrie, OK 73044 405-426-5484 pg. 25


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FORMALWEAR Tuxedo Junction 2518 N. Meridian Oklahoma City, OK 73107 405.946.7853 2501 W. Memorial Oklahoma City, OK 73134 405.751.1745 S. 19th at I-35 Moore, OK 73160 405.793.0330 pg. 127

The Makeup Room Agency 405.595.6680 pg. 59

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Tony Foss Flowers 7610 North May Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73116 405.843.4119 pg. 85

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Innovative Event Solutions 217 W. Britton Rd. Oklahoma City, OK 73114 405.286.1254 pg. 04 Soiree Party and Event Rental 405.613.8542 pg. 95

BRIDAL SHOW Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show Febuary 26, 2012 405.206.2931 pg. 110

Barrel Room Event Center 202 W. Harrison Ave. Guthrie, OK 73044 405.282.7070 pg. 126 Coles Garden Wedding and Event Center 1415 Northeast 63rd Street Oklahoma City, OK 73111 405.478.1529 pg. 08

Walnut Creek Chapel 7840 NW 122nd Street Oklahoma City, OK 73162 405.728.9400 pg. 29


Paul Houston Photography and Cinema 405.802.9107 pg. 51

Findley’s Lakeside Resort 5916 E. 109th Street North Wagoner, OK 74467 918.520.5253 pg. 24 Red Bud Event Center 202 W. Harrison Ave. Guthrie, OK 73044 405.282.7070 pg. 112 Rosebrook Vineyard 2845 SW125th Place Oklahoma City, OK 73170 405.361.9821 pg. 103 Sam Noble Museum 2401 S. Chautauqua Avenue Norman, OK 73072 405.325.7975 pg. 67 Sand Plum Event Center 202 W. Harrison Ave. Guthrie, OK 73044 405.282.7070 pg. 145, 158, 159

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