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Eat Right

Be wise when shaping up and ensure you focus on improving your diet, not just exercising. Replace a chocolate bar by indulging in a One Bite chocolate raspberry chew designed to satisfy your cravings, control your appetite and sustain your energy. Body Wise has a variety of other products like breakfast shakes that will put you well on your way to weight loss success. For a healthy guide that will help you shape up before the big day visit

Tips to Minimize Stress on the Wedding Day




• Hire a catering company to bring a ready made breakfast for the family and bridal party • Prepare a few lunch snacks the day before • Put together a box of toys and a few movies to entertain the flower girl and ring bearer

Bridal Fantasy Magazine 2007- Part 1  

Now Western Canada’s largest one-day bridal show has an amazing bridal magazine to go with it! Bridal Fantasy Magazine is a leading Alberta-...