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Look Your Best on That Special Day Today’s bride is busy juggling work, home, often kids while planning a wedding and all the details surrounding it. She wants to look her best and is interested in having something done but does not have the long recovery time that was associated with cosmetic procedures in the past. “Safe, minimally invasive with little or no down time procedures is what is in demand today,” says Dr. Louis Grondin, medical director of the Cosmetic Laser & Vein Centre. “Unfortunately, there is no one solution that magically reverses the signs of aging. It requires combining technology, product and experience in evaluating the individual’s needs to be able to offer options that will address their concerns, meet their time and budget constraints and deliver the best possible result.” The face is the area most of us are concerned with, he adds. “Fortunately, this area has the most treatment options available. Obtaining the best result is often dependent upon a ‘layering’ of procedures,” Dr. Grondin says. What distinguishes a youthful complexion from an aging one? A youthful complexion is clear, fresh and rested in appearance. A face showing the signs of aging has wrinkles, fine lines, dropping eyelids, hollows under the eye, broken capillaries, sun damage and continually looks tired. Combining Botox with Restylane gives the biggest ‘wow’ result. Botox is used to relax facial muscles to release dynamic wrinkles – frown lines, smile lines (crow’s feet) and now effectively help in the rejuvenation of the lower face. Frown lines often make the individual appear angry. By relaxing these lines the individual appears happy and more approachable. “We have had great results in rejuvenating the lower face. When the marionette lines (from the mouth to jaw) are softened, you lose that sad look. By relaxing the bands in the neck, the jowls often disappear and the neck becomes rejuvenated,” explains Dr. Grondin. Restylane, a crystal-clear gel, is very effective in creating and restoring volume. It is best known for creating luscious ‘kissable’ lips. It is used to add fullness to lips or to improve lip border volume for better definition or to create symmetry. In the eye area it can give an eyebrow lift and by filling the hollows under the eye, eliminates those dark shadows. Restylane can be used to minimize nasolabial folds, level out the bump on the nose, enhance the chin area, and soften the appearance of the jowl line. “It is great to use fillers and Botox but you also need to look after your skin. Calgary is very dry and most complexions are dehydrated. A therapeutic facial combined with microdermabrasion offers a great start to rejuvenating the complexion,” says Dr. Grondin. “Using skin care products that specifically address your skin’s individual needs will maximize your treatment results and keep your skin looking it best.”

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Procedures such as Micro Laser Peels, for deep exfoliation; Accent to tighten skin; lasers to remove broken capillaries, moles, skin tags; Photo Rejuvenation (IPL) and Levulan for sun damage, offer excellent results and help achieve younger looking skin. “For acne sufferers there are numerous solutions from laser, IPL, Levulan, custom skin care program, and keep in mind that prescription medication still may be an important option,” says he. “You need to be seen by a physician who after examining your skin, will put together a plan, often multi-step, that will give you the best results.” A bride wants to look her very best in that special wedding dress. So the body can benefit from rejuvenating procedures as well. Accent, through radio frequency, is an excellent treatment for reducing unwanted ‘pockets of fat’. “To obtain a more proportionate figure and an attractive shape, tumescent Liposculpture with local anesthetic is still your best option,” Dr. Grondin explains. “For legs, there are procedures that will improve their health and rejuvenate their appearance. With over 20 years of experience in the treatment of spider and varicose veins, our team can put together a treatment plan that will eliminate those unsightly veins and give you confidence to show off your legs again,” says Dr. Grondin. For shaping legs (slimming those saddle bags or inside thighs) Liposculpture is still the first choice. For cellulite, Accent is excellent. For unwanted hair, laser hair removal gives long-term freedom. “We favor the least invasive procedures, and the most effective,” Dr. Grondin says. “By addressing the problem early, allows for creating a treatment plan that will give the best possible results so that your special day will be as problem free as possible and leave you with happy memories.” The Cosmetic Laser & Vein Centre offer numerous options, talk with us to see which one is best suited for you.




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