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Fresh & Direct Try to get your flowers boxed with cellophane and misted when delivered. That way they will look fresh throughout the ceremony and reception. Make sure to check each bouquet and remove and damaged blossoms. Don’t leave them in direct sunlight as this will speed up the wilting process. If you’re keeping the flowers in water to help maintain their freshness, don’t forget to dry the stems thoroughly before handing them out. The last thing anyone wants is big water stains on dresses and tuxes moments before they walk down the aisle.

Tossing Tradition You don’t have to toss your actual bridal bouquet! Many brides have their florists create a small tossing bouquet for this traditional ritual. It is an extra fee, so pick a low maintenance arrangement. There’s no need to break you budget for this arrangement.

Streamline your Vendors These days, a lot of florists are more like event designers. You may be able to get a lot of different decorations from them, like balloons, streamers and lanterns. Dealing with one vendor instead of four or five can alleviate a lot of stress! Flowers by Marlow & Richards

Flowers by La Piazza Daisee




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