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Color Cues

Look around you and think about the size of the shop and the number of people on staff. Who will work on your wedding? Make sure the floral designer you’re interviewing will actually create the arrangements. What kind of vibe do you get from them? A disorganized shop may scare you off but consider that the florist’s creativity may trump her cleaning skills – and she probably knows where everything is! Work the Room – Be sure to inquire if your florist has done weddings at your ceremony and/or your reception venue before. If so, they may have pictures of arrangements and will be knowledgeable about what sizes, shapes and colours work best. If not, they should be willing to check out the space. At the very least, bring some sort of photo in case they have never worked there before so that there is an idea of the space.

Arrangements of cool contrasting colours (think mint green and cherry red) are definitely gorgeous. But when picking a palette, make sure the colours will suit your wedding colours and style. Bring some fabrics swatches of your colours so you and your florist have some great starting points.

Season’s Best Timing is everything, especially when it comes to flowers. Marrying around Valentine’s Day? Expect a significant increase in the price of red roses. Marrying in a humid climate or in summer? Go for strong flowers that won’t wilt, such as sunflowers, lilies and dahlias. Try to avoid gardenias, tulips and wildflowers. Simplify your Centerpieces – Labour costs can make your florist bills bloom. Trim them by opting for less labourintensive arrangements like simple centerpieces. Think about nixing (or trimming down) any elaborate blooming structures – gateways, railings, etc. – that will take a long time to set up.

Size it Up! Be sure your bouquets aren’t too heavy or too hard to carry. You don’t want that burden. Try to choose sizes with regard to the style of dresses you have picked and body shape. A delicate nosegay will be lost when put with an elaborately ruffled dress and a small bride would be overshadowed by a massive cascading arrangement. Stop and Smell – Be sure your bouquet isn’t too fragrant – you don’t want to be sneezing your way down the aisle! Some of the most fragrant flowers are lilacs, lilies, freesia and lilies of the valley. Try to go lightly on these types of blooms.

Prepare for the Petals Don’t assume your florist will have access to your ceremony and reception site early on your big day. Make all the necessary arrangements – get written permission and a key if you need to – to ensure that everything is in place before you walk down the aisle.

Photography Be sure to coordinate the delivery time of your flowers (including corsages and boutonniers) with your photographer’s arrival. You will want them for all of your formal pictures.

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